Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV results Kevin wins.. Kevin about Michele “That stupid B**** Needs to beg to stay”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:25pm Splish splash room Michele and Jordan

Michele and Jordan both pretty upset that they have lost.. Jordan knows she’s gone next eviction, “theres no way I can win this or even get to final 2… Jeff will be soo disappointed” They decide to make the best of it and whatever happens happens.. Jordan says she feels embarrassed because she did so poorly in the competition. Jordan says Michele did very well. Michele got stuck on the Jessie puzzle.. Michele tells her fuck them she’s not going to campaign he can do whatever he wants. Michele says they’ve won.. it came down to this competition and they beat us.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:25pm HOH Kevin and Michelle celebrating … Kevin and Natalie celebrating that Kevin won… Kevin calling Michele a stupid Bitch for not campaigning. “That stupid bitch was so confident that she would win POV” Natalie is ecstatic says that this was the POV they had been practicing for.. She mentions that the calendars they made is really helped them. Natalie tells Kevin they need to befriend Jordan asap because she still might win next week…. Kevin wants to confirm him and Natalie have a final 2 deal. Natalie swears on her engagement that she will take Kevin to the final 2.. Kevin says the only reason why he won is because of all the studying and the calendar, “I studied like a MOFO”. Natalie and Kevin now claiming they’ve played such a honest game and stayed loyal to their allies the entire time. Both are very happy they’re most likely going to the final 2. They start talking about their plan for the final competitions.. from the sounds of it they plan on taking Michele out this week than “power punching” Jordan in the competitions. Natalie stuffing candy in her mouth chomping into the mic … I’m out.


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350 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV results Kevin wins.. Kevin about Michele “That stupid B**** Needs to beg to stay”

  1. This kind of sucks allthough I like Kevin I did not want Nat in the final 2. Now that Kevin won it’s pretty much a lock because Jordan just plain sucks.

      1. I try not to cuss…………….but I am feeling the pain……………….Kevin needed to get his ass in the jury house…………..damn I am so mad

  2. well i thought i would check just to see if michelle or jordo won, but NO!!! im officially done i could will fricken throw the hell up watching the fag or that nasty excuse of a women win!!! i would love to know though why the hell do they producers not screen they contestants better its really sad the job they did this year!!!

    1. I think you are terrible………….that fact that that Kevin is gay………….has nothing to do with it

      I don’t like Kevin because he is a jerk…………….but so are you…………..and I am asuming you are a straight asshole

  3. Well, I’m bummed, My only hope is now Kevin to vote out Jordan and Michelle gets HOH next week. I know, I’m wishful thinking. :(

  4. Wow, i loved this season like last week, and now it has gone to crap with the inconsiderate f*ggots running the house, I can’t believe this bullshit

  5. How were Gnat and kevin allowed to have a calender when they took them away from past season house guests. I have only been watching for about 3 or 4 seasons but i think this may be my last.. Great work on this site simon and dawg, i like it more than the show..

  6. OMG.

    I do not believe this!

    If Michele goes home, I will not watch the show anymore.




  7. well………i’m done…i’ll watch to the end, but I won’t be happy. Kevin and Natalie are the least deserving ones, they claim they’ve been loyal, yet Kevin didn’t use the POV on his best friend because he has no spine, and Natalie thinks she’s loyal because she never won SHIT so she never had to make a decision to betray someone. Michele and Keesha both go out 4th……damn. It just pisses me off because those two think they have it so wrapped up…but against Jordan I guess they do…….god……I hope Michele can think of anything…..ANYTHING! I think it would best for her to tell Kevin that no one on the jury likes her and she would lose in the finals.

  8. I literally feel sick to my stomach right now. This has to be the worst ending since bb6 with maggie. I had a bad feeling in my stomach all day that kevin would win i tried to block it out all day and send good vibes to J/M. I hope Michele gets jury prize.

  9. I know its just a show and it’s really up to the players to win challenges and everything, but as I see it with Kevin and Natalie as final two, I honestly CANNOT bear to watch any longer. These people are rotten rotten people who don’t deserve two cents. I feel so bad for Michele, and can only hope there will be some sort of twist in the game saving her. I cannot bear to watch these two losers high on their horses.

  10. I hope Natalie goes home, she is a LIAR, a BITCH and no one likes her. I want to set her nose on fire. I swear if I ever see her, I will beat her down even if her boyfriend is there. She is soooo dumb, she dickrided Jessie the entire game and survived a ton of evictions, she should have been evicted ages ago. Then she lied about the engagment, I hope everyone boos her when she is evicted. Michele should totally win.

    I hope Michele stays and kills Natalie.

  11. this sux! Unless there is still a twist the Pandoras Box was one of the most IRRELEVANT ideas in BB history. the PB had a lot of promise but just sucked.

      1. russell said he would make evil dick cry i would like to see him in bb12 with ed and dr will, and see if he can make them cry. that would be one heck of a show to watch.

  12. Don’t worrie! Natalie and/or Kevin are smart enough to know taking Jordan to the final 2 is by far their best chance to win the game.. Neither one will be stupid enough to give away $500,000 to stay “loyal” or keep some fake friendship that exist only by default.. We can only hope the jury feels sorry for Jordan and gives her the cash! :)

  13. I hope when finale night rolls around they play some tapes and show how a lot of people talked bad about Michele, when she hardly ever, if ever, talked bad or attacked someone personally

  14. I don’t think I can watch Natalie for another day…and while I know it’s a game and flip flopping and back stabbing is part of it..she and kevin just make me sick. I liked him so much in the beginning but his relationship with her just ruined it for me. Jordan needs a miracle and Michelle deserves combat pay for the abuse she’s taken! BB needs to step up and find some likable and entertaining ppl for next season…this was a DUD.

    1. totally disagree with you about this year being a dud. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Including all the backstabbing, backdooring and cat fights. Thats what BB is all about. I do agree with you about Natalie. I hope ANYONE but her wins. Lets hope Jordan can pull a win out and she takes kevin and not natalie.

      1. I agree, Donna, this season has been F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! It’s been every bit conniving that BB is supposed to be. It’s not about making friends it’s about winning $500K. I think Natalie is a brat and I don’t think I would like her in RL but the venom spewed about her is kinda ridic for a TV show. It just isn’t that serious.

  15. For all those whiners who are talking about never watching Big Brother again, good riddance. This isn’t American Idol, and even then all your favorite players had the opportunity to save themselves and they failed. The bottom line is Kevin and Natalie won when they had to, they’ve by far played the best game this year. There isn’t a single person in the house, other than maybe Jordan, that doesn’t have blood on their hands, even Jesus Jeff himself backdoored Russell. LML 4 EVA.

    1. Well, I give all the credit to Kevin. He’s the one who trapped Jeff, hes the one who won stuff, Natalie didnt do sh*t until she was playing for HOH against TWO people (one of which being Jordan who hasnt won anything on her own). and yes I agree this is all Jeff’s fault for being dumb to begin with. Like Jeff said week 2 or so “I have no clue how to play this game”

    1. Amen to that. That was the first thing I thought! Way to go Jeff…you just let Natalie and Kevin take it all. YOu could have taken one of their asses out instead of Russell. YOU SUCK!

      1. Get out my head…I was just thinking if Jeff had stuck with his final four alliance Kevin and Nasty would be gone. What a dumbass. That being said after seeing the reaction in the JH to the truth about Nasty’s age I don’t think she has all the much support there and Kev and Jordo may have a pretty good chance against her in the final vote. It’s obvious not many of us are voting for her. I was going to vote to give Russ the $ but now I’m leaning toward Michele. Anyone but Nasty FTW!!!!

  16. if it comes down to natalie and kevin in the final 2 america should vote for kevin. he is the lesser of 2 evils and we wont be rewarding natalie for all her lies and grossness this season.

  17. I REALLY wanted Michelle to win. Then I was dreaming that somehow Gnat had made herself vulnerable by opening PB. Hope that Gnat can be backdoored went out the window days ago. I wonder if Gnat was not protected by HOH if ( now that Kevin has the chance) he would take out Gnat before J/M. Too late now. Here I come Long Island Tea(s)!!!!

  18. this is the worst case scenario thats for sure. But, I have to hand it to Kevin and Natalie. They won competitions when it mattered most. I was hoping for michelle to win the POV. oh well, another season of BB is about over. I think if its kevin and natalie in the final 2 kevin will win.

    Btw- I think it was far worse when it was Maggie and Yvette. The two of them and “cappy” made me want to puke.

  19. What a terrible ending to the season!! The blame should be unequivocally placed on Jeff for being stupid enough to make deals with Natalie and Kevin.

  20. this is stupid! i hate kevin and nasty! i do NOT want them to win. I really hope jordo can sack up! btw you do NOT pee with a tampon in..gross

      1. It’s true, Anon. Google female anatomy and you will see that the vagina is where the tampon goes and the urethra is where urine flows from. (Sorry to all men!) My doctor said it can be confusing because the two are located so close together.

