Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Monday morning Silence in the BB House ***Update***

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45am Sleeping.. you hear the odd NOOOOO! coming from Michele other than that nothing is going on.

The major question is will Kevin keep Michele? Kevin and Natalie seem to be in a disagreement over throwing the final HOH. Kevin thinks he should win the endurance part which lets Natalie play in the mental part. Natalie doesn’t want to make it look obvious because she thinks it will hurt her jury votes.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:26am All the houseguests are up getting ready for the day.. very little talking going on.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:02pm Houseguests are in lockdown.. I heard grumbling from the houseguests that lockdown will last 2 days as production prepares for a competition. Jordan is doing Natalie’s hair talking about what Kevin will do with his POV. Natalie doesn’t understand why Kevin is being so wishy washy about it.. Jordan changes the subject and starts talking about Natalie’s boyfriend and how his work schedule fits with hers.. Jordan tells her when she use to work at hooters she use to see a lot of married guys come into Hooters because they were bored at home. Jordan says its her only fear about getting married that the man will drift away because she is busy with the kids.. she’s seen it happen a lot at Hooters. Natalie just nodding which screws up Jordan because she’s doing Natalie’s hair. They start talking about what the hell is production doing outside. Natalie says maybe they are preparing for Thursday’s endurance. Jordan doesn’t think it’s for that there is no way they need 3 days to make a competition set unless is something new and crazy. Natalie says she was told by production that lockdown will be all day today and probably all day tomorrow.. Jordan “Something is up”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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269 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Monday morning Silence in the BB House ***Update***

  1. I have moments of watching Kevin and thinking he is very smart but the problem is, he doesn’t act on it. I would love to see him, for once, take the reins, dump Natalie and grab onto Michele. It would be the boldest move he ever made and take him to the final 2 in a good way. This could be the most exciting ending and have him regain some of his self-respect.

  2. Does anyone think that an all-stars will happen next year? CBS was planning on doing their first all-stars season 8, but they changed it to 7 after the same kind of thing happened back in BB6. Anyone remember this? The Janelle, Howie, Kaysar, James, Sarah, and Rachel alliance everyone rooted for but unfortunately was topped by the hated friendship alliance of Maggie, Ivette, April, Jennifer, Beau, and Eric. Maybe the same thing will happen. I don’t know about everyone else, but even if it doesn’t happen next year imagine Dick, James, Dan, and Jeff all on the same season. WOW! I get excited for it even thinking about it! It would be amazing!

    1. Jeff’s a tool Jake – no need for him to be an allstar he got handed the CDT or he would of been out weeks ago. He got carried the first part of the show because he was an athlete or he would of been gone week 1. OMG people open your eyes this guy was not good at his game just got lucky to be an athlete then getting the CDT.

      1. Jeff is the worst player in BB history. You are right about all the gifts he received to remain the 1st half of game. Then when he was pushed out of the nest, he fell flat on his face. There was no rational or deductive reasoning before he sent Russell out. You can say that Kel and The Gnat wouldn’t lie and be considered a player, let alone an all-star. He never once considered who the members of the jury would be and how they would vote. All-star ha ha ha.

        1. Seriously! Jeff didn’t make ANY moves (other than perhaps using the CDT) that were based on strategy, they were all based on irrational emotions (his and Jordan’s).

    2. I don’t think Jeff would go in a house with Evol Dick. Jeff would be just too scared. Jeff was irrational where Russ was concerned because Jeff was scared of competing against Russ and was scarred that he couldn’t control Russ. Jeff wouldn’t have the courage to be in the house with Dick.

      1. If they had an All Star season, I think it would be really interesting to have all of the really nasty players come back and eat each other alive. Natalie and Kevin think they are so great, but imagine them up against some of the past really devious players as well. Would be fun to watch – every eviction would be a moment to cheer, and no one would really be so upset when a winner was decided because they were all so unlikable from the beginning!!

      2. just what about that aged scrawny pencil neck dirtbag would jeff be “afraid” of ? dumping iced tea on him ?banging a pot with a spoon over his head while he sleeps ?????hahaha

  3. Interesting how Natalie makes deals to throw the competition. It always seems to work out that someone else is doing all the work!

  4. i relly hope he keeps michele and they get that bitch nat out and wen they get final 2 michele wins unfortunatly i dont see it happening shame though michele was my fav the whole show i rely wanted her to win this :( plz kev its in your best interest to keep her

  5. Do you think there is any chance that due to the unfair advantage that Kevin had in the original vote that they will redo it today.

  6. Im getting to dislike Jordo more and more. She is the one who is throwing Michelle under the bus. Hope Jeff see’s her for her true color. Kevin needs to get rid of her. I do not like the way Jordo tells everything to Natalie. She really is stupid. She has also bad mouthed Jeff to Natalie and Kevin. (way to go dumass). I did read on another cite that Kevin did in fact cheat. People are writting to CBS to re-do the POV comp. Hope that they do and the questions are not the same. That will be a good thing. Let the better person win fair and square.

    1. I agree. I’m sick of Jord-ho, her stupidity, and her “strict upbringing” act. She also cheated at the POV comp, but people didn’t get mad about that, instead they justified it. Cheating is cheating. IF you see the questions before an exam, or if you copy off someone’s paper during an exam, it doesn’t matter. Both are cheating. So, we know there are at least 2 cheaters there and I guess CBS doesn’t really care that cheating is unfair to the others.

          1. Jordan told everyone she could hear if Michele was moving up or down on the POV Jordan won. Kevin told Nat he figured out what questions to think about. Michele, Natalie, and Kevin are all using calanders. They are all “cheating” in one way or another, get over it.

            1. Exactly. I never understood why people got so upset about one HG cheating, but could somehow completely overlook another doing it.

            2. That’s not cheating because she could hear someone moving. Kevin says he SAW the questions beforehand, plus Michelle and Jordan “supposedly” had technical difficulties which wasn’t fair to them.

              1. lol. She felt Michele step up or down and copied her moves. But, hey, feel free to continue with your double standards. One set of rules for those you like, and another set of rules for those you don’t. That’s one of the reasons society is so messed up these days when, instead, every person should have the same rights and responsibilities.

        1. Jordan cheated when she won the POV. She listened to what Michele did and copied her by stepping up or down when Michele did (she even said she heard Michele).

