Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Quiet day in the Big Brother House… ***UPDATE***


1pm Natalie and Kevin are sleeping in HOH bed, and Jordan and Michelle are sleeping in the pool room.

2pm Natalie and Kevin talk about how the first part of the 3 part HOH competition is tomorrow (Tuesday) and that it finishes on Thursday. Kevin and Natalie both discuss not talking to Jordan or Michelle about how the competitions work and when they are…

2:20pm Jordan is in the bathroom getting ready, doing her hair. She then leaves and goes to the red bedroom and asks Kevin who’s laying in bed if her hair looks good like it is … Kevin asks why …for what? Jordan says for the diary room sessions and stuff. Jordan then goes and grabs her hat and shows Kevin. He tells her he likes it half way up half way down.. Jordan then says she wishes there was something going on today. She heads back into the bathroom and continues to play with her hair. Jordan then finishes her hair and then goes to Kevin again and asks him if its alright, and he says ya. Jordan goes into the pool room and sits on her bed staring off into the distance.
2:43pm – 3pm Big Brother calls Jordan to the diary room. Kevin is now sleeping in his bed in the red room. It has been a very quiet day….


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:37pm HOH Pictures


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:40pm Splish Splash Room, Jordan and Michele are packing there stuff up for tomorrow. Jordan thinks its strange that production asked Kevin to pack to. Natalie agrees she doubts Kevin even will.
Jordan asks Michele if Kevin told her who he’s voting for. Michele say no, Natalie claims she doesn’t know. Michele Leaves and Natalie tell jordan that Kevin is voting Michele out. Natalie also adds that Jordan still needs to talk to Kevin because he’s stressed out about this vote and you don’t want “her” (Michele) to get in his head. Natalie offers Jordan the HOH room so Michele will leave them alone. Jordan thanks her and says she’ll go talk to Kevin tonight.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:39pm Kitchen Natalie and Kevin Playing cards.. Earlier today Natalie and Kevin decided on a hand signal to use when its time for them to drop. Natalie reminds him that they HAVE to make it look believable. Kevin and Natalie plan on throwing the competition tomorrow once Jordan falls. They are assuming that Jordan will be pathetic in it. The rationale around Natalie throwing it to Kevin is that Natalie is better at the mental comp than Kevin so they’re taking a risk and hoping Jordan drops early on the endurance 3rd than sucks ass on the preceding mental comp.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:06pm Houseguests eating.. Michele is in the Diary. OMG can you believe this is probably going to be the final 3!!!! Scappy Doo, Kevin and Jordough, WOW expect the unexpected is right.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:18pm Kitchen Natalie and Kevin playing Cards.. I’ll spare you the dialog but after cheating on every game she’s played inside the house Natalie has finally caught Kevin cheating and it jokingly making a big deal about it. They briefly talk about tomorrows competition. Kevin tells her he’s very nervous before competitions. Natalie doesn’t think we should be she doubts Jordan will out last them. Kevin knows he also isn’t as stressed before this comp as he was for the last veto and that turned out alright… Natalie tells him that the 2 other girls are going to me on him like crazy tonight he should sleep up in the HOH to avoid them. Kevin doesn’t want one of them to keep him up all night…. Jordan and Michele are both sleeping in the splish splash room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Jordan Staring into space trying to calculate the forces exerted on a electron as it orbits a proton. Michele is stretching on the floor.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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843 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Quiet day in the Big Brother House… ***UPDATE***

  1. This is cut & paste from the last episode…just wanted people to see my Rockstart ass kissinf
    Rockstar?you are the smartest blogger on this site? the fact that I agree with you 99% of the time has a lot to do wih it. Against all odds you root for Nat and you havent had a drop of the J&J kookaid. I think you like rooting for the underdog and hated the blind adoration of J&J.
    Rockstar are you like me and have 3 eyes and 6 toes, talk with a stuttering lisp and a have a permanent limp???
    You go (????) You just go!!!!!!!

    1. Are you wanting me to have your babies or are you totally mocking me? I’m a little confused. I have 2 eyes, 2 boobs, one really big set of balls and they are all natural. haha

      1. Seriously, its Labor Day and we’re having some people over for some bbq and a game of Taboo… Anyway I’m already buzzed on beer & tequila, listening to some Beatles, and just kissing yo behind cuz I agree with you A LOT!
        Have a good day! Oh yea…I dont need no mo babies but I am up for protected sex.

        1. My Grannie always use to say, “God love yah.” She used it for those moments when she didn’t know what else to say.

          I love to play charades. I won last time by laying down on the floor, closing my eyes and pretending I was in a coma. No one could guess. haha

        2. its funny how people have forgotten that jeff and jordan WERE the underdogs. in fact, initially, they were THE underdogs. from the start to about, what? week 4 or 5 when jeff got the coup detat?

          jessie, natalie, kevin, lydia, chima, ronnie… they all ran the house for the first few weeks. so saying you cheer for the underdogs wouldnt exactly be legit would it? because that would mean you used to cheer for jeff and jordan… and now cheer for jordan again… so underdogs? no. you just like natalie and kevin. it truly is that simple.

          1. jaycane- you can record Jeff’s ” jock anti itch formula commerical” that he has been hired to do once he is out of the jury house. You can watch him over and over and over and over again. Jeff lost. It’s okay, you’ll get over it eventually. Hopefully.

            No matter how many times you try and twist it though, Jeff is gone and Jordon will never win BB.

            1. okay, you look stupid. first and foremost just thought i would point that out. where did i try and turn and twist anything? where am i even supporting j/j? and where am i saying anything about how i wish jeff wasnt gone or that i want jordan to win?

              i simply said this… j/j were the underdogs. so saying that you root from underdogs would not mean kevin and natalie in anyway possible… except maybe for like a week in the house.

              go ahead, feel stupid. i would too if i were you… and if i used the name rockstar lol. such a rockstar bro! go rock it out… haha joke..

              1. bitch say wha?

                Jordon and Jeff were never the under dogs. In your sad mind, sure but in mine, no. I have not and never will vote for Jeff nor Jordon and no, they were never considered the underdogs. A bunch of women had their reproductive eggs all twisted up and voted for him because they thought he was cute.

            2. Rockstar,please explain why you get so hot for Nasty Nat,you actually seem kinda smart and i’m sure you bathe regulary,just curious!


      1. Thanks for posting that Brian! All I have felt lately is horrible, negative feelings about this season. If J/J do have something outside the house, it would be the ONLY good thing to come out of this season. Some may call it cheesy, but you really can tell there is something there between J/J. “Showmance” my ass. Most of the haters have just never had someone look at them like that.

    1. i love them together
      they are adorable and genuine and didn’t feel the need to drop their drawers for the world to see
      they rock together…….and for all the nasty comments, its sad you’ve never had a drop of kindness and sweetness in your life which is why you obviously repel against it when its in your face….sad for you

    2. brian,,get a life,,j/j probably would even give you the time of day,if they met you.jordon is dumb and jeff is the worst player on bb11..
      neither one gets my vote
      russell all the way

    3. Great job, I really enjoyed all the scenes most of them I never seen. These two look soo good together. I did see Jeff on one of the talk shows and he said they will just be best friends. They had to be the best couple together on Big Brother ever. Thanks for the site Brian.

  3. ratings were 20 % down on sunday…im just saying…….like 2.5 millions people less watching…..that say alot about this final 4 ……

    1. Not valid… its Labor Day so a lot of people are out of town. Not everyones as nutty as my wife. No BS, we’re from LA and went camping up in Big Sur, which is like 500 miles away for us… Anyway, she brought along a portable tv so we wouldnt miss any of BB whatever it was at the time. We’re driving, heading home and shes yelling at me to pull over so she could watch it…

        1. I agree. Go tell your wife to start posting here. Well, as long as she is a Natalie fan, if she is a Jeff and Jordon fan she will have to feel my wrath. haha

      1. Thats your opinion, i stated a fact, not an opinion….your dreaming if u think the ratings on tuesday will go back up to 8 millions viewers…

  4. Danggggg people really did not watch bcuz bb’s ratings plumetted!! It used to be like a 2.4 or 5 rating and sundays show dropped to a freaking 1.8!! I hope bb realizes they need better twists to keep the show going and they need to make their comps better so the hgs won’t cheat!!! Cough cough lol

  5. the P.O.V. wi not be redone.Tuesdays show is a live eviction followed by part 1 of the 3 part HOH..The winner of the 3 part HOH will decide final 2.The jury will then vote.America will vote only in the event of a jury tie

  6. YES I Totaly agree with anonymous Michelle does totally deserve to stay over JORDAN..Big BOOBs CAN ONLY GET U SO FAR…. NOW a Gay man left so he certainly doesn’t care..So let the real games begin!!

      1. We could video tape it and wait for someone to eat the other one, then sail up along side, grab them, beat them and staple every post they made about how vile Natalie was for fighting to save herself.

        1. Nasty is a nasty,dirty ho! any person that likes her,must live and act like her,to agree with her and her hygene speaks volumns for all you Nat lovers.must all be poor white trash!!!

        2. Oh Rockstar, we all could only hope and dream to grow up to be as smart and witty as you…..oh, wait, we already are grown up. You should try it.

          1. I don’t claim to be smart nor witty. I’m having fun in this sea of Natalie hate that has congested the whole website. I can either A.) yell at everyone for being a Jeff fan and being blinded by the fact you thought he was cute and can’t let it go that he is gone

            B.) have a little fun and laugh and joke with a few of the people here that are cool and feeling the same way I do minus the stick up their arse.

      1. I take it your name means that you are disgusted that Jeff is gone??? MU HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! His dumbass deserved to get evicted. All he did the entire time was lay up under a dumb bitch………Yeah, I said dumb bitch….And rely on America to carry him through the rest of the way. Well too bad for him!!! The homophobe got got by the gay guy….Fitting isn’t it?!?!? :)

  7. Their has been alot of people who said that AG will do a re-do, but i have not found where you have all read that. Can someone please tell us where you read that at.
    Thank You.

    1. Give me a break!!!!!!!!! Who the F is AG??? Spell it out bee-otch!
      Its Labor Day putos and I’m f’n drunk on beer and tequila!!!