  21. yeps thats it for me too….unless Natalie traded something with the Pandora’s box thing…something really good like taking the veto away from whoever won it thinking it would be Michelle. That’s the only thing I’m going to watch for this week…after that I don’t care who wins. I really hope there is a Jury prize this year and people vote for Michelle to get the 25,000. She deserves it. Kev and PP can suck it…enjoy the cash cause you’ve lost a whole lot more in a lot of people’s eyes.

    1. Well i agree ,I’m not intrested in BB if it is down to the two of them .
      But this is not BB falt ,It’s a game and you would like to think that
      the game is fare no matter who wins .You don’t have to like it ,just don’t watch it
      the ending .

  22. hopefully production let the scum balls hang themselves with that calendar and his POV will be stripped……..gotta keep hope alive!!!!!!

    1. NO BB will not do that . You have seen them with the calender many times. BB knows they study with it ..They didn’t say anything then and will not now.
      It is what it is ,

  23. These two, Wussy and Gnasty cheated all the way to where they are and what goes around comes around you wait and see. They honestly do not deserve to win but I suppose cheating and lying the way these two did has got them into the finals. I feel for Mitchell but not so much Jordon as she has basically not done much of anything. Well thank you for everything I am out of here as I do not want to watch anymore of these two villains they do not deserve any TV coverage whatsoever.

    1. I’m right behind you Mary. Just cancelled live feeds and packing it up for this season. I’m being truthful when I say that just looking at Kevin & Nat makes me physically ill. I Never felt that way about any game show contestants in the past, ever!!

  24. Seriously Jessie, was a waste of time bringing back in the show, he carried Natalie and now shes ridin her high horse thinking she deserved to be where she is? HA. She is one of thee biggest two-faced-liars. Jordan pretty much got a free ride with Jeff but hey at least she looks like a female. And Michelle was just the third wheel all show, people always have talked crap about her…. Stupid Stupid Stupid Kevin. YOUR SO ANNOYING….

    I have to say Jeff played the game very well, got to cocky at the end but got rid of strong players…. if only Jeff woulda won

    1. I agree . Jeff was my choices to win . Even though Michelle got shit on by all. She played a hell of a good game .She should be in the final 2 if not # 1 Go michelle

  25. Kevin’s true colors came out last week and now he has POV they are even louder. All he wants is his ass kissed and groveling.Disgusting.

    Jeff screwed everyone in the house when he didn’t get rid of Nat or Kevin when he had the chance. This season is on a downward spiral.

    1. I wish they would take the pov away, but that is wishful thinking. I think Kevin would send Michelle home. He may take Jordan with him instead of PP. I hope he does. It would be nice if they took the pov away. We can only pray….

  26. GO KEVIN AND NATALIE!!! I have been pulling for them the whole time. its a game everyone ease up….just a game on television. no need to get so personal!

      1. Really????? Personal attacks because someone likes the people you don’t.? Are the only people who are entitled to an opinion, the ones who agree with who you like??? How small minded. Give me a break!!!

      2. stop all the hating. the ones who win are those who PLAYED the GAME the best. and it has been nat and kev! jordon skated by on her blonde hair blue eyes and fake boobs. nothing more. why is everyone so mad at nat and kevin. well nat is annoying but kevin is ok. they played and they won the important games. so just chill out yall.
        Go kev and nat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they don’t win, i will neverrrrrrrrrrrrreverrrr watch this show again!!!!!

      3. i agree. so i take it you enjoy watching someone win who not only has cheated but certainly doesnt deserve it. i understand habing to lie in a game, but you are not suppose to cheat AND they have made it personal by how they have treated people! i guess that tells us what kind of a person you are.

        1. Did you miss how J/J treated everyone in the house during their little reign of terror? They have said the meanest and most disgusting things about Michele for no reason. They have spewed hatred about everyone.

      4. I agree it is a game . No matter who u cheer for it is what it is .
        BUT To think you want them to win ..Gee I must not be keeping up with
        BB like i thought i was . You saw something Me and over 90% of us didn’t
        see in them. They played like they trailer trash . Well i guess we will not
        be seeing them in the all starts . but I’m sure we will be seeing JEFF

  27. This is all Jeff and Jordan’s fault. There would be a totally different story on this website today if they had not gotten Russell out because then Kev would have went home in final 6, Michele would have won the smore comp and the alien veto comp and Nat would have been out in final 5.

      1. No he didn’t he was a target away way you look at it . Russell said if he got HOH that week he would have put Jeff up. Russell was not down with the final 4 anyway . Only when he was on the block , He wanted to bring that card out .He was going to out Jeff that week .

        1. You have your facts wrong. Do you watch feeds or BBAD? Because what you are saying is how they edited things out of sync for the CBS show, not how they really took place in the house.

    1. I can’t believe this. Obviously Jordon isn’t winning the final competition. So it will be down to the Nasty and Kevin the bitch. If it wasn’t for Jeff, this will never happen! Jeff pretty much screwed the entire game for Michelle and Jordan.

  28. Kevin and Natalie should be disqualified for using the calendar. They should also be disqualified for the hiding and rearranging things in the house. I think BB is allowing them to do these things so that the nasty folks will win.

    1. Michelle has a calender too. Don’t hate because the ones you want to win didn’t the POV!

      They were creative. The didn’t use paper and pen.

    2. They put the stuff back so no harm no foul. And Michele used her birth control as a calendar and nobody is bitchin’ about that. I think the rule is about paper calendars anyway.

      People need to get over it. They won when they needed to win that’s why they’re headed to the final 3.

    3. they have broken every rule in the book. Natalie is just like Chima she doesn’t want to put on her microphone. When peoples clothes were destroyed like Jordan’s bra it was Nasty not Chima. Nasty has destroyed peoples stuff left and right (and said she was just playing a prank). She steals people things (and says she is just hiding them). Remember she took Jessie’s shirt he didn’t give it to her. I think she was the one who took Russ’s cross and put it in her drawers. She flips over beds, and moves stuff around. Even when BB first tells her to stop, she tells them to shut up. Like last night when she was going to do the fashion show, they told her to stop and she was like we are just doing a fashion show bb come on. The same with the calendar they told her not to at first but it was like they just gave up.

      The rules don’t apply to Nasty!!! Shame on BB for allowing that!!!

      I wish BB would call her out on the 18 thing on the last show!!!

    4. oh please. the bb game is all about lying and cheating and winning comps. whoever does it the best will win. period. nat is annoying but that’s beside the point. it’s a game so gets over it!

  29. I’m done…neither one of Nat or Kevin deserve it…I can’t believe BB couldn’t pull some strings and get them the hell out of there.I have never missed a Big Brother but I think this is it..if they want to keep their ratings high they better think of something quick to stop the fag or bitch of winning anything

    1. I couldn’t have said it better, Kay. After watching for 11 seasons, I think I’m done if Gnat wins.
      She’s like that little creepy thing that crawls under your skin, and no matter how much you scratch it just won’t go away. Plus she is the biggest liar so far in BB history…………………..

    2. Now that wouldn’t be fare to any one . would like to think they r fare about the game .
      I don’t like this shit either. If Jeff was still in play and winning you wouldn’t like it if all the
      Nat/ Kav hater say bb gave it to him . By the way they did say that about Jeff/

    3. How old are you Kay? Good grief, could you be any more immature with your venom and homophobia. Grow up. Its just a stupid game show.

  30. This is how I think it will work from this point on…..

    It is hard to backdoor or backstab at this point. You have to win the comp’s to stay.

    1. Tomorrow is live evictions. Michelle will be sent home (I don’t think Kevin will keep her because she could win the comp’s, and Jordan will probably not). Of course Michelle could tell Kevin that if she wins HOH, she will not send him home. )@: Michelle deserves to stay.
    2. They will kick off the 3 part HOH comp’s (endurance) – everyone competes. They will start a 2nd one on Monday, and a 3rd one on Tuesday (quick questions). The HOH will be revealed on on either Tuesday or Thursday. There will be no POV. One of the 2 non HOH’s will go home.
    3. The HOH will decide who goes to Jury on Sunday. The HOH will get to decide who they want in the f2, who they stand a better chance to win the Jury votes with. That is why she is saying be nice to Jordan.
    4. Next tuesday will be the Jury vote, and final show.

  31. Well, it’s been fun, but I couldn’t care less who wins, since the only one that deserves the money will be out this week. I can’t bear to watch 3 floaters in the final 3. Thank you Dawg and Simon for the best BB forum on the net. See you next season!

    1. I agree. The final three should of been Michelle, Jeff, and Russel. Jeff screwed it all up before he even got rid of Russel, Pigpen should of went when it was her and Lydia. It was over from that point on. Nasty never had the guts to do things upfront she ruled the house from the background, Kevin never talked, and Jordan although she kept Jeff “sane” never did anything. Everyone is always worried about getting the “strong” players out which makes way for these tag alongs to skate to the $500,000!

  32. I was going to watch until the end, but as far as im concerned, the end is now…I cant stand either K or N so Im done watching. All I can hope for is either K breaks a leg or gets handcuffed to a bed until the show ends and cant continue on, or N gets a severe case of diarrhea of her ass and mouth and she cant play anymore…..I cant stand to listen to her go on and on about herself and how great she is. Season 11 sucked BB!

    1. Russell would’ve betrayed Jeff the next week. Russell was not trustworthy. Jeff made the best move. Jeff was NEVER going to win this game. Never.

