Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin says if its endurance next, he’s going to bleed, shit on himself, eat bugs, etc. Natalie says I will too, but I won’t like it…

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2:35pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Michelle are talking in the pool room. Michele is second-guessing the HOH competition, saying if she hadn’t said that it was fact that Jessie and Lydia weren’t talking in the jury house. Jordan: every time I’m friends with someone, they leave. Michelle: well, you couldn’t even vote in the beginning. Jordan: I’m the worst player ever! Michelle: no you’re not. Jordan says that Jeff threw the HOH to her. Well, I did get the POV. Michelle says in practice that Jordan was getting holes in one, and Jeff actually took that accomplishment away from her by throwing it because she could have won it on her own. Jordan: I feel like I’m not doing anything, you know? The last time I won something was, what, three weeks ago? Two weeks ago? I’m just a awful player. UUuuh. I do terrible under pressure. Michelle: me too. Jordan: I’m so embarrassed for myself! Michelle saying she laid them all out and then stacked them, but skipped one so they were all wrong, but her brain wasn’t working right and she wasn’t seeing it. Michelle saying that last year they were told if it was right before they could go up to the next step, but this year they all had to do them all, and they could see how the other people were doing because they could see them from the top of the staircase. It would have been a very different competition if it was each one. Michelle: ooh. Jessie question. Errr. Jordan: I didn’t know any of his questions either. Michelle and Jordan continue commiserating. Jordan: after the veto, I always wish Thursday was here to get it over with. Jordan asked about the schedule and Michele saying there will be a three part HOH, that the jury questions are on a different day than HOH, and she doesn’t think that the questions and answers with the jury are on a different night than finale night. Jordan: I’m not going to get any votes. Michelle: yes you are. Are you going to cry? Jordan: I’m just sad. Jordan is now getting up under her blanket and walking out of the room into red bedroom saying “I’m the worst player ever!” Jordan says to Michelle: are you hungry? Michelle: I was hungry, but I’m not anymore. I want a veto sandwich! A John Gotti sandwich. Michelle: it is what it is. I was supposed to go home last week. It was supposed to be me and Russell. Jordan: what you and Russell in the end? Michelle: no, once Russell left, I knew I wasn’t far behind. You guys took out the one person who had my back 100%, even though I didn’t have his. Jordan: well, you don’t know that because you can’t trust him. Michelle: he just talked too much. He was trustworthy to some point. But an asshole. Jordan: heck yeah! Michelle: well, vengeance is theirs. (laughs)
Kevin and Nat are in the HOH room. Kevin says they can’t let Jordan get to phase three of the HOH. Kevin says in endurance, he’s going to bleed, shit on himself, eat bugs, etc. Nat: I will too, but I won’t like it. They’re planning to do the Dan and Memphis 1 2 punch, they think their just like them, staying committed to each other like they did, hiding their alliance. Nat: good times. Nat: Michelle’s going to be all over you. Should I cock block? Kevin: sure, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to give her a definitive answer. Nat saying it’s 5 days. Kevin: bitch needs to come to me too! If I see opportunities for her to get me alone, I’ll avoid them. Kevin: I went up to her and gave her an opportunity, and she straight up declined me. Nat: I would have accepted! Kevin: it’s because the plan worked that she declined, because she thought it was all of you against me, and we weren’t together. Nat agrees. Kevin: for sure, I thought I was going home! Nat: I was saying think positive and be confident. Kevin: I run all the negative scenarios first and then I visualize the positive. Kevin: I literally fell to the ground crying, and Michele did too. When she came over she had tears in her eyes. Nat: she’s going to lose sleep too. Kevin: she’s going to have diarrhea and lose sleep. Sorry! Nat: it’s good times, want to go down there? Kevin: yeah, but I need to not rub it in their faces though. Nat: Kevin, I had this plan. If you won, I was going to go get the two Mike’s, cheers, I had it all planned. Nat and Kevin are heading down the stairs from HOH. Nat: I don’t know why I couldn’t have seen from inside the house on the tv. Kevin: that would have been better TV. They agree, because she would have been screaming on the tv. Nat and Kevin in the kitchen. Kevin: look at all these flies! Nat; I don’t even like being around the sink. Kevin is drinking one of the Mike’s hard lemonades. Nat is pretending to cross out Michelle’s photo on the wall, saying that is what she did to Jeff’s last week. Nat: this is a good day. Kevin: I’m going to go pee.
START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! Use the FLASHBACK feature to jump back in time and watch all the drama? TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!
