Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin tells her Natalie that she’s losing her mind like he did …


10pm Jordan is laying in her bed awake staring off at the wall in the pool room. Kevin is still up laying on the couch outside the HOH room staring off into the distance as well. 10:05pm Kevin rolls over onto his stomach and stares at the chess board. 10:15pm Jordan rolls over and stares at the other wall. 10:20pm Michelle comes into the pool room and talks to Jordan. Jordan says what’s up? Michelle says she was in the green room trying to think of a speech or some bullshit. She then asks if Jordan has her speech for tomorrow? Jordan says she was trying to think of it but shes not sure. Michelle says she wants to go to sleep so bad but its not going to happen. Jordan says I know, I’m going to be up all night. Then Jordan says that she was thinking of making a coke float. Michelle says ice cream might be good….MMmmm. Jordan yawns. Michelle says I dont know I’m so nervous about tomorrow, Im goober when Julie asks me questions here I dont know how I’m gonna be when I meet her in person. Jordan says you dont know that you might be staying, its a toss up. Michelle says Yeah but its a highly likely possibility. It depends on if its Kevins decision of Natalie’s, Natalie hates me. ..Silence… Then Michelle says Im gonna get ice cream fuck it. Jordan says my stomachs growling. Then Jordan says I cant believe that tomorrows Tuesday. Michelle says I know. Jordan says I didnt realize how close it was. Jordan says if you leave and I stay tell Jeff I say hey. Tell him he’s stupid. Tell him I said … Then Michelle says oh yeah he’s gonna be happy … Jordan says tell him she misses you and you’re stupid. They both laugh. Michelle says you’re a yo, yo.. Jordan asks is there a message you want me to tell him if you stay. Michelle says ya you’re a yo, yo.