    2. Why in hell r u mad at Jeff? He didn’t mess it up . Russell even said that week if he got HOH he was going after Jeff. Russell was not on board with the final 4 to Jeffs face. that is why he was lining up michelle. Jeff was a big target on him no matter where we want . Russell had him in sight . First come first sever,Jeff won got russell out .

      1. You must only watch CBS, or you just don’t want to acknowledge the truth. The reality is that Jeff the tyrant made everyone swear on their families, he made personal threats to all of them, said everyone better do what he wants OR ELSE, and after the vows the very next day he plotted to get Russ out. It was after 2 weeks of Jeff plotting, backstabbing, and treating Russ like trash that Russ KNEW what Jeff was doing and said that he would have to go after Jeff because Jeff was going after him.

  33. What’s that saying, good guys always finish last? Sooooooo true. I’m done with big brother!!! I hate liars and can’t stand to watch someone be rewarded for being down right evil.

    1. Welcome to reality TV. It’s a game. You have to play it to win. No one wins by being honest and trustoworthy. This isn’t real life. You have to lie and manipulate and backstab. That’s why you’re here and they are there….about to win money.

  34. At this point, i dont even know what to comment. I used to LOVE big brother and this year, omg its sad. On top to see Jeff leave on thursday, Nataliar had to win HoH… i litteraly turned off the TV as soon as she won and NOW Kevin won PoV by cheating? BB should really change their competitions, its wayyy to predictable and ppl in the house know what they’re gonna play. Did they loose all sense of imagination???????

  35. I cant stop watching! Damnit, I love this game too much… Poor Michelle. Seriously, the last time I remember people being so blatantly cruel to another player was w/ Amy back in the day. Those were the days w/ Marcellas and Amy… The Jun season was the worst win of them all, but if Natalie or Kevin win, they will for sure be the shittiest BB victory ever.

  36. Noooooooooo! This is so wrong. I really wanted Michelle in the final two. There is no happy ending to this story, in this story evil prevails.

  37. you can tell now ,,,what kevin really thinks of women… I for one am very disappionted is this season allowing 2 people to do some of the things they did in the house.I love BB but have lost interest because of the actions of some.

    1. I completely agree! I couldn’t believe that there was no follow-up action after they moved props in the house for the counting competition. Then they went through other HG’s belongings – and Natalie’s solutions to the key was that she should STEAL if from Jeff. This is not gamesmanship to me, this is the lowest of the low. Was Bernie Madoff ever a contestant?????

    1. HA no doubt! Its just a TV show people so get over it.. Natalie or Kevin could give 2 shits about what any of you think so why all the whining.. Besides every one of you will watch every last second till its over, and come back for more every season.. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  38. Well, if Natalie does win this, I hope she sets up a morals and integrity clinic, so we can all learn to be just like her, it seems its the way to get along in life!

    1. either that was a joke or your a complete idiot, natalie has shown no morals, integrity,honesty, or femininity in the house…. she knows how to manipulate her way in the game win win without havin to do anythin easiest 500k anybody has evern not earned

  39. I don’t suppose it’s worth hoping that the big twist to the jury house or whatever Julie said would be, that right before the eviction on Tues (didn’t Julie said it’s all going down on Tues? And if so, the HG’s don’t know, right?), just before they get ready to vote, Julie says, “Actually there will be 2 house guests leaving tonight. Natalie & Kevin, because you broke the rules and cheated and made a calendar, you have been evicted from the BB House” and then in walks Russell and Jeff to take their place. I can dream can’t I?

    1. but nasty and kev could say that Michelle cheated to because she had her birth control. So I guess you win Jordan, because you didn’t cheat and create or bring a calendar in. LOL!

  40. I’m done. Sorry can’t watch PP get to final two……nastiest person I have ever seen on tv. PP should be throw in the toilet, then maybe I would start watching again…

    1. we need to remember-

      jordan didnt apply, she was picked. (she never claimed or thought of herself as smart)

      she never watched the show.

      her family is going through hard financial times and when she was approached by producers/casting she told herself this opportunity was given to her from god to help her family.

      we really shouldnt get on her case about not being the best player when her only reason for playing is to help her family…not herself-her family

      what other 24 year old would rather buy her mom a house than herself?

    2. Jordan is a sweet girl, she hasn’t personal attacked anyone. The only time she has ever got mad and got in anyone’s face was when Russell called her fat. I would be more then proud to have Jordan as a daughter! Tit flashing and all! She wasn’t like the other BB people who have 3 somes, or have sex on the show. Like Lydia, Chelsea, etc.

      1. Plus my little girl (who is 6) has named her barbie Jordan! She loved Jeff and Jordan. And she was really upset last week when Jeff went home! So cute!!! Dad told her he wont let us watch the rest of the season, but I keep checking! I still have hope that Jordan might be able to pull this off! I sure hope so!!!

      2. Jordan most certainly has personally attacked people. You can’t seriously be that blind. Have you seen the feeds or BBAD? She not only trashed all the people in the house (personally attacking them, yes), she also trashed some of her friends back home. Even Jeff told her to stop doing it.

        1. The way Jordan treated Michele is the reason I can no longer even tolerate her. At least with Nat, what you see is what you get. But Jordan tries to be the innocent/good girl, and there is just no justification for what she has done to Michele. Michele always was behind J/J, and they both treated Michele like she was lower than dirt. They not only tore her down for being intelligent, but made fun of the way she looked (for no reason) and also were vicious about her night terrors (something completely out of her control).

      3. What is so sweet about a girl who constantly talks about anal sex, 69’s, vaginas, periods, poop, farts, blow jobs, messing around with a guy who was her boyfriend from 6 to 10th grade, using guys, making fun of her friends fat vaginas, etc? You call that sweet? Is that how you want your daughter to grow up? She claims she was raised strict, but parties with her mom, hangs out at strip clubs, and had a long term sexual relationship at the age of 18. She has spewed filth just as much as Nat has behaved filthy. Jordan likes to play the innocent, and CBS has edited her that way, but she is anything BUT innocent. Why would you want your sweet daughter to mimic a person like that?

  41. No more BBAD for me this season. and i wont watch the rest unless Jordan somehow makes to the end. To Simon and Dawg: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything, you two are AMAZING and i look forward to next year’s show. take care

    1. Here here – thank you too, Simon and Dawg. We can’t stomach watching BBAD anymore, this is the only place for us now. Sorry you have to put up with Natalie’s chewing… :)


    2. Me too. I quit watching BBAD as soon as Nastalie won HOH. Now that Kevin won POV, I am done completely this season. I know Jordan won’t win and take Nastalie out, so to hell with BB11. Thanks for such a great site. I run a different type of site and I know the kind of time it takes. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you. Take care everyone…see ya next season (as long as there is not another stupid click and another Chima and Nastalie).

    3. I feel the same way Terry! I’ll read this board for my updates, but as far as watching it…I don’t have the stomach to watch! I’m soooo disappointed…I’ve always loved BB! :( Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the updates that you both provided for us! We really appreciated it!!!

    4. I agree with you terry, I’m done i can’t stand to see natalie or kevin win they both lied, cheated & stole from ppl i hope their lives become a living hell when they both leave the BB house! BB I HOPE YOU’RE READING THESE COMMENTS, SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE THOSE 2 NEED TO BE KNOCKED OFF THEIR HIGH HORSES & I HOPE IF THEY DO MAKE IT TO THE FINAL 2 THE JURY EAT THEIR ASSES ALIVE!

    5. Agree with you totally… I’m done too and frankly done with BB after watching 11 seasons. The crap from Natalie and Kevin set such poor examples and I’m saddened that BB finds it necessary to encourage such abhorrent behavior… very poor example for kids watching. Natalie stole from her housemates, should not have been able to lie about her age (although dumbass Jeff should have been able to figure that one out based on show rules and drinking age in CA) and the viciousness of the verbal attacks on Michele housemates got out of hand. Seems like BB has declined into a pit since Evel Dick… not fun to watch that kind of abuse, people try to teach their kids better and CBS BB sure isn’t helping. Great job on this site Simon & Dawg… thanks for all you do for the fans… we appreciate you!

  42. BTW: I’m voting for Michelle for the 25 grand… I think she played hard and well in this game, and took it up the ass more times than anyone in this game. Sorry that came out wrong :p you know what I mean. Being labeled as a liar and still holding her head up and trying her best definetly deserves more than a tv & system. Jeff will be just fine; with his looks and personality he already will do well after this. Watch him on Inside Dish— soooo cute!!! Vote 4 Michelle!!!

  43. I CAN’T STAND Kevin & Natalie!!!!! They are both just awful people and if either of them wins I’ll be so disappointed. They are just awful. My only hope is that there will be some sort of change to the game through the Pandora’s box thing. I really hope so! If either Kevin or Natalie win it will just be disgusting! Neither of them deserve it and they’re just creepy people. Michelle is the only one left who truly deserves to win and I would put Jordan second just because she’s not mean and spiteful like these two. Such a bummer that Kevin has won POV! Boo hiss….

