Big Brother 11 Spoilers 2nd HOH Results.. Jordan wins!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


2nd HOH winner is: Jordan

America is the seventh jury vote and the final 2 will not be determined until Tuesday

In the HOH competition Jordan got 9 right with 30 seconds to spare and Natalie got 5 right with 2seconds to spare

Sunday is a bloopers show and the Jury grills the remaining 3 hosueguests!

7:33pm Feeds are on trivia. Before they cut to trivia Natalie was in the Diary room. Jordan and Kevin used this time to talk about what they are going to do if they win HOH. Jordan makes a very strong argument that they should get out Natalie because the Jury house is filled with her friends. Kevin tells her he agrees, Jordan also comments on them having similar game strategies having both laid low in the begging. Kevin tells her his mind was made up after Natalie took Pandora’s box instead of playing POV. He knows Natalie was willing to fuck him over for a “prize” so he has no problems fucking her over right back.


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632 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers 2nd HOH Results.. Jordan wins!

    1. I’ve always wondered why they haven’t offered Janelle an acting and/or modeling career. She’s beautiful and so photogenic.

      1. Well, if either Jordon or Kevin evict Natalie out at the last minute (PLEASE!), you can rest assured Natalie will toss her vote to the person who didn’t evict her, even if that means not giving a vote to Kevin, her partner in crime.

    1. Hey you stupid moron, Jorden did win and pigpen doesn’t have a chance in hell winning the 500 Thousand now. All the people in the jury house hate her now because of her lies and america sure as hell won’t vote for that nasty bitch!!!!!!!!!

      1. Um, yes. See, there are these things called “quotation marks” and what they do is indicate that someone is reporting that someone else has said something. For instance, in reporting what you commented, I might say: “Hey, you stupid moron,” the ignorant person brashly exclaimed before considering what he had just read carefully, obviously not having been to the blog the previous night (when I had presented the rational arguments for Jordan winning).

      2. Unless I’m mistaken I believe you are the moron Jeff&Jorden Rock. Westerfarther was just mocking what other people said…..jeez there’s a reason why there were quotation marks around those quotes.

    1. kevin wont throw it because he is not guarenteed to be picked by jordan.

      jordan will have natalies vote if kevin boots her and jordan wins.

      1. Personally, I feel if Kevin wins, he boots Gnat, and out of Kev/Jordan, Kevin might squeak by and win. If Jordan wins, I think (honestly) she’d take Gnat (since Kevin got Jeff and Michelle out) and if Jordan does that….I think Jordon wins, hands down.

        1. The only sad part of the Jordan taking Natalie to the final 2 scenario is that even if Jordan wins the $500,000, Natalie will still get $50,000, which is $49,999.99 more than she deserves.

  1. She smoked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud!!!!
    now honestly i just hope kevin wins and takes jordan. bec if jordan wins she prob will take natalie and i will be piiiiiiiiissed. im pretty sure kevin will take jordan now bec he must realize that nat has no sway over jury bec there is no campaigning time.

    1. I think that’s why Kevin looked unexpectedly concerned. It’s certainly possible that Natalie will be picked over him should Jordan win.

  2. americas vote . i think if kev goes against nat he wins :( i think if nat goes against jord jord wins :) and wrll if jord goes against kev???? i want jord to win :)

    1. Votes are already official. America has voted Jordan to win if she makes it to the final. America has voted Kevin if it is Kev vs Nat.

    1. … and we get to listen to Natalie’s excuses on why she messed up and lost because really she is SO smart! Break out the violins Gnat – you’re a dumb ass! No lies can save you now.

  3. I walked outside of my house and got smaced by all these cookie dough eating flying pigs, then I came back in and saw that Jordan won.Must have been a sign.

    1. Nat must be a Tai Kwon Do champ in the special olympics. Jordan has outperformed Nat all year in competitions. Nat is the worst competitor in BB history. If not for Kevin’s beautiful execution of the lie about Russell to Jeff, Nat would’ve been gone 2 weeks ago.

    1. Wow! That was priceless, just seeing Nasty Nat’s ugly face all scrunched up! Here goes the Nasty again, telling Julie she would of won because she knows everything about every houseguest in the BB house. I just love what Julie?s response was to her “Natalie this was a Mental and Physical Challenge”. Absolutely worth watching tonight???

      1. Yeah. Wait, was that Jordan or Natalie that was the Athelete?

        * (that was a rhetorical question, Jeff & Jorden Rock !!, just in case you needed some help figuring out a response)

  4. way to go Jordon..Lets just hope Kevin does throw the last comp. I am so glad he doesnt know that Nasty Nat doesnt have the votes to win…Go Jordon!!!

  5. bloopers sun ha ha jord gets to play the 2nd hoh so if she wins she picks nat or ken right? i think shed pick kev, cause he evicted mich, nut she should keep nat then shed win. if kev gets it he will boot out jord we all know that

  6. YAYYY I’m so happy to see Jordan win this all on her own. She HAD it. Now we get to watch Natalie kiss ass and drive Kevin crazy for the next four days hahahaha

  7. ok so maybe I’m confused. Did Natalie think she was the best one for the mental challenge, or did she say she was mentally challenged!!!!!!!!! Love the results!

  8. If Jordan wins final HOH I hope she will take Natalie. It sounds like everyone in jury house can’t stand her. Hopefully, she will take out Kevin to get revenge for Jeff.

    1. As much as I hate Natalie, and don’t want her to get any money. I think if Jordan wins she should take Natalie to the final. She would have a better chance of winning, and it would be funny to see Natalie try to answer all the jury’s questions about all her lies.

  9. I HATE NATALIE but didnt she make a deal with both of them? Hopefully kevin and jordan talk and can compromise to not use hoh just take themselves to jury house, can they do that? I just hope Natalie walks away with nothing but a tie twist ring! She is a floater and should have been gone a long time ago!!!!!GO JORDAN!!!!!!

  10. That was beyond sweet! I loved all the excuses afterwards… I can’t wait to see what is part 3! Anything can happen in the BB house. I will say I was glad that the JH didn’t give Jeff too much crap. He seemed shocked when he found out that no one would vote for Natalie. She’s going to be in for quite a surprise on Tuesday.

    May the best person win!

    1. Don’t you just love the way Natalie talked to “America” during that log competition regarding Kevin’s promise to take her to final 2. Priceless. She doesn’t know that the majority of the viewers want Kevin to evict her butt promise or not.

  11. And the Jury House are all agaisnt here. I can’t wait till she sees that she has no friends at all. That will be awsome, I really dislike Natalie. Don’t want Kevin either, he is at her level.

    so is sundays show a misser? I mean we can miss it and not worry we missed anything? geez that dosn’;t make sence eh? LOL.

  12. OMG i am so happy that jordan kicked gnatlie’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love that Julie Chen can not hid the fact that she hates gnatlie too! She cut her off so, so good, telling her it was physical and mental (the gnat trying to justify her horrible play, the girl can not win anything at all, but the difference is at least Jordan doesn’t ry to act like she can but doesn’t want to) It is clear Julie can’t stand her anymore than the rest of the US and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nasty lied again. She couldn’t even lose graciously and just congratulate Jordan. I thought Nat’s mouth was going to hit the floor along with Kevin’s. Nat still had to lie about not winning that she knew of her mistake, blah, blah, blah. She is unbelievable and such a liar and cheat. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!

  14. WAY TO GO JORDO!!! Nat sucked at that! She’s got an excuse for everything…she screwed up Russell and Chima! Hello stupid! Your on live tv!

  15. Jordan will win this game

    Votes for Jordan: Jeff, Michelle, America, Jessie (Kevin voted him out), Natalie ( Kevin broke her word)

    Jordan is able to beat Natalie or Kevin in the finale



    1. Jessie and Natalie will vote for Kevin. Jessie will love Kevin for getting Jeff out and is the kind of guy that would vote for who played the better game. Natalie will vote for Kevin bc he has played more on her side the entire game. The only votes Jordo will get are Americas, Mich, and Jeff.

      Jordans only chance is with Natalie.

        1. Jeff is still stinging from getting burned by Kevin and I’m sure he’ll be talking against him in the jury house for a while. He doesn’t realize that Natalie was behind his (and almost all) of the evictions. Most of them in the jury house don’t know that. I’m hoping in this instance that Jeff isn’t very persuasive because if Natalie is up against Kevin in the final 2, the jury house is apt to give her the $500,000. I’m putting a lot on Michele’s shoulders that she was observant enough from the very beginning of the game to realize just how manipulating Natalie was and to convince the jury that it was Natalie who was responsible for all of their evictions.

  16. lets keep crossed our finger and hope jordans winsssssssssssssssssss
    damn jordon u kciked bulldog ass lol

  17. Jordan blew that girl away. I am happy for you girl. Now you just have to take Kevin down in the final round. I so hope she makes it to the final two. She deserves the money so much.

  18. you go jordan…..woohoo….natalie was giving excuse after excuse as to why she didnt win…i am so sick of her smelly ass…GO HOME…

  19. The only way Jordan wins is against Natalie.
    Kevin played a much better game and if she takes Kevin than she will lose big. Kevin was actually very nice to everyone to their faces and he won a lot of competitions. Kevin will win against Natalie or Jordan.

    1. They gave the 3 different scenarios for who the final 2 are.. America votes on those 3 different ones. At this point I don’ care if Kevin or Jordon wins as long as Nat doesn’t I’m happy!!!!

    2. Did you watch the show? I gave numbers for all 3 “ifs” as too who would be the final 2. It’s on the website as well for voting :)

  20. YEAHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYY. I know Jordo is a little slow sometimes but she came thru. And for all those haters saying its rigged… stop hating… it was a mental comp/ rolling a ball in a F****ing hole… nasty wasn’t even smart enough to skip a hole after she messed up… AND she’s trying to explain it away. Its over and done… Kevin or jordan will win bb11 YES YES YES! Now Michele just needs to win AC to make the sick feeling in my stomach go away!

  21. I love the fact that Jordan put the whup on Natalie’s ass!! Ya just gotta love our Jordo!! She made Natalie hoo hoo!! LOL!!

  22. The best part is that it wasn’t even close. Jordan smoked Natalie. Natalie has no choice but to spend the next week thinking about how she LOST to Jordan!!! I have to say, Jordan did so well, I’m thinking about shooting her a few votes for America’s Vote!

  23. WoooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo go Jordan go lmao. Please do not take natalie to the final two. Love my plastic boob girl. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHoooooooooooooooo.

  24. Will Gnat never run out of excuses???????? Kudos to Jordan for winning and showing some class when hearing of her win~Gnat would have been as obnoxious as can be…..

    Nastalie, you LOSE!
    So arrogant, so cocky and now you lost to Jordan. Boo Who? Boo you!

  26. If it’s A/B comp as in past years, Jordan could easily beat Kevin as she has done better in those type of comps this year. Hopefully then Jordan takes Nat to the end, thereby guarenteeing her $500K in a 7-0 win. Jordan vs Kev would be a close 4-3 vote either way.

  27. Gnat is useless. The only comp she won was a total guessing comp. She is not athletic and I am sick of hearing her talk about how great she is in competitions. Whe is delusional. PLEASE JORDON IF YOU WIN HOH, DON’T FALL FOR NASTY NATS LIES!!!!!!!!!! SEND HER PACKING!!!!!!!!

    1. Julie smacked Nat twice…the second time was when she asked her how did it feel to have her fate in either Kevin or Jordan’s hands… In other words, I bet you feel stupid for jumping off of that log, PP!! Deals are made to be broken in BB. Good Luck Jordan!

  28. I hope Jordie takes Snat to the final 2. We all know that Jordie will have the people to win the 500K. and what better ending that to have her win over Snatchalie

  29. To all you Jordan Haters I am LMAO! Because it is now 2 against one. Kevin IS taking Jordan if he wins!!! You PP supporters scare the heck out of me. That girl is a true sociopath.

  30. I am so happy that Jordon won round two. I am hoping to God that Jordan and Kevin go to the final two and then from there, may the best one win! As long as Natalie does NOT win, I am happy. If I were her Father and “Fiance” I would be so embarrassed by her actions this season.

  31. WOW!!!!!, Jordan is killing on CBS.Com with 99% of the votes when matched with either Nat or Kev. Nat has yet to receive a vote, wait there’s 1, from the rest of America. Kevin is crushing the votes when matched up with Nat. It’s a LANDSLIDE for Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Yes JORDO!!!! LOL good for Gnat, born loser. Jordon kicked her butt good. I’m glad all three get to go to the final night, that takes away Gnats threat to Kevin. Oh man, 9 to 5 victory! LOL Awesome.


  34. I have already made all my votes for Jordan. I hope that all of those who have said that Jordan can’t win anything, are now eating crow…..she won that one good! No matter what, if she is with Kevin or Natalie, she has the votes. Michelle, Jeff and America, and just need one more. I’m thinking that she could do this!!!
    Question…some say Kevin has won lots of comps. What all has he won…..two POVs & one HOH?