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10:25pm – 10:40pm Jordan and Michelle get up to get ice cream. Natalie comes back up from being in the diary room to the couch outside the HOH room to finish her chess game with Kevin. Natalie says have you been trying to come up with a way to win? Kevin says pretty much. Kevin asks is it my turn or your turn? Natalie says its my turn. Kevin says I didnt touch anything so dont even… Then Kevin asks why were you in there so long? Natalie whispers you’re getting rid of Michelle right? Kevin says yes, why?! Natalie says Just makes me think otherwise thats all. Kevin says FUCKING Big Brother. Natalie laughs and asks how upset would you be… why would you know when I dont know. Kevin then goes into the HOH room. Natalie heads in a couple minutes later and asks hey did you talk to Michelle at all? Kevin doesnt answer, hes in the bathroom. Natalie asks again. Kevin says yes. Natalie asks did she come up here or…what? Natalie says Cuz Jordan was just asking. Natalie asks what did she say? …cuz right now Jordans down there saying so you talked to Kevin. Kevin asks what did she say? Natalie says they started whispering so I came in here to ask you. Kevin says as soon as you went into the diary room …Boom she came and talked to me. Natalie says yeah thats why I told you to come up to my room and lock the door. Natalie asks again …what did she say? Kevin asks are they doing a segment on how paranoid you are cuz I’m sure they’re doing a segment of me on how paranoid I am. Natalie says I think so. Natalie asks again what did Michelle say? Kevin watches her feed the fish and says see they’re biting you right now. Natalie say no they’re just nibbling. Natalie gets mad laughing and asks what are you not telling me right now… Kevin says Nothing new! Natalie asks again what did she say? Kevin starts laughing. Natalie says Kevin you need to tell me everything! …I told you everything, (laughs) …Everything …you cant leave shit out. Kevin laughs. Natalie says its not funny I didnt do that to you. Kevin says time out, I trying to chew my fucking food. Natalie says no, I asked you before you got food. Natalie says so .. Kevin says you’re trippin… Kevin says it was like two minutes…. it was funny cuz I was laying down like …looking towards the diary room.. I heard her come walking up and I was like oh my god. And then she was like …I just wanted to see what you’re thinking.. And I was like I know its tomorrow …oh my god I havent had a lot of time… and she was like well I just want you to know that I am very serious about the final two deal …and shes like Umm.. I know Natalie has called me the devil… and that Umm my word in this game hasnt been good …and shes like what she doesnt know is that I’ve betrayed and back stabbed the same group of ppl over and over again but that theres been a certain group of ppl that Ive never back stabbed or betrayed …and then she goes and you’re (Kevin) one of them. Natalie says really? …I think in the green room she did say she betrayed you. Kevin says I know. …I was like oh yeah.. and then she was like so just so you know that my word for the final two is good. Kevin says he said Mmm…Mmm… and just so you know.. Natalie says what she wants is very clear that she wants you out. Even though at the nomination ceremony she said she wanted me out she (Natalie) is actually really telling me she really wants you (Michelle) to go …and she is making it very, very, very clear that she wants you to go. Kevin says And she like, of course she is now. ..and then I’m like Umm.. I said I havent talked to Jordan yet so thats the reason why I havent talked to you and Michelle and thats why I need to talk to Jordan tonight and definitely tomorrow I’ll get back to you.. Ummm…way before the Ummm.. the meeting… Kevin says and then shes like Ummm.. and then I said I have to think about the jury now …and if I betray Natalie you know… basically I lose a vote you know and ..and I go if I betray Jordan …Jordan has told me I have lost a vote …so everyone is telling me I’m going to lose a vote if I dont do what they want. Kevin says and ..and I was like Ummm.. so I told her ..I was like so if you can think of a way for me to betray Natalie but without it being a direct betrayal then I can explain to her logically that well I had no choice Natalie… and Jordan threatened me or I had no choice but Michelle do ta do ta dooo… Kevin says and I was like it needs to be a more appealing offer other than lets tag team Michelle and get Natalie out, there has to be a reason why we want to get Natalie out. Kevin says and she …and I said if you want to think about that and come back to me then …cuz I said I havent thought of anything thats good enough yet. Kevin says so I am kind of setting her up to say that well have you thought of anything ..well thats not good enough you know… cuz I need ..I need to ultimately tell her thats not good enough because its gonna make me lose a couple votes.. and look Michelle I have no choice ..ya know I dont want to betray Natalie ….and you know like I need it to be like I have no choice. …Kevin throws his hands up and says Ummm and that was it… Kevin says and she was like okay I gotta go I gotta go downstairs. Natalie swivels in the round chair and says cool.. Kevin asks should I keep her? …whats making you think that I .. Natalie asks do you want to lose it right now… Kevin says what making you think.. Natalie says how does your boyfriend like it … Kevin says whats making you think I … Natalie says cuz Jordan too is like are you really confident that shes going tomorrow..well what happens if she really doesnt go tomorrow.. …just shit like that. Kevin says then you’ll know that I betrayed you .. Natalie says no shit I’ll know you betrayed me. Kevin says so what?! Natalie says DUDE you’re FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW! …and its not even right. Kevin laughs and says Natalie…I am kidding, you’re loosing your damn mind, like I lost my mind and you’re not getting a segment done on it.. Natalie says NO I think I am.. …you swore on your boyfriend on your life that not only would she go home but that you would chose me in the end… Kevin laughs and says she’s going home …Natalie says…and I swore on everything on my life and everything that means something to me that I would stick with you till the end too. Kevin says nothing is changing Natalie.. I swear! I would not be laughing and happy if it was like this… Natalie says you don’t understand like if Kevin… I will win this THING. I will win tomorrow.. I will hang on tomorrow …you wont beat me. Kevin says well heres a betrayal I though of …what if you dropped first from this endurance thing? Natalie says I am going to drop.. Kevin says FIRST! Natalie says I cant drop before Jordan.. Kevin says because then you’re like throwing it so like Jordan will be like Oh well like now that I know Natalie is a stronger person I can beat Kevin.. you know what I’m saying cuz… Natalie says I am not dropping before Jordan ..why would I drop before Jordan.. I dont want to drop to you.. thats another shit that Jordans asking me… I dont even want to drop to you.. Kevin says I thought you wanted to drop to Jordan. Natalie says no not till after her. Kevin says okay. Natalie says I dont even want to drop to you, I dont even want to give it to you. Even Jordan she was like is this really the time to be throwing competitions and giving …isnt this the time when you have to take it into your own hands and you have to …YEAH YOU’RE FUCKING RIGHT IT IS… but ya know.. when you trust somebody or you dont trust somebody.. either I dont trust him or I trust him. Kevin says right. Natalie says I trust him so Im going to… I am smarter in the knowledge part so I’m going to …and he’s going to stick to endurance.. and I’m going to drop. Kevin says I’m like..Um you’re acting like the endurance part is the whole game. Natalie says no but I’m …we’ve been together since day one..okay …we’ve been final 2 deal since Lydia went home.. and Ive never betrayed you. Kevin says yes. Natalie says I’ve never talked shit about you.. and we have something good right now its me and you against Jordan, we are pretty much …if Michelle goes home tomorrow we are pretty much guaranteed the final 2. Kevin says I know.