2:45pm Big Brother Time: Kevin is in the bathroom and then walking out to the red room, where Nat is unmaking a bed to climb in. Kevin: no? Nat: no. Kevin: she must be in diary. they didn’t call her though. Kevin: storage room? Dude, they were like, listening to us. Kevin: you know what I was thinking? You know what I have to do? I have to make a final 2 deal with Jordan as a back-up plan. Nat: don’t push her for an answer, she’s never given me an answer. I’m always telling her I’m taking you to the end. Kevin: What I need to do is say what I said to Natalie is true, I don’t want to take her to the end. They think it’s a backup-backup plan, because you never know about what’s going to happen. Kevin: Oh my God. That was set up for Michele to win. she was done in like, 5 minutes. Nat: I would have won. Kevin: you know there’s a date ones coming up in final 3, because there were no dates. Nat: It could be straight nominees. Nat says she needs to come up with something good to say for putting up the replacement nominee. Nat: she knows deep in her heart she’s going home. you know that deep in your heart if she won, that you were going home. Kevin going to string Michelle along–Nat says just never commit, so you’re not going back on your word. Kevin says he did the same with Russell. Kevin will say that he has to respect Nat’s decision. Kevin: the thing I told her before is that I said “Michele, the one thing I need you to do is don’t target me.” bitch didn’t say yes or no. If she had just said no then I would put her out of her misery. Nat saying that Jeff did the same thing to them, I’m going to let you guys sweat it out, it’s a good element of surprise. You’re going to torture us, we’re going to torture you. Kevin: the live show, I ahve to vote. I’ve got to stand up and say “you’re going home” Nat saying something about Thursday’s live show, maybe it will be something athletic. Nat: you don’t even know how ecstatic I am right now. Kevin: you’re ecstatic? I’m ecstatic! You were safe this week. Nat: did I not tell you we’re on a winning streak. They’ve been running this house for over a month, it was only a matter of time before it changes. Kevin says they need to calm down with that shit because Big Brother will be like: surprise, Jeff’s coming back! Kevin saying he always had a dream to be on Big Brother, and when he finally made it. Nat: you know what I said to my boyfriend the other day? I told him that all my dreams are coming true. Nat says they would literally get in fights if Big Brother is on and he wants to watch. Going on Big Brother was her dream. Now he proposed and that’s another dream come true. Kevin says he knew he’d make it to the end. he doesn’t know if final 3 or 4. Nat says she said it too, that she’s going to win this shit on press day. and getting to final 2 is winning because 50 G’s will go a long way. She’ll go into marriage with her husband free and clear of debt. Nat: I have so much on my mind Kevin. A wedding to plan… this is a dream come true. Kevin: dude, if I win Big Brother, I’m going to propose to my man. Nat says something about her boyfriend, and then corrects it to fiance and says “I’ve got to get used to that!” smiling. Nat says that whoever goes to the jury this week is going to tell Jessie that she’s engaged, and Jessie’s going to be bitter, not only did she leave him a nasty message saying he’d never have her, but he’s also going to be mad that she’s engaged. Kevin says that he’s a man and to save face that he’ll vote for her because he’ll say “you’re my friend. you were always my friend” Nat: I don’t know Kevin. Kevin: it was so funny with that Pandora’s box thing. Nat: I”m glad I wasn’t down with that stench, that stank Kevin: I honestly thought this morning that they were going to come back in because when they put on…and the feeds cut to TRIVIA …when they come back. Kevin talks about Pandora’s box saying the dude was sweating like crazy so he was offering him water. The roach would jump around and do things and he would say “you’re going to hurt yourself” Kevin thinks one of them was a PA, that he recognized him, but he’s not sure. TRIVIA again.
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Nat is talking about how she talked to “her boyfriend” in the mystery room & told him that she was putting Kevin up. boyfriend was like what? She told him it’s ok, he knows he’s going up, it’s a ploy, all for the game. Nat: asked for advice from boyfriend, he told her one thing she needs to work on is her mouth, she has become very vulgar since being in the house. and to stick to who you are committed with and ride it all the way to the end. Don’t go back and.. which meant to stick with you (Kevin) don’t betray that, stick to what I do. Kevin: they wouldn’t have let you say that cause that’s game shit. Nat: No it wasn’t. No.. He just couldn’t tell me anything he’s seen on TV, like any advice on what he’s seen. And then I asked about, like, I asked him too.. Cause then he said he’s been reading the blogs and I have a lot of haters, hater fans. He said there was alot of haters out there, A LOT! He told me, like more than fans, ya know? And then I was like it’s cause I was friends with Jessie, it’s to be expected. But it’s OK, ya know…everybody’s gonna… Kevin: we are not getting America’s vote. Nat: That’s what I was saying. He told, he straight up told me there’s a lot of haters. The blogs that he reads… Not good (with a nervous giggle) Kevin: America is loving Jordana and Jeff. Guaranteed. Nat: uh-huh. And then they love Michele cause she’s on their side. Kevin: Yeah, Michele is like this underdog type character. Nat: I think Michele is getting a good edit too because he was like all like he liked Michele yesterday. Ya know what I mean, like he liked her a player or whatever because she is probably getting, ya know, she’s probably getting “the poor girl”, like the falling on the, yaknow, burning herself. Kevin: the underdog. Nat: yeah, so she’s probably getting the “awww, you feel bad for her edit, ya know. Kevin: yeah, I’m getting the bitter queen edit. Nat: I don;t know what kind of edit I’m getting, but it’s the edit that’s associated with Jessie edit. Quiet for a second then. Kevin says OMG this happened, whew! I feel like when they told me I made it on BB right now. Like OMG are you serious, OMG! Nat: We need some stuff tonight to do an engagement party and then we can celebrate at the same time. Kevin Dude! I can relax now. Nat: so was Michele almost done when you hit the buzzer or no? Kevin: I don;t know. It was blocked off, we can’t see each other, but she hit the buzzer like 30 seconds before I did which means that she had 2 answers wrong, so all she had to do was take it out & re-stack it. And when she hit the buzzer, all my shit was on the floor cause I had to… Nat: How many times did you hit the buzzer? Kevin: once and I won. Nat: and you won. Kevin: yeah. Nat: that’s how you do it. Kevin: yup. Nat: get it right the first time. Kevin: Mmmm Hmmm.. Nat: Jordan didn’t even make it past the first question. Kevin I can’t blame her though, it’s very stressful. Like, once you brain fart on something, you start to freak out. I was like what!? And then I started going thru my fingers again and I was like oh shit wait, first, second, third, oh wait, like I started to get… I was like OK wait, calm down. Nat: That’s awesome. Its a good day Kevin, we get to celebrate, You should take a shower, put something on and let’s enjoy the night. Kevin: We win shit when it matters. Nat: Nods her head yeah – when our life is on the line. My life was on the line this week. If I didn’t win HOH. Kevin: I can honestly say though, the only I threw something was the first competition. Everything else I tried, but not like OMG I gotta win, OMG. This time I was pacing back and forth like Russell. Nat: Even the S’more competition, I was trying and when I saw I couldn’t win anymore, I kinda gave up but I didnt like ya know… I honestly, between you and I, cause I want Michele to be scared, I want her to think ya know, she’s been throwing, ya know. I’ve never actually thrown anything – any competitions. I wont say I’ve given 100% because I’ve never really felt like my life was on the line either. Ya know. Kevin: yeah. Nat: But I’ve never thrown anything, not even one competition have I thrown, none. Jordan walks in, saying she was in the diary room, telling them how embarrassed she was during the veto competition. Michelle is out of the shower, getting ready in the bathroom. Kevin and Jordan rehashing the veto competition. Nat tells Kevin, even though she nominated him, she’s glad he won and is staying. She says she wants Michele out and everyone knows how she feels about her. She repeats that Michele is the devil. Jordan asks Kevin if he’ll tell her if she’s staying or not before the eviction ceremony. He says yes. Nat tells Kevin she respected his wish when he was HOH, so she expects him to honor her. She says if he doesn’t evict Michele, Kevin’s a dummy, as Michele will win next week and Kevin will lose $500,000. Kevin leaves to use the bathroom. Nat tries to get Jordan to go upstairs with her, but Jordan says she’s find where she’s at. Nat then says she’s comfy there, too. Nat tells Jordan Michele will start to throw her under the bus and Jordan wants to know if Kevin has talked about her and Nat says no, Kevin just said he’s saving himself. Nat tells Jordan to not be seen with Michele, as to make others think something. Nat says if Jordan and Michele are seen alone together, people might think they’re scheming, and Michelle may go to Nat and Kevin and lie about what Jordan is saying. Nat keeps repeating that Michelle is going to get down and dirty, lying and calling Jordan out. Jordan is surprised Nat thinks this and says Michele should have kept Russell. Nat says Michelle’s vote didn’t matter, Russell would have still left.
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3:40pm Big Brother Time: Nat and Kevin are talking to Jordan in the red bedroom, Nat telling Jordan that Michele is going to get nasty and throw her under the bus, so she shouldn’t spend any one on one time with Michele and give Michele the opportunity to then in turn say that Jordan had just been scheming with her. Jordan asks really? (doubting that Michelle will be nasty) Jordan simply says that she thinks that Michele just wishes they they had kept Russell here. Nat again saying it would be a good move for Michele but not for Jordan to have kept Russell. Jordan goes back to the pool room, saying that she knows what Michelle thinks and Nat and Kevin immediately start mouthing things to one another. Kevin says that when he read it, that only the three of you chose to accept the invitation to play in the veto comp. He then (I think jokes) and says that it said that Natalie got greedy and took Pandora’s box.

