Big Brother 11 – Final HOH Results Part 1 of 3 Kevin is HOH Winner

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm Everyone still on the log.. Natalie won’t keep her mouth shut telling Jordan she’ll be able to stand up on the log all night. Jordan asks Natalie how long did they stay up during the BB8 HOH endurance? Natalie tells her 9 Hours Jordan “OH mY GOD!” Jordan than says there is no way she is dropping early. Kevin keep calling them “Wenches”, Kevin also complains that he’s getting ICE cold water, he thinks the girls are getting warm water but Jordan tells him they are getting cold water to as well. The house guests are all looking to be in good shape. Natalie is talking away and Jordan is just doing the listening. Kevin appears to be doing the best in the competition. Jordan starts to stumble, Kevin says right away that the water is freezing… Jordan slops
Natalie is happy Jordan has dropped she’s telling Kevin that he should let her win the HOH. Kevin tells her he needs to win so Natalie competes in the next part of the head of household competition.

10:52pm Natalie just dropped
Kevin is the HOH winner

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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480 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – Final HOH Results Part 1 of 3 Kevin is HOH Winner

  1. Well good for Jordo that she’s staying up there. Hope she could stay up there longer then pp and kevin, but I’m not holding my breathe. There’s always round 2… we’ll see

  2. Thats crazy….I aint jinxing no1 by opening my mouth.

    thank heavens for your site. Im @ work and without you i would never know.

    hey look I’m 1st

  3. Can’t wait to see Natalie drop! She’ll claim she threw it though, because we all know she can do no wrong! Ha! And when Kevin drops it will be icing on the proverbial cake! Go Jordan!!!!!!!

  4. Someone PUSH kevin off the log.
    I want Jordan to hang in there and DEFEAT Natalie and Kevin.
    GOOOOO JORDAN! I’m praying for you

  5. I think Nastalie just tried to secretly convince Jordan to drop (Kevin had his back to them) — and it looked like Nastalie told Jordan to drop the next time the log started to move….hope Jordan doesn’t plan on really doing that!!!!!! I don’t think Kevin heard ANY of that…but he just kinda encouraged Jordan by trying to tell her how to keep warm and hang in there. I think Kevin really wants Jordan to hang in there…..I bet he’s totally planning on taking Jordan to final 2…if at all possible.

  6. They are still hanging at 10:25 pm BB time. If only I could wipe that smug look off Nat’s face and tell Kevin to stop whining. lol
    Jordon seems to be holding her own. Good for her!

    1. Actually part 2 is her last chance to get HoH. If she messes that up then it will be Nat and Kevin facing off. God I hope Kevin wins only to kick Nat the nasty out of the house!

  7. I’m hoping round two will be better for her. I just can’t stand to see Gnat go to the final to win any amount of money!

      1. at this point I would rather see Kevin kick Nataliar’s ass and take Jordan to final 2 and Nat get zero. I hope her Im only 18 bites her in the A$$

        1. I can’t stand this waiting! Arrgghh! If only Jef had stuck to his final four deal with Russell and Michelle, none of this BS would be unfolding and I wouldn’t be on the verge of losing my lunch. I have to watch it just to see it through the end. Jordan, I hate to say it, doesn’t have a chance of making it to the finals with Gnat and Kevina, LOL, because she just isn’t hungry enough. Jeff tried to warn her to take things seriously and she still hasn’t done that at all. At this rate, I’d rather see Jessie, Jeff, and Russell go at it. Anything but these three. Damn you Jeff for making us suffer through this ordeal.

        2. I want Knat to get nothing simply because i HATE her end of story. She is annoying and I hope Kevin leaves her in the dust where she belongs! GO JORDAN!

        3. I think it would be the smart thing to do for himself. He said it himself, up against Natalie, he’s probably not going to have the votes. I think half the Jury would be more impressed by her 18 year-old ruse than upset by it. Jeff may or may not be pissed at Kevin still and Jordan would probably vote however Jeff voted. Against Jordan, it might be close in terms of alliances, but if the vote goes purely for strategy, then Jordan doesn’t have much hope. Even Michelle said she would vote for gameplay; Russell would. Jordan’s only vote might be from Jeff. That means she gets the $50,000, Kevin wins big and Nat is royally pissed off. I’m hoping for that, personally, not because Nat’s annoying, but because that’s the only way there will be any fireworks from here on in.

  8. Damn it. Commented too soon. I have a strong feeling that Nat and Kevin are gonna be in the final two, but we’ll see what unfolds after this last HOH comp. I hope for the best….

      1. Like I said, we’ll see how this unfolds. Kevin may take Jordon to the final two if he happens to win HOH. I just said I had a “feeling”. I could be dead wrong on feeling that Kev and Nat would be final two :/

    1. Knat is not going to the final two. Kevin will win. He will take Jordan. He is only being nice to Knat in case hell freezes over and she wins and picks who goes to final two. That way she will take him. She can’t be trusted. He has known it for weeks.

    1. She may win BB, but once that $500,000 is gone, all she will be is a disgusting liar, and not only a liar, which is part of BB, a liar of the sort that has talked so much BS she actually believes she is a good person. There’s a reason her father said don’t do it at any cost (not exact) and she will come to regret it sooner or later.

  9. I am disappointed that Kevin and Natalie may be the final 2. Jordon doesn’t have a chance with these 2 schemers. Natalie doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2. Everything she described for Michelle was herself looking into a mirror. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t stand Michelle . .. they were too much alike. If there is any miracles left, Jordon needs to win Parts 2 and 3 of the HOH. If there is any justice, Kevin will win it all if it came down to him and Natalie. Save the BB season!

  10. Does anyone else notice that Natalie is making Kevin promise her everything but she is not making any promise to him! He isn’t asking her! He better make her promise him, too!

      1. You are very right but the first thing she is going to throw in his face is that she never promised him anything and she didn’t lie. She has made everyone do her dirty work.

  11. Kevin has screwed himself…. hes accepted 2nd place, screw the “i swear on my…” crap, this is a game, every word told here is a lie, half truth or whatever. The only hope that Kevin has from the jury is that Michelle, Russell and Jessie start swaying to Kevin’s side because of Natalie’s constant lies about the littlest things like Pandora’s Box, etc. Like Ricky Bobby said, If you ain’t first, you last.

    1. Jesse has it bad for Natalie and I do not think he will vote for Kevin. Natalie will screw Kevin and take Jordan to final 2…how many votes do you think she has?

      1. Well… lets look at it this way, Kevin has 4 votes right now… Michelle(who will not allow Nat to win no matter what she told Kevin), Jordan, Lydia, and America’s Vote… thats 4 right there FTW and if Jordan goes.. she has 3, Jeff n America n Michelle with the tiebreaker goin to Kevin(if hes eliminated) so really Nat might not win this one way or the other… like America screwed Jessie, it will do the same to Nat. I wanna see her face Finale Night when she cries like a bum when she doesn’t win.

  12. THEY that they are talking about is Production. Did you catch that? Natalie said to Kevin that THEY are going to try to get into your head. And, he said, I know. THEY already did with Michelle. So, both sides are getting help.

  13. I guess Jordon is near useless….Her big play here was convincing Jeff to oust Russell….and mucking up the better final 4….
    She can’t seem to win anything except perhaps the 50K…..Both Kevin and Nasty have their best chance of winning against Dumbo……

    1. Agreed, this is a useless group left to choose from…all the strong players took each other out really early and you have the pathetic final 3 making Kevin look like an Olympian, competition-wise.

    2. So all this time Jordan never did one thing in this game that didn’t come from Jeff, but now she’s to blame for the Russell decision? Jeff won and lost all on his own. Enough with the apologetics. The guy didn’t turn water into wine. He turned it into whine.

  14. imagine how much more awesome this competition would be with russ and jeff, and maybe even jessie too. it would probably be at a much more difficult level, and so much more fun to watch.

  15. OMG LOL This is the funniest thing I ever watched. Natalie is telling Kevin he can’t beat her and michele wouldn’t beat her at this either. lol

    So if she drops she is doing Kevin a favor and he better take her to final 2 lol

    This girl is so arrogant for someone that done jack shit. She said, she is annoyed lol How about us having to watch her chew that gum like a cow with her mouth open.

    Man this girl is horrible, I don’t know what her real story is but I am sure I don’t want to know.

    All I know is if this little worthless, sad excuse for an athlete, lying, smelly, nasty,dispicable, sorry excuse for a woman wins, I will scream lol

    Jeff made one mistake and it was letting Jordan talk him into believing Lydia was the one that had to go. Geezzee watching this girl is the worst possible punishment for millions of viewers.

    It has gone beyond annoying. It is now insufferable!

    I have always favored Jeff and jordan and still do, but I would except anyone winning but Natalie. This is a game and when they make mistakes it costs them, and Jeff got got.

    Now Jordan falls and we are left with hoping Kevin can win this and then Jordan can beat Natalie in the next HOH comp.

    Lord I am asking for a miracle! Hear my prayer lol

    1. I will join you in asking for a miracle to happen. Please let Nasty fall and let dumb, dumb beat her at something. Jeff really played a crappy game when he started letting Jordan call the shots…I think Michelle deserves the 25,000 because she played right to the end!

    2. Seeing Natalie chew that candy when they where on the Log. She looked exactly like a goat.

      Naaaaaaa taaaa lie the Pig Pen Billy Goat

  16. I quit watching BB last week although I have continued to read the blogs. Now I just had a thought…I am sure someone will say I am nuts but think about this…with all the complaining about this seasons BB, (nothing accomplished and I somehow think nothing will be accomplished), has anyone given thought to going totally quiet…what if all of sudden, the blogs were totally dead…what if…maybe then CBS would get the idea that we are totally done with BB as it has been played this season..kinda like in the 70’s just about everyone quit buying beef (because the price was so high), it didn’t take too long before the beef industry got the picture and dropped the prices…sometimes saying nothing at all gets more attention than all the talk in the world…In other words, just say nothing..stop complaining, don’t call, just stop as though BB does not exist… Just an idea.

    1. People just can’t shut up. Just like they always have to slow down and take a peek at the site of major accident. In any case, your idea is a good one and it work but people luv this kind of crap. And I too stopped watching ever since the witch left cuz I knew this was going to happen.

      1. I am not going to watch any of the next shows or the final…I am done too! Seriously…would love to hear that Michelle won the $25,000 next week.

    2. Yes, that would work. It’s more likely that lack of interest will cause the death of a show, rather than uproar. It’s kind of like that saying, “The opposite of love is apathy, not hate.” It’s a little late for something like that now, though. If we all wouldn’t watch, subscribe or hit the blogs at the start of next season, they would get the message. I’d be surprised if that would happen. People will take a break, forget all about Natalie and Jeff and come right back for more. 11 seasons accounts for that.

  17. Okay so she’ll have to get em in the second round. I think she can do it if it’s mental like questions. Everyone thinks she’s so dumb, but she usually does better then these 2 with questions. We’ll have to wait and see…

    1. The only way Jordan can win at anything is to have it handed to her. She has to rate as 1 of the worst players of all time. And to think she’s in the final 3, what a joke.

      1. She did win one on her own. Oh, I know, she cheated off of Michelle. Just like Kevin cheated last week and Natalie cheated by throwing competitions and Jeff cheated by consorting with America and Michelle by having sex with the devil or whatever the new theory out there is to explain why your favorite player lost. Whatever. Cut the girl some slack. She’s a bit naive and ignorant, but so what. This isn’t a game of athletics or intelligence or beauty, it’s a social game. She got where she is because of the relationships that she made. Maybe she had it easier than the others as a result, but hey, that’s an accomplishment in itself.

  18. I quit watching BB last week although I have continued to read the blogs. Now I just had a thought…I am sure someone will say I am nuts but think about this…with all the complaining about this seasons BB, (nothing accomplished and I somehow think nothing will be accomplished), has anyone given thought to going totally quiet…what if all of sudden, the blogs were totally dead…what if…maybe then CBS would get the idea that we are totally done with BB as it has been played this season..kinda like in the 70’s just about everyone quit buying beef (because the price was so high), it didn’t take too long before the beef industry got the picture and dropped the prices…sometimes saying nothing at all gets more attention than all the talk in the world…In other words, just say nothing..stop complaining, don’t call, just stop as though BB does not exist… Just an idea.

    1. As much as everyone complains, we all love it !

      I would not act like BB doesn’t exist, we live to love to hate the players each and every year it is part of what big brother is about.

      I not sure if anyone actually cheated, but if they relaly did, I am sure they would do something.