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I am in it to see who wins it.

Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over.

Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either take over or be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

Last but definately not least there is..
Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle pay!


Kevin’s pretty dumb if he doesn’t keep Michelle. Natalie needs to be in the jury house with all her buds. I think the house will vote for her even though they dropped the whole “Natalie is 24” bombshell. BB is trying to act like she wouldn’t get the votes, but I think she would. Please K, please please please keep Michelle!


the weasel and the pitbull go to the final two. I’m sickened by the whole thing.


Simon, thanks for the update.
Natalie sure doesn’t like anyone having an orginal thought. I can’t believe she has Kevin under her thumb like she does. I hope Jordan and Michelle can win the competitions from here on out and get rid of Natalie and Kevin. I’m sick of those two.


Did I type “orginal”? I meant original. Sorry


Bonnie – even though I don’t agree with what you had to say, I just wanted to tell you not to worry about typos. Some will mock u about it, but as soon as they do, they always spell something wrong, use bad grammar or improper punctuation. Don’t sweat it..


Thanks for the tip.


Michelle or Jordan is definitely going home. However, I believe Jordan and Michelle would prefer the other to make it to final two rather than neither of them (ie let Kevin and Nat be the last standing). Thus, I think the two of them ned to go to both Natalie and Kevin and say look, “If whichever of us is left this week is *not* taken to the final two, then we will vote against that person (the last HOH).” I also think they could throw Jeff into the deal–he could be swayed by Jordan and Michelle…he doesn’t particularly like K or N. So that makes a block of three votes. Kevin has Lydia. Natalie has Jessie. J/J/M would make four and thus give one of them the majority. Basically, J/J/M can ensure that either K or N win or lose the $500,000. I think if J/M told K/N this–that if one of isn’t taken to the end as a block we’ll vote against that person so you’ll basically be playing for $50,000–I think that could get K or N to take one of them (though I think they might each take Jordan anyway).

I am ROnnie

intimindation works, good plan


If Kevin thinks he is being bullied by jury votes by Michelle or Jordan… who is the biggest bully in the house?… Natalie. I bet she belongs to some gang in Arizona. They roam the campus beating up students for their gym shorts and T shirts! Kevin will only do what he is told to by Natalie because he is afraid of her physically hurting him.


Just wondering if Nat boyfriend does turn to be staged?? Won’t CBS look even more stupid than it does now?

its over

Basically here is how it finishes

kevin boots michelle since, lets face it, shes too much of a threat
Kevin wins HoH, and Nat/Jordan appear 50/50 with BB making it seem like its leaning towards jordo
Kevin takes natalie with him, and wins getting all but 2 votes.

Chuck Squires

I keep reading comments from people bashing Jordan for being not too bright but what from what I’ve seen none of the house guests are stellar thinkers. Jordan probably isn’t too bright, but maybe she just wasn’t raised in an environment that promoted learning or education. Being dumb, a hick, or uneducated doesn’t make you a bad person.
Jordan hasn’t been my favorite player on BB11 nor until recently my choice to win if she makes final two BUT she has certainly lied to people the least, hasn’t been as mean as the rest of the house guests, and yes maybe because she isn’t to bright not the biggest schemer but I had had to choose one person a the “best human being” on the show it would be her.

Please consider voting for Jordan or Michelle for the $25K viewers choice prize. Both deserve it. Michelle for all the abuse she has taken, Jordan for just being a nice person.

I am ROnnie

Are you Jorans Daddy or Father?


jordan doesn’t deserve $25k just for being a nice person. and i don’t think she’s that nice anyway…the way she made fun of and made personal attacks about mich and russ NON STOP behind their backs didn’t seem “nice” to me. mich definitely deserves the $25k for how well she played the game, b/c she’s nice, b/c she’s a fighter, b/c she deserves it, b/c she took wayyyyy more abuse and heart ache than jordan, and b/c she could really use the money.


