Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV ceremony, Who’s evicted & The results of Part 1 of the 3 part HOH competition…

START WATCHING the live feeds today! Watch all 3 parts of the endurance competition for FREE, tonight (Part 1), tomorrow (Part 2), and Thursday (Part 3)…..

POV Ceremony results:
– Kevin used the POV on himself
– Jordan is up on the block with Michelle

Eviction Results:
Michelle is evicted from the Big Brother House!

PART 1 of the 3 PART HOH endurance competition results: ?

9:20pm Everyone still on the log.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:12pm Everyone still on the log.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Kevin, Natalie and Jordan are all still in the competition. The have to hold on to their Key with at least one hand as a long rolls back and forth under their feet. Big Brother is also turning on and off the wind, snow, and rain to knock the house guests off..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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633 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV ceremony, Who’s evicted & The results of Part 1 of the 3 part HOH competition…

      1. The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma may be interesting as well. I like mature women. This (BB11) has been an interesting distraction. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits.

  1. wheres the flames for chima? and the weights ( or dumbells for Jess) the horse for laura? i still dont know what to do to braden or russ or lydias pic :) any suggestions? jeffs too i have no clue maybe a tool since he is one?

      1. jeff should be a picure of a nose because he always had his finger up his nose. jessie dumbbells. ronnie should have been a rat, russell wolf in sheep clothing. lydia picture should be evil.

  2. A direct quote from NataLIE’s HOH Blog via the CBS website.

    “Many people may not realize, but Michelle has played the game really dirty, beyond dirty. I don’t respect how Michelle has played this game and that is why I want her out. Yes this is a game and you must lie, cheat, and manipulate, but there is a certain point where you draw the line and Michelle went pass that line.”

    What the hell is Natalie smokin these days??? Does she not realize that she has played this game as dirty as it comes??? Get a clue NataLIE!!! You have a rude awakening once you step back out into reality and see how little fans you have and how we now know you’re a skeezy little bitch!! Most times production has to tweek there show to show us how they want us to see a character/contestant on their show, but for you NataLIE they didn’t have to do anything. What you see is what you get, your “Karma” will carry over into the rest of your life. If it doesn’t bite your ass in this game it will in your future endeavors!!! Good luck, you’ll need it once this game is over!!

      1. doubt it…they probably ran outta time since jeff got a standing ovation from the audiance. if that’s you rouuie, you’d know nothing about a standing O since you never got one!

      1. I don’t think they would have shot the good bye videos since no one knew (except Jeff) that Jesse was going on the block.

      2. The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma and grammalilx11 (gramma711) may be interesting. I like mature women. This has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed your post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how.

  3. Enjoy the live POV and Eviction Tonight!
    The Show is bound to surprize and drop mouth everybody!
    A Tuesday to go down in BB History!
    The Fans will be screaming or More, but will have to wait until Thursday!

      1. Just Hope!
        trying to keep everybody hoping around!
        and the Surprise: Jeff returns not the whinny Ronnie living
        in the rear studio parking lot in that old datsun bluebird just hoping they call him back!

  4. They need to give us something. Pandoras Box sucked. We waited forever, for Roaches and stupid stuff like that. Nat’s proposal was just another piece of crap on her part. They have to give us something.

      1. there is nothing wrong with a free burger but at least make them work for it. I hope next season they make them do more. If I’m paying to watch you, I don’t want to see you sit around. I want you to dance for me monkeys dance.

  5. you all BB fams geared up for tonights live show? i know I think michelle will go but I will be anxious to hear Nats speech. she already gave a really uncalled for one when she nom her ( you are the devil ) she is so weird and dishonest.

  6. Why does they advert for the live feed say “START WATCHING the live feeds today! Watch all 3 parts of the endurance competition for FREE, tonight (Part 1), tomorrow (Part 2), and Thursday (Part 3)? TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!” when they don’t show the competitions on the live feed?

  7. Just read that BB lost 1/2 it’s audience from 2 weeks ago.. What does that tell you??? They had a 1.6 rating which is horrible!! Do you think the PTB will be a little startled by this? I didn’t watch Sunday night and I don’t plan on watching tonight. I’ll watch again when Natalie is gone. Please, please let there be another twist out there that gets rid of her nasty a@@! I still wonder what that whole commercial about PB and the Jury is all about.

    1. You are a little baby that cannot handle reality TV just stop whining your favorite wasn’t good enough for the final 3 and leave it at that, if they bring jeff back Id say it was rigged for Jeff to win (quite obvious) but you guys would argue with me that it was fair but if they brought Natalie (say she got evicted) back (calling her nasty is a 4 year old game) you guys would scream and whine how rigged it was now wouldn’t you? Please just shut the hell up.

      1. Boy you are a little harsh aren’t you.. For your information if any of the 4 of Jeff, Russell, Jordan or Michelle had one I would have been thrilled. There is something about Natalie that rubs me (and many others) the wrong way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is no reason for you to be such a little piss ant!!

        The numbers do not lie!!!! Losing 6 million viewers at any point of a season is never a good thing. Why do you think they lost so much???

      2. It was a holiday weekend, too. Many out of town. Also, I am sure several stop watching on a regular basis each time a favorite is voted off. Another thing is that it gets really boring down at the final 4/3/2 levels. Lets see how that old final goes. Might just see a change.

        1. It’s far less interesting to me now. I can’t even watch BB After Dark now because Natalie has too much face time. Too much mouth-opened, cow-cud-chewing, microphone-chomping face time.

        2. not lilkely, unless Michele stays tonight. the holiday weekend comment is bogus, because when I was into BB, the holiday week would not have mattered. I only watched Sunday and tonight because I had hope some twist would happen – like we have been promised. It’s not over tonight, but if M goes, they will lose me because I couldn’ t care less about the remaining 3. I would hate for Nat to win, but don’t care enough about the others to keep me watching paint dry and disgusting Nat – she makes my skin crawl. I’ll be outta here…..

  8. I hope michelle stays! my number 1 was jeff he gone then michelle now she gone! I cant stand natalie and hopefully my neighbors wont mind when my tv goes flying out the window because BB really disappointed this season! i think not enough twists-how can natalie and kevin get by being floaters just goes to prove not enough action or surprises. I can sit in the corner and not saying anything for a few weeks for 500k, ill even do it for the 50k! cBS should be ashamed of themselves but i think this will be the last season didnt they get rid of bb in europe? They need to do the same here or get some new producers with better ideas!!!!!!

    1. I think all these types of shows wear out after awhile. Eleven Seasons is a good run. Its just that after so long everyone gets use to how you have to play to win and the variety runs very slim. I wasn’t even going to watch this year because I had grown tired of it but with Simon and Dawg site, I got back into it. It is better than the show for me! But, The Price Is Right is still running. But who watches that? Oh, a lot of people. So, you just never know.

      1. i agree granny. at least put all new twists and games on BB so it stays fresh. every sesaon everyone knows exactly the order of each episode. i’ts way too predictable. what happened to “suprise”

        1. That is pretty obvious, isn’t it. Even the HGs sit there and say “well, this should come next, this comp should be this way, now they will have us do this. They know just how it is going to play out. Also, they have learned that to win you have to lie, cheat, borrow, steal, and threaten, manipulate, and get down right mean to win. Nice guys don’t. That is where it gets hard to watch for some people.

    2. Are you serious??? they needed more twists??? You just wanted BB to hand the game to Jeff!!

      How was Natalie a floater?? She was the right hand of the power alliance until BB gave Jeff power he didnt earn. She maintained an alliance and then invented the lie that brought her to the final 4. Then she wins HOH and gets herself into the final 3.

      I was rooting for Jeff until all these whiners complained. Now I am hoping Natalie wins. Jeff did nothing in the game in ANY way until he was handed a HUGE game changing power. After that he screwed himself by being stupid. So he is a good looking guy….. other than that he floated and when he finally made game moves, he made the wrong ones.

      A final 2 of Natalie vs Jordan will show us who in the Jury house really appreciates game play vs “friendship”. I hope that is what happens.

      1. Sorry, but it was not Natalie that created the LIE it was Kevin. All Natalie has done is kling to others and let them do all the work for her. Every time she tried to do the LIE everyone just thought she was full of it. It was Kevin the carried it out.

      2. Natalie is a hanger-on, but I agree Jeff’s move trusting her and Kevin and backdooring Russ was uber-stupid. I think Russ would’ve honored the Final 4 agreement and then said “game on.” I liked Jeff. Jeff screwed up and is gone. I’ve moved on.

  9. Maybe the negative from the Pandoras Box that Natalie opened and the promoted punch from the Jury House that was on the trailer for the show – will be a video to the remaining HG’s from the gang at the Jury House letting them know how old Natalie is. If they do this before the evection, that might be enough to sway Kevins vote.

    1. that’s an interesting thought! I’ve never disliked a HG more then I dislike PP. She is totally delusional if she thinks that she’s playing a “clean” game.. ummm yeah OK.. When she gets home hopefully her father will clue her in.

      1. we know that – but the HG inside the BB House dont.. That would be a great spill of the beans if they tattle to the remaining on tonights show before the eviction. Kevin would be pissed.

