Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Pandora’s Box Part 2 Natalie Doesn’t get to Play in The POV Tomorrow

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


5:50pm Backyard Kevin, Michelle and Jordan talking about Natalie having some mystery power. Natalie comes in asks them to not ask her anything about the mystery box. Kevin “what no way what do you mean we can’t talk about it” Natalie “Just don’t ask me about it.. just a personal request” Not much talking between them.. Apparently Natalie Opened Pandora’s box and something bad has happened. Natalie says she can’t play in tomorrow?s POV. There is supposed to be something else bad to happen to them later. Natalie tells them she needs to go spend sometime by herself and she leaves. Michelle and Jordan talk about the Pandora’s box event.. Really hard to figure out what is happening, There was a baby and some chick dressed as a roach that sprayed Jordan with something. Jordan says that Michelle has won something really good, “you can tell she’s lying about it”. Michelle agrees she warns Jordan that Kevin is trying to play them both and to stick to their plan. Jordan agrees “He acts like he’s in the cold but her and him are really scheming all the time”. Both Michelle and Jordan are pissed because they have no idea what Natalie’s power is, neither think it will be good for them. Jordan think it’s going to be something that is only benefiting her, not changing the votes.


6:07pm HOH Natalie and Kevin. Natalie’s opened Pandora’s box and inside the room was her boyfriend while she was in the room her boyfriend proposed to her. Natalie says the only thing she got screwed out of is the POV.. “Thats the honest to god truth” She tells Kevin the only bad thing is she doesn’t play POV other than that it has nothing to do with final 2 or the prize money. She doesn’t want to tell the other 2 because she wants them to think she has a power.


6:10pm Kitchen Natalie now tells them all the truth… Kevin doesn’t look convinced at all.
“I swear on my life, gos and the game i’m telling the truth” Kevin keeps asking questions about what she did in the room with him.. Natalie says they just talked. Kevin “talked about what?” Jordan butts in asks how long did she see him. Natalie “20 minutes”… Michelle and Jordan wonders why she was’t crying… (Nobody believes her).. Natalie says production told them not to talk about game.. All they talked about was friends back home and her dad.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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261 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Pandora’s Box Part 2 Natalie Doesn’t get to Play in The POV Tomorrow

  1. Natalie is telling Kevin “the truth” of what happened. She’s saying that her boyfriend was in Pandora’s box and proposed to her. (Anybody else think this is total bullshit?) And now she can’t play in POV because she picked to see her boyfriend. I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something else is happening that she is hiding – the TV ad this morning said that the the jury house was affected so………………………………………..

  2. OMG! This is huge. If she can’t play in the POV, it makes the chances to win better for Jordan and Michelle. With the roll that Michelle has been on, she just might win it.

      1. Oh and where’s the “twisty” ring that her BF was supposed to have given her?????? She’s not only lying she’s hiding something

  3. I highly doubt that Natalie’s boyfriend proposed to her……I mean like seriously what fool would ask Nasty Nat to marry them (especially after having her head up Jessie’s ass all season, she has some explaining to do I think to her bf). Lets just hope that whatever the Pandoras box power is that Jeff gets to return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL i don;t know whats worst natalie not playin in the POV or her boyfriend proposing to that evil little bitch, i feel sorry for him what he’s gonna have to deal with in the coming years will be horrifying…… michelle got this POV in the bag woohooooooo

  5. She’s been lying about everything, why wouldn’t continue lying? There’s more to the story, we just have to be patience until Sunday night (BUT I CAN’T, I WANT TO KNOW!!!). She swore on her life, if I have a penny for everytime she says that I think I would have 500 K by the time the bb 11 is done.

  6. It made me sick to see her go through michelle`s stuff last night ,If it were me and I caught her I tell her to get her nose picking ,non bathing ass away from my stuff before I stick her so far up chimans twhat.

    1. BB should’ve done something about that. That should be against the law, especially last week when she was going through Michelle’s birth control. She’s 24, she should be more mature than that. I mean look at Jordan, she’s younger than NAT Nasty and she’s not immature like her (NAT Nasty). BRAT!

  7. If her boyfriend had proposed to her she would be wearing a ring on her finger and she would have been busting at the seams to bragging about it to the other HG. This skankyho is lying cause she got got by being greedy and opened Pandora’s Box. The box stripped of her of playing in the POV comp…LOL!! That’s what she gets for being greedy!! I hope M/J don’t fall for any more of hers and Kevins BS!! It’s time to for M/J to stop being played by these two evil doers!!

