Big Brother 11 SPoilers – POV prep…. Feeds cut POV time

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:45am Kitchen Keivn and Michele. Keivn asking Michele if she won POV who will she evict.. Michele says she doesn?t’ know right now she just want to concentrate on winning it because if she doesn’t She GONE. Kevin reminds her that he’s not on Natalie’s team anymore.. Michelle not saying much back. Kevin goes to explain that Natalie screwed him big time in this game and he wants to see her gone…. Michele “hmmummm” Jordan briefly walks by makes a comment about POV being at NOON. Kevin grabs his food and heads up to the HOH Michele left alone eating.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:45am Splish Splash Room Jordan studying

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:55am HOH Kevin and Natalie. Kevin asks about the tampon lessons last night. Natalie tells him it was all girl talk, Tampons, Make up, boys and marriage. Kevin wants to know if Michele or Jordan said anything. Natalie “no they didn’t talk game at all”…. Natalie than remembers that there was one thing Michele mentioned. She said that you’re already trying to campaign for a vote even before the veto is done. Michele than said you were scared that you might not win veto and will be going home. Kevin “Of course I’m scared and if Michele doesn’t win veto she’s going home to” Kevin mentions that if Michele was smart she would start working him for votes. Natalie “That bitch will be all over you if you win but won’t talk to you if Jordan wins” They both head down to the Red Room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:10am Red Room Natalie and Kevin. Natalie is trying to figure out what to wear. She’s going to go for something light because its hot outside. She very excited that she can wear a thing now that she knows about tampons. Kevin tells her not to wear her bandana.. Natalie laughs “you really hate it don’t you” Kevin tells her he’s going to head back to the OH and study…. couple minutes later Natalie joins him in HOH she instructs him to focus on dates using their playdoh calendar (are those even allowed?) once he has those figured out he needs to study the nominations and evictions, what the vote count was and if POV was used or not. Kevin is positive it will be a mental competition, Natalie “study your ass off than”. Kevin “I have been all last night and this morning.. Ask me some questions” Natalie “make sure you know the numbers for all the items around the house”… Natalie goes into the showers Kevin continues to study hard… After Natalie is done showering her and Kevin start talking about Michele. Natalie laughs how nice Michele is being to her right now even after she called he the devil. Kevin mentions that Natalie and Lydia are tied for the most nominations. Natalie says technically she’s been up on the block more.. She brings up when Jeff used his wizard powers. Kevin continues to study he wonders if they need to know big brother words.. Natalie tells him he better hammer those out HOH, Evictions, back door, Betrayal, Replacement nominations, Power of Veto…… Have nots.. Natalie tells him to keep at it he’s going to win he’s smarter than those other bitches.. She heads downstairs to get her hair done by Jordan.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:01pm Jordan doing Natalie’s hair.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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168 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 SPoilers – POV prep…. Feeds cut POV time

  1. I am really hoping Michelle wins. I think she has played this game, and played it well so it would suck to see her go when she is so close to the end.

  2. Since Nasty cant play in pov and stripped of powers can she still be evicted? Wouldnt they tell the other houseguests in the diary room if she was stripped of her power? Im thinking she opened the box and was stripped of her powers but had to tell houseguests she had to pick just so they would think she wasnt greedy and they would not know she has no powers. If at any time she loses her powers I wish they would tell them in the diary room because I dont think any of the houseguests are smart enough to figure it out. Just like how could they not know natalie is not 18. Do you they think BB would give alcohol to a minor…..I am just trying to think of any way possible to get her out of the house I cant stand her praying like jessie did….she is all bullshit!

    1. why would they strip her of her powers, what little they are to begin with this week, essentially she is safe, pov winner will determine who is on the block.

  3. We can all only hope Nasty gets an infection;lolol
    Maybe a nice Yeast Infection !!! That would serve
    well when playing for POV lolol

      1. Jeff should be Heidi Klum, I see a resemblence…
        Laura should be a donkey, she has a donkey mouth…
        Casey should be a banana
        Russell should be a piece of Steak
        Jessie should be a butterfly(rememeber how he said he was a beautiful butterfly in his dr session)
        Chima should be a chia-pet
        Braden should be… idk?
        And Ronnie should be a lightsaber :)

  4. ok – I’m dumb. Can they really keep the winner of the POV secret until tomorrow night??? What about the live feeds??? Surely some one in the house will blab – pick your house guest!