      I am still waiting hoping to see Natalie fall on her sorry ass lol

  19. Dave, I am so with you. If I have to tolerate that insufferable witch’s laugh one more time, I swear my dinner is changing addresses from my stomach to the floor! Jordan made a mistake taking Lydia out when she should have gotten Kevin out instead. Jeff should have taken down Natalie, and then all would have been well. They were too trusting and Russell wasn’t helping matters much by spreading himself all around the house like a cheap date. I hope they allow wither Michelle of Jeff to have the third place prize of $25K because they’re the only ones that took out the big players. I don’t think I can watch BB ever again if floaters are allowed to win a half a million to do absolutely nothing. Drop now, Gnat! Drop!! GO JORDO!

  20. OMG only 4 hours and Natalie is going to take a shower??

    She fell to Kevin on the deal so we shall see.

    Like Kevin can trust her, NOT !!!

  21. do you nat haters not get it? she played a great game, and kevin WILL take her final 2, and thats that….but kevin will get the votes…he thinks nat has jury votes, Im not convinced at ALL of that.

    1. I agree with you about the “nat haters.” Most negative comments here are based on her looks, or her grooming habits, or her lying. I’m not exactly a “nat fan” myself, but I have to admit that judging purely on gameplay (in a game in which broken promises are captial and not a tax), she did well. I think all three of the people left did, in their own way (I realize that’s the minority view). They probably won’t be winning any beauty contests, or Nobel prizes, or be drafted into the NFL after the show, but it says something that they made it past 10 other people to get where they are.

  22. and enough with mean comments about natalie, seriously just stop its a game, its a game of LIES, thats how its set up…there are FAR worse people in this world, you make her out to be hitler…

  23. natalie is a RETARD kevin is not taking her to final 2 so she can get handed 500k for doin nuthin but instigating, floating, and being carried ……GO KEVIN outsmarting that DEVIL

  24. Awww…Jordon!!! Damn. I’m hoping she can pull out a win in the last two HOH comps, but if she can’t, then go Kevin. Kevin hasn’t been quite as bad as NataLIE…and out of those two, I’d rather see Kevin win. I’m really hoping all of us BB fans get to see the look of shock and surprise on NataLIE’s face when Kevin kicks her to the curb and takes Jordon to the final two. That would be soooo sweet, eh? BTW…has anyone else been craving cookie dough lateley? I’ve had a craving for chocolate chip cookie dough for the last couple of weeks now. Thanks for that one, Jordo. Lol I like Lynda’s idea of shouting our displeasure to BB with silence…altho, I doubt that would work. Too many of us addicts would still tune in for our fix. ;-D Thanks for your awesome work, Dawg and Simon. I’ll miss having my morning coffee with your blogs…the newspaper just ain’t the same.

  25. I just noticed the HG pics that have been changed in the corner. Pretty funny. If I could make some suggestions, you could replace Jeff with Tuna, Laura with a horse, Lydia with a garden hoe, and Jessie with a box of Summer’s Eve.

  26. I’m really hoping for a Kevin/Jordan final two. I, like so many, really cannot stand Natalie. She thinks she’s this great mastermind. She hasn’t done squat in the game. Her “I’m only 18” lie is laughable. Who cares? Someone please tell me how this has helped her. Oh you really pulled one over on everyone genius.

  27. natalie will be evicted and kevin will win bb….no one in their rite mind would vote for jordumb….she was the worst player of all time…useless…kevin will win hoh and will let natalie loose for sure…….500 grand on the line there is no more being loyal…..goodbye you lieing wench…lmao…

    1. Any player that is in the final three has played well to get there and deserves to win.
      You might not like one of them, but they deserve to win.
      Jordon is not dumb, she just needs some more education, which is why she wants
      to win to pay for school.
      Perhaps you could go to school to learn to spell and be nice to people.

      1. Yes this is a game, you have to actually play it to win, natalie played it like it or not she puppeted everyone in her alliance which is a form of playing and it got her to final 3. Kevin should win voting for Jordan would ruin the element of big brother which is about gameplay.

      2. Thank goodness!! Finally someone with common sense! Thanks for putting it so well Casey. I wish pple will just move on and allow the non “leiers” to watch the game without having to deal with their short-sightedness. Anyone in the final three deserves to win-regardless of wtever they did or lack thereof to get there. It’s a game!!!.

      3. Just b/c they are in F3 doesn’t mean they deserve to win. Jordan was carried there by everyone else because she is a nice but weak person who they all think they can beat her in F2, and they will. Whether Nat or Kevin win HOH, either of them will stab the other and take Jordan. I thought Jordan wanted to win b/c her family lost their home and she wanted to help out? She already tried the school route and just couldn’t do it. I think she did cause some others to get evicted, but it wasn’t game play, it was accidental because she has diarrhea of the mouth.

      4. She’s there for 2 reasons. One, because Jeff got her there. If he didnt give the hoh to her she would have never won a competition and she did not make any game plays, she did what Jeff told her to do. So shes there because he was good, not by herself. Two, because everyone just kept her because she cant win competitions by herself. Brings it right back to when she did win, she asked Jeff to throw it and he did. So nope she doesnt deserve it but shes going to the final 2 but there is no way she is going to win. I wouldnt be surprised if Jeff doesnt even vote for her only because he might actually know that it was Kevins best move to evict Jeff and give him the money too.

      5. Well said Casey…very well said. Gino dee-go back to school and while you’re there, try not to talk aight?!! Just shut up and learn. Capishe?????

      6. jordan hasnt done anything in this game! Even now she cant think for herself and goes by what Jeff told her before he left — and HE wasn’t a smart player in the game either. Jordan is dumb, she’s lucky that she’s dumb thats why both of them would win against her in the finals..and she’ll luck out and win 2nd – 50k

      7. are you kidding me??? only in YOUR world is jordumb a smart person. only compared to YOU is jordumb a smart person. lack of education has NOTHING to do with not being able to complete a sentence or train of thought. lack of education has NOTHING to do with being played like a fiddle left and right. lack of education has NOTHING to do with playing w/ your hair all day while all you talk about is poop, cookie dough, and bloody v jay jay’s.

      8. Jordan is dumb as dirt. Jeff was a little smarter (not by much, though), but he was thinking with his crotch when he listened to Jordan’s advice to ditch Russell. That decision screwed up their golden ticket to the final four. Jordan deserves squat! She can’t read a clock, she can’t think for herself (“Jeff told me to stick with Michelle, and so that is what I will do ….”). What a mindless woman! Natalie has played a shrewd game. She’s not lovable, but she has played the game well. She deserves to win, but she is so unlikeable, it is difficult for me to root for her. Hope Kevin wins the 1/2 million.

    2. Jordan is not dumb..she comes from a different part of the country and people just talk differently…yes she probably has lived a shelterd life. Someone her age living in LA or NY or some other big city would be more worldly. Stop putting her down…she is a sweetheart compared to Natalie.

    1. I totally agree ith you , let Kevin kick out Nat-a-Liar let her be gone, I pray that Jordan can manage to win the next round.

    2. thats my hope!!! and then the jury votes for jordan or its a tie and america votes for her to win. keving can get the 50,000, but ecveryone can tell him what a vicious spiteful fag he is (and I’m a fag so you better not censor this shit! CENSORSHIP IS UNAMERICAN!!!)

  28. the way it is, kevin deserves to win, nat deserves second, and jordo…she can go to hawaii with jeff because shes kind of useless right now

  29. Kevin Wins Round 1…can Jordan pull off round 2 and take Natalie’s ego down a notch or two? Please let Jordan win something on her own…maybe the thought of frozen cookie dough in the HOH room will get her competitive juices flowing.

    1. that bitch jordumb could only win a cookie dough eating competition….or who gets the most questions wrong competition…she is a waste of oxegen….she is braindead….lmao…

          1. Hey “gino dee”- do us a huge favor will ya? SHUT THAT HOLE TRAP YOU CALL A MOUTH ALREADY!!!!! {in this case, since we all know you’re brain dead, stop with ur bottomless stupidity…stop typing. You’re reeeeeaaaaaally ANNOYING.

            And you need to go back to school as well. The last three players deserve to be there-that’s why they’re the LAST THREE. Now, go outside and play like ur 3 year old mates r doing {that’s even an insult to the 3yr olds-sorry y’all}. Feel me???!!!!!!! “ginodee the pig”.

          2. Well said. She is definitely all those things and more. I can’t even put into words how horrible she is. And you’re right, at least Jordan has a good heart, and I know a good heart isn’t what wins you the cash in the end, but I’d much rather see her there then Natalie. And about her BF, that was a SAD excuse for what should have been a happy reunion. She didn’t even kiss him….

          3. Exactly. More people need to see people for who they are and realize that being smart or educated isnt everything., I would much rather be surrounded by stupid nice, good people than “smart” ass holes. There are soooo many people in this world who are not very smart but we all deserve the same and respected as human beings. I work with challenged kids and they are the sweetest kids compared to some of the spoiled brats Natalie is a horrible person. Did anyone else even notice that she wasnt even excited about being proposed to? She sure didnt act the way most women do on one of the best days of their lives.

      1. Not true, Jordan was in the HOH competition with the questions up to the end, long enough to force a three-way tie with Michelle and Nataliar. Although how they could not realize that Lydia was too weak of a person to stand her ground, even against a pea-brained dunderhead like Jessie is beyond me.

        Also, the competition she won HOH, Jeff did not completely “give it to her”, she hung in there long enough to make it to the final two competitors and then Jeff refused to compete, she still might have won on her own…

        Finally, Jordan is not a completely weak or useless person, she just came to rely on Jeff too much and then when that support was gone she crumbled.

      2. Your such as Dumbass yourself you obviously like manipulative liars to win. So what Jordo is down to earth. Besides Kev is prob going to Ditch nataliar… anyway.

      3. Wow…all this crap everyone is talking is REALLYYY pertinent to whats going on. She’s fat! He’s ugly, she stinks!! You all sound like a bunch of 1st graders. Puhlease.

  30. I really hope this season doen’t end with a whimper. It’s really starting to appear that way with Jordan losing round 1 and the other two making a life vow to each other. Hopefully there are some more surprises planned. Egh.


    1. She was treated badly, but she also backstabbed Chima and Russell. In fact, that’s part of the reason the Final Four fell apart because of her lies.


      2. 1. Michelle defended herself from the threat of Chima. 2. She trusted Russell to keep a confidence. He (selfishly and not thinking) betrayed her confidence (paranoia before loyalty) and outed her. She had no choice but to deny what he said.

        1. Yep, Russell screwed that up when he confronted Michelle in front of Chima when they (Russell and Michelle) supposedly had an alliance. That was one of the huge pivotal mistakes made in the game. If Michelle, Russell, Jeff & Jordan could have just stuck together and trusted each other, there would be a whole different scenario going down right now in final 3. At this point, I am pulling for Kevin to win. As long as Pig Pen is not final 2, I’ll be happy. I really hope Kevin screws her. She deserves it.

      3. So right Mr. E!

        Michelle was a victim of her own sins. She had a chance to stand up for Russell, but decided to say “Well Russell, we talked about a lot of stuff down there”, instead of just denying her and Russell had an alliance end of story. The way she acted is why Jeff believed Nat and Kev over Russell. Running her ass up to the HoH room to see Jeff sleep or whatever, instead of making sure her and Russell were safe.


      1. If it’s that bad, why don’t you just quit watching and commenting and go read a book. I’d suggest one on either grammar or anger management. (Psstt….simon, is there any way you can just filter out posts that launch into all caps? I don’t know if anyone reads them at that point anyhow. Yeah, I know, just wishful thinking.)

      2. The problem is all the strongest males couldn’t stick together till the end. Jeff paired himself with Jordan, and that was helpful early on, but became his downfall. She is weak, so he had to win for both of them, and to top that off, she is the one who talked him into backstabbing Russell. That was the turning point of the game. Jeff needed to keep an alliance with Russ or Michele over Jordan, because HOH cannot win the next week, so you have to rely on your partner – which Jeff could not do. No one wins this game without having someone else in the house help you – Michele showed it could almost be possible, but even she couldn’t pull it off. Jordan is sweet, but Jeff should have had a strong alliance with a stronger player (and kept it). His mistake cost him $500k.

      3. I thought the object of this game was to win $500 K!? The weakest players are no threat, so duh…. the strongest ones get voted out first! Therefore the final three!!!!!!!

