Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan flashes AGAIN, & Jordan says that one of her girlfriends went to the doctor and, is this true, that if there’s no chemistry that the juices don’t blend well and it causes infections.

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10:40pm Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Natalie has gone out there to talk to Jordan about tampons. Jordan is talking about the different products…cardboard vs. plastic. Jordan tells her that Michelle is sexual that she can probably help Nat more than her. Nat starts talking about who she wants gone from the house first…she tells Jordan that she wants Michelle gone first, but if she wins that she wants Kevin gone. Nat keeps talking about choosing to open the Pandora’s Box, that anyone would have chosen it if they knew that their boyfriend was there. Jordan tells her that she knows that she would, but that she’s not unpacking. Nat tells her that she told Kevin that he needed to take Michelle out, that she told Kevin that if he didn’t that she wouldn’t vote for him and would tell the Jury House not to vote for him. Jordan asks if in the final 3 is it a live audience? Nat tells her that she thinks that it is. Whoever wins phase 3 falls on a Thursday, that it’s one competition on Thursday, maybe one on Monday and then the last one. Jordan says that it’s weird that they guys that they were friends with are gone and they aren’t. Nat asks her who she’d get rid of…Jordan tells her that she doesn’t really trust Kevin, that she’s been debating back and forth. Nat is lobbying for Michelle to go. Jordan tells her that she doesn’t know..that it’s a hard decision. Nat asks her if Michelle wants her in the final 2. Jordan tells her that she really hasn’t said. She thinks that Michelle thinks that she’s not a good player. Jordan says that Michelle was fun today, that they just talked about fun stuff, that Michelle is just keeping to herself. That right now it’s all about winning. Nat tells her that she’s been talking to Kevin, that she’s lost his vote. Jordan tells her that she had to put someone up. Jordan tells her that Nat is the only person that has kept her word the whole game, that her speech was good, that she liked it. That she just goes back and forth, she feels like they’re both in a tie right now. That she can’t figure Kevin or Michelle out. Jordan tells Nat that she told Kevin that she felt like Kevin thought that she was mad at him for Jeff, but that she isn’t. She keeps telling Nat that she doesn’t know who she’d want to go. Nat tells her that the only reason that she’d want Kevin to stay is because she could beat him and she doesn’t think that she could beat Michelle. That Michelle has a calendar in her birth control, that Russell knew that’s what Michelle used to keep track of what’s gone on in the game.
11pm Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Jordan gets called to the diary room. Michelle comes out along with Kevin. The talk turns to Nat and her supposed visit with her boyfriend. She tells them that he told her that he saw her drink 4 Mike’s (the hard lemonade) the other night. Kevin sees a spider in the Hot Tub and Michelle dips it out. Kevin sitting there quiet. He asks Michelle if she got a sunburn, she tells him not really. They want to play truth or dare. Kevin says that he’ll pass. Michelle just wants the dare version. No takers. They talk about Nat’s speech today, that she called Michelle a devil. Nat says that she didn’t call Michelle a devil, that it was a deal with the devil. Michelle tells Nat that she hopes that she sees Chima at the finale night party so that she can apologize to her for what she did, that it’s just a game. Nat is carrying on about Jeff putting her on the block with one of her friends, that every time she was put in that predicament that it was because of Jeff…that she wasn’t going to vote for him to stay. That now..whether it’s Kevin, Michelle or Jordan that she has a chance to stay. Kevin is still quiet staring at the water. Nat tells them that the POV was planned for 3 people tomorrow, that it’s set up for 3 people. They could add in another if they had to, but that it’s set up for 3. She asks Michelle if she got to see her husband would she have told them, Michelle says that she would. She asks Kevin the same thing and he answers the same way. Nat goes on telling them that her boyfriend told her that he watches her all the time, that he was up with her until 2am last night.
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11:15pm Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Nat talking about her boyfriend asking what kind of wedding she wanted. She told him that she wanted a big one, not eloping to Vegas. Michelle asks her what kind of dress does she want, Nat tells her that she doesn’t want to say because her boyfriend is probably watching. That she’s always known what kind of dress she wants. That she wants a spring wedding, maybe April because it’s so hot in the summer. That her boyfriend doesn’t want a long engagement. She wants everyone to come to her wedding. Nat says that she hopes that her job is still there when she gets out of there. That she told them that she’d need from 2 weeks to 3 months off and she doesn’t know if she still has one. She goes on about wanting everyone to come and making DVD’s of it. Nat keeps fiddling with the twist tie ring that she’s got on. Kevin is sitting there sour. Nat tells him that she just got engaged, why is he so bitter? Big Brother calls Kevin to the diary room. Kevin says that it’s perfect timing. Nat says that it’s scary, it was so loud. He dries his feet and goes in. In the bathroom, Jordan out of the diary room and changing into her night clothes. In the backyard, Nat tells Michelle that Kevin is pissed at her, that he’s bitter as hell. She tells Michelle that Kevin told her that she’d lost his vote. Jordan comes out and tells Nat that it was unexpected maybe that’s why he’s upset. She tells them that she was changing clothes in the shower and that she didn’t close the door and they got a full on frontal shot. Michelle asks Nat about her bridesmaids dresses. Nat tells her that if it’s in the fall that they’ll be in fall colors, if it’s in the spring that she’ll have spring colors. She tells Jordan that she’s invited to her wedding. Michelle asks if Tempe is close to Sedona. Nat says that it’s not really. Jordan tells them that she’s never been anywhere and knows nothing about CA, AZ. Nat starts up on her wedding again she may want to get married in May, then she thinks about it and says that’s 8 months that’s too long. That it’s a lot to plan for? Jordan asks her if that’s when the college has it’s finals? Nat says that maybe she’ll stay out for a semester. Michelle tells her to do it during spring break. Nat tells them that maybe they’ll get married a month after she gets out of the house. Jordan says what!! Nat tells them that he’s got a lot of sisters. Jordan tells her that she’ll have to have his sisters as bridesmaids. Nat tells her that she’s not. Jordan asks her about his mother. Nat tells her that no one will be good enough for her son. Nat tells them that she’s really tried and that maybe they can start with a clean slate. She wants to honeymoon in Hawaii and swim with the dolphins. That she’ll have to start saving money.
START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! Use the FLASHBACK feature to jump back in time and watch all the drama? TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