          1. Jordon did not cheat becuz she won. If she did cheat there would have been a tie – breaker becuz she did not follow Mich on the last question. So she WON WON WON. Kevin saw or knew the questions. Now that my friend is called CHEATING!!!!!

        2. In the competition where they had to step up or step down for their answer, jordan (and kevin later admitted he did the same thing) said that if they werent sure about the answer they would try to listen to figure out if the person next to them stepped up or down. She admitted that she really couldnt tell but she tried to.

          1. Actually, Jordan said she heard Michele. I think you are trying to downplay the fact that she did this. Also, if you watch the comp, you can SEE her doing it.

          1. but she won it by last question, which she didnt copy michell on………… good guess won her the veto so what…. thats how nat won hoh…… maybe she could hear where they were stepping too

      1. I remember Jordan saying she was listening to Michele. Maybe CBS didn’t consider that a problem enough to redo the comp. But they should redo if Kevin had an unfair advantage. CBS/BB needs to retool their comps. There are too many Q & A/ T or F type of comps. Those are probably a lot easier to set up but there is not much mental skill involved in those. They can get boring to watch. I’d like to see mental games involving riddles or putting puzzles together. Stuff like that. Less chance of people just guessing correctly or listening to what their neighbors are doing. Also, whats up with the HGs being able to do calendars this season? In previous seasons, that was a no no.

        1. Know what you are talking about before you write-remember Jordan is only 22-she would have been around 18 when when parents got divorced-family lost home over 2 years ago because of father’s gambling and the divorce.Every 18-19 year old you know is able to make enough money to save an expensive home from going into foreclosure….She has worked 2-3 jobs at a time to help support mom and younger brother(mom who works part time at a bank-(you know how much that pays). She lives with mom and has to share a bed with her. She got the boob job because of real issues-not the jumbo size others on the this show(Laura) and previous shows have displayed. She saved most of the money for it and charged the rest on a credit card. It was done shortly (2-3 weeks) before she started on this show. Jordan’s (and Jeff’s) main problem is that their core value system doesn’t give them the thought processes to deal with the psychopathic behavior of people like Kevin and Nat I Lie. Remember Jordan is the youngest person on this show and by far the most truly innocent individual to play this game.

          1. Sorry, but the whole “victim” thing isn’t cutting it. Jordan working 2 or 3 jobs while living in her mother’s home, but using that money for a boob job instead of helping pay the bills doesn’t excuse her. Since when is vanity more important than a home? I’ve known people who, due to illnesses like cancer in the family, have had to work 2 to 3 jobs and they would NEVER spend that money on plastic surgery instead of contributing to their family. It shows her value system, not her lack of being able to cope with sociopaths. I understand her family and friends may post on here and try to justify her actions, and so defend your loved ones. It still doesn’t change who she is.

      2. lol. People defend cheating when its their favorite, and call foul when they dislike someone. You people are so transparent. If its a “sweet” white girl its ok. If its a mixed gay guy, its not. Ok, got it.

  7. F-A-K-E……THIS SHOW IS LIKE ALL OTHER “REALITY” SHOWS AND IS SET UP…….. I’m so aggravated with this years BB, I haven’t watched any other episodea. Have just been reading what Simon puts here….. BORING!!

    1. Why do you keep reposting the same thing..? If it’s so fake-then stop reading the boards. Since you stopped watching the show- then why read the boards? Seriously- ?? I would say you’re watching..

    2. Watch the show dumb a** you can’t read this sh it and actually know whats going on if you don’t watch the show and if it’s soooooooooooo boring stop reading its as easy as that!

  8. I personally can’t stand Natalie.. I don’t know what her boyfriend/fiance sees in her. I would have to gag her with all her talking. Kevin- those faces he gives is horrific.. He’s so judgemental and annoying. I just think Jordan is a little lost.. I do like her- bc she seems to have a good heart. Not a good game player. Michelle has really rocked it. I hope she wins the 25k. I really haven’t cared that much for this season.. Which is disappointing bc I’ve looked forward to it for so long…

  9. You can see Jordan gets that wide eyed look when she’s embarrassed about lying or talking to much. When Michele came outside last night (after Jordan threw her under the bus) she had that exact look on her face!!!

  10. Someone needs to fly over bb house with sign “nat is a liar- really 24” simple as that, but I doubt then if it would sink-in!!!!!!!

  11. Anyone else think they ought to decrease the stipend or take some prize money away for the houseguests sleeping like 12 hours a day? Talk about BORING!

  12. I’m also getting sick of jordan she talks to damn much they need to get rid of her she’s a waste of space & her twisting her hair is so annoying, natalie i just can’t stand that girl kevin needs to go with his gut instinct & keep michelle if not i hope michelle wins the $25,000 she deserves at least that much!

  13. It would be nice to see jordan win the 25K or the half million. She seems to need the money (I know, don’t we all) but she also seems just really sweet. She isn’t brilliant, but seems kind. I think anyone in that house would get weird, and she has, don’t get me wrong. Is there money given to anyone but the winner, like survivor does?

    1. You would have been played if you voted for Jordan to get the $25,000! She probably needs the money a lot less then some of the other HG’s……for instance Kev may have to declare bankrupsy out of desparation. Mich,who works hard in a lab to find cures for medical problems is struggling with money problems having earned less then your average teacher per year.Many of the HG’s are in financial trouble but they don’t try and fool the public like chubbo Jordo does. Face it,she can afford those hidious plastic Tata’s (which I’m told are very expensive) and can afford to throw out her clothes every season as well as spend money on non stop drinking/partying.Jordo is the fakest person on the show……you will be surprized in the future how she played ya all. Also, can she stop flashing that fat stomach and naked huge cowlike tata’s…it’s sickning. If she’s advertizing for a playboy offer,they don’t do plus size nudes.

    2. if Jordan and her family so desparately need money, how could she afford a boob job? I wouldn’t call that necessary medical attention.