  35. As Julie said, Natalie failed physically and mentally. That makes a trifecta, since Nat has frailed morally/ethically as well–taking malicious glee in the misfortune of others, and acting quite cruelly at times. Jordon came through on live tv under tremendous pressure. If she makes the final two, she wins against Nat and it’ll be close against Kevin. Hope Jordon wins, but Kevin would surely beat Nat, and I would take some satisfaction in that. Anyone other than Nat, but go, Jordon. Well done, girl.

  36. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL……..OMG!! I am still laughing at the shock on Gnat and Kevin’s faces when Julies told the totals!! GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!! SORRY GNAT–WICKED LIARS NEVER WIN!

  37. Anyone else think it was hilarious that Gnat was making it seem that it was rocket science that when she got the wrong ball in the wrong hole that you had to account for that??? That the holes didn’t get bumped up because you messed up? Pathetic

    You could tell by the look on her face that she was just as shocked as Kevin and Nasty Nat. Jordan will not rub it in Nat’s face the way Nat did the last couple times..
    Its about time Nat gets to feel some pain.

  39. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the show. Doesn’t start for another 45 minutes here but I couldn’t wait to hear what happens!!! Do they show the jury house at all? Did the jury house have a field day when Jeffy walked in? Too bad he went with Jordan’s “gut” about Nat & Kev. Otherwise this would’ve been a MUCH better finale!! But… as long as PP gets the boot, I’ll be happy! :)

    1. the jury house were acting like shits (what a shocker) but jeff, per usual, handled it with class and dignity……sounded to me like the three were all bending in Kevin’s favor

  40. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Queen of mean loses to the sweet southern belle. How sweet-she annihilated her she didn’t just win and with class and grace. Now Kevin and gnat are sitting there lying to each other about who they would take.

  42. did you hear Gnasty at the end……hummina, hummina, hummina….i coulda, i woulda, i shoulda…..but i put jessie there, and then i put russell, but chima’s was….i mean, i meant to put…i should’ve put…..i mean, i mean…and then…..

    HEE HEE……what a great night. the only sad part is gnat’s going to totally be mind torturing jordan now and although she is such a sweetie, i’m very nervous that she will be swayed

  43. If america Votes for Jordan she has Jeff, Michelle and thats it…….Everyone else will vote for Kevin….I want Jordan to win but she doesn’t have the votes….SHE HAS TO TAKE NAT to WIN

    1. Remember evictions is just before the vote and if Kevin picks Jordan over PP, PP will be upset and vote for Jordan thus she will have 4 votes to 3!

    2. That’s the way I see it too. Jordan will have to take Gnat to win. I don’t mind, Kevin stabbed Jeff in the back, karma’s a bitch! I see this as Jeff’s win too, Jordan made it as far as she did because of Jeff, and Jordan is grateful to Jeff because of it. Destiny.

    3. Perhaps you are right. About two things, not three. Jeff will vote for Jordan hoping to cash in. America, gag, may just be foolish enough to reward a fool and vote for Jordan but make no mistake Michelle will NOT be as foolish. She played the game. She knows how difficult it is, how you have to play dirty, win comps, etc. She will reward the best player and if Kevin is in the final 2, he will get her vote. Now, if Jordan is a genius and can win the next round, she will royally screw you all and take Natalie. Why? No, not bc she is so true to her confusing word, but bc she just doesn’t think enough. She will believe Natalie’s crap and take her. And then we are all damned bc she may win. So remember that when you vote for your sweet darling Jordan.

    4. I think Jordan will get americas vote too and yeah she probably will take nat just because she told her she would and jordan is sweet and honest but look at it this way Kev doesn’t deserve it either and nat will just gamble it away anyway at some consino so she will be without soon enough.

      1. I think Jordon will pick the one she thinks she can win against with the Jury. I don’t think sweet and honest has anything to do with it. Jordon has played the game the same as the others. She has used the tricks it takes to win. It is just that so many don’t like Natalie for the lies she told that weren’t necessary to the game and she is just that type of person who has to think she is the best at everything. She can’t make friends, doesn’t appear to know how. But, friends aren’t important in poker.

  44. Way to go Doll Face1 Now hunker down this weekend and study1 You are going to the final HOH Round and if you work at it you can win it. Then take Natalie out (DON”T keep your word Jordan!! PLEASe don’t!!) She is so true blue, that she probably meant everything she was saying to Nasty last night about taking her to the final 2. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter, except that I don’t even want Nat to get the $50 thou!

    1. She will not need to study. If it is like all the other BB’s, Julie will ask them a question and they will have to pick A or B and then they show the jury member saying the answer. I hope Jordan will not freak out. Everyone send positive vibes to Jordan on Tuesday please.

      1. OMG I screamed so loud that my son said he knew who won down the hall in to his room. I was so thrilled Jordan won OMG….I cant believe how good she did on rolling the ball and Ms Thang had a devil of a time doing. She who could beat anyone. All she had to do is keep them correct from the point she messed up. Jordan did for those of you that say she has no brain. Works just find I’d say. ONLINE voting is awesome. I’ve voted till my back aches. I will each day they let us.

        I’m scared if she takes Kevin she’ll lose. IF she takes the bitch she has a fighting chance. They all seem pretty pissed at her in the Jury house but you never know.

    1. @ rockstar – I have to tell you that is one of the funniest comments i have ever seen on any message board. Thanks for the chuckle!!

  45. OMG!! First time posting—isn’t KARMA sweet??? Seriously, it was like watchinh the Super Bowl–watching J vs N. It was like good vs evil and Natalie is getting a taste of her own medecine. She got SMOKED!! So glad because this should give J confidence and hopefully it will be a good part 3. Gosh, I can hardly contain my excitement—it was amazing watching her realize she “GOT GOT”. At this point, it is safe to say that no matter what happens from here on out—No one likes Natalie and she will NOT WIN BB11!!! YES! All is right in the world…

  46. Wow go Jordan!!!! The audience was clapping for her! Natalie, go home!!!! It is good vs evil. Julie cutting off Natalie was priceless. Probably the best night on BB11!!!!!

  47. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My GOD……Justice was served up TONIGHT on a clean tampon. Plz Plz Plz Jordan, win part 3. I still think punkboy will take Nastalie if he wins part 3. But I know Jordo will take punkboy if SHE wins part 3. I think it wil come down to Jeff, Michele,Russell & AMERICA’S Vote for JORDO. Punkboy will get Nastalie,Lydia, & Jessie. I can sleep good tonight.

  48. Thanks Julie for cutting off that nat bitch!
    Go Jordan and win the 500K – You deserve it the most for your sweet goodness that you are!
    I have already voted for Jordan to win!!

  49. I think Jordan will beat kev cause:
    America, Jeff, Michelle and Nat after she gets pissed when Kev punks her and takes Jor to final 2. If Kev wins final HOH

  50. However, if Kevin beats her in round 3 he can still decide to eliminate Natalie. Perhaps that is what we should be hoping for. then Jordan can be voted on to win BB11 and Kevin can get second money. That’s okay. Then the “mouth that roared” can go home with her skanky tail between her skanky legs. But she’ll be in Kevin’s head for the rest of the weekend badgering him about choosing her. RRight now I feel bad for Kevin, Natalie’s lap dog. She will give him no peace for the next 5 days.

  51. Not only am I happy that Jordan won but I am so happy that Pigpens lies caught up to her in the jury house – there is no way in hell that bitch is going to get the votes to win this!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. For Russel’s pic you should put a pic up of Napoleon Bonaparte…(a little short dude running around and running his mouth)….I still like Russ though..;-)

  53. However, if Kevin beats her in round 3 he can still decide to eliminate Natalie. Perhaps that is what we should be hoping for. then Jordan can be voted on to win BB11 and Kevin can get second money. That’s okay. Then the “mouth that roared” can go home with her skanky tail between her skanky legs. But she’ll be in Kevin’s head for the rest of the weekend badgering him about choosing her. Right now I feel bad for Kevin, Natalie’s lap dog. She will give him no peace for the next 5 days.

    1. He didn’t do all that much more than Jordan, from what I remember. Maybe Jeff did help her win HOH, but that didn’t just help her; it saved both of them for another week. The moves that he made were made as a result of his planning with Jordan, as a team, from what I saw. Sometimes it paid off listening to each other, sometimes it didn’t, but I can’t see where one did much more or less than the other (with the exception of the Coup de’tat, but that likely would have turned out the same way if Jordan had received it)

  54. I love it, this wasn’t in Gnats plan! LOL and her stupid calendar didn’t help either. Watching Gnat sulk and wine puts a smile on my face. Go Jordo!!

  55. Finally some justice for all the creul and mean spirited things that both Natalie and Kevin have said and done. If it comes down to Jordan & Kevin, I would agree that Kevin played a better game, however if I were among the HG’s voting my vote would go to Jordan. Considering his lifestyle he should have had more empathy and class towards more than one HG. He did and said some very hurtful and down right mean things and I think that should cost him first place. His last minute attempts tonight to seem human didn’t win him any points with me. Jordan is the only one that has ever mentioned doing something for someone else, the other two are all “me, myself &I” and don’t care who they step over or on to get what they feel they deserve. Jordan may not have played the best game but she by far as the best heart and I for one would like to see that rewarded

  56. (Smile) Funny how a few extra balls always throw Natalie off. I hope Kevin takes Jordan to final 2 but please fools Jordan did not earn the 500k win, not by a long shot. America’s fav vote is different than this vote. The best player should win and there is no debate on it, the best player (at least left in the house, outside the house its Michelle), is Kevin. Reward him properly especially for allowing Jordan the chance to win anything.

      1. Still the best player in the house is Kevin and against Jordough and Nasty he has my vote and I believe he will have the juries as well.

  57. I haven’t seen the show, yet, but good win for Jordon. And, it didn’t take bigger boobs to do it. I hope the girl learned that. Can’t wait to see it here on the WC so I can get excited, too.

  58. I love it!! now nat is pouting, being a bitter cu*nt, the past few days shes been berrating kev,talking down to him now shes kissing his ass…but hes not buying what shes sellin. Karma baby


      “Puke” I am NOT your father.” Now take that strap off between your legs and find a girl to call your own……

  59. where are all the Gnat lovers now??? They finally see what a loser she is? She is sooo full of crap and excuses. Now she’ll start threatening Kevin and kissing Jordon’s butt so one of them will take her to the final two. Unforturnately it sounds as if Jordon would take Gnat to the final two is she wins final HOH…..I think I’d rather see Kevin win HOH and take Jordon and watch Gnat go balistic. She would probably spontaniously combust on national TV. What fun that would be to watch.

    1. I said earlier today,all Jordan needed was to win this and she becomes a legit player to,well looks like final 2 will be a heads up,I’d like to see her take Nasty,cause she’s guarenteed the easy win,but Kevin deserves the $50,000.

  60. Someone on another post said something like, (btw, Simon/Dawg BB still the best): As much as you hate Evel Dick, you still have to ‘Love to Hate him’. With PP, you don’t even want to love hating her….it’s pure disgust.

    1. Evil Dick was a jerk! He played the game and he won. But, a grown man that kept using the “c” word against all those much younger girls is a jerk! His own daughter was in the house. I think he should have won because he played the best game but I am not one that came away liking him.

  61. I’m happy Jordan won, not because i want her to be the ultimate winner, just to shut Natalie’s mouth of being better than everyone. She was so confident she was going to win. Now she will forever regret jumping off, you don’t do that when you are that close to the end. Go Kevin FTW!!!!!!!

  62. Did you see how happy Natalie was and saying she and Kevin won $50 000, she is not even looking at the half million, but the $50 gees.

    1. Funny, she’s now, by my count, won 3 times more than Natalie has. Yes, the HOH she won was handed to her by Jeff, but that wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t made it to 2nd place on her own. Which means, she did better than Lydia, Kevin, Russell and Natalie. If Jeff hadn’t been good at golf, who knows what would have happened. The consensus is that she was copying Michele when she won the POV, but hey, at least she was smart enough to do that, and she did guess closer in the tie breaker. I never understood why people say she never won anything.
      And she just straight up kicked ass tonight,.

  63. As evil Dick said, keep your eye on the half mill, so hopefully she won’t get nothing now.

    Darn hit subimt before finishing the above.

  64. Come on Kev, beat Jordan and take Nat to the end insuring your win of the half a mil. Both of those skank ass girls do NOT deseve to win. Everyone’s thrilled Jordan actually did something but it’s just because everyone hates Nat soooooo much.Ugh, such a sucky ending to a show……

    1. Doesn’t deserve anything? lets see,last I saw,she won 3 comps,yes one was kinda handed to her,but in the books it is 3 wins as of now.Nasty hasn’t done anything,1 HOH by luck,Kevin 1hoh,1 pov…seems like a good contest between Jordan and Kevin to me!