11:50pm Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Nat has gone in. Kevin is back out and is telling the gals the truth about Nat. He tells them that Nat doesn’t have any blood on her hands, even with the nominations, that the POV holder is the one that makes the decision. That there is only one person that wouldn’t vote for Nat in the Jury House and that’s Lydia. He tells them that right now that they’re having to play for second place. Michelle looks up and tells them that Nat is out of the diary room. Kevin tells them that right now Nat has the possibility of a mystery power at the end, a final two reversal. Michelle is over messing with the pool vac. Kevin goes back in. Michelle walks back over to the Hot Tub. Michelle asks Jordan if she’s going to vote for Kevin to stay? Jordan tells her heck no. Jordan is telling Michelle what Nat has said to her, that Nat told her that Michelle is a better player than her. Michelle tells her that she’s really not, Jordan tells her not to worry that she’s not changing. Michelle tells her that her allegiance was with Jeff and she tried to get Jeff to stay. Jordan asks her if she has a fake final 2 with Nat and Michelle tells her no. Jordan thinks that Kevin is trying to get into their heads. Michelle tells her that everything that Kevin says is a lie, but that Nat lies too. She tells Jordan that they made their decisions themselves. Jordan tells her that she’s not going to badmouth Michelle. Michelle tells her that she knows that she’s not supposed to be there, that it was supposed to be Jeff and Jordan…that she knows what they’re doing. That at this point that it’s all bullshit. Jordan tells her that it could be all game strategy at this point.

12am Big Brother Time: Kevin is pouting in the Red bed. The girls are going to help Nat get a tampon in. They head in from outside. Inside, Jordan goes to get some tampons. Nat goes to the HoH, Michelle is using mouthwash in the bathroom. Jordan passes Kevin and tells him that she’s going upstairs for the try for the tampons. He tells her that he’ll pass on the tampon party. Jordan goes to the storage room and finds the tampons, both super and reg. She heads up to the HoH. Up in the HoH room, Jordan walks in and tells Nat that it’s so clean. Jordan asks Nat if she knows how the things work? Nat tells her that she doesn’t. Nat asks if it’ll be enough to hold her flow? Jordan tells her that a super will do it. Nat wants to know if she has to take it out to pee. Jordan tells her no. Now Jordan is showing her how to put in a tampon, she’s got her clothes on, she’s describing how to do it. Nat is heading to the toilet to have a try at the tampon thing. Michelle comes up and joins them in the bathroom. Jordan tells Nat that she’s not leaving until she gets the thing in. They keep telling her to relax. Jordan tells her that she’s not leaving until she knows how to put the tampon in. Michelle tells her that her life will change for the better. She got it in! lol Jordan tells her to get some baby wipes, well,y’all know what I mean. Nat comes out and they give her a round of applause.

12:30am Big Brother Time: In the HoH room, Jordan, Michelle and Nat talking about makeup. Jordan is going to give her some lessons about it. They talk about the PedEgg and using it. Michelle asks Nat where they’re going to live, in an apt. or a house. Nat says that if she wins that they’ll get a house, if not an apt. Jordan suggest that Nat and her boyfriend look for a house that’s in foreclosure that she can get a good deal on them. Jordan tells them that she broke into their old house after it went into foreclosure. She says that her mom was so mad at her dad when they left that she left some stuff in the house. That her mom had left one of her grandmother’s blankets or quilts up in the attic. Jordan and her friends got into the house, and this was after some folks had begun to move into it, and went up to the attic.. …and the feeds cut to FISH.

