Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Part 2 of the 3 Part HOH competition happens TODAY!


10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and tells them they have to go to the HOH room for a lock down. Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan wake up from sleeping in the red bedroom and all grab their blankets and head up to the HOH room. As they are going up the stairs to the HOH room the feeds cut to TRIVIA…

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1:45pm Natalie, Jordan and Kevin are getting ready for the day …


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370 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Part 2 of the 3 Part HOH competition happens TODAY!

    1. No doubt, Come on, Jordan!!! If she can win the next two parts, there is no doubt in my mind that they will give her the half million…

    2. GO, GO, GO, Jordo. YOU have to try and win this competition. YOu can’t lose now. I don’t want kevin or Natalie to win, so get your fighting boots on and kick ass Jordo.

      1. you people are all dilussional! Jordan hasn’t done ANYTHING and I repeat ANYTHING!! to win this game! She is a complete waste of space! Hopefully she gets taken to the final two by Kevin because that means Gnasty is gone and the poetic part about that would be her coming as close as possible without getting ANYTHING!! Jordan will get the 50K and Kevin should get the 500K based on his ability to PLAY THE GAME!! something Jordan did not do AT ALL!!

        1. I call BULLSHIT!!!! please tell me there what kevin and biznatch has done? nothing till everyone was out or couldn’t play,wanna talk about coat tail riders,they rode,jessie,russ,and chyma’s back and now the nasty hoe is riding kevins,you are crazy! jordan won when the big players were still in the house,these two nitwits didn’t,boy i’m impressed they have won comps against jordan and michelle!!!!


  1. I’m still wondering what the heck the whole ‘Pandora’s Box’ thing was about. To me, it only seemed to highlight PP’s proposal.

    1. Nat had to give up the POV comp (the most important one) and with that a bunch of retard people in furry costumes annoyed the other HGs… Instead of the furries BB should’ve hired some girls from a nearby Spearmint Rhino

    2. Pandora’s Box was just another way of BB Production to get people to REVEAL themselves to the others that they would not otherwise see. Kevin SAW that Natalie couldn’t care less about HIM when he was stuck in the box. That revelation will hurt her in the end if she does poorly in the comps.

    3. I agree! What was it even on there for? There was no twist at all :( A real let down this season!!! Go Jordan–only because I cant stand the thought of gnat winning (BARFFFFFFF)

    4. Was that a real marriage proposal or one set up by CBS/BB???? I mean her boyfriend/fiance left the real ring at home. Every girl wants a twisty tie instead of the real ring, right? She didn’t seem too excited. I’m thinking they are probably already engaged or “allegedly” he is not divorced from his first wife. The whole scenario rang false.

    5. I agree, in the commercial it said that it will affect the game and that the jury was packing the punch this time???? When the hell did that happen? That really pisses me off. Do what you want with your show but don’t advertise something that isn’t going to happen.

    6. I still don’t believe that was a real proposal. If it was, that relationship is in big trouble, but then any relationship with Natalie would be in big trouble.

    7. I think the point of it was to show to the HOH, in Kevin’s case, and to others, in Nat’s case, what the real personalities of the HGs are. Kevin saw that Nat was selfish, and Jeff wasn’t, but chose no to act on it. Furthermore, all the HGs saw Nat’s personality in that she chose to consume the Pandora’s Box luxury instead of helping out her friend…and even lied in the process.

      Its a powerful tool, but these HGs didn’t seam to take advantage of it.

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you, but what the hell was Michele doing in the last pov. She can’t be that stupid,or did she throw it. I don’t thing she is that stupid, so I guess she just throw it, but why? I thnk Jordan will win part 2, then Kevin will win part 3. And, of course, he will evict Jordan and Nat will probably win the money. Which really sucks, because I think Kevin played the game alot better then her. But, we all know the jury votes for people like Nat and not Kevin. Just another sucky season as usual.

    1. I think you are the stupid one for thinking Michelle through the veto comp. Why the hell would she throw it when she was on the block?? Get your head out of your ass.

  3. Chia pet should get a funny pic?yes you could go for the obvious like an actual chia pet… BUT
    why not the wiked witch of the west of wizard of OZ!?! Jeff was not from OZ, but he was the wonder wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was that vanquished chima!!!!!
    It?d be great if a cartoonist out there could do frame one as wicked witch (chima) saying to (Lydia) ?I?m going to get you my pretty?? ??and you little dog too? (Russ)
    2nd frame of the wiz Jeff countering her spell with his own ?I’m going to get pretty boy (Jesse) and his little scrappy dog too (Gnat-lie)
    then 3rd frame poof Jesse is gone as all the winged monkeys cry cry cry.
    4th frame: Dorothy (Michele) throws water on the witch as she is nominated
    5th frame: witch screams ?I?m melting?No, make that I?m having a melt dowwwwwwn?
    6th frame: Wizard makes out with scarecrow (Jordo) while Dorothy looks on?..
    7th frame: scrappy dog/winged monkey (nat) and Lord of the Lollipop Guild MUNCHKEVIN (Kevin) one by one eliminate the wiz, dorothy and almost the scarecrow-since she finally found her brain which was made out of cookie dough and she stuffed it in the dog-monkey?s already full mouth and went with the Munchkevin to the final two.

  4. Well I think the Pandora’s box showed Kevin just how selfish Nat was….both times…although the second one anyone probably would have done…but her not finding the key or even mentioning it to the other hg’s showed that it was all about the money…but maybe if he had not lied???? hmmmmm

  5. Here is the CBS press release

    BIG BROTHER concludes its 11th edition with a special two-hour LIVE finale and reunion show, hosted by Julie Chen, next Tuesday, Sept. 15 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) as the Final Three (Jordan, Kevin and Natalie) face off for the $500,000 grand prize.

    Although I can see how it can be read that there will be a final three final – you can just as well read it that the three are CURRENTLY facing off. They are doing part 2 of the Comp this afternoon so the schedule is right on track for the usual final two as in previous years. Perhaps someone can verify but I was sure I read that Grodner said there would an Americas vote for the 7th vote.

