Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Pandora’s Box Part 2 Natalie Doesn’t get to Play in The POV Tomorrow

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


5:50pm Backyard Kevin, Michelle and Jordan talking about Natalie having some mystery power. Natalie comes in asks them to not ask her anything about the mystery box. Kevin “what no way what do you mean we can’t talk about it” Natalie “Just don’t ask me about it.. just a personal request” Not much talking between them.. Apparently Natalie Opened Pandora’s box and something bad has happened. Natalie says she can’t play in tomorrow?s POV. There is supposed to be something else bad to happen to them later. Natalie tells them she needs to go spend sometime by herself and she leaves. Michelle and Jordan talk about the Pandora’s box event.. Really hard to figure out what is happening, There was a baby and some chick dressed as a roach that sprayed Jordan with something. Jordan says that Michelle has won something really good, “you can tell she’s lying about it”. Michelle agrees she warns Jordan that Kevin is trying to play them both and to stick to their plan. Jordan agrees “He acts like he’s in the cold but her and him are really scheming all the time”. Both Michelle and Jordan are pissed because they have no idea what Natalie’s power is, neither think it will be good for them. Jordan think it’s going to be something that is only benefiting her, not changing the votes.


6:07pm HOH Natalie and Kevin. Natalie’s opened Pandora’s box and inside the room was her boyfriend while she was in the room her boyfriend proposed to her. Natalie says the only thing she got screwed out of is the POV.. “Thats the honest to god truth” She tells Kevin the only bad thing is she doesn’t play POV other than that it has nothing to do with final 2 or the prize money. She doesn’t want to tell the other 2 because she wants them to think she has a power.


6:10pm Kitchen Natalie now tells them all the truth… Kevin doesn’t look convinced at all.
“I swear on my life, gos and the game i’m telling the truth” Kevin keeps asking questions about what she did in the room with him.. Natalie says they just talked. Kevin “talked about what?” Jordan butts in asks how long did she see him. Natalie “20 minutes”… Michelle and Jordan wonders why she was’t crying… (Nobody believes her).. Natalie says production told them not to talk about game.. All they talked about was friends back home and her dad.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Randy Wolfgang

Natalie is telling Kevin “the truth” of what happened. She’s saying that her boyfriend was in Pandora’s box and proposed to her. (Anybody else think this is total bullshit?) And now she can’t play in POV because she picked to see her boyfriend. I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something else is happening that she is hiding – the TV ad this morning said that the the jury house was affected so………………………………………..




OMG! This is huge. If she can’t play in the POV, it makes the chances to win better for Jordan and Michelle. With the roll that Michelle has been on, she just might win it.


Her boyfriend proposed to her? What?

Randy Wolfgang

Of course its not true and now Kevin sees the gigantic mess that his “ally’ has gotten him into.

Randy Wolfgang

Oh and where’s the “twisty” ring that her BF was supposed to have given her?????? She’s not only lying she’s hiding something


the look on Kevin’s face is hysterical. he knows she’s trash.


Kevin is SOOOOOOOOO pissed!! He was depending on Natalie playing pov to take him off the block! You can tell by his face he is pissed.

I Love Jeff!

I highly doubt that Natalie’s boyfriend proposed to her……I mean like seriously what fool would ask Nasty Nat to marry them (especially after having her head up Jessie’s ass all season, she has some explaining to do I think to her bf). Lets just hope that whatever the Pandoras box power is that Jeff gets to return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think that pp is going to the jury house and one of the jury members is coming in to take her place as hoh.

Mr. Me Too

LOL i don;t know whats worst natalie not playin in the POV or her boyfriend proposing to that evil little bitch, i feel sorry for him what he’s gonna have to deal with in the coming years will be horrifying…… michelle got this POV in the bag woohooooooo


If he did propose he deserves her…


……. Gnat is eventually going to reproduce and her children are going to be wonderful ethical human beings…….NOT!


She’s been lying about everything, why wouldn’t continue lying? There’s more to the story, we just have to be patience until Sunday night (BUT I CAN’T, I WANT TO KNOW!!!). She swore on her life, if I have a penny for everytime she says that I think I would have 500 K by the time the bb 11 is done.


Boy do I ever agre with you Christy.