  5. “Natalie tells him to keep at it he?s going to win he?s smarter than those other bitches.. She heads downstairs to get her hair done by Jordan.” WHAT A HYPOCRITE!

  6. SIMON,


    1. unless the feeds are cut all day we’ll be able to figure it out.. I’ll post it as soon as i’m 100% sure, I’m heading out right now to get some celebration beer just in case my favorite houseguests wins :)

        1. I like all 4 houseguests for different reason and at different stages of the game.
          Kevin: Liked him earlier on and near the middle for sticking up to the rat and scheming to take Jessie out. Stopped liking him when he pulled some nasty shit with Natalie.
          Jordan: Liked her before her and Jeff got all the power and went stupid and started bashing Michele 24/7 when Michele was truly loyal to them.
          Michelle: has always been a favorite in every stage of the game. She’s made some bone headed moves but rocks in competitions. go team psycho!
          Natalie: I actually don’t mind her right now ( I know i’ll get a lot of hate for this) ever since she won HOH she’s been better. However before especially last week I couldn’t stand the girl.

  7. Nasty is playing for the POV,its a contest to see who can hold their breathe the longest,so far Nasty is winning,Cookie dough monster and Michelle have held her under for over 7 minutes already,and don’t seem to be letting her go!…lol

  8. Is everybody buying the Natalie not knowing how to use a tampon? I know she is trying to convince everyone she is 18 but she is acting like she is 2. I can’t believe Jordan “demonstrated” how to use a tampon. My god. This is lunacy. I kept thinking….”how can 24 year old Natalie keep a straight face” during the demonstration? I wouldn’t think you’d have to “show” anyone how to use one. Isn’t it self explanatory? I read the box when I was 11. Come on! Nat just keeps getting weirder and weirder with her antics. Go Michele!! Win that veto!

    1. i think her dad raised her, and she has always been around men. Plus when she was complaining about her cramping and how much she bleeds and how long, I was thinking she must be one of those people that doesn’t wear a tampon. So for once I believe her.

      1. Come on, she is an athlete!!! She was in an international Tae Kwon Do tournament (if someone had not posted the link, I would not have believed that.) I can think of NO athlete I have ever met since the age of periods (what 11 or 12?) that does not use a tampon – even in high school. There is no way she competed with pads down there.

    2. She lies like a professional liar. She has probably been lying all her life. It seems to come so natural and easy for her. That takes alot of practise at it. No one knows it better than her family and her boyfriend. I’m sure it is making them sick to their stomachs to see her doing it on national TV. If I was her parent I would be ashamed that everyone is watching her.

    3. I am not Natalie fan, as a matter of fact, I can’t stand the girl. However, on the subject of tampons, I do remember her saying that it has always been just her and her dad. She doesn’t seem to have girlfriends that she talks about, so maybe it just never came up before as something she would actually use. Most young girls do get some advice or help with that from their moms. She is such a liar that it is hard to discern what is a lie and what could be the truth.

  9. kevins a dumbass if he thinks if jordan wins POV that she will vote out michelle, he’s just s far up his ass as natalie is up his ass….go michelle and jordan final 2 michelle the only one that earned BB win

  10. What if Jessie really was in Pandora’s Box and since PP can’t play, possibly Jessie is playing in PP’s place and if he wins, he might be able to come back.

    1. Wow, wouldn’t that be a twist! However, anyone but Jesse!! Something is definitely up with Pandora’s Box. I don’t see how her boyfriend would even still want to be with her after seeing her true colors come out on this show. Its not good game play, the lies and manipulation is how she truely is as a person. He has to be questioning his relationship with her as hopefully her father and employer is. She seems worried about something. She keeps talking about how karma is a bitch and hopefully after Tuesday we will see that it in fact is true!

    1. I agree – Kevin would pout, Natalie would be slammin’ around, with Michelle, you can see it in her eyes – they go really blank and she doesn’t say much – and Jordan??? – well she will just blab it everywhere. Not someone I would trust with a secret. The body language for each one is really individual!!

