Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV ceremony, Who’s evicted & The results of Part 1 of the 3 part HOH competition…

START WATCHING the live feeds today! Watch all 3 parts of the endurance competition for FREE, tonight (Part 1), tomorrow (Part 2), and Thursday (Part 3)…..

POV Ceremony results:
– Kevin used the POV on himself
– Jordan is up on the block with Michelle

Eviction Results:
Michelle is evicted from the Big Brother House!

PART 1 of the 3 PART HOH endurance competition results: ?

9:20pm Everyone still on the log.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:12pm Everyone still on the log.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Kevin, Natalie and Jordan are all still in the competition. The have to hold on to their Key with at least one hand as a long rolls back and forth under their feet. Big Brother is also turning on and off the wind, snow, and rain to knock the house guests off..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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I hope Kevins keeps Michele. But if he doesn’t then I hope Natalie is the next one out of the house.


‘Splain how that happens. Oh well, dreaming is free.


Simon saya, grammalilx11 (gramma711 , Ole man Hanglow10 think that you may be interesting.


The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma may be interesting as well. I like mature women. This (BB11) has been an interesting distraction. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits.


I can’t get to the forum page on the CBS website. I get as far as interact. Anyone else not getting them to load?


I can’t get there either. Site must be down.

damien 666

wheres the flames for chima? and the weights ( or dumbells for Jess) the horse for laura? i still dont know what to do to braden or russ or lydias pic 🙂 any suggestions? jeffs too i have no clue maybe a tool since he is one?


jeffs pic should be a tuna!

damien 666

oh yeah cause he ate it alot. what bout the others? lydias?

bb11 fan yes or no

hers should b the house from

damien 666

lol a loony bin LOL


or a wingnut


A Bag of Kitty Litter for Lydie – or even better a picture of tammy faye Baker crying with her mascara running – racoon eyes


jeff should be a picure of a nose because he always had his finger up his nose. jessie dumbbells. ronnie should have been a rat, russell wolf in sheep clothing. lydia picture should be evil.


Braedon should be a KKK


Jeffs should be a yo-yo!!!!!!!


Where did the nude pics site go?




Natalie sucks

Nataie smells


A direct quote from NataLIE’s HOH Blog via the CBS website.

“Many people may not realize, but Michelle has played the game really dirty, beyond dirty. I don’t respect how Michelle has played this game and that is why I want her out. Yes this is a game and you must lie, cheat, and manipulate, but there is a certain point where you draw the line and Michelle went pass that line.”

What the hell is Natalie smokin these days??? Does she not realize that she has played this game as dirty as it comes??? Get a clue NataLIE!!! You have a rude awakening once you step back out into reality and see how little fans you have and how we now know you’re a skeezy little bitch!! Most times production has to tweek there show to show us how they want us to see a character/contestant on their show, but for you NataLIE they didn’t have to do anything. What you see is what you get, your “Karma” will carry over into the rest of your life. If it doesn’t bite your ass in this game it will in your future endeavors!!! Good luck, you’ll need it once this game is over!!


Nat lives in her own little fishbowl
She is in denial
talks to herself and actually believes what she says



It really bums me out that Michelle is leaving tonight… 🙁 She deserves more than that…Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin don’t deserve one penny let alone 50 or 500K!!!!


Hope Michelle stays


Has anyone one notice that Jeff didn’t get any good bye video from the house guess after he got evited?

I am Ronnie!

no body liked him nor gave him a good bye


doubt it…they probably ran outta time since jeff got a standing ovation from the audiance. if that’s you rouuie, you’d know nothing about a standing O since you never got one!


Jordan blew him before he left


Oh she did NOT….STFU Moron!

As U Think U R

You’re a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blow this AH


I think it was just a timing issue. Jessie didn’t get any of his either.

Just my FYI

I don’t think they would have shot the good bye videos since no one knew (except Jeff) that Jesse was going on the block.


I don’t think Jessie knew he was leaving until 5 minutes before he left. I think that is the way it was anyway.

RIP Jeff

Probably time isues now that they need to fit in clips of the Jury House in 60 minutes.


The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma and grammalilx11 (gramma711) may be interesting. I like mature women. This has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed your post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how.


where did Jeff get an evite to? someone’s birthday party?


I noticed that too. What’s up with that?

Mystery Speaker!

Enjoy the live POV and Eviction Tonight!
The Show is bound to surprize and drop mouth everybody!
A Tuesday to go down in BB History!
The Fans will be screaming or More, but will have to wait until Thursday!

BB Fran

You know or are you hoping like the rest of us?

