Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie’s wizard hate to Kevin “If he has the power I’m mad”

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm Kitchen Michelle and Kevin . He’s telling her how the game isn’t fun anymore it?s more like work. KEvin adds that at first it was a big party he had a blast but now he has to drag himself to do anything. Michelle thinks they should get paid more. They both agree that it?s a awesome experience regardless of what is happening right now. They both are happy Ronnie is gone.. Michelle says she’s surprised ROnnie said those things about her. Kevin briefly comments on the wizard power saying it?s probably to bring someone back. Micehlle asks him if Jessie and Natalie going to influence Chima’s nominations. Kevin doesn?t think so, “chima is a smart ass women who makes up her own mind” Michelle says she very happy Chima won out of everyone this is best case scanrio for me… She wants to play chess against Kevin, kevin thinks thats a good idea.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:30 HOH room Chima gets her HOH room. they go over all the pictures Chima explains who they all are. Chima all excited because she got a prince CD and a USMC outfit from her dad. Her basket is full of goodies muffin mix, chips, chocolate bars, lotions, shampoos and cornmeal.
Chima starts reading the letter from her mom.
Dear Chima,

I wish you could have been here your grandmother Florence was visiting over the 4th of July, we had a
nice barbeque with ribs, beans and the usual fair. The ice cream sugar cookies were a big hit. Your uncles and Cousins also attended and of course you and Big Brother were the topic of conversation Bob is recording all the episodes of Big Brother just for you. We are very proud of you. remember to follow your dreams and heart.
Chima says that her mother is ill and every time she gets called to the Diary she thinks something has happened… They continue to chit chat Natalie is trying extra ghard to suck up and its very obvious. Kevin says Chima is the first Women HOH and he claps.. the others follow. Everyone except Jessie smiling and enjoying the moment. Natalie digs through the basket sniffing around at the contents. Chima gets mad and tells her she’s not co-HOH.. They laugh. Chima says her dad is a fan of the show, not a super fan like Ronnie but he likes it and watches the TV and reads about the feeds. Jeff says brother looks like ice cube. Chima says, no he doesn?t they all laugh. Chima points out her lips in a baby picture and tells them that?s proof that she was born with them. Chima talks about her grandma telling her to remember she comes from a long line of strong women. Chim says all the women in her family are strong and the men take a back seat. Chima excited she gets to blog and twitter she has so much to say. Jessie tells her she shouldn?t count on getting to blog and twitter more than once. He says he got the chance to but only because he won 2 hoh’s. Natalie tells her to say everything the first time incase they don’t give you a second time.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:15pm Backyard Michelle, Jeff with Jordan on the Elliptical. Jordan thinks that Russell is really a softie deep inside, she thinks that his tough guy look is just for show. She knows that Russell and Ronnie had something going on because Russell looked so sad when Ronnie left. Jeff says Russell has a deal with everyone. Jordan tells him that Julie chen is going to ask her a Jeff about the Kiss. Jeff doesn’t think so because something else more exciting probably will happen (like Jeff using the wizard powers to slay Jessie). Jeff brings up how up chima’s crotch Natalie is now.. he heard that Natalie is going to sleep in their room tonight. They agree that they can’t get stressed about things anymore because what?s going to happen will happen and they just need to be able to react. Jordan mentions that they don’t have anyone after them right now.. Jeff says eventually people will try and take them out but don’t worry “I have a plan” Jeff says that chima is going to put up Lydia and Russell and if one of them get off Micehlle is going up. Jordan still worried it might be her and Lydia. Jeff says no way your safe this week.. we both are. Micehlle and Jeff start playing pool Michelle still upset about the ROnnie comments. She says that Ronnie said some very bad things last night to her and she hope they were recorded because it’ll ruin hi carer. She goes on to add that Ronnie was a horrible person to her and just because she didn’t fall for his lies he made it look like she was the devil.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:20- 11pm HOH Chima, Jessie, Natalie adn Russell. Chima telling Russell that the rest of them don’t know where Russell stands because he nominated Ronnie. She goes on to say that Ronnie was there friend and now that he’s gone they don’t have the numbers anymore. Russell defends hi HOH decision saying that he had a personal beef about Ronnie. Jessie jumps in and tells him this “Personnel” reason cost us the numbers…. They start talking about the wizard powers. Natalie tells them that she is certain that Jordan does not have it. Jessie says he’s sick of Jordan and Jeff always saying they are one the bottom “BLANK them” Chima mentions that Kevin has the power, Natalie and Jessie agree. Chima says what?s should we do if the power is to take down my nominees and put up 2 of their own. Natlie tells her there?s nothing they can do just have to go with our gut. Jessie is pissed about not knowing about the power, they’re worried that someone Chima puts up has the power and then it’s something like they can take your two nominations and replace them with two others.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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Natalie starts barking about that not being fair the HOH should have all the power. Russell tells her to look at it like the HOH this week is like the POV but it only protects Chima. Chima says that sucks I really want to send someone home. Jessie tells Russell they are 3 vs 6 but they still don’t know where his allegiance is.. Russell says he never put them up so why are they freaking about this. Chima says that Ronnie was part of the alliance. Jessie brings up Kevin saying that he’s glad Ronnie is gone in front of the three people that voted for him to stay. Jessie goes on to say they he is patronizing us, if he does have the BLANK wizard powers and the wand he can stick is up his BLANK and it get BLANK stuck in there… You just wait we are going to get BLANK again…Kevin knocks on the door, Jessie say he BLANK hate Kevin. Kevin says he just say a doctor because of a lesion on his face. Jessie tells him that he felt like he was slapping all of them in the face talking about Ronnie because they were the 3