  8. There has to be more to this PB! If she wasn’t allowed to play in the POV I think she’d be a little bit more upset and as Randy said the TV commercial said something about the Jury House (I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t fully know wha it’s about). I worry that what ever was in PB is going to totally help her. If her BF proposed to her she’d at least be misty. If I was her BF I’d be running and not looking back. I don’t think Natalie realizes how much America can’t stand her. I get sick to my stomach every time she speaks.. blah.

    1. Dont worrie, BB production knows that Nat is hated and I can promise you they for sure wont help her! The majority of the viewers want the “nice” people to win and its in BB best interest that it happens, so helping Nat makes no sense at all

      1. We don’t need a “nice” person. Just someone who’s a good player with somewhat decent morals and doesn’t resort to malicious personal attacks. I’ve started watching BB since season 8, and Gnat is the only person I’ve ever seen that’s so pathetic at life.

  9. There was no boyfriend! No proposal! No anything! Lies, just more lies. She opened the box, and the penalty is she can’t play in the VETO.
    Wise up J/M!

  10. Oh please Pigpens proposal story doesn;t even make sense – what BF in his right mind would ask her to marry him in exchange for half a million??????????????????????

  11. I’d love for Jeff to come back as much as anybody. I just don’t see it happening. The Natalie not playing POV could be an interesting twist though.

    Perhaps Jeff or someone else was in the box and will play for POV in her place. If they win, they can award it to the HG of their choice.

    1. That’s what I think it is too… that could be an interesting twist. Especially if the asked something like “who do you trust the least in the jury house” and then that person comes back. That would mean Lydia would come back.

  12. She didn’t look like she was crying. She says that she doesn’t cry, but she cried when Jessie left. Why would she not cry when the guy she “loves” proposes to her. Whatever. She is a lying b*****. Like they said, Karma will come to you in this game. And BB would not let someone from the outside world come in. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen and how it is going to effect the jury house. Stay tuned.

    1. I too hope Kevin comes out the winner. He played the game the same way Jeff did. I see alot of Jeff lovers on here for me he lost major face with his sorry A** speach guess he couldn’t go out like a man as he told Russell to do. He did the same thing to Russell last week lied his ass off to his buddy. Kevin has played to win and hasn’t relyed on others to win for him. Lieing is part of this game face facts folks. If no one lied non of us would watch proof is how much griping there has been about how boring it has been these last few weeks people who watch this show wanna see shake ups but I guess only if thier personal favs win sorry game doesn’t happen that way. Rooting and tooting for Kevin to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think Pigpen is relating this BIG story to the others to prepare them for the other shoe to drop – maybe she hopes she’ll ll get some undertanding from them when the rest of the shit hits the fan. I wonder if she actually may be going to the jury house – what happened to the nomination ceremony???? the POV comp is usually tomorrow – something else is happening. Now THIS is a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Since we all know we cannot believe anything that comes out of Nasty’s mouth, we won’t know hte truth until Sunday night when it airs on TV and Julie tells us what happened. This will be interesting, because when there is no boyfriend in the room, America will know the truth, but those inside the house will still be clueless. Luckily, I think M/J finally realize not to believe anything that N/K say.

  15. she probably got offered some amount of money in exchange of not playing in the veto. therefore she might have lied to Kevin not wanting to seem like a greedy bitch.

  16. Pigpen has been flapping her trap a mile a minute like a teenager who gets caught doing something and is giving way too many details. It’ll be interesting to see if she gives the same nomination speech to Michele.

  17. This week the POV holder evicts.The next HOH winner will choose to evict.The next HOH decides who is the second person in the final 2

  18. Please please BB bring back Jeff..He deserves to win!!!! We all miss him. We need to get rid of Nat.She is such a loser..BYE BYE NAT

  19. I am NOT a Natalie fan, and I will say it again…NOT, NOT, NOT a Natalie fan. But if the this Pandora’s box thing is true and she cannot play for the POV, that is unfair. In previous seasons, no one that I can recall has been prohibited from competing at this point in the game. It’s down to the final four; removing powers at this stage is crippling, if not unfair.

    Then again, Natalie may be bluffing.

    1. How could it possibly be unfair? The show’s producers set the rules, don’t apparently swear never to change them, and are perfectly justified to change the rules as they see fit. You know, like Natalie does.