      1. no no moose: You are a sloppy drunk! No need to resort to that kind of low-rent language, my friend. AG is an abbreviation for BB exec. producer Alison Grodner. Peace!

    1. ya it take about 4 or 5 times for me to cast my vote i type the code lioke it says but it comes up sorry and it puts up a new code

  8. Isn’t it time for Michelle to walk out the door? This is taking so long, just like when Jeff’s ass was on the block. Since I and Rockstar will be the only ones watching, we’ll let you all know how it goes. To not have any more interest of the show, ya’ll sure seem to be hoping a lot. :|

    Nat FTW!

    1. I am still watching, I thought it was funny when Jeff went packing. It was his own fault and it is a game well sort of a game. I do think it was unfair to stick a sociopath in with the other house guests, but if she wins for it good for her. So there are at least 3 of us still watching.

        1. no, I am a real fan who has been watching bb since season 1. If I did not have access to the live feeds and bbad, I would not know how gross natalie was and would probably vote for her. I do however think she is icky for lack of a better word but I also do not have to live with her and see tons of people pick and flick while they are driving in their cars etc. I am anything but an idiot and think that if you need to call me a name to make your sorry butt day a little better I am glad I could help you out.

    2. The only way I can find your name NAT is if I do a search to find you because there are so many people claiming not to watch BB but knowing every little scene verbatim. It’s crazy.

    3. Whenever I see Gnat’s teeth, it’s like they are yelling at me, “Punch me out of this mouth! i can’t stand having all these filthy lie coming through us!”

  9. Kevin never even said he cheated… or could see the answers.
    He simply said it was good for tech difficulties b/c they had been asked SOME questions already and so he was like”oh these are the TYPE of question they are asking ” Ok and he focused on those types of things in his mind and won, NO CHEATING no wrong doing…
    Get a life J/Jer’s this is a game…

    1. Yeh, right, but if J or J had been the one who heard the exact same thing……all of you would be screaming sabotage, and that the show’s rigged wah wah wah….whatever

    1. No, hell did freeze over already. That is when Natalie told the truth about seeing her BF, if he was her BF. Anyway, someone already said that and I had to laugh. It was funny!

  10. I really miss Russell. You gotta admit that he livened the house up. I still watch the show but not with as much excitement as before. Please vote for Russell to get the 25K. I like Michelle too but I just think Russell deserves the money more. Besides, I’m hoping for a miracle…Maybe Kevin will vote to evict Jordan….Then Michelle and Kevin can beat out Natalie for the final two…..Oh well……I can dream can’t I? :)

  11. Hey I will still be watching. I don’t really care for any of them, but I don’t like Jordan, and I don’t like Michelle. She is even worse than Ronnie.

    Can we vote for Day Yum Yum? I think he sould get the money. :P

    1. or the poor camera guy / gal who has to watch the booger picking, talking with food in their mouthes cry babies? They should get a bonus after this season.

  12. so morrow eviction for michelle then thurs pt 1 of last hoh right so far? and nats allowed to play right? ( is that live too) then sun has to be live cause the HOH gets to evict who they want right? then tues final 2 ( although last year they had a 3 pt final hoh ) i think they cut that to two cause survivor airs that same week on thurs. if I am right let me know. I am new to BB ( only watched last year and vagely member that. ( it;s like once BB ends my memory of it all does too) :-)

    1. In the past seasons, it has been a 3 part competition, two of which are shown live. Unless they changed the competition, it should still be the same way.

  13. What the F happened to Casey? Usually the older ones hang in there longer that he did…He did have the best lable of dorkapotamus but I’d bet he stole that from one his 5th graders.

  14. I searched on web and found this MANY places:
    CALL ALLISON GRODNER 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE…..
    Many people say they have called and it is legit – I have to leave for a couple of hours and will try later, but wanted to put out here for all to see.

    1. Thank you for calling Aliison Grodner at CBS, im not at my desk right now. If your calling to listen to CBSs upcoming season, press 1, If your calling for our office hours , press 2, If your calling to say your done with Big Brother, Get a life, Your call is important to us at CBS, goodbye.

  15. 2 things 1. The CBS effort to make Natalie appear human via the proposal did not work..too little to late CBS the damage has already been done 2. Natalie will be hated and loathed by all the jury including Jessee when everything comes out they will have no respect for her at all it would be in her best interest and that of CBS if she did get final 2 she would be alot safer there than the jury house (this includes Kevin but his backlash won’t be as bad as Natalie)

    1. did anyone else’s gaydar go up when she walked in the room with her supposed boyfriend? how freakin’ awkward……no passion…..just like two basketball buddies in the same room………………..very very very awkward…..Gnasty has the feminity of a piece of concrete

    2. so if michelle goes to the jury then say kev or jord they will be able to tell all of em bout her behavior and the proposal. or are they not allowed to talk about the game at the JH?

    3. BB screwed Natalie over by allowing her boyfriend to come into the house. Never in BB history has someone from the outside been allowed in and I think Natalie was as startled as I would have been to find my boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or whomever the hell I had in my life standing in the next room. I would still be in shock.

      1. Rockstar, why that is almost the nicest thing I have seen from you said. That is very true. I said earlier that I thought she was probably so wrapped up in her game that she couldn’t even remove herself from it for the 20 mins she had with him.

  16. I read somewhere that Natalie wanted to say something cruel about Michelle’s brother that died. Does anyone know what Natalie was going to say?

    1. You know Nat lies about everything. She probably said that to the HGs to make them feel sorry for her. Nothing is beyond this girl’s intentions. She has got to me the most repulsive HG I’ve ever seen. But at the same time, I give her kudos for making it this far based soley on lies. Believe me when I say I don’t care for her at all, but I do give her credit for making it this far.

  17. I still don’t believe that Natalie has a boyfriend. I think that person”boyfriend” is someone she made plans with before she left her home town. It was a set up to ensure her some extra votes. That guy had his part memorized and she was trying to wing it. That’s why the whole scene came across so fake. This was something she schemed up before the show began and they believed her. Chalk another lie up to NataLIE.

    1. At first they thought they had only 5 mins. (which was strange since it was obvious that there were meals on the table.) But you would have thought they would have been all over each other. They got more time with the envelope she opened in there. It was a very different type of engagement and I have had a couple myself. Had a divorce that was more hot than their night of engagement!

      1. That is the funniest post I’ve read on this site. I call him the ” twist tie” fiance. Come on, he asked her father for her hand in marriage 2 months ago and comes with a twist tie…kick that boy to the curb in front of a bus.

        1. I read somewhere that Natalie gave an interview before the show. She was supposed to have said she had a boyfriend for 2 years, but broke up with him 8 months ago. Now this guy comes crawling out of the woodwork? Where’d this guy come from? It’s a sham.

    2. I agree with Bonnie. I don’t think Natalie’s boyfriend is real at all. She did not act like someone in love when she saw him.

      1. He’s real alright. He was about to cry during the proposal. Gnat just acted like she didn’t even care. PUKE! Bring back Jeff!

        1. You know, I thought that, too. He did look like he had missed her. I think she is so wrapped up in the game she couldn’t change her focus even for 20 minutes. She just had given up being in the POV comp and she was trying to think about that, too. Also, come up with a lie on the PB thing. Why she thought she needed to lie about seeing him and his asking her to marry him, heaven knows. But, she sure was proud of herself when she said to the HGs, “you all got punked by an 18 yr old again!” No, sweetie, you are 24, remember?

          1. I think the only reason he looked like he was about to cry was because he was scared to death being on tv. His nerves got the best of him.

    3. PLEASE READ### OK SO IF HE CHEATED IN THE POV PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE POV CONTEST WAS? I feel if theres so much evidence that he cheated and a redo should be played…what did they have to do during the POV comp?

  18. Did I actually hear Natalie ask Jordan, “If you’re not here for the endurance competition, can I wear Jeff’s hat?” OMG. I didn’t hear Jordan’s answer but is that NERVE????

  19. OMG they told kevin to pack also. maybe they are redoing the pov tomorrow too? i hope so since he cheated and i hope michelle wins!

      1. about 20 minutes ago jordan asked natalie why they told kevin to pack too and natalie said she didnt know and that kevin wasnt going to pack anyway.

    1. Perhaps Kevin leaving could be a result of Pandora’s box… I highly doubt they will redo this competition

      Think of how many redo’s fans have wanted:
      1. Julie – “How many gallons would it take to fill the spinning cup?” .. since there was an open door on the cup the answer was a mere nine gallons as opposed to the 80 gallons it would have held with the door shut.

      2. Julie – “Fact or Fiction, there is still a preexisting relationship left in the Big Brother house?” … as it turns out she was referring to the hamsters in the house.

      CBS is does not like creating waves. It is much easier to sweep things under the rug. Kevin’s veto will stand.

      1. But those were pre-determined questions. Kev’s alleged advantage is something that should not have happened, and should be rectified.

    2. Technically since Kevin is still on the block until the live POV – he would have to “pack”. If for some reason he did not use the POV (not at all likely), he “could” be going home.

      1. People here are calling a technical mistake by BBP cheating by Kevin. Kevin was given more time seeing the questions than other HGs.

  20. all of jeff fans are depress fat desperate housewives.. jeff would never look at those bitches..he like dumb bimbos with big boobs.
    that be funny if jeff dont win ac,,he has to go back to his mommy basement wearing her clothes,,friggin psycho

    1. jeff has his own place.

      and by the way, i am a jeff fan, 22, single and no where close to being fat. so your theory is wrong.

      i would date him in a second!

      1. Jeff played the game stupidly despite getting the coup d’etat. VOTE MICHELLE FOR AMERICA’S CHOICE FOR $25,000. She played hard, smartly, and alone plus she was putdown at every opportunity by everyone else in the house.

    1. Live Feeds Right After POV:

      Cam 1

      Kevin: And it helped that we had technical errors, cuz I was like, ok, these are the questions I need to think about.
      Natalie: What do you mean, technical errors?
      Kevin: Like, we had to stand next to the door and face the wall…

      Trivia… momentarily, while production tries to hide any signs of impropriety around Kevin’s win.

      1. If tha’ts the case, technically he didn’t cheat but, he DID have an unfair advantage and because of that the POV should be redone.