    1. your understanding of the statement made perfect sense. .i was wondering what the heck they meant by’the final 3 battle it out………………”, you explained it very well.

  6. Best case, if Jordan doesn’t win, Kevin does and takes her to the final two. I think whoever wins, Jordan will be part of the final two.

  7. Anybody but Kevin and Natalie should win. I guess that means Jordan. LOL. Actually as long as Natalie doesn’t win I’m okay with it. Kevin could be mean at times but he would also defend house guests against attacks too. Jeff was by far my favorite player so I was mad when Kevin knocked him out, but it was no worse then Jeff knocking out Russell. Kevin didn’t really owe him anything and Jeff should have never aligned with the other side. So first choice Jordan, second choice Kevin. Kill BB if Natalie wins.

  8. im all for kevin winning! lets look at game and not personality! even though his personality rocks!! and my vote for fave BB 11 house guest is jordan!!

    1. If you want to look at game then Michele or Jeff should win. They are the ones that won POV’s and HOH’s. They are the only one’s that really played the game. So if you want to look at it that way then their the one’s that should win. Not 3 floaters that floated the whole way. I say there should be a reversal and the last 3 house guests that were evicted should trade places with the 3 that are there. Now that sounds fair to me :)
      But since that’s not going to happen GO JORDON!!! Yep and I am basing it on personality!

  9. They should do another season right when this one is done… we can get the bad taste out our mouths. get back to more positive BB game play and people.

  10. I’d like to see Jeff and Jordan, Natalie and her fiance, Jason, Kevin and his significant other, and Jesse and Lydia all go on Amazing Race to compete against each other. It would be hysterical and historical.

  11. Pandoras box was completely pointless. And quite honestly, the way Nat acted when she saw her BF, made me think it is all just a fabrication. If I hadn’t seen my BF in 2 months, you better believe I would jump on him and probably cry. And the proposal, sersiously. I don’t even think she smiled. Its BS. Here’s to hoping Jordans beats the hell out of Nat in this comp!

    1. Does anyone else find it strange that Julie didn’t congratulate Natalie on her engagement, let alone even mention it, on Tuesday’s show?

      1. I think it wasn’t mentioned because the HG are still questioning the truth of a visit from her BF and the fact Julie didn’t mention it adds to their skepticism.

    2. Let me tell you if I hadn’t seen my husband in 2 months I know there wouldn’t have been 20 minutes of talking….I’d be getting me a quickie! That would sure put a fire under my ass to compete and win!

  12. This Is so Messed up WHAT IS GOING ON????? i thought they were doing both on the final night and will we see this comp on tonights episode?

  13. Pandora would be ashamed of that last box…..stupid and pointless……except that it made pigpen look like a total idiot….her reaction to her BF and then the big lie she told everyone….which were also stupid and pointless.

    1. I know, she didn’t even act like she was totally in love with him – it seemed all staged, I would have been sitting in his lap, hugging him – she did nothing, but sit there and looked more stupid.

  14. OMG, I can’t believe nobody is complaining that Natalie is cheating right now as of this minute, what is going on?

    Ok serious now, what do they have to do? Just get a ball in a hole or what? It looks boring and not fun at all. Is it a timed like how many you can get in, in 5 minutes or what?

      1. No I ment that they are doing nothing right now. It just seems some people on here say what ever Kevin and Natalie do is cheating. So they would say as an example, OMG, Natalie is sitting down sleeping while Jordan is laying down sleeping, Natalie is cheating somehow.

        They should let Jordan win because Nat was sitting while sleeping, that is cheating. She should be on her back sleeping. It is getting tiresome how somone has to say someone was cheating when their favorite is not winning.

    1. Why complain – BB production is not going to go anything – they will not do anything unless you don’t go to the diary room on command or throw BB property in the Hot Tub. Other then that they don’t care, it is ratings.

      As far a Gnat cheating – she should have been out a long time ago – and we can’t do a thing about it. Sad, but true.

  15. I’ve posted this elsewhere, but just in case you haven’t read it:

    Rumoured Updated Announcement of BB12

    09.10.2009 THIS JUST IN… From CBS Entertainment… CBS ORDERS MORE “BIG BROTHER”
    Broadcast Hit/Internet Sensation To Return for 12th Edition in Summer 2010

    Less than a week before the two-hour finale of “Big Brother 11,” CBS is already making plans for Big Brother 12. The network announced today it has ordered another edition of the hit reality series for broadcast in the summer 2010.

    Casting has already begun, and it is rumoured that this year?s contestants will be selected from several Maximum Security Prisons across America. The season?s theme will be “No Bars Hold”. This season will be hosted by the ?Teflon Don?, John Gotti, whilst Julie is on maternity leave.

    The 12 contestants will be vying for luxury competitions that will consist of Conjugal Visits, Yard Time and Day Parole. Gifts will range from shanks made from tooth brushes to their very own personal “Soap on a Rope”. Family home baked “cakes” will now replace slop with surprise items rumoured to rival Pandora’s Box.

    So “Expect the Expected” with the bloodiest season and lies that rival Natalie in Season 11!

    Stay tuned following each episode for an episode from the new season of “Prison Break”.

    1. thought. Why don’t they bring in crazies of the sports world versus the rockers…like Dennis Rodman, Tommy Lee, Courtney Love, John McEnroe….make for good live feeds LOL

    2. Is this male or female inmates? females would be better,then Nasty can play,we can watch her admit she is a lesbo,get it on with the hot new inmate,lie to her butch prison bitch,then get shanked by 4 bull dykes,I like this new theme already!!

  16. You bloggers are an angry bunch arent you…
    Anyway, I keep forgetting this is a spoiler blogsite, so I need to bail outta here til tomorrow.
    Good luck to all the HGs!!!
    Manana to all you cry babies.

  17. You who is bashing Jordon you my dear need to have your head examined why should it make a difference if she isn’t the smartest person she still has a lot going for her. She is adorably sweet who else in that house would go and get towels for the two remaining in the comp the other night and start their showers for them she is truley a very nice person. So lets take a look at Chima now there is a smart girl????? Ronnie?????? Michele?????? now tell me where thay are right now. If thats your type of person go for it you freaking dork.