      2. if its her and kevin in the end and kevin pulls out the better wins in the final comps he will win the 500,000. especially when michelle tells jesse about nats engagement. they are the worse 2 of the bunch but america should vote for kevin because nat is a lot worse than him.

  10. Kevin needs 2 keep Michelle in order 2 prevent Nat from not taking him. If Jordan stays Nat takes her but if Michelle stays Michelle takes Kevin. If Kevin wins he has the choice 2 take either person. If Kev takes Michelle over Jordan he’s deffinently in a good spot.

  11. the producer of bb should be fired after this season.Julie please tell you husband to fire her,,,,if you let cheating go on for one and breaking rules you should let all of them get by with it, so hopefully she loses her job for trying to fix this season for kevin and nat,so disappointed in this season and I too am not watching nat or kev win so goodbye cbs


    1. nat and kev played dirty. not even the lying but the way they treat ppl. they are in the lead and they still want to torture michelle and jordan? they went beyond acceptable. maybe you dont watch the live feeds but they are bad. yes everyone lies but only kev and nat degrade people.

    2. Julez, you have hit it square on the head! It is that type of a game, isn’t it. Usually the one you like least wins. So, maybe we should say, “may the worst man/woman win!

  13. This could be me, but I’m thinking maybe there is a twist tonight and it has to do with the jury house in some way. That’s the way I took what Julie said at the end of the last show. I may have misunderstood though.

      1. The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma may be interesting as well. I like mature women. This has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed your post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how.

  14. You guys seem to really think you will make a difference in Nat’s life, and that she would/should care? LMAO!

    You pick thru blogs and thinks she shouldn’t have an opinion, yet you post your opinion and think its gold. O’boy…as if she didn?t have a life before BB or your nasty post.

    Take the 500G and tell them to kiss your ass Nat!

    Nat FTW!

  15. i hope nat and kevin get hit by a bus and get confined to a wheel chair. Hey and that little person NAT your pathetic and an idiot just like your favorite.Why dont you geta life writing about others who write about the show.Diss me and prepare to get burned=)

  16. It is 100% obvious that Kevin did not cheat at the POV. Michelle was soooooooooo close to winning and well Jordon, “God love her.”

    1. How can you say that? They edit the show however they want – do you really think they would show us the “technical difficulties?” I know CBS and AG are stupid, but they aren’t that stupid.

      1. You have quite the conspiracy theory going there. Do you know if there was a second shooter on that grassy knoll? Was Armstrong a fake? Is Elvis still alive? Was CBS involved?

      1. Even if they edited the show to make Jeff appear with angel wings in the sky, Kevin was very close to losing, Michelle was so close to blowing him out of the water.

      2. The Ole man is in the Mid west (Kansas City Area) / Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma is a mature woman and may be interesting as well. I like her posts. This (BB11) has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed her post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how. Would Simon exchange e-mail addresses?

        1. Hanglow10, guess what! I am original from St Joe MO! Surprise! Thank you for the nice words. Always need friends. Married, 2 daughters, 3 grandkids. Do know lots of single mature ladies. Love all you guys on here, too.

  17. and natalie just said in front of everybody that “the veto went just as planned”… so is she not trying to ‘fool’ michelle and jordon anymore with her BS?

  18. anybody still thinks that jordan is not as dumb as she makes herself look? well after seing the pov,i think we all got our answer!!!jor-dumb !!!!!

    1. Not just the POV, what about her speech. Jordough is really Jordumb. That girl better find her a man who can take care of her ass. Speaking of ass…she should have tried to trap Jeff with that ass, maybe he could take care of her.

  19. I’m sick of people getting on Kevin just because he got Jeff out. That was the best move of the game and will win the game for him. Nat’s the only one left who doesn’t deserve to win.

  20. I am watching BB right now what a piece of CRAP that stinky smelly Gnat is, I wish I could just flush her away. She is the most evil person ever. She has no feelings for anyone but herself. Her Dad did a wonderful job raising her…….he deserves , The Fathers Award of the Year:.

  21. NastyLie is an ugly biatch, inside AND out. I want Jordan or Michele to win, but at this point, Kevin would be preferable to N.

  22. is it just me or does anyone notice nats voice sounds like a chi wa wa LOL she siad saying she is 18 helped, more like all the lies helped (well yeah but that was one of the lies too) so guess it did help :)

  23. I think that Kevin totally made a HUGE mistake, he just lost himself the 500K because he doesnt have a guaranteed win against either Nat or Jordan, whereas Kevin would have been guaranteed to win against Michelle. Im really not excited about the final 3, I dont think that either of the 3 deserve to win Jeff totally deserved to win.

      1. And a slap across the head from Russell. Jeff cost em 50K and 500K. That move will go down in BB infamy as the STUPIDEST move ever.

  24. I think that the “mental” segment for the final HOH will include some kind of questions about the roach, copycat and baby so GnatastLIE will be at a disadvantage – that is the price she will pay for taking the additional 15 minutes with her fiance. At least I hope

    1. GnatBGone – I’m with you. I’m hoping that the annoying creatures that came into the house will figure into the competition somehow. They usually do. It’s just a matter or whether or not Kevin & Jordan were paying attention.

  25. I’m done with BB. I was hoping Kevin would redeem himself by taking Jordan out of the house. She was a total embarrassment! She must have been a different type of “popular” girl. The popular girls I went to school with had active brain cells.

  26. Lame of Kevin to evict Michelle!!!! This is going to be so boring. I’d rather Kevin win over Natalie though. Hopefully Jordan takes Kevin to the final two.

    Does anyone know when the next season of big brother will be or if there will even be another season?

  27. michelle brought tears to my eyes. she deserved to win more than anyone else. she put up with so much crap from everyone.

    lets get her the 25k!

  28. That’s Bullshit i know it’s game but
    where the big hoolala
    so if you what something you lie you still and more
    and that’s ok
    very nice

  29. Oh please let Nat lose. She is the most nasty, arrogant, rude, crude and disgusting thing on this season of BB !!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Red as much as I hate to say it! Natalie will win tonight!
      looking at her versa Jordan leaning back ready to fall and the flamer staggering on the log!
      natalie will win, and you heard it first here from the Super Fan! da da da da da DA!

  30. The games over as far as I’m concerned. I’m not watching anymore. The only thing I will do is vote for Michele for favorite jury member

    1. I’m with you all the way Johnny. I cancelled Superpass a week ago. I’ll most likely check out the finals here, but for me It will be like watching a train wreck (morbid curiosity).

  31. natalie talks about michelle backstabbing chima but chima and natalie both wanted michelle out and talked negative about her.

    1. See what I mean? Why would you hate someone you don’t even know? Dislike, and dislike someone alot, but to hate her? You are no better than the person you claim to hate. Why dosn’t she deserve to win? Why does Jordan deserve to win?

      At least Nat played the phycoligcal came, and became a mastermind with everyones brain. She pit people agaisnt people, so she deserves to win. What did Jordan do? Just won a POV and didn’t bother using it since she didn’t have the guts to use it.

      I am glad Michelle is gone, I don’t know why, but I don’t like her. I guess she is just like Ronnie. Ronnie just played everyone but flaunted it outright, while Michelle did it quietly. She even admited she played a dirty game today. So she is no saint.

      It’s funny, everyone seems to hate Ronnie for what he did, and Michelle did the exact same thing as Ronnie and they love her. What hipocrits.

    2. I hate natalie. I have never seen a worse human being. she is so two faced. calling everyone a liar the way she does and she hasn’t done anything but lie this whole game. I know they all lie, it’s part of the game but she has been evil then acts like she is innocent. I haven’t seen anyone in the history of the show play such an ugly game. She is a horrible person and I bet she doesn’t spend one week outside this house that someone doesn’t take her down.

  32. Nat is also the biggest liar and will swear on and do anything to get what she wants which is wrong. She has no self esteem or conscious IMO.

  33. I believe Kevin just lost his biggest chance of winning the game.
    Michelle would have taken him over Natalie and I think
    Natalie will throw the competitions because she
    believes Kevin will take her, and Jordan will take her.
    And Natalie doesn’t deserve to win the game cause
    she has only won one HoH competition! But the same
    can still be said about Jordan. Michelle should have

    1. If Kevin wins the final HOH and chooses Jordo, it would be HILARIOUS because Kevin woud have “GOT” nasty one final time – and most everyone would vote for him to win. Jordo would be good to win 50K, because MAYBE she would use the money to help her family with their house situation – hard to tell since her priority was bigger boobs. Too bad we don’ t have Nasty’s home address, so we could send her some “presents” to show her how much we like her. lol

  34. Yep, I”m reading the blogs, but I”m so done with this show. I haven’t watched and haven’t missed the last 2 episdoes..won’t watch tonight either. So odd I feel this way since I’ve been a huge fan since season 1.