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i’d rather watch paint dry than stick around for the finale!!!!


in hindsight.. as irritating as Jessie was.. we might have been better off had he been voted out instead of this natalie creature. CBS.. let’s hope you do some better screening for BB12.


correction: “we might have been better off had he been voted to stay..”


i agree 🙁 lets hope for big brother 12 all stars! i wonder if its just like seasons 8-11 casue it would be nice to have some old old favorties 🙂 a for sure ratings booster, becasue they would already have the fan base. thanks simon for the best bbsite:) i check it at least 7 times a day.

Dork Nowitzky

Yes! All Stars would be awesome! Dying to see Russell and Ronnie go against Jeff, Evil Dick, and Dr Will.. Jeff was not the smartest player this year but he was definitely a fan favorite and certainly All Star worthy.. I for one will be watching every last minute of the remaining season and who knows maybe Jordan will surprise us all!


Wishful thinking but Jordan has a snowballs chance in hell to win.

another fan

If Kevin wins the final HOH (if he doesn’t, he is a loser, because he has no competition), I actually think he might choose Jordan for final 2. He has said many times he would not win against Nat, and he would have a good chance against Jordan because he was a much better player. Nasty would be pissed, but most of the jury would vote for the better player.


if jeff and russ are ever together again they would definitely team up…jeff said he would want to


i would rather see the entire bb11 cast all come back again for a new season knowing what they know now and see how that will play out.


Now that would be a show, wouldn’t it!


Agreed cannot watch those losers I’m stopping the dvr today


at least michele admit that when russell was backdoor,,she lost the game.. i wish she never threw him under the bus..thats why when russ was evicted she cried. i blame jeff and jordon for nat making it to the final. both j/j wasted their hoh. two of the dumbest players in bb history. as far as michele,,she should had tried to stick with russ instead of being up jeff ass.

another fan

You are SO right!

hell to the yea

yeahhhhhhhhhhh.///party all the time all the time….this game keeps getting better and better…..BYE…COO COO CRAZY FREAK….aka michelle …am getting live feeds again…


Are you the guy/girl Ditchpig owes money to?


First HOH endurance: How long can the HG stay inside a clear, plastic box with flying insects?


How long could the insects stay alive with her?


That would be so awesome if this were true! Natalie wouldn’t be able to handle that for 5 minutes!!! Personally…I am a J/J fan. I used to like Kevin, but my god….he has turned into Gnat Jr……..ick


thanks simon! i’ll be back for sure next year i appreciate all the hard work for us big brother heads! too bad gnat-a-lie completely ruined this season


I can’t believe this foolishness. What a horrible way to end the season!

This season sucks!

I am done now…………I hate Nasty….all she does is lie and cheat…boot her off the show…CBS…heres a twist, the winnings will be not be given to the players but to a charity instead…..that would be worth watching….I can’t stomach the thought of such a terrible person winning that much money by being completely evil….it’s not right


Damn Nat is hot!

Nat and Kev FTW!!


Hot? Not.


Shit…I think I just vomitted in my mouth again!!! Stop already!


I think I just vomitted in my mouth!!


Me too,and didn’t that pigpen only watch 2 or 3 Big Brother seasons,she skated and was lucky IS all.


Simon, I LOVE the Pig Pen picture for Nat. >5
I am so flattered to have been the one to have coined that nick name for Pig Pen (I really did everyone, ask Simon! lol!) and to see it catch on with everyone on here. Who is the one who came up with “Gnat”? That’s another clever one and props to you! I LOVE this board and am going to miss it when Big Brother is over. Do you do a Survivor Spoiler Blog?