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
that voted to keep him. Kevin says no ..then he says that all he asks is that whatever they have going with Lydia .. if they could just leave him out of it. Kevin goes on to talk about the love triangle that Jessie, Natalie and Lydia have… He says there tension between us, I have that gift and that’s helped me comfort Lydia when she’s hurt, Jessie correct me if I’m wrong, but I sense the tension between us. It’s been very hard to connect with you and Natalie. Natalie gets pissed off and says she doesn’t need to compete for Jessie’s affection. Kevin makes an apology to Natalie about saying she was co-HOH when Jessie was HOH. Kevin trying to be calm with Jessie but JEssie being a total cock to him saying that by voting for Ronnie to leave makes him against their group. Kevin says Lydia is his good friend and he doesn’t have many in this game so he’s going to keep the one he has. They go back and forth finally Kevin asks if there is something wrong with Jessie why is he acting this way, “I don’t know why you are on the defensive “. Jessie says why don’t you start opening up to me and Natalie now than … Kevin says why should I you guys have no power. Jessie leaves all pissed off like a 5 year old.. Kevin doesn’t know why JEssie is so mad… Natalie thinks it rollover from the chess analogy.
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Wouldn’t it be funny if Jessie is jealous of Kevin because of all time he gets to spend with Lydia because they are such good friends.


Oh my GOD jessie you need to shut your ass pumped full of roids up. Lets all pray to whatever it is that we believe in that he gets his ass kicked out of the house. Kevin should of said more and not let jessie walk all over him.


Jessie’s favorite phrases:

1. It’s obsolete
2. If that makes any sense
3. I promise you

The conversation with him and Kevin could have been widdled down to 10 minutes if Jessie didn’t make these statements in every sentence.

Hooked on phonics. Someone needs to buy him a Thesaurus for Christmas.


Don’t forget “As far as I’m concerned”, “With that being said”, and “You see what I’m saying.”