    1. Dear chima,you are so full of shit, it’s not even funny. You Say you don’t care about the show but your taking time to read the spoilers and actually write something. You were the most annoying person i’ve ever seen on tv. But there is a God, because the way your wannabe stuck up ass was thrown out of the house was absolutely deserved. It’s over for you. You ain’t all that. You ain’t even worth discussing any longer. Good bye diva (NOT!!!)

  35. Well Jeff fans I know your still out there but trust me you are delusional if you think either he or Jordon were s the best players in the house. and deserving of America’s vote. If it wasn’t for there stupidity in voting out Russel and breaking there final 4 deal we wouldn’t be stuck with this horrible possibility of either kevin, or scatty Nat winning the whole game. Honestly these are the biggest losers ever to play this game and they are on the verge of winning the whole thing. Don’t be stupid and vote Jeff or Jordon America’s players!

  36. i must have missed the whole show because I do not ever recall michelle playing a “dirty ” game. Nat said that and she is the one that did ( literally) play a dirty game. all she did was float by , lie and use everyone else to get her to final 3. what makes kev & nat think they are final 2? doesnt jord still have a chance? I want Jord to win now. It makes me sick thinking of BB awarding Kevin (who did nothing all season but set gay people back a hundred yrs and Nat who lied lied and lied) either of them anything. Nat better get as body guard with that money if she wins cause she will probably get a few attempts on her life :)

    1. Yeah I want Jordan to win now, and I don’t like Jordan. Just want to wipe the smirks of Kevin and Nat off. They too high on them selves.

  37. Michelle’ comment was PRICELESS
    “good luck girls” LOL
    Michelle played the best game and should have won this game plus shes a hottie

  38. Remember the episode where they were talking about texting chacha and they will answer any question…was a few weeks ago. I texted them who will win BB and the response was Kevin, but Natalie was the dark horse. I remember laughing when I got the response…geez, seems like they were right on (or at least close!)

    1. Who are you praying to? You might want to consider praying to more than one God…just in case she makes it to the mental competition.

  39. After watching Natalie aka No Class give her goodbye speech to Michelle, I wonder if the woman doesn’t have narcisstic personality disorder.

    Here’s some of the symptoms:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love (megalomania)
    3. Believes they are “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, people (or institutions) who are also “special” or of high status
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative
    7. Lacks empathy
    8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Her going on about how Michelle played dirty, does this chick have short-term memory problems? How about all the garbage she pulled when Jesse got booted. Or the LML. Or all the lies she’s told.

    At the least she seems to be a pathological liar.

    1. DAMN y6ou was right on the money there…. thats exactly how she is , you can tell most of what she did in the house was NOT just an ACT for the money part of that was her TRUE personality, sad but true, i know how her fans would love to think that natalie is a lil angel in real life but no

    2. This does make sense with her reaction to her Boyfriend’s proposal. I will give her some credit and say that she was in game mode and it may have been hard to let that go and act like she usually does with her boyfriend, BUT…that is the last reaction I would want taped and archived forever and ever on digital media. “Look kids, mommy was a lying BIATCH and when daddy proposed with a twist tie – I was like um yeah, that’s great (all monotone like), and then I went out and cast more and more lies…to um…Uncle Kevin”.

      1. Lets see, Number 1. Uh huh,
        2. Yep, believe they have a shot with Jeff
        3. Check
        4. Absolutely
        5. Uh huh
        6. Yep
        7. Yep
        8. Check
        9. Dam right

    1. me too…….. I dont understand last week when jeff left .1) there were no good by tapes ?????? 2) the pandoras box????? that was a joke 3) I heard that kevin knew the POV questions????? and 4) why did they not show jeff going into the jury house . WHAT IS GOING ON ?????? __NEED SOME XANAX PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!.

    2. I recorded the show and FF every time that Nasty Gnat spoke or showed her face on the screen!!!!! Big Brother sucks for allowing this trash to continue!

  40. Kevin took a huge risk, but I really think he could win against either Nat or Jordan. I think he thinks he cannot beat Nasty, which is great if he thinks that, because that means he will choose Jordo to be F2 w/him. I think Jordo is set to win $50K, because Nasty and Kevin will choose her to avoid the risk of losing the 500K, so they will take her. I don’t care if she wins 50K, just wish the 500K was to a different person (Jeff, Russel, or Michele). Now it doesn’t matter, because I have no interest in watching the rest of the season with the remaining losers because I truthfully don’t care any more.

    1. I agree! he played a wiser game than both, and it appeared that Jessie and Russell both said they would vote for Jeff if he won and that was because Jeff played the game. Natalie and Jordan both rode coattails to a point. Kevin won comp’s and the others had them handed to them. Go Kevin

    2. Kel was stupid because he can’t trust The Gnat (and he knows this) or Jordan to take him f2. But Michelle wouldn’t take The Gnat.

  41. I hope blockbuster investigates Natalie for the comments she has made about the credit card transactions she has made by taking the cash and having charges reversed. She probably took the money to gamble. If she wins the only satisfaction I have is that she will loose it gambling within 30 days!

    1. she don;t really work at blockbuster that was her “cover” for the dumb lie about her being 18 which made no sense because it’s not like it helped her min any way she would still be where she is had she told them her real age

    2. It stated that before in earlier posts about her pathological gambling. That’s why she’s there because of gambling debts, she stated that herself. Don’t worry she will lose her money to gambling, because she “is a good player”. That’s the lie pathological gamblers tell themselves. Don’t worry she will be got got by her own hand.

    3. i think someone should report nasy nats remarks to the authorities so she can be charged as according to the law. seriously, we ned to let the law in her area know what she admitted to in front of millions about reversing charges on accounts that were paid in cash. …who else agrees with me? anyone who has rented a movie in her county of arizona(or is it?) should check their credit card statements……… no time in bb has there been such a pathetic excuse for a human being.. i hope her half million dollars last her the rest of her life cuz i dont think anyone would hire her.i know i woulnt…………….GOD, SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 98% of people hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I am in the merchant services industry…specificaly in operations which includes but is not limited to Risk Management. If Natalie is doing that as a Blockbuster employee she is putting the francise owner in serious risk of being put on TMF (terminated merchant file) for reasons of Fraud and Money Laundering. Natalie is a big time sociopath with narsacistic tendancies and it astounds me that Big Brother even picked her to be on the show. Do they do a psych evalution and if so who is perfoming them???? This has nothing to do with game bashing….Here is a test they use on sociopaths in prison….A guy and a girl meet at a funeral….the girl is very attracted to the guy they strike up a conversation…she excuses herself to a restroom…when she returns he has already left….the next week she kills her sister…why???? If you answer with a reason of action of passion such as the sister was seeing him on the side you are NORMAL….If you answer to get him to come to the funeral to see him again you are a SOCIOPATH like Natalie….Sociopaths act without emotion for their OWN goal without thought to anyone involved. They TRULY don’t believe they did anything wrong….who does that sound like???

      1. Someone should notify the Blockbuster franchise regarding her activities. And point them to the feeds, so they hear it from the horses mouth, if she said that on there. Then they audit her store, and maybe find other stuff that she has been doing. Wouldn’t put it past her, gamblers steal from employers to gamble, telling themselves they’re going to pay it back, to justify their actions to get money. That could be a reason why she did it. Or ….. well who knows why. She just has no morals, plain and simple. It’s “Nat looks out for Nat”, no matter what the cost, plain and simple.

  42. yuck, this totally sux. I really don’t want to watch that nasty little thing win.
    Suggestion: when voting for the favorite player, go with who entertained us the most, not so much about game.

  43. where did they find these houseguests? Jeff trusting Kev and Nat over Russell. Kevin just gave a second place guarantee to himself since there is no way he can beat Jordan or Michelle for the votes. This is the dumbest cast ever!

    Jordan has
    and most likely Jessie since he knows Kevin was the deciding vote in him leaving

    Natalie has


  44. Unless CBS done a great job of editing, Kevin will take Jordumb to the finals. I can’t hate him for that, he should win with ease against her. Dam Nat, you better win or else you’re gone!

  45. I completely disagree that Kevin just blew the game but for different reasons. That goodbye message that Natalie just gave to Michelle should be all the convincing that the jury members need to give the win to sleezy Kevin. I don’t think that either of them deserve the win, but Natalie doesn’t even deserve oxygen. I t will be interesting to see in the finale if either of them get booed. Probably not, because the rest of humanity is so much more decent that either of them. Natalie telling Julie that all of her life she has always been bullied and never has seemed to fit in was absolutely heartbreaking!

  46. What’s up with the log rolling….. Jordan’s arms were already stretched all the way up, like her key was higher than Kevin and Snatch……..

  47. im not calling conspiracy or anything, so dont jump down my throat, but jordon just said that her key kept getting higher… HOLD ON JORDO!

  48. Anyone DVR Big Brother? Go back and watch. Does Big Brother want Natalie to win? Natalie’s key is just above her head, with her arms bent…..she is shorter than Jordan and Kevin, Kevin and Jordan have both their arms outstretched and have a harder time of reaching their key. Natalie is getting a clear advantage here!

    This really turns me off to Big Brother. I have always loved Big Brother until this thing with Natalie. Wasn’t it something when Natalie said to Michelle that she didn’t think she played the game fair? OMG!