P.S. I see Kevin won POV. This means Michelle is going home. 🙁 After Jeff got evicted, Michelle was my next choice to take the 500 grand. Guess I’m going to have to cheer for Jordan now. ::sigh::


PIG PEN is just too painful to watch anymore. Love jordo , but she cant win shit,……Jeff did carry her she owed him more then just a kiss. Her implants are way too big.. If her fa,mily was evicted out of their house how did she pay ffor her chest?

Kevin needs to go … way too many plots plans.. tricks ….over the top and nausiating!

nasty h8ter

Did I just read Nasty telling Gollum her bf told her to stick with Gollum to the end,no matter what! Sorry thats talking wonder this dumb SOB is with her,he must be a lying,cheat just like her,probally her pimp!!!! Maybe BB needs to rewind their convo and listen to it closely!


Michele has been a great player unlike Natalie.Natalie is a liar,liar, liar. Just wait until all the players get to see all tapes. I hope there’s a suprise twist that will send Natalie packing. Let’s see praying, cussing and drinking what a great combination. Don;t forget Natalie just through Kevin under the bus by nominating him for eviction.

another fan

Yeah, some finale that will be. I won’t be watching! Can’t stand either of them, so I could care less who wins. In fact, Nasty makes my skin crawl, but I would have watched if she was against Michele. Neither of them deserve a dime – I hope CBS gets what they deserve for their casting choices this season. Someone (or people) should lose their jobs over their choices. I will go online to vote for Russell or Michele to get the jury prize, but that is the only thing left caring about. Then I will just read the synopsis to see who got it – the way this season is going, Jessie or Lydia will get it.


Wow, you guys are really sore losers. Russell was my pick all along but I didnt and wont stop watching. Geez, I hated Dan and Memphis as well, but I stuck with it. Grow up. And stop saying you’re not gonna watch anymore bc we all know you’re gonna!

Jeff's Destiny

We got got! Thanks, Jeff, for making this all happen.

another fan

SO TRUE!!! Jeff got all of us – even CBS!

queen B

I believe that Jeff is coming back because there werent any goodbye messages and when he did his interview nothing was said about things he didnt know like Natalies age or the LML


Give it up already. I can’t stand PP or Kel but you really need to get over Jeff leaving. He is probably the worst player in BB history (excluding Jordon) and deserved to be evicted.


P.S. The show on thur is live and they probably ran out of time to give goodbye messages.


I think even Michelle sees that now, too. Should have kept Russell to get them to the final 4.

queen B

P.S I would like to thank Gnat for winning because I definitely wont be watching BBAD and donot feel pressed to what BB


Did Natalie really see her boyfriend??? I can’t believe production would allow something like that. Is she making this up?? One of her many, many lies?


One more time — I just don’t see how Nat actually talked face-to-face with her BF. House guests cannot have access to information that is denied to other guests — it would give someone an unfair advantage. She is a liar — she doesn’t want Kevin and the others to know what she actually GAINED from PB. My guess is she traded some great prize for the chance to play for the POV — effectively leaving Kevin all by himself.


It’s going to be very very bad for BB11 ratings. I’m sure most fans have lost interest now. Who wants to see scumbags like Kevin and Natalie win anything?




Because they know that is how they have been playing it and that’a how they got where they are. Darn them, anyway.


You are so right and that is why most people can’t stand them. Sorry Nat, but it’s not because of your assiocation with Jesse that makes you one of the most hated BB HG in history It’s the great extreme you go to to be mean to someone. And Kel is just as bad for being a follower.




THANKS SIMON! Thank you for all of your work.It is greatly appreciated BUT…time to depart for the year. The thought that this scummy little wench will make final two is intolerable so I am done until BB12.
Hopefully someone with good character will be in the final two next season.
If Jordan could ever get her crap together,I would cheer her on but…..poor thing…..she just can’t get her shit together.
All the best from British Columbia mate.


I can’t watch anymore. Natalie is the most disgusting person I have ever seen in my life. I don’t believe she still has a boyfriend. If so, he must not be very bright himself. She doesn’t shower, picks her nose and is a compulsive liar. Absolutely no redeeming qualities!

hell to the yea

people people people..for all thoes who keep saying…”am done” “that’s it, am sick of this season” “cbs you lost another fan”

Shut know guys will be watching till the end…and will be coming on this site looking for updates……WHY DO SOME PEOPLE MAKE IT SO PERSONAL.? IT’S A GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


I will not be watching. I’ve already cancelled the scheduled recordings on my dvr. I will check the website because I am curious who will win. I will not however, be able to stomach watching. I have been a fan for years and this is not the first time someone I did not want to make it this far did. (Season 6) Natalie is beyond acceptable and should not be rewarded for her behavior. No, I will not be watching.