I agree. I think Michele is going home tonight but I am desperately hoping for a miracle. Although it is a game, Nat-lie and Kevienne have really taken it down to a below ground level. I really don’t want to see either of them win but the way it’s going they got the 50K and 500K in the bag. I’m sick!


Jordon does not deserve to win any money for being a bitch to Michelle. Jordon and Jeff treated Michelle as if she was non human. They should not be rewarded for that.


We can vote to give Michele the 25K. I think she should have it!


Chuck I just can’t. I did like Jordan but the only game play that I saw her do in this entire game is to talk Jeff into trusting Natalia and Kevin and into backdooring Russell. Two of the biggest blunders in the game. I just can’t see giving Jordan anything. Being nice isn’t enough and she isn’t that nice. She has been saying mean things about Michele forever! Michele has had Jeff and Jordan’s back most of the game and all Jordan has done is not trust Michele, call her crazy and go be BFF with Natalie. Her love of Natalie makes me wonder about how nice Jordan actually is in reality. I vote for Michele, who has been actually playing this game without anyone to help her. She has been hanging on by her fingernails since day one, with no one to talk to. Everyone she has tried to talk to has turned around and spilled everything she has said. I’ve never seen anything like this before. And she put up Chima for eviction!!! The most terrifying thing to do in that house!! What balls that took! After all the abuse Michele took in this game it would be a crying shame that she ends up with just aTV. Vote Michele!

its over

Jordo/Ronnie give votes to michelle, maybe russ does as well, rest go to kevin

its over

I mean give their votes to natalie in my scenario not michelle

I am ROnnie

I am not in jury


Kevin is actually afraid of Gnat. What a wimp. He’ll vote the way Nasty wants him too. What a poor game player… whatever the nasty witch wants you too because she is such a bully.


I do not believe Kevin is afraid of Gnat. He is playing her and she is too stupid to see it. She cannot touch Kevin at this point. It is a benefit to Kevin to get Michelle out as she is truely his biggest threat for the half a million. Michelle can be physical and smart. Gnat thinks because she won one HOH she will pull it off again. Highly doubtful. Kevin will take Natalie because in the long run no one will vote for Natalie to win. Kevin is playing with Gnat like a putting all kinds of paranoid thoughts in her head at this moment. Smart move Kevin.


For people to say they’d quit watching after JEFF left, there sure are a lot of comments..even moreso than when Jeff was on the show — I guess they lied about not watching lol

Go Kevin and Nat — these two are the only ones seriously playing to WIN this game.


they are only watchin to see nasty gets screwed….. well hoping.


but they’re still watching and that’s all cbs cares about. they don’t care why they watch…but that they watch. and it does prove that the jeff fans were lying through their teeth when they said they’re done watching the show as soon as jeff is goon. haha


I counted the posts the other day. I posted 8 times, NAT posted twice and there was someone else who posted pro Natalie, the rest of the other 200 plus posts were all people who said they were not watching anymore but knew more than I did because I had just hauled my ass out of bed. It’s priceless.


I’m only watching till Mchelle goes home, then no more 24/7 or showtime, I’ve got my life back, BBbrother is rigged, they gave this game to Nat, with everything she’s done, putting play-doh in the washer and ruining pp clothes, which she should of went home then and there, that’s against the rules, taking Michele’s gloves and not returning them is stealing, the list goes on and on, and all the talk about the POV, and how Kevin had the adventage. BB is a big fix this year.

canadian fan

One more show and thats it. Just one more and im done. Well maybe one more but thats it. That will be the finally anyway so then you will be telling the truth. lol




why is the america’s fav hg vote now?? vote is diff based on who ends up in the final 2 so why is it so early??

I wish Kevin would keep MIchelle — but is it smart of him to do it?
Nat v. Kevin —> N: Jessie, russ, (jeff, jordan is up in the air tho prob) K: lydia, michele, america, (Nat wins!)
Nat v. Jordan —-> N: jessie, russ, lydia, J: jeff, michele, america, kevin (Jordan wins!)
Kevin v. Jordan —-> K: lydia, jessie, russ prob J: jeff, michele, nat (50-50)
Kevin v. Mich —->K: jessie, lydia, maybe nat M: jeff, jordan, russ, america (Mich wins!)