  44. Why is it that Kev and NataLIE get to keep a calendar? Why not some penalty votes on those two? I don’t understand it, they have bent, if not broke, so many rules in the BB house, yet they are never punished.. just rewarded. If the game was fixed for anyone, it was fixed for those two. So sorry to see Michelle go.. oh well.

  45. this was a completely UNFAIR GAME! douchebag and nasty cheated and had an unfair advantage. cbs should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such behavior and allowing them to use a calendar. cbs should have chosen a game for them to play that didnt involve dates or disqualified them from playing!!!!
    it just goes to show nice good people finish last and evil prevails…makes me sick!!

  46. OMG !!! I hate Kevin and Nat why did he have to wim Omg this sucks I hope Michelle is safe and doesn’t go home please please please let’s have a miracle and save Michelle and sent that fruit home omg I only call him a fruit because he insults everybody in the house calling Michelle a Bitch hes is the Bitch and has turned in to Nat’s Mini Bitch !!!

  47. The final 4 should’ve been Jeff, Jordan, Michelle & Russell, but because of Jeff, the final 4 includes Natalie & Kevin. Well, I hope Michelle does talk to Kevin (I believe she still has hope) of being the final 2. I hope Michelle thinks of herself and not to include Jordan in her plan. I think if Kevin believes that Michelle is being sincere, he would take her to the final 2. I don’t think the money is Michelle’s motivating factor. (If money was the motivator, she probably would’ve been a doctor instead of a researcher.)

  48. BB11.Over.Sucks! I would rather eat slop for a year than watch Nasty PigPen, or her sidekick Queerven, win this game. I actually used to like Kev for his wit. But, Nasty PigPen has pulled him into the dark world of obnoxious cheating, lying and smugness. Nice try, Michelle! My only interest now is who to vote for as America’s Fave: Russell the TV Gold Love Muscle, or Michelle the Endearing Dorkopotamus? Thanks Judas Jeff! You ruined a great season for us!

  49. hmmm funny they have a competition they knew kevin and natalie was actually practicing for , thats not fair at all but whatever, why not make it somethin so everyone would have an equal shot?? LMFAO BB is so predictable they don’t change up anything….. oh well the floaters who done nuthin but ride coattails won BB….them making a calendar is cheatin? really? hmmm thats pretty much tells you how much they care about what they do in the house

  50. Les Moonves should be checking off names of people to be fired come Monday. If you could have hand picked the three people you would least like to see in the F3, these 3 would be it (maybe substituting Lydia for Jordan). What a mess for cbs. I know people say this on these forums all the time, but i think this time I agree. not only will I not watch the remainder of the season, BB may be off my radar for good unless they change the format somehow.Oh well I guess they just needed ratings until NFL season starts next Thursday.

  51. you’re right. Jeff let those two con him into backdooring Russell, who said on his way out that he would have honored his final four deal with Jeff, which likely would have meant that one of these two creatures would be gone and the other on their way out. Sure would have been nice for Jordan to have at least some sense in these competitions. And I wonder what the ratings will be like on finale night with these two creatures in the finale.

  52. A great big THANK YOU to Simon and Dawg for this wonderful blog which gave me hours of fun. Unless something happens I am out for this year since I haven’t the slightest interest among Kevin (bitchy queen), Jordan (too stupid) and Pigpen (human hemorrhoid). Bless you both and see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. oh, I’m bummed too; was hoping Michelle would win veto to save herself; it was funny watching Kevin out in the backyard last night on BBAD, sitting by himself, saying he was screwed, and had to win veto. reminded me of Russell when he was talking to himself and the cameras in the splish slash room when he was on his way out….we’ll just wait and see now what Kevin does..still don’t think he trusts NataLIE (he did say that the last 3 letters of her name was lie!!) I am looking forward to seeing what happens when Jeff goes into the jury house, though; that’s the only thing that may be interesting about now…..

  54. Yeah I’m done too. This show has been absolute shit for weeks now and I’m tired of seeing all the decent people get shit on so pure evil can get ahead in the game. Neither Natalie or Kevin deserve to be in the final four nevermind the final two. I hope the twist trhis year is neither of them wins cause they’re heartless bastards.

    BB producers really need to starrt guiding the show in a different direction cause I cannot fathom why they’d think that Kev/Nat is who viewers want to see win. If they make it to the finals this will truly be the worst season of BB to date.

    Bye BB, see you next year.

  55. Jeff didn’t do shit . Russell even said he was going after Jeff that week if he won HOH.
    Jeff had no where to turn . The while house was on his back .Other then jor /Michelle

  56. Kevin has got 2 POV wins and a HOH win (while knocking out a power player). Kevin can win this thing…he’s playing big at the right time.

  57. Is it a rule you have to pick one of the final two as the winner? America;s player should be Michelle. As for nasty’s assumption that people hate her because of Jesse?? LMAO…that’s not even the half of it. And Kevin….. L O S E R

  58. Just goes to show what POWER does to people – Jeff, then Natalie, and Kevin. Disgusting! Thanks for this website as it’s saved me from even having to watch this stupid show…which I’ve been done with now since Russell went home. Sad, sad, sad…..

  59. Good point. Jeff and Jordan both screwed it up. When Julie interviewed Jeff she asked if it was a good idea to abandon his alliance for 2 people who never liked him. And he said, AGAIN, “we kept hearing that Russell was going to come after me.” Jeesh. Where did you keep hearing it from dude? Just because Kevin & Nasty repeat something 10 times doesn’t make it 10 times as true.

  60. I am so disappointed that Kevin and Natalie the most evil and spiteful people on BB11 are going to win.They have the meanest personalities .Natalie has the nerve to call Michelle a devil she is definitly satans spawn she is the one who does all the evil pranks in the house and talks bad about everyone she needs to look hard in the mirror and Kevin is just as bad.I know it is a game but they are really mean and nasty people.

  61. they really need to do something about them making a calendar and cheating throughout the game. Natalie is nasty/gross, liar, cheater, backstabber, egotistical, has no morals,immature, lies of her age and completely ungrateful. Who does she think she is. She has ruined the show for everyone!

  62. for all you people saying you are no longer going to WATCH

    Ratings for CBS on this past THURSDAY, when Jeff was evicted and PP won HOH


    Big Brother was the highest rated show of the night among adults 18-49 with a 2.6/9 (rating share), and averaged 7.61 million between 8p-9p and led CBS to Thursday victory overall.

  63. Maybe Kevin will slip in the shower and break his neck and Natalie chokes to death on a chicken bone… that would make for some great TV…

      They like to brag about the number of votes cast and the smaller the number, the more obvious the dissatisfaction.

  64. I am so done watching this season too! Thank you Simon for the updates you are awesome! Hopefully next year we have a better cast!

    1. A little of both.. Going to miss Michele but its just a game and she lost, Like many of you have pointed out Natalie and Kevin final 2 isn’t the worst final 2 every theres been worse. either way this Okanagen spring multi pack is pretty good :) should make for some interesting posts tonight. ;)

  65. There is a big fan club here for BB, and all have decided to email all our friends and family members who watch BB to turn off their sets and boycott BB. I bet they won’t have such a large fan club after this season. To think you have to cheat, lie, back stab, stink, not take showers, pick your nose, walk like a duck, be a fag/gay and do someone dirty work for them to win the money. What goes around comes around and if not in the BB house it will happen in the real world. Neither one deserve to win but deserving people always get the shaft.

    1. As much as you dislike them (as do I), I can see that they have made decisions based on strategy and that is why they are in the final 2. The lying and backstabbing was done by everyone, more from J/J than anyone because they turned on their own alliance and never have had the courage to tell people to their faces all the terrible things they say about people behind their backs.

      1. I see your point. However, to me, it’s like watching people on welfare win the lottery, when those who work hard every day get nadda.

  66. Being that CHIMA is not in the jury house and the votes are stacked to a TIE

    AMERICA will be the deciding vote as to who goes home with the money

    I for one will VOTE for anyone one other then NAT or KEVIN

    I will give it to JORDON, before I will give it to the LIERS

  67. Wow… Yeah nice going Jeff!!! So now the floaters have won, yes even Jordan, these three have done nothing significant except beat Michelle… Well atleast survivor will start soon giving me something else to waste time on. Nice job with this site guys, Simon and Dawg, if you guys can some how send a message to Jeff make sure to thank him for making this the “best big brother season ever”

    1. Its amazing how many people can’t see the truth in this statement, how many are still crying how Jeff deserved to win because “he played the best game.” But for all those who hate K/N, you have Jeff and Jordan to thank that K/N are in the final 2. So quit rationalizing for Jeff because he’s pretty, and face the ugly truth.

  68. y do u think bb has let kev and nat get away with all the pranks taking things that dont belong to them and keeping the calander . i think bb is rigged

  69. Yes go Team Nat/Kev. You people are crazy this is only a game on BB your suppose to lie, no other person has won without lieing. Leave the personal attacks thats not right.

  70. Simon, do you know for sure next season BB12 is all stars, . or guessing. Did you hear it somewhere, good updating this year.

  71. You all are forgetting that “The Jury House Is Packing a Surprise” that will impact the game as the commercial stated. So it’s not over yet! You all that say you aren’t going to watch any more, I don’t believe you. You will all watch to see what happens, come on…….it’s just a game.