    1. Goodness, you are stupid. She’s doing that because she’s kissing ass hoping whoever wins will take her. You didn’t see her doing ANY of that before she was in this position, did you?

      1. Uh yeah ya did…and she is very nice and the ONLY person I’ve ever seen her truly trash was Russell and we all know why she did that. The girl isn’t the brightest but she is by far the nicest and she doesn’t have to worry if they will take her or not…they would be stupid not to….they will both win against her.

        1. the real reason jordo bashes russell is because she obsession with him…she talks about him more then jeff..the only reason jordo is in the final 3 is because she is useless…this is not a competition base on personality or how much cookie dough you can eat…it’s about physical and mental strength,,something jordo lacks,,plus we can’t forget how she help screw jeff,,,by trusting nat and kevin…

          who know maybe when she leave big brother,,she can do commericals for pillsbury or slim fast.

          1. You?re so right peachie!

            If she hated Russell that much, she wouldn?t run up to him and throw her tits at him. She wanted Russell to take her right then and there, something Jeff couldn?t or she just wouldn?t do.

        2. You are so right dear…………and Jordan is a very sweet person………..and I pray to God she gets the fifty thousand dollars………….she needs it really bad?

      2. She’s not stupid. Jordan has been this nice the whole game. Too nice actually. In all honesty Jordan is alot smarter than any of you know. Jordan did really well in every question pov or hoh. Nasty friend Jessie has turned everyone against nasty telling them her true age. I hope it’s nasty and jordan in the finale and jordans wins the whole !@#@$ thing!

    1. Jeff would be a complete idiot if he agreed to take Jordan on that show! Have you ever watched it? It takes some brains and sense to compete in that and those are traits not becoming of Jordan. She was one of my favorite HG at the beggining but now….SHE IS USELESS!!!

      1. Agreed. She got winded just walking 4 laps in the chocolate competition. She would be as detrimental to Jeff on that show as she was in BB.

        1. oh,she did not,have you seen the girl on the eliptical for hrs at a time…I have! and your sweet athlete Nasty,couldn’t stand up to save her life,what an athlete she is!!!!

          1. LOL. You are ridiculous. I don’t care about Nat, in fact, I can’t stand her. Maybe you should get some rest from all your jumping to conclusions.

            1. maybe you should quit being ignorant,she has played a smart game,never on anybodies radar,she has proved way smarter than given credit for.

      2. you may not think she is so smart, but look , she made it to final 3 , so maybe it does not take that many smarts, because Kevin and Natalie are not the brightest people, and .look who is in the final 3 , no brains

  18. I have a question… during the log rolling competition, Natalie was holding on to the rope, no the key… doesn’t that disqualify her? how will they “punish” her? Julie said to hold on to the key… not the rope.

    1. I woukd think if BB had a prublem with itb they would have said something by now.
      So i guess it was ok . They r going to do nothing .Sounds like BB has stuck their nose into the game as is. When they were telling Kavin to keep Michell in the DR room ..

    2. OMG. Really?? She was holding onto the rope?? I haven’t heard that one yet. No one has mentioned it on any post…..ever…..especially in the last 359 posts……

      1. It was posted on here all day yesterday,even had pics to prove it,BB wants Gollum or Nasty to win it,they won’t do nothing about it!

        1. Those pics clearly showed that Nat was touching the key, that is what was required to do. Beat that dead horse some more, cant wait till after tonights show to see what the new complaint will be. Heard people saying that Jordan was holding the rope the same way but those pics got misplaced or something. Jesus christ, enough already, Nat didnt even win and saying that Jordan might have stayed on there longer if Nat had of been disqualified is as silly as some of these posts about it.

    3. BB is going to let it slide just like they have let the stealing, hiding objects, and speaking Spanish. BB is acting like a bad parent. The children won’t listen, so I will ignore it because I don’t know what else to do.

      BB should take a hint from Survivor. If you don’t follow the rules, you are immediately disqualified from the event. Consequences follow actions. Follow the rules — good consequences. Break the rules–bad consequences. Just be consistent.

  19. I think that Jeff should of not put the key in Pandora’s box to save Kevin maybe Kevin would be still in the box and be out of the game that would be cool.. Go Jordon
    Hope Nat gets evicted and refuses to go to jury and would get s–t…..

  20. We had trivia for about two hours and now I wonder if they played part 2 of the HOH. And Kevin just said “So we won’t know the final 2 until Sunday” That would mean that Jordan would have won – if Pigpen had won, then Kevin and Pigpen would compete for the final HOH but since they are taking each other to the final two, he would KNOW who the final two were. Just conjecture of course.

    1. doubt if they had that comp yet as PP is still in her pajama bottoms from 2 nights ago..imagine that lol……but guess it wouldn’t phase her any to be seen like that

        1. please don’t call the poster that said Go Natalie dumb…………………I think dumbass….stupid idiot says it better……………Nasty Pigpen should go home and have her sex change operation….the manly dykey bitch

  21. It never amazes me that some people root for the dumb ones. “Go Jordan go?” are you serious? she’s an idiot and hasn’t done anything to play this game at all. She shouldnt even get 50k

    1. You’re calling Jordon dumb? I believe the correct saying is ” it always amazes me” not ‘never. Pot calling the kettle black in my opinion.

    2. Some people root for the underdog anyway. Others just don’t want to see those two win because of the dirty way they have played the game. Even others think they have played the game well because of the lies and cheats and nasty behavior to better themselves. Actually Jordan has done a lot…just does not get that much attention. And she has played the game as good as any other player…just not as dirty.

    3. However you say it, she IS dumb (just one of her flaws) . I hate N/K, but I hope one of them wins … just because the level of stupidity Jordan has exhibited in the “Game” shouldn’t be rewarded.