Conclusion: given the opportunity to choose, Nat will prob take Kevin. As much as we think she will screw him over, her best chances of winning are by taking Kevin. And his best chances of winning are prob with Jordan. Who knows?

. nat will likely take jordan if she wins bec against jordan she def wins. kevin v. nat – K: lydia, michele, america. michele v. nat – who wins? m: j/J and russ, kevin, lydia. michele kills it.


Kevin will vote for Natalie to win. He would never vote for Jordon. The only votes for Jordon would be Jeff, Michelle and America. It’s a toss up with Michelle though. I think she’d vote for Natalie in the end. While she hates Natalie, she does not know that Jordon betrayed her but will figure it all out once she is out of the house. Natalie wins.


I wish Jordan was going to the Jury House and Michelle was staying.


CALL ALLISON GRODNER 1-818-325-6900 ext 6903.
Let her know about Natalie stealing Michele’s things and Kevin cheating.


they already know, they are watched 24/7


You are such a sorry waste of skin. Who the hell are you to think that you or we are seeing things that the producers are not. They have a better grasp of what is going on in the house then any of us ever could and will. I bet Allison curses the day freaks like you got a hold of her number. Nat is probably going to win this thing, but at the very least she walks away with more then a jerk like you makes in a year. Stop being such a hater, winer, and a pussy. Get a life.


Did Natalie really steal Michelle’s things???? If so, she should be fired!!!!!


i wish kevin would stop beleiving that nat has all these votes in the jury house….she told him that SHE controls jesse’s vote!!!!!!!!!!! kevin is smarter than that to beleive that just cuz you were ‘friends with someone in the house doesnt mean your going to be all that close to one another in the jury house. i cant stand it when nat tells kevin that he better not backstab her or else……she acts as though she will be the only one voting for the winner. when russ told jesse that nat was heading towards final 2 did anyone see jesse roll his eyes.???????/// i know i did.

I am ROnnie

Jessie will vote for best game play!


to the people who are bashing the the J/J fans…..Its not that j/j fans dont like the show because J/J are gone…..its because they dont want to see 2 horrible people to win money. or win anything.
normal people in life would want good people to win…. and nat and kevin have showed more than a few times that they are not good people. they kick people while they are down. they start fights for the fun of it….they hide peoples personal belongings…should i go on??


I agree, I don’t think that anyone wants to see horrible people win anything….but it’s the name of the game. That’s how BB is…

canadian fan

Its great that you know what normal people want. This is a game so the people rooting for Nat or Kevin are probably normal enough to be able to distingush between realty TV and REALITY. (not sure about some though) Some of Nats tactics have been poor but if people want her to win, they can want that. Jeff is the reason that they have so many haters now so dont blame the “abnormal” people, blame the good guy.


I’m voting for Natalie because I don’t want horrible people to win eg. Jordon. She is a major lying bitch and needs to go get her ass kicked at jury house.

pamela j

I’D LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE 2 SEE GNAT GET SCREWED!!!! But like i’ve said in other posts…this is all planned out in production anyway.


Go Gnat, to the jury house where you belong! I would love to see u get so close to the final 2 and karma would kick in for all of your dirty deeds and lies. Honesty and your word, kiss my ass! You are the biggest liar in the game. Will u ever come clean on the green room lie?


Seems like Kevin has Nat a little spooked. He needs 2 keep Michelle.


Why are they having Kevin pack his bags as well? Is there hope he might be given a penalty eviction for cheating?!

I am ROnnie

or kevin seeing the monitors does not mean he cheated, just that he had the added advantage to see the game play before others: advantage only not CHEAT


He had an unfair advantage, the POV need a do over, Kev had the op to tell production, it’s cheating omission is cheating !!


Because he IS still in the block, technically.


Kevin is packing his bag, because he has the POV, but hasn’t said what he’s doing with it, But don’t understand that logic, because he’s not on the block, so he’s not in danger of going home, something doesn’t sound right. Now I’m confused, any one have any ideas?


Kevienne is on the block but he will take himself off tonight andJordo will go on. That’s why his bags need to be packed because it’s a live eviction tonight and until he takes himself off during the live show tonight he has to be prepared. Don’t read anything else into it! Michele is gone just like Jeff. It’s sad.