  14. I have read back and cant figure this out
    can someone HELPPPPPP!!!!

    IF Nat gave up competing in POV
    and its the POV winner who sends someone home
    Can Keven send NAT home?

    there were two envelopes with PB
    one said give up POV and the other said something about final HOH
    so did anyone get that NAT cannot compete for Final HOH


    1. Thas what i said in one she read that she can’t do the last POV and she read it again
      but She made a mistake she think this was the same one she did’nt think this one

  15. I’m getting so fed up with reading all the Jeff/Jordan bashing. It seems that people have gone from “loving” him to “hating” him. Wow! One move and everybody hates you. Yeah, in retrospect his move did cost him the game. I bet he knows that more than anybody. But we are not in the house. He based his decision on what he thought at the time. Yeah, Nat and Kev are scum. But apparentally they hide it well. I don’t understand how people say Jordan cheated. She heard the footsteps. She still had to decide what to do after that. It also sounded like other people heard footsteps as well. So Jordan didn’t have an unfair advantage. It’s a game and 1 month from now none of us will even care about these people. I mean really. Why the fuss? I think some of you need to voice your strong opinions on things that occur in your own lives and not some realty show. This is supposed to be entertainment.

    1. Why are you fed up with the Jeff/Jordan bashing and not the Nat/Kev bashing? Why exactly is it not ok for people to bash Jeff/Jordan, but you mention nothing about the bashing of the other contestants? They deserve no special treatment. If you don’t like how the boards work, don’t come here. Jeff and Jordan deserve to be bashed just as much as anyone else. Its an open forum, everyone is entitled to their opinion, which includes the opinions YOU dislike. Jeff and Jordan have done nothing BUT made bad moves, and they deserve to be called out on them just like people are calling out everyone else on what they did. Maybe you shouldn’t let your crush on the J/J showmance cloud your reasoning so much.

      1. sorry simon I did not see that you had updated this post to tell us the same thing *blush* You do a great job keeping us informed! Thanks!
        What I was reading said Kev was telling them that Tues would be an eviction and that’s the only way they could do the 3 part HOH by Thurs and Nat didn’t believe him……argued with him because the DR hadn’t asked her feelings on the veto ceremony yet! HA like the world revolves around her feelings.

      2. im assuming its for the live show on tuesday which means their are going to be setting up something big in the backyard for the hoh comp. kevin better vote out jordan and keep michelle. if kevin and pp end up being final two then im not bothering to watch the finale since they both dont deserve to be there with their disgusting behavior and cheating ways!!!!

      3. Is the 2 day lock down because the live show is tomorrow night? I think you said that the HG’s didn’t know yet that it all begins Tues. The way I understood it is Tues night, they will show the POV, then live eviction, then the first part of the fina threel HOH. If that is the case (and I could be wrong), the 2nd part will be thursday night, 3rd part Sunday, and the final Tuesday the 15th. CBS is showing that the final 2 hour show is the 15th.

    1. Thats what I thought. They are going to have another POV. They have to have another competition. They broke the rules. When the other HG see that Kevin and Nat cheated they can get sued by the other HG. I don’t know what is in their contract but according to a lawyer friend of mine who said cbs isn’t going to take a chance on something like this and will have the POV Void if this is a rule- meaning no note taking etc…. I’m not saying my friend is right but it does make sense. Therefore, I think that is what they are doing in lockdown.

  16. I think Kevin will vote out Jordan. ( I would be surprised if he doesn’t vote out Jordan.) He doesn’t trust Natalie. He was astute in saying that “if a person lies about something good, then the person can’t be trusted…” or something to that effect. Michelle will win BB.

    1. I also hope this is what Kevin does. It would be the smart move for him. He keeps saying in his DRs that he doesn’t trust her – he needs to act on it! I can’t tell sometimes if Kevin is just agreeing with Gnat just to placate her (and shut her up) and is really thinking about what to do for his game – or if he truly agrees with her. He can be hard to read – though he does seem to be thinking hard these last couple of days. C’mon Kev – vote out Jordo (she wants to be with Jeff anyways!).

  17. You people crack me up, you don’t even know any of these people at all. Print off and read the application. “What would you do for a 1/2 Million dollars”….. Hmmmm. Lie, cheat and steal perhaps…… Get a real life… this is REALITY TV……. Don’t post this if you don’t want to but the truth is the truth…..

  18. Nasty admitted to Jordan that she saw the questions being asked in the Dr prior to the POV, and told Kevin what they were and the answers. Is that cheating or wat? The POV definitley needs to be re-done.

  19. you are nuts if you think kevin takes michelle final 2, WHY? they will vote on gameplay, id keep jordan or nat, they Wont get the votes that mich or kevin would get

  20. yeah the jeff hating is dumb, had he won the POV, it wouldve gone down as one of the best moves in BB history…plus russ wouldve gone after him had he won HoH, its a given.

    1. if they didnt backdor russ and took out natalie then in the alien pov michelle would have won and they would have gotten kev out.

      leaving jeff, jordan, russ and michele in the final four.

      then this hoh would have been won by michele. jeff prob would have won the pov and they would have gotten russ out since it was jeffs vote.

      then it would have been jeff, jordan and michelle in the final 3 and the final 2 would have been jeff and michelle.

      everyone would have voted for jeff and he would have won the 500,000 if he kept to the final 4. that really sucks.

      as much as i despise nat and kevin they used what they had to change jeff and jordan into wanting to keep them and now they are pulling out all the wins.

      that one decision to backdoor russ truly did cost jeff all that money!

  21. it is probably a two day lockdown b/c they are having a live eviction on Tues and hoh comp immediately following. It would be too much to ask that the POV be played over since Kevin cheated. BB doesn’t have that much integrity.

    1. yeah we know that prod has no integrity since it is a kown fact that they tried to help JJ and convince them in DR not to boot russ

      1. they talk all angles with all players. they talked michelle out of using her pov on jeff. dont you think they wouldnt have said anything to her about not using it if they wanted to keep him in the game?

        if they wanted jordan to win this last hoh dont you think they would of asked a tie breaker that she knows…like the number of ANYTHING in the green room? they know that her and jeff have an exact count of everything in there and everyone else only did an approximate count.

        1. however, the discussions between JJ were not how the DR talked all game angles with them, but where they specifically metioned that the DR was trying to convince them russ was on thier side. when they did this the production crew yelled not to discuss production at them. they were just to dumb to believe them.

  22. Hearing someone’s footsteps is NOT CHEATING. Kevin also admitted he did the same thing. Getting a look at the questions and using a calender IS CHEATING. Get a clue people.