  65. I forgot to ask….Did Julie mention the time that was left along with the score? Like, “Jordan, you got 9 right with 30 seconds left and Natalie, you got five right with 2 seconds left??” That would’ve rocked!!!

    1. I thought it was closer to 18 seconds. Either way, she had plenty of clearance, not that it mattered (since her score was higher anyhow). Maybe Natalie should have spent less time shuffling cards.

      1. I can already hear the excuses and conspiracy theories from the unlimited voting thing. “It wasn’t America’s Vote, it was Most Obsessed Fans’ Vote.” Sadly, I’m not sure that’s a totally invalid point, either. Then again, if you can convince people to forego sleep so that they will vote for you 70 million times, then maybe you should win anyhow.

  66. thanks for posting the note about America’s Vote on CBS. i’m doing it, baby. you KNOW that so few will vote for the gnat creature,

  67. Also first time posting – tonight was too exciting. I spent 35 minutes voting on and of course my votes were for Jordan but I was also forced to vote for Kevin if Kevin and Nastalie are the final two. Go Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank You very much Suzanne, for letting me know about the vote and too have replied. Can I ask how many days to I have to vote . I did vote for Jordan, Kevin, Jordan,
      Once again Thank You

  68. OHHHHHH, LOrdy, Lordy fat a$$ won something! You go fata$$ and win that $500,000 then you can sit there in strip clubs and watch the strippers strip with your skanky girlfriends all the while filling yur fatface with more cookiedough! Wooooo Hoooooo, the naked titty flasher may win it all.

      1. God what is your problem. She may have gained weight but she is still beautiful and sweet and it beats Natalie who is just plain, ugly, nasty, smelly and a liar, a backstabber and the list goes on. Jordan is not a fat a$$…at least she can lose weight Natalie can’t lose that ugly face of hers and that chewing like a cow and finally her attitude. Can’t change what you don’t think is wrong and that would be Natalie…remember KEVIN I can beat any of you no one can beat me in this comp’s.

        GO JORDAN

    1. awww poor wittle wooser…..notice when people who aren’t part of J&J win things you don’t see all the nasty posts as when J&J would win something……notice that? hmmm…..very interesting

      1. Holy shit, stop posting Jordo’s Mom…….you’re hogging the blog! Also, to the person who complained that I complained about Jordan’s weight being too fat because I was a “whale” . You can tell you’re a Jordan fan because you clearly are stupid. If i was a whale I’d have something in common with her and I’d not be offended by her sloppy fat ass.iF you were in shape then you’d realize that people who take pride in themselves and watch their weigh are disgusted by people with no self control and allow themselves to get so fat. The fact that Jordan is only 21 makes it even more disgusting…….I mean it’s not like she’s older and it’s harder to maintain weight.ALSO, can you clear this up????? Did I just hear her say her dad was gay? Maybe that’s why she goes to strip clubs herself?Just wondering…..has nothing to do with anything, just wondering if I heard her right.

    2. Looks like you don’t believe in Karma…calling someone hateful names is gonna come back on you…sooner than you think! Didn’t your mother teach you to be “kind”? Jordan is no where near “fat”. Shame on you!

    3. and again I have to say….she is a size 4. came in a size two and is now a massive size 4. you are either a fat housewife jealous of her, or you are a dweeb with no idea that a girl like that is the ideal hot chick.

    4. JORDAN beat the Nasty


      suck eggs

      Jordan is not FAT
      without any makeup, she beats the Nasty down in beauty

    5. Wow, you picked the wrong night to insult Jordan. You should have been here last night. It was before most of Jordan’s fan club arrived, I guess.

  69. Hahahahahaha Gnat how are feeling? Like a sore arse. Go cry I have no sympathy for you
    what goes around comes around. This one is for MITCHELE. Jordon you Rock girl!!!!!!!

  70. If it’s J/K in final 2, I’m sure the jury will give it to K b/c of gameplay… BUT at least that nasty gnat will be shut out of all the $$$$!!! :) Hahahahahaha Can only hope she gets exactly what she deserves!! That would be a satisfying outcome out this mess of a season. Still wish it was a Russell/Michele final 2 ***(sigh)***.

  71. I’m afraid that if Jordan wins part 3 of the HOH she will be fooled into taking Natalie but I was so glad to give Natalie lose! I want Natalie to go home with nothing I hope Michele gets the 25000 that would make it so worth it to she her get that and Natalie go home with nothing!

  72. Did you see the look on Kevins face? He almost let it go that he was thrilled Jordan got it. He had his hands over his face and then Natalie kept staring at him….I loved it. Loved it!!!


      1. Haha,call the wambulance!! let me guess,Nasty and Kevin rode on nobodies coattails right.does jessie,chyma,russell and kevin come to mind as the coats Nasty rode or kevin riding evey HOH coattail there was.Nasty is the biggest floater in BB history,Kevin is the biggest ass kisser in BB history!

    1. bc Jordan is soooo much easier to beat!
      Of course he is happy. Jordan may have won but I still think Nat was the bigger competition.
      It means that Kevin is one step closer to the half million. He would beat Nat or Jordan he just has to get there.

  73. NATALIE is lying to JORDAN

    through her teeth

    trying to get Jordan to take her to the final 2

    THEN she LIES to Kevin when Jordan is out of the room

    begging to be taken to the final 2

    1. How satisfying would it be to see the both of them (J/K) team up and knock the bitch out!?!? Take that you dirty, skanky, lying, fugly bizNATch!! HAHA

  74. If Jordon or Kevin want to win the $500,000 they should take Nat to the final two.

    Jordon/Kevin vs. Natalie:

    Jeff – Jordon/Kevin
    Michelle – Jordon/Kevin
    Lydia – Jordon/Kevin
    America – Jordon (I think..although Kevin has gained a lot of support!)
    Jessie – Probably Natalie (or Kevin)
    Russell – Kevin
    Kevin/Jordon – Not Natalie

    Having Jordon vs. Kevin, I see the votes being split pretty closely (I think Kevin would win). It sucks having to give Natalie $50,000, but it would be worth the half a million.

      1. Maybe it does. I think he’s saying it would be more beneficial for Jordan and Kevin to choose Natalie than each other, because she would receive fewer votes. It makes sense in that way, but it’s a matter of opinion as to how the Jury will vote.

    1. Jordon does not have a better chance against Kevin. Kev will probably win against Jordon.
      Jeff – Jordon
      Michelle – Jordon
      America – Jordon
      Russell – Kevin
      Jessie – Kevin
      Lydia – Kevin
      Natalie – Kevin

      Best case scenario for Kevin would be for Jordon to win the final round and pick him to be final 2…that way he doesn’t “back stab” Nat.

  75. If Jord remembers what Jeff told her she will get rid of Kev if she has the chance. Jeff told her not to trust Kevin because Kev stabbed him in the back. However, Jord and Mich talked and realized that they were being played by both Kev & Nat.
    Kev realized awhile ago what Nat had been doing, but he kept her anyway; so this just means that either way Nat may be going to the final two.
    In the AC vote I voted 1,3, and 5: Jord (against Kev), Kev(against Nat), and Jord (against Nat).
    Either way I don’t want Kev or Nat to win 1/2 mil, but I can see Kev winning 1/2 mil against Nat (the lesser of two evils).
    Nat is playing for Chima’s wish of two females in the final two. But I am hoping she does not get there. Also, how can you (Nat) LOVE (Chima)someone you have only known for a few weeks?????
    I smell Les in the relationship!!!!

    1. Trust doesn’t really matter now, does it? Whoever wins HOH chooses who is more beneficial to them (i.e. more likely to get less Jury votes). In fact, the least trustworthy person might be the better choice if the Jury has been burned enough to lose respect for them. It’s important to remember, though, that lying isn’t necessarily viewed negatively in this game (i.e. “big plays” often involve big lies).

  76. jordan I knew u could pull it off!!! you got our votes here babe! jeff’s gonna be sooooo proud of you! f*ck gnat you disgusting peice of s*it. karma baby karma, boooooohaaaaaaaaaaa

  77. I would rather see Kevin win HOH so America can see the look on PPs face when he chooses Jordan. She for once in three months be speechless!

  78. geeeze louise, i’m upset the tart finally won something!Vote for Kevin ,at least he’s on a better level when it comes to being a decent person.

    1. you did not just say that…..decent person??? hmmm?
      i will have to respectfully totally 100% completely ultimately disagee with that
      I’ll take a jordan (dimwitted or not)…good heart anyday over a kevin

      1. She and Jeff lied to Michelle by making her think they were all allies when they actually despised her. They used her when they needed her and treated her badly when they didn’t.

    2. You have got to be joking! Kevin does not have a honest bone in his body. He has no morals at all. Jordan may not know how to tell time, but she sure can count! Keven only hooked up with pig pen to get to the end… You should not waist your time voting for Keven in the America’s Vote because Jordo has it locked up!

    3. Kevin acts like Jack from Will and Grace, a joke to gay people. Jordan proved she can win on her own. She CRUSHED pigpen. I do not think Jesse will vote for Kevin, they don’t like each other. If Jordan makes the finals, she will win! She will also win if Kevin screws Pigpen. Pigpen is a vindictive person. I think Jordan might have just won $500,000.

  79. Unlimited voting online at You just have to clear your browsing history after you vote. My goal is just to vote to keep NataLIE from winning BB11. If I could, I would vote to keep her out of the last two — You know, Jordan might take Nat because Jordan might think that Kevin would beat her. Certainly Kevin played a better game than Jordan.
    AGAIN– vote to keep Nat from winning!!

    1. You don’t even have to clear your browser. Well, I don’t, anyway. After I click on “submit vote”, I get a thank you message, and “Click here to vote again.” Simple.

  80. So if i vote for the jordan in the “jordan and kev” final two does it also count as a vote for jordan in the “jordan and nat” final two or are they seperate vote totals. Simon help me out please

    1. It only works on the each case, ie….I voted Jordan for both hers, and kevin for him against Nat. It depends on which two make it as to what your vote counts. Does that make sense?

    1. My 5 year old and I were cheering on Jord-o! He wants her to win b/c he has a friend with that name. He knows when it’s BB time and I make him sit and watch the competions so he’ll be quiet! LOL!

  81. If Sundays show is never before seen footage when do you think they will show Michele going into the jury house?

  82. Because there’s nobody better to vote for ,I say gooooooooooooooooo Kev, Do not let that nasty Nat win and do not let that fake (her personality as well as her tata’s) fatty Jordan win. Come Kev, we can’t let those losers win.

    1. You must be really insecure to talk about her “tata’s ” an dcalling her fat. She CLEARLY is not fat and if you think she is then you need to stop reading those magazines. Why are you guys being so shallow. talk about the game not someone else’s looks to maek yourself feel better about your own insecurities. She is actually a very cute girl with a great body in my opinion.

      1. go back to school and pass 2nd grade Jenn….you’re ignorant….or at least uneducated.I’m watching BBAD now and Jordo’s in a bathing suit and everyone here is saying how big she looks. You must be a cow as well.

  83. if tonight happened to be one of those “for a first time on BB” moments because of the cheating that happened by those two… ….(fill in your words here)..then i an OK with that. Carma is a bitch…..always.

  84. You discuss me, you were handling balls at home really well, and you choke up on national tv. When you get home you get your own room, I cannot cuddle up with you nomore. Until you go without showering for a week while on the rag. I loov u nat

  85. I tried to show some excitement for your game, ans even pretended to love you, but come on, I was already drinking champagne and eating tacos on your tab here in the neighborhood bar… You suck !!!
    I can`t believe I will have to go back to work. YEAHHH !!! I HAD ALREADY QUIT, 500K would be enough to pay the bills for 10 years, cause we only eat when we go to friends houses and assault their fridges and we barely use any water here, no showers, no flushing, etc.
    I am so disappointed… I guess it`s back to work and pretending that Natalie behaved like a thug just for the game and that she isn`t a piece of shit in real life.

    1. Disgusting comments… worse than GnataLIE… your comments about Gnat’s father are more mean spirited than she played… GET A LIFE WACKO!

      1. Hey everyone, there is a nun here on the blog, she can say ” GNataLIE ” herself , but nobody
        else can be a mean dog like her.

  86. Popping the popcorn & settling in to watch this awesome episode on the west coast… can’t wait to see the look on PP face when she’s a LOSER!!!! LOL

  87. If Jordan wins round 3 she should take Nat, both have been carried through the game with Jordan having way more class and really not pissing anyone off.

  88. Kevin will convince Jordan that if either of them pick Natalie that they will lose to her in the Final 2. Natalie KNOWS this and will be trying her best to convince each of them that SHE is a loser by saying: “I really didn’t win anything big”…or “I’ve just been floating along doing what Kevin told me to do, I’m so stupid”

    This silly ploy of hers is not going to work because Jordan will listen and believe Kevin over Natalie.