    2. Unfair!? This bitch had the chance to get that key- which guaranteed would NOT have played against her… She chose greed over helping her friend. This game needs more morals-gambling type competitions…

    3. My guess is that she was given a choice..probably money to give up pov chance. It wouldn’t surprise me if it went further than that and she gave up hoh for money.

  20. Jeff coming back this late in the game….it would truly be a miracle. We all know that. So we need to move on (tear) to root for Jordan and Michele. I still love them too! But yeah no nominations? Anyone know what is going on with this?

  21. No no this is one time NO BODY in the house believes her – her lies have finally caught up with her. But remember Kevin could win the POV tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Correct me if I am wrong. I thought the POV wasn’t going to played until Tuesday on the special live show. I thought on the special live show they were going to do the POV Comp and live pov ceremony. Maybe I heard it wrong. Someone else hear that too????

  22. Their is only one problem that i see in her not playing the POV, she is still in finale 3. Unless the person that wins POV can actually send her home, and that she is no longer safe. Like she said HOH did not mean anything this week, let hope this was not a lie. Hope what i’m thinking its the way it will go. Michelle please win POV so gnat can go home.

    1. Oooh..wouldn’t it be cool if she lost out on POV and the safety of HOH? And who ever got POV could actually put her on the block!!

  23. WTF? PP is so full of shit! I don’t think I have ever seen Big Brother let a HG physically see a family member, etc from outside the house. I am correct?

        1. She is scrambling because she just screwed herself by opening the box. Nobody knows how she screwed herself, but she is bashing Kevin and making up ridiculous lies… why? She must know that she is not safe.

    1. I said the sameeee thing as I was reading the blog. Not ever have I seen them let have contact with a family member outside the house.
      I think… She chose money and the consequence was losing out on POV. Greed vs. a chance.. hmmm?
      It’s hard to understand how she can call out christian values to Michele, when she’s lied and lied and lied throughout the game. ughhh just UGH!!

      I hope the other things that are supposed to happen, happen while we all can watch on BBAD. It wouldn’t be so darned boring then. lol

    2. That is why I call BULLSHIT on Nasty. There is no way BB would have allowed physical contact with a friend. We will see what the real story is Sunday. Looks like CBS is trying to come up with plans to get people to actually keep watching.

  24. Lol at the terrbile “my bf asked me to marrie” thing.. Im so sure thats bs and for Nat to make up that stupid lie she probably did something she is ashamed about. I think BB gave her a task that made Nat show her true colors and she “failed” and now she cant play veto :) BTW why does Nat call Michelle the devil and stuff? Nat has lied 10times more and been so nasty and cruel.. Nat enjoyes lieing actually.. She must be deluded!

  25. You’re so right, Randy W! THIS is a show!!!!!!!! And now I’m absolutely delighted Pigpen won the HOH! Let’s all turn to the camera now and yell “THANKS BIG BROTHER!!” – just like Pigpen loves to do!! Karma. Ain’t it a bitch?!

  26. Obviously her boyfriend WAS NOT brought in to see her and to propose to her. Houseguests cant have contact with others and especially not with people who have been able to be watching the series.

    This is a total fabricated lie, the houseguests should know better than to believe her that she had contact with her boyfriend

  27. i bet the personal thing is that she did something to hurt her and her bf relationship…. she was probably mad when they didn’t give her money. also, she doesn’t want to play for the pov, that way her hands are “bloody”.

  28. yeah i think they offered her something and she took and now she cant play in the pov and doesnt want to look greedy what does she care she dont need to win it. theres no way here bf came in he could tell her everything he seen on the show.

  29. The strange people who invaded the house were Jesse, Lydia and Russell—where’s Jeff???????????????????????????????????

      1. I never heard them mention anything about the jury members.They just kept going on and on about a little person in storage room,big man dressed up like a baby that smelled really bad and a cockroach lady that kept spraying Michelle and Jordon and how they kept scaring Kevin.

        1. when they brought jessie back in BB10 as a gorilla they were not told it was him, they only figured it out because he made that annoying sound with his mouth and made that dumb ass “i’m so sexy” pose. so of course they wouldn’t know it was them reeking havoc on the house but it more than likely was.

  30. Simon, thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. I know you have no control over getting pigpen out of the game, but if she’s gone I’ll be so happy I’ll feel more like donating again and watching the site more to see which deserving player wins. Therefore, it is not fair to you if she stays on ………………. and you mentioned losing popularity when Jeff left. Here’s how I see it: if you see a good movie it’s worth double the price, but if it’s a stinker you walk out feeling unsatisfied. That’s what we are feeling screwed the longer PP stays……………… We’d rather feel good about the outcome of 50K!!!!