  72. I wonder how many viewers CBS will lose for the next edition of BB. I hope people remember how disappointing this season has been when it comes time for next year. Only in America can you have a gay guy battle a dirt bag for half a million dollars. Oh well, the winner can afford health care for a year!

  73. Nasty Natalie keeps saying how honest and christianized she played this game ? does she honestly think we are all dummies ? she has lied thru out this whole game…sure everyone has to scheme..and alot of them lie..but then they don’t proclaim to have been honest and christian like …
    and she just irritates me….the way she waddles when she walks….how unladylike she is…my niece is a tae kwon do champion and beats guys even…black belt 3rd dan…and she is such a pretty petite lady all the way thru…. how embarassing for where Natalie works…I bet she gets fired …
    ahhh ok..I said my piece…
    and yes..depressing that Kevin won and most likely Natalie and him will be final 2….
    but I really appreciate all the time and effort plus all the dedication Simon and Dawg has put into getting us all this updated info… great job ….thank you so much !!!

  74. DVR the show and watch something else in that time slot, I believe it isn’t detected by the ratings, send BB a message that you don’t like seeing this kind of gameplay rewarded. This little smelly troll on a string needs her comeuppance badly and very publicly.

  75. hey simon you should put a picture of Scrappy, or a chiuahua for natalie some type of dog, get dirty with it. could’nt stop laughing at jordan’s cookie dough.

  76. I know my opinion may not be the most popular amongst you guys but , I have to say Kevin is playing a hell of a game, yes he did not play hard in the beginning but he has played a great social and mental game, he has won veto comps when it counted, he used his HOH to HIS advantage, he is a smart cookie indeed.. he made it to the final 6 before being nominated. His one fault IMO was that he became so buddy buddy with Wilbur (nasty gnat) I really think her negative spirit and manipulative ways rubbed off on him that coupled with the fact he basically lost every one in his alliance in the matter of days. It’s alot of stress but I think Kevin deserves to go to the end … just my assessment.. thanks to those who care.

  77. We can all thank “Dumb and Dumber” for this shitty final two. This would never have happened if Jeff( Dumb) hadn’t listened to Jordan(Dumber) about getting Russ out. Everytime I had to listen to that bitch talk about Russ & how she wanted him “Gawwn” I wanted to reach through my telvision and and slap the stupid right out of her. No wonder she still lives at home & sleeps with Mommy. Her mother probably has to shake her every few minutes to make sure the stupid bitch is still breathing. Jeff should never have listened to a dumbass who has cookie dough for brains.

    1. That’s for sure. J/J and their irrationality can be thanked for the current scenario. Jordan keeps saying how she’s not afraid of Russell, and I just want to laugh. J/J both wanted him gone because they were afraid of him .. afraid he could beat them at comps and afraid that they were up against someone they couldn’t control. J/J don’t deserve to win a thing.

  78. Seriously pple, y’all need to relax!!!! Wtever happened to hate the game not the players! Geez!! Yes, I was hoping Jeff wld come thru and can only hope the $25, 000 gets awarded to him since he played the game albeit not like most wanted. Have we all suddenly forgotten the foundation of BB?? Pple lie, cheat and do wtever to get ahead but resolving not to watch again {when we all know we’re all hooked} is pretty…PREMATURE. So get over it.

    Here’s hoping that “Jordo” wins and if not-I’m def. for Kevin all the way.

    Simon and Dawg…thanks a lot. You guys are great!!!

    BB12 Allstars-AMEN!!!!!!!!

  79. BIG Congratulations to Natalie and Kevin , their “Floating” soared right to the TOP…

    “Natalie and Kevin now claiming they?ve played such a honest game and stayed loyal to their allies the entire time”

    Hypocrites…. make others believe that OK but, the idea that they believe their own bullshit is crazy

  80. I am done too. It’s no longer entertaining. I’ll check in here just to see how the season plays out but as for watching it live, forget it. It’s way too gross watching Nat and listening to her and Kevin’s lies. Cheaters never prosper, except in BB. What a terrible example this season’s show has set with Nat and Kevin’s childish behavior and their lying. I hope, beyond hope probably, Jordan gets to final two and America votes for her to win.

  81. Good grief, This is the LAST way I wanted this game to end. I used to be a BB fan, then got sick of the show because of the stupidity and unnecessary drama for a few years but this summer lured me back as a viewer because Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle were so real. They are the good guys and you can identify with them. Now the game has gone to shit, the good guys lost again and once again some people who do NOT deserve anything are going to be rewarded for being liars, backstabbers, cheaters, and egomanicial ass holes. I quit. I will never watch another Big Brother episode or the next season. All the advertisers dollars will be lost on me and millions of other viewers who tuned out because we wanted to see the good guy win at least this once. In our society genuine evil is rewarded as it masquerades around proclaiming “Christian Values”. And anyone who thinks there is such a word as “geniusly” (Natalie) should NEVER criticize anyone elses intelligence. Michelle’s IQ is probably double Natalie’s. Too bad the money isn’t awarded on Christian Values. Then Jordan and Michelle would have won hands down.

  82. i’m so done watching. 2 floaters are going to make it to the final 2. kevin seems nice but he also has his woman hating dickhead side and natalie is just as annoying as chimas ugly ass. sitting around talking about how honest she’s been and how hard she’s played the game. really? REALLY?? she’s lied about everything since she walked thru the door plus that dirty half man rode jessies coat tails and after his loser ass got booted she jumped on kevins coat tails. jeff, you screwed your allies dude. bad move going after russell and trusting kev and nastylie.

    1. Please explain me to me how Kevin is a floater? He has played masterfully. Laying low when the odds were stacked against him, promising deals to those gullible to believe it (Jeff – not to smart to think he would be safe from Kevin), and winning HOH, POVs when it mattered at the end. Who cares if you win HOH at the start of the BB. Kevin has been outplaying Michelle for the last month and will be sending her home. Definitely NOT a floater with a one two sucker punch to Jeff and Michelle. Kudos Kevin, you deserve the half million. Natalie – yes a definite floater, but it worked. However, she will not be able to survive against Kevin. He has her set up for the kill as well. The real good guys are winning now. I do feel sorry for Jordan because is definitely a good person.

  83. You people have to chill. Who cares who wins? It won’t effect your life one way or another.
    Think how much fun you’ll have next year if BB brings back an All-Star Edition and Nat and Jessie come back. Especially if Piggy wins, which I doubt.
    The other HG’s think she has the JH votes wrapped up and won’t want to go to F-2 with her.
    Unless PP wins HOH, I think Cookiedough Monster will be in the F-2 because they probably figure only Ben Affleck, I mean Jeff, will vote for the dumb twat.

    1. If Nasty is an All Star, I won’t even think about watching next year. Although it would be funny to see them all kick her ass. She is not All Star material, though, so CBS won’t be that stupid twice.

      1. Oh, I wouldn’t say she wasn’t AllStar material but she would have to change her game plan because everyone would be wise to her now. Hey, she could play it honestly and really throw them off. I mean, tell the truth!

  84. What’s with this calender thing? Why can’t you make it? Isn’t that called studying? Didn’t Jeff do this? Didn’t Jeff make Jordan do it when her lazy but didn’t want to do anything?

    Oh wait, it’s ok to be lazy and not prepare for anything, but when Kevin and Nat do it, it’s cheating? My god what a bunch of crybabies some people are. You want to leave and not watch BB anymore? Oh give me a break. It’s a game, everyone in the house lies, cheats and what not. Jordan just got Jeff to do the dirty work, while her hands are clean. Just because your team or person lost and is gone, means they deserved to leave.

    Tell me why should Jeff stay? Please explain why. He is nothing but a backstabbing S.O.B.

    He backed doored Russel when he SWORE on his FAMILY he would never do it. Guess what, he did it. He tried to play the game and lost. Why should he be given a free pass back?

  85. Everyone saying they are boycotting BB are idiots!!! This is a game people!! If you wanted scripted reality TV go watch the Hills!! BB is based off of competitions, alliances, and most of all luck. I hate Natalie and really don’t want to see her in final 2 but she made it and if she gets the money than good for her. Jeff and Jordan were my favorites this season, but they even admit that they suck at this game so just let the anger go (Jeff would want you to.)and may the best player win.

    1. Don’t kid yourself, BB is partially scripted also. It is a game but the winner is not entirely based on the game objective. I just wish BB would get back to what it was during the first four to five ones when the HG(s) weren’t so nasty to each other and not the constant lying the way it is now. It used to be more fun to watch. Also in the beginning people would only half answer or say things, not out right lie the way they do now which really takes the fun out of it and makes the game stupid and pointless. But as I said earlier, BB is partially scripted.