      1. Excuse me – so just because someone isn’t as bright means they don’t deserve to win – yet people who use their intelligence to scam and cheat and lie and for abusive behaviour such as hiding medications, trying to cause another HG an allergic reaction, messing a hg’s contact solution which could have caused permanent harm and the list goes on, yet you think they deserve to win over someone who just wasn’t given a higher IQ – if that is the bases then Michelle should have won.

    4. WTF has Nasty or Gollum done there? Nasty rode Jessie’s,Chyma’s and Kevins back and never won crap,till she got 1 lucky question right,Kevin never done crap till all the big players were out,things would be different if Jeff could’ve played for HOH,Kevin wouldn’t have won it.all 3 of them haven’t done crap in the game till now,at least Jordan won when Jeff,Russ and Michelle was still in the game! the fag should win comps,he’s playing against girls!!

      1. You are vile. No wonder you hate Nat. You always loathe people who have the same characteristics you hate about yourself. Maybe you should do some self-reflection to find out why you put so much of your hatred for yourself on to other people. Anyway you look at it, you seriously need to figure our why you care so much. Transference/Projection anyone?

        1. Hoh was true,Jeff handed it to her,but was she still there..yes! point i’m making is,in almost all the comps,she has finished ahead of kevein and natilie!


      1. she’ll probably back out of the engagement once she is out of the house. Its hard to deny someone you love on national TV. Remember NataLIE is a pro at lying and has a good poker face. Her boyfriend is being dooped big time.

      2. And you know this to be 100% true? Are you part of the BB11 production team or work for CBS or just a moron that believes everything you see and read? Because if I were you (which I am so glad that I am not). I would never say something to be true unless I knew for sure it was 100% true. Did you graduate high school? Just wondering…

        1. Its true,my daughter is not engaged,we have very high and moral standards in the Martinez house.My daughter would never except a twisty tie as a engagement offer,she deserves alot better than that.She is beautiful,intelligent,sexy,smart,cute,clean,well mannered,polite,always speaks with courtesy to others,honest,very giving,loyal,very much the daughter all parents would want thiers to grow up to.She is a great role model and deserves this $500.000.CBS set this up,so my daughters reputation wouldn’t be ruined for taking the box.I am proud of my Natalie,she has played this game,with integrety and honesty,unlike the rest.Daddy loves you,….Viva La razzza!!!!!

    1. Sometimes I think Nat’s posts are mine. Granted, I’m a smidge bit more flakey and irrational. It just amuses me sometimes. I thought I posted that message when I read it. hahaha

    2. You are so right………what she really wants is a WOMAN………..she is a lesbian…………a ugly bow legged dirts scumb bag of a lesbian

      I have nothing agaisst lesbians……………only the ones who pretend to be straight………and lie and cheat………… Pigpen

    3. But she needs those tits so she can get a big dumb ass like Jeff to take care of her! Anyone who thinks she is so sweet must never read the recaps this website.

  23. Production should have called PP out when she cheated on last night’s comp by haning onto the rope and not the key. I realize it doesn’t really matter since Kevin won, but my point is that PP was still allowed to compete despite her blatant cheating.

    1. I read on another web sight that Kevin also cheated..they were told to face forward and most of the time he was standing he also should be disqualified…….Go Jordan

      1. You’re all forgetting that the competition plays out tonight. I don’t recall anyone “telling” Kevin he won anything. They could still come back tonight at the live show and say they (K/N) failed to follow the rules and are DQ’d.

  24. I am dreading tonights episode because I don’t want to have to see the looks on Jessie, Lydia and ecspecially Russell’s face when Jeff come’s in the jury house!! Stand tall Jeff and know that after this is all over you will be offered some serious work!

      1. I don’t think they will rub it in his face. From what I’ve seen, the jury house is fairly calm. It’s amazing how much an attitude will change once the fight for money is gone. Not only that, look how Russell left the house…with class. I don’t think it will be awkward. They may ask him some questions but I don’t see it getting hostile. I hope not anyway.

      1. I’ve been wanting for that moment for days. It’s going to be so funny. I don’t think any of them will treat him bad, but it will be great so see their faces whe he walks in. I hope they say, DUDE YOU GOT GOT!!!!

  25. Charmine why do you care about Jordan if you think Natalie or Kevin are any smarter you better think again especially if you want them to win ICK!

    1. Wrong many of us will be watching including alot of those folks saying they will not. That is the thing about BB it gets you riled up. I for one like Kevin and hope he wins out of all those left he seemed to play the game the most trying to win things. The true fact is the three left are the best players or they would not be in the game still. If Jeff was so great at this he could have found a way out. Same for other HG’s. This is not a game for the weak or faint of heart. This game requires lies and misleading and more. We all will do alot for money more than we all say. If put in the game I think many would be shocked at how they ended up having to play in order to stay in the game and win. You may go in with certain plans and because of someone elses decisons you are forced to change them. Alot of hating going on in this and other sites but the truth is no of us have been put into this postion so we all talk about how we would do it. Trust me this game changes from moment to moment. Is your life realing going the way you thought it would when you were 10? Most people would say no you have to back up in life sometimes and move over and change roads same in this game. Good Luck to all the HG’s left.The best person will win as always. If you don’t like who iwns just remember the other HG’s choose them and they lived the game and know who did what and how hard they played and in the end they know it all.

      1. Makes no never-mind to me as long as Gnat finishes out of the money! Just waiting to see the look on her face – that might redeem an otherwise pitiful season!

  26. You guys that don’t like Jordan are a bunch of idiots, she may not be the smartest but she is a good person and she deserves to win the money. She acts nothing like PIG PEN, who the hell doesn’t get excited about seeing their BF that she hasn’t seen for 2 months or longer, then she wasn’t even excited about the proposal, all she could say is “you are stuck with me now” and “I gave up alot to come in here”. She is crazy and needs to take her stupid 24yr old self home!!!

    1. Agreed. Jordan is simply a nice person. She may not be the smartest in the house but believe me…Natalie is not much better. I like how she uses her “big girl” words incorrectly. A ploy to make herself appear smarter than she actually is but only making herself look ignorant.