  21. something going on about the packing cause Jordon did ask Nat why Kevin was told to pack and Nat told her that he was not gonna pack cause he was not going anywhere but on the feeds I notice Nat is up to something Can tell by her looks and actions hmmm wait and see

  22. again everyone on here says it’ll be a 3 pt HOH . I did the math, there are 4 shows remaining tues (tom) the 4th person gets evicted, thuirs Pt1 of HOH, sun pt 2 of HOH next tues finale. what part of this are some of you BB fans not getting? has Jordon rubbed off on you’s?:) Plus Julie said at the end yesterdays show that thered be 2 parts. people watch your dvr and fast foward to the end and you too will hear her say it :) and again (since most of you BB fans are alot like some of the contestants on the show) last yeard did have a 3 part but I quess they shortened it because survivor starts next thurs.

      1. Unless they massively change it up….. Tuesday is the beginning oh Phase 1: endurance. I guess on Wednesday, they tape Phase 2. Then Thursday, they show who won the first two phases, followed by live Phase 3 questions and the Final 2 decisions. Sunday is a highlight/throwaway show. Tuesday the 15th is the finale.

      2. And before you call people out as dumb ( referring to the Jordan reference) sometimes things happen between the show on Thursday night and the next show…Chima leaving, and Kevin cheating, say… so Julie Chen would not have knowledge of that would she?

      3. Wow the 15th is next Tuesday people!!!

        They will evict tomorrow after pov, Then they will start part one of the hoh…endurance.

    1. Well, you are right! The 15th is Tuesday. That is what I get for reading something on here and not looking it up for myself! Made me out an ass! Like the calender isn’t at the top of this page, too! I am stupid! Okay, the final two will just be from Sunday until Tuesday, right? Well, that part I was right about, that will be boring. Thank you for clearing the mud out of my brain!

        1. I don’t think I need to do that. My mistake was in reading the posted comment and using their dates. The calendar is on this website. My error was reading a comment and not checking it out first. I was made to look dumb and I earned that stripe fair and square. Never said I would win at BB either.

          1. I am just going to pretend you agreed to party with no no and had a few coctails, making you abilty to put a day and date together difficult :) every one gets all whipped up into a frenzy of each and every spelling, quote, wrong day /date/time. I however look at is as an excuse to not use my adult brain, read a few wise cracks and just be silly for a few minutes a day…used to be a few hours a day but as with every other season bb gets boring when there are only a few hg’s left. I am quite capable of writing a real sentence, using proper grammer etc, this is just the fun stuff….so tell them to leave granny alone

            1. cryin over jeff, thank you for your concern that you may have offended me but you didn’t. I was joking back with you. Love that you thought you needed to say sorry and I appreciate it.

  23. all these people whining about cheating, rule book etc etc. I have a question, have you actually seen the rulebook? Can you provide a link to it? I have looked for it online and been unable to find it. Without seeing it you dont know the rules and are in no place to comment on them.

      1. I am a Michelle fan and your comment is a little out of line. People want a fair game…that’s all! Now go and hibernate for the winter!

        1. I understand and agree on wanting a fair game, that said though cheating is playing outside the rules, where is the rule book that you think they acted outside of, not referring to the pov since no one knows what happened yet, but for the calendars and such.

          1. She has no idea what the rules say. Just another Jeff fan that cant admit that he screwed up the outcome. Oh sorry, I mean Michelle fan, now.

    1. It might be CHEATING if a TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY like Kevin having knowledge of the questions beforehand by overhearing other people’s questions by Big Brother were to happen. Do you need a rule book about that!?

      1. Buddha would not be happy with you for accusing Kevin of cheating when it was BBP’s fault with a technical issue that gave Kevin an advantage. Did Kevin lie about the advantage? That would be “cheating”. No, he didn’t. Without any prompting whatsoever, he admitted the advantage the BBP F-up game him. I’m no Kevin fan, but fair is fair.

          1. And with 4,071 cameras covering his convo with Nat then interupted by the FISH by BBP, they didn’t know about it, but you do? Lol.

    2. “I have a question, have you actually seen the rulebook? Can you provide a link to it?” Exactly. Rules change. Games progress. This rush-to-judgment by morons here to call it “cheating” by Kevin & Nat continuously disregard that Michelle also created a calendar and that Kevin & Nat spent a lot of time, hard work, and study while Jordon & Jeff just talked “shit” (literally) and ate cookie dough. Duh.


  24. why r they having kevin pack too ,,did they have pov meeting yet
    r they waiting until 2morrow to tell kenvin about his cheeting
    and has to give it to michelle

  25. Natalie hasn’t washed her hair since Thursday. It is still straight from when Jordan straighten it before the live show. Just thought I’d share.

  26. I live on the east coast but the advertisements for Tuesday nights show specifically say “live veto competition and eviction” not just veto meeting… I think they are redoing it and that would make sense why production told kevin to pack

  27. Anonymous was right. They told Kev to pack….Jordan: “Why are they making him pack?”
    Nat: “He’s not going to”. Then, fish.

    1. i dont get the live feeds, so what does it mean when yall say it cuts to FISH? I just kind of assumed it was like a fish tank, but i didnt think that would be capitalized. (I know you didnt capitalize it, Jen, but most people do). Just wondering!

  28. Or maybe everyone has to pack because this endurance, eviction thing might be going down tomorrow so it’s all up in the air. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, though, that they’ll re-do the POV ’cause they probably won’t. :(

  29. i wonder if Natalie will make sure Michelle gets her gloves back or there would be a penalty point if Natalie is in final two and loses cause she did not give her gloves back and lost by that point? That would be so funny, I lost cause of Michelle gloves! LOL

    1. Why don’t you find a picture from behind? She’s not obese, but she is really chunky and she’s getting bigger by the minute because the BLOND BITCH CAN’T STOP EATING.

      1. Jordan gave Michelle a pair of of her jeans yesterday and they were either a size 2 or 4 I can’t remember, anyhow if she gained weight and went to a size or two bigger that doesn’t make her fat. It is sick to see how some people judge others on what they eat or how they look, I think you need to clean the shit out of your eyes and take another look!!!! ENVY may be defined as an emotion that “occurs when a person lacks another?s (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.

  30. Idiots, they want him to pack just in case he is an idiot and does not use it, you know it is just to prepare or something just in case he doesn’t use it since he is still technically on the block.

    1. Devin, exactly. Technically Kevin and Michelle are on the block, right? Kevin has won the POV. He has not used it and taken himself off as of yet, right? So, he would pack because he is on the block. Now, of course, he is going to take himself off and Jordon will go up. Knowing that is a possiblity, they have told Jordon to pack. But, should he go “brain dead” before the show and not take himself off, he could be voted out. Do I have it? I think I do. Do others?

  31. The 15th is next Tuesday…Here is the schedule for this week
    Tuesday 09/08 Veto comp, Veto meeting, eviction and start of pt 1 of HOH
    Thurs 09/10 Pt 2 and Pt 3 HOH comp and live eviction
    Sunday 09/13 Review show…Best of BB11
    Tues 09/15 Finale show

  32. do they really do a best of show? i dont recall. what like bloopers etc… the BBAD has become so boring and i am cancelling my showtime on the 14th ( cause I had it for a 3 free month trial) but probably am just gonna dvr it and fast fowrd through the bS like i have been doing since the final 4 ( so I watch prob 1 hr outta the 3) LOL one thing about you BB fans everyone is a know it all on here. at least I was just asking what the schedule was gonna be not saying what its gonna be.

  33. Kevin Cheated and if big brother allows this to continue then the back bone of the show is gone. There has to be rules and rewards. Big brother has allowed the rules to be broken. They are also watching what we type. so let them read this. PANDORAS BOX WAS A FARCE. IT MAY BE SOMETHING THAT IS COMING AND WE WILL ALL LOOK LIKE IDIOTS INCLUDING ME BUT THE THREE ANNOYANCES, BB the key jeff got opens the door and he should come back. that is something god nd something bad. It makes sense, as far as the producer, she should grow a pair and shake this show up with announcments. perhaps, she opened pandoras box.

    Kevin cheated and america can’t have cheates winning.

    1. If anything, the show’s producers are responsible for putting together a bad setup. Not Kevin’s fault and he certainly didn’t cheat.

  34. So say its final three and Kevin wins the first two competitions would they go on with the third competition, or just give it to Kevin?

  35. I’m thinking Pig Pens real life boyfriend is Jessie. So when she saw her boyfriend because of opening Pandoras box, she saw Jessie, her real boyfriend. But maybe that changed because of Lydias hand work on Jesse! Otherwise Jessie is trying to be her boyfriend to get a cut of a half million. Why did Pig Pens boyfriend ask her to marry her NOW? Damn, someone sees the girl possibly geting a half million and they want in on it.
    I would marry Michele in a heartbeat if she never had a dime. But then again, isn’t Michele adorable?

    1. I think Jessie’s gay, to be honest. He’s got that gay look on his face, much more than Kevin. Plus, didn’t you see those gay nude pictures that he supposedly took for some mag? Those are 100% gay. He hasn’t come out of the closet yet, though.

      1. That was my very first impression, too, and I have pretty good gaydar. I’ve now come to the conclusion that he is only obsessed with one person — HIMSELF — and he doesn’t have eyes for any other person, girl or boy.

  36. Nasty should NOT have allowed to talk to someone outside the house. Her BF telling her everyone hates her is an advantage. She now knows that she won’t get America’s vote (america voting for Chima) So, now it makes it easier to decide who to take to the final two if she gets that far. All you idiots said Jeff was getting help from BB- get real, Nat and Kevin have been getting away with WAY to much. Cheating and hiding stuff, going thru Michelles stuff….disgusting. BB should be ashamed. I guess they are telling everyone, cheat, cheat, cheat and win $500,000. Way to go CBS and BB. You have hit an all time low.

      1. The reason we are stuck with this final 4 is because of a white person. If it weren’t for J/J and stupid choices, we’d have a decent game to watch right now. You can’t blame Jeff’s poor choices on BB, because BB tried to get Jeff to open his eyes, but he was too stupid. Since it is clear they tried to help Jeff, how can you try to blame this on BB being racist? Maybe, since you are the one bringing up the white person issue (when its clear they’ve edited these two white people to look like they’ve done no wrong), the only racist here is you.