It makes no sense, if Kev was safe and won the POV why would he need to Pack, he’s safe it’s a given that he will take himself off, and didn’t they have the Ceremony on Monday?


You may think it’s a given but until he does it, it’s not.


there is always the chance he will pull a Marcellas


No, it’s all live tonight


I think that we as viewers of this years sorry excuse version of BB should get the $25,000. Let’s all vote for ourselves. We should get the money because it’s us Americans who have been the invisible HG and should get something.

We are better writers then those who produce our show. Am I not right? CBS should pay our cable bill for the last 3 months.

I am ROnnie

You All or yoall admit it the show was better when I was in the House!


Yeah, it was better watching Scarfy McBiznatch getting in your face and bringing you to tears.


Haha, no kidding!!!!! We’ve been the ones keeping the ratings up in the hopes that something good will happen….instead we get boring episode after BORING episode. I think that this has been one of the worst seasons yet.


i watched the interview diane henry had with natalie and nat does say that she had dated her boyfriend jason for 2 years but they have been broke-up for the last 8 months….she then says that 3 weeks before the show, her and jason got back together….maybe she was shocked when he proposed cuz they had just gottren back together………..actually, she said ‘they were working on stuff 3 weeks before she went into the house’…sounds to me as though the ‘boyfriend’ wants a share of the money, no mattter how much nat wins…. i think that was the reason she showed no emotion when he proposed.she was probably thinking.HELL NO I’M NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU!!!! YOU JUST GOT EVICTED FROM THE PLACE YOU WERE RENTING..LOSER….YOU AINT GETTING YOUR HANDS ON ANY OF MY MONIES!!!!!


I wonder why production has not stopped all the personal attacks on Michelle. It started with ronnie and then everyone else has joined in along the way. I will be voting for her to win the 25000. but i really wish it was the half a million as no one else that is left deserves it.


hey ihatecbs….don’t forget if J/J never went back on their alliance with Mich and Russ that these lamebrains wouldn’t be winning it in the end. There is nobody else to blame but them….saving Nat instead of Lydia who was obviously a weaker player was a dumb ass move. Than backdooring Russel because they were either too paranoid or scared of him was the BIGGEST mistake of the game. I loved J/J up to that point but than they got stupid. They are the reason why either Kevin or nasty Nat win the 500k. j/j/ were dumb asses! Don’t hate the player…hate the game…


sooooo true! that’s exactly why i went from a j/j fan to a j/j hater.


your completly correct…..but i dont remember them hiding peoples stuff, damaging clothes, putting people stuff in the toilet. you know what i mean? pranks? none of them deserve the 500g’s.


I am super excited to see Jeff walk into the jury house tonight with his tail between his legs. Can you imagine how he is going to feel arriving only a few days after Russ. I can not wait. I am sure that Jesse and Russ have had some die hard jeff bashing sessions (after taking turns on Lydia) and they are going to be amped and ready to let him have it. Who ever said the show would suck after jef left forgot that he will be on every last episode anyway in some capacity. Team Kevo!!


I’m really hoping Jordan can pull off an upset if they vote Michelle out. Jordan has been close in a lot of the comps and has beat Nat and Kevin at some. She hasn’t won much before but neither had K or N until the end. If she was going to pick a time to win, now would definately be the time. She would have won the HOH comp if she would have been able to hear the question.


I say nasty nat hope u start thinking about other house quest faimly and freinds seeing u do what u do in the house cause if I was one of those watching u . YOu better believe you would be looking over your shoulder to see whos boot was in your ass when u walk out


I just felt like I wanted CBS to know how awful this BB was to watch this season. Maybe it’s just me but I could hardly watch this season. The edited version on TV might have been slightly less offensive but my girlfriend only watches the TV part of BB and she can’t stand this season either. Instead of watching Natalie and Kevin get to the finals, I’d rather just read about it here. Isn’t it strange that Kevin applied for 9 years to be on BB and Natalie also tried for a few years? It’s like someone just went through the reject applications and picked for this show. I think a lot of us are hoping for a miracle but I do not see anything coming but Nat and Kev in fianle 2. So much money going to such retched people. I know a lot of you think it’s just game, but this game didn’t used to be like this. It used to be fun to watch. Fun to see strategies. Fun to see alliances form and crumble. This season has been watching a couple of sociopaths spend their every waking moment being disgusting and vile and hateful to other HGs for no other reason than to be as mean and hurtful as they can possible be. What is game about all that?