    2. No kidding, her response was a little, let me re-phrase, A LOT pathetic. She also said “are you sure? This is a big step.” Good lord!!! If you love the guy say YES.
      And I agree with you about Jordan being a sweetheart and deserving it. Sure, she rode Jeff’s coattails but that doesn’t change the fact the she’s in the final three, which is quite an accomplishment. Aligning yourself with a strong player is part of game play too, and it got her where she is now. She may be dumb, and not so good at comps but she did something right to get where she is. However, I don’t think she will win because in previous seasons they vote on the strongest player (not that ANY of them are strong competitors), but at least Jordan will leave with her dignity. Michele as well.

      1. I can’t stand Jordan and I am not an Idiot. She talks about people behind their backs and thinks that is ok. She is not better than Natalie. I am also not a Natalie fan so don’t y’all go getting your panties in a bunch.

    1. Even if I knew my best friend and I were – <— that close to winning and I probably had a chance of winning with the other person, the honorable thing to do would be to fight it out with my best friend. At least we would both win. Maybe I’m a different breed but even with boys, I’d rather fight it out with her than anyone else.

      1. I just don’t think he will do it Rockstar. :(

        Nat blew it when she stepped off the log, now it’s time to pay the piper. I said early on I hope those two made some kind of money deal, just to insure that they both get paid if they make the final two. But as it looks now, Kevin ain’t taking Nat. :((

    2. Don’t listen to this person. Lives on streets, eats from trash cans, has a library card to long onto this site, useless to society and is DUMB!

      1. hahaha yes Jay. I am poor and I live on the streets. I sneak into Walmart at night to watch the live feeds and use their computers. I sleep in the bedding section and eat chocolate covered pretzels and bathe in the sink. You got me. I got got!

  27. keep up the good work on the updates fellas, hands down the best site for updates for those who cant catch the show. since I refuse to watch the show I have a means to find out if jordo won. being honest I really no longer care. Just an opinion…with all the $$$ BB makes dont you think they should have a cash prize for 3rd and 4th?

  28. Jeff enters the Jury House tonight. We are ordering pizza to celebrate the event. Party at my house for like minded individuals. haha

      1. Oh boy… And this is the person that was trying to correct my spelling errors.
        Tuna and spinach. You can not be serious. I feel very bad for you Nat.
        You should just change your name for good or stop posting on this site because now you will be known for tuna and spinach. Not cool… DUMBASS!

        1. ummm….it is in honor of Jeff eating tuna and spinach /salads all the time. If you watched bbad or the feeds you would know that. Stop calling people dumb, you sound like a sissy. At least think of something clever instead of 50 posts of you calling everyone that does not agree with you DUMB. Did you just learn that word today or what? I personally, except for the sissy remark, do not call people names on here no matter how badly I would like. I find reading others opinions entertaining.

      2. oh Nat, I’ll buy you your own pizza. I will not be wanting any of yours. Reason #122345359875.5 why I would not sign up for Fear Factor. haha

      1. I sure hope the other members of the jury house are going to show more class and character than the cretins here who are waiting for them to wipe up the floor with Jeff – oh he may get some flack at the beginning but after awhile they’ll get together and talk and then Pigpen is in a world of trouble.

      2. I am a geek. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t post. I would be out being productive right about now instead of cleaning the tv and making her sparkle in preperation for tonight. BB, Vampire Diares and Supernatural. I have a pocket proctector and I only wear glasses to look sexy. haha

    1. I will dedicate my slice to Jeff in honor of your party tonight…man he was dumb. I think it was almost as funny as when Marcellas got got! And Nata-freakin-lie is growing on me as the best player! Guess cuz I can not stand Jordan I need to pull for someone, might as well be the person who actually played the game from the start. I wasn’t even aware that someone named Kevin was even living in the house until a few weeks ago.

      1. I didn’t know who Kevin was either. I like him though. I think he’s fun. I just hope he sticks it out with Natalie to the end. At least with Kevin and Natalie, it’s 50/50, I really think they’d let Jordon win with her sob story if she was up against Kevin.

  29. If Nat lies that much in the game, she must lie that much in her real life. it’s crazy what comes out of that girls mouth.
    All you Jordan haters just don’t know what nice people are all about!
    GO JORDAN! I respect you, your game and everything you said.

    I have no respect for loser wannabees that follow people like steriod Jessie around for protection, and then when on their own, seem to know nothing but to lie & cheat. Honesty and friendship got Jordan and Jeff this far.

  30. At this point, I don’t care if Kevin wins or not – just so long as it ‘s not PP as to reward her sociopath game play. (And, also so her ego doesn’t expand further). Yes, BB is only a game, though it should be a game with a conscience. I didn’t mind so much when Evel Dick won because his humanity showed; he was a flawed individual who wasn’t self-delusional.

  31. My ideal world at this point:

    Jordan wins part 2
    Kevin wins part 3 and takes Jordan!
    Kevins win $500K. Jordan wins $50K and Mich wins $25K.

    It could happen. not super likely but COULD happen and I continue to watch with that little flicker of hope alive….

    1. In my ideal world, Michele or Jeff comes back for the final two and that Nasty and Kev fall into a hole to hell in the backyard! I am sorry for all of you that think Jordan will even sniff the final two unless she wins the next two comps. There is no way in HELL NataLIE or Kevin can take her to the final two……Add them up, Jordan has the votes and they know it.
      America= Jordah
      Kevin or NataLie =Jordah (which ever one gets screwd by the other)
      Game over for Jordan unless she wins TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Only Jeff would vote for Whordan. Michelle may have been an ally but she knows to vote for who played the best game and who won the competitions when it mattered.

    2. Natalie caught on tape cheating at pool with Kevin, check out cbs. bb under forums, general comments, then you dont have to….go to page 168 and plain as day there is Natalie pushing a ball in the pocket when Kevin turns his back!!!!

  32. This is what I was thinking. In case of a tie, America’s Vote will be decided on which of the final 2 HG received the most votes for “Americas Favorite”. There is no way that CBS can pull off a tie breaker in that amount of time on live TV. I think Natalie is SOL if I am correct.