It made me sick to see her go through michelle`s stuff last night ,If it were me and I caught her I tell her to get her nose picking ,non bathing ass away from my stuff before I stick her so far up chimans twhat.


BB should’ve done something about that. That should be against the law, especially last week when she was going through Michelle’s birth control. She’s 24, she should be more mature than that. I mean look at Jordan, she’s younger than NAT Nasty and she’s not immature like her (NAT Nasty). BRAT!

another fan

She would proably like being up Chiman’s twat.


If her boyfriend had proposed to her she would be wearing a ring on her finger and she would have been busting at the seams to bragging about it to the other HG. This skankyho is lying cause she got got by being greedy and opened Pandora’s Box. The box stripped of her of playing in the POV comp…LOL!! That’s what she gets for being greedy!! I hope M/J don’t fall for any more of hers and Kevins BS!! It’s time to for M/J to stop being played by these two evil doers!!


True i dont think anyone would say “I dont wanna talk about it” rite after.. hehe.


There has to be more to this PB! If she wasn’t allowed to play in the POV I think she’d be a little bit more upset and as Randy said the TV commercial said something about the Jury House (I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t fully know wha it’s about). I worry that what ever was in PB is going to totally help her. If her BF proposed to her she’d at least be misty. If I was her BF I’d be running and not looking back. I don’t think Natalie realizes how much America can’t stand her. I get sick to my stomach every time she speaks.. blah.


Dont worrie, BB production knows that Nat is hated and I can promise you they for sure wont help her! The majority of the viewers want the “nice” people to win and its in BB best interest that it happens, so helping Nat makes no sense at all


We don’t need a “nice” person. Just someone who’s a good player with somewhat decent morals and doesn’t resort to malicious personal attacks. I’ve started watching BB since season 8, and Gnat is the only person I’ve ever seen that’s so pathetic at life.


There was no boyfriend! No proposal! No anything! Lies, just more lies. She opened the box, and the penalty is she can’t play in the VETO.
Wise up J/M!


Natty looks very very unhappy…..Yeah!!!!!


She does not want the other 2 to know about Boyfriend’s proposal, as she is only 18……….NOT!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Oh please Pigpens proposal story doesn;t even make sense – what BF in his right mind would ask her to marry him in exchange for half a million??????????????????????

Mr. Me Too



I’d love for Jeff to come back as much as anybody. I just don’t see it happening. The Natalie not playing POV could be an interesting twist though.

Perhaps Jeff or someone else was in the box and will play for POV in her place. If they win, they can award it to the HG of their choice.

ready for the JJ break

That’s what I think it is too… that could be an interesting twist. Especially if the asked something like “who do you trust the least in the jury house” and then that person comes back. That would mean Lydia would come back.


She didn’t look like she was crying. She says that she doesn’t cry, but she cried when Jessie left. Why would she not cry when the guy she “loves” proposes to her. Whatever. She is a lying b*****. Like they said, Karma will come to you in this game. And BB would not let someone from the outside world come in. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen and how it is going to effect the jury house. Stay tuned.


Natalie as Jeff would say to you if he’s in front of your ugly ass face…”YOU GOT GOT!” HAHAHAHAHA


lol.. nice one stickypickle….. So by Natalie having HOH this week, does that mean that she makes it to the finals?


I hope Kevin wins POV then HOH and gets Naralie out as payback lol.


I too hope Kevin comes out the winner. He played the game the same way Jeff did. I see alot of Jeff lovers on here for me he lost major face with his sorry A** speach guess he couldn’t go out like a man as he told Russell to do. He did the same thing to Russell last week lied his ass off to his buddy. Kevin has played to win and hasn’t relyed on others to win for him. Lieing is part of this game face facts folks. If no one lied non of us would watch proof is how much griping there has been about how boring it has been these last few weeks people who watch this show wanna see shake ups but I guess only if thier personal favs win sorry game doesn’t happen that way. Rooting and tooting for Kevin to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake K.


Randy Wolfgang

I think Pigpen is relating this BIG story to the others to prepare them for the other shoe to drop – maybe she hopes she’ll ll get some undertanding from them when the rest of the shit hits the fan. I wonder if she actually may be going to the jury house – what happened to the nomination ceremony???? the POV comp is usually tomorrow – something else is happening. Now THIS is a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another fan

Since we all know we cannot believe anything that comes out of Nasty’s mouth, we won’t know hte truth until Sunday night when it airs on TV and Julie tells us what happened. This will be interesting, because when there is no boyfriend in the room, America will know the truth, but those inside the house will still be clueless. Luckily, I think M/J finally realize not to believe anything that N/K say.


she probably got offered some amount of money in exchange of not playing in the veto. therefore she might have lied to Kevin not wanting to seem like a greedy bitch.