  49. What a waste of a season! Once again, no interesting twist – and NOTHING from the JH. What a horrible production job! AG needs to be FIRED!!!! I so much more want to see the JH than the real house, and we did not even get to see Jeff going in. Viewers are SO ripped off by CBS!!!! I would pay for feeds to the JH now, because they are so much more fun and interesting, but they didn’t even give us a peek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS IS SO SCREWED UP! I’m DONE! I hope their ratings TANK!!! and I will be shocked if they don’t.

  50. Here I come to save the Day! ha ha ha ha
    and who says Kevin has no Balls!
    he set himself up with his Buddy and Jordo who he has no votes against.
    Here I Am to save the Game!

  51. I reaaly don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Nasty-lie… love the pics for the HG’s… great site hope we get another season next year : )

  52. It is very hard to watch this because Natalie is such a liar and if she goes to the final two, I’ll bet her speech will be that she lost on purpose and when it counted, she won. She is so full of it, but people believe her. This really, really sucks. She does NOT deserve the money. And then of all things, they have to have an endurance test and we know Jordan will not win this. I think BB is trying to fix the outcome and I hate it.

  53. Is there something in the water of BB this year? I don’t know, but it seems who ever won HoH or given HoH, seemed to be on a huge power trip. People who I thought were down to earth even got on a power trip. The only person who not to be on a power trip as HoH was Jordan. I don’t care for Jordan, but I give her kudos for not thinking she was God when HoH.

    Funny how people change when they become HoH. I expected Nat to be like this, but was surprised when Kevin became power hungry, but was Shocked, SHOCKED! I say when Jeff became HoH. So Jeff is no better than anyone else.

    Who do I want to win? Nobody know, but will still watch it.

  54. Im voting for Michelle to with the 50 G. She played an upstanding game. Natalie is truly nasty. Too bad Michelle isnt in the final 3.

  55. i dont think nasty will win bc everyones so mad at her for lying about her age and she skated by so actually she didnt play a good game. kevin or jordan has got to win this!!

  56. Natalie better not win HOH. Or I’ll be so mad, she’s nothing but a liar since day 1. Come on lying about your age. You say your immature for your age? Don’t think so, your “friends” won’t vote for you once they realizes your a peice of S***! Rootin on either Jordo or Kev.

  57. I just canceled my DVR recordings for this season – both of them. Simon and Dawg, you have a great site, so I will still come here just to see who wins, and donate because this is so much better than actually having to watch Nasty. Thank you!

  58. god please let jordan win …….. I can not stand that nasty cant think of a word bad enough for her but please let her fall and break her jaw so it can be wired shut for this last week that is nat i am talking about and then let her boy toy fall right beside her

  59. Won’t it ROCK if Kevin turns on Nasty & takes Jordan to the final two? YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH…Then Kevin will of gotten got by Jordan. Because as it stands Natalie has him believing everyone loves her in the house which is 100% in correct. He shouldn’t listen to Natalie & boot her if he’s able to. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. hey simon,

    i saw on a commercial on showtime about big brother … when the women were literally “striping” for the guys…. how the hell did they let that happen and what season was that?? and WHY don;t they let them do that anymore??

  61. KEVIN IS A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If he really thinks he’s going to win against Ratalie, he’s mistaken. He should have stuck to a final two with Michelle, voted Jordan out tonight, and gone after Natalie next week. He isn’t going to have much of an ally in Jordan after evicting Jeff…plus Jordan is, sadly, not the brightest crayon in the box, and falls for everything and anything. Natalie is going to come after Kevin next week–BET. This season bites the big one. All the more deserving players are sitting in the jury house as the turds run the show. Ugh.

  62. Natalie is so egotistical and disgusting. I hope she’s the next to go or I can’t stomach watching the final episode. I actually think she believes some of her lies. When she won HOH she was hopping around saying she won & kept her word. It was like watching a sociopath talk themselves into their latest crime.

  63. this season has made my heart ache. i cant stand the fact that someone as cruel as natalie is in the final 3. my husband says i can not watch another season if i become so angry. i know it sounds so pathetic but i had to get a prescription from my dr. for a rapid heart…. shame on you bb.

  64. F’ck I wanted to to see the jury HG faces when Jeff walked in. I’ve been wanting for that moment for days. I missed the last part of the show, did Julie said anything about showing us that on next show??????????

  65. I seriously hope Nat does not win. I honestly believe she does not deserve it. I hope Kevin and Jordon is final two, but somehow I do not see that happening at the moment unless Jordon wins HOH.

  66. Tell-Me-This-Not-Fixed. Nasty said tonight,,,,she has gotten everything she has wanted & ask for. Please complain to Allison Grodner, the producer, just maybe there is still some hope. They cut out the part of Kevin cheating on POV, & the girls had to stand by the wall until they fixed there game puzzle, & Kevin was still working on his, they never made him wait, so the three could start all together. HUM-HUM-HUM, now what is not right about ( CBS ) showing that part ?

  67. So apparently Nat cant win honestly, as she just wrapped her key with a rope or rubber band of some sort…and she says Michelle played dirty…Nat will always find a way to cheat.

  68. So basically I have been a Jordan and Jeff fan but after Jeff left I was kinda wanting Michele to win. She is the only one that was left that truly deserved to win the game. Guess now I just have to hope a miracle happens and some how another Jordan will win this game. Kevin and Natalie do not deserve anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. hahaha The two worst players( KEVIN AND NATALIE) in Big Brother history will probably win the money. I can’t wait until the Jury House finds out who the final two are. If they were smart they would REFUSE to vote for these TWO IMBECILES and walk out.

  70. as far as i’m concerned…. jeff basically handed Kevin the game!!! He had more of a chance to win the $500K with russell in the house. taking kevin off the block was the DUMBEST move in BB history!!! so way to go jeff… and bc of that move i voted for michell to get the $25K. michelle was one of the smartest players and did not deserve to be treated they way she was by some of the houseguests! Natalie is a she-devil and DOES NOT deserve to be in the final 3. cannot stand her!!! she is a natural liar and backstabber. then there is jordan… hmmm. i really didn’t see her playing the game…?????

  71. Well, it official big brother suck! I hope Kevin wins now because I can’t stand the little rat Nathalie
    and Jordan hasn’t done a thing for this game but act stupid.

  72. you go jordo party like it you bithday good luck jennifer from Ga good luck with jeff you are so gooshey sarry about the spelling

  73. Did you see Jordan dum ass leaning back I’ll bet 1doller she the first to bite it her donk is way to big to lean back lean back

  74. Niether Jordan or Natalie deserve to win, especially riding the coat tails of others. Kevin has played this game with cunning skill. First being under the radar from the begining and now to be one of the final three; beating out the so called projected winners…come on! The only reason that all you haters are against him is because of pure BIGOTRY. I’ve read the blogs…Kevin you go boy!

  75. Sore losers it just a GAME! Chima should feel really good tonight. All the people that had a hand in helping her to quit the game are all out of the game. Karma baby! The one that I wanted to see go the most was finally evicted! And, now I don’t care who wins. I just didn’t like the way Michele played the game. She was only loyal to Jeff (he did trust or like her). She played this game helping to pave the way for Jeff and Jordan to win and in the end that is what hurt her. You can?t put all of your eggs in one basket and that what she did.

  76. WRONG ETATA!!! Any reasonable semi sane individual who looks at this game carefully and gives an honest overview should be voting for the player who played the game best. Admittatly it is a tough call this season as they all made huge blunders and miscalculations. Jesse had control of the house before the CDT and he should be given consideration, but Jeff and Jordon stole our hearts and seemed the best choice. Michelle and Russel in my opinion played the best game abnd should be considered the best choice. If Jordon didn’t get in Jeff’s ear so much about getting rid of Russel and Jeff used better judgment than indeed this would have been a very interesting and entertaining finale. NONE of the remaining players can be considered worthy as they were all the biggest floaters in the house and I have a bad feeling ole Nat Rat is going to steal it. And hey…if these players are ALL stupid enough to believe she is only 18 speaks volumes for their intelligence. I think a bag of rocks has more worth to be the winner of BB11 than any of these pathetic losers. Man did this game ever go downhill fast. C,mon people hands up…how many of you honestly believed that Jordon ( dumb ass) , Kevin ( scheming little bitch), or everyone’s fav Nasty Natalie ( too many faults to mention) would make it to final three???

  77. the thing that bothered me the most about tonights show was nasty nat wearing Jeff’s hat.. i wanted to scream… can’t that little dirt bag wear her own stuff.. she always helps herself to everyone else’s stuff..

  78. ok the only thing i don’t understand. is how NAt got the hookup of a lifetime at no real cost to her. she knew HOH was safe, so she gets to see her boyfriend, and then has no risk of anything? thats booty and thgen to top it off she gets to play for HOH again? thats junk

  79. I can’t stand Natalie either!!! I think Michelle should win America’s Favorite Vote. Afterall I think she made very smart game moves and she was literally seconds away from pressing the buzzer on the POV. I hope by some slim chance, Jordan wins HOH and takes Natalie. Maybe after the jury house learns how deceitful she has been in the game she won’t have a chance with someone who played nicely…even if she was a floater.