1:05am Big Brother Time: Up in the HoH room, Jordan and Michelle giving Nat some makeup advice. Jordan tells her that she loves Bare Minerals. She tells them that from now on she’s going to start wearing a little bit of makeup and tampons, that she doesn’t feel like she’s wearing a diaper. Nat shows them the earrings and necklace that the show gave her to wear when she came in. Jordan tells Nat that she thought that Nat was a little devil, hiding behind Jessie. Jordan tells her that she felt like Lydia and Chima would hype up Nat into doing stuff. Nat talks about Lydia dumping Michelle’s beers. Jordan tells Nat that she felt like Nat was an instigator. Nat tells them that if she feels like someone is right that she’ll stick up for them. Nat tells the girls that she likes this, the 3 of them. Jordan tells her that she asked Kevin if he wanted to come up there. Nat asks what was he doing. Michelle tells her that he’s downstairs pouting. Nat tells them that Kevin told her that she’s lost his vote. Jordan and Michelle are telling Nat what Kevin said outside, that Nat isn’t getting blood on her hands. Nat says that’s interesting because he told her that she’d lost his vote because she put him up. Jordan says that she thought that it was weird because Nat hadn’t said anything bad and he was. Nat tells them that she thinks that Lydia won’t vote for her and that even Jessie may not vote for her. She doesn’t think that she’s got Russell’s vote that it would go to Michelle, Jeff’s would go to Jordan. She thinks that they’ve all got a decent shot at it. That it’s not about who likes you or not, that it’s going to be about game too. They talk a bit about what they’d do with the money. They all agree that Kevin’s upset right now. Nat tells them that she didn’t really betray him, that she apologized to him. Michelle tells her that she was just making a choice that was best for her.
1:15am Big Brother Time: Nat, Jordan, and Michelle are in the HOH Room. Nat says the only guaranteed vote I had in the jury was Jessie. And I don’t know if I have it anymore. I was even telling him today, my boyfriend today. Jordan says he (Kevin) said the only person who is going to vote against you is Lydia. Nat: well of course Lydia, I already know Lydia, Lydia and I despise each other. Jordan: right. Nat: this is the thing, I would hope that Jessie would vote for me because we had an alliance in the house but the message I gave him, I don’t know, it was really mean. Michelle: aaahh. Nat: I said and I even …okay, I straight out told him you’ll never have me, you’ll never have a chance with me, I just straight out shot him down. I shouldn’t have done that you know. So he might be bitter and then with Lydia being there talking to him, Lydia is going to say shit about me that I was talking about him so I don’t even know if I have his vote. Jordan: I have Jeff and I guarantee if people are in there saying this person said this and this person said that, Jeff will say that didn’t happen. Nat: and I don’t think I have Russell’s vote. What he said is that whoever takes out Jeff, but I honestly think it will go to you (Michelle). Michelle: that depends on who is in the end. Nat: everybody has a fair shot right now. We all keep saying that others will beat us. Jordan repeating that she’d take the $50k. Nat says she would too, it would cover her wedding and her credit cards and the princess cut diamond she hopes her bf is getting for her. Now talk turns again to Kevin sulking and how he’s hurt by going up on the block. Jordan says she was shocked because whenever they announced that Nat was HOH, she was sure that she (Jordan) was going on the block with Michelle. Nat: I’m not going to lie, I considered the thing with Jeff. I didn’t tell Kevin until last night after I had told Jeff. I wanted to rest assured to him. Kev was like, what was going on all week? and I told him that Jeff had offered me a deal…and I told him last night. Jordan: after his speech, I was like “oooh” Nat: he told me he was going to do that, that he was going to do a fake out. Jordan saying Jeff was so mad. Nat saying that Jeff still would have gone home because Michelle won the veto and he didn’t expect Kevin to put Natalie up as the replacement nominee. Jordan tells Nat that Jeff was mad because he thought everyone else was benefiting from him taking out the power players. Nat: he didn’t benefit me any. Then that it didn’t benefit her to take out Jessie, it did personally for Lydia, but that not necessarily for Russell. Michelle is now asking about her boyfriend’s visit and whether maybe production had asked him in advance about proposing to her, like maybe when they were interviewing Nat’s family and he mentioned that when she got out he was going to propose. Nat: I didn’t ask him that… …and the feeds cut to FISH. When they come back. Nat: I hope Julie asks me about it on Thursday. Jordan I wonder if they’ll show us on Thursday. Nat: I hope so. Jordan: because they’ll probably show those people annoying us. Nat: but they just show clips, and most seasons Thursday is phase 1, so they’re going to want all the time to get us started on the competition. If it’s normal. Michelle: nods, mm hmm. Nat: maybe a clip after that. Maybe Julie will ask. Jordan saying that she didn’t get interviewed and Michele didn’t either.
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Now talk turns to this being the last HOH, and then turns to the CDT – Nat saying well, how did you know to vote for Jessie fi you didn’t know about it Jordan? Nat saying the really smart move would have been to take Russell off but leave Lydia up, because for sure he would have had the three. He gained a vote for Jessie because Lydia would never vote Jessie out. Jordan saying that she passed Kevin in the hall and tried to tell him “Jessie Jessie” on his way in and he was like “I know!” Nat says nobody needed to tell her the votes on CDT week, she KNEW. Nat: when he hugged me he said “focus on the game, don’t worry about your Dad, he’s fine.” Jordan saying that Jeff was sure that Russell would vote to evict Jessie, and Nat asks if Russ admitted that he hadn’t right away and they both say “no!” Jord saying after that all Russ would talk about was CHima. Jord and Nat can’t believe that Chima would have apologized. Michelle: people in the outside world get offended by certain terms, so you have to issue apologies. Jordan saying that Russ was all mad all of a sudden after Jeff took the Hawaii trip that Kev didn’t stick up for Russ about the whole terrorist thing. Michelle: are you trying to act like he was your friend? (about Russell) Nat says that she was glad that Jeff took the Hawaii trip after he said what he did to Nat after she got the phone call home. Jord says that she gave Jeff a look at that time, and Russ asked her about it. (Nat rehashing what Russell said) – Jordan says that she told Jeff you’d better not take that phone call from Nat. And he said “why would I do that? I’m taking the trip” Jordan again saying that she doesn’t believe anything that Russell said, even about his family in Lebanon. And then he told you he was a lawyer! Michelle says it would be very hypocritical if Russell really was a lawyer because he said to her “why would you be ashamed of having a PhD?” when he leaked that about her. Jordan and Nat are questioning what Russell really does. Michelle: I don’t know, we’ll see. Jordan says that all of Russell’s clothes were really nice, Gucci sunglasses, Nordstrom shoes.
1:45am Big Brother Time: Michelle, Jordan, and Nat are still talking in the HOH, the talk has turned to families and future. Nat says she likes to provide, pull her weight in a relationship, not just with a kid but monetary; she’s not the type that could stay at home all day.She’s going to work, but she doesn’t want her kids growing up in daycare. She’d rather be the person to raise a child to her standards. She doesn’t know how she’s going to handle it. Michelle: yeah, it’s hard for girls. Jordan wants her kids to be 2 years apart. Nat wants hers to be 1 year apart. Michelle’s family is spread out about 6 years apart, because her Dad would get laid off. Michelle says she did so much babysitting that she thought she didn’t want kids until 4th grade. Michelle says her sister was born when she was in 9th grade, so she knew how much work. Jordan: I was always so scared “what if I get pregnant. What if I get pregnant.” Nat: you’ve only had sex once Jordan. Jordan: I know, but there was someone that I; some person I dated.. Nat: you just used the pulling out method though. Jordan: my best friend used the pull out method and she’s pregnant. Jord says one time that he went too early and she was in the tub trying to scrub it out but he told her that once they hit the air, they die. Michelle: no, that’s not true, they can live for like a day. Jordan: shut up! Michelle: there are people who have gotten pregnant who haven’t actually had sex. Nat: I thought the same thing. I didn’t know this. People said that you could get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat and then that it’s not true. Michelle: that’s less likely. It’s more like if it’s a low shot and it’s dribbled on the outside ..Jordan now saying she didn’t even like having sex. Michelle says that the boyfriend she lost her virginity to, they didn’t really click, so she didn’t like it either Nat: well you’ve only done it once Jordan. Jordan: I know, maybe if I find the right person I’ll like it. Now Jordan says she would always get UTIs after sex. Jordan says that one of her girlfriends went to the doctor and, is this true, that if there’s no chemistry that the juices don’t blend well and it causes infections. Michelle says that’s not true, but that if you’re not into it and lubed up enough that there can be lots of friction causing problems. Some people are just prone to bladder infections. Jordan saying she told her Mom right away. She and her mom are best friends, and she could tell her anything. The talk has turned to breaking the hymen.
2:15am Big Brother Time: Jordan says that Jeff and Michele would have good late night conversations. Nat wants to know if Jordan and Jeff had a good last make out session. Jordan says he was in a bad mood and Nat says that she had told Jeff that she wasn’t voting for him to say when. Nat: Jessie used to say that he’d move to Arizona. Michelle: he had it bad. Jordan: he actually thought you’d leave your boyfriend for him. Michelle: man! Michelle and Jordan have headed downstairs and are getting ready for bed, Michelle is washing face at sink, Jordan is in the pool room.
2:40am Big Brother Time: Nat is pacing in the HOH room. Michelle and Jordan in the pool room with the lights on, clothes on, still getting ready for bed. Nat comes downstairs and heading into the storage room. Jordan mouthing something to Michelle who comes over and they turn out the lights. Jordan: where you at with …hang on …whispering and the feeds cut to FISH.
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2:45am Big Brother Time: Michelle says competitions still matter. Jordan: at night, late at night, we can go over stuff like this (runs through a list of who was on the block in what order). It’s the two of us… Michelle: I asked Kevin about this last competition and he was like, he wouldn’t have won this one. Jordan: he looked really upset. Michelle: it can either motivate you to win, or … Jordan: I’m scared…Natalie is scared that me and you are still … Michelle: yeah, I think so. Jordan: just keep quiet. Michelle: I think we need to have a little bit of edginess. We shouldn’t hang out by the pool so much. We can have a mini-fight, whether about Jeff or something (more whispering) Michele getting up to go to the bathroom, says she’ll be right back. Nat has turned on the spy cam in the HOH where we can see her watching Michelle walk back to the pool room. Michele says that Kevin looks like he’s been asleep for awhile, Jordan wants to know who was up and walking around. Michelle says maybe it was Natalie. Jordan says maybe she was coming down to see if they were scheming. Michelle: we’ll sleep, we’ll study, we’ll go in the green room tomorrow to study–we’re not scheming, we just both don’t want to go home tomorrow. Jordan: this is major. Michelle: this is major. This is it. Jordan: Nat was praying. Michelle: we can do this right? Jordan: right. Michelle: we don’t want to go home. we’ll do this, final 3. Michelle says sweet dreams, as she gets up from Jordan’s bed where they were laying very close to whisper. Jordan says good night. 3am Big Brother Time: All the house guests in bed sleeping.
8:50am Big Brother Time: All the house guests are still sleeping…


