Big Brother 11 Spoilers 2nd HOH Results.. Jordan wins!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


2nd HOH winner is: Jordan

America is the seventh jury vote and the final 2 will not be determined until Tuesday

In the HOH competition Jordan got 9 right with 30 seconds to spare and Natalie got 5 right with 2seconds to spare

Sunday is a bloopers show and the Jury grills the remaining 3 hosueguests!

7:33pm Feeds are on trivia. Before they cut to trivia Natalie was in the Diary room. Jordan and Kevin used this time to talk about what they are going to do if they win HOH. Jordan makes a very strong argument that they should get out Natalie because the Jury house is filled with her friends. Kevin tells her he agrees, Jordan also comments on them having similar game strategies having both laid low in the begging. Kevin tells her his mind was made up after Natalie took Pandora’s box instead of playing POV. He knows Natalie was willing to fuck him over for a “prize” so he has no problems fucking her over right back.


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OMG! I am so excited to see Janelle tonight! I LOVE LOVE HER. Best player in BB history.


Me2 Amber she has always been my fav!


I’ve always wondered why they haven’t offered Janelle an acting and/or modeling career. She’s beautiful and so photogenic.

nat's lie

it sure is fitting that natalie’s lie lost her 500k

curious george

simon how is the voting gonna work if it is a tie on tues?


there won’t be a tie……..whoever is out on Tuesday is the 6th jury member and then america’s vote is the 7th voting member


Well, if either Jordon or Kevin evict Natalie out at the last minute (PLEASE!), you can rest assured Natalie will toss her vote to the person who didn’t evict her, even if that means not giving a vote to Kevin, her partner in crime.

curious george

simon is sun gonna be a bloopers show? and on the last hoh isnt that q and a ?

curious george

simon i saw you in the live audience LOL


Where is he sitting. I don’t know what he looks like!!!


sunday is bloopers
tuesday is last HOH, Q&A, and final voting

nasty h8ter

Jordan up next,Nasty only got 5 right!!!


We need real players for the game




Jordan KICKED Natalie’s BUTT….


heh. “Jordan’s useless.” “Jordan can’t win anything.”

Jeff & Jorden Rock !!

Hey you stupid moron, Jorden did win and pigpen doesn’t have a chance in hell winning the 500 Thousand now. All the people in the jury house hate her now because of her lies and america sure as hell won’t vote for that nasty bitch!!!!!!!!!


Um, yes. See, there are these things called “quotation marks” and what they do is indicate that someone is reporting that someone else has said something. For instance, in reporting what you commented, I might say: “Hey, you stupid moron,” the ignorant person brashly exclaimed before considering what he had just read carefully, obviously not having been to the blog the previous night (when I had presented the rational arguments for Jordan winning).


Unless I’m mistaken I believe you are the moron Jeff&Jorden Rock. Westerfarther was just mocking what other people said…..jeez there’s a reason why there were quotation marks around those quotes.


YYYYEEESSSS Jordon way to go and kick that schank nasty ass bItCh


Jordan did amazing


Kevin vs Jordan finale … Kevin will throw the last HoH so his hands are clean. He does NOT want to go to final with Nat.


Jeff, Michelle & America will vote for Jordan. Jordan would only need 1 more vote to win BB.


Michelle will not vote for Jordan. She will vote for who ever played the best. KEVIN

go jordan!!!!

kevin wont throw it because he is not guarenteed to be picked by jordan.

jordan will have natalies vote if kevin boots her and jordan wins.


Personally, I feel if Kevin wins, he boots Gnat, and out of Kev/Jordan, Kevin might squeak by and win. If Jordan wins, I think (honestly) she’d take Gnat (since Kevin got Jeff and Michelle out) and if Jordan does that….I think Jordon wins, hands down.


The only sad part of the Jordan taking Natalie to the final 2 scenario is that even if Jordan wins the $500,000, Natalie will still get $50,000, which is $49,999.99 more than she deserves.


If Jordan wins, I don’t think she will take Kevin to final 2. She would take Natalie.


I agree, so lets hope Kevin wins and takes Jordan.

