Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima about Russell “I never chased a man in my life and for sure not his little midget ass”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:10pm Natalie and Jessie. Natalie is going off about “that bitch” Lydia. Natalie tells Jessie that Lydia is trying to stir shit with everyone else. Natalie explains that Lydia is telling people that Jessie and Natalie are hanging out with Russell a lot right now. Natalie wonders why Lydia cares who she talks to. Natalie is not going to vote for Lydia no matter what the vote is going to be. SHe thinks Jessie should do the same on principle. JEssie telling her to calm the fuck down stop talking about Lydia when other people can hear you. Jessie explains to her that Lydia is trying to divert the attention away from her self but it?s not working. She trying to get everyone else to do her bidding. Natalie wants Lydia gone as soon as possible she says she’s got 3 people coming after her CHima, Michelle and Lydia. Natalie plans on putting Lydia and Michelle up when she wins HOH next week.

Jessie mentions Kevin… Natalie: “Oh ya him to”. They mention that Ronnie could get some valuable information for them before he’s evicted… Natalie volunteers to ask him later tonight. Natalie order Jessie to stop talking to Lydia, it?s a dead end for him strategically. Natalie doesn?t think there’s anything he can do to prevent Lydia putting them up if she wins HOH. They wonder what Russell is up to, Natalie points out that everyone is ignoring him like they did Ronnie. Natalie says she doesn’t give a flying fuck what the other houseguests think she’s going to talk to Russell. Natalie continues her rant curses left and right about how people in this house can’t tell her who she can talk to it?s her right to talk to whomever she wants. Natalie mentions Lydia and how much of a “fucking Jealous Bitch she is” Jessie tells her he’s not going to talk to her again. THey swear to secrecy about who they want to put up. Natalie starts bashing Chima and Lydia talking about how they need to spend 1/2 the day doing hair and makeup to look anywhere close to decent. Jessie reminds Natalie not to say anything to CHima… He’s not sure about her right now. Natalie says she’s figured out her nomination speech for next week, “I nominate you Lydia, because you are jealous of the relationship that Jess and I have. You have a crush on him, and he doesn’t like you and you stir up shit in the house”


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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:45pm CHima, Ronnie and Lydia backyard talking about Natalie being buddy with Russell when everyone else is not talking to him. Ronnie asks them what the real reason he’s going home. Chima chooses to answer saying that people want him gone many of them have no strategic reason
Ronnie ads that Russell hasn’t screwed Natalie yet and that?s why she still defends him.

Lydia bring sup how pissed she is at Natalie saying that Lydia is just riding JEssie’s coat tails and she letting JEssie win everything and protect her. Chima tells her not to be worried JEssie and Natalie are the closest team in the house they will be put up together soon enough. Lydia bashes Jessie saying that he made her worry during his second HOH that he was going to put her up as a pawn. Chima bring sup Natalie not wining anything and playing the game as a floater. Ronnie tells them in hindsight it should of been Laura first to go than Russell folowed by Michelle. Chima says hindsight is always 20/20.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Chima starts bitching about how much she dislikes Russell, she shocked that he actually thought he was seducing her.
Chima says Russell wants people to think that I wanted to give him a blow job but that wasn’t the case, “I never chased a man in my life and for sure not his little midget ass”

Ronnie brings up Season 6 with the nerd herd. HE says the nerd herd was very unpopular because they walked around like they owned the house. Ronnie bring sup all-stars 2 and how he hopes they let him play. Chima thinks he might be casted, she encourages him to so production after he’s evicted on thursday.

Ronnie tells them he would like to give them some advice before he leaves. The one thing he knows now is not to trust Michelle. She flips week to week, he now points out all the times she flipped alliances. Ronnie now brings up the 2 fights he had wioth Kevin the second one Lydia didn’t know about. Ronnie doesn?t think it will be shown on TV because it was too graphic. Lydia says she heard what Ronnie said to KEvin and she upset about it. LAst night Ronnie told KEvin he didn?t know what it was like to be loved. Ronnie says he apologized to Kevin so it?s all water under the bridge.

Jessie and Natalie Join. They talk about what Ronnie has to go through on Thursday and Friday with all the interviews and radio shows. Jessie makes a joke about throewing water on Lydia… Lydia calls him a Douche bag… “joking obviously”

Natalie gets called to Diary Room.

Lydia asks Jessie to play some pool.. Jessie says there?s no way you can win.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jessie mentions something about Lydia’s teeth bleeding again; He tells her the juice is worth the squeeze. Lydia says keep it up with your dirty mouth. Jessie pulls out his two fingers “These 2 fingers in your dirty mouth”. Lydia says her mouth is diry but magical. He says it is indeed in more ways than one. Lydia “In more ways than you’ll ever know” Jessie “I know of one already” Lydia “stop thinking with the wrong head. So young so naive so little…… Jessie gets called to DR and they all disperse.