  80. They promised that Pandora’s Box would have repercussions. Possibly change the game. How lame!! Pandora’s Box had no repercussions for Pigpen. She was going to final 3 no matter what. What a lame twist ( no twist). Big Brother producers have no imagination. Same games each year, pathetic! How can we respect the show, when they promise game changing events and NOTHING HAPPENS! It is true that you have to lie in this game to win. but I did not know it would come from the producers. Get it together Big Brother. The public will not put up with your crap! Make the game interesting again.

    1. totally agree with you there. there was no “twist” at all. and how lame was her response to her boyfriend? who get a proposal and blows it off like she did? she didn’t even cry or act excited to see him. he is a fool and she is trash.

  81. i dont think that natalie will win. she thinks she has friends in the jury house, but i think they’re all pissed off about finding out thats she’s really 24, and not 18. they think she played them. good thing she doesn’t know this.

    1. Aside from all the obvious things that have been said about Natalie, she really has a mean streak in her that has nothing to do with game!!! Her message to Michelle was completely unnecessary! Her total lack of empathy is really unbelievable. There was absolutely no graciousness in her ‘win’. We can only hope that somehow Kevin screws her over in the end. (That didn’t come out right!!??!!)

  82. Does anyone else have that deja vu feeling like last Thursday??? Puking in the mouth a bit?? Go Jordan! Wipe those smirky ass smiles right off their faces!!!

  83. Gooooo Nat and KEvin!!!!!!! Anybody that makes it this far deserves to have a chance at the money!! However, To all those who think Jordan deserves to win are delusional!! She sucked it up tonite in the veto comp. Say what you want about Nat and Kevin, but do you think they honestly care if america likes them…HELL NO!!! They will gladly take the money vs america liking them:) As long as you have your family in life, you are good!!!

    1. Natalie or Kevin do not appear to be weak minded ppl!! Their lives will not stop bcuz they feel so haunted by what they did on BB. Its a GAME!! Nor will their lives will be defined by this and in a few months ppl will forget about them. Most ppl dont even watch BB. People sit on here and complain about the comments they make or the stuff they have did, BUT what makes you any better when you call them bad names!! TRUST, they will not lose any sleep because america doesnt like them. WHy would they give people, who they have never meet, so much power over their life. I cant see them being soooooo weak.

  84. sorry to see michele gone. she played a terrific and fair game.

    i will be certain to vote (many, many times) for michele to win america’s vote.

  85. If Jordan can pull a win out of her hat, I’ll be happier than flies on poop!
    I don’t mind Kevin, but the man has no balls. I lost respect for him, not keeping Michelle. It would have been a sly move on his part and showed he was a HG to be reckoned with. Instead he played ‘dead’ like a dog, hoping that Nat will take him to the final 2. Nat is disgusting. Ug. That girl needs a good scrub with a brillo pad!

    1. I have been wondering the same thing- why no good-bye messages for Jeff?? I was suprised that nobody else seemed to notice or mention it. It could signal a twist, but I think holding on to that hope is, well, hopeless. The Pandora’s Box “twist” was no twist at all. I am so unimpressed. I couldn’t stand the “Jessie click” that started the game and was excited to see power shift, alas, the same group that drove me up the wall and had me questioning whether to watch the season or not, is actually going to celebrate one of it’s own winning this game. Disgusting. I will say that, as long as they get that horrible Natalie out, I really could care less who wins. Jordan, sweet girl, horrible game play.

    1. lol I was all for the Jeff and Jordan Michelle team . BUT its not rigged !!
      It is what it is . No not happy that NASTY might win .IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    1. but dont forget kevin is a real effeminate guy and he gets naseated easily ( unless he has a cock in his mouth) (hey if jord fllashed him her virgina he’d fall ) just an idea :)

  86. I’m voting for Michele to win the 25,000. Out of the final 4, she played the best game. As long as Natalie doesn’t win, I don’t care who wins. Natalie makes me yell at my tv. I can’t stand looking at her.

    1. I agree!!!!!!! Cannot believe Kevin is so stupid. Nat will not take him to final 2, he is a puppy on a leash being guided by pigpen.

    2. You need help. It’s a game-Get over it already!!!! You must be Michelle’s husband or smthing-jeeeez. Jeff played the game, sent out most of the powerful players and still left with some dignity. He deserves the $25,000. How come its so convenient for michelle to forget some important parts of a conversation??? Puuuulez!!! I stopped hoping she’d win because she aligned herself with Russell-this is the dude that called her crazy!!!!!!!. He demeaned most of the female competitors in the house. He’s a good for nothing bull . I mean-comeon now.

      Bu-bye Michelle.

      And you other whinners out there-shut up already!!!!!!! You know you’re addicted to BB. Expect the unexpected-right??-well-Kevin, Natalie and Jordough-may the best person{s} win.

      Simon and Dawg-what you guys have here is great. Not sure if anyone is hating on y’all but I need you to know that for them to hate on y’all they’re on your webpage reading your stuff so that means they av lots of nuts unscrewed in their brain. This is the best site for BBUpdates so far {albeits y’all get to have ur personal opinons}. Thanks! Great job guys!!!!

    3. agreed. michele certainly has my vote for the 25 grand. however, i really don’t want natalie or kevin to win. deplorable behavior should not be rewarded in any facet of life. i KNOW “it’s a game,” but there are many ways to play a “game” without acting like an ass.

    4. I agree with you 100%. Michelle gets my vote and Natalie makes me yell at the TV. I don’t want any of these players to win anything, but Jordan is more my pick than the other two “mean” people.

  87. this is so boring now! i know it won’t happen, but it’d be a great upset if jordan wins hoh. will at least make it slightly interesting.

    1. I noticed that too. It seems PP’s line is longer and her arms are not stretched out like Jordan’s. This is the worst season ever, and the fix is obviously in. What is up with CBS, they had a good thing going and ruined it.

    2. I saw that too and heard Jordan say somethng like this thing is getting higher. Her key was definitely higher that Nat’s or Kevin’s.

  88. Out of the 3 the comp will be over in mins they are all weak and by the way who says that they don’t deserve the $$ they put there selves out there to be citiqed by us to float or not the float that is ? All 3 used this stratagy and guess whous fin3 so stop hating haters and stop watching the damn show and threatening losers

  89. Natalie can’t be no more crude and rude than the people on here with their foul language. THEY ALL LIED! Get over it! They tell people what they want to hear until they dont need them anymore and that is it. Who’s to say that that is how she is in real life.

  90. I show has been so boring this week. It seems to have gone downhill since the Russel eviction. I really liked Jordan and Jeff but I think best case scenario is that Kevin wins the 500k since he has played some big moves and isn’t in complete denial about how he plays the game (like Natalie). He’s strategic and can be really funny at times.

  91. Jason… seem like a nice, sensitive, stand-up guy….please rethink your intentions..Natalie is devoid of compassion or ANY human emotion..Be wise good man

  92. I like Michelle. I am just like Michelle, I was picked on in school too. I also seem to be that person
    who just does not fit in. I will vote for Michelle to win the money. Natalie is a horrible little witch.
    I hope someone tells her off. Kevin is such a wimp. He can bully Michelle but doesn’t have the
    guts to stand up to nasty girl. I pray for Jordan to pull it off. Jeff is stupid. Jeff destroyed his own
    alliance. He ruined the whole season. Just like in real life, the nice guys will finish last. I wished
    Russell or Casey could have been Big Brother 11 champion .

  93. 7:42 BBT – Natalie tries to make up a lame lie about Michele wanting to be alone with Jeff in the Jury House. Jordan laughs at her and tells her she?s an instigator. Jordan tells Kevin his clothes and the way he walks makes him look like an old man!

    7:45 BBT – Big Brother throws the brakes on the log and Kevin shouts out in surprise. This little move almost dumps Kevin and Natalie. The rain starts up again.

  94. Most of us I think are sorry to see you go Michelle. Only bigger and better for you from now on. Best Wishes and come back for ALL STARS! You played a great game and you’ll be missed. I only wish you’d have really gone off on PP before you left. The devil horns were almost as good though. Go JORDAN! I hope you wipe the floor with the hypocrites!

  95. Ok now I have the 24/7 FEEDS and I know who the final 3 are so why are they not showing me the live feeds??????????????????.

  96. Ok now I have the 24/7 FEEDS and I know who the final 3 are so why are they not showing me the live feeds??????????????????.

  97. I really wanted to see the jury house and how they recieved Jeff. I missed the last part of the show. Did Julie said anything about showing us that on the next show??????


    1. thanks for the update since i dont have the live feed!!!!!!!!thaks again ‘name’. thanks simon/dawg for all of us getting updates from your contributors. maybe we should pay them when it gets down to the final 5. i loved your site in the beginning when every 2 hours there was an update but lately i have gone 10 or more hours before an update…..and dont say its my imagination cuz i look at the times you state. i get up at 8 am and i dont get an update till 4 pm. ok, so i wait for 8 hours,so what? i have made several contributions(well, my husband has) and now I HAVE STOPPED.even if it is the slightest movement or one single statement in the house…..damn it!!!!!!!!!!iWANT TO KNOW. i am pathetic,i know, so please…no nasty comments. lets leave all of them for nasty nat shall we?

