BIg Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell and Casey Listen in on Ronnie Scheming with Kevin and Lydia

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm HOH Kevin, Jessie and Chima. Kevin is giving JEsse his precooked speech to Jessie to try and get the target off his back. Kevin is trying to clear his name about what Michelle said. Apparently Michelle told JEssie that KEvin said he wanted to put JEssie and NAtalie up. Kevin says he asked Michelle who she would put up and she said 2 Atheltes, Jeff and Jesse or Natalie. Kevin says that Michelle told Ronnie and he started blowing it way up. Kevin goes on to say that Michelle is very sneaky like a female version of Ronnie. Kevin calls Michelle a bitch who?s allegiance drifts daily. He blames it all on Michelle saying Michelle said it all. Jessie understands and says he cool with him now. Chima adds that she’s cool with KEvin. Kevin says he doesn’t want his name smeared he’s allied with Jessie why would he mess that up. Jessie tells him not to worry he’s not going up. Jessie brings up Lydia and Natalie fighting and that is probably why Kevin?s name got thrown in. Kevin reiterates that Michele was upset that we woke her up and we were only asking her who she
might nominate and your name was brought up by her. Chima brings up the rumour that KEvin was forming a group with them. Kevin says no he thinks that?s Michelle and Jordan. Kevin brings up Ronnie spinning stories and how Ronnie sits all day and figures out was to stir up shit. Kevin is worried that the damage is now done and Natalie will be coming after him. Jessie tells Kevin he won’t put Kevin up don’t worry i gave you my word. I didn’t put Ronnie up and I won?t put you up were NBK. Jesse adds that Natalie is completely cool with KEvin. Chima saying she’s going to put up Russell and Jeff if she wins HOH. Jeff because she doesn’t like him and Russ because he didn’t kiss her on her birthday.

Jessie says ok problem solved lets move onThey start talking about Michelle and ROnnie having a close alliance. They think Michelle threw the HOH competition to Ronnie. Kevin tell them he’s worried if its endurance. Kevin tells Chima that he’s going to tell Russell to come up and give her a full body massage. Kevin brings up how young Russell is but he acts much older. Chima says that Laura was the youngest at 22. Kevin now brings up the casey and ROnnie argument downstairs. He says Ronnie must of been waiting for days for Casey to give him the chance to say something to him. That it was obvious that Ronnie had thought his argument out for days. They start bashing casey, kevin adds that he’ll miss Casey because Casey is hilarious. Kevin says CAsey is not trustworthy. Jessie tells Kevin if Jeff had won he would have gone up. Jessie and Chima saying they hope anyone wins other than Jeff and Jordan. Kevin give out some hugs and leaves. Chima tells JEssie that she believes him. She wants to tell him it was Lydia who started all the shit. Jessie tells her that KEvin just gave them a cooked up story to get back with us cause there scared. Chima says that she thought it was Lydia who told him. He says no, Michelle. Chima is confident that Lydia will not put up Jessie. Jessie doesn’t think so he thinks him and Natalie would be up. He mentions that KEvin doesn’t talk about Ronnie being in NBK anymore. That show they are not loyal and there playing this game week by week.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm Have nots room Michelle and Ronnie. Ronnie laughing saying that KEvin is upstairs right now kissing Jessie’s ass. Michelle jokes that Kevin better kiss hard. Ronnie tells her he wants Kevin gone next week. they go on to bash Casey, kevin and Russell. Ronnie goes up to HOH Ronnie comes in saying he’s bored the other two obediently say there really tired and want to go to sleep. Ronnie doesn’t get the hint and rehashes the casey conversation.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:20pm Pool Room Ronnie, Kevin and Lydia. Ronnie telling them how he never lied to them and how he has no alliance with anyone because of what happened week 2. Ronnie goes on to say that Russell has got to go and so does Casey. Lydia start bath mouthing Russell and Casey start listening in on the conversation. They are talking about being blamed for scheming but they haven’t been. Lydia complains about Natalie and says she’s coming after her, Lydia says she really tried to be Natalie’s friend. Lydia now says Russell is the only person in the house that has really upset her. Lydia talks about how creepy Russell is asking his questions. Russell runs upstairs to tell Jessie what is going on.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:50pm Recycling room Russel and Natalie. Rusell is telling them about overhearing Ronnie talkig to Lydia and Kevin. Russell tells them a elaborate story about how Ronnie was throwing them all under the bus. He says that ROnnie is targeting Jessie and Lydia is targeting Natalie. Russell adds that they are scheming against us he’s up to his same Tricks. Jessie thinks Ronnie is just covering his tracks and playing Lydia and Kevin.


10:50pm Backyard Casey, Ronnie, Kevin, and Lydia arguing. Casey is calling Ronnie out for things he was saying in the Pool room. Casey telling Lyd that he’s sorry that Ronnie stabbed him in the back,but that he doesn’t have to be happy about being fucked by him and getting him out of the game,but don’t be mad at him. Lydia says she sick of casey yelling at ROnnie. Casey says i’m going home on Thursday of course i’m going to be mad. Casey wants to know how he’s the bad guy when he heard Ronnie talking shit about him. Lydia tells him he wasn’t talking shit. Casey tells her that Ronnie Fucked him and he’s going home in 2 days and he’s just supposed to forget that?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I realy hope Casey goes out with a bang, by punching Rat boy! Unfortunatly he would probably be arrested, and it would affect his teaching career(I too am a teacher), and every thing you do on your own time is watched. I understand Caseys anger and I would go off too. But I wouldn’t just be pissed at Rat boy, but at douche bag, Jesse as well. I will be watching the show Thursday just to see what he will do!