      1. No one knows how the POV was set up….from last nights BBAD it seemed like alot more then just questions and Michelle almost won. Kevin said Michelle was looking how he had his set up trying to figure out how to do it… going to laugh so hard when you do finally see the POV you want redone….NO ONES SEEN THE GD POV TO HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DEMAND A REDO.

    1. lol. How ignorant. Cheating is cheating .. doesn’t matter how you slice it. If you copy someone or if you get the questions in advance, still cheating. YOU need to get a clue.

    2. All BB needs is ONE houseguest to file a complaint (aka lawsuit) if they think “unallowed” cheating went on while they were still in the house. Then BB will go the way of the 50s game shows. But isn’t lying and cheating part of this game?

      1. BB is not registered as a game show but entertainment program, each of the contestants are called House Guest’s and are paid to be on the set, with Rules and a contract, so CBS can do what ever they want!

      2. look them up, fcc doesn not consider BB a game show but entertainment on par with WWE, because they at least in part have the outcome predetermined, I posted a link to this before.

  23. I hope Kevin keeps Michele, Gnat gets shit-canned (sweet, SWEET karma) and Michele wins the 500K…THAT!..would make this sorry season worthwhile…
    just to see Gnat’s face win she gets the boot..and Michele collects the loot!

  24. if they bring back Jeff for all-stars, then I can guarantee you they’ll bring back Russell and they’ll be a team together…( I was reading earlier posts) that’s how Jeff would have a chance against Evel Dick– unless the 3 of them team up together ;)

    1. Jeff is at a disadvantage if Evel Dick was in the house. It wouldn’t be fair. It would be like putting a turtle in a 10 feet wide cage with 500 elephants. I’m not a Jeff fan but after this big loss and looking like a major fool on national tv, I would not want to wish that much of a beating on my worst enemy

      1. you feeling ok toady? you don’t want to see Jeff “in the stall screaming uncle?” I think it would be funny to watch ED freak out Jeff.

        1. I’d like Dick to hold him down and pluck out Jeff’s pubic hairs with the same tweezers he plucks his eyebrows with. That would be so fitting.

            1. deebee – I’m not always mean, okay most of the time I am but I do have a soft side. I also know that people root for the underdog and if Jeff went up against Dick, he would be even more loved because fans would be screaming that Dick had Jeff pinned to the clothes line by his balls and it would be unfair. haha

              If I shared a cookie with you though, you would really think I’d gone mad though right? hmm, maybe I should throw caution to the wind and befriend a non Nat friend. nah, -kick-

    2. evil dick said in an interview he likes jeff and that jordan brought tears to his eyes when she read her hoh letter (on live feeds). he likes both of them and hates natalie.

      1. Okay, if they did put Nat in All Stars with Dick, then I might just watch, cause I love him! ED is awesome, so knowing he hates Nat would make it FUNNY! He would chew her up and spit her out many times over.

        1. it would be great because he would get on her case and not fall for her crap. plus he would tell her to shower and all the stuff we want to scream to her!

      2. I’m hoping either Evel Dick is going through the change, was smoking way too much crack or he’s hoping that he can eat them alive during the All Stars. It could also be that Jordon reminds him of his dumb ass daughter Danielle with all her crying and sniveling. But I think Dick wants to get in Jordons pants. Most men love the blonde dumb chick with fake titties.

        1. Damn girl,you are the most jealous girl on here,did your man dump you for a hot blonde with big tits,or maybe it was your girl that did!

  25. They arent redoing anything. The veto and evitction are tomorrow. That means they wont be going outside before the eviction.

    People saying this is scripted make me lol. If it was really scripted, jeff and jordan would be cruising to final 2. Production did everything they could to keep j/j in the game, but even they couldn’t save jeff from his own stupidity.

  26. ps.

    I still don’t buy the boyfriend charade…Gnat did not show one morsel of emotion for the guy (whoever he is)

    like they said on a Will & Grace episode…” that kiss was more awkward than Jodie Foster and Richard Gere in Sommersby”

    1. You noticed that too!! There didn’t even seem to be chemistry between them. I saw Nat light up more when she was talking with Jeff or Jessie. Nat even said to him ‘I gave up A LOT to be here with you right now’. She could care less about annoying the other HG or helping her partner, Kevin with the POV. I hope she goes home soon!!

      1. So jumping up and down and yelling “I did it all for you Chima” deserves more emotion than a wedding proposal? Hmm. I think you might be right though. By Natalie’s standards, $500K would be so much more important than a husband. He looks pw anyway.

        1. Exactly. When she won HOH she was jumping around like a lunatic screaming, “I WOOOON!!!! I WOOOOOOON!!! AND ALL BY STICKING TO MY WORD!! I WOOOON!!!”. And it was perfectly normal for her to show no emotion when he proposed to her… because she didnt know that guy! Wouldnt it be awkward for a total stranger to propose to you? And she even lied to him right off the bat saying she gave up alot to see him…. giving up playing in the POV affected her in no way whatsoever!

    2. The “Proposal” and “Jason” were both fake. NataLIE is a lesbian, she confided in Jesse on day 24 that she was gay, but didn’t want anyone knowing anything real about her. She thought it would better her chances. I bet that’s not ever her dad as well.

  27. I can’t believe there’s only one week left of Big Brother 11 :/ this summer has beeeeen crazy. I loved the show this summer.
    Kevin should take Jordan to Final 3, then Jordan and Nat in final 2. Everyone knows her real age in the jury house, so I think they wouldn’t wanna give the 500k to someone who lied about their age.

    1. I don’t think lying about her age has anything to do with why someone would or wouldn’t vote for her. It is such a stupid lie to try to maintain the whole season – there are WAY too many things that should have made it obvious to everyone she couldn’t be 18, but then again, who really cares? She has the manners of a 3 year old, and no ethics at all, so that would be why people wouldn’t vote for her. But who knows, Jessie and others might choose to vote for her.

      1. I agree with most of what you said but the age thing. I think Nat went to such extremes about it that the JH will then question everything she has done. When it comes time for her speech if she does make it to the F2, they are not going to believe a word of it. It’s hysterical her thinking she has all these friends in the JH, hope it back fires on her big time.