    3. u know michele had a voice. she could have played a better game and she didnt. she let everyone walk all over her. ur going to feel sorry for her cuz she didnt campaign like she should have. her and jordan didnt know how to keep their mouth shut when they should have and when they needed to say something or do something they didnt. so i dont agree with u. only one who screwed her was herself. if i was in that house i would play 24/7. it wasnt a vacation. everyone should have played a better game. so quit ur boohooing. suck it up and remember if ur walk into BB wanting to play…PLAY. dont bitch and moan cuz u hate the players. everyone had their chance. and if they let it slip through their fingers thats on them.

    4. I voted for Mich. How sad was it when she was talking about being picked on even in school with Julie. I admired her through out the game always being polite and grace even when she was being called a devil. I couldn’t have done it.

    5. Already have, I noticed the only person with fewer votes than Natalie is Ronnie, but Chimo comes in at a loser 3. Michelle already has more votes than the three of them put together.

    1. I think the biggest downfall to this season was bringing Jessie back. Big Brother should have just stuck with the original HG’s.

      1. The biggest downfall was the twist hype. I’m still wondering what was so twistee about unlocking Kel and offer HOH (who is safe) a visit from BF if they give up POV. Gets some creative people in production pleaaassse

  32. I just read this on line at this site (

    “According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show.

    That would mean the final evictee won’t have much sway over the jury. And that all three houseguests will be staying with each other longer than they expected.

    It also means Tuesday’s finale promises to be must-see for fans, since it’ll be the only way to find out who wins the final HOH– and if Jordan will stay alive.

    Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour”

    1. If thats the case… then everything changes…. hold on, did this so called mastermind give up her Final 2 deal secret to Jordan now?? “If Michelle was here, id still be on the log” and then quickly changes subjects w Jordan…. If Jordan was a half way decent competitor, she’d try her her ass off to win the next 2 n foil their plan…. back to Finale spoilers, if the 3rd wheel has no say in Jury vote(prob cuz of Chima, thx bum) then Kevin is in trouble… he’ll only have Michelle and Lydia’s vote vs Nat and Jordan will only have 2 as well vs Nat. Oh great I ain’t watching the Finale then…. Worst BB Season EVER

  33. look…as much as i despise nat she played the game before she even entered the house. her tactics may not sit well with everyone but she played 24/7. jeff and jordan could have played the game better if they thought about more then cuddling and cookie dough. russell got way too caught up with chima and that stupid drama. lydia didnt do much of nothing but look like the class clown. and give hand jobs to jessie. michele and jordan were too stupid to figure out they were being played. they were too stupid to figure out nats lies. come on BB wouldnt buy a 18 yr old alcohol. and if they figured anything out they didnt have the balls to stand up to her or kevin.jordan does not deserve to win. i like her im not hating on her she didnt play the game well. come on ppl as much as i hate to say this but nat played the game from start to finish. knife to the back or not if she wins she deserves it. everyone had their chance. and they let 500k slip through their fingers. even jordan wanted to walk away and give it to jeff. she wanted to give up then. she sure as hell dont deserve it. and kevin deserves his share too. im not gunna hate on them anymore. its time to except that they played the game. u can stomp ur feet and pitch a fit but bottom line everyone had a chance.

    1. I disagree. IMO Nat played “ride the coattails” till the end. Floating along on other people’s efforts. . . I wouldn’t vote for her to win a wet dishrag (which she wouldn’t know what to do with anyway!).

  34. On Tuesday’s show I had to crack up when Kevin was trying to get Nat to promise him that she will take him to the final 2 and at the end she said “I will swear on my engagement”, and Kevin was all “riiiiiight” because she has lied so much no one believes her! Man she is so dumb about saying she had some power. Even if Kevin did want to be loyal and take her to the final 2 now he will think that bisnitch has some power.


    As much as I do like Jordough I do think she is one of the worst BB players ever :(

  35. I’m so sick of hearing Jordough’s mouth running after a comp, trashing Michele again while she’s not there. Jordan has no class about her at all. Michele for the $25,000

    1. She can still win. If the next comp is a memory test, Nat and Jordan both won one of those. It’s fair game. And, who knows, she might still be picked by one of the other two to go to the final because the houseguests feel the same about her as you do. I think it would be awesome if the season ended with her winning the big prize. At least that would be a nice last surprise (and she’d suddenly have an internet full of people that “supported her the whole time” just like Michelle gained after it looked like she could take it last week). She definitely has more of a chance than Michelle does. What the f[FISHTANK]k happened to rooting for the underdog, anyhow?

  36. Nat does not deserve anything. She is so full of herself and I hope this will be her downfall. Nat cannot win, she is such a rude, crude and nasty thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish she would just shut up also, she is so very irritating.

  37. Oh, please, let us see the others review the tapes and see how they got got! Even Jordon who is now attacking Michelle and how Jordon still thinks she was smart to talk Jeff into getting rid of Russell. She needs to see how the two she is now with are playing her and how she just got set up again. Would be the best show of the season. Okay, she may still be able to pull it off. But, her seeing how she got there and why would be a hoot!

      1. I thought the same thing when I was reading it – Jordan is too dumb to see the error of her ways!!!!! She will never get it, but they say ignorance is bliss, so she should be a really happy person.

  38. Simon, if you are still up-could you explain how the rest of the game goes?
    I know Kevin assured his place on phase 3. Do Natalie and Jordo play the second round and then Kevin chooses who he wants to go to final two with him? If that’s the case then what’s the point of the second round winner?
    Thanks Simon-or anyone else who might know.

    1. winner of the 2nd comp tomorrow will face off with Kel and the winner of that one will pick who they want at their side for jury votes. Who every lose tomorrow will not get to comp for HOH.

    2. whoever wins the second round then plays against kevin in the third round for HOH. whoever wins the third round (either Kevin or one of the girls) gets to pick the final evictee.

    3. JJnomore I guess if you had to compare yourself to someone curretly in the BB house now you would be Jordan…not to bright are ya?

  39. kevin won because he promised nat it would be them two in the final two…so she dropped when jordan was in the house and didnt see. Now we see if he gets rid of nat because he knows he wont win against her when it comes to the jury voting……natalie is the worlds biggest asshole…she didnt shut her mouth saying you guys can drop now if u want, nothing to be ashamed of, yada yada yada….I just love how she keeps saying she is gonna win a competition or veto and she hasnt won shit….she lucked out winning HOH by a hair, she wasnt running away with the competition…Would you believe she even had Mentos candy up there with her during the competition! Chomping away as usual…..PLEASE kevin, boot her ass out!!!!

    1. Nat cheated. She had her hand on the rope, not the key for quite a while. Also, Kevin could see the gears on the log and could tell when they were changing. Poor Jorfan was stuck smack dab in the middle with the heaviest concentration of rain and snow. It monsooned on her compared to the others.
      Both would be a fool not to take Jordan to finale 2. I’d rather see Kevin win compared to Natalie. I’d rather see no one win compared to Natalie.

      1. It does seem as if it were set up for Kevin or Pigpen to win. With Kevin having an advantage in the POV and now this, maybe he is who CBS wants to win. Pigpen second?

  40. Let’s go back to the first couple of episodes of this season. Did Natalie ever pray before she ate????? Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Just did it when she saw Jessie do it. POSER

  41. I’m sorry to say it because I really like Jordon but she really doesn’t deserve to win a thing. She is too nice but oh soooo dense as in cookie dough. Jeff was the only reason she lasted as long as she did. I cannot stand either Natalie or Kevin. They are both so mean spirited, way beyond what the game calls for. It makes me sick to hear the names they called Jeff behind his back. They are the 2 worst final contestants BB has ever had. I haven’t even watched Showtime since Jeff left.

    1. Well, as far as that goes, NastaLIE and Kev wouldn’t be there either if it wasn’t for Jeff … (as bad as I hate to admit it- because up until voting out Russ and leaving their lame butts in the house, K and N had no hope), so they are all in the same boat. I know Jeff wasn’t aware of all the things we are, and I can’t say anyone else would have done things differently if in his shoes/and with his limited knowledge, but the truth is, his choices left K & N there to take a free ride, and now we are stuck with them. GO JORDON, out of all of them, I am still pulling for her, and just because there is NO other choice in my opinion, Kev ftw if Jordon loses. I hope Kev goes with Jordon. I can’t stand the thought of Nat winning anything.

      1. Exactly. Jeff saved both of them, too. And before that, Natlie and Kevin laid low and let Jessie and Chima do all the planning. You can’t say that Jordan played the game any more by relying on the action of others. Besides, did I miss something, or was this not still Big Brother, a game where the point is to make it to the end by using the relations that you have in the House to your advantage. Just because the three left weren’t big competition winners or the most popular or the most ballsy doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be there. At worst, it means a boring ending to a season.

      2. I agree… I know when Jeff watches the show once he is back in the real world, he will realize what a BIG strategic mistake it was to vote Russell out. Russ was a d’bag for sure, but I think he would have stayed true to the final-4 deal. Kevin and nappy, bug-eyed Natalie had no hope, no chance until paranoia got to Jeff. If you, or I, ever get the chance to play BB, remember these three rules: 1. Never give up the numbers; 2. Never give up the numbers; 3. Never give up the numbers…

      3. Exactly!!! The only thing that could save the season is if Jordan actually wins the whole thing. Kev and Pigpen would be in a state of shock.

  42. And, the night ends with Jordon telling Natalie that she is so happy that she got to know her because she really likes her. Oh, sweetie, Natalie is so glad she got to know you because she really likes that she could play you like a fiddle. I am sorry, Jordon fans, I like the girl but she got so HAD! Now, she was not the only one. PLEASE let us see all of the others sit down and watch the videos of BBAD so we can see their faces when they see how it went down behind their backs! Good night and see you all tomorrow!

    1. Good point, Granny. Jordan’s been had. So has MIchelle. So has Jeff (did you see him when Kevin put him up?). So has Russell (big time). So has everyone. Natalie tricked everyone, too (e.g., the age thing had a lot of jaws dropping). You have to give her credit. The girl can lie. Jordan says some uninformed things, it’s true. That’s another thing that has happened to everyone (and not just in the House). We all sound dumb when we ask questions about things most other people know, but it’s only those that don’t ask questions that are truly stupid. Michelle, considered the brainiest person in the house, said a lot of silly things, too. Yet, no one called her stupid (except Natalie). Chima was considerably ignorant about some things. She was another “Brain.” Anyhow, you can either judge people on what they know or their drive to find things out—and as Socrates himself said, “All I know is that I know nothing.” And he was no dummy.

    2. Good morning BBGrandma. I was having log dreams all night. I’m surprised that Jordon lasted as long as she did last night. I’m impressed. When I was practising in hopes of Survivor I would do crazy things for fun and to see how long I could last and standing on something small with my hands holding on to something hanging or sometimes nothing at all is very hard to do. She did a very good job lasting that long.

    3. And you don’t think Natalie is PLAYING them? She has said on the air that she knows Natalie lies. She’s got no choice BUT to buddy up. THAT IS the strategy.

      1. No, Amy, she had choices. She made bad ones. She may know that Natalie is lying but her choices are not wise ones in protecting herself. I don’t give her that much credit on geting it all. I am sorry because I know you like her. I am not against her and I am not for any of the others.

  43. producers interview: One thing Grodner won’t comment on: Insider reports that producers have decided to shake up the structure of the final days of the game.
    According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show.
    That would mean the final evictee won’t have much sway over the jury. And that all three houseguests will be staying with each other longer than they expected.
    It also means Tuesday’s finale promises to be must-see for fans, since it’ll be the only way to find out who wins the final HOH– and if Jordan will stay alive.
    Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour.
    Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: “Tune in Thursday,” she said

    1. Grodner is just desperate to get more viewers – forget it! I was suckered into watching Sunday and last night thinking something exciting might have happened, but they “got” me – I won’t be stupid 3 times, or I’ll feel as stupid as the remaining HGs. No matter how you edit the show, Nasty is still the most disgusting HG ever, and there is no way to make her look decent. NO thank you, but I will not “tune in” again. I’ll read this site, and if Nasty goes away is the only way I would watch the finale, and that won’t happen.

  44. Unbelievable!! Even now, Jordan is still campaigning for someone to “carry” her to the end. She does nothing but talk smack about former allies after they leave the house and cozy up to whomever will listen to her endless, rambling, boring narrations. If Jordan were telling the story of how 12 people died in an earthquake, her focus would be on a piece of ceiling tile that cracked. Jeez!! What kind of strategy is it to trash people after they get evicted? She is the picture of wasted opportunities. So Michelle gets nervous when she gives a speech. Who is Jordan to mock her, or anybody?