  37. Kevin cheating may be more than a production techinal problem. What is this convo about?
    ” Natalie says yes?in questions I could beat him, I would have? I saw that questions thing in the diary room, I would have done that easily. Natalie says he asked me those questions before we went out, ya know ..and I told him the answers, I told him what to say. Jordan says OH I WISH YOU DIDN?T! Natalie says 5 minutes before he went out he was like asking me certain questions, he was like so whos been on the block the most times, I was like Lydia,?and that was one of the questions. ” Hmmm>>>>>>

    1. We get to see Kevin use the POV at the live meeting ceremony. We get to see Jordon be out on the block and than we get to see Michelle be evicted. The final HOH begins after.

      On Thursday we watch the rest of the HOH go down and someone will be evicted.

      On Sunday we get to see the final 2 in the house, we get to see them celebrate, BB throws a party for them.

      On Tuesday, it’s the finale and the winner is crowned.

        1. This is what happened last year BBGrandma, I’m assuming the same would happen this year and from what Julie said and the commercials, this is how it is going to go down. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. It happened the same way for Dick, Dan, and Adam

          1. not Marcellas or however he spelled his name, that was so funny! I love the dumb ass moves in the house. perhaps that is why I do not care for Natalie, she has not made any of those yet…unless she gets in trouble for taking the gloves.

  38. It’s time to see a HG pack and go!

    I bet Michelle can’t wait to let Jeff stick it, since there will be no Jordumb or cameras around.

    1. Michelle liked Jeff and if Jeff had been smart enough, he could have used it to his advantage but he had been too much into himself that he couldn’t see past his nose.

      I’m sad to see Michelle go. I would have liked Michelle to have made it to final 3, but there is too much of a risk. She would win HOH no sweat.

  39. wow you people need to get a life. this is a reality show based on who can lie their way to 500k. Nat is a nasty liar who believes her own lies…she thinks she has been honest throughout the game. Kevin is a sheep following the herd which is what he has done throughout the game. Jordan is a ditzy blonde, she means well but wow she is not bright. Michelle is odd at best but she is the one that deserves to win…she made it on her own no coat tails.

    1. why would u say we need to get a life ur on the same site and watch the same show just cuz someone is into something more then u are that dont mean they need a life.. that just means u need an attitude adjustment

  40. Natalie is scum, full of hate. I really don’t believe all that crap about her man coming and proposing. It was all a rehearsed deal. I agree about PANDORA’s BOX being a farce. I am so sick of what use to be my favorite show. I also think Michelle has been mistreated.

  41. i am a fan of jeff jordan and michelle hope one of them wins!!!
    as for kevin cheating …. they better redo the veto!
    i want michelle and jordan-the two people who arent psycho demons-
    hopefully pandoras box does help j/m win bcuz i will not watch two evil houseguest(k/n) in the finale hell no!

    if natalie wins this thing i consider this season a waste

    but hope is still there! rmember julie said p box will affect the game and so far it hasnt….. so hopefully they keep michelle and make kevin go home lol

  42. When PP was proposed to she was as excited as a slug and then talked game to him thats her idea of romance. I can’t stand her. Michelle has been kicked to the curb since day 1 and she has been loyal to J/J while they bashed her all the time, so that’s when I lost all respect for Jeff and when he told her to get away from him after veto it just shows what a loser he was, now jordough is telling PP and Kevin everything that girl can’t keep anything to herself . I was a fan of J/J but no more they showed their true colors. Kevin is just lost and PP is just nasty in every way So go Michelle FTW She really has been treated unfair in this game and the POV should be redone because Kev cheated

    1. Unfortunatly, he didn’t need to, she was doing pretty good on her own. I don’t agree with her getting to meet with someone from outside but I don’t think she needed anymore info to help her out. She has got the game down and is doing everything it takes to win this type of game. He did tell her to keep doing as she had been. She was doing good. Darn her anyway.

  43. ok lost they havnt showed kevin winning veto yet so that would be the veto coming up tuesday right so then he will but up jordan and then they vote or am I totally lost ???

    1. no it says live veto abd eviction,the veto was taped,so it can’t be live! something wierd is going other houseguest has been asked to pack when the won POV,why would they need to pack,hence why Jordon asked,why kevin had to pack,don’t you think after almost 3 mths,they pretty much know how it works? somethings up!!

      1. Because usually the veto ceremony is taped on the weekend and shown on Tuesday. By Thursday’s live show they know who the replacement is. This week the veto ceremony won’t happen until Tuesday’s live show, so technically everyone but Nat should pack. I wish it meant something, but it doesn’t. The only hope is that Kevin understands that he can’t win against Natalie in final two and takes out Jordan. Michelle deserves to be in the final 2 based on game play, and of the remaining 3 Kevin was the least floaty. He didn’t really team up for real until after Chima left, so he didn’t ride anyone’s coat tails. Nat is a seasoned liar. My biggest problem with her is that many of her lies had no purpose in the game. She lies for the sake of lying. She has cheated, stolen and I don’t think she deserves the win. Jordan has done nothing but eat cookie dough and push Jeff to make the worst decisions of the game.

      2. they always pack when they are on the block – veto or not! Why do you think when someone gets the back door they dont have a bag and they walk by two on the floor on the way out. Julie says the evicted guest will have just a few moments to get their back and leave

  44. I’m really confused- It is Monday night and just now- at 9:16 pm- There was just a commercial for BB and it said watch Tuesday for live veto and eviction- They said it and it was in writing on the screen.


  45. they are just making sure Kevin wins . I am not watching bb ever again.This is really the first time I have ever seen them allow cheating. This is something, but if that is the way the producers of this show want to be, well good luck getting another audience for BB or anything else on Cbs. I have watch BB every season , but after this I am thru and I am making sure everyone that missed this knows they allowed him to cheat.

    1. 1st time — hmmm have you watched the show b4? What about crazy james? DR gave him hints and clues so he would win PoV. Once they finally got him out the alarms sounded and the house guest voted him back in over a mystery box. Well when he got back into the house he won HOH that night. HMMM get with reality tv….its not always REALITY

  46. why doesnt kevin see that natalie is playing him to take jordan bc that will mean she is a definite choice for final 2 since both would choose her? he is losing my respect by acting clueless here. he sees all the signs. we know bc of his humorous comments on the shows and what you guys reported on the feeds. and whats up with michelle all of a sudden laying down and playing dead? she isnt even trying to get kevins vote. is this bc she saw what happened to jeff and isnt willing to kiss kevs butt? its bb, you gotta try everything!
    and simon, i love you guys and the blog, but we are over the pics! please change them to the contestants actual pics. thanks
    i cant vote for my fav player until i know if michelle is leaving. if she isnt i know she has a great chance at taking it so i wouldnt vote for her. if she leaves, she gets my vote. if not, casey gets my vote. he was the best! i really hope we wont make another foolish mistake and support jeff again. we did enough for him in this game and yet it wasnt enough. he is leaving with almost 15, 000 and a hawaii vacation- thats a prize right there. please dont make the same mistake we made with the cdt!

        1. I was always team Jess. But without a doubt, Casey had the best moments on TV. Remember Rockstar, I don’t hate and give props even if I’m not rooting for you. But when the athletes won the first competition, Casey said “Looks like we’re going to have to make some friends with some athletes”. When and how he said that, I knew he was going to be funny, and that he was!
          Since there is no Chima, my vote is for Casey.

          1. I liked Casey. I won a stint on our radio station as a dj for a summer in a competition and was offered a job afterwards but declined. As soon as I heard Casey was a dj, I got excited and hoped he would have picked my team to align with but sadly he did not. I still do like him though even though he is not a fan of Team Jessie.

      1. bc i love love casey and his humor. but dang cmon michelle went through the ringer with this show. and she really earned a win here. so i would reward her game if bb doesnt because thats what the show is supposed to be about. i also know from several blogs that casey is using his bb stint well and getting gigs (rightly so) from the show which i doubt michelle will be able to. if michelle pulls out a miracle and makes it to final 2 i will be very happy to vote in support of both of them.
        btw how awesome would a casey show be?

      1. they get paid 10k for being on the show. he also won over 3k and a hawaii vacation. plus i am sure he will be getting deals fpr acting/hosting from this gig since so many have just fallen for his “charm”. gag

    1. Speak for yourself, I like the pics.

      In fact change jessy to a d$ck. A small one, remember in Ross Mathews The Inside Dish, Lydia gave him a 4.. The week before Ross pulled out a sheet for jessy in honer of him getting sum under the sheet. Jessy face was priceless.

      1. Ha Ha, had to go have a drink myself after I read that. I wouldnt say she is the dumbest anymore either if ya know what im sayin, lol.

      1. Shut up, Jordan!!! Go have some more cookie dough, FAT ASS!!!!! And pull some more hair out so we could see that BALD SPOT better!!!!! Hey, still don’t know how to TELL TIME!?!? Hahaha!

  47. I personally feel that if Kevin did cheat that the show’s producers should send him home–it’s not fair for someone yo cheat like that and apparently he has admitted to cheating If the show doesn’t do something about it then tell us why we should watch BB anymore? What is the purpose–they sent Chima home for breaking the rules isn’t cheating doing that?

  48. I am just now catching up on the post and I have an issue with PP. NatLie hasn’t seen her “last minute staged boyfriend” in at least 2 months and all he gets is a peck. Forget about eating I would have been sitting in my mans lap advising BB to cut to fish for the next 20 minutes. Ugh… then she had me rolling about how her man does not look at porno. Seriously….. I think that’s a little suspect.

  49. I am voteing for Jordan she is the nicest one this year and sick of ppl winning that dont respect others
    Please bb dont let keven get away with cheating your are better than that

  50. all you Nat and Kevin fans are pathetic. Jeff gets the CDT fair and square and you all scream it’s rigged and BB is helping him! Well, in all the seasons of watching BB, I have never seen BB let any player get away with the cheating that they are allowing Nasty and her little bitch to get away with. Absolutely baffling. All you Jeff haters, you are pathetic. He played fair and square and there was a reason America gave him the CDT and not your beloved skanky Nat and bitchy little sidekick Kevin.