Great Twist!

Randy Wolfgang

Pigpen has been flapping her trap a mile a minute like a teenager who gets caught doing something and is giving way too many details. It’ll be interesting to see if she gives the same nomination speech to Michele.

emax 2

This week the POV holder evicts.The next HOH winner will choose to evict.The next HOH decides who is the second person in the final 2


Please please BB bring back Jeff..He deserves to win!!!! We all miss him. We need to get rid of Nat.She is such a loser..BYE BYE NAT


Maybe Jeff was in pandoras box and NastaLIE had to choose to allow Jeff back in the house or forfeit playing in the pov???

what the...

Now THAT seems more reasonable. 🙂


Nasty’s boyfriend didn’t propose to her. He is way too busy running as fast as he can in the opposite direction.




Well said. I agree with the others. I would love to see one of the evicted guests involved in this pandora box.


Agree another of Nasty lies


I am NOT a Natalie fan, and I will say it again…NOT, NOT, NOT a Natalie fan. But if the this Pandora’s box thing is true and she cannot play for the POV, that is unfair. In previous seasons, no one that I can recall has been prohibited from competing at this point in the game. It’s down to the final four; removing powers at this stage is crippling, if not unfair.

Then again, Natalie may be bluffing.


How could it possibly be unfair? The show’s producers set the rules, don’t apparently swear never to change them, and are perfectly justified to change the rules as they see fit. You know, like Natalie does.


Unfair!? This bitch had the chance to get that key- which guaranteed would NOT have played against her… She chose greed over helping her friend. This game needs more morals-gambling type competitions…

Dustin Thawind

My guess is that she was given a choice..probably money to give up pov chance. It wouldn’t surprise me if it went further than that and she gave up hoh for money.


There has never been a Pandora’s box before

Jake K.

Jeff coming back this late in the game….it would truly be a miracle. We all know that. So we need to move on (tear) to root for Jordan and Michele. I still love them too! But yeah no nominations? Anyone know what is going on with this?

Randy Wolfgang

No no this is one time NO BODY in the house believes her – her lies have finally caught up with her. But remember Kevin could win the POV tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Correct me if I am wrong. I thought the POV wasn’t going to played until Tuesday on the special live show. I thought on the special live show they were going to do the POV Comp and live pov ceremony. Maybe I heard it wrong. Someone else hear that too????


Their is only one problem that i see in her not playing the POV, she is still in finale 3. Unless the person that wins POV can actually send her home, and that she is no longer safe. Like she said HOH did not mean anything this week, let hope this was not a lie. Hope what i’m thinking its the way it will go. Michelle please win POV so gnat can go home.


Oooh..wouldn’t it be cool if she lost out on POV and the safety of HOH? And who ever got POV could actually put her on the block!!


WTF? PP is so full of shit! I don’t think I have ever seen Big Brother let a HG physically see a family member, etc from outside the house. I am correct?

Totally Disgusted!

I can’t ever remember any contact closer than a monitored phone call….


I don’t even understand her at all. She is really sick in the head.


She is scrambling because she just screwed herself by opening the box. Nobody knows how she screwed herself, but she is bashing Kevin and making up ridiculous lies… why? She must know that she is not safe.

Karen S

I said the sameeee thing as I was reading the blog. Not ever have I seen them let have contact with a family member outside the house.
I think… She chose money and the consequence was losing out on POV. Greed vs. a chance.. hmmm?
It’s hard to understand how she can call out christian values to Michele, when she’s lied and lied and lied throughout the game. ughhh just UGH!!