    LOL It will be such fun to see her face as she joins the BB jury members…LOL LOL LOL to infinity…

  89. there is so much good game going on in the house. kev/jordo are talking final two, then jordo/nats are talking final two, and then kev/nats are talking final two..its so hard to predicate at this point in the game. Funny thing is ppl say that jordo is dumb and cant win anything but she has played the most honest game, yes it is true that jeff helped her a long, but she did great in T/F questions and those mental type okay not dates but the others, and then when she talks game she is good. i dont know whats going to happen but its intersting. here we come finale

  90. Hallelujah! I was literally praying that Jordan would pull this off! It was a miracle! And she didn’t just beat Natalie…she BEAT Natalie! It was so sweet! Natalie with her excuses…what a loser! She never takes credit for her mistakes…she only takes credit for everyone else’s work! Even if she makes it to the final two, I don’t see her winning $500k…the jury has caught on! Even Jesse! Go figure!

    I was pleasantly surprised how the jury house greeted Jeff…that wasn’t so bad! Jeff should have kept Russell…wait till he finds out just how bad Kevin and Natalie played him! What a sucker! I really wanted Jeff to win…but he lost sight of the prize…as Evil Dick would say!

  91. HAHA Did you hear the audience clap when they figured out that jordan beat nat. Hilarious! and then when Nat was complaining about the competion and julie completely cut her off and made her look like a dumb hoe. That one was priceless too.

  92. You can play the game with out being cruel and that is where my vote would go. Michelle played the best game in my opinion and she didn’t have to do the mean and cruel things that Kevin and Natalie both did/said. Jordan deserves first, Kevin second(had he not been so mean and cruel would have been first) and Natalie doesn’t even deserve to be in the house. I don’t reward such behavior in real life why should one be rewarded in the BB house?? It’s game but you are still playing with human beings. Basic common decency still should be demonstrated. To sit and plot how to lie and cheat about non game matters that is not game play. When Kevin poured out the wine so Jeff couldn’t enjoy it on his last night said it all about Kevin to me. He couldn’t just be happy knowing that he was sending him home. (I would have felt the same about that event had it been any of the HG’s for those of you that will say I’m a Jeff fan)

  93. I do hope that Jordan wins. I really think Kevin will take Jordan over Natalie. But I voted for Jordan. I do like Jeff but did not vote for him on the $25k. I voted for Michelle. That will really make Natalie mad. And the way she abused Michelle she deserve the $25k.

  94. So glad that Jordan won without any cheating! She is in a good place; if Kevin takes her, she at least gets 50,000 and if she takes Nat, she might take the 500,000 given how much the jury is against her.And they had not heard from Michele yet!
    When I tried to vote only for Jordan, it was not accepted unless I vote in each option–but multiple votes are possible so I voted once for Kevin and once for Natalie so my votes in their scenarios canceled each other out.

    1. You’re right Teri. I just voted about fourty times and now I have to go back and vote ANOTHER fourty times so I can cancel out the Kevin votes I stayed on the left side of the page every time I voted.
      Thanks for the tip.

      1. I don’t understand this…I’ve voted probably 20 times, and each time I’ve voted for Jordan against Kevin, Jordan against Natalie, and Kevin against Nat. If Natalie and Kevin end up in final 2, it doesn’t matter if you’ve canceled your votes out, because one of them will win. I’ll vote a million times for Kevin if I have to, to keep Nat from winning.

  95. Natalie does not have to go against Kevin now. Jordon wins final HOH, take Natalie with her and Natalie wins because the only peeople to vote for her is Jeff and America. Sweet Jesus, tonight is a good night.

    1. I don’t think Natalie has a chance at winning. Jesse, Lydia, Russell, Jeff, and Michelle will vote for whoever goes against her. That only leaves whoever is kicked out next. If it is Kevin, he might vote for Natalie. If it Jordan, she’ll vote for Kevin. Natalie has no chance at winning this game. I hope she is kicked out next only because I don’t want her to win even 2nd place. But whoever is HOH would be smart to take her with them to the end. I want Jordan to win. Kevin has played a good game, but the fact that he aligned himself with Natalie and lied just as bad as she did, makes me dislike him. Other than that, he’s played a pretty good game.

    2. Rockstar,did you not see the jury house? they hate her guts,Jordan plain and simple embarrassed her tonight,the dumb blonde whopped miss i can beat anybody at any comps ass hard tonight.admit it,she got spanked!!! 5 with 2 seconds left..hahahaha..Jordan got how many…6 no 7 no 8 no 9 yes 9 outta 10 with 30 seconds left,she could’ve ran in the house and got some cookie dough and came back out and still would’ve beat Nasty!! J/N final 2,she will beat her bad for the $500,000 also!

  96. I’m watching the feeds and its so much fun watching this great alliance between Kevin and Pigpen – the two who were going to take each other to end – stabbing each other in the back to Jordan – SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ENTERTAINING!!!!!!!!!!
    And the jury members as i suspected showed more class and character to Jeff than the vindintive and petty dim bulbs here who thought hey would rub it in jeffs face – didn’t happen, did it assholes!!!!!!

  97. Sweet Jordan she is toooo nice she thinks America loves natILie because so cute and young and just got engage so America will give her their vote. Jordan is the player now-she playing both Kevin and Gnat-who said she didn’t have game!!!!!!

    1. Well, CJ, the point I have tried to make is that Jordon does have game. She has played it the same as the others. It is not sweetness. She has been the same as the others. Done all that the others have done. BBAD has shown that. She does have game. I am not for any of those left. Not against any of them either. But, I don’t put sweet and nice as the reasons Jordon is where she is.

  98. Food for thought, Yes, Jordan rode Jeff’s coat talis BUT After jeff left, WHEN IT MATTERS MOST, she won this second part and if she wins the third part then everyone should really take notice because she won WITHOUT jeff there. Everyone has a strategy when they come into this game. Jordans could have been to be herself and ride with someone else as far as she could go. If she wins part 3 then I am definitely voting for her. Besides, regardless of her boob job, it seems like she needs it more than the others. She has been sleeping in the bed as her mother for the past two years for god’s sake.

    1. Exactly. Although, it’s difficult to discuss who needs the money most. Kevin’s in a situation where he might lose his home if he doesn’t win whereas Jordan’s mom said they moved into a new place already. Morally, you should back Kevin if you are voting for who needs it the most. That is, of course, if neither are distorting the situation (e.g., Kevin or Jordan actually live in McMansions). Besides, there are a lot of circumstances that we are not aware of that factor into the situation. I say stick to voting on performance. That’s all we can fairly judge.

  99. Go Jordan I knew you could beat the Rat-Nat beat her good too thought the stinky rat was gonna cry. Maybe there is a hope that good wins over evil!!!!!

    1. Its too late for Pigpens lies = Kevin knows she lies every time she opens her mouth and he’ll tell Jordan all Pigpens lies =- it too late for Pigpen

  100. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad she won. What do yall think? Kevin Wins HOH-he picks Nat. Who wins? I say Kev. Kev wins HOH and takes Jord. I thibk Kev wins. Jordo win HOH, picks Kev. I think kev wins. Jordo wins HOH and picks Nat. I think Jordo wins. I so hope jord wins and takes nat. Nat is really mad. Again…..SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad Jordan WON!!!!

    1. if jordo wins the final comp,,she will take nat,,but if kev wins he’ll take jordo,,,so i’m hoping kev wins n take jordo.
      kev ftw

      1. the three jury members said tonight they would be voting for kevin so don’t be too happy as I don’t see jeff, jordo or michelle voting for nat and don’t forget the 7th vote….AMERICA….no ways in the world is americas voting for the skank

  101. The brains got got!!!! miss I know everything about this game and I can beat anybody at any comp,just had her ass handed to her by the dumb southern belle!! Totally wiping her smirk off her dirty face,not by 6-5 or even 7-5 but by a 9-5 margin,outta 10 Jordan got 9 right! Believe that 9 right with 30 seconds left,Nasty got 5 right with 2 seconds left.I bet Rockstar and Nat are crying in their Mikes hard lemonade about now,bye,bye Nasty,hello final 2 for Jordan and Kevin…….aaaaahhhh…karmas a bitch..hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. I’m celebrating tater. Jordon will take Natalie to final 2 and Natalie will win BB11. I’m so right, I know it. Go Jordon!!! hehehe

      1. Rockstar, I agree on this with you,but if she takes Nat to final 2,it will be 4-2 for Jordan,Nat will never beat her in final 2.

    2. yeah their already tryin to make up some bullshit about natlaie winning if she’s in final 2 with jordan, HELLOO jessie,lydia,russel, and jeff( and soon michelle) CONFIRMED that their NOT voting for natalie……

      1. jessie the only one that MIGHT vote for her(thats doubtful though, because he has no reason to hide who he will vote for) but that won’t matter……. sorry it is what it is natalie’s bullshit came back to haunt her……………..

          1. no way, not if she’s up against gnat
            first of all she’ll get the 7th vote (AMERICA) – so that’s two votes
            all three jury members said they were voting for kevin, so if its between gnat and jordan i wouldn’t be too sure which way they are going
            and michelle?? give me a break, she’s definitely not voting for gnasty

            1. If Kev wins and takes Jordan she may just have it. She will have Natalies vote for sure she will get America’s vote for sure. she will get Michelle’s vote for sure and Jeff will vote for her so that is 4 for Jordan and 3 for Natugly. IF Jordan wins next round she will have earned her way to the top. SHe played well with aligning with Jeff she layed low and she won competitions fair and square…she won the important ones to get her where she is at and she did all of the this in a very respectful way so she deserves to win it. GO JORDAN

            2. I agree that Jordan will get votes from America, Jeff, Michele and maybe even Lydia (Jordan called her a name and evicted her but Natalie pretended to be her friend and lied to her) and Michele might convince Russell for vote for Jordan—that might depend on wether Kevin has a minute to tell Russell that Natalie was behind his being back doored.
              Jordan could actually have a better chance with Natalie over Kevin. But it is looking like Jordan has at least 50,000

      2. The house seems very much against Natalie–and it will be worse when they hear from Michele— so Jordan might win it all; I do not think that Natalie will win it; she will be lucky if she is around for 50,000. But Jordan might take Kevin because she still thinks that everyone on the Jury House are friends of Natalie. Well, at least it is interesting. I think Kevin wins if it is Kevin and Jordan.

      3. Yep suuuuuuuuuuuuure did! And i voted for Jordan!! She played a honest game…no one else has made it that far being HONEST..and she won this comp, FAIR AND SQUARE!

  102. Watching the feeds – It seems that no matter who wins Part 3, Pigpen is out of the game! Kevin has made it very clear he will NOT be taking her to the Final 2. Jordan told Kevin that she won’t take Pigpen to the Final 2 either because she can’t win against Pigpen because “all of her friends are in the jury house”. She doesn’t know the jury house has turned against Pigpen.
    I do believe Pigpen’s game just ended tonight! ;-)

    1. It’s hard to say, though. I’ve heard all three promise they are taking the two others with them all the way. For as transparent as people say Jordan is, I can’t even be certain which one she’ll pick, let alone Kevin.

  103. Afraid to say it, but if Kevo wins part 3 he won’t have the balls to evict nastily and have to sit there, face her wrath and nasty stares,,,,,,hopefully I’m wrong and he will grow a pair between now and tue…….

    1. actually I think this may be the only time Kev will stand up to Nat because it will be live tuesday night and he’ll only have to deal with her for, what an hour before he takes home 500K? Because if it’s down to him and Jordan I’m afraid Kev will win it. If Jordan wins HOH and will just stay stupid enough for long enough to take Nat to final 2 she might just win! If she was gonna get rid of Nat she should’ve smartened up a little sooner. Nat has so many enemies now that she’d be the best choice to take to final 2.

    2. But if he DID do that, he might pick up jury votes! They seem to be against Natalie and he might get rewarded for finally getting ‘blood on his hands’.

  104. yay Jordan! I hope she wins..or kevin..never PigPen. I love that she beat natile..shes always saying she can win but never does! slap in the face

  105. This is my first post on this site, and I just wanna say that this site def keeps me going…its funny to see that all of Natalie’s allies have turned against her!…I am a big Jordan fan, but I honestly hope Kev wins the last HOH,he will get rid of Nat. I don’t think Jordan will have the know with all to evict Natalie.