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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:51am Still sleeping

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I heard something about Nat not able to playing for the pov. Is this true or just rumors? I hope it’s true and Michele wins the veto and removes herself from the block. I would like to see Michele in the final two and win, but not sure who I would like to see beside her. Not, Nat for sure. Really dislike her.

Totally Disgusted!


Of course this isn’t true!!

If that were the case, there would be millions of women walking around all crooked and shit suffering from infection (disgusting by the way)….

Poor, clueless Jordan…hope no one comes her way with a bridge for sale!!


actually it is true, you can be allergic to your partners sperm and it will cause UTIs… some women just deal with it (because they are married and want to have a baby, like my sister) …others use spermicide to kill the sperm…. and others just use antibiotics and drink a lot of cranberry juice!


Simon I love the pic of nasty and jordough!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me, too!!!! Massive kudos to you for the new ‘pics’. LMAO!!!!


thanks for doing all this work so everyone can keep up with what is going on in the house. I appreciate it a bunch!




I wish CBS would tell all the cry babies to suck it. Natalie is a kitten compared to BB houseguests of the past. I have come to the conclusion that no one has watched the show before. Howie, Dick Janelle? Do I need to post youtube videos? If you haven’t seen Big Brother before and think that Natalie is so bad why not do a search on youtube and have a look.

I Hate Natalie

Janelle was great! What are you talking about, dude? She won like 8 comps. Plus, she was funny. And, while Dick was evil, he was also very funny and entertaining too. Nasty has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever.


But Janelle was mean and crazy and treated people like crap. Natalie hasn’t been even one tenth as mean as Janelle was. Dick was mean and screaming all the time. Natalie has been strategic this whole game. I don’t understand how people can claim she is so horrible. It’s because of Jeff and for no other reason. I think people need to get over it. She played Jeff and he is on his way to jury crying. He probably still don’t even know because he was so full of himself that Natalie got him


Time for your prostate exam…

Mary Beth

Rockstar: your cheerleading for Gnat is a poor little whimper of a cheer. I don’t think your going to convince many people.


I can see where Rockstar is coming from but I think that the difference is personality. Janelle, Jase and Evel Dick played a hard game but they did it in a way that made them likable. But I agree that Nat would is a “kitten” compared to the rest of them and they would eat her alive. It would be interesting though.


I think the difference can be mean and callous and talk shit when you can back it up, as others in the past have. Natalie? Not so much as this is the first thing she’s won (or come close to winning) and even then, it was barely (although I’ll give it to her, a win is a win). Still, for someone “athletic”, she sure hasn’t done crap in any comp that was even mildly based on what one would assume to be her strength.


Are you natalie’s boyfriend!!!!!