I hope the other things that are supposed to happen, happen while we all can watch on BBAD. It wouldn’t be so darned boring then. lol

another fan

That is why I call BULLSHIT on Nasty. There is no way BB would have allowed physical contact with a friend. We will see what the real story is Sunday. Looks like CBS is trying to come up with plans to get people to actually keep watching.


yep your right


Lol at the terrbile “my bf asked me to marrie” thing.. Im so sure thats bs and for Nat to make up that stupid lie she probably did something she is ashamed about. I think BB gave her a task that made Nat show her true colors and she “failed” and now she cant play veto 🙂 BTW why does Nat call Michelle the devil and stuff? Nat has lied 10times more and been so nasty and cruel.. Nat enjoyes lieing actually.. She must be deluded!


You’re so right, Randy W! THIS is a show!!!!!!!! And now I’m absolutely delighted Pigpen won the HOH! Let’s all turn to the camera now and yell “THANKS BIG BROTHER!!” – just like Pigpen loves to do!! Karma. Ain’t it a bitch?!

I Love Jeff!

Obviously her boyfriend WAS NOT brought in to see her and to propose to her. Houseguests cant have contact with others and especially not with people who have been able to be watching the series.

This is a total fabricated lie, the houseguests should know better than to believe her that she had contact with her boyfriend


i bet the personal thing is that she did something to hurt her and her bf relationship…. she was probably mad when they didn’t give her money. also, she doesn’t want to play for the pov, that way her hands are “bloody”.


Bring Back Jeff!


Somebody please explain the pandora box part 2? is nat lying or is this the truth? what happened?


yeah i think they offered her something and she took and now she cant play in the pov and doesnt want to look greedy what does she care she dont need to win it. theres no way here bf came in he could tell her everything he seen on the show.

Hates Natalie Too

I don’t think she even HAS a boyfriend–much less one that would want to marry her.


I really think she has a girlfriend…

Randy Wolfgang

The strange people who invaded the house were Jesse, Lydia and Russell—where’s Jeff???????????????????????????????????

Mr. Me Too

they was in the house?


So Jesse, Lydia and Russell were the ones spreading stink around the House? But no sign of Jeff?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………..


I never heard them mention anything about the jury members.They just kept going on and on about a little person in storage room,big man dressed up like a baby that smelled really bad and a cockroach lady that kept spraying Michelle and Jordon and how they kept scaring Kevin.


when they brought jessie back in BB10 as a gorilla they were not told it was him, they only figured it out because he made that annoying sound with his mouth and made that dumb ass “i’m so sexy” pose. so of course they wouldn’t know it was them reeking havoc on the house but it more than likely was.

j/j alltheway

Vey good question where was jeff?


I have finally figured out how to tell when gnasty is lying………..she opens her mouth!!!


I would have said Breath.

Mr. Me Too

yep thats exactly how you tell

Mr. Me Too

jessie had a similar way to tell when he’s lying he says “Does That Make Sense to You”

Karen S

lol lol @ all of you! I’m glad the general consensus is that PP is lying.

Aunt Dolly

Simon, thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. I know you have no control over getting pigpen out of the game, but if she’s gone I’ll be so happy I’ll feel more like donating again and watching the site more to see which deserving player wins. Therefore, it is not fair to you if she stays on ………………. and you mentioned losing popularity when Jeff left. Here’s how I see it: if you see a good movie it’s worth double the price, but if it’s a stinker you walk out feeling unsatisfied. That’s what we are feeling screwed the longer PP stays……………… We’d rather feel good about the outcome of 50K!!!!


The only way she could spend 20 minutes with her boyfriend is if he had been sequestered this entire game! Since the first game, no one comes in the house that has seen the game played from the outside in (except former players as hosts). That would be an unfair advantage to let a family member in…don’t you think!


That really would be fu[FISHTANK]]led up, because her boyfriend –as per Natlie’s dad’s remarks– has been watching the game the whole season. He’d have plenty of inside (or outside, I suppose) information to pass on to her. Of course, her dad could have done the same in the phone call, I guess. It would shake up the game, though, if that is the case. I’m hoping something does soon.


hmmmmm, my gut tells me Natalie is lying but I think she lost the right to play POV is because someone in the box from the jury house is coming in to play for her.


humm could be


I am wondering why Nasty’s father closed his letter with Papa Jorge. I know I never had my father close a letter to me Daddy Scott. If it is a h ispanic thing kewl I learned something new but I am sorta wondering hmmmm….. Does Nat have TWO fathers?(not that its a big deal if she did)


I’m hispanic and I have never heard any Mexican father’s that I know calling them selves like that! Maybe he is her stepdad.