      1. You have to realize there is not so much to update. With just 4 hgs and now 3, it is getting pretty boring watching the live feeds (I think anyway).

      2. Lately there hasn’t been much going on. SILENCE- dead silence- no talking, no scheming- nothing…….. That’s probably why simon wasn’t posting as much. Believe me, you missed nothing- but sleeping and staring off into space and lonely games of solataire.

  99. And who cares who win there forgoten in a month unless you have some kind of apeal most don’t 90% don’t 5% does@ 5% are just plain hot like Jen


  101. What happens if there is a tie in the end? Or does America get to vote who wins the 500K? There will be 6 in the jury since Chima quit? Any one know? Still hoping/wishing/waiting for Jeff to come back lmao.

  102. Simon, did I violate some rule? What are the rules? I do not see my post to BBGrandma out on the west coast. Is she your Grandma?

    1. Server is getting hit by MASSIVE traffic I have to wait to approve most comments or the database will crash. We’ll keep you all updated once a houseguest drops. Plus we’ll keep updating the picture to show the competition.

        1. thanks for the update simon! i know youre busy and stressed out! you run a great site, we appreciate it!

          Also, do you have a favorite final 3 contender?

  103. The last couple of weeks whenever Pig Pen came on I would change channels. I did the same when puppet porno master Ronnie came on. They have no redeeming value to be on this planet earth. Their parents must be mortified at seeing how their children have treated people so cruely even if it was only a game. The term rotten to the core applies to their souls.
    At the same time we did see some great characters and a beautiful, intelligent woman, caring woman, emerge as a fan favorite. That would be Michele. I will be voting for Michele to receive the money because of who she is. Sometimes trying to play the game as the others were was a very painful struggle. It showed over and over in her facial expressions.
    I hope she remains the same and does not let celebrity status change her like some of the others. She has a life and a personality full of depth. While Pig Pen will sink lower and lower and will pay for her minutes of fame dearly.
    Wherever Michele goes…………isn’t she adorable?

    1. It’s difficult not to wish ill on Natalie as she’s just so mean and doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities. She’s completely uncivilzed and lacking in any manners, grace or class. The most vile things come out of her mouth. My assumption that she has a very low IQ is what keeps me from taking her too seriously, although now I either hit the mute button or switch channels whenever she opens her mouth.

    2. lol…i actually want her to fall and break her neck or hit her face so all teeth fall out. then she would have to go to the hospital and michelle can come back!

  104. Even if by some quirk in the universe Jordon is to win the first part of the HOH, she would still end up taking Natalie to the final 2. Natalie can and will convince her that Kevin was the mastermind behind Jeff and Michelle being voted out. Jordon is very gullible and although she has been replaying the mantra, “Stick with Michelle”, Michelle is no longer there to protect her.

  105. Didn’t watch tonight: the outcome was predictable. Don’t care who wins the $500,000.00. If Natalie is actually going to marry that knuckle dragging throwback, then the one piece of advice she should get is the same piece of advice that was given to an unpopular character on the new series Glee: “Please get sterilized.”

  106. Would it be nice if Jordan win this time…? It would be a slap in the face for Kev & Nat!

    Go Go Go Jordan …. plzzzzz do good this time!!! plzzz plzzzz plzzzz

  107. Okay, no fair. From what I’ve read, Kevin can see when the log is going to change directions and all the weather is concentrated on Jordan while Kevin and Nat only has it mildly. Come on Big Brother!

    1. where did you read this? im pretty sure if kevin can see, so can jordan… seeing as she is only about 3 feet away from him…

    2. yeah, jordan is having to reach more for her key too. i hoooope beyond all hope that she wins this thing, that would be so good for her… not just stepping toward HOH but for her self esteem since she’s been suckin it up in the competitions. GOOOO JORDON!!! :) :) :)

    1. the first to fall will be in her good books if they say they did it for her. that way at final two they are guaranteed the money because jordan has been the weakest player

    2. I think her strategy(?) is to play both Kevin and Jordan so that no matter who actually wins between the two of them, they will choose her for final 2. In her warped LITTLE mind, she thinks she has the jury votes to win. So basically she doesn’t care about competing. Let’s hope she outsmarts herself. But then that would require Kevin to make a decision on his own, and we know that just isn’t possible. Obviously, he has never worn the pants!

    3. Nat’s plan is to hold on until Jordan fall. Wait 30 minutes. throw the comp to Kevin and drop. That will put her in Comp with Jordan with the mental part 2. That is to try and insure that Nat face Jordan in the Mental and insure that Nat and Kev are the F2. That is my understanding of the plan. I may be wrong.

    4. Kevin and Natalie are so confident that one of them will be next HOH. They think Jordan can’t win a HOH. I know she isn’t the smartest cookie. She might just surprise them, which I hope she does.

    1. Finally something to watch. It’s been so boring with Jeff gone. Why oh why can’t Natalie just fall down or forget to hold on with one hand??

  108. Can someone explain why Nat and Kevin would want to throw the competition to Jordan at this final stage? I don’t understand.

    1. it’s cuz they both want to take jordan to the final 2 dummy. she was a for sure floater and most times, floaters DONT WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. it sucks they didn’t show the jury house today, i really wanted to see the HGs reactions towards Jeff. I missed last past of the show. Did Julie said anything about showing us that on next show????? Please some one

    1. Yes, she made a point of saying we would see how people reacted to Jeff’s arrival after he was responsible for so many of them being there.

      Part 2 of the HOH comp is going to be live.

    2. Yes, they will show Jeff going to the jury house on Thursday. I was really disappointed too! The final stretch of this show is garbage. No twists or anything!

    3. No I the didn’t hear Julie mention anything about the Jury House, but then again I could have missed it b/c my husband kept talking my ear off!

    4. ok…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!julie made no reference of it but after she said everything that had to be said i thought”’oh, they will show jeff on thursday, which is usually the day that they do anyway.

  110. Not that it matters now, but why didn’t Michelle point out to Kevin in her speech that he could basicly gaurentee final 2 by keeping her over jordan. If Michelle won hoh shed take him to f2, if he won then obviously f2, and if nat won shed take him b/c she hates Michelle and would never take her. He blew it by keeping Jordumb.

  111. I’m rationalizing this mess by thinking if Kevin and Natalie make it to the final two, won’t it be sweet if the jury votes to give Kevin the $500,000 over Natalie??? Please!!!! Anybody but Natalie!!!

  112. I hope Nat has either fallen or falls off………………………..can’t stand her……………………….come on Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. GO JORDAN!!! I hope nat falls off ….Hang tough Jordo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to watch after dark, hope they show some stuff that tells something about the HOH comp….

  114. They only show the jury house on Thrusdays, so we will have to wait till then. Dosn’t anyone else agree that the jury house is more exciting thant the BB house?

  115. They all have such distorted views of what is going on in the jury house. It is hard for them to imagine that both Jesse and Russell were, in their own way, pulling for Jeff. Both admitted they would have made the same moves and that they would have thought him stupid to keep them when he had the chance to get rid of them.

    I think it is extremely arrogant of Natalie to think she could persuade that many alpha personalities to do her bidding were she to be sent to the jury house. Her threats to Kevin are meaningless, but he seems to believe she has special powers. Even when they were all still in the BB House, she was viewed more as an annoyance ( like a fly you have to swat) than as a powerhouse.

  116. This is the first time that I am totally disgusted at the final 3. Gnat is a scuzz ball and Kev the letch is just as nasty. The only thing left is for Jordan to somehow pull the final win out. Gnat and the letch (both butt ugly too) did nothing the whole game and were both the biggest liars when they set Jeff up. Neither one of those two deserve anything. Gross and Grosser – please Jordan hang in there!

    1. Everyone keeps pointing out Jordan is, but the good news is that maybe she is too thick to be as evil as N and K. I’m trying to see the glass half full!

  117. PP and Kevin are as lazy in their thinking as Jordan. None of the three want to be inconvenienced for very long. Yet all three want someone else to carry them to the end. Convince someone else to throw a competition and you don’t have to suffer for as long. That was why Kevin put in all that time trying to convince Jordan that she could afford to drop and still be safe. We have to hope she ate some brain food today.

  118. Jordan MUST hang on. I hope she keeps her focus on the prize, and i hope that those that have posted that she will take Nat to F2 are wrong. While i won’tn repeat what all y’all are saying about her (Nat) i DO agree! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for Jordan….

  119. oh, btw, i was really hoping that the 2nd pandora’s box would permit Jeff to come back, but i guess that was wishful thinking on my part? He is HOT!

  120. I think I’ll vote for Michelle! I was going to vote for the most entertaining (Russell or Jeff) but I just feel so bad for her! We should all vote for her. She deserves it after being treated so horribly…

  121. Michele she that shed wanted to send Natalie home crying in thrid place but she went home in 4th place and I’m sure she will be crying tonight. Lesson for all, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. We all need a plan B and sometimes a plan C.