I’ve been wondering that, too. Especially lately.



another fan

Maybe if Nasty actually was a decent competitor, you might have an argument. Janelle and Dick won comps and were tough competitors. Nasty is a whiny liar who hides behind other people. Plus I don’t believe Dick or Janelle ever picked their nose and ate it, and they took showers. She is just an all around gross disgusting person – even her voice is annoying. Sorry you had to insult Janelle and Dick by comparing them to Nasty.

nasty h8ter

What,Rockstar are you on crack? that weas by far your dumbest statement to date! Evil Dick called it as he saw it,Nasty wouldn’t have lasted a week with him in the house,Janelle would’ve shown Nasty what winning comps was about and Howie never really bothered anybody.Nasty is a waste of good air,why don’t you go show her how to use a tampon,you douche!!!

nasty h8ter

As you see again,Nasty has no guts to say..Gollum your on the block,because I don’t think I can beat you and I do want you gone.No another one of her lies…to see my fake bf,I had to give up playing for POV….what a lying, skanky,toilet water drinking,non bath taking,smelly,funky ass,nose picking,food chomping,stick up her/his ass walking piece of race mixed trash! did I forget anything else about her?


i only got one thing to say about this final 4……IM BORED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where did they find Natalie? In a cave? For goodness sake, she’s 24 and doesn’t know about feminine hygiene. Thalnk God Michelle has some fairlyl accurate info on sex to share with those two. They needed some enlightenment.


simon & dawg….i love the pigpen in place of the gnat and the cookie dough in place of jordan’s face. LMAO. those are great. 🙂 great way to start the day. thanks


Definitely made me giggle, too. Way to go S & D!! And love the commentary throughout, especially the I Hate BB edition title. You know your audience well. Go Team Psycho!

Randy Wolfgang

Anything can happen – if Kevin wins POV then I think we have a whole new ball game – the two Pigpens could waltz to the finals – if the producers think viewership has dropped NOW, watch what happens then!!!!!

I Hate Natalie

This just in: I HATE NataLIE! Great to see that Jordo and Mich are finally getting tough and not letting PP play them like a fiddle any more. Hey, have you seen the PAndora’s Box commercial yet? Here’s my thought: the jury house gets to play in the veto comp too! Maybe even vote with the 1 off the block HG on the eviction too???? I HATE Nasty PigPen! The pot is calling the kettle black. NataLIE is the DEVIL! Go Michelle!


Exactly, Randy! Now I am still enjoying Simon & Dawg, but BBAD only gets 5 minutes because when I turn it on it’s always Pigpen lying.

Did you guys see what Simon copied from another post on a SOCIOPATH??? Every single thing described the Gnat!


It also described Jeff perfectly


And yomama…


If it described Jeff so accurately he wouldn’t have been capable of forming that relationship with Cookie monster.

PP will have to spend her 50 or 500k on PR just to repair her image if she wins – poor PP


There are many of those traits that apply to PP and Jeff also. Jeff supporters don’t see it because they can’t get past his good looks. If it were someone that looked like Ronnie behaving as Jeff did, that guy would be just as hated as Nat is.

A no no moose

Simon…thanks for the pics of Michelle in a bikini… the more the better…

Are you guys going to keep this blog up after the show is over? A lot of people are going to need a place to vent their emotions..

Thanks again for all your hard work…


glad you like the pic changes.. Yes this site will be running year round and we still post on here year round whenever big brother news comes up of theres something about a former houseguest in the media.


Absolutely love the pics at the top with the pic of “pigpen” and the cookiedough for Nat and Jordan!

Randy Wolfgang

I hope the story isn’t true that PP has a tattoo on her upper thigh which reads “Fulton’s Fish Market” with an arrow pointing towards her snatch!!!!!!!!

A no no moose

Ouch…that was a harsh thing to say.

Mary Beth

Now your making rockstar mad.


I love seeing Jeff’s picture grayed out. It makes my day


simon and dawg how do you find the time thanks though. What kind of work do u do in real life?

extreme big bro fan



I think she MADE THE WHOLE THING UP!!!! There was a late night convo where she slipped and said,” When I talked to Jesse–er–my boyfriend earlier…” I think Jesse was there and she was just told in Pandora’s room that she’ll get a visit from SOMEONE and lose playing POV to see this person. Her “proposal” is a total fabricated lie. Let’s put aside the fact that someone would actually want to marry her (after watching this show and how America hates her) and focus on her story: seriously– a table with 2 chairs and 2 plates in Pandora’s room? Why would there be plates? She only got 20 minutes with him, didn’t cry that he proposed, didn’t want to tell anyone about it, and btw, I’ve never known BB to let someone from the outside TALK to a hg ( risk of telling info) except for phone calls. Why would BB do Gnat such a favor when she didn’t keep Jeff in the house? He was BB’s money maker!!!


Also, she slipped another time last night and referred to her boyfriend as her ex. Then she kept correcting herself and saying she needs to remember to call him her fianc?e now. Everyone that asked about it in the DR said that no one would tell them an answer. Even Kevin doesn’t believe her! He TOLD her to just say something or make something up– because no one was believing her first lie about opening the box and saying she lost 500k…I HATE that bitch!!! She’s just sitting on some info about PB, and loves that she knows and they don’t. I DON’T think compulsive lying is a strategy; I think she’s seriuosly sick. Like hall wrote: sociopath. Same category as Scott Peterson– they start believing their own lies ex: I can win every comp — I just threw them all,etc. Yeah, right, GnastaLIE. Keeping telling yourself that. gaah, IDIOT!!! (napoleon dynamite voice)


You know nothing about her, none of us do…you bashers are all pathetic get a life and talk about the game, not the players personal lives which we all know nothing about. Team Jeff are the sorriest bunch of sore losers ever…


the majority of america loves jeff and the majority of america hates natalie…so who is the loser?


Its nothing to brag about that the majority of Americans are a bunch of sheeple who can’t think for themselves and have been brainwashed by either CBS cuts or their crushes on a pretty face. Its a tragedy, really, that they can overlook such inner ugliness as he displayed. If Jeff looked like Ronnie, then everyone would hate him just as much as they hate Nat.

another fan

Shut up Chima.


Hey– I’m just stating the facts. Gnat’s the liar that spews shit out of her mouth. I understand; you’re embarrassed your girlfriend is hated for being absolutely gross in every way. BTW, Kevin’s man IS cuter than you.

nasty h8ter

Think we just mad her Dad mad…lmmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we think it was really jesse because of her slipup to jordan and michelle that she talked to jesse today.

the only thing is that she said her BF told her she has a lot of haters on the message boards-which is very true.

also, she said she couldnt talk game with her BF but she lets a lot slip out here and there which makes us believe that it was really jesse because she can talk game with him.

i guess we will see sunday!