    1. I am not sure there ever were any Natalie supporters. She was nasty from the beginning evern when she was fighting Jessie’s battles and when she blasted Lydia for being close to Jessie–it never seemed about game jut nastiness

    2. Did Gnat have any supporters? She is a PIG! She eats like a pig, bathes as much as one, must smell like one. Treated her boyf like he was the paperboy worried he might mess up her game! NOTHING would make me happier than for Kevin to send her ass packing, sorry one think would make me happier and the is if JORDYN SENDS HER ASS PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Jordan may not trust Natalie at this stage but, remember, she believes it was Kevin who was responsible for evicting Jeff and Michelle. She’s not aware that it was the nasty Gnat buzzing in Kevin’s ear all the time and Kevin was just following orders.

  106. I think Jordan and Kevin both think that Nasty Nat has votes in the jury house which she probably really does not. Because of that I think they both drop Nat thinking they have a better chance if she is out.

    1. I think you are totally correct. If/when Kevin gets a chance to talk to Jordo, he’ll explain this to her and hopefully change her mind. On BBAD Kevin and Jordo were talking in the green room. They both agreed that Nat had more votes in the Jury House. Jordo told Kevin that she thought they would be even on votes – a toss up and both had a chance. I loved to see Nat about to cry as she explained why she lost to Jordo. I’m sure she can’t believe she lost to the “dumb blonde”. Go Jord – Go Kevin Either is fine with me!!

  107. You know, Jordan might just win this thing. If she gets America’s vote, Jeff’s vote, and Michelle’s vote, (3) she’d only need one more to win. And with the final eviction only minutes before the jury’s decision, if Kevin wins the final HOH and screws Natalie over, her decision will be emotional….and probably not be for Kevin. I’m kinda thinking that if Kevin wins the final HOH, Jordan might win BB11 by picking up Natalie’s angry vote. I can’t wait to see how it plays out! Good luck Jordan!!.

    1. Don’t forget America’s vote which will no doubt be for Jordon! It seems possible now that Nat is NOT walking to the finish. My best case finish is for Nat to be third person evicted and get zero bucks. I don’t know if this is true, but I read that she is deep in gambling debt so when she said recently to Kevin that this final competition is ‘her life’ – I guess it could mean that winning is mandatory. It’s too bad that Nat has such bad character because she is smart and could apply herself so much more.

    2. or I was thinking that Russ may even vote Jordan vrs Kevin out of guilt for calling her fat…just a thought…he was not that close to kevin

    3. I totally agree. The only problem is, if Kevin realizes this, he might reconsider sending Nat home. I’m not sure that he has the balls to do that anyway! I really want Jordan to win though!

    4. There’s no guarantee that Jordan will win America’s vote in the Kevin/Jordan scenario. America might think that Kevin showed better gamesmanship by hooking up with Nat-a-lie.

  108. I dont understand all the hatred towards Nat. She is not my fav but I dont hate hate hate her. All these bloggers keep talking about how much she lies. So what, that is part of the game !!! And, they all lie (including the golden girl and boy). And her lying actually helped further her in this game. Everyone did believe she was 18 and that kept to keep the target off her back. And her lie with kevin about Russel saved her and is the reason that both of them flipped the house and made it to the final 3. What’s wrong with lying??? And, its not cheating unless big brother calls you on it. They all cheated and one time or another. (Ex: Jordan had cards to help her with the calendar and Michelle used her birth control). As the Raiders coach once said ‘if your not trying to cheat, you are not trying your hardest.’

    I dont believe that Nat deserves to win bc she didnt win comps but i do think she made some good strategic moves during the game. And her losing was actually strategic bc it kept the target off of her too. Like Dr. Will once said ‘nothing good comes from winning comps in this game.’

    1. you don’t understand all the hatred? she’s been a skanky cocky S-O-B thru the entire game……its not the lying…they have all lied……its so much more than that

      1. I have really objected to the really personal attacks that she has let fly against other house guests when it wasn’t necessary at all. She has also lied when there was no reason ie. when she was in the HOH room with her fiance (???) but spun a ridiculous tale. Queen jerk for sure.

    2. Ohiolady, you are very right. They all play the game to win and use all it takes to get there. We have our favorites and there is nothing wrong with wishing them to win. But, they are all playing the game the same to win. I liked Russell a little better than the others but he was no saint by any means. I wish he had gotten further but that is just the way it goes. Backstabbing is a game weapon and he got it!

    3. Why do people hate Pig Pen? You really don’t have a tv ,do you?
      By the way………………..Isn’t Michele adorabale?

    4. I totally agree with what you said. I don’t particularly like Nat, but I think she played a good game. That’s what this is a game. Doesn’t everyone remember when Yvette was in the final. Now that was boring, but still watched. The ratings for BB went sky high, so all that say they aren’t or won’t watch are just lying, like everyone in the game. It was Nat’s lie and all the things she told Kevin to do, to get this far in the game for him. I’m sure it will probably be Kevein and Jordan, but I would like it to be Nat and Jordan, just because. People in here get so down and dirty with their words, well that’s what they had to do to survive, cuz this was just a GAME!

    5. I can see why the Raiders’ coach would be okay with cheating: the Raiders franchise hasn’t won a championship since 2002 or been to the Super Bowl in over 25 years. Anyhow, as you said, lying isn’t cheating in BB. Therefore, when one lies on BB, he is not cheating. Cheating, however, should not be condoned. If you feel that a game makes it necessary to cheat, then have the rules dismissed or avoid that game; if there are rules and you want to play the game, then follow them. Cheating is just a sign that you are trying to fit in somewhere you don’t belong and are just not honest enough to admit it.

    6. I think what everyone cant stand about Natalie besides her nasty personal habits is that she’s a huge hypocrite. She does the exact same things she’s bitching about everyone else doing. She’s a poor sport, a liar, a backstabber and a bad friend. She tries to cover her ass at every turn, yes part of the game but some of the things she’s done like ignoring Kevin locked in Pandora’s box then as soon as Jeff heads up to let him out, she’s right behind him trying to take the credit. She jabbers constantly about herself or about how others are at fault. It’s sickening to most people the way she acts. I understand these feelings of hatred completely. I can’t believe no one has told her off to her face yet. I’m so looking forward to Tuesday now. I just hate I have to listen to her creepy voice for another five days. Go Kev and Jordo!

  109. Jordan will not take Kevin to final 2 if she wins because he backstabbed Jeff. While I don’t want GnastALie in the final 2 I don’t think Jordan has a chance against Kevin. Kevin will hopefully backstab GnastALie and take Jordan. Either way odds are in Jordough’s favor. Looking forward to next Tuesday. Tonight is now my 2nd fav BB11 moment!!!! Watching GnastALie fumble on that comp and hearing the live audience chear for Jordan when she got 6 was priceless!!

    1. The sad part is that Jordan does not know what the Jury is thinking; she thinks that more people are supporting nat when they are not.

  110. I am so happy Jordan kicked Nasty’s a*s! I really do want Kevin to win HOH, though, because I want him to rub it in Nasty’s face by choosing Jordan for F2. Nasty will be so GOT! by Kevin it would be hilarious! I so do not want Jordan to win and choose Nasty for F2! because I want Nasty to get a BIG FAT ZERO out of this game! That is what she deserves.

    1. simon take the cartoons down….it was funny at first but now i’m forgetting who’s who (noticed you never covered russell or horsie’s face…what up?)

  111. she’s such a dummy…..Nastalie spent so much time studing that calendar she made and memorizing EVERYTHING…and couldn’t even remember the order of HOHs!?!?!?!

  112. you see that bitch try and make up another LIE with excuses of the reason she lost? you can tell she was about to cry…….. mental and physical and she LOST karma is a BIATCH, she didn;t let us down

  113. EZ BJF,everyone has their own fav,let the dummy’s vote for who they like and us classy,respectful,honest people vote for Jordan.

  114. Jordan has to take Natalie, thats her only chance of winning the game, the jury house is already going with Kevin and are pissed at Natalie, She has a better chance against Natalie then Kevin, he will beat Jordan in the Final Two.

    1. but Jordan doesn’t know about the age lie, which is what pissed off some of the jury against Natalie. I don’t think she thought Jessie would give up that info to the others, but we shall see. I want Natalie totally gone so she doesn’t win ANYTHING!!

  115. Looks to me like Natalie CAN’T win bb11 :D

    If Kevin wins the HOH he takes Jordan (would be awesome to see the look on her face & know theres no 50k). If Jordan wins it could go either way BUT the jury turned on Natalie and America’s vote will go to anyone but her. So the jury doesn’t like her, and she didnt win anything so no “respect” votes.

    I think she’s 100% screwed XD

  116. thank u lord for being with jordan please contuine to be with her and let her win the game I am so happy for her and pray she wins it all with kevin getting second place and nasty nat not getting beans

      1. offensive?? no, no, you’re getting confused ….Offensive means:
        1. Disagreeable to the senses: an offensive odor.
        Yes, that would be GNASTY
        2. Causing anger, displeasure, resentment, or affront: an offensive gesture.
        Hmmm, gnasty taking over the washer/dryer so no one can use; making up lies;
        verbal assaults; acting high and mighty)
        3. Making an attack: The offensive troops gained ground quickly.
        Hmm, GNASTY again …putting red dye in food, stealing, eating or, rather,
        chomping so disgustingly everyone got sick, bragging about everything

        and ironically enough

        4. Of or relating to a team having possession of a ball
        Hee, hee, get it, GNASTY has possession of her balls

      2. Actually if you believe in the lord you would know from his teachings that he is everywhere all the time. I don’t think he actually sits there with god and says ” thank dad I thought that bitch was gonna win it all!” but if Jordan prays to him you can bet your ass that he is there for her. And I say he instead of she because the lord is the son of god, not the daughter.

        1. If you are familiar with his teachings, you know that he teaches against materialism, as well as lying, cheating, stealing, foul-mouths, etc. Also, he is not there in the sense of a physical presence, but a spiritual one. Given all of that, it is unlikely that he is steering any part of this, or even concerned with it. If he is everywhere, he is also where murder and rape are existing, but he doesn’t condone any of it.

      3. Hey! That’s my line! :P

        * (Well, I don’t think it’s offensive…maybe inappropriate. I always thought prayers were supposed to be private.)

    1. You sound just as messed up as Jeff/Jordan sitting up in that HOH room during their reign of terror. All the while they were badmouthing, belittling, and breaking vows to other HG’s, they were sitting there claiming God was sending them a sign. How self-righteous and anti-spirituality can you get? Talk abut self-centered and self-promoting. And then, on top of that, think that God would actually try to steer someone to $500,000 on this game show? Yeah, because THAT’s what God is all about.

  117. NastyLie got SMOKED. Lovin’ it. You could hear the audience applauding for Jordan, nothing for Nat. ;-) I think that was a very good indicator of how America feels. Now, Nat will continue to complain about the comp, and she’ll keep making excuses. But, if Jordan does happen to beat Kev, I think picking Nat will give her the 500K. The only down side would be Nat winning 50K. Still, tonight’s win for Jordan made the majority of viewers very happy. Oh, and Jessie is definitely a jerk. Jeff put his ass out, that’s fo sho! lol

  118. I don’t think Jordan will take Nat either because she thinks everyone in the jury house likes Nat, but noticed tonight they kind of turned against her. I want Kev to win HOH and choose Jordan, and then see Nat’s face!! would be so funny, will make it worth the watch

  119. Rockstar..come out and what happened to your girl…..choke,choke,choke.thought she could be anybody in any comp?Jordan put an ass whoppin on her in that comp,can you say…..9-5 with 30 seconds left..lucky would be 6 outta 10..not 9 outta 10!!! karma is a bitch…lol

      1. Clearly u have not been watching this game. Natalie has a zero percent chance of winning this game. If she is lucky enough to be picked for the final two, she will lose 0 to 7 to either Kevin or Jordan. Just give it up. The devil is gone. LOL

        1. Too bad all three couldn’t stick around for the actual final votes – watching Kevin and Jordan split all of the votes and Natalie getting the big zero. That would really be rubbing her face in it – FINALLY! I think this girl would need a brick to fall on her head before she would understand just how hated she really is!

    1. I understand this site provides anonymity, and because of that people show who they really are. You must be just like Nat, because you come across just as ugly as she does. How are you even able to function in the real world with so much anger, bitterness, and spitefulness going on inside you? I’m sure if you’ve let any of it be seen, you wouldn’t have any friends or loved ones in your life. Trying to hide all the hatefulness you spew here daily must be very hard. I feel sorry for you.

      1. Thanks Dr. Phil for your insightfulness to me,my opinion is mine,not yours.I have the right to hate who I want,when and how I want.All I have stated was the truth,just like most everybody else that hates that nasty,dirty,stinking,lieing,backstabbing,no showering bitch!!!

  120. Im sooooo proud for Jordan. She is so sweet, she deserved this!! A real ego booster for her. I’ll bet she and Jeff have an awesome reunion..sigh…
    in all honesty, Im afraid Jordan will pick nasty over kev if she wins HOH so I hope Kev wins the hoh so he will take Jordan…and kick nasty to curb!!! goes home with NOTHING!!!!