Yes, a game I no longer choose to watch. I watch TV to be entertained, which means I want to experience enjoyment. In competitive entertainment, I watch to enjoy the skillful, competitive aspects or to root for my favorite team or players. When I have no favorite players, I do not watch to see worst players or team lose between themselves, or to see them cheat their way to victory. That’s not entertainment to me.

nasty h8ter

wasn’t a game a few wks ago when you was on here crying about your picks going home,oh how we forget that huh? STFU people are entitled to do what they want!


A miserable ending. Could really care less if Nat, Kevin or Jordan wins. Natalie and Kevin are disgusting and Jordan is just a lousy player. Oh well. There is always next year.

pamela j



I guess we now know that Natalies’ bf was in the mystery room as he told her he has followed the bb 11 blogs and she has alot of haters……..And I am one of them.
Iam so dissapointed with this latest dEVILopment.


I don’t believe that!! There can be no actual contact with BB house guests and the outside world. Maybe there was a video message from her BF and that would certainly be edited so that he could n’t give Nat any info that would help her in the game. She is a liar — it was money or something of that sort that she traded for not playing for the POV. When she did that she didn’t care if Kevin was safe or not — it is always about her. There is no way that she is a truthful person outside of this house. If she wins, and it is looking really good for her, she will proudly announce that she “fooled” them all about such things as her age, BF, and so on. Seriously, Evil Dick was just mean — and that is easier to stomach than Nat. She lies when she doesn’t even need to!!!!


kevin’s mind is rolling because he knows all the girls, especially natalie, will get the votes for the 500,000.

natalie is counting on this also.

BUT, if everyone is still mad at her about her lying about her age they may just vote for kevin.

i am sure this will PISS natalie off!

*i am still wishing for a jeff comback though!


These are so hard to read now. Jeff and/or Jordan are the cause of this, and I hope America doesnt’ give them the $25,000. It should clearly go to Michele or Russell.


Scott, I always kinda liked Russell best. I was disappointed when Jeff backdoored him. Thought that the J/J’s had blown it for themselves with that move. Russell told Jeff he wouldn’t go after him until the final 4 but at that time he would be after Jeff with all he had. What did Jeff expect? Russell just let Jeff take Jordon to the final two. Jeff never promised Russell the final two and Russell asked him. So, I think Jeff knew he would have a very hard time beating Russell and got him out early. Also, Jordon was in his ear to rid of him, too. Nat/Kevin were on their game plan. They got got. That is it in a nut shell. But, I will watch to the end. I still want to seen J/J when they learn that they were HAD BIG TIME. Darn them, anyway.


Jeff initially was my favorite, but I switched up real fast to Russ. When I saw that he stood his ground and went after Ronnie, I knew he was a smart player. I also think Jeff was so intent on getting Russ out because Jeff feared he couldn’t beat Russ at comps and he didn’t like that he couldn’t control Russ. Jeff let his insecurities rule and made emotional decisions instead of good game moves.


Nat blames Jessie for no one liking her LOL She’s the tramp, can’t blame Jessie for wat she is. kevin and nat belong together, both slimeBALLS


I use to be a huge fan of Big Brother, I may watch it, as I have stuck with it this long, but I am disappointed with the entired way it has ended. I will have to seriously consider ever watching it again. Waste of time this yr. Lots of hours I won’t get back


yeah i know if the lakers dont win the championship in 2010 ill never watch the nba again, and if the redkins dont win the superbowl im done w/ football. BTW want any cheese w/ that wine????

nasty h8ter

Here comes the Nasty/Gollum dirtbag fans,they’ll be all cocky now,just like them.


I don’t think that Joe’s point suggests he is pro-N/K. It just gets boring reading the repeated comments of “I’m never watching BB again!” Sure, and that’s why the people who say that are still reading and posting on the blogs. It’s fine not to like how things are turning out. But the “I’ll never watch again!” lines are just silly.




That’s what she gets for helping to make sure that K/N are in the final 2. Jordan is a big reason they are in the final 2. She reaps what she sews. But I’m sure she’ll feel right at home, since she is a lot like both of them.