Mystery Speaker!

Just Hope!
trying to keep everybody hoping around!
and the Surprise: Jeff returns not the whinny Ronnie living
in the rear studio parking lot in that old datsun bluebird just hoping they call him back!


is Ronnie a horse? why does he whinny?


I lOVE it! I read your post and thought …WOW! If only true. Put a smile on my face.


I am still hoping for a twist tonight.


Yes I did notice that too. I figured there wasn’t anything they could show on TV except for Jordon…lol


They need to give us something. Pandoras Box sucked. We waited forever, for Roaches and stupid stuff like that. Nat’s proposal was just another piece of crap on her part. They have to give us something.

Mystery Speaker!

free meal at Dennys!


there is nothing wrong with a free burger but at least make them work for it. I hope next season they make them do more. If I’m paying to watch you, I don’t want to see you sit around. I want you to dance for me monkeys dance.

its over

i think they left more time for the kiss and cut out the videos, or the standing ovation ran them over

damien 666

you all BB fams geared up for tonights live show? i know I think michelle will go but I will be anxious to hear Nats speech. she already gave a really uncalled for one when she nom her ( you are the devil ) she is so weird and dishonest.


Why does they advert for the live feed say “START WATCHING the live feeds today! Watch all 3 parts of the endurance competition for FREE, tonight (Part 1), tomorrow (Part 2), and Thursday (Part 3)? TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!” when they don’t show the competitions on the live feed?


So, I wonder what game there playing right now then?


lydia should have some pyscho icon…maybe the face of ‘scream’.


Other ideas for Lydia – Hello Kitty tattoo… or a Unicorn. What was the name of hers – Dum Dum Ya Ya? lol


it sickens me to admit that I acutally know this but that unicorn was Dae Yum Yum…. I’m so ashamed….. LOL!!!

damien 666

also good ideas. 🙂

damien 666

i can totally picture that as her pic LOL


Just read that BB lost 1/2 it’s audience from 2 weeks ago.. What does that tell you??? They had a 1.6 rating which is horrible!! Do you think the PTB will be a little startled by this? I didn’t watch Sunday night and I don’t plan on watching tonight. I’ll watch again when Natalie is gone. Please, please let there be another twist out there that gets rid of her nasty a@@! I still wonder what that whole commercial about PB and the Jury is all about.


You are a little baby that cannot handle reality TV just stop whining your favorite wasn’t good enough for the final 3 and leave it at that, if they bring jeff back Id say it was rigged for Jeff to win (quite obvious) but you guys would argue with me that it was fair but if they brought Natalie (say she got evicted) back (calling her nasty is a 4 year old game) you guys would scream and whine how rigged it was now wouldn’t you? Please just shut the hell up.


Boy you are a little harsh aren’t you.. For your information if any of the 4 of Jeff, Russell, Jordan or Michelle had one I would have been thrilled. There is something about Natalie that rubs me (and many others) the wrong way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is no reason for you to be such a little piss ant!!

The numbers do not lie!!!! Losing 6 million viewers at any point of a season is never a good thing. Why do you think they lost so much???


And that would be WON


It was a holiday weekend, too. Many out of town. Also, I am sure several stop watching on a regular basis each time a favorite is voted off. Another thing is that it gets really boring down at the final 4/3/2 levels. Lets see how that old final goes. Might just see a change.

RIP Jeff

It’s far less interesting to me now. I can’t even watch BB After Dark now because Natalie has too much face time. Too much mouth-opened, cow-cud-chewing, microphone-chomping face time.

another fan

not lilkely, unless Michele stays tonight. the holiday weekend comment is bogus, because when I was into BB, the holiday week would not have mattered. I only watched Sunday and tonight because I had hope some twist would happen – like we have been promised. It’s not over tonight, but if M goes, they will lose me because I couldn’ t care less about the remaining 3. I would hate for Nat to win, but don’t care enough about the others to keep me watching paint dry and disgusting Nat – she makes my skin crawl. I’ll be outta here…..

bbad is boring

I hope michelle stays! my number 1 was jeff he gone then michelle now she gone! I cant stand natalie and hopefully my neighbors wont mind when my tv goes flying out the window because BB really disappointed this season! i think not enough twists-how can natalie and kevin get by being floaters just goes to prove not enough action or surprises. I can sit in the corner and not saying anything for a few weeks for 500k, ill even do it for the 50k! cBS should be ashamed of themselves but i think this will be the last season didnt they get rid of bb in europe? They need to do the same here or get some new producers with better ideas!!!!!!