  86. Cheaters never win even if they do make it to the final 2 i bet the will live miserable lives! Kevin has become such an asshole to call a woman a out of her name! BB YOU HAVE TO BRING ANOTHER TWIST & BURST KEVIN & NATALIE’S BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I’m so F’N done,CBS and BB is a joke now,funny how this lil Nasty bitch and gay boy Gollum have studied this calender for wks and bingo to save his ass,they give them the comp they needed.what a set up to the viewers.This game wasn’t rigged for J/J as reported,it was rigged for Nasty and her pet Gollum.They have broke all kinds of rules,from cheating to stealing,hiding things to give them advatages in the game,threatening CBS and BB,trying to kill Michelle(reddye)they made this great game into a joke,Next season if there is one,watch the HG’s do what they want.BB has made ass’s out of all of us,with their letting these 2 cheat through the game,never has there ever been allowed calenders in the house.yes its only a game,but cheating has never been tolerated in any type of game play.These 2 ass clowns have taken it to an all new level,and if BB lets these 2 go to the finals,then we know what morals AG and the rest have.

    1. What do you mean calenders are not allowed in the house. If they are given the tools that are in the house to make it, then anyone in the house can do it. Either the rest of the House Guests didn’t realize they could make one or didn’t bother to do it.

      BB would step in if Nat and Kevin were doing something wrong. It’s not like they are putting someones toothbrush in the tiolet and letting the person brush their teeth with it.

      1. season 9 Natalie started to draw pictures with makeup and production made her stop.. Your right though if making a calendar out of play doh is against the rules production would of stopped them a week ago. So I guess its allowed, Good for them for figuring it out.

        1. Since most men don’t wear make up or at least carry it, that would be an unfair advantage for the girls, so I can see BB stopping it. But with play doh, everyone has access to it.

          My quesiton is, since I can’t see this calender, what did they put on it besides dates? Like how much can you do with play doh and then hide it so nobody else can see it? Now that takes some sneaky work to do.

          1. Davor, the nail polish was out for everyone to use when Natalie was keeping track on the paper towels, I think it was paper towels. The guys were messing with the nail polish and joking around with it. But, when Natalie was doing her thing, the other HGs went in to the DR and complained. No one has complained about the playdoh calender. Been making comments and even about the birth control pills but just to one another. That may be why they still have the calender. No one has gone to production about it. Just a thought.

            1. Since when does production ignore what is in front of their face on video? I don’t see why they didn’t allow calendars with make up but will allow with playdoh and birth control pills. Guys don’t have birth control pills, either. But some guys (Kevin) might have fingernail polish – we know Evel Dick had black! I’m surprised Michele didn’t win POV. But even the HOH questions were a lot about N/Ks friends, so they should have known the answers. I may actually watch the POV just to see if the questions were rigged so Kevin would win – not sure if I will be able to stomach that or not.

              1. I’m not disagreeing with you, another fan, I was just pointing out that is why Natalie got hers taken away. Everyone went into the DR and complained and yelled at the camera about it. That is the only difference I can see. Looks like if it was a rule once, it should be again. I agree.

  88. I LOVE YOU KEVIN. Don’t be stupid. Vote out Natalie next. Get rid of Jordan, then Gnat and go to the final 2 with Michelle. You can beat her in jury votes and Gnat doesn’t deserve to win shit!

    1. It is funny how Kevin was saying to Michele earlier that he needed it to be them in the finals because she is the only one he thinks he can possibly beat. I am just not sure if he will go completely against Nasty’s wishes and vote out Jordan. Maybe if he had assurance from Michele if she won final HOH she would take him, he might go for it.

  89. The last 2 weeks have been worst case! I cannot believe that PP and Kev are most likely going to the final 2.. ugggh the though of it makes me want to vomit!!! Oh wait I just did. I have no desire to watch the next few shows, maybe even not the finale. These 2, especailly Natalie have resorted to childish tatics to get what they want from Production. YOu know at he finale they are going to be “This is for you Chima, you were wronged”..

  90. I don’t understand why so many people are upset at this scenario. Once J/J turned on their alliance, there was very little chance this could have turned out any other way. I think that is why some people were so upset with J/J and their bad decisions about Lydia and Russ. Once they did that, it was pretty evident that K/N would make it to the final 3. Michele knew it too, and that is why she was crying when Russ left. She couldn’t understand how Jeff could toss away a sure thing, she couldn’t understand why Jeff didn’t want her to have a place of her own (duo with Russ as J/J had with each other), and she knew the targets would now be her and Jeff. Why is everyone so surprised that this has happened? This outcome was pretty much predictable from the time J/J took out Russ.

    1. One more thing, Michele was trying to make herself more valuable to Jeff and keep the suspicion on Russ, which I think she went overboard on. I think she also realized this when Jeff went after Russ, and that is another reason she was crying (knowing that she in part contributed to it).

    1. It’s not that the person I wanted to win isn’t. It is that the most vile, disgusting, lying, nose-picking, no showering person looks like she will be in the F2. ANYONE else in the house, even Ronnie or Jessie, would have been preferable over Nasty – well, maybe not Chiman, but if it were any of the other 11, I would still be interested in watching.

  91. I give up, npo BB for me or any of their sponsors products, There needs to be a twist , Cheema lest so that makes room for one more, bring someone back from any BB season, just hurry up. I thought Kevin was pretty smart, he needs to get rid of PP..
    cant stand the show any longer. Sorry ANTM starts this week going to them!

    1. Jeff – you let us down. Very disappointed! What’s wrong with Russel having final two deal with Michelle? Everyone knows Jeff will only bring Jordon to final 2. The deal btw Jeff and Russel was final 4. From then on, may the best player win. It was too early to boot Russel. Jeff was not being a smart player at that point. As a result, he has to suffer the consequences and sink his allliance.

  92. I don’t ever remember a year when there was so much swearing and vulgarity. In Russell’s interview with Ross he said one of the rules was “no vulgar language.”
    And do any of these people know the English language? Me and him, Him and I. Natalie especially says stuff like this all the time. Lydia said, “when Russell joined Jessie and I”
    (it should be ME!)

  93. Well, looks like swamp donkey and handcuff boy have brought this game to an all new low. The only speech swamp donkey needs to make is in the mirror. She and the goat bucket can now be bff’s forever. How proud she must be to have that goat bucket chima as a friend. I seirously feel sorry for them. Maybe they can lose thier virginity together.
    I feel even sorrier for swamps boyfreind. Wow, has she got him blinded. And who in their right mind would want to even imagine being with her? Roman Showers comes to mind.

      1. I don’t know and that is another reason to keep watching. However, I don’t think that BB would have let them talk that much about the show when they were together, do you? Even that he had seen comments on the blogs. Or to keep with Kevin. That is to much, info.

  94. I didn’t like Kevin at the beginning but he has stayed pretty calm, listens to everyone else and doesn’t get anyone mad at him as far as I can tell. Now he’s won a few critical contests when it counts the most. Too bad he is aligned with PP otherwise I think people would like him more, at least those who are not homophobes. Basically I think he has played the game with dignity, lying yes, rejoicing with PP, yes. If he goes up against Nat or Jordan I think he will win.

    1. ITA. Kevin is not my favorite, but he has played a good game and managed his own playing well. Unfortunately, he chose Nasty, so I have been against him due to that choice. he kept telling Michele he wanted to be in F2 with her because he did not think he could win against Nat or Jordan. Did he really think that or was that just to get Michele to think he was on her side? I would actually watch the finale if Nasty was not in it, because I would be okay with any of the other 3 being in F2. Jordan doesn’t really deserve to be there, but may be because everyone knows she would get second to anyone.

  95. i’m going with haters go kevin and nat and the rest of you who hate them things are not going to go your way your lives are not going to change have some respect i did not like jeff or jordan and i’m not talking bad about them

      1. what dont you understand about J.R’s post…are you ignorant? thats a real question…
        he said hes going with “haters”..haters is the persons name who posted right above his comment, which means..He agrees with what haters said…let me break it down for you, incase you are still having a “Jordon” moment…

        i?m going with haters= I agree with what haters said

        go kevin and nat = hes rooting for Kevin and Nat!

        the rest of you who hate them things are not going to go your way your lives are not going to change have some respect = for the viewers who hate N/K…not all things are going to happen the way you want them, your life is not gonna change due to the outcome of BB..have some respect for the players of this game.

        i did not like jeff or jordan and i?m not talking bad about them= he was not a fan of J/J, but he still doesnt bad mouth them!

        wooh..that was fun…this must be what it felt like for Jeff to have to explain everything to Jordon….hope I have enlightened you a bit..if not..ah well!

  96. I said when Jeff and Jordan got rid of Lydia instead of Natalie that Nat would win the whole thing. She’s way to devious. I will not vote for Jordan no matter what and I may force myself to vote for Kevin but I sooooo wanted Michelle to win. Oh well……next time a new season.

    1. Me too! Out of the four left, I was hoping for michelle too. I am still hoping that Kevin thinks about voting out Jordan instead. I think if him Nat are the final two that Nat will get more votes.

    1. Kevin has won more competitions than jordan and the same amount as Jeff. It is the game, the farther you go the more deserving you are of winning it so to bad I am sure some of you insulting jordan are fatter than her, she isn’t even that fat she looks average to me but not everyone has to weigh 70 pounds to look good in this world, I think Kevin has played one of the best games in this house and if you think Jeff has played a better game than why is he in the Jury house while Kevin is guaranteed third and will most likely be seeing second place.