As U Think U R

RIGHT ON JORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She smoked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud!!!!
now honestly i just hope kevin wins and takes jordan. bec if jordan wins she prob will take natalie and i will be piiiiiiiiissed. im pretty sure kevin will take jordan now bec he must realize that nat has no sway over jury bec there is no campaigning time.


I think that’s why Kevin looked unexpectedly concerned. It’s certainly possible that Natalie will be picked over him should Jordan win.

curious george

americas vote . i think if kev goes against nat he wins 🙁 i think if nat goes against jord jord wins 🙂 and wrll if jord goes against kev???? i want jord to win 🙂


Votes are already official. America has voted Jordan to win if she makes it to the final. America has voted Kevin if it is Kev vs Nat.


i likey likey! But how do you know? Is it just dream?!?


Eric’s from the future. You don’t even want to know how Lost ends, so don’t ask.


Jordan Wins the 2nd HOH!!!!

As U Think U R

Watch Natalie burrow her face in Jordon’s ass now! Excellent!!!!!!!!!!


… and we get to listen to Natalie’s excuses on why she messed up and lost because really she is SO smart! Break out the violins Gnat – you’re a dumb ass! No lies can save you now.

go jordan!!!!

great job girl!


Jordon won!!!!!!!


I walked outside of my house and got smaced by all these cookie dough eating flying pigs, then I came back in and saw that Jordan won.Must have been a sign.




HA HA HA Take that Pigpen – you dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nat must be a Tai Kwon Do champ in the special olympics. Jordan has outperformed Nat all year in competitions. Nat is the worst competitor in BB history. If not for Kevin’s beautiful execution of the lie about Russell to Jeff, Nat would’ve been gone 2 weeks ago.


YES YES YES to all the Jordan haters such on that !!!!! Gnat keep makeing exuses


I would so be happy if Jordan wins! This solidifies my opinion that Nat is worthless.


Yes! and Jordan won without the calender (cheating) and studying that Natalie did. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!


Wow! That was priceless, just seeing Nasty Nat’s ugly face all scrunched up! Here goes the Nasty again, telling Julie she would of won because she knows everything about every houseguest in the BB house. I just love what Julie?s response was to her “Natalie this was a Mental and Physical Challenge”. Absolutely worth watching tonight???


Yeah. Wait, was that Jordan or Natalie that was the Athelete?

* (that was a rhetorical question, Jeff & Jorden Rock !!, just in case you needed some help figuring out a response)


Thanks Julie for putting NASTY in her place on live TV.


I only watched the last five minutes for the results. Fill me in … what did Julie do? details, details, details!


What did Julie say? Tell tell


way to go Jordon..Lets just hope Kevin does throw the last comp. I am so glad he doesnt know that Nasty Nat doesnt have the votes to win…Go Jordon!!!


Jordan just layed the smack down on Nats candy ass!!! LOL


WAY TO GO JORDAN! She put that nasty gnat in her nasty little place…eat s$%t nataLIE!

curious george

bloopers sun ha ha jord gets to play the 2nd hoh so if she wins she picks nat or ken right? i think shed pick kev, cause he evicted mich, nut she should keep nat then shed win. if kev gets it he will boot out jord we all know that


YAYYY I’m so happy to see Jordan win this all on her own. She HAD it. Now we get to watch Natalie kiss ass and drive Kevin crazy for the next four days hahahaha


ok so maybe I’m confused. Did Natalie think she was the best one for the mental challenge, or did she say she was mentally challenged!!!!!!!!! Love the results!


I am so glad it shows that Jordan could do it!




I thought you were a NASTALIE fan Rockstar? Have you seen the light?


I did not post that.


and wishes we had to register to post so people couldn’t pretend to be me


Rockstar: maybe if you start making good donations, the website will be able to register next year…


How do you know how much I have donated or if I have even donated?


I would love to see Jordan and Kevin in final two so Nat can’t get s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Jordan!!!


If Jordan wins final HOH I hope she will take Natalie. It sounds like everyone in jury house can’t stand her. Hopefully, she will take out Kevin to get revenge for Jeff.