6:45pm recycling room Natalie, Jessie and ROnnie. Talking about getting CHima to vote to keep Ronnie and hoping for the “hinky” vote so Ronnie gets to stay. Ronnie says the vote is still going to be 4 to 3 and there?s now way we can flip the other players. Before Ronnie leaves to be with CHima he says he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure Chima, Jessie and Natalie make it far in the game. Jessie begins complaining about being on slop and how Lydia is making to whole house smell like taco with her dinner. Chima joins them. Jessie explaining to them why he wasn’t around last night during the big fight. He claims he was feeling sick from all the slop. Natalie tells them that Lydia is trying to put a wedge in between us, she says they need to take Lydia out. Natalie tells Chima that Russell has never bad mouthed CHima in front of her before. They go one about how Russell was playing both Lydia and CHima. Chima says Jessie should of been around last night, Jessie says if he was there all the chaos would of been around me and it wouldn’t of been any good for all us. Chima says what he’s saying is a copout he needs to step it up and be present more. They go back and forth for a bit than Jessie promises he will never pick Chima over Russell. Jessie says he wanted to apologies to Chima last night but she didn’t seem in the mood to talk. Natalie tries to spin the entire night on Lydia but CHima really doesn’t buy it…..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Jess and Nat are so full of shit , ill bet their impacted with it…….


is jessie the laziest person you have seen? he lays around , sleeps, gets the girls to do his food, laundry. i am sure this carries over into his real life. non productive people drive me nuts. i know someone is going to say but he works out and takes care of his body. but real life needs to include a balance.


Please whoever put up the link to ronnies children monkey show, will u put the link back up I went backand looked for it. I couldn’t find it, my husband would love go see it


I?m sorry I missed something. There is just way too much to read through to even begin understanding this situation. What did Russell do that is throwing everyone?s game play around? All?s I know is that he and Michelle talked and were thinking of forming an alliance, and now I don?t know what to think. How is Chima brought into this? Is she jealous? Someone please fill me in? What did Russell do that is making him the ?next Ronnie? ? ?

Mr. E

Basically, Russell told the truth. Except he’s had diarrhea of the mouth and decided that whenever he hears something bad he’s going to go to that person, ask them if they’re being honest, and then confront them on it.
Problem is, this is what we call BACKSTABBING your brand new alliance mate when you share dangerous information. No matter what happens, he’ll always believe Natalie and Jessie. So they just lie to his face and he assumes the person who told him this useful information is the real liar.
So he caught Michelle telling him the truth about Chima trying to backdoor him. He confronted Chima and squealed on Michelle. So Michelle defended herself by calling Russell a liar. Now every time Russell has told the truth has been turned by Chima into a lie. Except everyone knows that Russell was actually telling the truth, which is why Natalie and Jessie no longer want to backdoor him and Lydia and Chima now desperately want to do it.


Watching live feed, feeling kinda bad for Russ, they are all ignoring him and keeping distance like he has a contagious desease. Sad.


Countdown to fight night … alcohol is out hopefully we get more fights tonight.

Can’t Chima get her mouth fixed. One is not supposed to see your gums when u laugh or smile. Your lips should never flap up over your face like hers do.

Wonder if they will wait til Thursday to tell Jeff he won or tonight now that voting is closed and he broke a BB record with 99% of america’s vote.


Awesome comment! LOL !


U spun the web now live n the web.


Watching feeds Ronnie talking to Jessie at about 1120 central time and roonie was talkin about his ex girlfriend in outfit and said ask Michelle she was there. R we sure their not siblings


Michelle, his “wife”.


WOW!!!! What a night last night….who’d a thunk it …??? Lil Chima stood up to the little muscle man … Why is Russ so PARNOID???!!! Chima called it down and she did something none of the other MALES in the house EVER did … AND … that was to put Russell in his place and to make him shut up for a minute or to….

Kevin finally….grew a set…..The other meat head was shut off in the room with the “FREAK”… ( literally and figuratively)……He was putting his feet in her crouch how ROMANTIC…..

If Ihad my way Chima would get the coup de tait … to shake some things up around there….

They need to get out JORDAN and JEFF ….or they wont stand a chance……

America loves those too…. ( I do too) just game talk

The Original Jim

Anyone else sick to death of Jessie calling everybody old boy or old girl?


yes! i would be like, “bitch, I gotta name, remember? & it’s not *old boy/girl”

Nice guys finish last as always :(

RE: Kitty, I’ve done as you suggested and went to that bitch BB blog and even watched Ronnie’s Youtube videos. After observing all the evidence, I’m of the the opinion that Ronnie Talbott… is… drumroll please…


I could only walk away from viewing all that with a brimming smile and nod of approval. The crass, raunch and naughtiness of the humour in the Youtube clip was hitting it on all cylinders. Something Judd Apatow and the gang would appreciate. Something YOU’d pay $10 to see at the cinema or watch on cable had you not come to hate Ron so much.

When I say innocent mind you, I’m not defending the lies he told in the game. That was apart of the strategy and would have worked in his favor if his alliance teammates had any spine. It’s the naivety and good-naturedness in him to trust the people he did which he shouldn’t have (Russ, Kevin, Michelle~ the sneaky snakes) that cost him the game, nothing else. Laura and Casey made themselves targets. He would’ve been foolish to keep him people that were gunning for him. They dug their own graves. People took it too personally though, when for him its just business. Ronnie will down as the 1st (likely last) “Power Player” of BB11 to go. Hear that low-lifes, you’ve given him the imfamy you so desperately want to deprive him of. Lol!