I think all these types of shows wear out after awhile. Eleven Seasons is a good run. Its just that after so long everyone gets use to how you have to play to win and the variety runs very slim. I wasn’t even going to watch this year because I had grown tired of it but with Simon and Dawg site, I got back into it. It is better than the show for me! But, The Price Is Right is still running. But who watches that? Oh, a lot of people. So, you just never know.

Totally Disgusted!

IDK…11 yrs and I am still hooked…

Although, I don’t care much for this years selection in HG’s

damien 666

i agree granny. at least put all new twists and games on BB so it stays fresh. every sesaon everyone knows exactly the order of each episode. i’ts way too predictable. what happened to “suprise”


That is pretty obvious, isn’t it. Even the HGs sit there and say “well, this should come next, this comp should be this way, now they will have us do this. They know just how it is going to play out. Also, they have learned that to win you have to lie, cheat, borrow, steal, and threaten, manipulate, and get down right mean to win. Nice guys don’t. That is where it gets hard to watch for some people.


Are you serious??? they needed more twists??? You just wanted BB to hand the game to Jeff!!

How was Natalie a floater?? She was the right hand of the power alliance until BB gave Jeff power he didnt earn. She maintained an alliance and then invented the lie that brought her to the final 4. Then she wins HOH and gets herself into the final 3.

I was rooting for Jeff until all these whiners complained. Now I am hoping Natalie wins. Jeff did nothing in the game in ANY way until he was handed a HUGE game changing power. After that he screwed himself by being stupid. So he is a good looking guy….. other than that he floated and when he finally made game moves, he made the wrong ones.

A final 2 of Natalie vs Jordan will show us who in the Jury house really appreciates game play vs “friendship”. I hope that is what happens.


Sorry, but it was not Natalie that created the LIE it was Kevin. All Natalie has done is kling to others and let them do all the work for her. Every time she tried to do the LIE everyone just thought she was full of it. It was Kevin the carried it out.

RIP Jeff

Natalie is a hanger-on, but I agree Jeff’s move trusting her and Kevin and backdooring Russ was uber-stupid. I think Russ would’ve honored the Final 4 agreement and then said “game on.” I liked Jeff. Jeff screwed up and is gone. I’ve moved on.


Maybe the negative from the Pandoras Box that Natalie opened and the promoted punch from the Jury House that was on the trailer for the show – will be a video to the remaining HG’s from the gang at the Jury House letting them know how old Natalie is. If they do this before the evection, that might be enough to sway Kevins vote.


that’s an interesting thought! I’ve never disliked a HG more then I dislike PP. She is totally delusional if she thinks that she’s playing a “clean” game.. ummm yeah OK.. When she gets home hopefully her father will clue her in.


Jury House already knows tha Natalie is 24. They were talking about it last Thursday.


we know that – but the HG inside the BB House dont.. That would be a great spill of the beans if they tattle to the remaining on tonights show before the eviction. Kevin would be pissed.


if its her and kevin in the end and kevin pulls out the better wins in the final comps he will win the 500,000. especially when michelle tells jesse about nats engagement. they are the worse 2 of the bunch but america should vote for kevin because nat is a lot worse than him.


And, they didn’t like it either, did they Frodo. Seem to be a little put out about it. She just may not have the votes she thinks she has.

canadian fan

Give yourself a slap, the twists are done, stop trying to write an ending thats not going to happen.


Kevin needs 2 keep Michelle in order 2 prevent Nat from not taking him. If Jordan stays Nat takes her but if Michelle stays Michelle takes Kevin. If Kevin wins he has the choice 2 take either person. If Kev takes Michelle over Jordan he’s deffinently in a good spot.


Jessie should be a pic of a monkey

damien 666

i totally agree. what bout russells pic


A knife in the back or a train heading down the track or him under a bus.

bb11 fan yes or no

Lydia should have the house from


Norman Bates! I like that!


the producer of bb should be fired after this season.Julie please tell you husband to fire her,,,,if you let cheating go on for one and breaking rules you should let all of them get by with it, so hopefully she loses her job for trying to fix this season for kevin and nat,so disappointed in this season and I too am not watching nat or kev win so goodbye cbs


Gnat is a skank


Jury House already knows that Natalie is 24. They were talking about it last Thursday.




nat and kev played dirty. not even the lying but the way they treat ppl. they are in the lead and they still want to torture michelle and jordan? they went beyond acceptable. maybe you dont watch the live feeds but they are bad. yes everyone lies but only kev and nat degrade people.


Julez, you have hit it square on the head! It is that type of a game, isn’t it. Usually the one you like least wins. So, maybe we should say, “may the worst man/woman win!


