Big Brother 11 – Ronnie Caught in More Lies, Casey: “I told you so”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm HOH Natalie, Chima and Jessie trying to make sense of it all. Jessie thinks that maybe Russell is blowing up Ronnie betrayal a bit. Natalie thinks that maybe Ronnie and Russell are planning all this out. Jessie doesn?t think that?s the case Chima said Maybe we can trust Russell more than Ronnie, Natalie says Maybe we just can?t trust either one of them
They wonder if they can trust either of them. JEssie says the only people he trusts are Chima and Natalie. Natalie thinks they should bring Casey up. JEssie thinks that would be a waste of time because Casey is going to rub it in his face that Ronnie is still sneaking around. Ronnie and Michelle join them in HOH. Ronnie saying to them he was talking to Lydia and they started to talk about outcasts. Ronnie adds that Lydia is mad because Natalie won’t let Jessie hang out with her. Ronnie goes on to explain the conversation more or less how it happened. He throws lydia under the bus many times saying she’s going after natalie. Lydia said do you have a deal with jessie? and i said at this point in time i have no deals with
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

anyone but the brains. Ronnie now tells them that Lydia was trying to get ROnnie onto her side. Natalie asks him if he told them that he was playing Jessie and Natalie. ROnnie denies saying that. He says Casey stormed into the pool room and sais “You don’t understand why I”m mad?” Natalie and JEssie grill Ronnie trying to get all the information they can. Ronnie spins the conversation to make lydia look bad. Ronnie is nervous and Russell asks him why he was shaking and why his face was red. ROnnie blames it on all the adrenaline from fighting with Casey two times today. Russel asking Ronnie what he said about him. Ronnie saying he said nothing about him, “My hand to God.” Ronnie says Lydia told him if Natalie and Chima saw ROnnie talking to them they would be pissed… hey disperses to go eat.


11:40pm Backyard Casey, Lydia, KEvin are talking about yelling and what the difference between yelling, talking loud and just plain talking. Casey says he’ll show them his definition of yelling “he turns around and starts to scream calling Kevin a asshole” both KEvin and Lydia are laughing… Casey eventually begins to apologize to them both for being bossy.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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this arguing and barking in that house is a waiste of time. Clearly they know Ronnie lies and schemes against most of the housequests exception of his ironclad locked down alliance with jessie and on/off alliance with russell. Ifthe rest of the household ignores ronnie when he opens his mouth then he would eventuall stop since the house won’t be goingcrazy over what he says anymore. But he puts crap out there and they all take the bait every single time. Fool me once, shame on……. yuo know the saying.

And Jeff needs to not be too confident about winning HOH because the producers can change the hOH challenge anytime to where his body or mind won’t be an advantage.

Only thing that should be going onrightnow is Jordon and Casey rallying upforvotes and the rest of the houseguest discuss who they think should go home.

Beause of Michelle’s POV win and firecely claiming her spot out of the block, Jordon has a chance of staying this week. Yet Casey rallying for votes does make it seem like he may stay yet when he’s running around all angray cursing out bitter words about Ronnie then it doesn’t make him look any better than Jordon. Becauseof hisrage,it might send his arse out the house makingJordon stay by default,her pawning powers lol wish she had competition powers too or sleeping powers with Jeff in case she does leave but Jeff could date a better girl within a week from leaving the Big Brother house.

Jordoncould do a tell all story for playboy when she’s evicted,or FHM


ronnie is a scumbag and needs to go home

but so do Jesse and Natalie


HUGE shocker that Ronnie the weenie is lying again. I hope Casey is all over his annoying little butt until he leaves. It would be greatness if Jordan won HOH, although I doubt she will. But then maybe Jessie would start to squirm a little. Ugh, I can’t stand the way that guy behaves.


Like Casey, I am also a teacher. Yes, I know that Ronnie is a teacher as well but I really don’t want to admit that. I am disgusted that this guy is out there teaching children. He was all over Casey saying that he wasn’t fit because of the way he lives his life outside of the classroom. What?! Like he is one to judge?
I don’t have the live feeds but I was flipping through stations last night (couldn’t sleep) and saw BBafter dark. Ronnie was sitting there in the HOH room stating that he and his wife live their lives outside the classroom the same way they do inside the classroom. OMG! If that is true, parents should grab their children and run. He is an unethical person outside of school so what exactly is he teaching the children unfortunately enough to be in his “care”.
Oh and Jessie is hilarious! If he actually thinks that he can trust Ronnie, he will be going home early again this year too.


I dont know why no one in the house will play Ronnie and his own game. Russel and Casey can get together and go the “Big Dogs” and lie like Ronnie, that will f… with Ronnie’s game big time. But the other side (Casey, Jordan and Jeff) want to confront, cry, and bitch all the time, instead of mabey playing Ronie’s game wich is working for him.


Let’s go tell on Ronnie…he is planning to eventually turn on everyone. You know – if the dork actually makes t to the final 2 – he should win (just because he got there).

Let’s go tell on Casey – he plays stupid. He wins a stupid drinking party instead of going for points. He then yells at everyone for playing a harmless prank. Casey felt out of control because he couldn’t send them all to th eprincipal or call up their parents. He calls Ronnie’s wife fat – I am not that impressed with this teacher. Teachers who make fun of someone because they are overweight – and she isn’t playing.

I love Jeff – but his play has been so stupid. He had enough goofy charm to band those little rejects together (but instead he wants to play footsies with the dumb blond). Most of the women would have loved a little attention from you (even if it was flirty and platonic – think Janelle and Dr. Will). Hell, Kevin may have even wanted a little attention. Whispering with Jordan is not going to get you far – hope your enjoying the Showmance – because that is what you came for. I’m Jeff and I’m letting a dorkie, unemployable shit run right over me.

Russell is worth watching. If he is smart one of the underdogs will be going up and they will make the move on Natalie and Jessie and put Russell up as the POV. Will any of them have the cujones to do it.

I think Thursday will be endurance. Natalie or Russell will win. The cliques will be announced as finished – Ronnie predicted they would end week 4 (because this year they can’t come up with a better twist but an obvious one that has to occur). Ronnie is really trying to get a job as a production assistant to Allison. Ronnie is the only one that seems to get the house going. If Ronnie somehow survives this week – then they will do some sort of BB History quiz HOH to keep him in the house.

But these HG’s are eciting as watching paint dry. The whole country is unempyed and this is the ebst they can do. I’d rather see a whole house of the Wife Swap ladies go after each other.


If Ronnie the weasel wins next week, I’m done with the show this season!!!

Jackie M.

I really hope the producers of BB realize that they really need to change the way this season is heading with stupid Jessie and his cronies being in control. Enough already…please do something soon or your loyal fans will stop watching and talking about BB..that wud truly be sad, since all of the seasons up to now have been so good. I have been a loyal fan since day one, but last night, I actually cancelled the tape that I made of the POV competition. Please, please bb producers…let America vote who we want evicted last you did b4…that’s one way to turn the house around, and let some of those stupid idiots know how America how we feel about them…hopefully you still have time b4 it’s toooo late…..

worst season EVER

I agree, we should have the power back to vote on who leaves, at the very least we as the viewers should have at least one vote to be included into the house guests. A change needs to be made soon before everyone that is worth watching is gone. I myself have become so disappointed in the way things are going that i have not watched since Jessie won HOH. All i know is what i see here and what my family tells me happened. This season has been so disappointing with the same predictable things happening over and over