  51. I could say something about everyone of these imature adults. And so I shall. That was disgusting about Jordan sanding her foot over the hot tub. Disgusting that Natalie went in with her tampon on and picking her nose all the time. I did not like the way Jeff talked to Jordan. I definitely do not like the way Kevin talks about everyone in a mean way. Michelle, oh Michelle, well the truth being she has socializing issues. She is not mean spirited. The way everyone talks about her is horrible. Poor kid, I will hate it when she sees the show and all the mean things that have been said about her. Chima was totally nuts. Russell was entertaining to say the least. Jesse is so in love with himself, I am surprised he even knows there is a game going on. Lydia, where do I begin? She is way out there somewhere. Casey was fun. Laura never had a chance. Ronnie, you cut your nose off… Braden we will never know about you. You at this point would get my vote.

    1. Russell was entertaining? when?…………when the pin pricked little shit was screaming at women or when he was charlie manson’ing over in a corner by himself??? entertaining ? maybe in prison.

    1. I totally agree on the gloves. They should give her back the gloves b4 she leaves. She has been treated poorly & stills smiles. What a good sport. She needs 2stay & win

    2. I was just going to comment on the fact that Michele is franticaly looking for her gloves & that little snit Nat-a-lie has stole them!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH BB ? they are ignoring theivery and under age drinking both criminal offences!! Come on bb STEP UP TO THE PLATE & BOOT HER OUT!!!!!!!

        1. What I meant was they should know that Nat is older than 18 (ie under age drinking) they are in Calif and the age is 21, they even discussed the fact a couple of nights ago that you had to be 21 to play the game!!!!

  52. Do you think that those 3 characters refer to NataLie and all the comments made about her? ithink the copy cat represents Ronnie, the Big Cry Baby maybe either Jessie or Russell, and the Roach definitely Ronnie or NataLie? Just trying to figure out who & what they represent.

  53. Michelle is looking for her gloves. Nat admitted stealing them. BB stated if they continued this behavior they would be gone.

    So Nat needs to go, or is this another lie by BB.

  54. Is there not some kind of regulation in place that you cannot let contestants cheat in game show. If so BB would be forced to act on Kevins cheating or face fines. Could someone explain if you know.

    1. This is not a game show, it is an entertainment show. There are no media rules that govern cheating in this venue. All of them have cheated and everyone needs to get over it.

    2. Many of these shows have a clause that says the producers may be involved in decisions… That’s to avoid getting sued. If someone tries to sue, alleging that they lost unfairly for some reason, they don’t have a case because the game doesn’t claim to be fair. Even if the producers don’t meddle, they’re covered by this and won’t have to go through the lengthy costly legal process of proving it was fair. It gives them wiggle room.

      Sorry if that’s confusing….

  55. Simon,
    Did you hear anything more about the punch that the jury house is packing? I just went back and watched the preview for it but on sunday they didnt even mention it.Thank You!

    1. Haven’t heard anything yet. I think at this point the producers are just messing with us because interest has plummeted and they want to get every once ratings they can.

  56. Kevin is a fool if he thinks that Natalie will take him to the final two. A part of me wishes Natalie wins HOH and gets rid of Kevin… Now I understand how bizarre that comment sounds as I really dislike Natalie and think she is scum, but it is what it is, with Michelle gone, we are unfortunately left with these sad final three. ( I like Jordan but for the life of me she is way to gulible)

  57. nataLIE thinks she is liked by America and jury members because she is so nice. ha reminds me of WHAAAAA Amber of BB 8. Idiot.

    1. drinking and eating. It is not healthy whatsoever. When she leaves she is going to be in serious need of a detox or colon cleanse.

  58. This is about the $25,000 award. I’ve seen people comment about how many times they’ve voted for Jeff. I like Jeff a lot too, but to give him the money because he’s handsome just isn’t fair. Michelle played at LEAST as good as Jeff and needs the money a heck of a lot more. Don’t you remember Jeff saying that some people in his office make 6 figure salaries? Jordan is poor too and Braden didn’t even have a place to live.

    1. I didn’t vote for who was most poor, I voted for who Iiked. Russell got my vote hands down. Crap, what does that say about me?

      1. I also voted for Russell, because he is my favorite who I think got the shaft. Just like in business, the personal crap should not enter into the decision because this is not a charity game. Face it, if people did not need the money, they would not agree to be on the show, so they are all equal on that point in my book. We know all of the HG lie, and any of them could make up the biggest sad story to try to get us (or other HG) to help them win money – I think the only smart thing we can do is vote for who we feel deserves it the most — not whose sad story we believe. It is a game and we need to vote accordingly.

    2. i didnt vote for jeff because he’s handsome, thats very presumptuous. I voted for him because he was my favorite player… just as im sure you voted for yours.

    3. Mich will get my vote also. Still hoping she stays and at least wins 50K plus $25K (for all the shit that J/J and Gnat/Kev said about her!) It would serve them right! idiots.

    4. i voted for jeff because instead of lying, cheating, stealing, and manipulating in this game like nat and kev has done he just played the game.

      yes, he may not have won but at least he isnt a low-life like kev and nat.

    5. I voted for Michelle too. I liked Jeff the most in the beginning, but after he got ego crazy during his HOH-I didn’t like his character either. Michelle played the best and conducted herself the best IMO. Wish she’d make it to the end instead of the three other knuckleheads.

  59. production knows michele is looking for her gloves and that nat took them. will they step in and make her give them back to michele?

    1. I thought the rules were you are not to take peoples thing you can hide stuff, but Natalie stole Michelle gloves. She hid them in her things. Now that should be a point taken away from Natalie. What an evil person she is. I bet she is that way in real life

        1. Nasty still took them w/o asking. That is my friend stealing. Lies come very easy for her. Nasty has no remorse for her actions. How can you be in a house for months and “the real personality” not come out.

      1. I do think she is like that in real life. She is a natural when it comes to lying & stealing. It like it is her second nature. She does it so easily. I have no respect for her. I did like Kevin, but he has a mean & nasty streak. I will give Jeff the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think he has ever been around someone who lies & cheats like Natalie, but his mistake was getting rid of Russell & allowing Jordan to influence him. I will vote for Michelle for the $25,000, as I feel she has proven herself as a winner over those that are left.

    2. Good point – production seems to step in when it is convenient for them, but they do not consistently enforce the rules. If they stopped Nat/Kev from hiding others belongings, how is taking Michele’s gloves different? Yes, BB issued each HG a pair of gloves, so what they did with them was their own choice – once given to the HG, it belongs to them and Michele kept hers, so they should remain Michele’s. She was smart enough to realize they might be helpful later!

  60. Simon I love you… Its so nice that you do this for us everyday, How do you have the time?
    Are you getting enough donations? Does BB help you out?

    1. Read “older” comments. A technical glitch during POV that gave Kevin an edge is being called cheating by Kevin by sore losers in here. Possibility of a redo POV live Tuesday, also discussed earlier.

      1. Oh, so you conveniently omit the fact Nasty said she saw the questions in the DR and coached Kevin prior to the comp? I know that could be a lie by Nasty, but production has done many other things in DR, so it could be true. Even Kevin said he saw the question before Mich and Jordo, and that helped him – so not sure how these Nasty/Kev supporters reconcile the fact it was an unfair advantage at the least and blatant cheating at the worst. We are just asking for a fair comp, since it is the most crucial comp in the whole season.

        1. If you were asking for a fair comp, then you would also be bitching about Jordan cheating at her POV, and M/K/N using calendars. You only want a fair comp when there is some imagined slight against your fav’s, and you strenuously justify, or completely overlook, behavior that is cheating by those you endorse. That’s a double standard and has nothing to do with a fair comp. This is one reason that society is so messed up these days … because some people don’t believe everyone should have the same rights and responsibilities. Sorry, but you crying foul and ignoring other cheating makes you look ridiculous.

        2. Your reading comprehension leaves room for improvement. Read it again. Natalie said nothing about seeing the actual questions in the DR. That’s in your own fabricated mind. Natalie had been coaching Kevin for a day on a comp based on evictions, etc. Just like anyone prior to a test, you might ask a classmate to go over a few possible questions. That’s what Kevin did. He asked her to go over some possible questions and ONE of them was actually in the POV comp. Is it CHEATING to be well-prepared? No, only in a lazy, fabricated mind would that be an issue.

        3. They do it the same way Chyma threw her mic in the pool and Nats first words was…it slipped outta her hands! I bet anything,if Michelle or Jordan would go dump Nasty’s shit out,she’d throw a fit and head straight to the DR.If Michelle leaves tomorrow,she should punch Nasty right in her lying cocksucker,and look at her and say there bitch,thats for toucjing my stuff!



            1. If Simon and Dawg access that a poster is abusing those privileges, say by posting abusive comments to other posters or inflaming other posters by posting in all-caps, they have both the right and responsibility to ban the offending poster’s IP. Incessant blog trashing drives away their audience to other sites and limits their revenues. Why would you want to do that to them?

              1. WDF, when did you speak personally with Dawg and Simon? You try to act like you are so so smart, but in reality you act like RONNIE on BB….Leave me alone, unless you have something worthwhile about BB to say. Stop trying to police this blog…it is not your job…Complain to DAWG and SIMON since you seem to think you are their BFF. Your such waste of my time Ronnie, Jr.

    1. This is an entertainment show. Everyone that is in the house has cheated one way or another. No one is innocent. Bottom line: everyone needs to quit accusing those they don’t like, quit justifying for those they do like, and stop whining.

        1. I was wondering how Jeff and Jordan cheated too??? THEY DIDN’T…..either one of them should get the $25,000….They are the only 2 decent players this whole season. Nat and Kev should get a huge bad of crap for their prize. I wouldn’t want them near me in real life….I know they are the same way out of the house as they are in the house. Disgusting human beings!! Natalie wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if she tried.

          1. First of all, Jeff isn’t in the house. Second you are NOT Jeff’s girl. Geez .. get a life and quit drooling over a guy who would never give you a second look. Third: Jordan is not a decent person. She’s as nasty as Nat, but you just can’t see that because you are too in love with their showmance. Fourth: Jordan cheated when she played the POV. As the post said, quit justifying for the people you like.