  121. lol aww you changed ronnie the rat to..well a ugly ass dorky loser..hmm fits him perfectly. and braden is

    alot of times the most hated person in the house actually wins..evil dick did..he was awful to just about everyone but in the end they all thought he deserved $500,000 . I really hope the jury house does’nt think the same way.

    1. It’s been trivia for awhile now. I just updated the main post with what happened before the feeds got cut. Looks like Kevin and JOrdan are going to take Natalie out and cruise to final 2.

  122. We can vote on line more than once but we must vote in each scenario so I voted the same amount of times for Kevin and Natalie so my votes would cancel each other out and in the other two scenarios, I voted for Jordan. Go Jordan

  123. After reading alot of these comments, I feel disappointed to be an American. All the horrible remarks towards these people just playing a game. Jordan being called dumb. If she’s so dumb why does she have the best chance to win now? Kelvin’s orientation, not really seeing how that have anything to do with anything. Even calling Natalie “pigpen” and “nasty Natalie” is just wrong.

    Yet still people want Jordan to win….She played a great game to get this far but she really haven’t gotten her hands dirty at all. I can’t help but feel a hint of racism in alot of posts here.

    Kelvin and Natalie did what they had to do to stay in the game after watching every one of their allies get knocked out left and right. Was they just suppose to sit back and get kicked out? They played their hearts out.

    Jeff and Jordan is just as bad, like when they said “Chima doesn’t deserve to win”. Who are they to decide?

    I feel Jordan is going to pull a George Bush, no matter how far ahead Kelvin and Natalie seems to be ahead because of “America’s Vote”. If America honestly feel Jordan played a better game over Natalie or Kelvin then it will be truly disappointing.

    Anyone who was on a block in a house full of allies and escape eviction deserve to win over someone who was handed the game (Jeff wins Coup) then just gave it away and someone who sneakiness is hidden behind some cheap southern charm. Also Jordan failing to win that Alien Faces competition…..that girl isn’t as dumb as she looks, she wanted Jeff out if you ask me.

    1. Oh no you didn’t…….you’re pulling the race card?
      You’re pulling the “handed the game” card?
      PUH-lease. you are wrong as wrong can be. Period. Nothing more need be said cuz you is wrong!

    2. I think you’re reaching a bit here. If there is any racism then it is equally divided. Every person in that house, no matter what their skin tone or orientation has been called many names. Natalie has earned every name she has been called in my opinion. The things she has said to and about other people alone, without her lying, conniving, sneakiness, arrogance, narcissism, and just flat out rudeness have finally cost her the competition.

    3. Disappointed, maybe you haven’t seen or heard what Gnat does when not on TV. She is plain mean and greedy and most of the nasty stuff she has done had no bearing on the game. Example: She asked the Diary Room if she could screw Jeff out of his Hawaii trip and screw Michelle out of her TV, this was not game play, just pure greed and mean spirited. Where have you been? Do you even watch the live feeds? I would say no, or you would know what a horrible person she is. She actually wanted to comment on Michelle’s brother dying before she was evicted, that is evil and please tell me how that advances her in the game. It doesn’t. She is filled with greed, hate and envy and the horrible things she does and says have nothing to do with the game.

    4. I agree, these people have hate towards people that are just playing a game. They are people! And its not like they are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars to perform in front of people and be critiqued. These are just regular every day people. Most of these comments are sickening and breed hate. I DONT LIKE IT !!!

    5. I agreed with your post up until you threw George Bush into it. You bitch about posters being mean to the BB players in one breath then speak disrespectfully about our last president in the next. To make it worse you play the race card! You are just as bad as the people you are lecturing.

    6. Also, maybe you haven;t seen Gnat cheat when she is playing cards and pool with the other HG’s. She can’t control herself. How is cheating when playing a friendly game of pool or cards game play? It is not. Just shows she is a cheat as well as mean and greedy. If you can’t see that, you may need your head examined.

    7. The only thing that I agree with you about is that people have been really cruel about looks, and I think that is mean. As far as the rest of your comments…’s a bunch of crap!

    8. I agree, Jordan floated the ENTIRE TIME. She did not make any moves by herself at all, except being pretty and getting in a showmance.

      Natalie stumbled, but she did make moves! Voting against the majority to ‘shake things up’, tried the showmance thing, and the lie.

      I think Kevin played the best game and a lot of people will respect him for it.

    9. Cheap and Southern sounds like a put down too me. This is a game that include America. McNasty is a rude, nasty little bullie. From day one she lied ,cheated and pit bull her way to the top. Evil Dick was a dick but he did not care if his hands were dirty, he had to when everything he could. Nat barked and winned her way to the top. Beside that you, me, her dad, her fake man can’t trust anything that come out of her mouth.

    10. I really don’t see where you can draw any sort of participation by racism in the outcome of this game. Two of the three remaining houseguests are not white, the frst five houseguests to be voted out were white and only one went to the Jury, and the Jury (assuming that Jordan is in the Final Two) will be comprised of three whites (Jeff, Michelle, and Jessie) and three non-whites (which could have been changed had Chima not evicted herself). You are assuming that America’s Vote will break those Jury odds, but how do you know? I would imagine most people that have voted have voted for at least two people, neither of which have the same skin color. Even supposing Big Brother viewers just can’t deal with not voting for a white person, do you think that all of the Jury members will vote along racial lines? That Jessie will vote for Jordan over his allies? America’s Vote is just one vote out of seven; seven who surely won’t divide along racial lines. I appreciate your comments for everyone to be respectful and to be kind to one another but, unfortunately claims like the ones you have made do nothing to encourage this to occur.

    11. oh shit a democrat with morals…lol i’m disappointed I just lost 2 minutes of my life reading your dumb ass comment.sorry but they played it that way from the start,guess you missed the first 20 episodes!

  124. Jordan is unpredictable. if she wins HOH, right now she will definitely picks Natalie, but it can change!

    I agree with JOrdan winning all of this.

    Michelle, Jeff, America will vote for her but if Michelle campaigns Jordan to Russell, Rusell might vote JOrdan to win.

    1. i would like jordan to win, but in an interview michelle said she would vote jordan over natalie but would vote kevin over jordan…if it were jordan vs. kevin i think jordan would only get jeffs and americas votes only

    2. Jordan might not need Russell’s vote. If Kevin wins the final HOH and votes out Natalie right before the jury makes their decision, Natalie will be upset and probably vote for Jordan. So Jordan might win because of Natalie’s jury vote and the timing of the final eviction!

  125. have been thinking for a while now that nastily and kevo are paired up somehow coming into the house…….think about it…..nastily siad to him, 1 of them would be guaranteed at least the 50 g’s…so if that’s the case then they will be the final 2…………

      1. But Kevin has played a totally predictable game. What are the chances that he will now do the smart thing and dump Natalie at the side of the road?? We can only hope.

  126. Why trivia?????We want to know what’s going on. Live feeds=I demand my money back!!!False advertising–24/7 live feeds my arse!!!!!!

  127. Jordon, Jordon goood job. Open your eyes Natsy is not a friend. I don’t care if Jordon blows the money on Cookie Dough. As long as it makes her happy!!!

  128. That’s right, one of them is guarenteed, but that dosn’t mean both of them will be in the final. It is either K and N, or K and J or J and N. So one of them has to be in, and jordan or both of them are in there. That is why one of them is guareented 50 grand or half a mil.

    It dosn’t mean they will be the final 2 though.

  129. Not sure who is going to pick who, but one thing is sure, sure been a lot of nose picking on this show!!!!!!! What’s up wid dat?
    I noticed earlier,……isn’t Michele adorable?

  130. You know, the jury house, said they are agaisnt Natalie. But is this just BB and CBS, playing games with us? Maybe they want us to think they are agaisnt Natalie so we can be shocked if she is picked to win the game then? Just an idea, since BB played this game with us before. They show something on tv, we think it’s this way, then you watch the show, and it’s actually the other way. So maybe the jury house is really for natalie. Guess we will see on Tuesday we will find out.

    1. They didn’t really say that they would be voting against Natalie, just that they seemed to agree that she was a coat tail rider up until the point that Jeff left the show. We already knew Lydia and Jeff had no love for the girl and I can’t remember what Russell’s reaction was. I think he was off-camera. Like you said, we’ll know for sure soon.

  131. I can see it now! If Nat gets booted out and jordo and kev go to final 2 Nat will be saying in all her interviews that she didn’t get a fair shot for America choice the 25 gees!

  132. YAY JORDAN!!

    Who are you guys voting for to win??

    if kev and jord are in the final… (most likely will happen!)

    I said jordan, I really hope she wins the 500,000!! I hope that people see that even though she hasnt won many competitions, she has tried JUST as hard as kevin! and she is a good hearted person who will put the money to good use.

    seems like kev would do something dumb with the money, even though I do like kevin too.


  133. that he believes that there is a reason for everything in life and that he was brought into the game to help Jordan win.

    He is a great guy and I cannot wait to see where his career takes him after this!

    Jordan 500k
    Kevin 50k
    Jeff -or- Michelle 25k

    1. LOL. Help her to win second place, maybe. But, remember when they were on the block together? The Michelle-Natalie-Jeff final three deal? It didn’t work, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on his part. That would have put Jordan on the Jury instead of himself –not even close to second.

  134. The great thing about the new finale is that Kevin will not have to grow a pair to not choose Gnat… just think… when he chooses Jordan… Gnat is removed from the house right then… YEAH! Great going Jordon on an awesome win… GO Jordan & Kevin!!

  135. Rockstar,

    Even if Jordough takes Nat to the final two, she would lose. CBS edited the CD Jeff took with him to the jury house, to make it look like Nat don?t give a shit. I have a never say never attitude, that is why she should never have jumped from that log. It?s a done deal; she would have no chance (as I said early on) of winning against any of the remaining HG, falls she does make final two. Jordough smoked her in an even competition, no luck involved really. So fair and square, Jordough and Kevin deserve the chance at that $500.000. I?m not going to throw Nat under the bus that is my girl. But she had her chance and she blew it!

    Nat (gone) :((

    Kev FTW!

    At this point in the game Rockstar, do you think Nat deserves final two over Kevin?

    1. I can’t give up NAT. It’s not in me. Now, it’s just the princple of the matter. Now, it’s not just her, it’s me. I can the crap kicked out of me every day for her game play and I’m sticking by her. Granted, I would never drop, never. The camera would have to pan up on my face and not my pants because I would never ever jump and if I pooped myself so be it.
      Kevin can only win if he takes Jordon. If he wants a sure thing, he’ll go with her and that is the only way I want him to win.

    2. I actually applaude you Nat,you showed class in your posting,but as a Nasty h8ter,let me say this,it isn’t over yet,she still has a chance,I hope she gets sent packing,but she was your fav player,so i’ll be nice and say…it isn’t over till she’s got got!

  136. I hope on Sunday they show JH with Michelle AND an extra dvd of Jordan winning part 2!!! I wonder what Jesse’s face looked like when Jeff told him about Gnat’s engagement!!! I feel proud of Jordan tonight– it’s like watching your baby take their first steps!!! Kevin and Jordo F2!!!!!!! I HATE GNAT!!!

  137. Okay, I had to reread the post above….and everyone is saying that Jordo and Kev are concerned about PP having all of her friends in the jury house. BUT…if on Sunday, we see the Jury grill the final 3 house guests, will that not sway the winner of the final competition as to who they bring. If all of the questions are about PPs age, and lies, and horrible game, both of them would be foolish NOT to take her to the finals. Jordo is certainly not the sharpest crayon in the box, but I think she would even see the hatred that they all have toward her. Even if she managed to somehow scramble her way out of all of the BS lies she told for no reason, I still think that after hearing the jury, both Kev and Jordo will take PP. If they don’t hear how the Jury feels till next Tue, then I think that they will team up and it is really anyones game. PP will actually be the swing vote…. talk about Karma being a bitch—

    1. There’s another way of looking at it. Suppose the jury house grills Natalie about all her lies. Jordan and Kevin would think they then would be safe to take Natalie to the final 2 but it could all blow up if the jury (with the exception of Jeff and Michelle) decided at the last moment that Natalie showed good gamesmanship and voted for her.

    2. they don’t grill the final 3, just the final 2 which is live on tue, finale night….and this reply is also for you, disillusioned, so there’s no way for nastily to be exposed before kev or jordan makes his or her choice……..only way she will be exposed is if she is chosen for final 2 then that would be too late……

  138. Kevin should get Gnat And Jordan in the same room and ask Gnat who she would take to the final two if she were in their place ,She would be put on the spot and it would expose her if she tries to play both sides.

  139. Why does Jordan deserve to win this game? She doesn’t. Kevin is the only one of these three who did jack so he’s the most deserving by far. He got Jeff out and that was the biggest move by any of them.