    She has to know that the only way she is going to the final two is if she stops relying on other people. Because of antipathy toward PP and Kev, I think some almost hoped Jordan would step up her game and even be in the driver’s seat. Now it is looking more and more like Kev and PP will stick together and Jordan won’t know what hit.

    1. It’s called a contingency plan. I’m sure she’ll try to win, still, but in the case that she doesn’t, her only option is to rely on one of the others to take her with her. Natalie did the same thing when she made the deal. At least Jordan tries. How many competitions has Natalie given up in? And as for bashing MIchelle. Everyone knows that Natalie thinks Michelle’s a crazy hateful bitch. If you want to get in tight with someone, one of the easiest ways to show you are on their side is to trash their enemy. I think the girl’s doing the best she can with the options she has.

    2. this season is a joke, i wouldn t give the money to any of the three left, they all road on the backs of jeff and jessie. as far as the homo goes, they should just give him a trip to san fran or the keys,and split it with the real players!

  45. If Nasty Natalie wins BB I will stab myself in the eye with a fork!! She disgusts me. I was rooting for Jeff and I do agree that he made some very poor choices. The biggest problem is that he did not know what the viewers at home knew and that was that Kevin & Nasty lied through their teeth to him. He had to pick someone to believe……either Russell or the goof troop (Kevin & Nasty). Unfortunatly he picked the biggest liars in the house. I also thing that he thought he would be a hero by backdooring Russell because of all of the fights that he picked in the house. I very well may have done the same thing if I was in his shoes with the limited information that he had. Its easy to sit at home and decide what the best move is for the players……but we get to see both sides. I am sure he will be kicking himself for a very long time once the show is over and he gets to see the entire thing. I think its hard when everyone is a liar……its just who is lying the least to you. Hopefully some miracle will happen and Jordan will win the HOH. I dont care to see her win the entire thing but she is the lesser of the evils left in the house. And Jeff will get my vote for the 25,000. He did make the most major moves in the game and took out the biggest players and there is something to be said for that.

  46. i disagree with the hole deal on saying jeff carried jorden i do agree she didnt win anything but her being there is because of the other house guest always waiting to get her out because she is not a threat so her being dumb actually advanced her in the game

  47. I agree that the strongest players don’t seem to get as far in this game as they should. BB and CBS really should shake up how this game is played to try and get some fair competition going. I really hate when people who floated through the beginning portion of the game advance a lot further than they should. I also hate it when people make deals in endurance comps to “drop and you are safe”. Ugh. I’d really like to see people PLAY! On their own. Maybe CBS/BB should not allow this. Make the HGs compete. This is such a weak F3.

    1. The part that bothers me is when the HOH says, “I am HOH and you have to vote like I want you to.” They should go back to letting America vote. One vote per internet or phone.
      Then it would be fair. Nasty would be gone…..long ago.

  48. Kevin the queer CHEATED!!!!!!!! He stood sideways and was looking the gear the whole time. I cant believe why he didn’t get any warning. The fag doesn’t deserve to win. I am gay myself and I hate this cheating FAG! He’s bullshit!!

    1. niether needs to win, that trick and fag need to be cast aside, and they need to split the money with the ones who really played, this season is a joke,bb get real and do sum fix n ore u guys will ber just another reality show.

  49. Possible final 2 outcomes *(swing votes based on final eviction grudges) :

    Kevin vs Jordan : Jordan wins

    Kevin – Lydia, Russell
    Jordan – Jeff, Michelle, Jessie, Natalie*(swing vote), America’s vote breaks tie

    Kevin vs Natalie : Kevin wins

    Kevin – Lydia, Russell, Michelle, America’s vote breaks tie
    Natalie – Jeff, Jordan*(swing vote), Jessie

    Natalie vs Jordan : Nat wins if Jordan evicts Kevin; Jordan wins if Nat evicts Kevin

    Natalie – Jessie, Russell, Lydia, Kevin*(swing vote)
    Jordan – Jeff, Michelle, America’s vote breaks tie

  50. What the eff is it with nappy, bug-eyed Natalie and those googly-eyes! Her bf “seemed”, normal, how can he stand that? Add into that her droning, monotone, irritating voice… oy vey… she is a train wreck of epic proportions.

  51. Kevin should pick Jordan over Natalie for the final two, putting Natalie out. Jordan doesn’t necesarily deserve 2nd place but it beats the alternative! Michelle was treated badly, but a few days in the jury house talking Natalie down could also put Natalie out of 1st.

  52. At this point I don’t care who wins–As long as it’s not Nat! Kevin has actually really started working hard & stepping up his game, he probably deserves to win at this point. Jordan is probably the one who needs the money the most, her family lost their home, she is just a waitress, etc… Nat doesn’t really have any likeable qualities at all…I hope Kevin will break his promise to her and remember that she lied to him about Pandora’s box!

  53. Joy,,,JOY,,,JOY, if ya,all can believe what Allison Grodner says ,,,,ya,all must be GOD now. That woman has kissed Natalie,s a**, from the get-go & she is in LOVE with her,,,can,t ya tell ? When that B****, brought the drinks out for her & Gay-Gay, was wrong & sick. She has had no bring-up-in-life & very street smart. She has even said she stole from her ( Oh, famous job that pays big bucks ) It makes me sick to see a life so wasted & her life sure is,,& shame on Allison G. She is just as bad to let Kevin & Natalie do things nobody in B.B history has, without being told by Allison, so why now ? I,ll never watch again, I,ll watch Nancy Grace, at least she cares about people !!!

  54. There’s a pic on Nat on hamsterwatch with her hand on the chian and only her pinkie resting on top of the key. Wonder how strict that rule about holding your key is? To see it you have to go to Producers rating section and click on “this incident”. May get moved somewhere else when updated.


  56. i’m done…this season has really ended up to be a disappointment…i can’t believe all hope lies with jordon…i agree with many of you…i like her as a person, but she isn’t capable of winning ANYTHING…not even sure i’ll be watching any more….

  57. lazy ass gnasty told kevin that she would drop during endurance because she knows she can outdo everyone in the mental competition…..she’s a lazy ass and if anyone got carried it was her…..she’s made a deal with jordough and kevsnitch to take her to the end….smart play i guess i just dread the next few days of her going on and on and on and on and on about how she could have stayed longer in the endurance……good for kevin for hanging in there but hopefully he was paying attention when she swore on her “engagement” FAKE FAKE FAKE

  58. Jeff for the $25,000. He worked hard, and earned it.
    Jesse—-why did they bring him back just to be a loser again?
    Can’t stand Nat or Kev. I’d want even airhead Jordumb to win the 1/2 mil over them.

  59. I guess at this rate Kevin does deserve to win, my GOD that Jordon is dumb. I was hoping that it was part of her game to play the dumb blonde but nope she really is an idiot. She does not deserve to get nothing, at least Natalie did win the HOH.

  60. They promised that Pandora?s Box would have repercussions. Possibly change the game. How lame!! Pandora?s Box had no repercussions for Pigpen. She was going to final 3 no matter what. What a lame twist ( no twist). Big Brother producers have no imagination. Same games each year, pathetic! How can we respect the show, when they promise game changing events and NOTHING HAPPENS! It is true that you have to lie in this game to win. but I did not know it would come from the producers. Get it together Big Brother. The public will not put up with your crap! Make the game interesting again.

  61. Ohhhhh GAWD!!! Please let Kevin come to his senses and boot PP! Jordan may not win the big prize but she’ll at least get some money to help out her family.

    Maybe if I light a candle, Jordo will win the other two challenges…

    And YES, WE ALL KNOW Jeff should have won. I won’t listen to any nay sayers.


  62. Well, with michele gone, this show is over for me. The only redeeming event of the last episode was the grace Michele displayed when evicted. Natalie was true to her class, and sadly Kevin followed her lead. Not surprisingly Jordan was not a factor in anything. Thank you Jeff for making it all happen.

  63. I love Jordan, but she really can’t do shit. I still kind of want her to win lol. Kevin played a meh game I think. I’m very surprised he’s still even here. He made good moves though not going to lie. But i wish Jeff stayed, but he’s dumb for breaking his original final 4 deal. And I swear if Natalie, who I think is the dumbest creature in the house, I will cry. The moment she won HOH, she’s like “I can finally stop acting like a weak player”…. Uhhh no you just got lucky dip shit.

  64. Out of the three girls left, I definitely want Jordon to win just to see her boobies bounce up and down during her victory dance. Maybe when they’re bouncing she get smacked in the face and get knocked out on national TV. Now that’s great reality TV.

  65. Can smone tell this character in the name of “Gino dee” to SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY??!!!!! Again, your stupidity is so bottomless and it’s now considered dangerous to read ’em!. So do us a favor will ya-go play with some toilet paper or smthing-or better yet, stuff it down ur throat.

    Big ups to Simon and Dawg.

  66. Kevin should not have won last night, he wasn’t facing the pool most of the time!!! This is the 2nd time BB has given him a pass on comps. First the POV when he saw the questions ahead of time and again in this HOH allowing him to balance sideways rather than straight on. Neither of these 3 deserve it, what a bust.

  67. This really was by far the worse most dispicable season of BB yet. I LOVE this show from season 1, but this year was played horribly.

  68. Dam Nat, do you really think Kevin is taking you to the final 2? You let me down girlfriend; you should have left nothing to chance and stayed on the got darn log! Kevin couldn’t have promised me the world at that point, for me to step off that log. After all…it’s for $500,000!

    Nat, you got got! Fck!

    You let the few of us down, who actually stood in your corner. You better win the last two events, or else! I sure hope CBS is editing out Kevin saying he would definitely take you with him, because they are only showing him wanting to ditch you when the time is right. And got darn it Nat, the time would be right if he wins one more competition.

    I won’t turn on you Nat, but I hope you know something I don’t. Looking at this from the outside, it’s not looking good for you right now.

    Nat FTW! :((

  69. I still love Jeff but I have always like Kevin too. He cracks me up. My hopes were Jeff and Jordan at the end, but now I want to see Kevin and Jordan. Either of them win and it will be good for me. I think Kevin could beat Jordan- but not Gnat. I hope she is out!

  70. Even if Jordon is a lousy player, she sure is a cute little ditz ? Natalie, while being a way to scheming bytch, is a pretty good player/manipulator ? and Kevin is a first class floater, doing only the minimal amount of play to get by. His only move during the whole 60+ says was to get Jeff to believe Russell was going to betray their alliance ? which old Jeff was more than half way to believing even before Kev opened his mouth. The show needs a major tune-up ? better casting and production, with significant twists, not those lame Pandora?s Box, ?hey, we had to come up with something? twists they throw in now?

  71. While I initially thought Kevin’s getting rid of Michelle was a completely stupid move on his part, I really think he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I really dont think he can win, and I dont think he could win if he had kept Michelle. Look at the votes:

    Kev vs. Nat: – Nat gets Jesse, Jordan, Jeff, and probably at least Russell. Most likely
    Michelle. Kev gets Lydia and would definitely get America’s vote over Nat

    Kev vs Jordough – Jordough gets Jeff, Russell, Michelle, and Nat (Kev would have screwed her over) and likely America’s and Jesse’s votes. Kev gets Lydia.

    Kev vs Michelle – Michelle gets Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Nat. Most likely she would also get America’s and Jesse’s votes as well. Kev gets Lydia.

    It’s sad that his best bet actually is against Natalie. Jordan and Jeff may grow a brain to share between them and realize the snake Nat has been. At least there is that hope.

  72. I just don’t understand what happened with Pandoras box. They said that it will afffect the game and that the Jury is packign the punch. Beleive me I am not saying this cause I wanted Jeff to come back or Michelle to stay but I thought somehting would happen. Just to spice it up, Anything. Why would they false advertise what was going to happen? Does anyone have any info?

  73. Watch dumb as Jordough make it to the final 2, and then announces she is giving her prize money to Jeff because he deserves it more. Jordough was in the house just to be doing something, not to play the game at all. As long as she could eat up everything or empty whatever there was to drink, she was ok. No freaking wonder she lives with her mom, that girl can’t think on her own at all. She really is a puppet, and needs to be used.

    I?m just pissed right now!

    No hard feelings for you Jordumb, do what you do. If you win, then so be it. Buy you and your mom a house, and get as big as you wanna be, laterz!

  74. This season blows, we’ve got the dumb jordan being the only one left, Jeff like a moron turning on his own alliance and taking the word from people in the opposite alliance (dumbest BB move ever? I am really glad Jeff’s face was rubbed into the sh*t he created). The Chima part was entertaining (her getting the boot), but beyond that this season has absolutely been terrible. You’ve got Natalie who is made to feel intelligent, who is basically just as dumb as jordan (I couldn’t believe how stupid her “final two reversal” lie was), and the flamboyantly prissy Kevin

    1. Bingo!!! That why I’m voted for Russell. He would have never went for the crap they were selling. Jeff went for the bs, Jordan told Jeff that it was a great move without question, and Mechelle through him under the bus while they were all getting GOT!