  97. I am done with big brother too. I can’t stand Natalie. Im wondering if she is telling the truth about her boyfriend. If so, I don’t think its fair of big brother to allow them to talk game with each other. All she does is lie. Jeff made such a big mistake breaking up his alliance so soon. He should of broke up the others first than his. Kevin is an idiot too. He should have made a deal with Michelle. If its true with the warrant Natalie should be asked to leave. Wouldn’t that be nice.

    1. I know you r right. Natalie is real pathetic b/c all she did was insult and attack people when things didn’t go her way. She hates and holds michelle responsible for Chima leaving. Oh please. They should keep Chima because Nat wants them to. The Jesse thing too. After she won HOH she said “Chima this is for you” and some digs toward michelle. Do we see Jordan acting like that toward Kevin for taking out Jeff and Nat voting him out.

  98. Okay, I am going to say something that many of you may not agree with, but, since that hasn’t stopped me before lol, I think Jordan has actually been playing quite a game. Think about it, who would you say is the nicest person in the house? Except the thing with Russell, which really was her worst worst moments in the house, she has been nice to everyone. Has not gone out of her way to be mean. In fact, I am going to go so far as to say she has been playing a smart game all the way. She has spent her fair share of time on the block but she is still in the house! Go Jordan!!!
    On another note, Kevin, Up until he got together with Natalie and started being very very much like her, I would have been okay with him winning. I thought he seemed like a fairly decent person, which he may still be after he has been away from Natalie for awhile. I know that each of us, given the “right”, or “wrong” circumstances can become a person we would ordinarily never become because of the people we are around. For example, I know lots and lots of people who will write the vilest things in an e-mail or even a post like this- really cut people up, but would never ever say the same to that person’s face. It is called dehumanizing.
    Anway, thanks for reading and letting me rant and vent a little.
    Have a nice evening :)

    1. Actually, no I would not say Jordan is the nicest person. That would be Jessie hands down. I didn’t watch last season so he may have been a dick then, but this season I dare you to name a time where he was mean or insulted someone, he never did. He played a fantastic game. Honest, loyal, a leader, a HUUUUUGE threat, took his eviction in stride. He was great this season. Jordan however has been a total b*tch behind the scenes while talking with Jeff and others to: Russell, Michele, Natalie, and Lydia.

      1. Did you take a look at him? He was a coward, leaving to go lie down while there was commotion. Granted since all he did between comps was lie down, it wasn’t that unnatural. I found him to be really annoying, with tearing his short off and stuff, really over the top. It is apparent that he wants to be in show business, unfortunately for me he will probably will be. Also, the sexual activity, I found to be really disgusting- that would be directed at lydia as well. Did you see jordan blowing jeff? I don’t think so.

  99. OH and on what planet has Natalie been living on where she has not figured out how to use a tampon? Enough!! Hmmm…. unless, she is really a he. Then I could understand.

  100. Go Kevin and Nat!! The reality is that certain ppl are just sore LOSERS!!! Nat or Kevin WILL win bb11, hands down!! SO say what you want, but one of those two will be rewarded with a nice sum of money!! They will not give a DAM if america likes them or not!!

    1. Anonymous- You are probably right. Kevin and Nat will probably be in final two. At least one of them. But I still can’t stand Nat. She made the game very annoying to watch with her people bashing, lies, etc…ew….I can’t stand her. I was hoping for Anyone to return from the jury house to play the game.

    1. Id just like to say i find it absolutely ridiculous people are calling jordan fat. the girl can rock it in a bikini and is MAYBE a size six. Is this what america has come to when a beautiful normal sized girl is now to be called fat. That is the exact reason why there are hundreds of thousands of girls throwing up their food or not eating all together.

  101. There’s enough hate for everyone, let’s not heap it on Nasty and Gollum alone. What’s more despicable, the lying, manipulating back stabbing of Nasty and Gollum or the gullible, ignorant backstabbing of Jeffro and Jordumb? The real floaters this season were J/J, who were too busy with their romantic interlude to bother playing the game until America handed it to them on a silver platter and then they proceeded to pull a Howie and become a Marcellas. The fact that a she-male and gay can make the final 2 in BB shows that America is a more open and tolerant nation than ever.

    1. It is just a game… but a very BORING game at that… I guess when you have 2 losers going to the final round things get a little lame… the ending of this season has been a joke. thnx Simon and Dawg for all the updates : )

      1. Correction..the only losers in this game as of now is:
        Braden, Laura, Casey, Russell, Lydia, Jessie, Jeff, and Ronnie…you can;t even call Chima a loser because you don’t know what would have happened with the game if she had not been expelled……so get your facts straight….you can call Natalie and Kevin losers, but if they wind up being final 2, one gets $500,000 and the other gets $50,000, and the real loser is gonna be YOU!!! You hater……………………..

        1. why does someone have to be a hater just because they have a different point of view on the game? this site has seen so much hate towards each other on here and we all have a common interest, the show. we are not playing the game they are so we don’t need to be nasty to each other.

  102. I hope Kevin takes Michelle, he has a good chance to win with her, that way Michelle will get second place. PP sucks! she won money thats why she didn’t play POV…think about it.

    1. He needs to take Jordon and let it be known when he does hes doing it so she can win some money. Idea for the game changing twist of Pandora’s box…Nat opened the box and is now on the block. Veto gets to vote out of 3 people to leave and Kevin kicks Nats ass to the curb — Greedy bznatch

  103. Can someone please catch me up. I thought Julie said that Tuesday would be live POV comp, live POV ceremony so what did kevin win?

    1. monica- Kevin won POV. I don’t know if she said it would be live tuesday. But Kevin did win pov today and it looks like michelle is going home.

    2. Tues – Veto – Live Veto Ceremony – Live Eviction – Because there is no need for Kevin to go in and Vote because he is the only vote he can stand up and evict who he wants on the spot.

  104. GO KEVIN..ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY..we gon party like its your birthday..and we dont give a f*uck what them haters say, cause we gon win it anyway…
    ::sing along::


  105. 1.) people it is just a game!
    and for those of you getting all upset at people who have decided to quit watching, what does it matter to you? they are simply stating their opinions! just because you don’t agree with someone else doesn’t mean you get the right to talk down to others!

    2.) for all you natalie and kevin fans, you’d probally be upset if they got evicted just like all the jeff fans are right now. and some of you would probally quit watching because your favorite was gone, too!

    3.) and jeff had every right to be mad, his pride was hurt. i’m sure jessie’s was too and so was russel’s pride! it’s not fun to lose half a million dollars on national television.

    4.) i have quit watching the show just because it’s no longer entertaining! sorry, it isn’t. CBS’ idea of a “twist” is ridiulous! if you want viewers produce something entertaining, period.

    5.) how is it jeff’s fault the game has played out like this? he played the game the best way he knew how, he did not hear or see all the things the fans were able to see!

    6.) none of us can control the game or who wins.

    7.) no one on this site is pathetic!

    8.) simon, this site is great! thank you.

    1. #5: He didn’t have to see or hear all the things fans saw. He only had to be smart enough to know that you never trust the enemy. He bought the lie K/N told him, without even questioning it. That is why it is his fault. He was handed the game on a silver platter, and he blew it. America gave him the CDT because we believed he’d use it and take out that alliance. He used it, and then became a power-mad tyrant who made decisions based on fear and insecurity. All he had to do was just question a lie coming from enemy camp, but did he? No. It is common sense not to trust someone who was against you from the start. THAT is why it is Jeff’s fault.

  106. gO kevin>>> go nataLIE….. my TEAM IS AWESOME……SEE YOU GUYS AT THE FINAL….. GUESS WHAT AMERICA i DO GET TOVOTE …NOT U….hahahahahahahaha…..!!!!!!!!

    1. your not chima…chima’s name is spelled chIma not chYma..but anyways who cares if you get to vote..its funny because your the loser you won nothing!! You got yourself fired and made an idiot of yourself..thumbs up to you! you are officially the stupidest person on this planet!

    2. Chiapt u were patheitic and All of u haters on here as well because of you and people lik u most of us hav stopped watching BBH it has went to the dirt bags of the world Jeff and Jordan are and will always be number one in my book inside and out of BBH

  107. I know it’s just a game but it’s still so disheartning to see 2 backstabbing, seedy and just all around horrible people win money!!! Hopefully they don’t live their actual lives like this too. CBS pandora’s box sucked ass!! What kind of a twist is that? It’s like the game was purposely put in PP and kev’s hands….

  108. Wow.. just as predicted the BB rating fell like a brick . Next year or a year from now no one will even know who won BB11.. Frankly I doubt anyone would care the dumbest guests house so far. Kevin is so stupid Natalie has the whole game rapped up. That was pandora’s box Nasty ‘s BF probably told her if she didn’t win he is dropping her like a brick. His friend have to be laughing at him for even being with someone so Stupid and Nasty.. I know I definitely would so would just about everyone in my town . They would be complete outcast.. You can’t go on national tv and do the shit she did although most of it was on the internet livefeed but she is one nasty female. Michele should a super big prize for being a SUPER FREAK(in a good) her sexual exploits are the shit.. If she had mention that in the begin she would had a Showance and probably won it too.. But it was a waste on a Couple, a Gay guy, and a Nasty little she-male. Also Michele body is looking hot too

    1. Wow!! When do people like you stop watching…..Why are you keeping up with the ratings, Why are you so wrapped up into something and watching people on a TV show you claim to dislike so much? When you get your own TV station, you can show what you like, but until then you really need to get some help. Saying all that dumb shit does’nt make it so….Please, do the world a favor, and stop watching….because the show will go on and you can’t stop it…none of you whiners can.