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canadian fan

CBS doesnt give a rats behind if you like it or not. Your still watching (even though its hard for you) and thats whats important to CBS.


They care. Ratings are gold. And I am not watching any more. I am waiting to hear from this group what happened. I cannot watch Natalie any more. And I didn’t say it was HARD to watch, idiot. I said I can hardly watch. I belong to an ABC forum and all they care about is our opinions out here. You are very wrong about public opinion and the networks. You seem like a real jackass. Do you just read these postings and comment negatively to make yourself feel better. I’m sure you will be on a future season of BB. Have a nice day. And stay up there in Canada. Now I know where all the negative Canadian stuff comes from.

Natalies Boy Friend is a bitch

Natalies Boyfriend must be a little bitch. If i saw my GF cuddling up with another dude on national TV I would never speak to her again yet alone propose to her on the show that she made me look like a complete jackass on… what a women.. she must give amazing head.


AMEN to that!! OMG you are so right. Nat and Lydia were practically “fighting” ove jessie and then Nat’s BF shows up like the loving loyal BF as if nothing ever happened. Plus, remember when lydia and Nat got mad at Jessie b/c they said they compared “notes”? So obviously Nat and Jessie DID NOT have a platonic relationship like Nat would have us all believe. What a SKANK!


“Natalie. I bet she belongs to some gang in Arizona. They roam the campus beating up students for their gym shorts and T shirts! ” LMAO! That’s how she has soooooooooo many Arizona shirts!


Regarding Kevin cheating on the POV, I don’t think he had an unfair advantage over the other two. And this is no way reflects my support for Kevin, as I am a Coo Co Magoo fan all the way. But all Kevin admitted to Gnat was that he saw the questions and had a chance to think about them. Both J & M said they had technical difficulties. So all three had the same break, where all three could think about the questions for an equal amount of time. So no redo of the veto. Unfortunately, Coo Coo lost the POV she really needed to get to the end. Bummer! But no conspiracy by BB, either.


I haven’t really read up on this, so I don’t have an opinion about any possible conspiracies. However, if you’re having technical difficulties during a competition, you’re probably freaking out and unable to focus on the questions at that particular moment in time.


No matter how many people have said the horrible things on all the sites. If Kev an nat read them it won’t phase them in the least. They will think they are above everyone. Same with Chima. Just really nasty people.


Just saw the BB11 Commerical, and it said tonight Live Veto nd Eviction, it did not say Live ceremony, just Live Veto and Eviction so I hope that mean a redo!!!


Darkness falls inside the house
We smell the pit-bull and the mouse
Creatures crawl in search of slop
Whose head shall receive the chop?

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of 11 crazy seasons
And Evil Dick from 2 years past
Opens his bowels to give a blast

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller


kev’s only hope to win half a mil would be to take mich rather than jordan to final 2. nat will want to really persuade the jury house to not vote for kev out of spite. but it will be harder for her to do that if it’s kev vs mich b/c nat hates mich. nat already told kev earlier in the season that she’d vote for jordan if she was in final 2 b/c she needs the money. kev needs to take mich and get rid of nat. but i think nat has scared him enough to control him too…just like she’s controlled the rest of the hg’s.


the pictures simon put up for some of the hg’s are hilarious! haha. pig pen and cookie dough! haha


I know NataLIE has it all figured out as far as knowing just how the final comp. will go down, with what type of comp it will be and who will throw what….How about BB change it
up a bit. They don’t have to do it like everyother season. I have an Idea to shut her UP! BB needs to do the 3 part comp. but instead of first winner getting a by on the next comp and then play the winner of the 2nd for the last HOH. How about making the three comps count by having all three play all of them and the person who wins all 3 gets to pick the person who gets to sit with them at the final 2. If one wins 2 comps and 1 wins the other. make them the final two. Or if they all win one they all three go to the final to voted on by Jury….There done!!! and then Skankie nat will not be throwing anything and we will finally see what she is made of.