This could be me, but I’m thinking maybe there is a twist tonight and it has to do with the jury house in some way. That’s the way I took what Julie said at the end of the last show. I may have misunderstood though.


Julie just had her baby, tonights episode is cancelled. It could happen.


Rockstar, now you are just being mean! You are going to get all these people jumping out of windows!


The Ole man Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma may be interesting as well. I like mature women. This has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed your post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how.


You guys seem to really think you will make a difference in Nat’s life, and that she would/should care? LMAO!

You pick thru blogs and thinks she shouldn’t have an opinion, yet you post your opinion and think its gold. O’boy…as if she didn?t have a life before BB or your nasty post.

Take the 500G and tell them to kiss your ass Nat!

Nat FTW!


I have seen FTW in here a lot……guess I am naive but could you please tell me what it means?


FTW = For The Win


i hope nat and kevin get hit by a bus and get confined to a wheel chair. Hey and that little person NAT your pathetic and an idiot just like your favorite.Why dont you geta life writing about others who write about the show.Diss me and prepare to get burned=)

cryin over jeff

so im not seeing how there could be a “technical difficulty” for the POV…. theres nothing technical about it.


How did Kevin cheat? I missed something!!!


It is 100% obvious that Kevin did not cheat at the POV. Michelle was soooooooooo close to winning and well Jordon, “God love her.”

another fan

How can you say that? They edit the show however they want – do you really think they would show us the “technical difficulties?” I know CBS and AG are stupid, but they aren’t that stupid.

canadian fan

You have quite the conspiracy theory going there. Do you know if there was a second shooter on that grassy knoll? Was Armstrong a fake? Is Elvis still alive? Was CBS involved?


Rockstar, keep me inform. I am on the west coast and a couple of hours away.


Even if they edited the show to make Jeff appear with angel wings in the sky, Kevin was very close to losing, Michelle was so close to blowing him out of the water.


The Ole man is in the Mid west (Kansas City Area) / Hanglow10 also think that BBGrandma is a mature woman and may be interesting as well. I like her posts. This (BB11) has been an interesting distraction. Enjoyed her post. Time to move on to more fulfilling pursuits. We should hook up, but I do not know how. Would Simon exchange e-mail addresses?


Hanglow10, guess what! I am original from St Joe MO! Surprise! Thank you for the nice words. Always need friends. Married, 2 daughters, 3 grandkids. Do know lots of single mature ladies. Love all you guys on here, too.

cryin over jeff

and natalie just said in front of everybody that “the veto went just as planned”… so is she not trying to ‘fool’ michelle and jordon anymore with her BS?


Where can I watch the live show online???


NAT, I believe she would probably do just that. She doesn’t appear to be someone that would give a rat’s butt to anything.


anybody still thinks that jordan is not as dumb as she makes herself look? well after seing the pov,i think we all got our answer!!!jor-dumb !!!!!


Not just the POV, what about her speech. Jordough is really Jordumb. That girl better find her a man who can take care of her ass. Speaking of ass…she should have tried to trap Jeff with that ass, maybe he could take care of her.


I’m sick of people getting on Kevin just because he got Jeff out. That was the best move of the game and will win the game for him. Nat’s the only one left who doesn’t deserve to win.

another fan

How can you say Jordan deserves to win??????????


Lesser of three evils??


I am watching BB right now what a piece of CRAP that stinky smelly Gnat is, I wish I could just flush her away. She is the most evil person ever. She has no feelings for anyone but herself. Her Dad did a wonderful job raising her…….he deserves , The Fathers Award of the Year:.


He cheated, they just editited so that it appeared like he didn’t. Duh


How did he cheat? I’m so pissed!


NastyLie is an ugly biatch, inside AND out. I want Jordan or Michele to win, but at this point, Kevin would be preferable to N.


May we have a peek in the jury house??? WTH???


It’s the only time I ever want to see Jeff on tv.


oh man….can they get to the veto meeting already?!?! I cant wait to see who kevin is going to evict…..

damien 666

is it just me or does anyone notice nats voice sounds like a chi wa wa LOL she siad saying she is 18 helped, more like all the lies helped (well yeah but that was one of the lies too) so guess it did help 🙂


I just hope that Nat goes. Anyone else would be fine… But yuck


Why is big brother allowing cheating and stealing in this season?


kevin going turn on nat. he will do anything for money


will be funny nat will her friends turn on kevin.worst player in game will win


I love Michelle. She is so awesome


Natalie’s father must be so embarassed. I’ve never hated a BB player so much