  109. all i know I hope michelle stays but I doubt since pp wants her to go and kevin will do what she says. Some how hope jordan wins the next hoh. But don’t know who she should choose to go to the final 2. I think if she takes pp then maybe she will get 3 votes lydia, jeff, michelle. But if kevin goes he will win lydia will vote for him.

  110. And speaking of swamp donkey. Isn’t she already shitting herself? The way she waddle’s looks like she’s carring around a loaf anyways. Her dad must be so proud.

  111. This is just a game, last year Dan (BB10) did some of the same things Nat and
    Kevin did and he was loved just enjoying the game don’t take everything so

    1. Seriously, Dan was a likable guy. And a lot of the things he did were decided upon by America’s votes. He never showed disrespect for anyone in the house. If anything, he tried his hardest to keep things on a friendly level. He had my respect for that. Kevin and Natalie are the exact opposite. If this were a movie, you would be hoping that these two would be riddled with bullets at the end for their actions. I know it’s a game, but a bit of class wouldn’t hurt. Not that there was much class at all this season. An ugly bunch all around for the most part.

  112. I’ve tried to watch since Jeff was evicted, but let’s face it….BORING. I no longer watch the feeds, have only checked in to see who won POV and found out it’s Kevin. So, Michelle will be out and it looks like my worst nightmare is coming true. PP and Kevin in final 2. This season was really good until pp took over. Now the show is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

  113. I hate Natalie, she is the WORST PLAYER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY, her boyfriend must be stupid as hell to put up with her DUMB ASS. I am so disappointed this year. BB did not even have any good twists except the Coup de tat….CHIMA BITCH ruined the whole show this year and BB just gave up trying to make the Show Great after CHIMA BITCH was thrown off . BB LAID DOWN LIKE A DOG AND GAVE UP THIS YEAR… I am a big Jeff fan and I wished he would have won; however I would have still been BB #1 Fan if they had carried on with tradition and had great twists and turns. WHAT IS UP WITH THE 2ND PANDORA’S BOX? IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, JULIE SAID AT THE LAST LIVE EVICTION THAT THIS PANDORA’S BOX COULD POSSIBLY CHANGE THE OUTCOME THIS GAME. HOW SO JULIE….IT SEEMED TO NOTHING BUT FURTHER PROVE WHAT A WASTE PRODUCT NATALIE IS….THIS GAME WAS PATHETIC…AND NOT JUST BECAUSE MY FAVORITES DID NOT WIN, BUT CAUSE BB JUST GAVE UP ON THE SHOW AND STOPPED TRYING TO MAKE IT INTERESTING.

    1. Honestly, would the worst player in Big Brother history make it to the end of the game? I think not. She has played well. She is just an unlikable person. I think Nazi’s probably had better personalities than hers. lol All that aside, she has done well. VERY well. Kudos to Natalie. Let’s just hope she’s not this ugly outside the house.

  114. There is something wrong people, B.B, has been handing this game to Natalie from day one, & it is hard to watch. Everything that girl has ask for –( she-gets ) After finding out that Kevin has won the POV, I am done with the show. I will not care to watch the ending or next year. I read this morning right here on blog somewhere that Natalie is wanted for an outstanding warrant, & that B.B. found out about it a week ago. They were checking on Chima,s story about being r**** & went and done a check on the rest of the house guest. They said the warrant came after she was already in the house. Not sure how true it is but I did read it this morning around 7.30 a/m & I was not surprised to read something like that about her. This girl should get nothing & she has not played a good game, as everyone treated her like a kid because she lied about her age, & that is how she got this far, she was treated like a baby & she acted as one too.

    1. Judy, Chima r*** was true. The cold case was on TV, plus pictures of her after the terrible beating that she took. 2 other people in her complex were killed. He was put to death in July of this year. About Natalie I have not heard about that but it would not suprise ma at all. Chima was very bitter and she should have gotten some help. So for that I will excuse her for actions even though I do not agree with the way she played the game. BB need to screen these people a little closer. As far as Natalie hope the police are there with handcuff and take her away.

  115. dude i really hope michelle is saved by the p box

    jordan and michelle are the nice hgs and even tho jordan isnt the brightest crayon in da box
    id rather see someone decent than an evil human being like natalie
    her name should be nataliar

    dude im pissed i hope michelle and jordan magically make it 2 f2!
    please lord let jordan and michelle sumhow get 2 the end

    if michelle isnt saved sumhow i will be done with this season

    i also heard sumwhere that ratings dropped drastically when nat won

    if michelle or jordan dont win i hope kevin does but if kevin takes nat to f2…. then theres no way hes gona win

    1. i wanna know too it cant be america unless they are asked to vote online on next sundays show ( next tues) is the finale) and that would only be in the event of a tie ( but julie would probably say who america picked after anyhow. makes sense. :-}

  116. It seems like Nat really believes herself to be this great and wonderful person and BB player. There must be some sort of psychological term for such a delusional person. She takes credit for anyone in her “group” winning competitions or for coming up with the big lie and even for getting Kevin some of his clothes. She bosses everyone around, tells them all what they should wear, because she has such great fashion sense. Hopefully when she watches the tapes, she’ll try to get some much needed help. Especially if she wins any of the money. And as for her trying to have her wedding on CBS, well like I said CRAZY!!

  117. Guys, the pandora’s box was a chance for someone in the house to speak with someone in the Jury. Jessie to be exact. Julie used the same coment about a potential game changer time this “twist” was used. How do we know this? Natalie slipped up several times when talking to Michele and Jordan by saying “Jessie” then covering it with “my boyfriend” She told the boyfriend story to keep Kevin happy and keep herself in the game. By the way she’s been acting I’d say that Jessie told her he could get her the votes. Jessie may also have told her that she may win the peoples vote since she has disassociated herself from him! The bad part of this was her not being able to be in the POV. Period – Pandora’s box is closed guys.

  118. If this show were any more BORING it would be legally classified as a sedative!!! Since the boys have gone the After Dark show is unwatchable PERIOD!!! Sorry Kevin I liked you in the begining but after teaming with Gnat your just as silly as the other girls

  119. Even if Nat makes it to the final two – 99 percent chance she will not be voted, she lied to them all about her age, she was carried through by Kevin. Natalie LOVED Chima and saw nothing wrong with her behavior, doesn’t that tell you what kind of low individual she is.

  120. I think I am done with this season… hopefully when they screen for the next cast, they don’t use the same people for the job as this season! The only decent people on the show this season were Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Natalie and ego man, Jesse ugh… give me a break! I would have loved to see Evil Dick up against the he/she Natalie though… that would be entertaining!!

  121. Kevin opened Pandora’s box and his actions had no consequences.. Nasty Natalie opened Pandora’s box and also had no consequences. Both were greedy and selfish and should have had repercussions. Jeff found the key and received nothing for doing so. There is supposed to be HOPE in Pandora’s box so Jeff should get to come back. At a minimum Michelle should get the VETO because Kevin saw the questions and basically cheated.
    Someone posted that the ratings were up last Thursday, but that was only because viewers thought for sure Jeff would be brought back because Kevin opened Pandora’s box. The ratings are down now because that didn’t happen and PP won HOH.
    Why has BB let these people get by with cheating and not following the rules over and over, especially when it’s Natalie and Kevin who no one on any of the message boards can even stand to watch on the show? Why would they deliberately want to ruin the show?
    BB also kept baiting everyone to watch saying Pandora’s box could be a game changer, etc. Then we all watch and nothing changes. I’ve been a long-time fan, but I’m DONE. This is outrageous.

  122. I have read that Kevin cheated on the POV; that he could either hear or see the questions to the other hg before his turn. has anyone else heard that and what will CBS do about it?

  123. is it just me or is there something VERY strange in the way natalie behaved when she was alone w/ her ‘bf’….. she didn’t seem real excited about seeing him after all this time … all she did was ‘plot 2 lie’ while she was in that room w/ him!! she is just a scank and a total waste of skin!! it’s a no wonder she’s a fighter~ she’s probably had the shit beat out of her all her life~ and has deserved every beating shes got and will get in her future!! it will be a total misjustice etc… if she wins anything!!!!!!!!

  124. I’m no Jeff lover but I think he was the most down to earth compared to most of the bunch (ie: Jessie, Natalie, Lydia…). I liked Russell some times, but he could be so annoying. I bet he’s a nicer guy out in the world.
    You can’t deny Kevin won fair and square for POV…
    and Natalie…well, she’s a bit lame on camera. I feel bad for all the negative stuffs about her online. She might win the $500K or $50K but I doubt she’ll enjoy all the crap on her online! and most of it is probably close to how she is in real life!!! which is sad! So is 500K/50K worth it? Basically, her reputation is ruuuuuined. On top of that, she is so dumb…(yes, I know she won HOH and other stuffs but heck, she’s really dumb and annoying)

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