  11. OMG…is Natalie wearing the tank top that belongs to Michelle. I know that she was salivating when she saw it on Michelle and told Michelle that she would have picked it if she would have seen it. Did she steal it from Michelle or did Michelle let her have it. What a spoiled rotten lying brat Natalie is.

    1. Nata”lie” traded Michele for the tank. Nata”lie” gave Michele a pink top that was too big for her. Although Im sure Michele wanted to keep the tank she probably didn’t want to get harassed over and over about it like Nata”lie” did to Kevin over the blue hoodie and basketball shorts she wanted of his. Jesus Criminy, she is relentless, isn’t she???


      1. Wow, thanks for the info. I knew Natalie was going to bug the shit out of Michelle about it until she got what whe wanted. Its so sad that the hgs are bending over backwards to try and keep Natalie happy. Maybe they are still thinking that Nat has some kinda powers. Its too bad because Natalie always gets what she wants.

    1. It may be too late for a return but with the slogan “Expect the Unexpected” you never can tell. You can tell with the way the game is going, the producers really do not want Nata”lie” to win. They are trying to change it up anyway they can to have someone else pull through to the end. Also, in the promo commercial for either Sunday or Tuesday’s show they said that opening Pandora’s box will change the future of the game this time and the Jury plays a role if it is opened (which it was), so really who knows what’s going to happen, return or not, something is up!

  12. They all thought it was mental….. but an 1 hr 1/2 would have to mean it is physical endurance. I want Michelle to win pov, so she is guarenteed final 3 she is the only one out of all of them that deserves it. If she doesn’t she will be sent home this week. There is no chance she can survive, Nat studies the numbers. She knows that if Michelle gets to f2 that they are pretty tied, she stands a better chance with Jordan or Kevin.

    Jury House Vote
    Lydia = 1st Kevin (2pts) – 2nd Natalie (1pt)
    Jeff = 1st Jordan (2pts) – 2nd Michelle (1pt)
    Jessie = 1st Natalie (2pts) – 2nd Kevin (1pt)
    Russell = 1st Michelle (2pts) – 2nd Natalie (1pt)
    Michelle = 1st Jordan (2pts) – 2nd Kevin (1pt)
    Kevin = 1st Natalie (2pts) – 2nd Michelle (1pt)
    Jordan = 1st Michelle (2pts) – 2nd Natalie (1pt)

    Jordan = 4
    Kevin = 4
    Natalie = 7
    Michelle = 6

  13. Go Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he wins and is able to take out anyone he wants in that case Nat Bye bye bye. I can’t really understand if they plan on taking each other or not. Each person in the house has promised the other they will be in final 2. They all have deals with the other one at this point. This house was divide by BB this season and the divide has held in one way or another. This little game of groups didn’t work out to well with fans because if forced people to be together who wouldn’t have been and caused others to go out for reasons not of thier own making. I didn’t care for this type of play I say let them play how they want and let us see the drama without interferance from BB/AG. You changed this game bring back the old way or viewers might start slipping away. People get behind the ones they hope and want to win and those they think deserve to win, but the twist this year threw it all out window. I feel we’ve have been played by BB like we the viewing fans got got by BB. They have controlled this house more than any other. They have helped save those they want see win.

      1. Real childish nasty h8ter. I was just stating I don’t like this type of game alot on haters on this site. HG’s are all just trying to get to the top but really when there are production helps along the way the game is spolied. I am a fan of BB just summing up what I have read by many on this and many sites on BB. Kevin is the one I want to win and way who died and left you boss? You root for who you want and I”ll root for Kevin looks like he is going on to final 3. Bye bye Mich.

  14. Natalie makes me physically ill………she is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the country. She expects EVERYTHING handed to her. What about talk of college, service, her future…..she wants BB to pay for her fakeass wedding…….I am just going to curl up in a ball if she wins……

    see my post from another section – I think her mom is a prisoner – anyone have any thoughts

    I think that ANITA may be one of Nat?s relatives that is in the BIG HOUSE?..something tells me that prison will find Nat some day?..she is a sociopath in the truest sense of the word. She nevers mentioned mommy, maybe mommy is doing time?