  75. Jordan needs to go!!! She didn’t play ANY game!!! Why she came on the show for? Show her boobs?!?!? And she has the nerve to tell Kevin they played the same kind of game?!?! That girl hasn’t done ANYTHING!!! As much as I can’t stand Nat, at least she played the game, she play extra dirty but she play the BB game!! I want Kevin to win… And I’m fed up with people saying they going to vote for Jeff or Jordan to get the 25 000, are you kidding me?!?!? First of all, Jeff will have been evicted from week 1 if he wasn’t in the atletes clique, then he got the coup d’etat and got cocky,and then he lost his mind and listen to Jordan and break the final 4 deal with Michele & Russell….!!! Did you guys saw her in the veto competition?!?! Pathetic!!!!

  76. OK, I’ve been reading and now it’s time for my $.02. First off, this show just proves that most people would lie, cheat, and steal to get a half a million. The rest of us sit in judgment of the hg’s. Jeff played as honest a game as could be done, and when Russ talked of final 2 with Michelle, he did what any of us would do in that situation…….head it off at the pass. Kevin was funny for the most part, but got conniving and distrustful. People rag on Jordan because she’s ditzy and honest. When she said things about departed houseguests, she was doing it out of self preservation. As for Gnat…..OMG, what a skeez…….dirty, bad table manners, self important, and so on and so on. She feels supreme, when she was carried most of the way, but schemed to get most of the others out….I feel bad for her bf/fiance/pimp, whatever. She is total proof of greed corrupts. And I laugh my ass off every time she says the words truth and honesty. That, in the words of Kevin…..biznatch, is a lowlife, racist, trailer trash ho. Read her HOH blog and see how someone with a degree can’t spell worth a damn, and has all the grammar skills of a 2 year old…..sad sad year

  77. I hope they loud and clear that cookie dough is responsible for the final four fiasco. She DID mercilessly manipulate Jeff-day and night- to back door Russel. Anyone with live feeds can see that. The man couldn’t think , couldn’t breathe. She used the ultimate tool of ‘holding off on sex’ until she flt she had to give a little more to keep him interested in her whenever she felt he was getting tired and irritated that she was not capable of winning NOTHING!l She should be ashamed of herself that he openly and clearly threw the game for her to win HOH. Everybody saw that -he even asked her before he threw it-do you want this HOH-she said yes-it’s on tape folks. Then he did in a very obvious way-he wanted everyone to know he did. But, that wasn’t an unselfish act on his part. He knew he’d be the one controlling the game still. And he wanted to be eligible to win the next HOH.
    In any case she did not win that one. And, we all know that she cheated on the POV.
    She is in final 3 by default. Because everyone wants to take her to final two-not because she deserves it, but because she does not. They know that.

    Michelle is another bitch . She messed with everyone’s head with her big lies. Her tactic was to lie and plant the seed of doubt. She got what she deserved big time. Why???Because she was out of her league when it came to Kev and Nat. Her arrogant attitude thinking that her PHD, and her intelligence IQ would win her half a mil. It actually worked against her. Street smarts Vs. Book smarts. It gets you every time. I see this in my family and circle of friends.

    Kevin is now in a difficult situation. Until we see the jury house-we don’t know either how they would vote. I think Nasty’s lie about her age hurt her with the jury. No one will vote for cookie dough except for Jeff and if he doesn’t want to look even dumber he will use his head this time and keep his penis tucked in.

    My money is on Kevin. WHY???ONe reason only–He is the only one capable and with the smarts to make good use of the money. He will invest it well. For me game or no game is the most important thing. Half a million dollars in this economy won’t go far-unless it’s in the hands of someone smart. Kevin is smart.

    As for the other two losers –Jordan will get more plastic surgery-this time on her butt. And buy “gucci” stuff.
    And, Nasty will open a business to rip people off big time. She was already a con artist, but BB helped her to perfect the trade.
    I would feel such a waste of my time and energy if either nasty or dumbo won. 50 thou is already tooooooo much money for those losers.

    One more thing-Jeff was my favorite until he, as Jordo herself put it well-thought with his penis and not his head.
    Go Kevin. I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!

  78. All I can say is that I would hate to be Nat after this is over. Wow, she is probably the most hated player in reality TV. I feel sorry for her dad having to read all the negative comments about his daughter. I feel sorry for Jason having to come on national tv and get humilated with that proposal. Dude, she is not THAT into you!! That was very hard to watch. Did you see how jealous she was of Lydia for hooking up with Jessie? She acted like a two-year that didn’t get her way. The best thing for Jason is to move on and find someone else that is worthy for him b/c this makes him out to be very lame. The person I do not feel sorry for is Nat. Well, actually I do feel somewhat sorry for her … she needs help. I think if she does win this money maybe she can use it to move out of country and set up shop somewhere she is not so hated.

    I believe that how you act in real life is mirrored to how you play this game. She is really like this in real life and the only difference is 6.2 million people know it. OUCH!

  79. I hear people are saying that there will be still all three house guests in the house on the final show but that doesnt make sense seeing that america will be voting so how can america vote for the win when they dont now who the final two are.

  80. I can’t believe Nats boyfriend thinks nothing happened between her and Jessie. Did he NOT see the one when they was on the couch UNDER blankets together and I’m NOT talking him and wierd girl Ladia either him and Nat. Their heads you could see but nothing else who’s to say he wasn’t rubbing her leg or her to him. He isn’t gong to fall for someone if she doesn’t make him think he has a chance.

  81. haven’t watched since Nastalie won HOH. Quit my BBAD feed because I can’t stand to listen to her nasal voice. (eeeww)
    wont’ be watching any future episodes either. who cares at this point.
    still hoping Nastalie doesn’t win, but there’s nothing CBS can do now to make me want to watch.
    boring and disgusting.

  82. natalie is a dirty tampon– ok that makes me feel better. how did the worst players make it to the end?? next season they need to change it up a bit and have a few more rules. it is a popularity contest, not a game. you should be punished for not winning. i dont think i will watch any more BB’s. This is all silly.

  83. Poor Jordan doesn’t stand a chance in part 2. She already claimed (and proven) that she not good at the timed comps. Part 2 has been a puzzle of some kind or knock-out (bb10) of HOH order and sometimes people on the block, too. Sad to say, but this is right up Gnat’s (back)alley. Gnat will know the beginning ones better than Jordo because she was part of that alliance. Jordo’s only hope is that f2 K/N will choose to take her instead of each other. Actually, Kevin wouldn’t be a bad off as he thinks against Gnat IF the JH stays mad at Gnat for all the lying, and her coat-tail game play.

  84. well the wish for an all girl final three has come true ..Unfortunately Kevin has turned into PP`s bitch..I was so hoping that pp would only walk out of that house with that ridiculous twisty tie ring .Now we can only hope that amiracle will happen kevin growing a pair of balls and Jordumb getting struck with a lightning bolt of intelligence and send that disgusting ,nose picking,bathing challenged sorry excuse of a woman packing..and will someone please remove the tampon out of her ass and put it where it belongs in her mouth

    1. I know what you mean, I wanted to mute the TV last night – I cannot stand the way she talks….I honestly don’t know what it is, but it is like one of those voices that could cause seizures….because I was on the verge of having one last night.

      I didn’t want to see Jordan go, but I think Kevin “really” made a BIG mistake by taking out Michelle.

  85. Is there anything else you people can say about Jordan???? Hello its getting old…”Jordan would win if there was cookie dough” Come on people if your going to make fun of people come up with something new..instead of the same old lines. WE GET IT! Jordan LOVES cookie dough!! Wow! Good Job you all came up with the same put downs as everyone else!!!

  86. Why is Jordough bashing Michelle? Who does she think she is. Dumb Jordough. Yes, Michelle is right, it was a super dumb move to get Russell out when they did. I guess Jeff and Jordough are ment to be. Dumb cute couple.

  87. I agree 100%. I hate natalie and kevin sucks too. jordan doesn’t deserve it. JEFF is the only nice and good player and michelle after him. the others are all …..

    1. how quickly people forget.
      Jeff was not this all mighty great guy you all make him out to be.
      1) he backstabbed Russell
      2) he talked about the other house geusts behind their backs calling them losers and douchebags “at least Russell did his bashing to your face”
      3) he didnt free Kev to be a stand up guy as so many claim, he only searched for the key when lied to and told it was needed to keep the cash
      4) when Jeff found the key he hid it “remember at thsi point he didnt even know kev was locked up only that kev yelled to him they needed the key for the cash” and went for more money, he freed kev when nat came for him and the key.
      5) he had no problem letting the hoh powers give him the sense of “everyone must do as i say ego” with his anger when people didnt vote his way.

      say what you want about Jessie but he played the game cleaner than Jeff. He was in power and made his moves. He knew he was in trouble the week of the cdt and warned his teammates. He didnt mope and get angry. When it happened he congratulated Jeff on making the best move of the game. Was he a meathead? yes, but he was a lot cleaner player than Jeff, he just did not have the looks of Jeff.

  88. Kevin is sitting pretty. If he wins part 3, he will pick Jordough. If Gnat wins, she will pick Kevin. If Jordough wins, she will pick Kevin. I think Kevin will win, and he is going to get $500K and Jordough $50K. No matter what, Kevin will not lose his condo and he will be able to afford to fly to a state that allows same sex marriage and tie the knot to make his dream complete. The best part about this story is that he screws Gnat and she gets nothing in the end. Bwahahahahaha

    1. You are so right! The ONLY reason I’m still watching this crap is to see that Gnat doesn’t get a dime. Ha! No prizes either!!! Just what fell from the sky. I soooo wanted her to fall off that log and break her nose and a couple of teeth on the way down.

      1. and you say they are foul people for playing a game in a cut throat manner, I never heard them wish injuries on one another. Pot, kettle, kettle, pot?

        1. Gnat threatened to punch and/or knock out Coo Coo during a POV and then she threatened to stab Kevin in the eye with her engagement twistie tie and kick the shit out of him if he didn’t vote out Coo Coo. Kettle, meet pot.

  89. I hope Kevin wins this game. If I were Nat’s boyfriend, I would definately have second thoughts of marrying someone like her. What a selfish, negative, stupid, liar, idiot Natalie is, and she better learn to walk like a women, not like a man with a stick up her ass.
    Vote for Michelle to win the 25k!

  90. Someone please let me know what is going on! I see Kevin WON 1/3. But in the pictures of the Houseguests Natalie has HOH on her! Did they finish all three and NOW Natalie is HOH again???
    I don’t think she should have been able to play for this HOH. Not fair!
    Someone please let me know what is going on… What is happening right now!

  91. Neither Jordan OR Natalie deserve to win. The are both leeches. Jordan would NEVER have made it this far (maybe 3rd round tops) without Jeff carrying her big arse. I guess the dumb blonde thing works for her in the outside world but in big brother you have to win something every once and awhile. And PP is just plain repulsive. What the heck is up with the goofy eyes when she talks? Hopefully next BB will be better. I have watched this one on and off but, its not that good .


    1. how, he was on the fast track out the door prior to getting the cdt handed to him for doing nothing, he had a 2 week reign after that and blew it costing his alliance the game. Think of it, he had a final 4 agreement in place with 3 people in the final 6, not we are at the final 3 and 2 of those left are the 2 not in the agreement. how bad is that that they out numbered nat and kev 4-2 and were wrecked.

  93. I like Jordan. I do, but she can not concentrate on anything other than what she can stick in her mouth. Its a shame, it would have been nice to see her win something. But you have to really want it. She doesn’t have any ambition, or drive.

  94. I hope Jordon can make it to the final two. So what she is not the smartest player. She is more entertaining than Kevin and Nat. She is the only reason I am still watching this train wreck.