I Could win BB

It looks like Ronnie was gaming, but he really wasn’t. He was just kinda feeling out Lydia and Kevin to see where their heads were at in the game. I don’t understand Russell’s logic of throwing Ronnie under the bus every chance he gets if has a secret alliance with him. I think he is just trying to set Ronnie up. As much as I don’t like Ronnie’s personality I like the fact he went at the game hard. He was underestimated b/c of his stereotype. But, it looks like maybe he should have gotten Russ out last week when he had the chance. They may be his downfall in the long run. I will say as long as Jessie is on Ronnie’s side and they keep the power he should be safe. Everyone keeps talking about how the Athlete’s are running the house (Jesse HOH twice, Russell POV, and Jeff POV) the Brains are in on it too (Ronnie HOH, and Michelle POV). So we will see what happens Thursday after the HOH competition.


I couldn’t agree more


Jessie isn`t a douchebag. He is playing the game. That?s all.

And he will win, thats all.

I think Casey is the douchebag


I agree Jessie will win, because there is the a bunch of idiots in the house just making way for him. If these ppl dont wake up Jessie and Natalie will run the rest of the game, and it is not that fun to watch.


I dont understand why everyone cant see that the only way to have a chance at the game is to get together and get rid of jesse and natalie. forget idiots making alliances.. get tough and winn comps so they can go home! There are 10 people in the house and 3 that cant be split up and actually have a real alliance! Ronnie, Jesse, and Natalie ! The others should get together! One of them win HOH and pick the # of them off… its not even a game right now.. its like feeding the wolves! It seems there are only 3 real players!


Natasha, I totally agree! I’ve been thinking for weeks now that getting Jessie out of the house would splinter that whole side of the house and result in a much more interesting season as people FINALLY re-align! Here’s hoping for another Week 4 exit for the legend in his own mind – Jessie!


I agree with you natasha what are these ppl thinking, get rid of Natalie/jessie alliance if jessie get’s sent home natalie won’t know what to do with her self these ppl need to step it up & stop being afraid of him, dumb ronnie should have put them 2 up when he won HOH but he’s going to let them linger around & jess/nat will be in the final 2 & they both will dog him out, nat think she’s untouchable saying no one has the guts to put her up who does she think she is! PLEASE OTHER BB PLAYERS STEP YOUR GAMES UP & ALSO I HOPE IT’S TIME FOR THE TWIST, I HOPE IT’S SOMETHING LIKE SOMEONE COMES BACK IN THE HOUSE TO TAUNT THEM ,REMEMEBER THEIR THEME IS (HIGHSCHOOL).


I agree this is one of the worst Big Brothers, 1st of all why bring Jessie of all people back. 2 nothing much happening… Are all these people in this house stupid??? GET RID OF JESSIE. they did it right the 1st time around, I can’t believe I waited all this time for THIS BIG BROTHER… IT IS THE WORST. NOT MUCH OF A GAME.


i am with you!!! We have waited so long and it’s crap. America voted Jessie out once already, It’s a shame we can’t do it again… Do you think the network is reading any of these messages?


I’ve watched Big Brother from the very first season and have watched the changes every year. Some have been good and some not! This season wouldn’t be so bad if Jesse wasn’t on the show. I can’t understand what they all see in him. It will be interesting to see what happens with the group once they’ve picked off all of the “little people”. I will enjoy watching them attack each other.

I would love to see Jeff and Jordan do well but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I too will miss Casey, though, his foul mouth puts me aback when I know he’s a 5th grade school teacher (hope his kids aren’t watching). This year I don’t really care who wins because I think the one’s in control are all very unlikeable.


This will be the death of bb if Jessie wins. Cbs has figured out a way to get this show cancelled by having that idiot back on the show.


Maybe that’s their plan. Someone who is part of BB was tired of doing it so he pitched the idea to bring someone who America voted off (Jessie) so ratings would go down and the show gets canceled.


I’m so glad that Russell, Casey and Jordan all heard Ronnie. He should have been sent home week 2! Jessie and that side are all so stupid…to think that Ronnie would be honest with them. He’s definitely doing more than playing the game. Casey may smoke and cuss but Ronnie’s total dishonesty would be enough to keep my child out of his class. A lot of teachers smoke…who cares? It’s not like they do it in the classroom. Lying and backstabbing on the other hand, is not something you can just turn on and off as you please. I’ll be hoping for a triple eviction next week…Ronnie, Jessie and Natalie. Yah, right huh 🙂


i really liked it at the begin now i hate it


CBS needs to get it together. I have always been a big fan of BB. But the season discuss me. We voted Jessee out last year why in the would hey bring him back. It should be an even playing field for the season player. Jessee had his chance last year. He actually had two chances because the house brought him back last year. I really like Cassy he is so funny I don’t want him to go home.


I have watched BB from the beginning too and am bored with this business of BB artificially setting up groups.Last year the couples and now the cliches. Especially when the whole cliche is safe if one in the group gets HOH.
Put the people in the house and let them go…they will get in their own groups…it is much more interesting that way.


Lydia is an ass, I wish I could see her get smashed in the head,it must have been really funny, she is such a drama queen, good going Russell,Bravo to you, Lydia gets on my last nerve and her voice is like nails on a chalk board, next time hit her in the mouth and maybe it will Shut her up for good.