Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin tells Michelle he’s voting her out, but laughs as he tells Natalie that he still could be swayed by her speech..

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1:05pm Big Brother ends the HOH room lock down. Jordan heads down to the bathroom and takes a shower then goes to the pool room to finish getting ready for the live show. Kevin comes into the pool room and asks Jordan if she is down with the final 2 deal. Jordan says yes. Kevin tells Jordan that Michelle will be leaving today, that he will be voting her out. Kevin tells Jordan that he is going to let Michelle know so that she isnt left wondering. Kevin tells Jordan that he always appreciated how she would let him know when he was on the block.

2pm Natalie is in the bathroom, she is really upset and crying because Kevin told her that she will be going home today. Kevin comes into the red bedroom and tells Natalie that he told Michelle that hes voting her out. Kevin is worried about what Michelle will say in her speech and thinks she might try and pit them against each other. Kevin thinks she will try and sway the votes by making him and them think that every one would hate her in the jury house so that no one would vote for her in the end, which could sway them to vote to keep her because they would have a better chance with her as a final 2. Natalie thinks Kevin might change his mind and vote to keep Michelle and betray her (Natalie) Kevin starts laughing saying that he could be swayed if she makes some good points in her speech.


3:10pm The feeds cut to TRIVIA..
3:35pm Still TRIVIA…


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Boycotting the show….how silly! I am in it to see who wins it.

Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over.

Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either take over or be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

Last but definately not least there is..
Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle pay!


Nat looks like Flav o bi*ch in her crown and robe…Can’t stand her/

Miss Liberty

Nat a Lie did NOT even act surprised when her ‘boyfriend’ proposed. and NOT excited either. Is she borg??
I hope Kevin pulls one over on her and keeps Michele. HOW does it benefit him to keep Jordo??? Or N. A. Lie?
Maybe the door won’t open tonight when Mich leaves and there is a twist. So far BB twists have not been exciting except for the wizard jeff thing.
Even then, WE knew what was going to happen-just the house didnt know.
this year is messed up.
i hope everyone is voting for Michele for the $25,000

Mister Freedom

Oh, I didn’t know you were the relationship expert… how many times have you been proposed to know what level of excitement is acceptable?


Kevin is a suucckaa!


Kevin is officially an idiot if he is trusting Natalie to take him to final 2. His best chance is with Michelle

Jeff*fan always :)

HA! im surprised that Kevin actually has the balls to backstab nat and vote to evict jordan! as much as i love jordan, michelle has a better chance of winning it! plus nat cring cuz she knows she aint going to the final 2! which is just like what happened in season 9! Shelia didnt like that she wasnt goin to final 2 but floated her way to final 3 cuz the other 2 had to get rid of the threats first! so i hope kevin keeps michelle and it be a free for all! cuz with jordan, its 2vs1 but with michelle its 2vs 1 but seems like its 1vs1vs1. which is a free for all!

VOTE JEFF OR JORDAN FOR the $25000 prize! one of them deserves it! jeff played game best, only screwed up once! and jordan needs a house for her family. not much pity on that but she HAS a real reason to get the money.

Karen S

It’s really a toss up as to who gets the money.. Michele or Jordon, for the reasons stated.
Michele because she has gone through so much hell. Jordon, because there’s actually a need for it and we like her.
Thanks to all who write their feedback. I enjoy reading all your posts.


There goes Kevin being completely predictable again! And he thinks he is such a tough guy! PUKE!!!


Ok, it’s just a game but I seriously dislike Jordan. She is a two face idiot thinking
gnat is her friend. Stupid asshole, everything out of her mouth is clueless. I don’t want that nasty little rat winning either,
just her voice makes me angry. Gnats boyfriend is so dumb, he looks like he is going to stop breathing if she breaks up
with him.

About Jeff, he was my favorite but I don’t think he deserves the 25k. He
blew it big time when he got Russell out and believe the stupid rat nat
he had his chance, he is an idiot. A lot o people are voting foe Jeff just because he is handsome and I think that’s bill shit.
His an idot and he got got now move along.

By far this is one of the worst seasons. I hope Kevin keeps Michael and take her to the finals.


no….you are an idiot. haha.
you make horrible points. jeff doesnt deserve the 25K because he got got?
uh…just like all the other houseguests in the running got got because they are
no longer in the house. and…its AMERICAS favorite houseguest/player…whatever.
so if he was our favorite then we will vote for him. period.


Have you ever thought of proofreading what you just wrote?


again I ask “who is michael”?


I do think Kev will vote out Michele tonight b/c it would be a bad game play on his part to keep her in. I do think Michele should win the 25k, she is most deserving of it. Unlike Jordon, she is a strong player, strategic and keeps her head in the game. Jordon is not even a strong person, she’s weak and acts like she’s still in high school or something. It was her dumb idea that got Russell backdoored b/c she talked Jeff into it. And as much as I like Jeff as a person he is definately not worthy of the 25k, he was dumb enough to trust Bonnie and Clyde and got himself booted from the game. Hate to see Michele go, but unless there’s a POV redo (NOT!!!!), then she doesn;t have a chance. Oh, and this is the lamest BB since Season 4!


Of course he will – he has his orders from Natalie and he has never shown the ability to make his own decisions!! Why change a perfect record Kevin??? Oh by the way, did I mention that he is useless???


Got an idea for the photo parodies. Find a pic of a box of Summer’s Eve.
A photo of a douche for a douche!!
At this point I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t that skank GnataLIE.
I’m ashamed that my maiden name is the same as her last name, ugh!!

Dave loves Michele

Someone would have to explain to Pig Pen that you don’t drink it!

Dave loves Michele

Oh,by the way, isn’t Michele adorable?


Whts with the trival for so long? You think maybe they redid the POV?


I’m voting for Mich $25K.


Why would they redo the POV?


Man i wish Casey would come back and DJ a rap song with Jeff saying YOU GOT GOT, YOU GOT GOT, YOU JUST MAD CUZ YOU GOT GOT!! LMBO:)
Can any one here come up with a good rap? I cry laughing every time I hear ” YOU GOT GOT”. 🙂


Jordan deserves it the most. I mean if she wins ( which we cant determine will happen ) than i would want Jeff to get it. But Jordan by FAR deserves this. She is an honest loving person, why vote for liars.. i know its a game but look at Natalie practically cheats on her boyfriend in the big brother game and yet gets proposed to? WOW. But anyways back to America’s vote, Jordan should win it because we don’t know that she will make it too final two, and even if she does, how kind she is we all KNOW she will share the wealth with Jeff!! Jordan was willing to give up have a million dollars for the guy, how many people do you know who would do that? She is one person that we need more of in this world!! She is a role model and inspiration. She may not be the brightest girl but i believe her heart is big enough to make up for all of it. I 100% want Jordan to win this game, and America’s favorite person.. don’t even think of the money.. who is the most deserving of the reward “AMERICA’S FAV”


Jordan deserves nothing. The only competition she “won” was a gift from Jeff.


Ugh… this isnt the who won the most competitions vote..