          2. How can you say J/J are the only decent one the whole season???? What a load of crap. There are only a few who are totaly disgusting. Michele is better than J/J! Some of the others weren’t even in the house long enough for you to know them to make such a statement!

        2. Jeff is not in the house. No calendars allowed, but N/K/M all used items in the house as calendars, so that’s breaking the rules which = cheating according to terminology tossed around on this site.

  61. I agree. That was so unsanitary Jordan filing her feet in the hot tub! YUCK! and Kev and PP were in the water too. The tampon thing is unbelievable. A 24-year-old who doesn’t know how to use a tampon! COME ON! J/J have been my fav all along, but now with Jeff gone Jordo is not playing very smart on her own. She needs to keep her mouth shut and listen more when with Kev/Nat. Too bad she can’t see they are just playing her. Michele gets my vote! I hope there is a game changing event that keeps Michele in the game. She has been the smartest player to date! Go Michele!

    1. Excuse me but the first one to start filing her feet in the hot tub was of course! non other than Nasty Natalie, followed by kevin. At least Jordan asked if it was sanitary to do that when she went to do it, and Natalie replied “of course it’s ok”

        1. no, natalie did it first, then kevin, then jordan came out and she did hers. if you were watching only showtime then you didnt see the first two because it came on when jordan was doing it.

          1. Oops … my mistake. You are right, I didn’t watch the feeds. I quit watching days ago and, due to the lack of entertainment, didn’t even remember that I hadn’t.

  62. Did anyone else hear Natalie say that someone is coming into the house? I heard her and Kevin talking about it but we got fish.

  63. Maybe I missed reading something, Nat took something again??? That’s what pisses me off most about her. She has no RESPECT whatsoever, and it all about herself. She thinks that everyone should give up everything to her. ERRRRRR can someone just knock her out please.

  64. I still think Natalie’s “finance” was a CBS prop to boost ratings and make her look not quite so vile, didn’t work for me! I wonder how CBS is going to “promote” a show with liars and cheats and child like actions next year.

    1. Their going to call it Big Brother 12 and promote it as such. It is a game of lying and sometimes childish actions. As for the cheating, that seems to depend on who your going for as to whether there has been cheating or not.

    2. I wonder how much of a stipend he got for giving her a twisty tie engagement ring. there was no excitment in Natalie or the BF. Heck look how they act on Survivor when they have not see loved ones.
      Like Nasty and BF its all a fraud. As for endurance comp, I hope she falls flat on her corn cob ass.

      1. I agree with her lack of excitement the poor poor guy was practically in tears and she says ” for reals hell yeah your stuck with me” then barely kiss’s him THEN as she walks out she doesn’t even look back what person doesn’t look back to a loved one when they are leaving? Then theres the whole lack of even saying I love you. Props to Jason it takes quite a secure man to be the only one crying after he’s gotten engaged.

        1. Plus the whole time,she was staring at the covered plates,how was being HOH and giving up POV gamechanging? they should of made her give up her HOH instead,plus where was the thing about the jury house at,nothing about PD’s box affected them.I’m seriously thinking CBS and Vince McMahon from WWE are in cohoots here.This was the biggest joke in reality tv,Christ the news has more suspense than this did!

  65. LEGAL QUESTION: Does Michelle have legal standing to pursue a lawsuit against CBS if she is evicted by a questionable win? What about if the competition involves something where the use of her gloves would have made the difference and Natalie uses them and wins?

    1. There have been questionable wins throughout BB history and while we see things and hear things, BB has every inch of that place on tape.

    2. Gee yeah, bring in the lawyers, that will make it truely honest witout any lying or cheating. God bless the honest lawyers, where ever they are.

      1. It’s not Wheel of Fortune so they do not have to follow game show rules. Notice they call them houseguests, not contestants. BB can basically do what ever they like it falls under unscripted entertainment so the answer is no, she does not have a leg to stand on.

        1. True that it’s not a game show and not regulated by US Code. However, forget contract law for a minute, since I’m sure she signed a release to CBS. If we wanted to just “issue spot” then under California tort law, she might have a claim for “arbitrary and capricious” conduct by BBP in not providing a redo for an obvious advantage to Kevin. But, she could show that other malfunctions in POV were redone, while this one was not. People identically situated must be treated equally is the theory behind the tort.

            1. Hey, Nina, glad law school helped someone. Lol. ( I meant to type “would need to” in my post. She would have to show that in identical circumstances, she was treated differently.) I’m sure she signed a release to CBS that waives her right to suit. However, the law swings 180 degrees on exclusionary clauses, depending what’s currently happening in case law. After years of the courts finding exclusionary clauses were unfair and highly favored one party (CBS), the law swung in the other direction to enforce them. Not sure if current CA caselaw still favors CBS–been a while since this was a hot topic for me–but I suspect it still does.

              1. WDF and NINA

                I am pretty sure CBS or WDF’s so-called connections with Simon and Dawg care less about you legal advice and THE CHANCES OF MICHELL asking for your advice are slim…She does not need another RONNIE. If you are really a lawyer then I am sure unless you can prove it, you are just another idiot trying to sound smart. BYE RONNIE

  66. Nat needs to go home or to the Jury house where she has all her friends (right) not little does she know they cant stand her just like the rest of us. and as for as Kevin cheating he needs to go with chima were ever it is

  67. Natalie is the most self absorbed, control freak I have ever seen. The way she kept bossing Kevin around in the fashion show was making me sick. Come on Kev, stick up for yourself. She is a lying, conniving person that lost my respect a long time ago, maybe never had it.

    1. It looks like Nasty has everyone but Michelle under a spell….cannot believe how Kevin just follows her around and does everything she says, including making her food….she is so lazy and bossy. I would think that they would have figured outby now that an 18 year old can’t be as manipulative as she is.

      1. I agree, Natalie’s AWESOME. She’s been lying her ass off the whole game and she’s gotten this far doing it. Genius. Best liar and manipulator I ever saw! She is my ROLE MODEL!!!!!

        1. Lol. Agreed. Despite her personal vileness, she’s playing a great game. Did you see the post from Simon with the definition for a sociopath? She’s definitely playing the game as effectively as a sociopath would; whether she is one in reality, is debatable.

            1. Point well taken. Scary thought that BB puts candidates through a large battery of psychological testing…. Were they specifically looking for the type, knowing how smoothly they could charm their prey while manipulating them?

            2. Many of the attributes on that list can be attributed to other players in the house as well. Let’s call them all sociopaths, shall we? Interesting how people try to diagnose others when they have no clue how psychiatry works. Read a DSM IV and I guarantee you will start siting personality disorders in everyone you know … with the exception of yourself. Funny how that works.

              1. I’m in law, so I have been involved in suit using DSM-IV several times, but you need more than its legal description for your case. Same here. But you miss the point, which is: “Considering the battery of psychological testing done on candidates, is BB actually looking for sociopaths for HGs?”

              2. Yes, WDF, I see/saw your point, and your question is a valid one. My post was mainly addressing the point made by Nina (and others) about a list of characteristics used as “proof”, when a list such as that can’t possibly be used to conclude anything.

              3. Agreed, Um. While Nat does appear to have a substantial amount of the traits of a sociopath, we do not know if she is merely game playing or not, nor do we know, without a lot more research, whether she qualifies for the label in reality. What other current or past HGs appeared to you to be playing as sociopaths?

  68. I am surprised that Michelle didnt even try this week to convince Kevin to keep her. She spoke to him once after the POV and then nothing.

    I think Michelle knows that there is no way Kevin’s stupid ass is keeping her. That moron will take Nat to the final 2 if he can, or he’ll ultimately let her take Jordough to the finale.

    I so wanted Michelle in the F2. But oh well. Kevin is going to pull a Jeff and screw himself.

    1. I think if Nataliar goes to final two that she might be in for a big let down. Because I think the Jury is put out over her Im 18 lie. So she just might fall on her own sword.

  69. sorry to burst your bubble, but natalie does know about the characters. They told her all about them.. If you watch BBAD you’d know that. So…think of something else to make you feel better. Natalie is my choice…GO NATALIE!!! WIN THIS M_____F_____


    1. Using caps is rude and yelling, but more than that it make your post impossible to read. If you want to be heard lose the cap lock on your computer.

      Simon/Dawg how about eliminating this type of post because it’s a waste of space when written like that.


          1. Okay is this better for everyone who can’t read caps…It looks to me that everyone is bitching on this blog and I have seen caps used before. But you are all babies and have to be hand fed…Do you know Jordan’s actual IQ or mine for that matter? I can tell yours isn’t very high if you involving yourself in a debate that does not concern u…Last time I checked this was America freedom of speech baby, so hear this…I DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU READ MY BLOG.

            1. I like this girl,she has spunk!!! can we take Jordan out,and put her in,I’m thinking she’d beat Nasty’s ass for her….lol

        1. Good gawd. You’re single-handedly trashing this blog. Give Simon and Dawg some respect for their work product even if you don’t care about how you affect the reading enjoyment of the rest of us.

          1. Thank you Simon and Dawg for letting us express our freedom of speech and all the hard work you have put into this SITE… THANK YOU

        2. Your previous CAPS post was so long, I skipped it because it was annoying trying to read your screaming. Doesn’t bother me — just gets ignored.


          1. Yes, I’m white, and proud, that is why I speak correct english….What school did you go to? You can’t speak correct english, much less write it. By the America is GREAT along with the First Amendment, if you don’t like it go to another country…While your there hire an english teacher…

            1. Perhaps it is YOU who needs to hire an English teacher. But yu should definitely be sure to write correctly before you criticize someone else for their writing. “By the America” makes no sense. But more importantly: “Your” is a possessive form of “you”. You’re means you are. You might want to brush up on that.

              1. Maybe you should check your type-o’s before commenting on someone’s English…Go back and read my comments to your other statements…Stick to BB news…and stop acting like your BB Ronnie’s sister. That is who you sound like…

        3. Cap Lock is yelling and hello, its a g-a-m-e. Chill people chill, we’ve got a dozen or so reality shows to watch, this is just one.

      2. CJ,

        is this better sweetheart, can you read now or do still need to go back to school? THIS IS ABOUT THE GAME NOT YOU AND THE FACT YOU CAN’T READ. THERE IS ENOUGH SPACE FOR EVERYONE’S POST YOU IDIOT.