  122. Grrr! Why do I care?!! It’s so annoying b/c I don’t even like any of these 3 and ever since Russell left the whole premise of the show has gone downhill! This season stinks and yet I’m still watching…
    I knew Michelle was getting voted out today! I felt so bad for her as I watched Julie interview her after the eviction, Michele was so uncomfortable and nervous. She has my vote for sure…she was such a good player and is such a strong person for putting up with all the insults from the other HG’s. I hope they treat her better in the JH and give her some respect for playing a great game. The devil horns were a great touch!!

    1. 100% AGREE!!! I was a JJM fan… Jeff made that stupid mistake that cost them all the game (tossing out Russell). Oh well. No ones ever came up with an alliance name for Jeff/Jordan/Michelle. any ideas? its a little late but would love to see what people come up with (be nice). I can only come up with the Three’s Company Crew (kinda lame).

  123. Oh, please, please, please let Jordan win this!!! Hang in there Jordan!! You can do it! I know you can! Just think of Jeff on the side lines encouraging you!

  124. Natalie looks the most twitchy and almost fell twice. Kevin appears to hate life right about now, and Jordan surprisingly seems to be holding out the best. But it’s hard to tell. I don’t think this one is going to end any time soon unless the producers really step up the spinning.

  125. I like Kevin although he wasnt my favorite Russel was. Dont like Natalie at all and poor Jordumb but you cant say they dont deserve it because there they are they did make final 3 like it or not ,one will win the show.

  126. I see Nat is wearing her Athlete shirt for the comp. OMG, she’s even telling production what to do!! Who does this girl think she is????

  127. They are still on at 913, Natalie talking more than others. Think she is trying to get in Jordon’s head or just trying to annoy us plainly by talking.

  128. Two things, I think Jordan is in the best shape for the snow (if it is cold) and she is in the center. From a perception point of view, Jordan has more log to look at. The only problem that she seem to have is Nat running her mouth. I think Nat know what she is doing to Jordan.

  129. Natalie is i think the most annoying house guest in BB history! She claimed Michelle played a dirty game which she may did, but look how far it got her! She walks around like her shit dont stink. She just recently won a HOH & really nothing besides that! In my opinion Michelle played a WAYYY better game & poor Natalie was threatened! Natalie was all over Jessie & basically about to tear Lydia’s head off & now she gets proposed to? Who knew she had a boyfriend by the way she was acting! Sorry Nat ! It is not going to benefit your game by being up Jessie’s ass! She deserves to fall flat on her face ! Jordan & Kevin final 2 !!! Even though i wish it would be Jeff & Jordan F2! Don’t you just LOVE them :) GO JORDAN!!

    1. So it’s okay for michelle to play a dirty game and get far, but not natalie? Does that make sense? Well, first let me ask is that what you were saying in the first two sentences of your statement?

    2. it would be great if Jordan wins 2 HOH and picks her final 2… I think the houseguests would vote for her to win because she would have won the most comps out at that point. Can you imagine??? Jordan wins the game and Jeff gets america’s vote of $25,000??? I WOULD LOVE THAT… THE JURY MEMBERS WOULD HATE IT :o)

  130. Natalie needs to quit trying to syke out Jordon , fing nasty bitch
    what a skank, I swear just watching and listening to her eat turns
    my stomach. I hope she reads how much she’s liked when she gets
    home. NOT!!!

  131. If anyone recorded tonights show, rewind it and watch carefully right before the log starts turning, it looks like Natalie got one of her stretchy bracelets on her left wrist at the last minute and lifted it up and wrapped it over the top of her key to help her hang on. I thought others would have seen that and that the website would be buzzing about it. I tried it with one of my own wrist bands and it works. If she did what it looks like she did, then that is cheating! Which is something that she has done repeatedly in this game. I have a valid question for the producers of BB, if Chima (don’t get me wrong, I am GLAD she got the boot) was fired from the game for tossing her mic in the water, WHY is Natalie still there agter she tampered with Michelle’s contacts, stole personal items from the other houseguests, tampered with Michelle’s birth control pills, and now it looks like she is blatantly cheating on the HOH competition??? The other two are holding their arms up there themselves, but she is letting a plastic band hold her hand up there for her. The people in charge need to DO SOMETHING about this. Also, WHERE is the “big surprise in the jury house that could change the game”??? That was promised by Julie last week and….nothing else was ever said about it. What the heck is that about? Any answers CBS?

    1. That makes me soo mad, lots of people are bitching that Jeff and jordan have been getting away with everything when they so have not..and if Natalie gets away with this than BB is seriously retarded…its going down hill so bad

      1. CBS wanted Witchema to be in the final two. They had to ditch her, they could no longer manipulate or control her. She was just doing her own thing. Instead, the want the next most “evil” player to be in the final two. Yes, it’s Natalie. Without Kevin, Natalie would be nothing so they kinda let him cheat to get him to win the POV. Now, it’s Natalie’s turn.

      2. Did you see her do that, too? We record it and I noticed her do something so we bcked it upand played it over again plus in slow motion, and on a big screen TV. She definitely put something that was around her wrist over the top of her key that served the purpose of attaching her hand to the key. WHY is BB letting her get away with all the cheating? If they just want to give her the money, they could have saved a lot of people a lot of time and just wrote her a check two months ago. When all other team members are playing by the rules, why is one player allowed to cheat to win? TV is a money making industry, we should all contact CBS and tell them that we will not be watching them any more (read that to mean less effective advertising dollars by their sponsors, so less income for CBS) if they can’t do something about this. The reason it continues will be because good people didnt act on it.

    2. CBS wanted Witchema to be in the final two. They had to ditch her, they could no longer manipulate or control her. She was just doing her own thing. Instead, the want the next most “evil” player to be in the final two. Yes, it’s Natalie. Without Kevin, Natalie would be nothing so they kinda let him cheat to get him to win the POV. Now, it’s Natalie’s turn.

    3. Weren’t you the one posting (again and again) how fake reality tv is? If I am wrong then sorry. I went back to look and I think she put it around her cuff of the jacket. She did not put it around the key.

    4. Weren’t you the one posting (again and again) how fake reality tv is? If I am wrong then sorry. I went back to look and I think she put it around her cuff of the jacket. She did not put it around the key.

      1. No, tonight is only my second post ever. I hope I am wrong because it really bothers me to think that someone cheated to win. But it sure looked like she put it on the key.

      1. No, of course not, I don’t have a key I am hanging from. I wondered if the bracelet would stretch that far, and if it did whether it would be study and supportive, or just give way and break. I won’t get over cheating, wrong is wrong and most decent people don’t tolerate it.

    5. I saw that too!! It did look like she wrapped something around her key. BB watches the keys VERY carefully – surely they would have noticed it…hhmmmm
      Wouldn’t that be amazing if she were disqualified from this and the subsequent rounds!
      Too bad about Michelle leaving – she had a great shot to win.

    6. I went back and took a look at what you were talking about, it sure looked like she secured a hair band around her hand and key, i wouldn’t doubt it if she did.

    7. Has anyone caught on to Nat is saying she is 18 and CBS is giving her alcohol. Come on they need to wake up. She was just drinking mikes hard lemonade

  132. What would be perfect is if pp and princess kev would have to deal with sniper fire on that log that would make for a perfect end to this bad season

  133. Jordogordo is holding on for dear life. Nasty is encouraging Jordo to hang on-hummmmm?????I thought the plan was to get Jordo to fall , then Nasty than Kev. Kev to win this round, Nasty and Jordo compete on the second then Kev and the winner of the second going on to the third round.
    Kevin and Nasty final two. But I think the bitch has another thing up her sleeve–how surprising!!!!!
    Comon BB shake this thing so the bitches can fall already!!!

    1. But didn’t N. and K. plan to throw the first competition over to Jordan. How come they are still on their logs? I thought they had worked out some kind of hand signal???

  134. Jordan just exploded.. there is cookie dough all over the place… then Gnat fell and was impaled on her red vines candy… then Kevin jumped down and stuffed his key up his ass and said this is for you my boyf…. if this was the movie Final Destination it would happen that way…. lol

  135. Part 1 Comp
    Jordan Off? Yes or No
    Kevin Off? Yes or No
    Nat Off? Yes or No
    Part 2 Comp
    Jordan vs Kevin vs Nat
    Part 3 Comp. / TBD
    Jordan vs Kevin vs Nat

  136. Oh dear God we don’t even get a break from PP’s chewing on an HOH comp! She has Mentos in her pocket and wouldn’t you know she is chomping and slurping away! I can’t stand that pig!

  137. I just hope that Jordan is really concentrating and not listening to Gnat. She’s been driving me nuts. I don’t have the live feed and I’ve just fast forwarded through SHO ever since Jeff left the house. I can’t imagine listening to Nat everyday. People that don’t shut up have always been a serious pet peeve for me ;)

  138. Gnastilie looks like a chimpanzee from the side view of her ugly face,
    has anyone else noticed that? Her voice is so annoying, maybe her
    fianc? will notice all this about her and wise up. Go Jordon, you can
    do this girl, we’re all pulling for ya!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to break it to you damien, but BB 11’s ratings are very good. It’ll keep on using the same formula cuz it’s working. The viewers have a fasination with mean and dishonest people they loathe. This show along with the other reality tv shows is just one symptom of what’s seriously wrong with the world these days.