    September 4, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    Totally -I think that Anita is her mom and that her mom in prison. that is what I think


    September 4, 2009 at 4:16 pm
    I can totally picture Natalie in Jail??.she is the devil incarnate??.I am shocked by her almost compulsive lying and cheating?.and she seems to have absolutely no shame at all?.fascinating, but a litttle scary


    1. Be Nice to who ever Nat’s Mother is! because she is not mentioned may be anything, death during child brith, car accident, run away from marriage, or ETC!
      Bless Nat’s mothers for what ever reason! Bless You!

  15. I think the problems for Jeff & Co. started when they evicted Lydia instead of Natalie. This was stupid, because even though Lydia may have been more “annoying” (I beg to differ…), she was the weakest player in the House. They should have evicted Natalie when they had the chance, and maybe the LML would never have materialized and Russell and Jeff would have been in the F4 together. Right now, as much as I hate Natalie, I would hate it even more if Jordan won the game. She would not be in the house if not for Jeff, who handed her the HOH. I feel like Jordan would be more likely to backdoor Michelle and believe Kevin, just like she believed the LML. I hope Michelle wins POV.

  16. What about the story of Natalie’s arrest record? I have heard several versions but did see on the website that there is an active warrant out for her – four to be exact….

    1. It is a crime to habor a fugitive!
      Do you Know where she is at right now?
      Location and adress if known?
      Does she pocess any weapons, knifes, guns, sharpies, toenail clipers?
      is she alone?
      Warning: withholding information is a CRIME!

  17. Too bad Jordan didn’t teach Pig Pen to use the tampon orally. We wouldn’t have to have heard all the nasties coming out of Pig Pens mouth. She continually calls all the other women bitches throughout this whole competition. What planet did she come from?
    By the way…………..isn’t Michele adorable?

    1. wow, how pissy is this board going to be this week, nat and kevin in final 3 in spite of being on the outside of the final 4 agreement with 6 people left, say what you will about their tactics and such but that is damned impressive to beat the odds that way.

  18. You know Kevin should want to take Michelle. He’s proved that he can beat her and he KNOWS Natalie would never choose to take Kevin to F2 if Jordan is there. AND he knows that Michelle AND Natalie would rather die than take each other to final two. If I was Kevin I’d take out Jordan.

  19. I didn’t think I would join the “Boo Hoo I hate this show now” group but consider me in…It makes me sick that Kevin and Pig Pen were able to get past this week…I can’t watch anymore…Pig Pens smacking is gonna be heard all the way to the end….Barrrrrrrf….Can they just show the Jury house from now to the end.

    1. what is the rule, where is it posted I have looked for it, is it you can not bring in a calander, does that not exclude creating a make shift one using stuff found in the house. obviously it is not against the rules to have the ones they do or they would be taken.

      1. no thats michelle, watch her on the feeds as she melts down for awhile…sorry but nat won once and is final 3, michelle peaked, thats BB…jessie should still be here, is what it is…

        but she is a nut.

  20. kevin won, crap…. michelle is going home….

    well i guess kevin thinks that jordan and natalie have a f2 so maybe he will keep michelle and send jordan home.

  21. Kevin wins and I HOPE he wins HOH next week and turns on Pig Pen so he goes with Jordan to the Final 2. Best case scenario right there.

      1. there is no next week and there is no backdooring at this point. Michelle and Jordan will be on the block, and Kevin will decide which one he wants to keep more. Thier only hope is to make a deal with Kevin that they will throw at least one competion to him, etc. But likely Kevin will send Michelle home because she stands a chance of winning. His odds are better with Jordan as far as being able to win the next 3 comp’s.

        Tomorrow is live evictions…. Kevin will decide which one he sends home.
        Tuesday will be the first of 3 comp.,
        Wednesday will have a comp (this one will be longer and with endurance in mind), the all night raining, etc.
        Thursday will be the final comp. They will start it on the show. We wont know who lost until Sunday. (but if someone has already lost 2 comps by this point they will be going to jury)
        Sunday the person who lost more then 2 comps, will be sent home. There is no backdooring, etc.

        Not this tuesday, but next Tuesday will be the Jury vote and final show.

    1. If the PB was only for the $$$ grab and Nat swapping POV for a JH chat, I definitely agree with you. Where’s the “twist that could turn the house upside down”? Lame.

