Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Shit Storm Brewing, Casey “I’m Punching That Dork in the Throat”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:45pm Backyard Jeff and Casey. Jeff trying to look on the bright side of things he says what goes around comes around. Casey hopes it comes back to bit them they deserve it. Jeff Confident that he is going to win hoh. Saying when he wins the competition he’s coming after them and going to cut of the head of the dragon, “i’m not fucking around with the fingers, CHOPING THE HEAD FUCKING OFF” Casey cheers yeah! that?s what I?m talking about. Let’s pop that pimple maybe it won’t come back. Casey tells Jeff that he’s been asking for votes but he talked to Jordan about it before he actually did go ask people. Casey goes on to say he hasn’t started lying yet but he might start tomorrow out of desperation. “Right now fuck these losers there a bunch of fucking sheep” Casey cannot understand how stupid these people are. HE brings up Michelle and how Ronnie freaked out on her called her stupid and swore right in her face. Yet still Michelle runs
with them like a mindless idiot. Casey is dumbfounded he can’t understand these people. Jeff points out that Ronnie has been listening in on everyone?s conversations. Casey is pissed “fuck him i’ll punch him in the fucking throat.” Casey goes on about how weak ROnnie is and how Casey would kick his ass in a second if this was the real world. Casey’s plan is to go out with a bang, we says it will be legendary when he gets evicted. Casey says he’ll need just 30seconds to get it all out.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Russell joins them
He comments that Natalie is on a rampage tonight bitching up a storm like mad. Casey says good. Russell goers on to tell them that Chima is really gettin on his nerves, She pissed at Russell because her birthday was today and I didn’t do anything. HE doesn’t understand he’s not her boyfriend and he did something for her yesterday with everyone else. Casey tells him Chima just wants the love muscle, Russell agrees but she ain’t getting it, “She’s getting played that?s what she’s getting.” Russell goes on say he’s not hooking up on TV, Casey brings up that she’s also just a average chick. Russell agrees saying it’ll hurt his career.
Russel starts complaining about the women in the house.
One needs to work out (?)
ones got a fucking mouth on her (Natalie)
one is already gone (Laura)
One is good for nothing (?)

He congratulates Big Brother on a wicked cast. Casey now brings up that ROnnie can hear everything Russell is saying… Russell kinda worried now that he’ll run to Chima.
Russell called into Diary Room


8:00pm HOH Jessie and Russell. Russell is talking about how Chima won’t leave hi alone. Russell thinks she’s wants him as a boyfriend. He tells Jessie about Chima being mad at him for not cuddling with her and hold her. Jessie says he should bone her. Russell says no fucking way, I’m not climbing onto that hand grenade. Jessie tells him its his problem he started all theat shit with chima. Russell know and goes on to say he’s been dodging her all day its getting pathetic. Russell says he’s been a asshole to her all day and still she comes after him. Jessie thinks she made because Russell wasn’t laying down some pipe, “nothing says Happy Birthday like the big O.”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm Backyard Casey, Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie. Casey calls Ronnie out for the comments he made about Casey being a bad teacher. Casey is slinging back the wine and Ronnie being as annoying as ever. Ronnie now agrees with Casey that what he does at hoe doesn’t affect his career as a teacher. Casey lists off all the great things he does as a teacher and how is honestly helps children that need the help the most. He asks Ronnie why he attacked Casey for DJing at clubs saying it wasn’t good for a teacher? Ronnie doesn’t answer and leaves. Casey drinking beer – Lydia gave him hers and he’s now talking to Kevin about Ronnie’s honour, integrity and values, or lack of. There’s nothing sadder than a ranting drunk
banana. He’s talking about Ronnie to Jordan and says “And your wife is fat” Ronnie’s not even there. Camera switches to Michelle putting lotion on her belly. In the Recycle Room Ronnie sitting there talking to Natalie who looks like she is trying to sleep. Ronnie is asking about the alcohol. Nat says there was a bottle of wine they split three ways and 5 beers. Ronnie comments that Casey has beer and has drank every time. Ronnie has only had two glasses of wine a Schmirnoff Ice the whole time he’s been here. Casey says Ronnie is right he’s a dork at work and a dork in here. Casey says what is the

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

big deal about DJing at clubs, it?s not like it?s a strip bar. Casey asks America to please email CBS and let the houseguests know if you that teachers are allowed to go to a club. Kevin says what Ronnie said wasn’t right “He’s being a douche”. He goes on to explain that Ronnie is using the same argument that they used to prevent gay teachers from teaching.
What you do in your own home is up to you. Casey agrees and says its not like I?m selling crack to kids. Casey speak up how Ronnie the biggest liar in the house is going to challenge Casey morals and ethics?, “he’s a rat”. Kevin tells Casey not to play into it, Ronnie thought that whole conversation out he knows that it might throw him off his game and try and get Casey to freak out. This in turn will make it very hard for Casey to get votes. Casey says he’s going clubbing and hosts bikini contests and Ronnie’s wife is fat so Fuck your fat wife you RAT


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Pool Room KEvin and Lydia. Kevin telling her that everyone except for Casey love Ronnie so we have to stat loving Ronnie. HE says that Michelle told him otherwise but she most likely lying because he always see them together. Lydia adds that jeff and jordan hate him as well and KEvin agrees and adds that they are the next major target before us. Lydia knows for a fact that she talking to JEssie is pissing Natalie off. Kevin says she’s totally getting played by Jessie… Lydia says she knows. Kevin tells her they need to do some major damage control to fix things with Jessie. He tells her that they can’t trust Michele her anger towards Ronnie was fake.

They both agree that Natalie is jealous of Lydia. if you are a girl that has a boyfriend but you have a crush on a guy and there’s another girl that can hook up with him because you are not available you would be pissed too. Kevin lays it out to her plain and simple if you don’t break your relationship with Jessie than your going home. He adds that the only other option is to evict Natalie. They agree to talk to Jesse and explain to them that they are not going after him. Kevin tells them to throw Michelle under the bus and to lie if they have to.

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Evel Russ

“Jessie thinks she made because Russell wasn?t laying down some pipe, ?nothing says Happy Birthday like the big O.”
LOL, how would that two pump chump know?


Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok…..BEST Quote from tonights episode –
Jordan – ” I may not be the smartest crayon in the box, but I am not the dumbest”
………..ummmm Sweetie…… YES YOU ARE!!!! LOL… Thanks Jordan, THAT was the best laugh I had all week… I pee my undies laughing so hard. Thank U 🙂 PLEASE someone put this delusional girl out of her misery and Evict her for nothing more than pure stupidity. Are there really people from down south that talk and think like her? Or is it all a sympathy act to win? (remember southern boy winner from Survivor) For the love of mankind, I hope its all an act.


Yes, that?s correct. Jordan is very stupid. She will win nothing in the house.

Sweet but …


I hope that “smart” little crayon stays…Jessie MUST GO!!!! He is arrogant and way too big for his britches. Put Natalie up right beside him. The fact that they let Ronnie stay is so unbelievable…Jeff and Jordan to the end. They aren’t backstabbers Ronnie wife may be fat…Chima is one ugly chick!!!