      2. It matters because she went INTO the house lying….even her “friend” Jessie made a comment about it the other night when they showed the jury house…said something to the affect that she wouldn’t get his vote…

      3. You know what, I hate Nat, but the HG’s are really stupid for believing she is 18. I mean, they let her drink, of course they wouldn’t serve alcohol to a minor on a public show like this, with the live feeds and everything. No way CBS would make themselves liable in that way. The first time she had a drink they should have all known she wasn’t 18.

      4. I figured for sure the HG would figure out the age thing when Natalie got her HOH room and they were all up there and saw that Big Brother put Mikes Hard Lemonade in her little fridge!

    2. I want to see Natalie and Kevin in Final 2. I will be disappointed if Natalie chooses Jordon or Kevin chooses Jordon. The only way to win is to go with your partner and than fight to til the end.

      1. I think you are going to be very disappointed. Whether Nat or Kevin win final HOH, they will choose Jordan for F2 because they both know they would win against her. I think Kevin would beat Nat, but because he knows Jordan would be a sure thing, and because he knows what a liar Nat is, I really think he would pick Jordan. Personally, I hate Nat, so I will be very disappointed if she is even in F2.

    3. Hurry up slap yourself, its Kevin and Michele, Jordon is an Idiot and don’t get me started about NatDogg. I don’t Kevin is bright enough to take Michele, if he were smart he would.

    4. kev and nat are mad at each other. so if the veto does in fact stay as is now then jordan prob will go to final 2. kev (more than nat) i feel would pick jordo over nat cuz he would think he has the votes. think america is forgetting about america :) . if jordan is in the finals with either of them she will get jeff, michele, and america hands down. then the remaning is russ, lydia, kev/nat (who is booted), and jessie. i think the booted person (mad at the other) will give thevote to jordan and she will win. that would be awesome!!!! :D i know everyone all of the sudden are j/j haters but im still with ya all time fan

  28. what happened to the advertisement for sundays show about the jury packing a punch? i didn’t see anybody on sundays show having to do with the jury. whats up with that?

  29. I would just like to say…for all the hateful things you guys say…YOU SUCK!!

    But mostly… She may smell but I TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY!! Love to slap nasty with Michelle. Man is she looking hot lately. So whatever it take to get her in a bikini I wish would happen but fat chance with 3 other chicks in the house…She maybe all scientisty but she knows the science of making me feel funny in my crotchetul area.

  30. Good maybe BB got some integrity and is re-doing the POV. A technical difficulty that provides a house guest an un-fair advantage this far into the game is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

      1. how did production try to help jeff? by america voting for jeff to have the power? so your saying the votes were rigged? if production was helping jeff….they could have told him the key to pandoras box was a secret power and let him use it to get off the block. but they didnt. it was nothing, garbage. he should have left kevin there stuck in that dumbass box the whole time….nasty would have.

        1. actually get your facts straight, jeff didnt help kevin, he found the key because kevin told him they needed it to keep the cash, then he went looking for more money while hiding the key “very stand up” kevin seeing this got nat, who didnt bother looking for the key because she wasnt told the required for keeping cash lie “i know very stand up as well” to go out to get him where she said she was going to take it but instead lured him there and he then freed him. dont make it sound like he abandoned the money grab to do it. as for how prod helped him, JJ were caught numerous times discussing how the DR was telling them not to drop russel that they can trust him etc and they were to stupid to listen.

    1. HAVE YOU SEEN THE FFFING POV TO DEMAND A REDO? NO thats what i thought….from BBAD last night it seems the POV was alot more then just questions. Wait to you all watch the POV tomorrow your gonna be punching yourself for sounding like a cry baby…REDO REDO why not just REDO the whole season sine Jeff got a free ride being on the athletes team then handed the CDT. He did nothing huge in this game…Look at the season when crazy James got kicked out then they voted him back in and he won HOH. He was a good player they couldn’t even put him on the block out of fear he would win POV which he did every time he needed to. Jeff had his chance to win he screwed it up big time…no one to blame but himself. There not going to redo the POV because it was set up so everyone could see everyone. NO CHEATING

      1. No but I saw Kevin admit on the live feeds right after the Veto that he had an un-fair advantage due to the technical difficulty to Natalie. Then BB cut the feeds. They obviously had something to HIDE.


  32. i think kevin works for cbs….. something happened in the beginning that made me think that…. i dont remember what it was, but then when he was hoh… you could totally tell he was reading a script…. they probably rigged the vito so he wouldnt leave…. is this the first time he was on the block?

  33. as I said before! all you wanting to complain about Kevin and yes even Natalie cheating should count the CBS/BB feedback link at bttom of CBS’s site and voice your concerns and how they cheated! enough people complain here and they may look into it, otherwise it is what it IS!!

  34. Ok,something is up here,Julie said about the PB that it also included the jury house..right? there was nothing about the jury house during the PB episode..what gives Simon???

  35. Why would Kevin vote out Jordan? Michele is the only other HG that played a strong game. Don’t get me wrong, I am rooting for Jordan all the way, and I really like Michele too, but both Jordan and Natalie haven’t been strong competitors. Jessie is the only one close enough to Natalie that might vote for her just because of their friendship. Kevin will get Lydia, Russel and Jeff’s vote, I’m sure cuz he was a stronger competitor (at least in my eyes).

  36. anon….
    hummm, How can you say it ISN”T scripted but that BB did everything to keep
    J/J on the game???????? BB sets this up to get out who they think would be a
    bigger contraversy, my opinon only

    1. Because Kevin knows, Natalie will get the votes over Him, Michelle will be close but more in his favor because everybody hates Michelle, Jordan did not do anything and the Jury will not vote for her, only Jeffs vote for Jordan.
      heres your votes:
      Natalie:….5 votes….Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Jeff and Jordan.
      Kevin:…….2 votes….Michelle and the America’s Vote.

  37. They way Nat orders Kevin around, Like during the fashion show, I sometimes wonder if they are not brother & sister ????

  38. So if Jordan did follow Michelle’s move on some of the pov questions a few weeks ago, there was no guarantee that Michelle was right and she was getting the points. They do that type of competition every year, and there is always a chance of that happening.

    Didn’t others hide letters in the mud during a competition? Isn’t that considered cheating? Didn’t Nat & Kev try hiding items in the house to throw off others counting of items? Thats cheating. Kevin “stealing” a peek at questions is BLATANT cheating!!!!!!