Typical sentence for Jessie at breakfast time: “Cocoa Puffs are the best cereal ever, as far as I’m concerned. With that being said, I think I’ll have Fruity Pebbles. You see what I’m saying?”


hahahahahahahahaha love you kevin lol thanks for punching jessie the losser gay buttns ha
hey jessie you are going home soon hahahahahahaa
yeah loser for a second time


Ugh. I am so tired of Jessie’s mafia-like mentality… just the way he is grilling Kevin. And don’t get me started on Natalie. That petulant street rat is running her mouth again.

The Original Jim

“Jessie says why don?t you start opening up to me and Natalie now than”
“Kevin says why should I you guys have no power.”

That is AWESOME. I was pretty indifferent to Kevin in the beginning, even disliking him because of his DR videos, but he has really done some great stuff lately, jumping on Ronnie and now this. He’s really growing some balls. I hope he hooks up with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. I think he sees that’s his best bet. That would be a good final four imo.


Actually, Kevin said “why would I talk to you when you have no power?” meaning that he IS talking to him now and it has nothing to do with having power or not having power – it’s because they are friends. Of course, Jesshe took it the wrong way and stormed out. But Chiman, Russel & even Gnat commented on how Jessie was bullying him and misinterpreted what Kevin said because he has a vendetta against him stemming from the chess analogy.

Nat is a Dike

hahahahahaa for all you Ronnie lovers he is GONE yes!!!! and Jeff has the power I cant wait to see their faces when jesse is up on the block…I think jeff should put lydia and jesse up that way he can secure the votes for jesse to go home b/c if he puts nat up with jesse then lydia kevin mishelle and russell will probably vote to send nat home but if he puts lydia up with jesse then kevin jordan jeff and mishelle will vote to evict jesse b/c they wont want to send lydia home its a sure bet to send jesses ass home b/c then only russell and nat will vote to keep him… now we just have to pray that jesse does not get the POV… cant wait to see what happens next


People always have to bring some sort of god into games, sports etc. Do you really think that god gives a shit about big brother, the super bowl or bcs national champ. hell no!


you’re right…..I never really ask for favors or money ( you don’t know what might happen to get that money ) but I do ask for health and keep my family safe 😉


Hopefully Jeff will throw everything and pop gNat and Jessie up on the block…Anyone know if Jeff can nominate whoever wins the veto if they decide to use it on someone to take ’em off the block???? Jeff or Jordan HAVE to win the veto!!!!! I’m so happy Jeff got the Coup ‘d etat


jessie is acting like a little bitch being mad at kevin. when casey and laura got evicted they were going on about how happy they are that they are gone to people in house that were friends with them, and now that kevin is doing it to them hes getting mad. i cant wait to see him leave but i think if jeff put jessie up against natalee, jessie is gonna stay. i guess i just gotta wait and see what happens. GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessie is falling apart and being the A@@@@ that is really is, because
he knows that they don’t have control of the game and that it is 3 of them
against the others. Russell is an idiot to stay with them, but oh well!!
By by Jessie!


Jessie, everyone knows you wanna stick something in kevin’s butt!!!


i thought jeff and russel are a team why is jeff keep sayin russel need to go home.Jeff needs russel to go to the final 4 cause jordan aint gonna do shit


I know. Cant stand Jessie. Acts like a BB pro with advice and crap. Kicked out week 4 and looks like this year he will be 5th evicted. Does he really think anyone would give him the $500K if he made it to final two? Dude you got 2 chances to play the game, no one in their right mind is going to give someone who got two chances at it $500K. Self absorbed knob. Maybe instead of spending last 2 summers in the BB house you should have enrolled in school. For 23/24 you have the intellect of a 12year old… would have been time better spent.


Sigh, Jessie. His mother must have spoiled him rotten. I rarely see an “adult’ acting so childish. I am embarrased for him and his family. I would crawl in a hole and die if I saw my son acting like that on national TV.




Man I hope Jeff puts his whiny ass up.

Johnny Conservative

The most awesome thing is that Chima will probably (if she is smart) put up Jeff and Russell. Then, when the time comes, (if I were Jeff) I would throw the POV. Perhaps even let Russell win if he has the chance, and then before the votes are cast on Thursday, put up Jesse and Natalie. They will fill their underwear with excrement.