I don’t think PP say her (ex)-boyfriend. They won’t let BB houseguests have contact with the outside world where they could let news slip. I do think it may have been Jessie. A visit with a sequestered house guest for the purpose of strategizing or campaigning for votes in the jury house. Jessie would have told her to worry about America’s vote. He would know that she might not be well liked because of her alliance with Jessie. Also, the remaining HGs might think they have a better chance with her because they believe that America hates her. Little does she know how true that is. Who is sexually active and has never used a tampon? What a sick pig!


Natalie was offered a deal with Pandora’s box. The feeds were down so nobody knows exactly how it happened. She was told she could choose to open the mystery door, but she would be giving up her right to participate in the POV comp (which is today.) As a hint there was a picture of her boyfriend so she chose to open Pandora’s box. He was there and they got some time together. He proposed during that time. He also told her America hates her but wasn’t allowed to talk about it… she figures it’s because America never liked Jessie, so they didn’t like her hanging with him!

While she was in the room, the others were visited by 3 people in costumes who ran around doing weird things. I imagine they have something to do with an upcoming comp.

This is all based on what they told each other and talked about afterward…. nobody’s seen it yet. Maybe Nat is lying about the boyfriend! She is incapable of telling the truth about anything else. But her lies are always pointlessly mean, so maybe this is her one true moment.


I’m watching BBAD for the 1st time and god is Natalie annoying! She chews like a freaking cow. I honestly don’t believe her BF proposed to her but I have this sneaking suspicion that someone from the Juy House will be helping her out in the Veto. I hope I am wrong, I know she can’t play but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t in her place. I can’t believe she didn’t wash her hands before or after handling the chicken.. that’s just downright nasty. I can only hope that by next week both her and Kevin are history. It’s going to be a LONG week that’s for sure


member julie said tus is a live eviction then the part 1 otf thr battle for final two starts thurs then sun will be part 2 then the winner is picked on tues ( a week from this tue) the 15th then survivor begins 🙂 does anyone still watch survivir? i kinda check it but not like BB.


i hope they send kevin packing to the jury for jeff! either way jordan is safe but with kevin and natalie i dont think she will make it to the final 2. there is a chance she will make it if kevin gets to choose.


so anotherwards there will be no member brought back to try to win ( no time)


ya that sucks. america was hoping for jeff to comeback. hopefully we will see him on another show!


Nat’s lying about seeing her boyfriend. And, she told Kevin it was a lie too. From everything I’ve seen and read, I believe she saw Jesse.

Also, she grapped a twistie from the kitchen to put on her finger right before she told everyone about her ‘proposal’.


she never told kevin that it was jesse and she had the twisty in her bag. she may have gotten it from the kitchen a while ago but when she told kevin about it she already had it in her posession.


Natalies Boyfriend, deffinetly
did NOT propose. Who would marry her?

Iwish jeff could re join the house some time, he made the game..
poor Jordan

Is natalie stupid, Like does she not have a mother?


watching the show/feeds now are not entertaining. i would compare it to doing boring, exhausting homework.

another fan

Earlier posts (weeks ago) someone who know Natalie in real life said her dad and mom split up long ago and Nat was raised by her dad – no communication with her mom or other sister pretty much her whole life.


I guess we are keeping the high school theme alive with the pics.


Simon/Dawg: LMAO at the HOH pic!!!! YOu’ve captured the essence of the Dark Knat!! Also enjoyed JOrdo’s but Nat’s is priceless!! thanks for the entertainment!


What kind of an idiot learns how to use a tampon ON NATIONAL TV? What the hell is wrong with that girl??


all i know is that when jordan and michelle find out she is that old they will feel sick to their stomachs.


I think lying ass Gnat already knows how to use a tampon; come on– gymnast/ TKD champ can’t wear a pad doing that stuff– she’s using it to make J/M think she’s naive and 18… Making them look dumb. What a bitch.


Love the pics replacing Jordan as cookie dough and Nat as her real-self! Too funny!

Where’s the post on what a sociopath is? And, ty for this awesome site…or maybe I should hate you because it just feeds into my BB addiction. 🙂


deebee original post

hmmmm?I happened on some characteristics of a sociopath and it reminded me of the newest HOH on BB11 so I thought I would share.
*Glibness and Superficial Charm
*Manipulative and Conning
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
*Grandiose Sense of Self
Feels entitled to certain things as ?their right.?
*Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
*Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
*Shallow Emotions
*Incapacity for Love
*Need for Stimulation
Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.
*Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others? feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.
*Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
*Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet ?gets by? by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.
Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.


Nasty! I have a lot of friends and none of them every asked me to show the! LMFAO Anothere way to make “Jordon” they are the same side.


I got ten bucks that Natalie can not repeat the 5 tenants of TKD, she would not have done some of the things she did if she was a true student. She is such a weirdo. WTF was the whole tampon thing? There is no way she understand tampons, even teenage boys know how those things work . And to have that on tv is just plain gross and I do not believe she doesn’t understand how to use one, I think she was just trying to “bond” with the girls and she is such a freak that she doesn’t know how to do it like a normal person.


I agree. Plz read my earlier post about it (above)…


notice that none of the nataLIE lovers can even defend the tampon thing. Perhaps they too think it was f’d up and gross and just too weird for them? BTW I was never a j/j lover, I just pick who I don’t want to be the winner and then I am less disapointed in the end. Looks like this year might be a bust with pp in there still. Kevin just got used by her so while he is not realy on my list I wouldn’t die if he won.


I believe PP saw one of the jury members, and that it was Jesse. She’s slipped up once by saying Jesse instead of boyfriend when she was relating the story to the others.
And, PP didn’t tell Kevin anything about what really happened, (probably can’t by BB, either that or she can’t help but lie).
She only told Kevin that she was going to lie to everyone about what happened. But, I really believe she saw one of the jury members.


I thought the same thing and how Julie said it would affect t he jury house. It was Jesse in that room and not her BF!


Nat said her BF told her she wasn’t well liked on the blogs and she blamed Jessie for her unpopularity. If it was a JH-HG and not her BF, aren’t they not allowed to go online? So, how did she know about the blogs?


I am really doubting Natalie’s story now. She said she spoke to Jessie then tried covering it up saying her boyfriend. I bet it was Jessie in that room NOT her boyfriend. Remember last year Dan was able to take someone out of the jury house on a picnic and he chose Michelle!!!