  95. Seeing that all rhyme or reason has left the game, I think this would be the perfect opportunity to throw out all past conditions for winning the game. I read alot of Jordan slamming, why not let her win just on the basis that she is’nt a nasty piece of work like the other two? I did’nt like Natalie that much but thought she played the game as much as I understood it was played, her gratuitous nastiness to Michelle at the nomination ceremony was too distasteful though. I don’t think that the”boyfriend” situation is real either. I think it was just something that looked good on paper, part of getting on the show. I would be very suprised to learn otherwise. I go back and forth on Kevin, he is good television when he wants to be, but I hate those racing stripes on his head. Is it too much to ask that he have a little taste or style? I will say this for him though, he does’nt eat like a pig. After the Chima debacle, it was only good to watch because of Jeff. I mean I watched him pick all the meat out of some chinese food, eat some pizza, and was totally absorbed. Give him the 25G because without him they would’nt have had a show. I really felt badly for Michelle though when she said she had been bullied. I think that there are sometimes rare, gentle souls that beastly people can sniff out and snap at. She needs to learn that most of those folks from her past are either ashamed of what they did, or working at fast food joints. Rock that PHD! Anyway, Kevin is going to have a tough time with the jury house, but then so is Natalie. I think the initial age lie really put them out, but the guys don’t like Kevin. We know he has Lydia’s vote but that may change once Michelle hits the house. I think she will do some very subtle campaigning. After all, Jordan gave her a rather sweet going away speech.

    1. thats a good way to vote…. I also found Russell very entertaining….. but my vote went to michelle…. i think she is adorable with her nerdy self!

  96. All you idiots who keep saying bad things about Nat and her bf’s proposal have to realize she is a poker player. She keeps her poker face on at all times. Her grammar errors in her blog, her hygiene problem, her vulgar eating habits all stem from her schtick as an “18” yr old. GOd people do not understand the fine art of manipulation or psychology. She is the smartest player i have ever seen on any reality tv show. Watch her win this final HOH. the reason she didn’t win this first round of HOH comp is so she can give it to Kevin. The reason she stayed on for so long is so Jordan won’t give up so easily and get tired from the ordeal. Natalie is an athlete, she’s not even phased by that little log challenge. She will beat Jordan in the second round and then beat Kevin in the last round. Those are my assumptions.

    1. HA! I hope Kevin wins the 3rd and final competition and finds a way to MOP THE FLOOR with Natalie…

      I’d love nothing more than to see her put all her eggs in Kevin’s basket and then have him dump her!!

      GO K*E*V*I*N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Dear Rose (Natalie’s cousin apparently) or (lesbian lovah)

      If Natalie were so damned smart..she would’ve known who NOT to alienate at periods of the game.
      And IF she was “manipulatiing” and being a “poker player”, why didn’t she drop the facade during the reunion with her “boyfriend”?

      Jason: “will you marry me” obviously very emotional and touching
      Natalie: “what, are you kidding me?…hell yeah” (no narrative needed here)

      if she would have shown a different side of herself at this point, she probably would have changed a lot of minds about her character…but sadly……no
      there is but one transparent dimension to this being

    3. holy cow…this poster is def nat’s boyfriend. nothing you said makes any sense unless you’re just being sarcastic. grammar errors in her blog is going to fool WHO in the game to think she’s 18??? who in the game gets to read the blogs? nat is NOT an athlete…and no matter how many times she says it…she’s NOT. she’s probably the LEAST competitive person i’ve ever seen on a reality show outside of jordumb.

    4. GNAT is a PIG!!! She has done NOTHING to win BB11. It will be the happiest day of my life when kevin sends her nasty butt home!!!

    5. are you 18 rose? it doesnt matter how old nat said she was…she is a nasty nat,bottom line. what you described is basically how a 5 year old’ grammer?please. the dumb bitch doesnt know her,just like a 5 year old…..hygiene? please.the dumb bitch is just nasty…she has to be told to wash,just like a 5 year old…eating habits? she eats like she walks…LAZY!!!!!!!! she is a slob.and fyi……….she may play poker sweetheart,but she is not very good at it…..all that game has done for her is to get her DEEP into debt….doesnt take a genious to figure out that if your good at something you tend to make money..NOT LOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. From what I’ve seen she’s not a very at any games, she cheats constantly. What you see as a poker face is just one of the many manifestations of her sociopathology.

      Natalie can’t even play poker well, she was already out when she bitched to Russel about playing “that way” for money.
      She doesn’t have a poker face, she has a blank confused stare and she rapidly blinks in hopes that it will magically bring an intelligent though her way.
      She thinks she is an amazing competitor, but she can’t win shit, and the second she does (which wasn’t a big win) she lucked out, she was only playing against two others.
      The whole trying to trick michelle and jorden thing was completely unnecessary as there are only four people in the house and it’s all down to how you compete (which she can’t do)
      She is a dirty moron.

      Was anyone else as infuriated as me when they saw her outfit at nominations? What a pompous should have been abortion.

    8. Actually I have a 13 yr old with better hygiene so Nat’s being “18” doesn’t pan out…she’s just nasty…plain an simple. Smartest player?? LOL you must related. The sad part is she prolly will with this season, not because she’s that smart, but because Kevin was that dumb. No doubt she will beat Jordon..thats why she wanted her there, she knew there was no way she would beat Michelle.

    9. What poker face? All I ever see is that dumb smirk she always has on like a kid caught w/their hand in a cookie jar. Her blog was to America – notHGs so the dreadful grammar and spelling can be directly attributed to the poor education she obviously rec’d.


    11. OMG Rose, did you see Nat’s nomination speach, some poker face. Nat couldn’t even keep a straight face & was giggling. Not convincing at all. I’ve watched the feeds, she has a sly smile when confronted which is a total tell. And some athlete, chows down candy all day and never exercises. I’ll give you this much, she is as manipulative as it gets. Unfortunately that will be her downfall for the big prize. Best believe that Jessie has sold her out in the jury house. They told russ right away that she is 24 & you know nat was the main topic between Jessie and Lydia for a while.

      Don’t underestimate Jordo if it is trivia, she is pretty good with the questions. Kevin will not take nat to the end.

    12. You say her poor grammar in her blog, hygiene problems and vulgar eating habits stem from her age lie? Umm, first of all the houseguests & jury do not see the blog – so why use poor grammar. Secondly, I don’t remember a time in my teen years that I went that long without a bath, especially on my period. That’s just gross!!! As far as eating habits – even my 9, 10, & 11 year old nieces know how to eat. She’s not trying to make her first lie believable – she’s just nasty!!!!

      True, I haven’t liked gNatalie since the beginning. She just annoys me. I don’t mind the lying but the fact that she won’t shut up about how honest she is, & saying she’s never lied – is just crazy. Normally honesty & truth is something you show othrs. I bet in the world outside of BB she is the same way, probably because she’s been caught in so many lies that nobody believes her & she figures if she tells someone enough they’ll believe you.

    13. Thats about it ,YOUR assumptions.. Someone who acts that way, is a real piece of art all right. She is a tomboy who wears the pants in her relationship. That is someone I would NEVER be friends with, can’t trust her.

    14. Nice try! But not even close to a pheasible theory. It would be humanly impossible for Nat to keep up a fake persona for 60 something days, unless she is a true sociopath. You learn that in basic psychology 101. As for the poker player theory, have u never known a professional poker player? They r trained to get everyone in the game to like them and trust them. Watch how cordial and friendly the professional players r in a game. Nat has won strictly by lying and bullying her way thru. She is not even close to the brilliance and gameplay of Dr. Will. Nat will go on to be banished to the reality show basement. Sorry Rose, but ur theory smells!!!

    15. When i was an 18 year old and all my friends were 18 year olds. We showered daily, changed our clothes daily, ate with our mouths closed and even kept from bullying other people. We even knew how to spell correctly and use proper grammar. I know it is a game and some lies and half truths are part of this game. But there is a cruelty line that exist no matter how much money is at on the table.

    16. Um…yes…you’re exactly right. She is just punking everyone. She actually has great grammar, super hygiene and perfect eating habits. She has just been acting gross for 2 months to make people believe she is 18. Because most 18 year olds never shower….right? Only when you turn 19 do you learn about personal hygiene, correct grammar, and proper manners. So you’re right, she has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. If she didn’t smack into the microphone while she ate…I would SOOOO know that she wasn’t 18…..(sarcasm).

    17. That is a bunch of BS. She is person with all those nasty habits It is in her and lack of good parenting skills. Sure she played the game but her bad manners and personal hygeine, eating with her mouth open, ect… is her personality. That is who she is. A filthy, nasty, lying, stealing, dirty, disgusting and did I say nasty person. She has no remorse for her actions.

      There is no way she could have kept that act up for 68 days. If not than she deserves an academy award for acting.

      I read on this blog somewhere that she possibly steals from BlockBuster. Reversing charges and pocketing the cash. She also said in her interview with Diane Henry that she had broken up w/ her BF 8 months prior. She is a lair. kapesch

      She stole from Mich. Why would you think she uses this”schtick as an ?18? yr old”. She cannot cover up her behaviors for so long in the BBH.

    18. R U F’n serious,the lil nasty bitch could’nt win anything until the weakest players were left,if you think her bad habits,hygene is an act,then your crazier than a loon,no girl goes without showering,whether thier 12 or 24,plus while their on their must be a newbie to BB,past house guests,Janielle,Evil Dick,Will,Boogie,and Danielle would eat this nasty rude bitch alive… me,she’d have 0% chance against real players!!!

    19. It’s NOT a schtick; she’s not that good of an actress. Take, for example, her attempts to lie about what occurred after she opened Pandora’s box. For a martial arts champion, she’s shown little athletic ability. She’s proved to be a whiny little braggart with nothing to brag about. Is it any wonder that she is the most hated of the house guests? Take your stand, Rose; you’ll be lonely on that platform.

    20. YeaH right!

      wanna buy a bridge
      its in NYC
      no one uses it anymore
      so NYC has to sell it
      they just painted it
      only 1/2 mil………
      or you can just take parts for 50,000


    21. Oh my… can you say delusional? Her brilliant manipulation and game play does not encompass eating habits, hygiene problems and grammar errors in her blog. First off, I’m pretty sure an 18 year old girl knows that she should be showering and keeping herself clean. You act as though that age can’t do anything and have their mother wipe their a$$es. 18 year olds are not children. Grammatical errors in her blog? I’m pretty sure the other houseguests don’t see the blog so why keep up pretenses? That’s completely Natalie, not a brilliant and strategic player. Ugh Gnat…

    22. I agree with you 100%, nat is playing the game. Jon haven’t done a thing but do that stupy child talk. Why everyone want her to win? i don’t understand what is the problem is. everyone is talking about how nat smell, have you smelled her. I think it go a little deeper than that. I think the game was gave to jeff until her left, he was nasty like the other one’s are. Its reallity always a catch.

    23. Rose, Gnat is not a poker player. She CHEATS AT POKER, pool, anything she can. She has not won any of the competitions because she CAN”T. She is a cheat, liar and an all around vile person. She is a pathetic excuse for an athlete. Have you even watched in the competitions or are you related to her?

    24. did you not watch her while she was up there you could see it on her face she was in pain from that shit and she was scared to fall but kevin convinced her that he would t6ake her to finals which anybody watchin his DR sessions knows that was his plan to make her let him win 1st part of HOH so he can take jordan to the final 2 since his only chance at winning is with her……. COULDN’T BEAT HIM because if she COULD she would have because it’s the 1st part HOH winner’s choice who to take to final 2 ….get your head outta your ass with that BULLSHIT……. stop makin up shit..he has no chance of beating natalie seein as all her friends (minus chima) is in the jury house he would be stupid to take her…

      “She keeps her poker face on at all times.Her grammar errors in her blog, her hygiene problem, her vulgar eating habits all stem from her schtick as an ?18? yr old”

      that didn’t make ANY sense, shows how truly retarded you are… all you idiots do is make excuses for the OBVIOUS, it’s sad…. if you gone root for her ROOT for her don’t make up shit to make yourself look retarded making pathetic excuses for her “MALE CHARACTERISTICS” which guess what? no typical 18 year old has……

    25. All those 18 year old schtick you refer to don’t change when you reach 24. If you don’t know how to spell at 18 24 will not change that. If you have bad hygiene and table manners that won’t change at 24 either. She is hated because she goes beyond game play by cheating at every game and she screwed people for her own amusement.

    26. Nat and her poker face, OMG you can read her like a book. She probably doesn’t even know what a poker face is because she cannot do one. Nat is the one who says and thinks she has the poker face and she is a fool for even thinking she has one but then she is just a fool anyway. LMAS everytime I hear about Nat having a poker face. Geeezzzzzzz!

  97. All I can say is that I would hate to be Nat after this is over. Wow, she is probably the most hated player in reality TV. I feel sorry for her dad having to read all the negative comments about his daughter. I feel sorry for Jason having to come on national tv and get humilated with that proposal. Dude, she is not THAT into you!! That was very hard to watch. Did you see how jealous she was of Lydia for hooking up with Jessie? She acted like a two-year that didn?t get her way. The best thing for Jason is to move on and find someone else that is worthy for him b/c this makes him out to be very lame. The person I do not feel sorry for is Nat. Well, actually I do feel somewhat sorry for her ? she needs help. I think if she does win this money maybe she can use it to move out of country and set up shop somewhere she is not so hated.

