Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Campaigning to save Braden, Ronnie makes sure everyone knows he wants to backdoor Russell

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:15pm pool Bedroom – Jeff, Ronnie and Braden they are talking about and how Ronnie wants to get Russell out. Ronnie’s been telling people he wants to BackDoor Russell, he thinks it?s the surest way to get rid of him. Jeff doesn’t care who leaves next as long as its Russell or Jesse. Ronnie says he hasn’t talked to Jesse, He’s claiming to have only spoken 8 words with Jesse the entire time in the house. Ronnie doesn’t think Jesse respects Russell, Ronnie suggests they bring Jesse over to their side. Jeff doesn’t like the idea, “Jesse needs to go up” Ron: But Jessie can’t go home. I want Russ gone. Ronnie start trying to give Braden hope that he’s staying, Braden doesn’t look too convinced. He starts talking about what-if scenarios for nominations next week. Ronnie explains to them that it?s a very bad idea to nominate Jesse and they should put up 2 pawns like Lydia and Kevin than BackDoor Russell. Braden says he’s willing to be the pawn next week if he stays.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:50pm Pool Room Braden and Casey. Braden is telling Casey that he has the votes to stay in the house this week, “this will be a amazing upset”. He tells Casey that he apologized to Lydia & Kevin but he felt attacked and responded. Casey tells him that he shouldn’t have resorted to racism.


5:00pm spa room Ronnie and Jordan, Ronnie asks if they will help him backdoor Russell next week. Jordan thinks Russell will be mega pissed if Braden stays this week. Ronnie says that Jessie doesn’t trust Russell. Jordan says that nobody knows how close Jordan, Jeff and Ronnie are and she’d like to keep it that way. Ronnie says that he hasn’t told anybody. Jordan is concerned that somehting is going to leak to one of jesse or russell. Jordan wants to get rid of Natalie as soon as possible. Ronnie says they need to approach Jessie and over to keep him safe off the block in exchange for a vote to keep braden
in the house or possibly a vote for next week.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin joins them. They switch the conversation to general chit chat. Laura and Ronnie begin trying to convince Kevin to keep Braden. Kevin still having a problem with the racial slurs, doesn’t know why, but just can’t get over it. Doesn’t look like Kevin is convinced. Laura saying that he was offended by Braden’s racist comment but is worried about losing a team member. She’s worried about how it will be perceived by the public. the conversation changes to traveling and such.
Jordan leaves
Laura enters and they start talking game again
Ronnie says that if Chima somehow goes home, that the Brains would be in real trouble because they are down to 2 players. However he feels like Braden will be better for their team than Chima. Larua agrees that being shorthanded will be tough but it will also take the target off your back.
Jordan returns and tells them “I’m pregnant” and than leaves…


5:45pm Ronnie and Jeff. talking about the votes. Ronnie says they have 5 votes to safe Braden he thinks if they get the votes they can sway Jesse. Jeff says he thinks they can too, maybe we should make some deal with Jesse.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm doom room Jordan and Laura. Jordan is telling Laura that Ronnie told her that he will vote for Braden to stay if she will. Jordan says if we can get you and casy to vote than we can save Braden. Laura tells her that she need to talk to Casey. Jordan says that Michelle is definitely on board with
keeping Braden. Michele told Jordan that Chima said if she got HOH, she would definitely put up Casey. Laura says she really needs to tell casey that. Jordan says she not going to beg for the vote from Casey but she is going to tell him that Michelle told her that Chima is going after Casey. Laura tells her to make sure Casey knows that its not a vote to save Braden but a vote to get rid of CHima otherwise he won’t go for it.


6:20pm green room Laura, Casey, Kenin and Jordan. The girls are trying to get Casey to keep Braden. Laura out of the blue starts saying maybe Braden should leave (WTF?) SHe tells them that the “LUNKHEADS” are going to know that Laura and Jordan were campaigning to save Braden and they are going to go after us. Jordan reminds her that the power will change next week and hopefully one of
them will get HOH. Kevin mentions that Braden has apologized to him today. Casey says he didn’t hear it but Braden told me he apologized to Kevin and Lydia, “right now it doesn’t change a thing”. Kevin agrees “All I could say is thank you”, He was only apologizing to me as a last ditch effort. Casey asks him if he likes Chima, Kevin tells him he likes Chim the same amount that he likes CAsey.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:40pm bedroom Laura, Ronnie, Jordan, Braden and Jeff, Laura is showing her dress for tomorrow’s eviction. Ronnie tells them a joke about a fox, a gaot and some hay. You have to bring all three across a lake without any of them eating the other. The only time they won’t eat each other is if you are there.They try to guess how it works….. nobody gets it Jeff says he will find the answer one way or the other… Jokes that he will wake Ronnie up in the middle of the night if he has to.
Natalie joins them.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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