    1. Kevin’s moves were all plotted by Natalie. Remember, Natalie worked it out so that the others have blood on their hands and her hands are “clean” regarding evicting a houseguest.

    2. how did you come to that conclusion there? Jordan won 3 comps,kevin won 3 comps,it don’t really matter who you get out,it matters what you win.kevin has won big money,Jordan hasn’t.they all 3 have kinda floated,Nat has surely been a floater since day one,kevin and nat didn’t do anything till final basically her and kevin are evin!

  140. Long shot ,but Jordo could have a chance against Kevin…
    1.Americas vote= Jordan
    2. Jeff= Jordan
    3. Michelle= Jordan
    4. Nat= Jordan (if Kevin wins and votes her out)
    5. Lydiot= Kevin
    6. Jessie=Kevin
    7. Russ=Kevin (?)
    Jordan wins 4 to 3.

      1. Maybe. But they all prayed for Jeff to stay, too. Like Jeff himself said, Jessie’s prayers were answered instead. Maybe Jessie really is as great as he thinks he is, to have his prayers answered over so many others.

  141. Well, Natalie his now out of the HOH comp — her fate is up to Jordan and Kevin. They both seem to agree that they have to get her out. I’m relieved that Jordan realizes that and isn’t swaying to Natalie’s music of taking her to final 2.
    Hope that the final HOH is one Jordan can handle. She needs to study for the next 4 days and stop listening to Natalie. If she does, Jordan can wind up the final HOH (GOOD for Jordan!) , kick Natalie out and await the Jury House and America’s votes for BB winner. I think Jordan has a good chance of taking it. She did really well tonight and Natalie was clearly nervous and flustered. Jordan kept her cool. Doll Face is not so dumb after all.

    Even if Jordan does NOT win phase 3, she could still win BB11. IF Kevin gets rid of Natalie. I don’t mind Kevin winning the $50,000 — he’s earned it by letting Natalie run him for these last couple of weeks. Natalie has a lot to learn. She needs to watch the show and see how she comes across and reform herself accordingly.

  142. Well, Natalie is now out of the HOH comp — her fate is up to Jordan and Kevin. They both seem to agree that they have to get her out. I’m relieved that Jordan realizes that and isn’t swaying to Natalie’s music of taking her to final 2.
    Hope that the final HOH is one Jordan can handle. She needs to study for the next 4 days and stop listening to Natalie. If she does, Jordan can wind up the final HOH (GOOD for Jordan!) , kick Natalie out and await the Jury House and America’s votes for BB winner. I think Jordan has a good chance of taking it. She did really well tonight and Natalie was clearly nervous and flustered. Jordan kept her cool. Doll Face is not so dumb after all.

    Even if Jordan does NOT win phase 3, she could still win BB11. IF Kevin gets rid of Natalie. I don’t mind Kevin winning the $50,000 — he’s earned it by letting Natalie run him for these last couple of weeks. Natalie has a lot to learn. She needs to watch the show and see how she comes across and reform herself accordingly. the sad thing is, Natalie has probably sealed Kevin’s antipathy toward women. WHY did he hang out with her for so long???

  143. well no feeds up for over a hour Hopefully NATTY pulled a CHIMA FIT and was escorted out the same door. That would simply add joy to an already glorious day..

  144. When you watch and listen to Jordan, you say to yourself, this girl is putting on an act, making people think she’s a dumb blond. But ya know what, she really is. She is completely clueless. And to think she could actually win is mind blowing. If Kevin wins HOH, and sends Natalie packing, Jordan gets America’s, Jeff’s, Michelle’s, and Natalie’s vote (no way Nat will vote for Kevin). If Jordan wins HOH and sends Kevin packing, she gets America’s, Jeff’s, Michelle’s and Lydia’s votes (Lydia hates Natalie). The only way Jordan doesn’t win is if Kevin wins HOH and sends her packing, which, ironically will be the only way Kevin could win.

  145. Notice how Natalie always has an excuse why she didn’t win? Makes me wonder how she ever won a medal at Junior Olympics. I’m not counting her out but I hope Kevin has the balls to dump Natalie if he wins the third part of hoh.It would be sweet to see Jordan steal it right out of Kevin’s hands.

  146. Actually, Jordan won with 18 seconds left. I just watched it again so I could laugh at Nat’s reaction!!!

    I am glad that she won since she was the underdog…

    I am torn between who I want for the final 2. If Kevin turns on Nat and take Jordan, I will get another big laugh when she has to walk out the house or it can be Jordan and Nat and I will get a big laugh when Jordan wins, especially since Nat thinks she has the votes…

    Either way, I think Tuesday will be interesrting…I do not want to say too much because I will hate if Nat when since she is now considered the underdog…

  147. “Dear” Rockstar,
    Since day one your comments towards HG’s you dislike and posters that
    you disagree with are very abrasive and mean spirited, not to say childish.
    So be a big girl and take some crap with dignity!!!!!!!

    1. I’ve said mean things about two housguests, Jeff and Jordon. I have been here for three months and there are 10-1 posts about how bad Natalie is. Seriously, I’ll have as much dignity as Jeff had when he backstabbed Russell and Michelle and threatened their lives, how about that?

      1. I don’ t like gong back and reply to every comment at me, makes me feel
        like a loser, but Russell voted to keep Jesse right after Jeff saved his ass and that makes him a backstaber
        and a liar, so we can’t really blame Jeff for the Russell backdooring thing.

      2. Well then you’re no better than Jeff are you???? Maybe you should wish some crabs on yourself – that would only be fair wouldn’t it????? And stop playing the victim!!!!!

        1. Look at the time stamp kappie. You’ve stalked me for hours here. Holy crap man. Let it go. Stop calling me out, just let me and Natalie drive off into the sunset, why feel the need to bitch at me and stalk me for days?

          1. Leave Rockstar alone,I do not agree with alot she says,what do you expect,she likes Nasty Nat.but like us,she has her fav,and should be able to say what she wants,plus Tuesday she will announce that Jordan Rules….right Rockstar…lol.

            1. you’ve got a soft spot for me tater, admit it, if I was Steve Urkle, I’d be wearing you down. We’d either be dating if you are a boy or best friends if you are a girl. hahahaha

  148. i think jordan is being a lot smarter right now then she’s letting on. before he left jeff told her, stick with michelle or natalie but definetly NOT KEVIN! i think she’s listening to his advice… if she wins she’ll take gnat, but she’s being nice to kev because if he wins, she need him to take her

  149. love the pics whats jeff supposed to be? and russells pic shpuld have something to do with paronoia and dont forgret the flames for shemale ( or a pic of a chick with a dick) LOL

  150. So do they all 3 get to listen to the jury house questions because if they do then they might discover that the shank is hated by jury and that she might be a better final 2 partner…anyone know?

    1. The jury questions will be after the final 2 are determined. The 3rd person will be a part of the jury at that time and will be able to ask their own questions.


  152. Did anybody else love that Julie Chen slapped pigpen in the face by saying “Actually it was mental AND physical”? I was rolling laughing at that!

    1. I thought that was great!! Julie knew what she was saying. Natalie thought she had
      it all figured out, but the only thing is that Natalie never really won anything.
      Only by chance.
      Jordon creamed her big behind! LOL
      By by Nat. She will have to go and cry foul with Chima.

  153. can someone please clear this up for me… when nat was doing the competition was the audience clapping?? at all?? because they were when jordo was… and they were clapping each time she got the answer correct.

    1. If the audience was clapping for Natalie, it was only a few people because I wasn’t aware of any applause. The clapping became very obvious when Jordan was playing and winning.

      1. It might not have been about Natalie, though. I think, for the most part, people had written Jordan off and figured that she couldn’t win against The Athelete. The audience always loves when a longshot wins. Cinderella stories are extremely popular. Look at how popular Melanie Oudin became over the last week.

        1. There was alot of applause for Jordan when Julie Chen announced the results of the Nat / Jordan competition tonight. The audience was going nuts. I thought that kind of tipped Nat and Kevin that all is not well for them in the REAL world…gives them something to think about until Tues.

    2. I wonder why BB didn’t start playing the “dumb-dumb” music for Gnat like they did for Jordan during Part 1 of the competition.

  154. OMG! OMG! OMG! Go Jordan! Just a thought for those of you who think Jordan doesn’t deserve to win. What if this was her game? To look like a ‘win nothing,’ ‘coattail riding,’ ‘dumb,’ player. Dr. Will never won any HOH or anything. That was his game. Vote for Jordan!!! YEA!!!!!

  155. I think I’ve finally figured out why Nastalie walks like that! She’s been putting the tampons in the “wrong hole” and not allowing for her mistake on the next try! I’ve just never thought of THAT as a mental AND physical competition tho!!

  156. Vote for Jordon America. She is there and deserves it. She wasn’t mean like the other two and won competitions. Go Jordon. It is time a woman won.

    1. They were all mean, including Jordon. Even Michelle tried to talk mean when she was trying to fit in. I’d like to see Kevin win with Jordon second.

  157. oh yeah..Julie doing that was GREAT. and she didn’t give pigpen a chance to respond. also did you notice that when Jordan was done with the competition, Julie said “well done”. didn’t say that to the pigpen. good for Kevin if he really wants pigpen out.

  158. If the jury members get to “ask” questions of the three final guests and the questions go to Nat about lying about her age, how ironic, her first move in the game just might end up being her last. Hopefully they will see, she thought she was smarter than them all. When in reality…..

  159. proud of Jordan. YEA!!! I just hope if she wins the final HOH that she takes Natalie with her… the jury house all hate her!!! Jordan would definitely win the game. Did you see how PP was trying to explain how she lost… now who is the dumb one? She’s been insulting Jordan’s intelligence the entire time in the house and look who came out looking like the idiot?

    1. I believe her and kevins words were..and I qoute “dumb bitch can’t win anything” looks like the dumb bitch just beat Nasty ass bigtime at her own game!! let me win first comp,you win second,cause its a mental challenge..haha.

  160. Kevin is screwing himself over, just like Jeff. Jeff went back on his deal and he got boned. Now Kevin is going to go back on his deal with Nat, and Jordan will win. Kevin is going to be so mad when he sees how easy he would have won against Nat

  161. So…. whoever gets the boot on Sunday by the yet to be determined HOH (J or K), won’t have time in the Jury House to consort with the other members of the Jury… Meaning that if NaStY goes, she won’t have time to campaign for Kev or Jordo— she has no clout with the jury now- Kevin & Jordan should not feel threatened by that piece of shit trying to play head games with them, saying she’ll sway the jury to vote the way she wants them to. “F” her!! Too bad she doesn’t have to face the music with them & let them eat her alive like Jeff having to face the peeps he got out. I woulda loved to see them tear into her & pick each lie apart bit by bit. She needs to show some humility and not try to offer excuses on why she’s a loser. That was so pitiful. Who cares- you lost HOH. Congratulate your opponents and shut the F up. Ha Ha Ha HOPEFULLY J/K make a deal with each other & STICK TO IT!!! Get Nat the F out & their each guaranteed some cash… Problem with these people is you can’t trust a one of them. Just hope they wake up & realize what Natalie is and weather or not she gets votes if she’s in F2, she just doesn’t deserve any of the moolah.

    1. Not Sunday, Tuesday. Sunday show will be clips on events that happen in the house that everyone did not see, like J&J DR they had together and other things and the jury will be asking questions on Sunday.


    At this point Bizsnatch lost – she ain’t gettin no 500k or 50k. When she’s booted on Tuesday she isn’t even going to get a chance to talk – she will have to vote right then and there. She lost lost lost!!!!!!!!

    CBS has had it with this BEE ootch!!!!! CBS redid the game so that crusty crotch lost and will not have the opportunity to spout her vile to the JH. To see her walk out tonight would have been great but what CBS has done is even better. For her to spend the next 5 days in a house knowing she aint gettin a dime for it, THEN having to face total humiliation on TV in from of millions and called out on all her lies – She is going to self-destruct.
    If this had any dignity she would just leave. Hopefully this weekend she’ll and follow her “friend” Chima’s graceful exit and just go!!!!!! Even better – I think I am going to rally up a bunch of us gay boys and fly a house over the BB backyard and drop a house on her. SURRENDER YOU SKUZZY BITCH!!!!!!

    She knows (via her phony boyfriend proposal) that she is hated by America – So no 25k

    1. Did that look phony to you, too? I thought that it was so strange that, that guy sounded so nice and sweet and soft spoken and considerate, not at all the kind of man that it would seem like she would be with. AND neither of them even said “I love you” AND they did not kiss on the lips. It all looked very fake to me. I thought I was just being narrow minded because I can’t stand her skanky ass, I am glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a set up. Go Kevin and Jordon!