  22. honestly, nat has lied a lot, but her personal life outside BB has nothing to do with the game…

    seriously shes played a good game, and now if kevin stops being a baby and realizes NO ONE will vote for nat, they should go final 2 and beat jordo out…which is fine since jordan gets jeff and hawaii..good stuff.

    Kevin prob gets 80 percent of the jury votes.
    Nat gets 20 percent

      1. where did she “cheat” and if you are going to say by making a calander then show us the rule saying they are not allowed to create a make shift one using household items, because i am sure if it were against the rules to do as much they would have been taken

        1. Most commentors are thinking with their hearts, not their heads. If they were around in Napoleon’s day, for instance, they’d say he was vile, dirty, corrupt, and low-class…totally ignoring the military mastermind he actually was. Also, so much of Nat’s game was so subtle, that it’s gone over the heads of most that actually have them in here.

    1. No way are they going to give the money to Kevin over Natalie- no way… Yeah, he may have stirred up the house w/ lies, but they were definitely NATALIE’S lies. What makes it even worse is that he played this way *through lies and deceit* and he couldn’t come original… He went along w/ the plans of others. Yeah, he is funny in the diary room, but that’s where his genius ends. Disappointment.

      1. Kevin’s done a great job executing Nat’s creative ideas and keeping blood off her hands…just like countless others before him.

    2. Are you nuts? And you call Michele nuts? ha ha ha! You so crazy.

      Jesse, Lydia, and Jeff will vote for Nat the fat rat who shat on a cat and shoved a bat up her cat. kevo should be worried; Jesse holds a lot of sway and she has the skank vote.

  23. damn! looks like the two evil people are going to be the final two.

    jordan should have quit so jeff could have stayed. she is pretty much filling a void until the end of the show.

  24. Disappointment… Only b/c Kevin aligned himself w/ douche city. It’s the company he keeps that will hurt him w/ jury votes… Good.

  25. Natalie and Kevin going to the final 2. The two people from the very beginning that I hated! Well I hated Natalie more, then Kevin. But when Natalie started getting Kevin to do her dirty work, and he did.. i was over him.

    Jordan can’t beat either of them in the final 3, and they are to greedy to throw one.

    Natalie has the votes to win against either Jordan or Kevin. I am officially done with this season! I will watch the last show just to see what Jeff has to say to the two of them.

  26. why would kevin keep someone who can compete, jordan is liked by everyone…and is a weak competitor…cmon..michelle is GONE

  27. yeah michelle will now go into her talk to herself while crying and whining mode…where if she won shes in her bragging i have a cup and im not afraid to drink from it 24/7 mode…

    both involve annoying laughter and a lack of questions answered.

    1. Yes, that’s what she’s gonna do, then she’s gonna put on her devil ears and go back to HEll!! and Jeff will be there saying, “I apprec”, russell will say “I told you “KID”, and Jordan will be on her way saying “I don’t deserve to be here, I did’nt do nothing, jeff you deserve this.

  28. Kevin will send Jordan home. He know Nasty Nat is up 2 no good. Michelle still has life and I think she will still win against Kev or Nat. At least I hope so.

  29. This season makes me sick. I can’t stand Nat or Kevin. I know he is going to evict Michelle. If he is smart he’d evict Natalie next because she’ll win if she makes it to final two. Ugh!

  30. I officially hate this damn show now. The most annoying horrible people will be in the final two and be handed $500,000 and $50,000. This sucks. I guess it pays to be horrible, immature, greedy little snakes. Shame on BB for allowing these jerks to profit for being horrible sub human beings. Good-gye BB, will NEVER watch another episode or season of this garbage,

    1. Good-bye and good riddance to the likes of you. You are a dispicable person to say the things you just did. NO-one will miss you not watching anymore, because no-one will have to read your hate mail..Thanks for not ever watching again.

  31. I agree. I will not watch this mess anymore. I was wishing that jor or Michi would win. Oh well! I will watch the last show just to see which one won…..hopefully kev or jor. Eventhough Russ aint up there……ill still watch. :) I JUST DO NOT WANT NAT TO WIN……cant stand her. If she does oh well, theres always next year. Good season i guess but I cant stand what will happen at the end. GL everyone. ill be there for next seasnon.