    1. I think one of the house guest will get 2 votes (Jeff-finding that key-or who ever gets the $25,000). But…what I love is if Kevin figures out that Nat won’t have time to talk to the jury he can take Jourdan & not worry about how mad Nat will be. As long as Nat get nothing I am happy. She thinks she is the greatest BB player that ever lived!! Well live with “getting nothing”. A girl can dream!

    2. If America gets a vote in the finale, I bet they have the vote where you have all 3 scenarios, and pick the one you want to win in each situation:
      Kevin _ v. Nasty _
      Kevin _ v. Jordan _
      Jordan _ v. Nasty _
      Then they tally America’s vote for each of the scenarios, so it will be ready to go.

  33. Lauras pic could be a TV with the word BOOB on it, or two jugs of water, or hooters shorts, All we really know about her is her boobs. Im not trying to be mean to her. Did she switch sides allot in the house? If so you could use a pair of flip flops. As for Russ I like some ones idea of a muscle with love on it, or a culiflower (spell?) because of his ear.

    1. Ohh, and if you could find the spoof of Star Wars the goofie character that played Darth Vader would be a good one for Ronnie. I don’t know who the douche is though. Oh. HA! HA! I just got it. I was not really missing Jessie but it totally fits!

  34. I wish Canada could have a BB, maybe even in L.A. just with Canadian contestents.
    We are so silly up here, that would be a fun show! I see it now…a lumberjack, a Kokanee girl, maybe even one of our politicians…Hahahaha
    Just my thoughts.

          1. As another Canadian fan, I would soooooo love to see a BB in Canada. Or, at least, open it up to us Crazy Canucks. :-D I’ve read that most of the American game shows CAN have Canadian players, but b/c it would involve a little more paperwork for the execs, they choose not to…which sucks for us. :-( I think having Canadians on some of these shows would add a whole other aspect to the show. Think, on Survivor, they could have a Canadian Team and an American Team. On BB, throw in some Canadian players. Anyway, we Canadians can only dream about it at this point.

            1. I’d be in an alliance w/both you, BBGrandma and you, Rockstar. We Canadians could really show them a thing or two, couldn’t we? Hmmm…petition? I never thought of that. How about forming an alliance to gang up on CBS to have them open the games up to us, too. No backstabbing, scheming or devil comments against one another, tho. Lol No threats of harming family members, either. tee hee (Yes, the coffee has kicked in and I’m feeling rather saucy today.) ;-) Survivor pays more than BB, tho…do you think we should try for that one? BB looks like more fun, tho. Hmmm…Money or fun…either way, just let us in CBS!!! Ok…heading over to my sis’s now to get ready for tonight’s BB episode. Have a great day, BB addicts. :-D

      1. Oh Simon, you would walk away with it for sure! You know all the tricks, how people are perceived and played and you already have a huge fan base! When this is over I hope to know the real identities of some of the regulars — it would give us all a chuckle what people are in real life. I’m still hoping the gnat gets swatted out of all prizes, then I might loosen up on my dislike of her, if only she didn’t take any money from this.

    1. They did have a Canadian on a reality TV show – that dude who killed his wife/model a couple of weeks ago. Maybe there are issues to do the background check in Canada from America since they didn’t find out about his history of abuse.

      1. MTV has had a Canadian on a few reality shows. Evan Starkman. On Duels and such.
        Here is the problem though, US laws prevent them from awarding prize money to non-Americans. There are ways around it but say that Canadian won the $500,000 not only do they have to pay US taxes (there goes almost 12/) they also have to pay more taxes to bring it across the border.

        My thought was CBS should build a BB house in Alberta right on the US/Canada border. (since they can’t award an American prize money in another country…which is why Amazing Race ALWAYS ends in the US). If a Canadian wins then they’d be able to be in Canada and if an American wins they’d be able to do it in the US. Then they could do 1/2 and 1/2. Plus all those little 19/20 year old Americans who’ve never had alcohol can come to the good side of the house and get gassed. lol

          1. C’mon Simon – you will never make it in the BB house with that kind of honesty. Maybe Gnat can give you some lessons in that department – LOL.

  35. Go Jordough! Eat their asses out of house and home!

    Jordumb ?We girls have three holes, one to pee with, one to eat with, and one to do number two with. I wonder where the penis goes.? :|

    1. from what I’ve listened to, on this group, it can go wherever it wants.
      They have no preference. ALL of their sex life is up for exposure and the nastier, so much the better. I now know all about the gay life style……..
      who shaves what and why.
      Not much on bathing, cleaning or dish washing, but if you want a sex education, they are right there w/ all you want to know, and most that you don’t

  36. I hope CBS offers Jordon and Jeff a show of their own. They were SOOOO cute together and I loved them as a team. I hope they will get together after the show.

    K/N make me sick. I don’t like them at all. NataLIE in particular disgusts me. I hope Jordon wins.

    1. I was going to say what a stupid idea that would be. Then it hit me, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson was a hit! But come on, at least Jessica had something going for her.

    2. if you watched the live feeds you’d see that jeff was annoyed with jordan — he just wanted someone to cuddle with and fondle every now n then.

      He was highly annoyed with her and seemed “over” her because she was so uneducated and genuinely dumb

    3. Well they do deserve a show of the dumbest players ever..They had the game in their hands but dumb Jeff gave it up to their opponents..Russell never lied to him or Chima..THats what happens when you get greedy…Jordan..she is just plain dumb…a title for their own show would be..Trailer park trash meets dumb “white” boy..