      1. you know why they keep this formula? Remember Surviour 2 Austrlia? It was a kumbya love fest. Soooooooooo boring, and almost everyone hated it.

        That is why we have nasty evil people on the shows now. To make it less boring and to get us to hate them and cheer when they get booted.

        It works so it looks like we are stuck with this formula. You don’t want this, watch amazing race then, not as much evilness there.

    2. Good / I could not stand you anyway / Simon Keep up the good work. When I see that fool on the street, I will make a girl out of him.

    1. okay so you seriously are pulling for Jordan? why because she’s kind of cute or because she’s really dumb? people may hate Nat and Kevin for screwing their precious little Jeff, but Jordan was carried through the whole game by others (especially Jeff) and doesn’t deserve jack for being there…what was her strategy to be a leach or something….only people who actually played the game and made risky decisions should win

  139. I wish the baby from Pandora’s box would come in and just push her ass off that log. That would be a good CBS twist. Push PP off.

  140. i really wish a dragonfly would start buzzing around nasty…. at least she’s shut up for now. i’d fall just to get her to shut up.

    go jordan!!

  141. Not being cynical but Jordan has an advantage and can handle the cold better. Thick white girl from North Carolina vs a couple of South Westerners San Diego and Arizona. Kevin should have the best foot control because he always suffle his feet. Once again, Not being cynical. He is probablly the weakest in the cold but sturdier of feet. I do not think that Nat will lose this. She is too focused.

    1. You can tell by her feet placement. She is ready for anything. She will continue to harrass the other two.. On a side note / They both think that they have a side deal with her.

  142. I thought they were supposed to not let go of the key. Several times now Natalie holds onto the rope only, not the key. Why are they letting her get away with it? She should be disqualified or production should tell the other two that it’s ok to hold onto the rope only. Fair is fair!!!

  143. If you noticed that Nat is cheating than the producers should have noticed it too. Maybe that is why I read on another site that P.P. was trying to get the circulation back in her hand! I read this right after I erased Big Brother or I certainly would have rewinded it. It would be funny if they let her stay up there the whole time and she won then disqualified her and gave it to the next person.

  144. Who ever would want to date gnastilie much less marry that mannly
    looking thing must be blind,deaf,and desperate to want something as nasty as her, oops, I meant him.

  145. can you believe that Natalie brought candy and was sharing it?! and when Kevin asked for some, Jordan had to take it fron Natalie and hand it to Kevin! I was afraid the log would start up again, and she would fall!

  146. This is a really boring competition to watch. I understand the point is endurance, but I think they should keep the log moving, instead of stopping it for long stretches of time.

  147. I bet they are shocked that Jordan is still up there on the log with them. They thought she would just roll over and crumble. She holds her own with endurance and Q&A comps. Puzzles she is not good at… so I hope she wins this one and goes to the 3rd HOH which is Q&A and shocks them both with a win. Otherwise I don’t think she will do good in the 2nd HOH comp… which is usually a game/puzzle.

  148. I really hope Jordan wins this one. I really don’t like Kevin or Natalie but Kevin is way better. I really wanted Michelle and Jordan in the finals or at least Kevin and Michelle. I didn’t like how Kevin went back on his word to Jeff but Jeff went back on his word to Michelle and Russell. Final 4. If he would have kept that I’m sure Russel would have kept it too. P.P as far as I’m concerned hasn’t earned shit in this game.Then has pulled the honesty no blood on her hands card. At least Jordan was pretty nice to everyone and seemed a lot more sincere.Even though she never won anything. P.P. is just a little lying pig.

  149. How was nat cheating – I totally erased BB and now want to know how she was cheating – is the comp over yet if so who won??

  150. Actually this log rolling event is pretty fun. I just hope Jordough doesnt fall on her implants!
    Isn’t Michele adorable?

  151. There is NOTHING around Natalie’s wrist. They have shown her hands 900 times. Are you people really that dense that you have to find excuses why someone you dont like is winning? Grow up. Its a game.

    1. Is it a “game” to put red dye in the saline solution someone’s contacts are in? Or to steal their personal belongings? Or to hide items belonging to the house from the other houseguests? Or to tamper with someone’s prescription medication, done to try to give yourself an edge over the other players in a “game”? It is called cheating and it is done by low lifes who doubt that they have the ability to win by playing fairly. I am not dense, I have an IQ of 143. Are you blind? Or do you just like Natalie so much that you are willing to overlook the fact that she has cheated in this game and for someone on the “atheletic” team, that is poor sportsmanship. The fact that they have shown her hands does not negate what she did 4 hours ago. It is on tape. If there is no band there now, then so be it, but she still did do something with her wrist band and the key, and lots of people saw it. I sincerely hope that the producers get to the bottom of it, and if she cheated, then I hope she joins Chima, and is asked to leave the show.

    2. I rewound the dvr and sure enough right after Julie says ready Natalie takes her right hand and take something that is in her left and pulls it up over her key. It is really apparent on my 62 inch tv. I do not have the live feeds. Has Natalies left hand moved up or down much at all?

  152. Lisa….
    please tell us how you really do feel……

    Yes…people are watching….It’s called BIG BROTHER…..
    Go Jordo!!!

  153. wow what a load of crap. I am NOTHING like natalie in any way (believe me, I have nothing to lose on an anonymous big brother forum…so if im like her, I’d have no problem admitting it. and yes, I have “dug deep down”…). none of what you said is fact. it sounds like you’re assuming everyone we hate in life is just like us, which is NOT necessarily true. I really think you’re distorting what your professor said and you should seriously consider reevaluating.

  154. Simon!! These little pictures youu put instead of the houseguest’s faces are really cutee but they are kinda annoyinggg! Please changee themm back to the HG own facess! Thanksss

  155. Vote for Michele to get that 25k!!! Honestly she deserves it sooo much. I think even more then Jeff cuz Jeff screwed himself over backdooring Russell just thinking about it makes me mad.I dont even care who wins anymore Kevin probably deserves to win BB out of the remaining 3. Jordan and Nat did nothing this season but hide behind Jeff and Jessie.

    1. I also say Michele should win the America’s Favourite. I voted for her, and I hope everyone else does too. She won the most competitions, made smart moves when in power, and played as honorably as it is possible to do while in a situation like Big Brother. Go Michelle, go!!!

  156. Okay, done watching BB, now with all you on BBAD. Have to say that from the cutting that CBS does, some of these guys do come off looking better than others. However, BBAD shows how they really are. Will add that Michelle looked very sad and she has worked hard. Again, I don’t have a favorite but sorry she isn’t on that log now. As far as the log, I think Kevin is going to lose his pants! I mean really lose his drawers. The more wet they get, the lower they are getting!

  157. Interesting theory…I do believe we mirror things to each other, but I think NataLIE is hated so much b/c she reflects those qualities we DON’T like in ourselves or others. Sure, we can all lie and backstab if we wanted to. It’s the choices we make that determine who we are as people. So, I could lie, cheat and manipulate my way thru life, no prob. But, then I’d be a real-life Natalie, wouldn’t I? It would seem to me that those people who really despise NataLIE are those who don’t like people who lie, cheat and manipulate. Period. It’s not b/c we want to be like her, it’s b/c we DON’T want to be like her that we all hate. At least, that’s my two cents. ;-)

  158. My opinion, Nat has the upper body strenght of the three. Jordon and Kevin look like they are looking for a second wind / I hope they find it.

  159. Lisa, I totally disagree with you. The person I hated most in the house was Chima and I didn’t relate to that thing one bit. I think I could relate to every other person in some fashion but her. She was disgusting in every way to me inside and out. I couldn’t stand her voice and phony laugh from day one. I’m not talking about good game moves for yourself if it gets you closer to the prize. That is what the game is all about. I certainly wouldn’t say that I relate to P.P. b/c she is my least favorite. She is cocky and acting like she has done so much in the game and how athletic she is. When in reality she isn’t. I relate to a more humble person no matter how many people they threw under the bus.

  160. Double major in psychology and ? and what are you basing your mass diagnose for all of us that don’t like Natalie? and final thesis essay professor, not sure what school you are attending or have attended but in my experience a final thesis is if you are working on your Masters and is more than an essay. So I just don’t get what you are saying?? As a fellow psych major was just curious, mind you my area of expertise was with cognitive behaviour and not personalty disorders which Natalie seems to have many of the criteria that fits the diagnose or Narcissism as someone pointed out in a previous comment

  161. bw…………………….fwbw……( did they really stay for nin hours last time?) bw….jerky…..rain…………..lightning Nat: you really can drop now you can be proud of the job you did now. K: I am stayin till the sun rises. N: if that is all you can do than you can drop now. K: then I’ll stay longer. Sho. goes to com