          1. I wish i had a bottle to help me read you blog…You must have already had a bottle if that reply is the smartest thing you could come up with. Thank God you not on BB.


        1. Thank you NAP I did know CAPS OFFENDED PEOPLE i am like u…This blog is about the game and that is all I was doing stating my opinion, like everyone else and all they could focus on was MY USING CAPS. Thanks being a smart intelligent person.

    2. I think the point is that Stephanie is upset and she wants everyone to know it. She is yelling to express her frustration. Sweetie, we know! To some of you it is not fair that the ones you wanted to make it haven’t. The ones that played the game that apparently it takes to win are. That is frustrating. I don’t think it is clear that Kevin cheated in the POV. He just said that the technical problem gave him more time to think about the questions and type of questions that were going to be asked. That is not cheating. Did they play dirty? Yes they did but so did everyone in one form or another. CBS has created a show that is getting attention. Do they care that you are angry with who is left? I don’t think so. Will we watch again? Probably so. Maybe next time will be better. I hope so. I didn’t care for this cast much either. Stephanie, you yell if it makes you feel better. And, the rest of you, scroll on down and not listen. Just like turning down the volume on the TV when Natalie speaks or eats in the mic. Believe me, there is much worst things to have to live with than this TV show! XXOO

      1. Thank you BBGRANDMA….I was just posting an opinion i had about the show. Am I upset about how BB handled it, yes. But I know it is just a game and you are right, more than half these bloggers will watch bb again. I won’t….It is just a shame so many people on this blog is upset about the game thatthey attack someone who happened to use caps on their computer. How stupid…..TAKE CARE BBGRANDMA…..

      1. i mean cheat all they be talkin bout on here is kevon be cheatin on something, did he cheat on his man? i miss it was it on sho

      1. how he gonna do that wit all those camras on him that is racis sayin a blalck man cheats um hum big bro don want to give the prize to no black peepo

        1. you are stupid. Are kevin( btw- no letter O in kevin) and Natalie even black? You are the only racist in this room. We are calling them out because they are cheaters, not because they are black, you dumbass!

  71. Natalie steals, cheats, lies, slanders people, stinks, picks her nose/butt/crotch, eats with mouth open. Cheats at pool, chess, cards. She is a skank. She is the most disgusting contestant ever. That is no way to play the game as far as I m concerned. She doesn’t do dishes, clean anything, cook or shows or clean up after herself. She is disgusting human being.

      1. And you wanting her to win just because she is black is racist. Last time I checked being called lazy was not a racial slur. Grow up and learn how to speak english- or a least write it!

          1. I really wish I could understand exactly what you are trying to say. But I am still laughing my a$$ off! ( let me know if that was too many big words for you)

            1. girtl i read i can read sum big word i know what comitision mean so take u white skinny blond ass back to country cause city aint wantin you and i spell too ju cant typo

              1. LMFAO! I can’t argue with you anymore, I have no idea what you are saying. Maybe you should get out of the city, and go somewhere and get an education. ( this is like arguing with a 3 year old!) Gotta say, I have never laughed so hard on this site before! Keep up the good work

          2. T shah you need to get educated and learn how to spell. No one is racist for calling Natalie lazy. She just is whether she was black, white or friggen green for that matter, she is a lazy liar.

          3. Learn how to talk. It was not a racist comment, and you trying to play a racism card is what gives minorities a bad name. By the way, I am white, and feel that I am in the minority these days between all the other races, we are outnumbered.

      1. she bee needin a weave girl like my girl tyra wear, she cute tho and she got a bootie so do nat michsell she need to get a booty

    1. She cooked chicken the other night, didn’t wash her hands after handling it (raw) either. Her fiance will have to teach her to cook and about proper hygiene before they have children. Mercy!

      1. saiy who u up in dis house tellin peepo who to speak english you white white peepo they bees speakin funni i speak the real way we spoos to speaks this be america and we got a black man up in da white house we run this sho aint takin no moor order from white man. white man take orderds from mes

        1. You sound like a dumbass trying to stir up trouble by promoting a gross, ethnic caricature to, not so subtly, mask a slur. You’re not really fooling anyone.

  72. Hey Allison, go back on the feeds and check it out where Natalie stole Michelle’s gloves, isn’t that not following the rules and should be evicted like Chima? Something to check out! Why you are doing that, check into the cheating part too. :)

      1. he almost did that until nat told him he was wrong.

        he had it planned to say “i chose not to use the power of veto” then nat convinced him that it meant he wasnt using it on himself and he would stay on the block.

    1. Since the POV ceremony is live tomorrow, there’s a 0.00000000000001% chance that Kevin might keep himself on the block and get eliminated. It obviously won’t happen, but BB wants them to be prepared.

  73. So it says Michele and Jordan are packing, and production told Kevin to pack, too – do you think that may mean they are going to do another POV tomorrow? Why else would they ask him to pack, too, and not Nat – must be something brewing.

  74. ok so from other blogs i am reading gnats bf/fiance is currently married (seperated) had to also make his my space private cause of hate mail. also said on his page him and gnat are not together. so why didnt cbs just have her dad come on instead of a fake proposal that was very awkward you could tell by the body language they were not close. Oherwise that girl would have been going nuts in that house with enjoyment. Instead of making up bs. Even when she told the truth she was not excited then that night she calls her bf her ex to kevin bad tv!!!! as far as cheating i dont mind it unless it is a deal breaker wich this was, when jordo cheated it hurt no one. but if kevin cheated and michelle only lost by one that is crap and yes i would get a lawyer, i would also think bb would step in and atleast give her back her gloves or boot her out for stealing.

      1. how can she be mole u white girl white girl don like no black sucesful woman they jealus um hum you betta be glad i can slap you over the cumputr runnin up that mouth my grammy would get a switch a wop u back to the countri aint got no sence

        1. How old are you? Does your granny know you are on the computer this late? You better get some rest, you have school in the morning. And you DEFINATELY NEED to go.

    1. I agree! and I think this pandora’s box thing was stupid. It did not change the game. so natalie doesn’t get to play pov, so what, she’s safe anyway. and she’s playing all sides- so i really don’t think it hurt her feelings not to play. That was the stupidist twist ever. I was waiting for something big to happen- and Nat’s fake proposal is was we got. How lame!

    2. Nat was more excited about what she got in her HOH basket than her BF’s proposal! I guess he should have brought her some bagel bites instead of a twist tie. Or maybe she was just upset because he didn’t give her the ring she expected??

    1. amen to u. They need to evict both nasty and kevinstigator. Nasty wasn’t even xcited 2 see her boyfriend/old man. She kept calling him jesse. She needs help. She is probably in a gang.

    2. We can only dream. Then J and M can play through the final competitions in a best-of-three, winner automatically gets the 7th jury vote.

  75. Let’s all hope with the POV being redone…………that Michelle or Jordan win POV and send Kevin home. Nasty will be going down.

  76. I Tivo BBAD and am a little behind on whats going on so forgive me if this has already been addressed. After Natalie chose to see her boyfriend, she was sitting in the spa talking to all the hgs and she mentioned how it took him long enough to propose to her. First she said something about 3 years, then she said she has been with him for 6 years….that means she was twelve when they started dating (according to her lies). Why did the hgs not pick up on that statement alone??? Its amazing that everyone is talking and no one is listening.

    1. ALSO: The Big Brother 11 application clearly states that applicants must be 21 years of age or older. HELLLOOO??? Why haven’t ANY of the houseguests picked up on that??? There have been so many times she should have been caught in this lie, but none of the hg’s have a clue. I thought for sure she would have been called on it by now, but it seems the hg’s just aren’t doing the math!! CLUELESS, ALL OF THEM!

      1. Didn’t Jordan mention that she thought you had to be 21 to be on BB one night on BBAD? Then she dismissed it. She said she must have been mistaken because Gnat was only 18.

    2. Natalie doesn’t even know what’s true anymore. during her interview w/Diane she said they dated for 2 years but have been broken up over 8 months. The video’s on YouTube. Also – HE’S HOMELESS! He had an eviction hearing in Maricopa County on the 24th. Google Jason Majerena, and it comes right up. He posts on SurvivorSucks – they’re made for one another!

  77. We can thank Jeff for that. If he had only been a decent player we would have a great final 4: J/J/M/R, and THAT would be a great show to watch.

          1. back n trac who you tellin this be america and we gots a black man up in da white house we run this sho aint takin no moor order from white man. white man take orderds from mes slave en days dun

  78. Without a doubt Natalie is like this in person… gotta hand it to her, she does manipulative really good. I’m starting to think if 500k is gonna be worth all the negative attention and hate mail/ comments she’s gonna get when she leaves the house. (Remember, she thinks she’s gonna leave the house as an honest person who will be viewed by america as a sweetheart) Well, I say karma’s a bitch; the public is gonna be as harsh and relentless in making your life miserable as you did to Michelle in the Big Brother house.

  79. IMHO, the fact that Kevin didn’t stop them to let them know he saw the questions and continued to look is the same as cheating… he clearly knew he had an advantage over Michele and Jordan… as he stated himself. If BB doesn’t redo that veto… then its last season for me after 11 seasons… pretty pathetic production AG, BB, and CBS. After listening to Natalie and Kevin complain about it several times… this appears to be a season set up for a minority win… pretty sad circumstances!


          1. BBGrandma, I thanked you in my older blog for taking up for me…I know this blog is about bb; but OBAMA does try to control everyone, please pay attention to the news…This Country is in big trouble and I am afraid the older ones will be the ones to suffer. It has nothing to with OBAMA’s race, it has to do with the way he is handling his position. I am just worried about what he is doing to the healthcare for older people and the poor. I may seem uneducated because I reply to this bb blog, but i am not. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS COUNTRY (not yelling)..I mean no disrespect to your opinion, so please don’t pass judgement on me…Thank you and take care…

            1. Sweetie, I am on Medicare and I hope all of you can get Healthcare at least as good or better. I don’t go for scare tactics and I won’t buy into those games anymore than BB is an honest game of chance. I do not watch entertainment news and I suggest you not either. Watch PBS. Now don’t get me started on politics. I have been at that a lot longer then you. There are sites for that. This is a BB site. Thank you for your concerns. They are appreciated.