    Most have done something one way or anothe to get aheadr. But I’m sure what Kevin did was a direct rule breaker!!!!!!

    1. And when you cheat off someone else’s paper in an exam, there is no guarantee that you get the question right. Its still cheating, right or wrong answer. How is it you don’t see that?

      1. Jordan said she heard Michelle sometimes. She never said she followed her moves. You would see her looking down and behind her at the steps. To me she was trying to remember which one was which. Sometimes she even moved before Michelle.

    2. When you copy answers off of someone else’s test there is no guarantee they are right…but it is definitely still cheating.

  39. I just read this comment from another site and found it so funny, and yet truthful regarding PP’s actions upon seeing her boyfriend. It’s so funny that I might even post it twice, lol.

    “Poor guy! He seemed nice. She seemed bored and disinterested. She was happier to get her blanket”.

    1. i felt bad for her BF too. maybe they arent really together and he is her ex but for some reason they are pretending they are together??? she would have been happier to see jesse.

      1. She is in Love with Jessie, Poor Jason! but he appears to be a body builder so I can see why she was attracted to “Jessie Her Baby!”

  40. hey everybody….originally we wanted jordan to have the cdt but found out she would probably lose it so we all voted for jeff because we knew he would protect her. back then, everyone loved jordan. does anyone remember that???

    1. Exactly why was it Jeff’s job to protect Jordan, and why would you want to reward that? I don’t think that’s why most people voted for Jeff to get the CDT. I think it was because people disliked the way Jessie and Nat were ruling the house, and wanted to get rid of Jessie. People believed Jeff wanted them out AND that he would use the CDT, therefore, we voted for him. Jeff did the right thing using the CDT, but he became worse then Jessie ever was after he and Jordan got in power. I never loved Jordan, though. She always seemed fake, always was open to using people, and the dumb routine is just embarrassing.

        1. As I said, people disliked the way Jessie and Nat were behaving, and wanted him out. Bottom line, though, it wasn’t because we all wanted Jeff to protect Jordan.

  41. I really hope Michele works it with Kevin. She has to go deep this time, really get him to trust her. Every HG has said they can’t trust Michelle, but they always trust her anyways…did you notice that? She’s played well, she’s still there even though she is strong, and even though they all hate her, she pulls it off week to week. I think I kind of like her for the winner now.

    1. Is anyone having trouble voting for the $25,000 winner. I keep typing in the word and it keeps saying I’m wrong; even if there are only 3 letters!

        1. clear ur cookies and u can vote again. for mult votes u will probably have to clear ur cookies each time. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEFF!!!!!! YEAH

  42. Well, against my better judgment, I watched the episode last night and I have to say it was the lamest episode ever, in one of the lamest seasons ever. The proposal was the most contrived thing I have ever seen on BB, and I think letting someone from the outside into the house is a bad idea that ruins the whole premise of the game, I don’t care who the lucky houseguest is. Pandora’s Box unleashed good things and annoyances, nothing really bad, so it is grossly misnamed. The “twist” is nothing more than more childish nonsense in a season of mostly immature kids, nothing that will turn the game upsidedown or change anything. It’s like watching my now grown up kids when they used to have slumber parties at 15. I don’t miss those days, and I certainly don’t need to watch grown adults behave like that. I am not whining because my personal fave is out (Russ) or that my least worst scenario is all but out of the game. No, I don’t really play favorites. I love the game, but CBS has turned it into a pathetic shadow of what it once was. The motto is expect the unexpected, but the competitions follow such a tight formula that the houseguests can anticipate what competitions will happen and when so they can study. CBS touts the Pandora’s Box as something major, they suggested that the evicted houseguests will pack a punch. Really? Maybe they packed down some fruit punch spiked with alcohol and got silly.

    The cast this year was the worst. They are even more annoying than the season 5 cast, and that’s pretty hard to do. Nat and Kevin and Jordan are the worst final 3 of all time. Even season 6 had Janelle in final 3, though she lost and that finale was the only one I ever skipped because I didn’t care. This season is even more awful than season 9.

    Rules were broken by some contestants, while others obeyed the rules, but it looks like BB rewards the troublemakers and don’t care if they mess up the game for the people that abide by the rules. Maybe after Chima’s departure they didn’t want to oust anyone else or they would be short players and jury members, which is why they should sequester all of the evicted houseguests so that they can re enter the house if another one is punished for breaking the rules. I don’t know. It’s sad when a great game becomes so predictable and infantile. The ratings were good, so I guess AG will stick with the formula.

    1. The show was ruined with the CDT and the fact that nothing was fun this year. No games everything was lame and once the CDT came about that was it. I think BB tried to cater too much to the Jeff and Jordon fans and it ended up ruining the game play. They were so desperate for a showmance that they forfeited fun for the love story of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. It was that difficult to watch.

      1. And they didn’t really have any good endurance competitions. ( That swing thing was the best competition they had) From the beginning I was hoping to see russ and jeff battling at the finals. the group they have left really sucks. I really could care less who wins at this point. I am rooting for anyone who isn’t Natalie.

      2. Yeah, I gotta agree with you, but the first bad move was to bring Jessie back. It isn’t even that it was Jessie. I would have been equally pissed to see Cowboy or Jessica enter the house. The other guy was the first evicted in his season, so I don’t know him, but it isn’t fair. That’s what allstars is for. Second bad move was the clique thing. The cliques prevented people from making the best alliances for the game and gave safety to people that the HOH might have wanted to get rid of.. I also hated the America’s Player twist in season 8. I always thought that it hurt the player’s game. I wish that production would do a serious overhaul of the competitions and bring us something new, something that the HG can’t anticipate. I think America should butt out and let them play the game. In season 2, America voted on things that didn’t change the game, like things for the house, like a toaster, a microwave, a trampoline. In the early seasons the HG had to unlock the hot tub by working together. Looking back on the earlier episodes, the competitions were fresh and fun. Now they follow the same boring pattern. They say next year is Allstars, so that should be worth watching since only good players will be invited. CBS needs to look for more depth and maturity in future contestants.

          1. i think it would be really cool to see casey and jeff in an all-stars house… of course id like to see jordan in there too but i dont think they’d do that.

    2. I agree,sequester everyone,so if we have another Chyma,we can replace them with a evicted HG.this season was alright,until a few wks ago,the clique thing was a mess up,Nat would’ve been gone a long time ago along with Jeff probally.The HG’s never could get who they wanted out,because of this.