Also, as far as Ronnie is concerned, he may think he went out with a bang, but I think he only made himself look like more of an asshole than he already had. For people that dont watch live feeds or follow the spoiler sites, he attacked Michelle without warrant. (Actually, I did attack her unneccesarily)

Johnny Conservative

What I meant to say at the the end is that “Actually, I think he did attack her unneccesarily.


Isn’t Jessie’s reason for hating Kevin obvious? Jessie is a typical closeted,
self-hating repressed homosexual. He can’t deal with his own sexuality so he lashes out at Kevin and is overly mysoginistic with the women he interacts with. I was sure he was going to try and kiss Russell during the first couple of weeks.


Wow on the re-caps.

“Jessie says why don?t you start opening up to me and Natalie now than ? Kevin says why should I you guys have no power.”

That isn’t what was said at all. Kevin said, “I’m here opening up to you Jessie and you have no power” Jessie responded with “right (or correct) answer” and then stormed out like a 5 year old.


Jessie makes me sick. He thinks he is right about everything. I hope Jeff uses the power to get jessie out of there.


The reason Jessie is so cranky with Kevin is because Jessie is a closet homosexual and he’s afraid Kevin is going to see through him!!! Look at his behaviour, the guy looked disgusted when Laura was walking around in the bikini. Lydia asked him for a kiss and he kissed his finger and touched her cheek. And during the Truth or Dare game when they had Kevin snuggle up to Jessie while he was sleeping, Jessie woke up at the end of that and was way more pissed then he should have been. The boy is a closet homosexual.


Jessie is nothing but a crybaby momma’s boy. They should all tell him off. Whaa i am on slop, whaa america hates me and i am no the wizard, whaaaaaa i am probably going home this week and Ronnie won’t be in the jury house to stroke my ego or whatever else he would like to stroke.

Joe Mama

What is the chess analogy? I must have miss this one. Can someone explain? Thanks!


Jeff just needs to use the wizard power to put up two of the three, jess, nat or chima and this game is over


Is Russell turning on his last week alliance? I am beginning to think he is worse than Jesse and Nasty. Atleast they let the other side know that they hate them


Ding Dong the Weenie’s gone!!!!!


does anyone actually like jesse? all he is is a egotistical meat head who doesnt know left from right, the dude isnt even a man…puts up casey and hides behine glasses and someone elses clothes thats just stright gay


OMG Kevin is saying that he thinks going to the final 5 with Jesse’s team is what would work best for him and Lydia. Is he on glue?


Just a couple of thoughts:
1. SO happy Ronnie is out – can’t stand people who think they’re smarter than they really are.
2. So SO happy Jeff has the Wizard Power – no one deserves it more.
3. Super excited for next Thursday, I don’t even care what happens between now and then (although I’ll most certainly be watching ;-p)
4. While I’ll be thrilled when Jessie’s butt is out the BB door, I’ll be even more thrilled to watch Natalie flounder the minute the door closes behind him. She needs to experience the suffering she’s been dishing out. I’d say a week without Jessie’s protection and fully knowing that everyone’s against her should humble her. But then again probably not.

P.S. Is it just me, or did her exit video speech to Casey come off as petulant? (i.e. “Just so you know I’m not really 18, I’m 24 and have a college diploma” sounded to my ears like “Just so you know I’m not really 18, I’m 18 and a half NYAH NYAH!!!”)


She could have said “I’m a hundred and freakin fifty two” and it wouldn’t matter, she still acts like she’s maybe 2. You know that point that most kids get to around that age, where they’ve learned how to use their words and no longer howl and scream when they don’t get their way…I don’t think Natalie ever made it that far. Or Jessie for that matter.