Simon and Dawg

Just a thanks for all your hard work on this site. I never really got into BB until this season, and I’ve frequented these boards like no others. Awesome work! As far as the pictures go…having played Warcraft in the past, I’m almost saddened to have Ronnie lumped in with me, but as long as you’re changing pics, how about a can or boot for Chima? (since she got canned or given the boot…)


I just want to make a comment about the Pandora’s box thing. CBS had an opportunity at the height of the ratings to do something spectacular. Instead they chose to have Kevienne locked up until he lied to get saved by Jeff with Nat-lie following behind him so it looked like she was the one who told J to set K free. It was dumb to call it Pandora’s box. They should have called it something like “let’s have mystery fun.” The the second opening of the box was worse. I don’t think too many people wanted to see a non-emotional person get proposed to. When you think of Pandora’s box you think about something very critical one way or the other. This thing about Pandora’s box was so lame. I don’t think CBS is going to reel people in with that kind of gaming next season. It should have ultimately been on the same level as the cout – d’etat which I think people really enjoyed and over 12 million people voted. What happened to expect the unexpected???? That should be put to rest also. There really isn’t any unexpected stuff in this game!


I agree…very disappointed with Pandora box…what a joke


I don’t remember what BB it was but I do remember there was as oriental looking girl and then a blond and they were hated by all the house guests and when they came out after the winner was announced not one person hugged them it was really embarassing for them don’t remember there names. But I think if Kevin and natalie win I think that is how it will be.


It has nothing to do with the way they look or their race. It’s the way they have been playing the game. If you think they were very strategic which they appear to have been for better or worse then they will be the winners. I think people just don’t like how they played the game. Scheming is one thing, being out right nasty is another. I would like to think you can win without attacking someone’s character.


It was Alison and Jun from BB4


What happened to the unexpected? I felt like it was nursery school with the Pandora’s box thing. So lame!


I wish Kevin would grows some balls for ch…sakes! He lets ( pp ) oh nasty boss him around. Take Michelle to the end, oh well I hope Michelle wins the 25$ , people think Jeff should win the money what for! being dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big brother 11 sucks the big one!!!!


i so agree w/ you. i voted for mich…she really deserves it. jeff doesn’t deserve’re right, he really was stupid. get rid of the non threatening lyd and keep the stronger nat and kev??? then…destroy your own alliance based off of what the ENEMY whose backs are against the walls…and think you can now trust them after being enemies for the entire time in the house. jeff sucks and he turned an easy 4 against 2 into those 2 being the FINAL 2. how does that happen? they were on their way out the door and jeff saves them and kills his own alliance and therefore himself. he deserves nothing. the only people who are voting for jeff are superficial women and gay men who let their drool override their brain. jeff fans are so superficial.




Jeff is responsible for ousting Jessie and Russell; America must of thought a lot of Jeff to give him the power to take Jessie out. I love Michelle, but she only comes in second to Jeff according to how the game was played. But you are entitled to your opinion; just like i am.


played/ prior to getting the cdt to “take out jessie” he had sat on his ass, he did nothing to “earn” it, it was handed to him and allowed the power to shift, if not for the gift cdt he was on the fast track out, there was nothing in game play on his behalf to getting out jessie except using the gift.


I agree with you, but Jeff should have stuck with the plan and a deserving player like Jeff, Russell or Michelle would have won the money. A player who actually won something, unlike Natalie and Jordon who have only won one competition. Ok. technically Jordon won 2 competitions but Jeff threw the “golfing HOH comp.” so she could win it.




What’s up my peeps bb11 is garbage


If there was a technical problem during the POV competition, wouldn’t it be a good idea to just throw that competition out. All they have to do is explain what the problem was at the POV ceremony tonight. They may have to bleep Kevin’s response, but so what. Jordan would get to vote. Bye, bye Kevin.


I think that jeff got screwed he got all the big player out and everyone else got to coast thru the game i think he deserves the 25,000 more then anyone


Jordan’s in the shower. I’d like for BB to send each HG the water bill. Jordan especially, for a poor girl-she uses hot water like there is no tomorrow. I bet the bitch thinks hot water is for free. I always taught my children to conserve and reminded them that one day they will be paying utility bills and they should be more mindful.
Oh well–that’s America!!!!!


vote for Jeff for the 25,000


Boycotting the show….how silly! I am in it to see who wins it.

Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over.

Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either take over or be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

Last but definately not least there is..
Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle pay!


I still can’t believe Kevo beat CuCu in the Veto. And he needs her in the final 2, wish he knew the Jury house was all ticked off at nasty.