  32. Apparently BB production don’t know their Mythology. PB rewards? Kevin and Natalie are two terrible humans and they will be rewarded with money. Hopefully “real world” karma finds them! A curse upon the prize money. PB WAS LAME AND POINTLESS. Pay attention next time in history class or just Google it next time.

  33. Kevin has to send Michelle packing. If he doesn’t she will win! She is the strongest player left in the game player beside him. He does not stand a chance at winning if he don’t get rid of her which I hope he does! She would have send him home if she won!

    Bye, bye Michelle!!! Karma is a b**ch!

    1. You’re a terrible person. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s a free country though, and it’s your right to be a douchebag. Hey! That’s another thing you can teach Nat the fat rat!

  34. Let’s see how many times Michele cries from now until she’s evicted. What a sweet victory. LML was the most pivotal game changer of the year.

  35. Did any of you that watch BB after dark watch PP cook that chicken-???-she never washed her hands after cutting up the chicken..touches all the stuff from the frig and the spices and then while she’s cooking the chicken..puts the spatula she’s using on the unwashed cutting board she’d just used to cut the chicken–hope no one gets sick because of all the cross contamination..EWWWW!!!
    She never did wash her hands……gross city.

    1. again do you know that is cheating, you would think bb would take them away if they were. If the rule says they can not bring in calanders fine, does it say they can not create a make shift one from house hold items? if bb warned them for hiding stuff i doubt that breaking a calander rule would be tolerated. either post the rule saying no creating calanders or get over it and realise it is not banned

    2. In prior seasons, makeshift calendars were apprehended. This season both K/N and Mich were allowed to keep them. The theory is that they are allowed this season because none of the comps are about evictions.

  36. Oh this season has so quickly gone down hill, it’s so sad. Why was Jeff the dumbass he was and got rid of Russell, you should have gotten rid of Nat or Kevin when you had the chance. He screwed everyone in the house. Anyone going to the jury house should kick his butt!

        1. i know! the two of them definitely crack me up. they are both original thats for sure. i would truly love to see that. maybe jordan moves to chicago? or both to LA! have episodes of them visiting braden, kc, laura, michelle, russ etc.

          come on CBS get the ball rolling!

          they can start filming during their trip to hawaii.

        2. I get that many people do not like Jeff and Jordan….I get it…..but some peeps like NASCAR and some like WWE. I just happen to like JJ.

          What is so ironic is that J/J would be hurt by your comments, but Nat and Kev…….they have no souls………and I believe their attitudes show they are only capable of caring about themselves.. I think that figure any attention is good attention.

          J/J are just happy, positive people and this just kills you – doesn’t it? Because you are miserable, everyone else must be, too – NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT

      1. I didn’t watch that show – Simpson and Lachey – because I would prefer REAL reality. Jeff and Jordan just seem to have a very pleasant frame of mind, that’s all. I am sure that some of your favorite shows would be a snore fest for me, too.


    1. um he hid the key and DID go for more money until Nat went and got him for the key, also he only ever went for the key in the first place because he beleived it was nec to be able to keep the money. love JJ all you want but at least let the facts be facts.

  38. Kevin needs to watch out. I am not entirely certain that given a chance Nasty would keep Jordan over him-final two. I wouldn’t care so much but neither Jordan nor nasty deserve final anything. They have not done shit-but rode other’s coat tail. They don’t stay in the game because they win-they stay by default. Looking at Jordan pouting already because she may not win. What right this bitch has to even be there-all she has done is play footsie with Jeff, eat like a hog, and talk about vulgar subjects. She is soooooo not staying. As for Nat, unfortunately, kevin wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for her masterly ability to scheme, cheat and lie. At least one could say-she did something- to get them further in the game-unlike the cookie dough monster, fake boobs, house breaking in law breaker.
    Michelle is having her day in court-too many lies and too many people had to pay the price for her infidelity and deception.
    Go Kevin!

    Go Kevin-i think you are definitely the less of all evils. But-there is no good here in this bunch.

  39. Jeff handed the win to Pig Pen and Kevin, they would have never got this far without him being conned. On the other hand ,anyone that stupid to fall for their trick deserves the stupidity award.

    I sooooooooo want Kev and Nat out but anyone who makes it to the end deserves it, don’t they? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hope Michelle takes it, one can hope. LET’S GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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