I am so glad Ronnie is gone. Thank God we will not have to see that fake crying anymore. My amazon from Diablo ( Level 75) would kick his ass and then some. HAHAHAHAHA
No more grand experience from Jesse now cause he has never been this far. Time for you to go too! Go pump some iron on your pin head or something. Seriously, your head is too small for your body.
Nat, you are just plain nasty, not taking a shower when on your period, How could anyone be around you smelling the way you do, oh that is right. You slept all day with Pinhead, he can’t smell cause slop was messing with his senses.
Chima, you are just as guilty by not saying what the truth is when you know it and others are hiding it. Guilty by association with Jesse/Nat.
Russell, jeezs, where do I begin. Lets say when you watch the recordings of how Jesse, your trusted pal sold you down the river might be enough punishment.
Michelle, trusting the wrong person, Russell. What more can I say?
Lydia, you want Jesse for some reason, why???
Kevin, I adore you
Jeff, I adore you
Jordan, I adore you and love your laugh

I am Ronnie

Jordan is my angel

Crazy About BB

CBS probably only said Jeff got all the votes so that they could keep the showmance going. Jordan needs to do something and stop sailing through this game. She is useless.

Um no...

I’m pretty sure Jeff really won in a landslide

The Chosen One

He got 90% of the votes. No one else was even close. Jordan was 2nd with 3%.


There was no fixing of the votes; but there isn’t much doubt in my mind that it had been announced to give the underdogs a shot because the ”other side” had been getting dominated in every sense of the word. The ronnie gameplay hate makes me laugh. He made stupid move, sure. But at least he made an attempt to play the game which is more then I can say for a few other ”fan favorites” in the house.

The Chosen One

I love how whiny Jessie is. He’s such a chick on roids. And he’s so deluded…he can’t even talk straight much less think. I love how he’s always fumbling and throwing hissy fits when things don’t go his way. Unless he wins the POV this week, he is getting booted next week!


I repeat…. the letters in NATALIE MARTINEZ also spells ANAL ZIT NITEMARE!




Its nice to have a week knowing “one does not need to worry” that the good guys won’t be going home. Jeff will suprise them all when he puts up JESSIE AND NAT.


I love that Chima has to spend all week worring about who to put up….and then JEFF can stand up change both noms and kick out jessie or Gnat right in front of her…. Life is so fair. I love it. gooooooooooo jeff.


I agree Jeff deserved those votes. Not only because he has had to be the underdog, but Jeff and Jordon are the only ones that have refused to sell their integrity for the money. They both deserve to be at final two. I know I know Jordon has not won anything to keep herself there, but she is soo sweet. Goooo Jeff.


jessie is such a pussy picking on kevin , ill bet he won’t grill russel like that and HE did more against jessie’s wishes than kevin did someone needs to knock jessie on his ass and slap the hell outta nat , they so scared you can see it every time they open their mouths they have no chance of winning BB without the Rat in the jury house, will be even more happy once Jessie is gone and nat is next


GOOO JEFF AND JORDAN, I hop Jeff puts Natalie and Jessie up next week, SO many Bonuses with that. Chima over thrown as HOH (WOOHOO!!). Jessie and Natalie on the block (YAHHOOO!!) The only thing that worries me is Lydia will vote for Natalie to be evicted leaving Jessie to try to go after Jeff. NOT GOOD.


Lydia seems Bi polar. One minute she is like I Love Jessie lets be secret friends, to the next minute when she is like Jessie beats and I wanna cut myself. I know she will try to keep Jessie there if Jeff puts him on the block in a power play. Jeff should tell her that Jessie will be in the Jury house waiting for and that he promises to evict her the following week.


I’m glad Ronnie’s gone too….Now GET NAT out of there.
She’s just floating off Jessie and is pretty babyish. Are they still in Jr. High??
Jess acts like a little baby who doesn’t get his way.
SO HAPPY Jeff got to be the”wizard”. Putting the wizard hat on him with the wand is hilarious!!
Thursday couldn’t come any sooner!