Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Ronnie tells Natalie she’s Small Potatoes and the girls take a dip in the tub

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00pm red room Braden, Jeff and Jordan Jeff is explaining to Braden that they only need Casey to keep him in the house. Braden says he should go talk to Casey soon. Jordan reminds Braden to make sure Casey knows your not a threat to his survival in the game Jordan tells them she wonder if people in the house talk about her when shes not around… Jeff says who cares what people think, “I gave them all a chance when he first came in the door”.Braden says he feels the same way now.


7:00pm bathroom couch Lydia, Jesse, Natalie. Jesse is wondering what Michelle is doing, “she never talks game”. Jesse kind of feels like shes always playing the game but not talking about it he thinks its kind of freaky. Kevin agrees and says she doesn’t like to talk about much I just always assume that she is talking to other people not me Natalie and Lydia both think that shes friendly with everyone in this house. Natalie says its working, nobody has Michele on their mind to put on the block. Lydia doesn’t think so her and Kevin have Michelle on their mind all the time. Natalie says after last night when Michelle flipped out on Chima shes starting to think about Michelle more, “who do I put her up with?”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Casey walks in and farts, they blame it on Jessie, they all have a laugh.
Natalie says Michele said she was keeping Chima. Kevin said she won’t tell me anything. Just like Ronnie, he says nothing to me but he talks to everyone else. Natalie tells Kevin that Ronnie doesn’t talk game to me either he only talks game to Jesse.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin switches the converation to the casting process and brings up the questionnaire that they filled out before we came in, “was there one on there asking if you would help an old lady cross the street, because I don’t think I would because that would just be weird”. Jesse says he would if the lady asked him. Another question was would you sell your best friend down the river for 500K Natalie mentions the first thing she said when she got home was “god there were so many blondes, whatever they do don’t put me in the house with all those blondes” (instead your in there with a bunch of boob job bimbos) Natalie explains that during casting there was a bus load of busty blondes and her. Kevin says he didn’t think Laura would of made it because she was one of the non- blondes
They talk about their casting experiences some more, Jesse and Lydia say they had no bus. Lydia says the entire process took her a week. Kevin and Natalie said there’s took a couple of months. Natalie says she had a psych test that took her 6 hours, she keot falling asleep through it. Natalie tells Kevin when she first saw him she was “ike OMG don’t put this guy in the house” Kevin understands and says when he was with a bunch of guys he would amp up the gayness so that everyone would be like holy shit that guy is gay. Natalie tells him he is much different that she originally thought. Kevin talks about being so excited that he’s on BIg brother but he cannot tell anyone, “that was the worst part”
Natalie says she told her boyfriend and her dad, Lydia says she told nobody. Kevin brings up a friend he had on the Amazing Race and he told kevin even though he wasn’t allowed. He goes on to say that both of them had tried out for Amazing Race and Survivor and made it to the Finals. They get in shit for talking about production and stop…

7:44pm spa room Ronnie and Natalie. Ronnie is telling Natalie he thinks if they don’t win it then Russell is going up.Natalie says she doesn’t talk to Russell that much but she can confirm that she, Russell and Jesse are all solid with Ronnie and that they trust him. Natalie says she’s going up next week unless she wins HOH, “I feel like I am on the chopping block right now”

Ronnie doesn’t think so he explains that people think she is small potatoes…. Natalie says they should get out before somboy hears them.

8:00pm HOH Laura, Jordon and Michelle with Natalie watching from the bathroom door. The girls are having a bubble bath

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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