      1. I agree, that whole proposal was bizarre. I thought a marriage proposal was supposed to ba a “special” moment. Natalie was like “sure, ok”. She’s one strange bird. Her “boyfriend” must be a total tool. He was getting all misty after the porposal and she just sat there like he had just asked her if she wanted ketchup on her fries.

  163. Yes – I loved that pigpen got told by Julie!! I reverted back to my youth with a big ” HA HAAAAAA!” And when pigpen realized she lost to Jordan and had dropped from the log for nothing, CLASSIC!
    I also loved when the jury house was like screw natalie…. Good times! It truly bothers me that she can’t look anyone in the eye and is constantly flickering her gaze from place to place.

  164. I liked Tuesday’s show with the past houseguests there. I’M JUST LOVING THE FACT THAT THE FINALE IS 2 HOURS LONG!!! I hope they use it to reveal some of the biggest secrets that went on in the house… like the LML and the lies they placed on Michelle.

  165. OK – Jordan may be somewhat “dim”, but really, she did further herself in the game whether she meant to or not by convincing Jeff to get rid of Russell. She could never have beat Russell, Jeff or Michelle. Getting rid of Russell was Jeff’s downfall, then Michelle’s, leaving her with a possibility to win this game! Cute, but dumb, or mastermind?! lol

  166. Why are they so obviously bringing up staged conversations right now on bbad, and so obviously correcting each other when they’re out of order??? I’m confused!

  167. I just want to say that if kevin wins HOH and takes jordo. Jordo could possibly take the whole thing. Jeff, michelle, and america will probably vote for jordo and then after kevin throws gnat out the house she will give jordo the vote in spite of kevin. therefore jordo is the winner of big brother 12. thats wishful thinking anyway. hahaha

    1. This is the scenario I’m hoping for! I am voting for either Jordan or Kevin to win of the 3 choices offered for American’s jury vote. And am hoping Jordan takes the big win!
      (And then goes with Jeff to Hawaii and they cement their affection for each other. lol.)

  168. how awkward on showtime right now…..production called each into DR…..then kevin starts to talk about something….natalie says “not now”….Kevin “they said we’re supposed to talk about . . . .” and nat says “yes, but not now…..” THEN Jordan gets called into DR (AGAIN) and now nat and kevin are sitting there and rehashing the show (very awkward, almost feels scripted in an obvious way)….very very awkward

  169. now jordan just got out of DR and says “I didn’t know . . . ”
    and then Nat said not supposed to talk abuot that part…..


  170. DING DONG (again) THE GNAT IS DEAD!!!!….I hope this time Kevin sticks to his word. I can’t wait to see GNAT’s Mug when she is not picked for the final 2…..He Haw!!!!!….If you notice she is trying to look so ‘sweet’ in front of the camera because she knows that America is voting…Hopefully when she gets home and reads the blogs and sees how America ‘hates’ her, she may try to get some therapy…

    1. I totally agree. If Kevin is smart, he will throw the competition and let Jordan win and choose him…that way he will still have Natalie’s vote in the Jury house!!

  171. Natalie is going to spend the next 5 days in misery because she has suddenly lost her confidence and her clout, BUT she is going to drive Kevin and Jordan crazy badgering them about taking her to the final 2. If they and we can survive her mouth for the next few days, it will all pay off in the end. Nasty is done, kaput, fini. The big winner is either Kevin or Jordan (I voted for Jordan several times but had trouble with the final letters in the verification codes — in the shadows and couldn’t tell what they were so had to guess.)

    1. True. There’s really no point in not being honest with Natalie, if Kevin and Jordan really do have a finalized Final Two deal. As you said, Natalie’s just going to keep after them both until the end otherwise. On the other hand, maybe that Natalie is preferable to a disgruntled one with no hope of winning. Well, at least she got her husband out of the deal. That’s the best thing that happened to her in the game, she said…awkwardly.

  172. I agree Katie Kev needs to let Jordon win I dont think she will get all the jury votes and who really cares now I think Jordon will be happy with at least the 50k if she wins that will be even better but not if she keeps telling Kevin if we go to the final 2 I think I will win instead she should be saying I know you will take it but at least I will be 2nd .I just want to see PP gone all season with her dude walk snide remarks and nasty chomping be rid of her please

  173. The jury house seems to be big on who won things. If Jordan wins the final HoH means she would have won 2 out of the final 3 comps. I think that would impress the jury and she would get most of their votes against either K or N. She would deserve it too-because I really think the all like her except Lydia and she was just jealous of her because Jeff won’t hook with her.

  174. Jamieboy, after reading your post I was laughing my BUTT off… That would be so funny if Jordan would do that to PP! Yep I can’t wait to see PP when she is evicted! They need to tell her “YOU GOT GOT”….Her putting on the HOH robe and crown acting all holy then thou..and saying Jordan couldn’t win shit….LOL Looks like Jordan BLEW her away in that comp. To funny.

    1. I think Jordan should fashion her own Queen of the HOH outfit and hand Natalie a broom to fly away with. I think Nat was already spending that money in her devious little brain. Wow, I am so glad they kept her in the house to stress on this for the next 5 days. Excellent!

    2. And being all bitchy with Michele in her nomination speech, but too chicken shit to say any of it without hiding behind the sunglasses! Not to mention her wannabe wizard costume!

  175. Natalie has no damn idea what she’s talking about: Michelle and Russell had a final two deal back when Russell was HOH??? I musta missed that. And ummmm…Chima DID say she wanted Russell out to Michelle. God I wanna stuff a toilet brush in her mouth to shut her up. She’s not gonna stop talking for the whole week.

  176. Kevin and Natalie have alot to think about after hearing the audience roar it’s approval of Jordan’s final score of 9 against Nat’s 5… I could not believe Julie was even able to be heard over the applause. And Natalie’s fast talking excuses were no challenge for the quick witted Julie Chen. Love that Woman!!! She is real…I hope Jordan buys her Mama a house. She is truly a dumb, sweet girl.

  177. if Jordan takes Nat she will deff win but she has a chance of winning with kev too cause if mishelle jeff and america vote for her and kevin wins the final hoh comp and boots nat then nat will prob vote for her too then she will win bb 11… I hope she wins :)

  178. Way To Go Jordon!!!!! We are pulling for you girl. I was so happy when she got this, and I knew she would. Nat’s efforts were comical… loved how the audience cheered on Jordon. JORDON FTW!!!!! :)

  179. Would this not be funny if after the jury questioning,we find out Jordan is some college grad with a psych degree and played the whole house as the dumb,blonde,bimbo.the typical stereo type blonde airhead.this girl is not as dumb as she acts,sorry nobody can be that dumb and so damn good in the mental/physical comps.remember she beat Russ in the golf game and gave Jeff a run for his money also,and who’s to say Jeff wouldn’t had missed and got a higher number than her!

  180. Did I hear Nasty say that game was pre rigged for J/J to win?what a poor sport,after runnin her yapflap like a ducks ass ,about how she was unbeatable!

  181. I have the perfect picture for Russell. I don’t know if anyone has suggested it. What about a shotgun? He spelled it correctly, after all.

  182. Alot of you people are sorta two faced. About 2 days ago you were all calling Jordan dumb. And now the sun is shing out her ass for some of you. You know these people are here for a reason. THEY FLEW UNDER THE RADAR. Maybe they got other players to advance them in the game, but isn’t that what BB is all about? JUST KEEP ON GOING JORDAN….. YOU’LL MAKE IT.

    1. I will have to admit that I have been hard on Jordan and I believe rightfully so. She hasn’t done anything in the game that merits any recognition as a “game changer”. She was never a strategist, always ran her mouth when she should have been just a listener, and always believe everything she was told! I am just happy for her at this time for one reason….BECAUSE SHE STUCK IT TO NATALIE!!!

      1. While I agree she sometime shared information she shouldn’t have and sometimes was taken in by other houseguests, that is essentially true of all of the houseguests. I often felt she was appearing to agree with/believe what she was being told, but really just taking it all in without revealing her true thoughts. She unquestionably pumped Ronnie for info. when he was trying to scam her for her vote before he was evicted.

  183. I want Jordon to win. Natatlie is not a very nice person. Now she is acting so sweet. I hope Kevin keeps his word to Jordon and takes her if he wins but if he is true to his work he will let her win the last HOH. Then he will not have the choice to take Natalie. If Jordon screws her it will be OK. But I would really like to see Kevin screw her because she thought she had him wrapped around her little twisted tie finger like she has her fiance.

  184. Jamieboy, that was hilarious, but I really don’t think Jordan would say that. She may be thinking about that, but she would never be that nasty. She would be hurting her chances if she said that. I hope she wins and tells everyone she would never see Natalie again, because she is just an evil human….

  185. Couldn’t have said it better myself…….I think!!!

    This WOULD be Great TV!!!!!

    You would be able to hear the thunder of applause world wide if she said all that to nat…………quick send your script to the BB house they definately tried to use one last night. Weird is the only way to describe BBAD last night,

  186. I’d love to see Jordan win it all, and Natalie with nothing, but I think Jordan would have a much better chance if she took Natalie. I think the only way Jordan can win against Kevin is if Kevin wins HOH and votes out Natalie and Natalie votes for Jordan cuz she’s angry with Kevin. However, I’d love to see Jordan win the final HOH to prove that at least she was able to keep herself in it till the end. Sure she road coattails the majority of the game, but this last week she stepped up.

  187. O.K. here’s my take on everything going on in the BB house. First Jordan totally kicked ass in the competition! She had the perfect rolling form and knew the HOH order perfectly! Way to go Jordan! Second, Natalie was NOT very gracious in her defeat, she might have hugged Jordan after the results were announced but it was obviously just for the camera. Then she went on and on about how she messed up and Julie told her “SHUT UP! YOU LOST!” I hold out all hope that Kevin takes Jordan to the final two or vice versa. In my opinion Kevin would get Russell, Lydia, Jesse and Michele’s votes and maybe even Natalie’s. Jordan would get Jeff’s and america’s and maybe Natalie’s. Kevin would win the 500K and Jordan would be happy to get the 50K. The Jury WILL for the player who PLAYED the game the best and the most….and in this scenerio it is KEVIN!!!

  188. If Jordan lets Kevin win and then he takes her to F2, she will have Natlie’s vote and could win it all. I am sure giving my many America votes to Jordan. But then there is also value to winning more competitions so it is a tough one right now.
    Did you notice that Jessie could not wait to tell Jeff that Natalie was actually 24, could not wait. We have to hope that the Russell learns to blameboth Kevin and Nat and that the horrible way Nat treated Michele is known.
    I think that BB should end like survivor–let everyone vote and then have a finale a week later after everyone has had a chance to see the show and blogs. Now, that would be a wild finale–maybe next year.

  189. I would be happy with Kevin or Jordan winning it all. At this point, etiher of them winning would make me happy and I hope they are both in the final 2. It’s a toss-up for me because I love Jordan but I think Kevin is a better player. He’s a dirty player, but a BETTER player. Then on the other hand, Jordan is such a sweetheart you can’t help but love her.
    Either way, as long as Natalie doesn’t win anything, I’m happy. She doesn’t deserve anything at all.

    1. Kevin played the game, you go into this house with one way to play in mind then someone makes a move that forces you to do something out of the way. Mike B said this on the show in this house pressure and others moves cause you to act nothing like you would in real world. I like Kevin and want him to win it all, as far as Jordan goes she is sweet but she never stepped it up till last night she road Jeffs coattail and even said she did and would’nt be there now if not for him. Also whats up with Jeff saying Nat rode coattails and doesn’t deserve to win hell he let Jordan ride his and even threw a comp to her so for this reason alone he deserves to be where he is. It the money isn’t important enough for you to try your hardest at everything why be there to start. Really I wonder if him and Jordan were final two would he have thrown her under bus. There’s no way he would have throw away 500k and just let the girl who he tried his hardest to get into bed walk away with that. He always thought she was 2nd to him because he was carrying her there on his back. I hope the jury house isn’t dumb enough to fall for that crap he is going to say to push Jordan to win it all. She clearly to me doesn’t deserve 1st but does 2nd if she can make it to fianl 2. I hope Kevin wins and puts nat out that win then big the BIGGEST move of the game. I guess Jeff has been blinded by a set of big fake boobs and that makes him a boob. His wanna be showmance cost him the game.

      1. P.S. THE only way Jordan deserves to win 1st is when asked to plead her case she says it was my plan all along to ride the coattails of others straight to the top, lay low earn nothing do nothing,if she says that off the top of her head I will concede she deserves to win it all cause she had us all fooled but a think hell has a chance of freezing over first. It seems to me she had no plan during this game and when her team BB put her with fell apart she just lucked into Jeff who was eyeing her for her boobs and body. He used her I hope she see’s that when this show is over and how he really thought she was just another pretty dumb blonde. Shame on him. Wise up Jordan there is a great big world full of users like Jeff. Your to nice of a girl to get used like that.