              1. BBGrandma I use Medicare too. I know we won’t get a cost of living increase for two years and the Federal Government is getting one. I don’t watch entertainment news I watch FOX NEWS….However, you are right this is BB Site not a political one. So no more political talk just remember this conversation when your Medicare goes up and you are not getting a cost of living raise. Take Care…I do respect your opinions…

              2. My last comment on this, FOX News is entertainment news! Very one sided. Explains a lot to me and why you are so opinionated. However, we are not getting a cost of living raise because of the pharamactical (sp?) companies raising their costs to the government. That is not the government fault! That is because they and the Insurance companies are ripping us off! Follow the money! They are making it in the billions. Watch PBS. End of subject!

        1. You’re the idiot because obviously you seem to deliberately ignore that just like in real life, there are rules when you post online. Writing in CAPS means that you’re shoutiing (for no reason, in your case) on the top of your lungs. I’m quite sure that you write in CAPS just because you are not intelligent enough to know how to turn them off. As if whenever YOU read something, everything is written in CAPS… Dumbass! Hurting our eyes like that!

          1. @Stephanie you disgrace my name, it is obvious you are the STUPID one, when you can give me a quote out of a computer manuel about typing in all CAPS and that it means means just yelling then send it to me. If you think I am a dumbass, then I guess that makes you one too, because YOU ARE RESPONDING TO MY PERSONAL OPINION BLOGS. BUT PLEASE, KEEP EMBARASSING YOURSELF. YOU ARE THE SELF-RIGHTOUS BITCH…NO, MAKE THAT A COLD UPTIGHT BITCH….

            1. I put in a big paragragh to “inform” you on the healthcare debate. I thought about it and now I just feel sad for you. I pay for your heathcare. I also pay for my own. I hope Obama does not stop your Free Healthcare. It is like Driving across country to DC and bitching about the Interstate Highway System.

            2. Stephanie, I was totally with you on the whole Obama thing (because I completely agree that our country is really in jeopardy with him in office) but you lost me once you called someone a Bi@#h. That was completely unecessary. Anyway, back to BB…

          2. thank you for telling her the rules. obviously she is a k / n person and does not understand how to follow them or act like a human. my 10yr old even knows that all caps is yelling. her personal attack on you was uncalled for and she is probably someone who spent her life acting like natalie and it finaly caught up with her so now she is the bitter one….just my personal opinion, usually I do not comment on stuff like that but this is not the forum for her to bring up all that obama / health care etc…

    1. Jeff is responsible for his own actions. Jeff’s poor choices led the game exactly to where it is. You say nothing about the way that these players are edited, why is that? Have they edited the minorities to look good? No, they have not. Have they edited the cute white couple (as Kev said) to look good and therefore almost guarantee them the $25,000 prize? Yes they have. Now you want to make the claim that this is rigged for a minority? How is it you can overlook all that has been done in J/J’s favor, and make such a comment about K/N simply because they are minorities? How prejudice can you be?

      1. first of all prejudice means nothing, racist maybe, but prejudice means that you have some sort of preconception of anything, which everyone does, so everyone is prejudice. Sorry but thats the most overused “i think im smart” word for people who love to think of themselves as politically sensitive and socially and morally superior.

        Anyway, I dont get why people find it so hard to believe that minorities can be just as racist as non minorities. I dont have any doubt that there are organizations that would influence the outcomes just to have a minority come out on top, to make themselves look better and more appealing to a broader spectrum of the public. If you dont believe that this is possible you are seriously delusional. There are definitely white people out there who are racist, but just as surely as there are racist whites, there are racist minorities, and anyone who tells you differently is selling you a bucket of steam. (this is coming from a minority)

        1. I’m also a minority, and if you can comprehend my post, there is nothing there claiming racism is one sided. I’m of the belief that K/N can win this on their own, without it being “rigged” in their favor.

    1. I agree with you laura i can’t stand nat’s ass! I hope & pray something happens to get kevin’s & nat’s ass out the house! Kevin is a different person when nat’s not around if he was smart he would back stab nat since there’s only 6 jurors in the house america get’s that 7th vote I’ll vote for kevin even though i don’t want to!

  80. I have a question, if the only rules in BB are to not break the rules and to not swear on live tv…how come nat and kevin got away with that too…because kevin said mofo and that caused them to go to the fish and nat said shit…so where was BB when that rule was broken?? When and why did Nat steal Michelles gloves?

    1. Why is it you bring up Nat & Kev swearing, but none of the others? They ALL swear. Jeff was one of the worst. How is it you only bring up K/N? What’s that about?

      1. Because no other HG did it live, they are allowed to swear but not while they are on air, as far as I know Kevin was the only one that broke that rule.

  81. Your saying people on here need to get a life…than why are you even reading BB spoilers and commenting, maybe you should get a life because if you can take the time to write a comment like that then you are a BB fan which means according to you “get a life“

    1. Im a BB fan but I dont get upset over stupid shit. when people I’ve liked have left I wasnt screaming about how “unfair” it was. I didnt give a shit. why? because I watch the show for entertainment purposes only. I dont care who wins becaus as I have said Im not getting a dime of it. and if you read my post I said a bunch of you need to get a life not EVERY SINGLE PERSON. so just the mere fact that you had to jump to defend yourself means you obviously felt that you personally dont have a life so you needed to say something to make yourself look a little better. if I didnt have a life you’d se me posting on here daily with my opinion. I actually just found this site and I guarantee I wont be spending all my time on it.

  82. Must reply again to those with issues with Jordan having a boob job. She’s in her early twenties and has made some choices. I bet she ‘s not thrilled with all of her choices-I know I made some unwise choices in my 20’s. But give her a break! She really and truly has a kind heart!!!

    1. plus and i could bw wrong but didn’t she say she worked 3 jobs and saved a long time so she could get them. and in all reality what does it matter what she does with the money not like the rest of them are going to put it all to good use.

    2. No question on her heart, its the brains that are suffering. At 22 you would expect some dumb decisions but when your mother cant make the mortgage payment maybe you should keep the tits you have and help out.

          1. Well, maybe she didn’t have the money in time to help her mother save their home. But, apparently she could have borrowed some if she had to borrow for the breast enloargement. Sad.

            1. I guess when you were young and your husband left you-you would expect your 18-20 year old kid to pay for a house for you-I would have hated to be your child grandma.

      1. It has already been said that they lost the house a few years ago and she only got her boobs done a few months ago so she couldn’t help her mom save the house. She does however help her mom out financially and like another poster said, having her boobs done is not only good for her self steem but most likely also will help her get better tips and therefore, make more money so it is probably a good investment. Plus, they (boobs) probably helped her get into BB.

      2. I can’t believe people are actually ragging on her because of a bob job. I am completely against MYSELF getting a boob job but shit, who cares if the girl got one. Who are we to judge her for that! We don’t know her circumstances. Just like people don’t know ours when we make decisions in our life.

    3. lol. I have no issues with her boob job. she’s young so she wants to make herself look good. its just that people say she deserves to win because she’s poor. well what poor person do you know that has a boob job? I dont doubt for a second she is one of the sweetest people Im just saying I bet that she doesnt spend her money wisely.

        1. I was a Career waitress (14 years) and luckily I was blessed. I does make a difference in what you look like. Teeth and boobs make the most money.

          1. I think the point here is she says her mother lost their home and she went for a breast enhancement. They may help you in tips but if you don’t have the money for a home, well, choices are made different by different people. My opinion only.

            1. All of this info was taken from watching BBAD feeds — Jordan is only 22 -she would have been around 18 when her parents got divorced-family lost home over 2 years ago because of father?s gambling and divorce. Every 18-19 year old I know is able to make enough money to save an expensive home from foreclosure-not??She has worked 2-3 jobs at a timer to help support mom and younger brother mom works part-time at a bank-(you know how much that pays). She lives with mom and has to share a bed with her. She got the boob job because of real issues-not the jumbo size others on this show(Laura) and past seasons have displayed. She saved most of the money for it and charged the rest on a credit card. It was done shortly (2-3 weeks) before she started on this show. Jordan?s and (Jeff?s) main problem is that their core value system doesn?t give them the thought processes to deal with the psychopathic behavior of other people like Kevin and Nat I Lie. Remember Jordan is the youngest person on the show and by far the most truly innocent person to play the game.

    4. I didn’t see any evidence of a kind heart when she and Jeff sat around for weeks berating and trashing everyone else in the house. Sorry, but she showed just how ugly she is on the inside, and no matter how cute people think the exterior is, that type of ugliness can’t be faked. No kind heart, there, that’s for sure.

      1. They are not even close to Natalie and Kevin and the way they are acting and the things they have done!!! They are DISGUSTING

        1. This was posted somewhere earlier and I think its worthy of a re-post, considering your statement:
          I can?t believe you can criticize Nat for being so nasty, but you call Jordan a good person? How can you not mention the fact that Jordan is nasty? With all her talk about poop (describing it in detail), blowjobs (claims she is good at them and has to fill the world in on how guys like that big vein to be licked), a$$ holes ([couple] of convo?s about those), periods, checking out her friends vaginas, talking about clits (and all the different types, asking people in the house about theirs! Whats THAT about?), sex & anal sex, adult stores, pee, farts, tampons, periods, making fun of her friends back home, and the list goes ON AND ON. She has talked the filthiest and nastiest of ALL contestants in the house, yet somehow you completely overlook that? How is that a ?good person??

          1. Because she isn’t trying to be gross,most of it was,she was asking or telling a story about it.Christ according to Nasty she was 12 when she started dating her BF.atleast Jordon showers on regular occasions and knows how to use tampons,Nat hasn’t washed her hair in 5 days now!!!!

  83. Gnat plays this game exactly how she plays cards, chess and probably eveything else in her life. Most likely if her fiance is real he will get cheated on too. I know she is going to get it on with Jesse. I only wish she could have got more time with Jesse by being in the jury house with him.

    1. if she would’ve left,instead of Lydiot,she’d be telling her BF in a few months,yes dear,you are the daddy,I had the baby pre mature by a few mths,even though it looks like Jessie,its yours hun…lol