As much as I hate Natalie, and don’t want her to get any money. I think if Jordan wins she should take Natalie to the final. She would have a better chance of winning, and it would be funny to see Natalie try to answer all the jury’s questions about all her lies.

bbad is boring

I HATE NATALIE but didnt she make a deal with both of them? Hopefully kevin and jordan talk and can compromise to not use hoh just take themselves to jury house, can they do that? I just hope Natalie walks away with nothing but a tie twist ring! She is a floater and should have been gone a long time ago!!!!!GO JORDAN!!!!!!


That was beyond sweet! I loved all the excuses afterwards… I can’t wait to see what is part 3! Anything can happen in the BB house. I will say I was glad that the JH didn’t give Jeff too much crap. He seemed shocked when he found out that no one would vote for Natalie. She’s going to be in for quite a surprise on Tuesday.

May the best person win!


Don’t you just love the way Natalie talked to “America” during that log competition regarding Kevin’s promise to take her to final 2. Priceless. She doesn’t know that the majority of the viewers want Kevin to evict her butt promise or not.




beat NAT…………………….. the is a brighter day


And the Jury House are all agaisnt here. I can’t wait till she sees that she has no friends at all. That will be awsome, I really dislike Natalie. Don’t want Kevin either, he is at her level.

so is sundays show a misser? I mean we can miss it and not worry we missed anything? geez that dosn’;t make sence eh? LOL.


OMG… how stupid do you look now nat …. you lost to JORDAN in a MENTAL game !!!
Go Jordan !!!! LOVE YA !!!


Congratulations Jordough!


Way to make us all J/J fans proud!!!!!


OMG i am so happy that jordan kicked gnatlie’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love that Julie Chen can not hid the fact that she hates gnatlie too! She cut her off so, so good, telling her it was physical and mental (the gnat trying to justify her horrible play, the girl can not win anything at all, but the difference is at least Jordan doesn’t ry to act like she can but doesn’t want to) It is clear Julie can’t stand her anymore than the rest of the US and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


loved, loved, loved how julie cut natalie off!


Yeah! Go JORDON! Good vs evil!!!


Nasty lied again. She couldn’t even lose graciously and just congratulate Jordan. I thought Nat’s mouth was going to hit the floor along with Kevin’s. Nat still had to lie about not winning that she knew of her mistake, blah, blah, blah. She is unbelievable and such a liar and cheat. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!


Natalie and graciousness is kinda like jumbo shrimp!!


YEAH…. YOU GO JORDAN!!!!! She is so cute, all happy 🙂 hehehehe it was her time to win win win!!!


WAY TO GO JORDO!!! Nat sucked at that! She’s got an excuse for everything…she screwed up Russell and Chima! Hello stupid! Your on live tv!


Jordan will win this game

Votes for Jordan: Jeff, Michelle, America, Jessie (Kevin voted him out), Natalie ( Kevin broke her word)

Jordan is able to beat Natalie or Kevin in the finale




Jessie and Natalie will vote for Kevin. Jessie will love Kevin for getting Jeff out and is the kind of guy that would vote for who played the better game. Natalie will vote for Kevin bc he has played more on her side the entire game. The only votes Jordo will get are Americas, Mich, and Jeff.

Jordans only chance is with Natalie.


I agree – Jordans only chance to win is against Pigpen!!!!


… no there is another. Russel might be swayed. or Lydia if against Nat.


Jeff is still stinging from getting burned by Kevin and I’m sure he’ll be talking against him in the jury house for a while. He doesn’t realize that Natalie was behind his (and almost all) of the evictions. Most of them in the jury house don’t know that. I’m hoping in this instance that Jeff isn’t very persuasive because if Natalie is up against Kevin in the final 2, the jury house is apt to give her the $500,000. I’m putting a lot on Michele’s shoulders that she was observant enough from the very beginning of the game to realize just how manipulating Natalie was and to convince the jury that it was Natalie who was responsible for all of their evictions.


lets keep crossed our finger and hope jordans winsssssssssssssssssss
damn jordon u kciked bulldog ass lol


Buhhhh Byeee Natalie, go wash your c*nt !!!!


Jordan blew that girl away. I am happy for you girl. Now you just have to take Kevin down in the final round. I so hope she makes it to the final two. She deserves the money so much.