Jeff and Jordan ARE the cause of those two rats getting this far.
I had a lot of fun watching my feeds, but I haven`t turned it on for three days now.

Jeff fan

Jordan needs to get her game face on. Pick Michelle’s brain and focus. Get some confidence and go get em.


as Dr Will and Boogie would say at the end of a DR session lololololololololololololololol


This sucks ass. I hate that Michelle is going home. But I knew that after winning POV 3 times her luck would run out. Michelle played a good game, too bad Jeff decided to screw himself and everyone in his alliance.

Thank you Jeff for giving Natalie $500,000. You will go down in history as the idiot that made it all possible. I am sorry I ever voted to give that moron the coup d’etat.


I feel cheated too, maybe if he had`t gotten that power….


I’m not organizing a boycott, but there’s definitely no reason for me to keep watching. I can’t stand the people who are left.. I’ll just tune into the finale.


Well, I don’t think it will come across the website that I am not allowed to talk about production but my daughter tried out for BB and got very far. Was interviewed by producer and filmed. She looked good on camera. They didn’t think that it would be good to have another girl from Oregon since they just had Natalie on the last season. She wasn’t choosen. But, let me tell you, they pick the type of people that they think will be controversial (sp?). They ask if you would have sex with someone, lie, cheat, your sexual choice, who you would least like to see in the house if you were there and all that kind of stuff. They are looking for people that will make us more mad than (not then) happy. That is the basis of the show. (for the record my daughter said she would do just about anything to win the money and she has seen how you have to play it to win. But, she told them that her mother told her that she could not have sex on the show. She could flirt and she would but no sex.) People have watched the show and how the ones that win get too. Nat, Kevin, Jeff, Russell, Michelle, Jordon all have watched it before, too. This is what we get for going for a reality show. And, guess what? They wanted me to tryout, too. Said they needed some older contestants. OLD, MY HELL!!!! I said no, I take too many drugs!


Lol. 😀 I can believe it that they want controversial people…good info for anyone who’s trying out to know. I always enjoy your posts, BBGrandma…is your daughter going to try out again? Good luck to her, if she is. Btw, SIMON – love the new pics for the final four. 🙂


Are you surprise they wanted someone old, too? Wrinkles and all. Oh, you folks that think Jordon is fat, well, I am not fat but I got a lot of stuff that isn’t where it use to be. No, you wouldn’t want to see that on your TV!


granny how ya holding up with this latest news development? LOL


Well, I am trying to get her to tryout again. I was ill this year, so, she didn’t. You would like her on there. She would be a blast! She is very pretty, too. But, of course I am her mother. She is tho! I am enjoying all of you on here! I just love to hear everyones opinions. And, there are so many, aren’t there. But guess what all you complaining, you are showing CBS that they have a hit show because we all are watching whether we like the winners or not. It always gets boring when down to the final 4 but it has been a hell of a party up to then (not than), hasn’t it? I am on to the end, even tho my guy didn’t win.


What I find funny, is not that Jordan is stuck with them, but that we are still stuck with Jordan.

I don’t see why everyone loves Jordan and Jeff so much. I guess it’s because of looks, and it proves how shallow of a society we are because we go by looks. Jeff did worse stuff than Ronnie, and Ronnie is villifed while Jeff is almost delcared a Saint by some poeple here. How can you like a person who swears on their family that you will not back stab someone and make an allience with them, and then stab him (Russell) in the back?

That's the truth

You are right. If Jeff looked like Ronnie, then everyone would be hating Jeff not only for his poor choices, but for his poor character.


like I want to see Ronnies man boobs…..uhh I just threw up in my mouth


This is HORRIBLE! Natalie has not won shit, has not played shit, except free loading off other people. Lied a TON! I’m really really mad Kevin won. What have they done? Yeah, Jordan hasn’t won anything for real either, but at least she’s likeable. And since she’s closest to Jeff, I hope she wins.


Russel was the only voice of reason left in the house, and Jeff evicted him. At least with Russel, Natalie’s yammering pie-hole was kept in check.


Now, I never thought of that but ooohhhh so true!


Does anyone out there think that maybe BB purposely made a veto comp that they knew Kevin would win with questions and puzzles? Maybe it was a set- up; that whatever Gnat is hiding about PB will take away power from HOH and Veto winner. I know it’s a long shot, but I just can’t see AG lying down and giving it to their side. Everyone knew they had a calendar and had questions down pat; why do a comp in their favor? Are the competitions preplanned months in advance? Probably. Have they always quoted to “expect the unexpected” ? Yeah. It’s no use. I keep grasping at straws and I need to see a good fight or some blood. The only thing Showtime is good for is Dexter and the Tudors.