    I believe that how you act in real life is mirrored to how you play this game. She is really like this in real life and the only difference is 6.2 million people know it. OUCH!

  98. once again, nasty drops and puts all the weight on Kevin. my only hope is that he drops her like a hot potato and takes jordan to the finals. Not that Jordan deserves it but I dont want nasty to get anything.

    1. What show are you watching? Did you not see Nat and Kevin plan for Nat to drop after Jordan dropped. How do you think she left all the weight on Kevin when it was his plan also!! I love this site as I sit back and feel sorry for you idiots who make fun of the HG’s. You don’t know these people except on the show. Folks, it is a REALITY show, main purpose to lie,etc. to win the money. Have you not watched earlier seasons. Nat and Kevin all the Way!! Simon, I love your site, but I think it is so degrading for you to put those disgusting pictures up instead of the HG’s pictures. Very immature!!

  99. Michele has class and dignity. Her bad rap began when Jessie and Natalie began making up LIES about her for the start. They were both threatened by her intelligence. She is by far the best player in the entire game and didn’t have to CHEAT and STEAL. GO MICHELE. I’m voting for her all the way.

    1. “Her bad rap began when Jessie and Natalie began making up LIES about her for the start. They were both threatened by her intelligence”

      i know thats right

  100. can you believe nate gave the comp to kevin?? how dumb. for that i hope kevin screws her and takes jordan…..she’s an idiot.

    1. The Gnat was pretty close to being the 1st one off. She was breathing hard and talking smack. I think if Jordon hasn’t been tired from lack of sleep the night before (kel plan to keep them wondering who he was sending home paid off) she would have outlasted The Gnat. Her jumping off was a cover so she? could make Kel feel like he owed her and she? could once again continue her claim of being the best competitor.

  101. If you think she is trying to act like an 18 year old on purpose you are giving her to much credit. She is not that bright. Besides it is 12 year old boys who don’t shower and chew with their mouths open not 18 year old girls. Give the 25,000 to Jordan. She really needs it to help her family.

    1. if Jordan needs to help her family perhaps she should return her $3000 boob job. Or wait wait, better yet, WHY GET A BOOB JOB RIGHT BEFORE THE SHOW IF YOUR FAMILY IS IN DIRE NEED AND “OH-SO-POOR”???

      jordan is DUMB and i dont think she should get 50k let alone 500k.

      Who gets a 3000 boob job but still HAS to sleep in a the same BED as her mother at 23 years old.. yea..she doesn’t make the best decisions

      She cant even think for herself in this game! She keeps saying “jeff told me this jeff told me to do that” after he left.. think for yourself dumbass.. Jeff’s thinking got his ass booted from the game – HELLO

  102. I like Jordan as a person ,,,, but she is the most awful player in big brother history. She has use this entire show as her personal golden coral buffet !!!!! Give her a food competition and she will… Wait for it …. Dominate. How can someone who looks like her gain 30 pounds on live tv… So sad.

    1. Sure she’s put on some weight but I’d still love to have her body! She’s only in a size 7 now after gaining weight—still small!

  103. Well I think that Natalie is getting a little to much credit for being such a Poker Player/Big Brother Manipulator. Her Game has been Nasty and Mean and I think you can play out any game without that. Although this is a speculation of not being in the house or playing the game. So What do I Know. I know this….I want Jordan to Win it. She is less of the Evil Left. I would of loved to See Russell and Jeff that would of saved this years Big Brother Show. But thats not happening!!!! I hope that next years picks will be a little more interesting with more Game Play than this years Bump in the Road..

  104. If they have survivor allstars and jeff and Jordan are picked it would be the highest rated show in history because after 4 days Jordan would eat jeff….. ” ohhh my gawd jeff your insides taste like cookie dough…. Why am I eating you… I feel so fat..

  105. you all need to understand one thing: LML caused Russell’s departure, not Jeff, solely. If this stupid ass lie was never made up, shit would sure be different.

    1. If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas.
      If I only had a brain Jeff wasn’t scared of competing against Russell
      If Jordon weren’t stupid
      If Michelle wouldn’t have confirmed the lie

  106. I personally liked Jordan and Jeff. Jeff was entertaining cause the things he said were just funny. He was funny without meaning to be. Jordan was funny because of the things she said. They both reminded me of the show with Jessican Simpson and Nick Lachey.

    But they were both too trusting in this game. This is a game and no one should trust anybody. You know the old saying ~ keep your loved ones close and your enemies closer.

    Jeff was so worried about Russell coming after him and people in his ear day and night about getting rid of him. But I ask myself ~ why would you listen to someone that you haven’t played game with since day 1 and now you are taking their word as the gospel truth over your four way alliance.

    I think Jordan was way too naive for this game.

    I think Nat is this way in real life also. I think she does cheat, lie, etc. I keep thinking about the thing she said about blockbuster about getting folks their returned check charges back. I think she did play a good game ~ I will never know if she just didn’t try to win competitions or she just sucked at it. Her ego is way over the top. But the personal stuff she did to people in the house ~ like hiding stuff, going through peoples belongings, etc. should of not been tolerated. I think there should of been some kind of penalty. Even BIg Brother had to get on to her.

    Kevin let Nat get in his ear, too. I think he could beat her or Jordan ~ either one he would win the money over in my opinion.

    I will have to say that Kev and Nat can lie with the best of them.

    Sometimes, I wonder if this whole thing has been set up so Jordan can win the money for her family. But I know that couldn’t be true.

  107. BULLSHIT! Natalie is a LIAR. Plan & simple. She wouldn’t have lasted on the log an anyway. Why would she need to use grammatical errors in her blog? WE all know she isn’t 18———–DUH!
    She is a manipulative bitch who is good at what she does. She outplayed them all!
    But, as far as a human being goes—she is vile and a scummer!
    I also think the BF thing was bull crap. Her acting didn’t cover how to act like a girl in love.
    All staged for the show.
    WORST season EVER. Beginning with Chia-Head & ending with Gnat. 2 useless drains on society. ugh!

  108. All I can say is dumb ass JEFF!!! One by One they picked him off!! My 2 cents how could you vote to give Jeff 25k! He is the reason Nat is still there.

  109. I’m surprised the BLOND HIPPO lasted that long on the log last night. BB, please reward her with a box of Twinkies!!! MOO!!!

  110. all I can say if there is a next bb show if it not run better than this one after 2 weeks of watching to see It will be the last time I watch it ever again dont care who goes to finale 2 as long as they take jordan then let jury house give it all to her would love that

  111. Hey America, Lets all vote Michelle. At least she is productive outside the big brother house. If anyone has ever heard her speak about her research; How hard she works to TRY TO CURE CANCER!! I’m sure her student loans are huge and since her research is funded by grants she can’t make alot of money. But her work is noble and should be supported!

  112. did you guys not see Nat cheat? She held on to the rope instead of her key. and Kevin stood
    sideways the whole time instead of straight. Jordan is the only one who did it correctly.

    1. i totally noticed that! especially since they zoomed right in on it with the camera. i was waiting for them to tell Natalie she was out…but of course it didn’t happen. big surprise.

  113. If Gnat wins my days of watching BB are over!!! She has been the hardest person to sit and watch…she is downright irritating!!! I wish Kevin would have kept Michelle so that someone who actually played the game might have had a chance of winning.

  114. Nas-ta-lie reminds me of an eel………..slimy creature that slides across the floor……only
    thing is…………..she probably stinks worse than a fish ! ! ! That big ole’ forehead and those
    flaring nostrils……………and the way she/he/it walks ! Gross ! If Jordan could concentrate on anything besides eating and drinking…….maybe she could progress in
    the game. Bless her heart, she just stares into space and gives up ! I hope Tinker
    bell Kevin walks with the dough ! I hope he knows and realizes the risk of taking Nas-
    ta-lie to the finals…………………………..She is gonna walk with the 500K………….she will have
    played them all ! God…………..I hate that !

  115. Jordan slipped. the log kept moving forward then backward then would stop. when it started up again jordan slipped off the log. Natalie then dropped on purpose because kevin said he would take her to the final 2 if he won HOH

  116. GNAT is not the best player…SHE”S THE WORST PLAYER & THE BIGGEST LIAR. Lying does not entitle her to win Big Brother 11. She has done absolutely nothing to win this game other than cheat and lie. I would vote for anyone over her!!

  117. What was the reason for Jumbo Jordan bashing Michele so much last night,other then Jordan being the nasty 2-faced b*tch she is. I mean,Mich played a good game…made bold moves…..played as fair if not more then the rest of the HG’s and befriended Jordo’s fat-ass so WHY is that skank Jordan bashing her???The only reason she did was to kiss Nat and Kev’s ass and try and talk trash to make her feel better about herself. Jordo and Nat the rat were so jealous of Michele’s brains and athletic skills it’s not even funny!!!That is the reason Nat calls Mich the devil and the reason Jordan bad mouths her. Jealous ,jealous little pigs!
    Oh, Good Lord,either nasty Nat or Fat ass Jordan may win money…..BB i’m done with ya.Neither “women” has done anything all season.

    1. Why do you have to personally attack the women!! Maybe you should take a look in the mirror before calling someone else “fat ass!!!”

  118. i am so sick of people saying that natalie is “intentionally” throwing every comp.
    i lover her diary room sessions after she loses a comp and says :”i meant to do that”…sure you did….
    why can’t people just admit she’s not a great “athlete”.

  119. Nat!?

    wo bist du mein schatz?

    I’m going to miss you so much Nat, and hate you lost your head when it counted most. Kevin would be a dam fool to take you to the final 2, knowing he would most likely lose. Promises are made to be broken, and I can’t hold that against Kev if he does send you home. All hope is not lost, win the next two competitions.

    May the force be with you my golden child!

    If all else fells…tell Jordumb you’ll play for her if she lets you stay in the final two. I’m sure she would believe you, since that girl is so freaking clueless. Give her a few drinks, some cookie dough and set your plan in motion. Shave a leg or something if you have to, just get her to fall for you playing for her in the finals, since she would have no chance of winning against Kev.

  120. Nat-a-LIE = souless! That is how she got this far and I am sure she will win and even
    get to quit her BlockBuster Job which I am sure they were going to fire her anyway because
    I am sure by now alot of things have come clear about missing money, DVD’s and other employee’s gloves and stuff. She will be just fine because her and her beard they call her Boyfriend will be able to go on amazing race and trick all of the cab drivers to drive off a cliff and she will win that. Then she can go on Survivor and the producers will help little miss helpless by giving her a 5 star hotel room to stay the night while the others fight off Bears.
    Alright Nat! your quite the little winner, have fun in your afterlife where it will be the ultimate payback……..100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% OUT

  121. All I have to say about last night competition is
    “Where were the BUGS?”

    Gnat would have dropped instantly! Perhaps for the next comp!

  122. just for kicks…………..’google’…………10 big brother rules……….it comes right up and it is soooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!! ilmao.

  123. Nat tries to appear to be so purer and without sins, meanwhile she lies and flirts with
    Jesse & loves chima the rudest of all guest, That is the reason everyone hates her. She may
    not speak beautifully, but its what she says not how she says it. She is very rude and personal
    Attacks folks for doing the exact same thing she did. She personally set up every lie they told.
    She is no athlete, What is her excuses for all the other games she lost, was that a act also.
    She does have a poker face and indeed has fooled some folks, but the rest of us see clear.

  124. Did Natalie ever tell the houseguests she is a professional poker player? Don’t you have to be 21 to gamble? Am I missing something?

  125. Rose, I think you may be as gullible as Jordan if you believe her table manners are a part of her disguising herself as an 18 year old. She’s not that good and she proved it when she came up with the stupid final two reversal lie with pandora’s box. I actually think a lot of her bad behavior stems from not having a female figure in her life. Still that is not an excuse. As an adult you should grow and expand. I think Natalie is using the 18 year old thing to cover up a lot of who she really is. I don’t think she is the best player. I think she is the luckiest though. Even more lucky then Jordan. I don’ tthink she threw any comps except for the HOH that Kevin won. I think she only threw it once she knew she wasn’t going to win. So rose, please take off your rose colored glasses when viewing Natalie. There is a reason that majority of BB fans don’t like Natalie. We’ve seen many of schemers, liars, and manipulators in BB past, but people need to face the fact that Natalie is just not a likeable person. Even her fiance’s family doesn’t like her. America doesn’t like Natalie for no other reason then who she is on TV so get over it.