Natalie is such a lier I bet she make it all up to cover up the fact that she is trying to get jury votes through Jessie.


Nat is playing a character like in a movie, and she is doing a hell of a good job of it. She is no dummy, she appears to have grown up on the streets. She knows about tampons, she knows how to play the game by having others do her dirty work. She can lie with the best of them and make you believe it. The others in the house have not sat down and compared notes about what she has said, her being able to drink at age 18, etc. and that is their downfall. Michelle is book smart but not street smart. Poor Jordon has never left her hometown she doesn’t get the big picture and yes, she is rather naive and brain dead. She speaks before she thinks, but she is really a cute gal. Kevin, well he is just Kevin. He needed another gay guy to make this series entertaining and to help him make the right decisions instead he hooked up with Nat and that is going to be his downfall if he doesn’t win the POV. You can’t believe anything Nat tells anyone. She is playing the lying game.


They’re all playing a lying game…that’s what BB is. It’s just that Nat, despite her vile personality and hygiene, has perfected it to an artform. I agree with you about her street smarts. How else could she be slick? But she’s not to shabby at intellectual analysis either. I liked her insight into Jeff’s better use of the coup d’etat, i.e. keep Lydia on block to insure Kevin’s vote against Jessie. Pretty elegant thinking from a street kid.


Nasty would have NEVER voted her precious Jessie out either to her and Lyd are a wash.

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin threw PP under the bus BIGTIME when he told Jordan and Michele that there is no way they can win against PP in a final 2. He wants her gone!!!! Even if he goes first!!!!
Also If Julie Chen doesn’t congratulate PP on her engagement on Tuesday – both Jordan and Michele wil know its a lie.

Mary Jo

Good point about Julie mentioning the engagement!!! It gets so confusing to know when PP1 and PP2 are lying these days. I just assume they are all lies, but you are probably right about PP2 (Kevin) throwing PP1 (Gnat) under the bus thinking he can’t win against her. But if Kevin is eliminated he just may tell the jury about her lies, whereas Jordough’s information won’t be reliable because she believes her friend du jour.


Kevin wasn’t throwing Nat under the bus. If you recall, it was Michelle who spelled it out to Kevin on numerous occasions that Nat had the JH votes. It was the argument she was hoping to sway Kevin to keep Jeff. Kevin agreed with Mich, but still felt safer keeping Nat LAST week. Michelle also explained the same thing to Jeff and then to Jordan as well way back then. Kevin is only repeating what everyone realized a week to two weeks ago. No new news.

Mary Beth

I’m not quite sure that Michele believes Gnat. She just doesn’t call her out. Why bother. I think Michele is thinking of all the angles of the game and how to best play them to her advantage. I loved that the “speech” Gnat worked so hard didn’t even make Michele blink an eye.


Michelle has played this very coolly and very smartly. What Nat wants more than anything is to get inside Mich’s head and rattle her. Instead, Mich sat there and took the speech and then agreed with Nat…and pulled out her devil “ears”! Lol. Then Mich say she will certainly make a point to apologize to Chima for her treachery. It takes a great player to eat the humble pie–however disingenious–and not give Nat any satisfaction knowing that Mich’s pissed.

I Hate NataLIE

Let’s see, why do we hate PigPen? 1) no sense of humor, 2) boring, 3) bratty, 4) arrogant/boastful, 5) shallow, 6) gross/disgusting hygiene, 7) masculine, 8) no taste/dresses like a slob, 9) lies pathologically, 10) immature, 11) lucky/undeserving to make it this far, 12) no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Go Michelle! NataLIE is the devil!


I can’t wait till PP finds out that her rein ends on Tuesday!!!! She keeps saying she knows so much about the show, but she keeps saying the finale is always on a Sunday. WRONG….never…always on a Tuesday.

I really really can’t stand her!!!!!!


Do you think all the nose picking, loud eating and poor hygeine habits might all be an act to try and seem younger than she really is?


This chick is to outrageous, I’m beginning to wonder if she is come kind of ‘plant’ in the house – whoever finally explodes and goes after her is the automatic winner. Just wishful thinking on my part!

another fan

No, if someone did not have those traits, it would kill them to be doing them as long as Nasty has been. And the eating boogers is just gross, so that isn’t something someone does if they haven’t done it their whole life. She says there is no way she would eat a bug, but she will eat boogers? Speaking of that – they never have had the gross food competition this season – is that another case of CBS bowing to Natalie’s refusal to eat bugs? They should definitely make that one of the final HOH comps and see how she handles it.

Mary Beth

I honestly don’t think Gnat is smart enough to act. She’s constantly lying but I think that’s her stupidly trying to play the game and rattle others. I have to say that most other HG’s are stupid enough to swallow her statements (a few I think don’t care what she says and are just going along).


nat is so full of crap it’s coming out her ears.i think they offered her money in exchange for playing pov.which is a good deal for her ,she gets rid of kevin and it looks like there was nothing she can do about it.they would not let someone who has been watching the show come and visit and take a chance they would tell her what the other people are saying.thats bsand kevin ,michelle & jordan should know that .have you ever watched bb.please buy a vowel here people.

Mary Jo

It may be they offered her a visit with Jessie, and she may have given up POV to see him knowing her “boyfriend” or “Ex” couldn’t come in to the house. A visit with Jessie would give her information she might have believed could help her by knowing where the jury house feelings were since he’s been with Lydia all this time and wanted to get him interested in her again to play for jury house votes that he would fight for on her behalf. Remember Dan was offered to take someone on an outing. This would be a great “gift” to Nat, something even more valuable than the POV, cementing her relationship with the sucker Jessie. Question is, how does Jessie know she is hated? Do they have access to the blogs?


On one hand, you have her mentioning the blog hatred. On the other hand, you have her actually vocalizing what may have been her thinking process in choosing Jessie as the HG she wanted to see, re: “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so mean to him, but he would never have me. I am sure Lydia has gotten to him and helped make his mind against me.” Good reasons to want to see Jessie fer sure. She mentions Jessie as the reason she’s unpopular. Freudian slip? Maybe it is something they were joking about and she just took it to the next step as a fact in front of the HGs. Have you ever heard a sound byte of Jessie w/o him saying “America hates me”? I doubt the JH has any sort of computer access, but it definitely is something Nat could have “fabricated” (nevertheless true..surprise!) from joking around with Jessie. If this is true, Nat once again shows some brilliant cunning.