  37. Right now it doesn’t matter what we want or don’t want. Natalie is going to die trying to mess with Jordan as she has in all competitions. Jordan should win over them because she has done like many before her and that is to stay out of fights and stay a little under the radar. How do you think so many others have won doing just that. All Jordan has done is be a little weak and you haters jump on her. Russell was cruel. Chima was just a pure bitch. Lydia was the bipolar one. Jesse is a freak of nature and retarded. You people talk about eating…have you not seen Jesse eat or Natalie? That’s all they did. What else is there to do in the house. Its because they are stressed and bored out of their mind that makes them eat. At least Jordan works out and pretty darn hard. She was on that machine for hours. She would walk with Michele for an hour. Does crunches. Now its time to stop talking about someones weight. How do any of you know she isn’t acting a little dumb. Jordan has a brain and she is using it. Deep down I think she is just a sweet, giving person who is a little naive. Ronnie by the way is more the Devil than Michele. He was Satan and that was all there is too it. Good game player? No Ronnie isn’t he may think he is but he played his hand like Brian did and that’s why Brian went so fast last season.

    How about Go Jordan and I hope Jeff wins the 25,000. Kevin over Natalie any day.

    1. IMO, the best post I’ve read in a long time. One thing though, you could have left out the word “retarded” to describe anyone.

  38. Me too, I’m hoping for a Jordan win…..The problem with a Canadian version would be is that, We Canadians are too nice to fight…and be mean to people!!!!…However it would be very interesting to see!!!

  39. Nasty is still wearing the pajama bottoms and gold sweatshirt she put on day before yesterday. YUCK~!!! They don ‘t call her PP for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a stinky slob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Simon, bravo on the pictures. Jessie’s picture made me smile all the way home…
    Even though I respected him a wee bit more this season, he still is an A-1 douche.

  41. those pics are great dont forget the horse for lauras and the dumbbells for russ :) love the ronnie rat, jess is a douche and ly a crazy bitch.

  42. Has anyone noticed how shifty Nasty Gnat’s eyes are? It’s no wonder at the nomination meeting she wore big glasses to hide when she lies. Poker player my ass.

  43. I hope kevin wins not nat she rode on everyones coatail.I hate how mean she was to Michelle…lets hope for the best senario…hopefully kevin takes jordan to the end if he can…I am glad this one is coming to an end..there wasn’t enought twist in this one…

    1. You can’t be serious?

      The funny thing about it all is that I was being nice and kind. You can?t make that shit up what comes out of Jordumb?s mouth, so piss off! :D

  44. I doubt very much this romance would go far outside the house. Jeff seems fond of her, and of course, will take if anything is given. But she is not only young, but dim. She needs so much education. Notice they don’t discuss any good books or things of that nature. Sex and horror movies. He’s not all that in the brain dept. but the goods are there. He needs to mature, cultilvate a vocabulary that doesn’t contain or consist of the F Bomb. Otherwise, he seems a nice enough guy. But would they have anything on a show that would interest a viewer? What must the viewer be!

  45. I want to see Kevin and Natalie get their own TV show. He can teach her to be more girly and she can teach him to be a tough guy.

    1. SO right! Had not thought of that before…well…she’s too busy telling him what to do to notice he could teach her a lot about being more femine. LOL

    1. hmmmmm “cheating” maybe?? he was told to face front in that HOH comp and he was mostly turned sideways…natalie too because her hand not even a finger was on that key and julie did say “HGs must have at least 1 hand on thier “key” at all times”….. i know there has to be some penalty for that….why all 3 will compete for the 500k on tuesday? the blind “defenders” can’t see it but their “biased” so thats expected…..

  46. This is just a game I KNOW! but still….

    I dont like how BB11 is ending. Im ready for BB12 and lets forget BB11 HG for good.

    and lol @ Jeff and Jordan not fallowing what DR told them to do. One would think they know better since they see it all.

    Just like saying NO to god ahahah thats what you get.

    Sad to say but if Kev wins-BB11 will be known as the gay season. (even tho it wasnt and it should not matter…..)

  47. Simon, thanks for the info on the final comps last night.

    I still think that sucks. Jordan who has won nothing(at least not fairly) stand a chance of being picked at the end and becoming eligible for 2nd and First place.

    That?s what happened with Evil Dick. He lost the endurance-Danielle lost the endurance-Danielle lost round two and still made to final two.
    A big time loser should not be there at all. I think whoever drops first should be eliminated-sent home. Than the final round should be between the two standing during endurance.


    And, what have you heard about Nasty?s cheating-the rubber band and not holding on to the key???

  48. I just checked my local listings and it does say that part 2 will be today
    Sunday will be highlights of the season and unseen footage
    and Tuesday will be the live 2 hour finale

    1. Jeff, a good player? I dont think so! He wouldn’t have even made it far in the game if he was not initially put on the athletes team which guaranteed his safety. Plus, he was given the most power any guest in BB history has been given as a prize, which was a huge advantage. He pretty much got to automatically evict one of the houseguest with the wizard power.

      So, how are you saying that Jeff was a good player? He may have been entertaining but he and jordan were definitely not good players. Jeff made tons of serious mistakes.

      1. Ohiolady, you are very right about that. The CDT let him turn the whole house around. The other side was in complete control and Jeff’s side was about to be picked off one by one. That was a great gift. Changed the show.

      2. many of us want a jeff ad jordan reality show–like nick and jessica–not necessarly a competition type show.

        maybe jordan moves to chicago???

        the two of them together are funny and sweet. they are both original and when they come together they are very appealing. if CBS doesnt scoop them up I am sure someone else will.

        DEFINITELY want to see more of Jeff on tv and film!

  49. OMG I was just reading on a CBS insiders blog that there are plans to send all three house guests home tonight because the all suck. Prize money will be saved and used for next seasons house.

  50. anyone know whats been going on in the house today or whats happening now? im assuming they are doing the part 2 right now.

  51. OMG…I just got home and was watching BBAD from last night and I just heard Natalie call Kevin “boy”. She said, did I just hear you complain BOY. She is so ghetto that she cannot even conduct herself in a respectful manner at any time. And I also re-watched the BBAD HOH competition and Kevin was 75% of the time standing sideways. That is not right. He should have been taken off after the 2nd warning. Wow, CBS is really getting on my nerves now. Cheating, stealing and then winning $500,000. What incentive for all the youth that is watching. No wonder no one respects anyone in this world anymore.