  126. Natalie is a disgusting human being who latches on to whomever is winning the game. Her true colors came out, particularly when she threw Kevin under the bus, and she’s delusional. “I kept my word.” Like, h**l, she did. Her family should be embarrassed. I don’t give her credit for game play; she’s a leech.

  127. There are many ways to playing the game. None of those justify the way you behave. You could also sleep around just to get your lover’s attention and all that. But, in the end, THE WAY YOU PLAY IT says EVERYTHING about you. You cannot play something that’s not inside you. No poker face is a mask on the wall. I think that’s the thing in BB: show your true colors, given a pretext. And some will: Ronnie, Natalie. At least Jesse has a message to send, and can be sincere about right and wrong. In Jeff also we’ve seen bad habits, but he corected in the end. Let the one fighting not to sacrifice believes win, not the one willing to be the lowest. Money, yes, but… will they shine on you?

  128. I don’t think Nat’s smart enough to fake all that. In regards to her grammar errors on the blog, I can’t comment as I have never seen them.. but when I watch her in the diary room, her discussions and comments leave a lot to be desired. She has no personality. And yes, I know she’s talking to a camera, but there is someone behind it. Look at the conversations that everyone else in the house had in the diary room. So I don’t think it’s “schtick as an 18 year old”. And as for the hygiene problem….refusing to shower because the water is cold….that’s just nasty. I think if Kevin wins the HOH….Nat is out on her ass. Just my thoughts…..

  129. Why aren’t the 2 Michelle video clips available anywhere? Didn’t she interview w/ Julie on the Early Show or with Ross Matthews?

  130. Jeff’s getting my vote for 25k. He was the funniest player they had all season. If only he hadn’t trusted Kevin and Natalie.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Jeff was hilarious, even when he was upset/ angry he found ways to make jokes. Unlike a lot of the houseguests, Jeff made self-deprecating jokes. You can’t be all bad if you can laugh at yourself. Kev and Nat acted as though Jeff had grown a second head when he wasn’t able to immediately laugh it up after Kevin screwed him over. Jeff was understandably shocked and angry. But by the next day or so, he was again interacting with the others. I doubt Kevin or Natalie would have licked their wounds and recovered as quickly.

  131. I’m gonnna miss Michelle, she was a fun contestant and looked spectactular in a bikini.

    As for the final 3…who woulda thunk that these guys would be in the real running for the money, congratulations to all of them.

    To you guys whos favorite player didnt make, it’ll be alright. As a long time sports guy you realize that you win some and you lose some, no matter what…you always return to the game.

  132. If Natalie or Kevin win this season it is a big joke I hope BB loses alot of viewers next year. How did Jordan get pass the tests too qualify she is a typical dumb blonde who continously stuffs her face with food… The greatest players are gone so it is a fairly boring show now!!!

  133. If what these spoilers printed really happened with Kevin cheating, why didn’t BB do something about it. I’m wondering about these spoilers………..

  134. Natalie is a spoiled brat. She operates under the premise of entitlement. Her comment last night to Kevin “this is mine to lose”…WHO SAYS??? HOW I pray that Kevin eradicates her and shocks her. the concept that she cannot have everything her way is so foreign to that girl. Her Dad must have created this monster and indulged her. She is beyond unbelievable.

  135. If she is so dumb and that bothersome to you idiots watching how has she not been voted out???
    Pathetic Jeff Jock strap losers!!!
    You all act like she is the worst ever…
    Gerry sp? Jerry? never washed his hands, Dick spewed the worst insults ever…Lydia is as loose as women cum… (sorry had too)
    You don’t like Nat…GIVEN
    However she is obviously a great BB player as she made final 3. Lie cheat belittle others ALL forms of strategy.
    You people know NOTHING about her…
    I don’t even know why i defend her, I don’t really care who wins, I just know whoever does win is the BEST PLAYER THIS YEAR!
    END OF STORY (haha once again could not resist)

    somebody please tell me why Natalie deserves the abuse?
    She lied? BOO HOO
    She has poor Hygene? So does more than half the country
    She makes others uncomfortable in the house? Strategy (worked for Dick)
    Ugly? Not her fault
    Walks funny? Deal with it
    don’t like her voice? Turn down volume…

    Did I miss something? (oh boy that is loaded)

  136. I keep reading on another site about cheating in last night’s comp. They are writing that Kevin was always sideways and pig pen was holding on the rope most of the time. Does anyone know what the rules were? I thought you had to hold the key and face forward…. any thougths?

    1. I noticed that too about Kevin always being sideways except when the log started rolling. Who knows what is really happening because there have been things that were against the rules but overlooked. As I’ve stated before, the BB’s are somewhat scripted but this is the worst and most scripted BB so far IMO.

      1. The only rule was: be the last person touching the key.

        P.S. All the Kevin haters saying he cheated in the POV? Are you joking? He didn’t need to cheat and it wouldn’t be possible anyway. He KILLED Michele and Jordan at it.

  137. I have watched player after player make stupid moves all season long, but the biggest bone-head move – Jeff going after Russell. He not only cost himself the game but also screwed it up for Russell and Michelle. At one time I really liked him but after he got the hoh he let power go to his head. The final thing that made me so mad was the manner in which he treated Michelle after she won the veto that he wanted. It was rude and ill-mannered. While he was not the most vile player by any means (that would be Nat or Chima) he may have made the worse move in bb history( besides Marcellas). I will vote for Michelle for the 25,000 dollars. She deserves something for the bullying and cruel treatment she received. It was totally over the top especially from her so called friends (Jeff and Jordan).

  138. I have watched player after player make stupid moves all season long, but the biggest bone-head move – Jeff going after Russell. He not only cost himself the game but also screwed it up for Russell and Michelle. At one time I really liked him but after he got the hoh he let power go to his head. The final thing that made me so mad was the manner in which he treated Michelle after she won the veto that he wanted. It was rude and ill-mannered. While he was not the most vile player by any means (that would be Nat or Chima) he may have made the worse move in bb history( besides Marcellas). I will vote for Michelle for the 25,000 dollars. She deserves something for the bullying and cruel treatment she received. It was totally over the top especially from her so called friends (Jeff and Jordan).

    1. Since the three will be together according to the article until Tuesday evening, how will America’s vote count since Chima is not part of the jury house and the JH is minus one vote? This new concept by AG does not make any sense unless America’s vote will be taken away. When BB first started America’s vote picked who stayed and who left and I wish they would go back to this concept because it made the HGs really play the game without all the lying and BS that goes on now. In other words, the HGs REALLY had to play game which made BB much more interesting IMO.

  139. Hey Simon like your pics of the HG’s. Here are some other ideas:
    Braden – Surf board
    Laura – Cantaloupe
    Ronnie – Rat
    Jesse – Mirror
    Jeff – Yo Yo
    Lydia – Hoe
    Russel – Cauliflower
    Michele – Devil

  140. if Natalie goes to F2, I dont think she will win. I am hoping the people in the jury house will find out what kind of person she really is and give the money to either kevin or jordan

    Gooo jordan

    1. well from what nat say she will be happy with 2nd place prize…now if kev thot of it that way he wouldnt be stressing about keeping jordumb….he wants the big he might dump nat. his allied

    2. I think that jordan should win because, she is the most honest and she is sweet! Natalie needs to get her butt of the show because, she is a liar and she is a back stabber i hope she goes home and kevin and jordan have a chance to win.

      1. Jordan hasn’t played the game…she sucks!!! she’s only around because Jeff carried her and no one was threatened by her….if she wins it will be the worst than Jeff getting the CDT

  141. Everyone should vote for Michele to get the 25 grand just for the simple fact that it would piss Natalie off. That would at least give us some satisfaction especially if Kevin does the smart thing and gets rid of her at the end and takes Jordan to the final 2.

  142. Looks as though a slew-foot is gonna win. Either Nasty Nat or Kevin. Still hoping Jordan pulls it out, just because I don’t want to see Nasty get any $$$$$, she thinks BB owes her, she’s never happy with what she gets. What a scum-bag!!! It sucks, BB just sucks this season!!!

    1. Yeah, I don’t like Natalie either- she is a nasty liitle thing………..I really hope she doesn’t win. I’d love to see Jordan win, however I have prefered Jeff to be the winner but oh well. I was soooo glad when Chima was kicked off. I think America should have a little more say too, I think they should get a vote too, especially on finale night. They should take votes as to who America wants to win and put a key in with the name America on it. Just a thought….I also like the idea of an all star Big Brother with just the winners of the past, maybe playing for charity…..

  143. Pls, Pls, let’s all vote for Michelle. She truly deserves to win, and I agree with ‘HATES THEM ALL”, watching Gnat, Scumbag Nat’s face when she gets NO MONEY, and Michelle gets 25K wud make up for all the frustration CBS put us through. None of the remaining 3 deserve to win. CBS SHOULD DONATE THE MONEY TO CHARITY.

  144. i think that in 2 more seasons for bb13, they should take the 1st hg voted out of the house for each season and make the show of just them. or, they can have the winner of each season go up against each other on one show. both are appealing b/c you get to see the best of the worst or the best of the best go at it. if you want to see really good game play, then the later is better…but if you want to see someone win who hadn’t been able to win any money whatsoever, even any prizes, win..that would also be cool. maybe as a hedge, have the 3rd final hg from each season who just missed the final 2.

    1. On BB 9 or 10 one person in the first comp won a classic car- not sure if they also were first out – in any case BB forgot to buy the car before they offered it as a prize so the HG got cash, I heard. So you can be first out and still have won something.

  145. I agree with you lets all vote for Michele to win the $25 grand….and Ratanat to win NOTHING….Then I hope Kevin wins big with Jordan winning second……That would truly be derserving of Ratanat….she needs to pay for her meaniness and bullying…..It should be against bb rules to bully anyone….this is just like hazing in my view……Ratanat has really done some awful things and would do more if she had the time and stuff to do it with……I can’t believe she is 24 years old and does the things she does….Grown Up ratanat……..and I hope her boyfriend watches and runs for his life….No wonder his family does not like her they know the real Natelie……….Watch out……..and her dad must be ashamed of his daughter…she has no morels or values………


  146. Jeff was BB11’s Howie !!! I remember when Howie put James & Sara on the block resulting in the “friendship’s” victory. Bad , bad move Jeff – loved ya, right until you threw Russel under that bus !


  147. i am telling you that is not pp b-friend she is gay and chima is her new girlfriend thats why bb let pp+kev win so the gay person could take it this yearthey have not one time gotten in trubblefor cheating they got away with all the dirty tricks IT IS THE SEASON OF THE HOMO BB

          1. yes that was a racist type remark because Chima is black. Had it been another houseguest the “nappy” remark wouldn’t have come into play.

            Take it for what it is..things are usually JUST as they seem.

            shameful really

  148. raysgirl: Also on Thursday, former Houseguests Mike Boogie (Big
    Brother 2; Winner, Big Brother All-Stars), Danielle Reyes (Big Brother
    3; Big Brother All-Stars), Janelle (Big Brother 6, Big Brother All-Stars)
    and Evel Dick (Winner, Big Brother 8) will join Julie live on stage to
    discuss this season of BIG BROTHER on Thursday, Sept. 10 (8:00-
    9:00 PM, ET/delayed PT).

  149. Does anyone know if tomorrow’s 2nd part HOH will be live or if they are going to tape it earlier in the day. I really hope Jordan can win this one , so she can have a chanc to go to the finals. I rather see her win than those other two that are left.

    1. why dont you get the dick out of your mouth and quit acting like you dont take it up the ass every chance you get

  150. i dont want kevin to win the hoh then he would take Natalie and jordan will be sent home i want jordan to win the hoh she deserves it more the kevin and Natalie then if jordan doesnt win it she will be sent home and i dont want tht to happen
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. The word on the web is that Jeff is going to win the 25k- I tend to believe this only because the votes for the Cude-Ta Jeff had over 3thousand with Jordan behind him with 1100 then Michele and so on and so on…..


  153. i hope jordan win bb… i dont want kevin or nat to win.. they played game bullying people around and lying.. if they didnt lie about russ… the russ would of stayed and jeff would of never got back doored by kevin and nat… because russ would of helped him get them out first and then they would of played the game with michelle, jordan, jeff, and russ… and they should of been the final 4…


  154. Russel – Volcano
    I say that cuz he would get hot, spout off then sit quiet until the next time. Also, I liked the rat pic for Ronnie.

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