I agree Lori, Dexter and Tudors will be the only thing I watch on Showtime from now on!


I have turned off the DVR too….who wants to see 2 players win that did nothing but ride the coattails of other players until the end…..Jordan is the one that really needs the money with her mother losing her house in NC……she must have gotten lots of tips to pay for her boob job…this has been the most disappointing season ever…..I did read that this is possibly the last season for BB……..I hope not…..not much to remember such a great show with if Nat or Kevin win b/c of a lie……………

Uncle Cool

Jordan is the most useless of all players. Talk about a free ride. She deserves nothing. She should not even get her stipend because she did not play the game at all – in any way.

Jordan All-time BB Fan

So Natalie is really engaged?


yep her BF broke down and made pigpen a nice twisty tie from a loaf of bread.
Looks really perrrrrrtttty lolol all white and twisty.


Im wondering if she even saw her boyfriend in the first place… My mom and I were convinced that she and Lydia were lovers. They always talked shit, but when they were both in the same room, they were always the first to address each other w/ whatever it was they were talking about… I have yet to see the rock on her finger… b/c surely if she was allowed to have her boyfriend propose during the show rather than @ the finale, they would allow her to rock her ring. Right?


…b/c you all have realized that she is a total dyke, right? And no, that isnt a derogatory remark- anyone who has a half-functioning gaydar saw it day one. Something isnt right… I cant wait to see when they air Pandora part II.


i read somewhere on an earlier post from someone that the only reason so many people didn’t like the gnat was because of jeff….well, i don’t think that is true. if you have been on this site from the beginning you would see that most people haven’t liked her much since day 1 and her lie about her age. then you add jesse to the mix and that didn’t help. i think what really tipped people over the edge was the fact she didn’t take a shower all week long when she was a have not and she announced on AD that she was on her period and we all picked up on that like radar and it just hasn’t stopped since….hence the name PigPen. she is just foul and gross. she was the first nose picker also. so we just haven’t liked her much from day 1. and as far as those saying they won’t watch anymore. well, they probably won’t. my friends and i no longer have interest at all. the people who are left in the house hold no interest for us to waste our time with so perhaps a few like myself will watch the finale to see to HG’s that we do like, but not to see who wins really as we don’t care. as a lot of people who have watched the past seasons have stated and i agree having watched them all myself, this seasons cast or the mixture of them just sucked. hopefully next year it will be better and it was fun for a while. this site has indeed been insightful to say the least. i am glad i know that this is a reality tv show and that is it, because i think some people take this to personally and get addicted to it and like live it and stuff. anyway, it has been real and fun. 🙂


To all of those who defended Jeff (and still do) for backdooring Russ, this is why so many people were upset that he did that.. It was clear to many that there was very little chance this could have turned out any other way. It was pretty evident that K/N would make it to the final 3. Michele knew it too, and that is why she was crying when Russ left. She couldn?t understand how Jeff could toss away a sure thing, she couldn?t understand why Jeff didn?t want her to have a place of her own (duo with Russ as J/J had with each other), she knew the targets would now be her and Jeff, and she knew she went too far in trying to keep suspicion off herself and trying to redirect it to Russ. I don’t understand how everyone is so shocked/upset now that this has happened. Given what the poor decisions J/J made, this outcome was pretty much predictable from the time J/J took out Lydia and Russ.


I’ve been saying that, too. Darn them anyway! That is why I would think it very wrong for BB to bring back Jeff. But, I don’t think they would do that. However, I do think there is more to that PB. Have to keep watching for that alone!


Russell would have got Jeff out if he won HOH that week . Russell said if i win im gunning for Jeff .You all make me laugh.lololol


Now, I don’t want to be just defending Russell here but Russell told Jeff that when it got down to them being the final 4 he would start gunning for Jeff. Why wouldn’t he? Jeff and Jordon weren’t going to take Russell to the final 2 or even the 3. After the 4, Russell said it would be game on between them. Not before that, tho.


Oh,,,,,and btw….kevin should eat bugs and shit if he thinks he will win the 500K. personally i just don’t think anyone in the jury house will give him a vote except for lydia. but you never know. he sure is getting ugly and nasty too like all the past hoh’s, etc.