    1. So what? What is wrong with calling him a boy? Its slang. Its like if someone came up to you and said ‘what are you up to girl?’ I don’t see what is wrong with that. I think its disrespectful and spiteful for you to say its somehow ghetto and for you to demonize the ghetto with a negative connotation.

      1. I dont know about you but I would never walk up to one of my male friends and say, what are you up to boy. It is a slang in a derogatory sense. She is treating him like he is her boy. Or a man servant. Like, fetch me a sandwich boy or play pool with me boy or lets play cards boy. As she was saying it she was doing that man walk and so that is how I interpreted the comment. We all have our opinions. Lets just agree to disagree and not get our panties in a bunch.

  52. I hope Kevin wins out of the 3 left. I preferred that Michelle win but that will not happen (hopefully for the $25K). He kind of redeemed himself on Tue night, when an inkling of a plan to backstab Nat-rat was forming in his head. If he pulls through and goes for the devastating blow to her, I will vote Kevin up online like crazy. Go K-town! Jordon, you are sweet but I’m getting cavities here.

    1. When Kevin is in dr he acts like he will not take Natalie, but I believe he is making us believe that. I really think he will take Natalie. I hope not. And he is trying to make Jordan believe he will take her. Evreyone is playing the game. I hope it is Kevin and Jordan and Jordon wins. I just don’t like the way Natalie and Kevin played the game. Michelle for the 25K…

      1. the honest truth is that jordan KNOWS that she cant beat natalie in the final two. even though she likes her better than kevin she will not take natalie. of course she will tell natalie different but she is playing for herself. she knows the votes favor natalie and even thinks america will give her their vote because of her engagement. the truth is natalie doesnt have the votes but jordan doesnt know what we do.

        kevin knows the same thing. he cannot take natalie either.

        jordan and kevin in the final two.

        jordan–jeff, michelle, america,

        kevin–jesse, russ, lydia,

        the deciding vote goes to natalie and she will give her vote to whoever did not evict her.

        *russ may give his vote to jordan to make up for their fallout and because he wants a friendship with jeff.

        the only way jordan is guarenteed the 500k is against natalie and there is little chance she will take her.

    1. That goes back to her being LAZY. She won’t shower, won’t close her mouth while eating, she even walks lazy. She’s just lazy. A slob. She was too lazy to even fight for the HOH. She herself keeps saying she’s lazy. That boyfriend of hers better understand he will have to clean and cook for her, and probably wipe her ass at some point. What a disgusting human being she is.

      1. You forgot that Pig Pig, AKA Nat said herself that her daily life consists of going to work at Blockbuster & then going home & watching tv. Def a big time slacker. And let’s not forget, she was a “Jr Olympic Champion”, which means she could have been 8 -14 years old at the time… & turned into a lazy non-athlete over the intervening 10 – 15 years.

    1. Until she won HOH & we saw pics, I was wondering if she was gay… she is def not a girly girl… I’m still not convinced the boyfriend/engagement thing is real.

  53. I am so excited Jordan won the 2nd HOH comp. Now the finale might be worth watching. If Jordan can win the last comp. and take HOH, I think she will win because she will have won more comps than Kevin and PP. That would serve both of them right!

  54. for all you people that said JORDAN was dumb

    she is Proving all you wrong

    she is talking to KEVIN and her PLAN Is clean

    she has been honest, and she is SMART

    Vote JORDAN

    WOW I am blown away by Jordan’s SPEECH

  55. go to the live feeds

    JORDAN is smart

    go listen to her logic when she is speaking to Kevin


    OMG…………………. Jordan should win

  56. If Jeff, Michelle and Russell played the best game, why are they all gone? That is simply an idiotic statement because jeff had no game until America handed him the wizard power.

  57. I think its soo ignorant of the people who say jordough or whatever.. the girl is not fat whatsoever.. she is a normal size girl.. but i guess since you can see her bones that makes her a fat cookie dough eater.. its just ignorant

  58. I can’t stand Natalie. She is a pretty girl though and her BF was HOT! but I hate hearing her talk. She is a lying, cheating , backstabbing Biotch. Her poor BF, and her dad. I bet they are impressed and proud of their girl…lol… Kevin- can’t stand him either. I cringed when he dropped to his knees and started crying when he won the final Veto comp. He is such a wierdo.

    Jordan- LOVE her. She seems like the All American girl next door. I’m sure she has her flaws but she has been honest the whole game. I think she’s in love with Jeff and even though I think he is the HOTTEST, I think he’s not gonna wanna see her on the outside. but in the house, he did seem to care for her.
    I think it should be Jordan and Kevin in the final two. Send Nats butt packing. I think Jordan should win, (she needs it), Kevin 2nd place ( even though him an Nat deserve nothing . All they did was gloat and lie and it would serve them right) then I think that Michelle should win the $25,000 (?) for America’s favorite player.

    Or BB could have the HOH winner pick an ex houseguest to bring back into the game to sit with them in the final two.

  59. I think Jordan and Jeff will get married one day. I am surprised that Jordan respected herself and didn’t give it up to Jeff, maybe that’s why he likes her…. Cuz she ain’t a hoe.

  60. Hello Nat can’t play in the 3rd comp which has her pissy. It would be smart for Jordo to pick nat cuz the house hates her and wants kevin to win. And I agree with you on her showing no excitement in her engagement, she must know it’s only if she wins. Think he would want someone his family an america hates? Well maybe it’s cuz she always has her mouth open for a reason! LOL

  61. I hope gnat reads all these blogs and ppl at her job see her true colors…She’ll say and turn on whoever to get what she wants. She’ll probably try to convience her coworkers it was just for the show…ya right…she can join the chima hoe-diva-bitch club. The east coast wants Jordo ….you go girl!

  62. And…..Gnat whined about how she messes up on the balls she didn’t even pick up her own name she was the last HOH boy that girl is dumb…I loved it that the audience cheered for Jordo and not PP. We need Jordo to win..It’s about time a female wins…and for those of you saying Jordo is fat she looked pretty good thrusday. I guess tt’s those that r saying she is are calling the Kettle Black and don’t like the way they look in the mirror or wish they had bigger boobs!

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