Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Laura and Jeff Nominated for Eviction, Chima: “Michele put Poison in the Soup”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:35PM Doom Room Laura, Michelle, Jordan. laura is shaking her head saying THEY planned this all out, she tells Jordan if She doesn’t win POV for them all to vote with the group, “Don’t go against them”. Michele leaves. They start talking about hanging out after the show is over. Laura brags to Jordan that she was been right with everything that has happened so far. Laura tells her that veto is all that matters he could of put anyone up.. your not safe if you don’t have veto. Laura saying at least she can fight for POV. Says she won’t be mad if she leaves, because she doesn’t like the people, but she wants to win the money. She’s happy she was nominated and not backdoored.
Jordan keeps talking about not caring about anything anymore there?s no point she doesn’t see any way she could win. Jordan asks her if she thinks it was Ronnie’s plan from the beginning. Laura no “I don’t think his plan was to put me up.” Laura and Jordan decide to go outside. They change their minds and end up in the recycled
room. Jordan just said if she wins POV she will save Laura instead of Jeff. Laura tells her she doesn’t think they will send Jeff home and Jordan needs to protect herself. Not to burn the bridge with Jeff.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Laura says she’s not going to apologize to anyone if she doesn’t win POV. Laura says she will tell Chima she’s sorry for lying to her and changing her vote. Only because she promised her. But she won’t tell her until after she’s voted out because she doesn’t want Chima to think it’s only for a vote.


8:45pm Red Room. Ronnie, Jesse, Natalie, Lydia and Chima. Jesse says that this was the first time in the 6 weeks of being in the big brother house that he got a key, at first he didn?t know what to do with it. Lydia isn?t feeling good, saying she?s just going to lay around. Jesse suggests she gets some chicken soup that Michele made.. Lydia says no because michele made it, it?s poisonous and Nat chimes in that they didn?t make it for them. Ronnie seems a little worried but Jesse tells him not to be worried they are looking after him.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:55pm HOH Ronnie, Kevin and Chima. they are eating and talking, Ronnie mentions that the Popular crowd isn’t very popular anymore. Kevin wishes he was like Ronnie (honestly he said that) he
goes on to explain himself, your calm cool and collected.
Natalie and LYdia enter

ronnie asks them how his speech was they say it went fine. Ronnie mentions how nervous Russell looked. Natalie says she was worried to. Natalie says laura told her what ronnie did was smart because it makes no sense to put two of them up because they would still have the numbers. Lydia starts laughing……”you guys won’t beleive what I heard Jordan say “she heard jordan ask if Laura was gonna try for the veto and laura said yeah i’m gonna try and im gonna get it”


8:50pm Living Room Casey and Michelle. Both are pretty bummed out Casey mentions that during the competition they got to see another human being. Michelle giggle and it was a boy. Casey makes a joke saying he hopes his wife doesn’t find another man….. general sad chitchat

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I can’t watch anymore, Lydia looks like ET and Chima looks like the girl gremlin from Gremlins 2!!!


and your a sank lydialshideous …..bitch


a sank? wtf is a sank?


damn you got called a sank, you should be offended.


I thought ronnie was supposed to be on the “SMART” team! if you’re smart…you’re getting rid of your biggest threats! right now that’s jessie and russell. by putting both athletes up, you’re guaranteeing one of them leaving, no matter who win’s POV. For somebody that’s a long time big brother fan, and so ‘mentally gifted’ he sure is playing the game like a dumbass. enjoy your time in the house jackass….you’ll be leaving very soon. making enemies and playing all sides of the equation is not how you win; its transparent and i think everybody in the house knows. he’s like the high school loser that feels like creaming himself once he gets a bit of the ‘cool’ folks attention.

deborah grimes