  43. michelle has played well but not in terms of those trusting her, she just won a ton of POv’s

  44. he doesn’t call every women that. just calls the the skanky ones who do nothing but lie to his face while they smile. and the ones that use people just to get what they want with out doing anything for themselves

  45. what is the link to the place on the cbs site to type feedback and complaints about anything related to bb? cant find the appropo place on the site.

  46. hey everyone – on live feeds they woke everyone up from sleeping. jordan mentions to kevin i hope we have another luxury comp coming up. could that be a new veto comp replayed?

    1. I hope it is a replay. Why would they have lockdown today?? I heard they had technical difficulties for the pov. Oh, please be true. and I hope Michelle wins, but I am getting ahead of myself. Wishful thinking….

  47. Right Ben – then I guess with that logic I can call Kevin a butt lovin faggot and it is all good. Just because I think he has lied and has also not done a lot. I get to call him offensive names now. I see how it works. Great logic Ben – idoit.

  48. Can we talk about how sweet nat is?how her hair is so wind swept, not that any wind could blow thru that rats nest, or how delicate she eats, like a truck driver at a drive thru, or how dainty she walks, like a duck with a feather up her azz. Or the smell of musk on her breast, no that is the smell of a rotten crotch from not bathing for a days, or her empathy of others, awww that?s her best trait, Like a tiger feasting on a fresh kill.

    1. HOLD IT! you did not see her in the hot tub last night while on her period which is a bath in some parts of the world. this is a Eco-friend set this season, she is only help the eviroment and global warming.
      I love her

    2. You are disgusting to everyone with any sense. To the ones who agree with you, find yourselves another hobby….You’re not good at this one…If this was meant to be funny, its not…..Idareyou to post a photo of yourself eating, walking ,anddoing what normal people do on a daily basis,I bet it won’t be pretty.

    3. LMAO..why are people so sensitive about jokes? first and foremost most of uswith manners eat with our mouth closed and dont talk while our mouth’s are full, 2. we dont pick our nose and put it on the bed,floor, etc. 3. we bathe every day its called hygene. I could go on and on she will most likley mature and grow out of these habits but still at the age of 24 she is disgusting.

      1. lol she is totally disgusting. people take it really personally, that she is so digusting. is it because you guys look and act the same way she does? you should be ashamed if so! take a bath, comb your stringy hair. have some pride man!

        1. do you know that bathing down here is not a daily part of life.
          in the middle east a bath is unheard of along with must o asia and africa non americas
          the ghettos rarely see water in a tub.
          do not bash her bash her culture and family for being pigs

  49. scrappy aka nat has lie more than anyone in this game…. I hope that if they are smart she will not be taken to the final two…. who knows she would do anything for comps….

  50. I think I’m going to apply for the job on the CBS website that handles all the feedback.
    I think I’ve found my dream job.

  51. Nat has to be kidding about her doing the mental part. She hasn’t been able to do any mental or endurance part. The only thing she does well is chew like a cow which is disgusting. I guess she was never taught to chew with her mouth closed.

  52. Bennett, she’s an appealing one, isn’t she? She’s everything I would not want my daughter to be. She is SO GROSS…. If I were her boyfriend (??? IS he, really?), I’d be ashamed to claim her for my own. I’ve never observed someone so calculatingly selfish and offensive in everything that they do. And she won’t shut up. She has to dominate EVERYTHING…. well, as I’ve said before, I’m done with BB – this Season was so unbelievably bad.

  53. I cannot wait until the HG, especially Nat and Kevin find out the the 7th jury vote is America and hoping they find this out in the jury house.

  54. The way Natalie eats candy, someone should check to see if she ia a diabitic. If she is not she will be. I’ve never saw someone put more sweets away then her.

  55. A few things.
    1. Kevin will not evict Jordan.
    2. There will NOT be a re-do on the veto comp.
    3. Jeff wiil NOT come back in to the house.
    4. Veronica made a fantastic point earlier. There, they’re, and their are NOT interchangeable.
    5. You’re means “you are.” Your does NOT mean you are.
    6. To and too do NOT have the same meaning.
    7. Natalie is NOT engaged.
    8. 99% of the posters on here have NOT quit watching the show like they say they have.

    1. I would never give up watching Big Brother 11 but I don’t mind going out to dinner with friends rather than watch the show that was such a mess last night. If Natalie’s father figure/boyfriend really did ask her father for her hand in marriage during the opening show, why did he not buy a ring? Hasn’t the show been on for a few months? Also, Natalie looked very awkward with her “twist tie” fiance. I appreciate a well written post but communication is the main point of this forum and not every person aced English Grammar.

    2. You sound like one of those fat guys who watch BB and surf the BB blogs just to mock other people online because you know if you were to do it in real life you would have the shit kicked out of you over and over. But I guess cowardice is easy when behind the screen of the internet. Grow up.

  56. BB should start including ppl from ALL age groups. It would be so much more interesting than just watching a bunch of 20 something brats. After all, the fans are from all age groups. I watch with my son, daughter and teenage grandkids.

    1. Agree with you 100%. All age groups would be great and it wouldn’t be so boring and tedious as it has been. And yes, I am older, I have a 37 year old son.

      1. Was Casey the eldest member of the house this year? Older people are much more mellow and have learned a few things. Agreed about more diversity!

        1. Are you kidding me more mellow?!!! Remember Renny and Jerry from last year? Renny was a funny fireball of life. Jerry was a mean spirited, very foul mouthed old man, who was always in someone’s face yelling at them. They were NOT mellow.

  57. If Natalie is so disgusting to everybody…….and I do agree that she is……then why doesn’t anyone talk about how disgusting it was last night to watch Jodan file her feet over the hot tub and rinse the file in the water? Now talk about disgusting. But I guess since she is everybody’s poster girl, then it’s ok.

        1. FYI: I am a female not a male. What is your problem! There is no reason to be nasty or so sarcastic. My reply to you about Jordan not being my poster girl was meant to be funny. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, I don’t have a poster anything LOL.

      1. That whole house is disgusting……..nasty hot tub…..ant infestation…..Jordan getting sick from eating chicken. Imagine that. They handled raw chicken and didn’t wash their hands, and didn’t clean the countertops. They need to burn that house when this season is over.