Jessie knows. America hated him last year and they hated him this year. Anyone tied to him will be hated too, especially when that person was against Jeff. Jessie knows that America loved Jeff, or they wouldn’t have given him the CDE, so Jessie would probably assume that Nat was not liked. He knows first hand how mean some of the comments can be on the blogs. I don’t think anything he told her was because he has seen information. He is speaking from experience. I knew Nat was lying about the boyfriend. Maybe she got to talk to all of them except Jeff, or maybe it was just Jessie, but it is pretty obvious now that she saw someone from the past. She let it slip twice. I don’t think she even has a boyfriend. Hopefully her lies are catching up to her and that will be her downfall. Why lie about seeing the BF. All she had to do was tell everyone that production won’t let her talk about it. End of story. I think Nat just has the compulsion to lie.


…or maybe Nat’s just emulating last year’s winner Dan. Remember his lie after the day of wining, dining, charm, and persuasion at the beach? Remember his rationale for not taking either HG out of the house, much to their disappointment? Now, that was pretty sick and pretty slick.


Is the POV played Sat. or Sun?


POV is going to be today… I’m guessing in the next 4 hours

Randy Wolfgang

The POV is played today but the ceremony, eviction and part oneof the Final comp is live on Tuesday. What the hell is wrong with kevin – he said if he wins the POV he will torture Michele till Tuesday – she’s already out the door – why??????????????


Why? Because he isn’t a nice person!!! He plays like he’s this nice guy but some things he does and says in the DR are just down right rude and nasty. He’s no better then PP.

Never thought I’d say this…but I’d be happy with Jordan or Michelle winning. I feel bad for Michelle. She’s been picked on from the get go because she is nerdy and is socially inept. They definetely treated her like they WERE backj in HS.

Just for fun ...

I think Jordan and Jeff have said mean and nasty things about Michele too. They’ve been really, really mean to her and have made fun of her for no reason. Also, over and over Jordan has put Michele “she thinks she’s so smart” when, in fact, Michele IS smart. I don’t think Kevin has been any worse to Michele than J/J were, in fact, he hasn’t been as bad. Michele had J/Js back and all they did was treat her horribly. To me, this makes them even worse offenders because she was in their “alliance.”


Because he doesn’t need her vote in the jury house. Makes sense. NOT.


Awesome..will wait for my update here. How do those other HGs not notice that if Natalie has been with her boyfriend almost 3 years, that she would have been working at Home Depot when she was 14 or 15???


Exactly! Plus she said she’d tried out for BB the prior two seasons – at 16 and 17?? And she plays in the casinos and in poker tournaments – at 18? NO WAY! Don’t know if ya’ll recall, but Kevin called her out on her age the first day when they went around introducing themselves. He didn’t believe her. She apparently did a good job of convincing him and all the other gullible souls on there. She couldn’t resist telling Jessie and Chima and I hope it comes back to bite her in the butt!


It’s not that the people left are stupid, it’s that Nat is so damned annoying and persistent that they just tune her out and ignore what she says as babble. Whether her annoyances and persistence are acted or real, they definitely give her game an edge.


The producers couldn’t have found more stupid people this time. I guess that is all they had to pick from, People who are intelligent and use their brain have good jobs and don’t need to expose their imperfections to the whole world.

Mary Beth

I think you have to be pretty narcisstic to want to play this game. I know I’m boring enough that I’d make people turn off the tv. They’d pay me just to leave!


I think POV has started! Anybody know for sure?


pretty sure it has


why did julie not show jeff any goodbyes from the other house guests.


that’s what i wanta know


I MISS JEFF! The fun has gone out of BB 11. now its all lying and back stabbing etc…. oh well, just another season of bb i suppose.

Just for fun ...

Jeff lied and backstabbed too, how did you miss that?


Natalie’s boyfriend couldn’t wait 2 weeks to propose? He had to get BB to let him enter the Diary Room to give her a twisty?? Absolutely ridiculous!! There is no way that Natalie is believable at this late date on anything and the other three have to have figured that out by now.


Natalie’s is like a child giving too many details to make her lie sound believable. She is slipping up and catching herself and doing a bad job of covering up. At about 2:15am she was telling Jordan and Michelle that her boyfriend was standing there and he said “we only have 5 minutes” and earlier she had said they had 20 minutes. She also called him her Ex-boyfriend just a few seconds before that. Plus the slip up where she said it was Jesse. I know Kevin doesn’t believe she is 18. I wonder if the others don’t believe it but don’t have a reason to call her out on it since it wouldn’t change anything.


Strategically, it makes no sense to antagonize a jury member. No reason to bring it up if you expect her to go at F3.

Fed up BB Fan

The feeds are cut so I would say that something is going on.


Jeff did an interview with People magazine. It was on their website this morning. He thinks Michelle has played the best game and wishes he had given them more encouragement(she and Jordan) as he was leaving. He also wishes he had kissed Jordan and she is on his short list for Hawaii trip.


I thought the same thing in regards to PP repeating that she’s not well liked on the blogs….how would she know if it wasn’t the boyfriend. The only explaination I could think of was that production clued her in on that fact.
There’s no way BB would let her see someone in the real world; or let alone allow that person to tell them about how her gameplay is affecting her portrayal.
It had to be production that let it slip, had to be.


Honestly I don’t think that anyone cares to know anything about Natalie and that is why no one is questioning her lies.


Exactly. After having to deal with Nat’s in-your-face obnoxiousness, wouldn’t you be happy for a little mental vacation when she’s not around and just tune her out? Who gives enough of a F about her to bother analyzing her?


Everything………………and I mean everything………………….about Pigpen is just pure nasty !
Her skin…..her clothes…..her hair……………..etc., etc., etc ! I still say if she had a GYN
check up……………………for she …..she ain’t no female ! ! !