Everything he said in his Solitary audition tape was spot on. That’s the Ronnie I’ve come to know and like over the course of the past weeks. I’m so glad he acknowledges the obvious: HE’S COMING BACK FOR ALL-STARS 2. Man oh man, I can you imagine it now- Evil Dick, Eric, Jessica or Jen, Crazy James, Ryan, Sheila, Dan, Memphis, Keesha or Rennie, Jessie, Chima, Natalie and Ronnie all up in the same house! Don’t believe me, just watch. So go suck it boretards!! Haha.


Oh man that would be a good all stars. I hate Jen but to see her in with Evel Dick would be AWESOME, since they went at it the first time around. I think that Ronnie got the blame for a lot of things but many of them were not his doing. I still don’t know why Kevin is so angry at him, because of the Nazi comment? I don’t understand why he is upset, since I did not see the context of the conversation. At least Ronnie, Russell, Chima and Kevin are interesting to watch. Michelle said in her veto speech “give you the chance to lie, I mean speak” to Ronnie, WTF makes her so much better. She lied and is continuing to lie about her occupation. I hate Michelle and hope she is next to go.


feel better now that you got all the sh*t out of you?


Oh I do thanks for letting me vent.

Nice guys finish last as always :(

The only fecal matter around here is the one you view in the mirror. Lol!


Ronnie an allstar? LMAO I would hope that would never happen. CBS please don’t ever subject us to this!! Allstars should reserved for memorable players not irritating, pathetic players that make you feel like you are hearing nails on a chalkboard. Ronnie is not an allstar player in the least. One of most nauseating guests yes, but amusing …………..NO!


Natalie and Chima are the most self-absorbed people I’ve ever seen…and that’s saying something, considering they’re on the same show as Jessie. Everything they talk about has to come back around to them. Always ME ME ME. Natalie’s like a broken record about Lydia. SHUT UP.


CBS should call Natalie out on hygiene issues, she`s been wearing the same clothes for three days . Seriously. Watch the feeds. Does not shower, eats bugers… Nasty.


STFU Ronnie! Big Brother doesn’t need dorkapotomus telling them how they should run their game. It’s survived for a decade before you, and it will survive without you.



Nice guys finish last as always :(

Newsflash: The Producers caved into the very vocal Jeff/Jordan supporters who threatened to boycott the rest of the season. That’s the only reason Ronnie’s out the door and this Coup rhymes with poo was introduced, otherwise they’d move heaven and earth in order to keep him in as long as possible beacuse he’s ratings gold. Anyone with half a brain knows the entertainment value of the show is about to seriously drop. Once Chima, Jessie and Natalie leave; the house will be as dull as paint drying. But that’s what y’all want, to reward scum and crucify the innocent. I pity you all.


Ronnie got on the block before the Wizzard crap came about, so he was out anyways, and America has enough corruption already to add a Ronnie to the pile.

just me

that was Ronnie’s wife I guess.


No it was his mom.

Evel Russ

Obviously Ronnie is not “Ratings Gold” if there are so many people threatening to boycott the show that the producers are concerned and made this change. There is a very small minority made up of mostly internet trolls and griefers that actually like Ronnie. Most people realize that he’s the worst player in BB history, he hasn’t made a single smart play in the game. To make things worse he’s an obnoxious, smug egomaniac.


I totally agree, Jordon & Jeff are the bore me to death “couple”. Jeff will have the advantage not because he is good player, only because he is hot.(he is HOT). CBS screwed the strong players. So if pretty boy wins, it is because of his fans.


BTW, I love how Natalie is going on, yet again, about who she’s going to put up next week when she’s HOH. As though she has a shot at winning it. You keep positive honey.


Natalie is so disgusting! I am surprised too that BB hasn’t said anything to her about her about the way she looks. I hope next week she gets put up with Jesse on the block and they are both on slop!! That would be the ideal situation and also that Chima is on slop with them!!!

just me

I wonder if Natalie’s boyfriend (if she even has one) has noticed that she’s madly in love with Jessie. She’s totally jealous of Lydia and that’s the only reason she keeps on and on about her. I’m also sick of the ME ME ME stuff. Does Jessie ever get out of bed?


ok, so the whole convo between jessie and lydia made me want to puke!! and someone said something about ronnie and evel dick in all-stars 2…evel dick would eat him alive, ronnie would really be crying and not just that fake shit he does now


Natalie said,
?I nominate you Lydia, because you are jealous of the relationship that Jess and I have. You have a crush on him, and he doesn?t like you and you stir up shit in the house?

OMG-she’s not acting like she’s 18….she’s acting like she’s 12!!

Talk about annoying.

I agree Just Me…..Natalie’s BF must be freaking watching all this on TV. Natalie acts like she OWNS Jesse. Unbelievable.


Who thinks Ronnie is intertaining? Maybe when he cries, but thats about it.


Jessie is a natural bodybuilder champion. And light weights are his training strategy. You are the loser.

And you are the penis lover.