    1. No one seems to mind the trash that comes out of Jordan’s mouth either. Jordan seems to have a fascination with everyone’s genitals, sexual conduct, and bodily functions, and can’t seem to talk about anything else. But, guess that’s considered “classy” by those who do the same.

      1. I’ve felt that about Jordan the entire season but everybody was so caught up in this “showmance” that they had blinders on. She does nothing but trash talk Michelle which pisses me off. And you’re right…..95% of her coversation is about sex and bodily functions…..quite lady like isn’t it? And for god’s sake, she needs to go back to her plastic surgeon. Her boobs are lopsided. Maybe Dr. Will can fix them for her.

  58. To All the Fans of Big Brother…I urge you to please go to and enter a feedback comment regarding the breaking of the rules in this year’s game. We listened to a woman refer to a Lebanese contestant repeatedly as a “terrorist”, personal items were stolen from the houseguests, and now we have a Final 4 contestant admitting that he cheated during Power of Veto this week. If we do not speak up this may become the norm for future season’s. Just a thought…

    1. Okay so seriously, I come on here to get the scoop because I’m impatient as hell, but you and some others really need to calm the eff down. I mean what kind of time do you have on your hands that you waste precious minutes of your life accosting CBS for lame things like that. First, the guy was terrorizing the women in the house every chance he got and if he didn’t want to be called a terrorist, then he should have acted like a man and not tried to intimidate anyone who challenged him. Second, if you were stuck in that place with no tv or radio and had to look at the same lame people every single day, I’m pretty sure you would say something you weren’t proud of at some point. Third, and I can’t speak as to specifics because I don’t watch the live feeds, but if Kevin did cheat and production didn’t do their jobs to make that impossible, then too fricking bad.

      Oh and while I’m on here, can we please get over Jeff? I mean I’d do that guy as quick as anyone here because he was hot, but I could care less about him winning any money. He would have been the next to go if he hadn’t been chosen for the CDT because he was as dumb as his little girlfriend and the fact that he believed Nat and Kevin showed that. So party people, get off it and accept that the floaters who got by most of the game on other people’s coattails are large and in charge and quit whining about it!!!

      And if I have to hear another one of those fools in the house say something about got got or gotten got or gotten gotted got got, I’m going to scream and pull my eyelashes out!!!

      Thank you and good night.

  59. I could say something about everyone of these imature adults. And so I shall. That was disgusting about Jordan sanding her foot over the hot tub. Disgusting that Natalie went in with her tampon on and picking her nose all the time. I did not like the way Jeff talked to Jordan. I definitely do not like the way Kevin talks about everyone in a mean way. Michelle, oh Michelle, well the truth being she has socializing issues. She is not mean spirited. The way everyone talks about her is horrible. Poor kid, I will hate it when she sees the show and all the mean things that have been said about her. Chima was totally nuts. Russell was entertaining to say the least. Jesse is so in love with himself, I am surprised he even knows there is a game going on. Lydia, where do I begin? She is way out there somewhere. Casey was fun. Laura never had a chance. Ronnie, you cut your nose off… Braden we will never know about you. You at this point would get my vote.

    1. Here’s my list of people who really played the game…Laura, but too much, too soon!, Ronnie, but put a sock in it and give the gamer brain a rest occasionally. Russell, the angry guy thing has to be more subtle and the answer to any question of scheming against your allies is “NO!!!!”. Jesse, but laying in bed 95% of the time only gets you two things…thrown out and &#%$@*. And Jeff, you put your trust in the wrong people, at the wrong time, asked the wrong question and got the wrong answer. Natalie, if lying were an Olympic sport your 24 year old ass would not be able to get up off the bed you would be so heavy with medals. Kevin you are a bitter little floater. Michelle you didn’t play an obvious game and I wonder if you were playing at all. I hope you WIN!!

  60. I hope the veto competition is redone. It probably will maybe tomorrow before the live ceremony… and Michele can win and take herself off the block and Natalie can put Jordan in her place and she can evict Kevin. ORRRR I hope sososososososososososo much that Kevin decided to use the veto on himself, and then, he evicts Jordan because even though I like Jordan I think that she isnt a strong player, she needs to go, and also Kevin and Michele can team up and go after Natalie cuz they alllll no that Natalie is gonna win BIG in the jury house. She is a LIAR, she proved it when she made up that hilarious lie about finale reversal, and she was like smiling the entire time, omg, liar, liar, bitch, liar, she proved over and over again this, she should get her ass evicted and when she leaves everyone should boo her and Julie should slap her.

    1. if you can provide proof of anyone that gets to the final four in this game without lying once, then you are truly amazing! the game is a sneaky snake lie fest….otherwise none of us would be entertained….if you want polite and cordial, go buy the dvds of Little House on the Prairie and go to town!! how anyone can expect that people in there can win without stabbing people in the back, withholding information, or lying about something is just insane. they all get paranoid because they are all lying and they all make stupid decisions because of it.

  61. They are replaying the veto, they are replaying the veto! Just saw a commercial for BB and it said LIVE POV AND EVICTION TUESDAY!!!! So the veto already played must not count!

      1. That plus making Kevin pack his bags plus lockdown plus technical difficulties seems to equal POV replay, too many things pointing towards it. Plus wth cares if the POV ceremony is live, but if the POV was live people would care.

        1. i think that he still has to pack his bags because he is still on the block. They cant just assume (even tho its a very safe assumption) that he’s going to use the POV on himself.

          1. They never did that Before, asked the POV winner to pack their Bags no way! He should be Safe, and the Ceremony happened Monday, so if that was true why would Kev need to Pack his stuff? And if he did get an advantage, they should redo the POV, too many inconsistency, they ask Kev to pack, no site has said Kev is Safe, he said he had an advantage, and now he need to Pay BB Redo POV!!

  62. When are they gonna realize,that until Nasty takes regular showers,they will keep having flies in the house! and she wonders why all the flying insects are attracted to her!

  63. Nat is a lesbo,she said before that Lydiot intrigued her,and the remarks she was making to Jordough and Michelle during the fashion show proved it.No straight girl makes comments about other females like that! Michelle has admitted she’s bi and a swinger,now we know why Nasty walks like she does,she’s a butch bitch!

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