  31. The only way she could spend 20 minutes with her boyfriend is if he had been sequestered this entire game! Since the first game, no one comes in the house that has seen the game played from the outside in (except former players as hosts). That would be an unfair advantage to let a family member in…don’t you think!

    1. That really would be fu[FISHTANK]]led up, because her boyfriend –as per Natlie’s dad’s remarks– has been watching the game the whole season. He’d have plenty of inside (or outside, I suppose) information to pass on to her. Of course, her dad could have done the same in the phone call, I guess. It would shake up the game, though, if that is the case. I’m hoping something does soon.

  32. hmmmmm, my gut tells me Natalie is lying but I think she lost the right to play POV is because someone in the box from the jury house is coming in to play for her.

  33. I am wondering why Nasty’s father closed his letter with Papa Jorge. I know I never had my father close a letter to me Daddy Scott. If it is a h ispanic thing kewl I learned something new but I am sorta wondering hmmmm….. Does Nat have TWO fathers?(not that its a big deal if she did)

    1. I’m hispanic and I have never heard any Mexican father’s that I know calling them selves like that! Maybe he is her stepdad.

  34. Based on last ad seen, sounds like they may do POV competition & ceremony plus eviction all live on Tuesday and then Thursday starts the final 2 HOH.

  35. Jeff was not in the commercial, only Lydia, Jessie and Russell. I think Russell is coming back. If Jesse was coming back she would not be sad. I think she opened the box and let Russell back in. After all, it was his 10K.

    1. There is no way Russell can come back. He’s already met up with Jessie and Lydia and talked about the other house guests. He’d know too much to be able to come back.

  36. Are you freaking kidding me? Nasty Natalie wins HOH and purportedly they stick her boyfriend in Pandora’s box just so he can propose to her? Why? Because she’s such a wonderful and deserving houseguest? Because she’s played such an honorable game? Because she’s the viewers’ favorite? Please tell me that this is a story Production told her to spread around because I’m about ready to explode. If, God forbid, this turned out to be true, I think Allison/Big Brother would have sunk to an all time low in their desperate bid to retain ratings.

    So, how would Big Brother work that scenario to their advantage? Boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing to disgusting and pathological liar girlfriend who will [probably] be getting big bucks in a few weeks. How romantic.

    Lights! Camera! Televisions being turned off!

    1. Yeah, I’m really not feeling we’re getting all the pandemonium out of Pandora’s Box that we should be. I hope this is the start of it ramping up, whatever the hell happened in there.

    1. since it is supposedly going to be a twisty bread thing maybe she shoved it in her candy hole, complained it was the wrong size one, dug around in her nose for a few minutes, asked production AGAIN for the rule book, repeated that it was the wrong size twisty bread three times, shuffled across the floor with those oversized slippers of JESSE’s, said to her boyfriend that she is the most honest player in the game, asked him if he had more twisty bread because the first one was too small, more nose picking / bread eating, a quick prayer to Chima the all mighty bb player, and finally she took / was forced into the shower and the real ring somehow slipped off her finger because that one was the wrong size also and it went down the drain and she is going straight to the dr to ask them if she can possibly get away with taking michele’s wedding ring because she needs one more and michele is after all satan and can’t really be married. Or something like that.

  37. i agree that it couldn’t by any means be a family member that visited Natalie. However, i do believe that it was a member of the jury house. In BB10 they brought jessie back to play a part in a competition, so why wouldn’t they have jury members invading the house now as wolfgang said. Also, in a comment from the first pandora’s box twist it was pointed out that a person could fit inside it. Well why not bring back a person that is in the jury house? why else would there be reference to the jury house being affected? I would love to see jeff or russell re-enter the house. what a twist that would be?

  38. I will belive her story once she passes the dutchie to the left. Maybe something a bit stronger if she wants everyone to swallow that whopper. I don’t care if it is rigged or not at this point she needs to go oneway or another. Poor Michele to have to be subjected to that. NataLIE has crossed a line that Ronnie started it is not cool what they are doing to her. PS when Kevin said that Lie is in her name I almost peed a little it was so funny. If only he had not gone to the dark side and let that little freak get in his head he may have earned some respect from the viewers. and no wonder Jeff said F@#k every other word, just to keep from smacking her I am sure. Ok enough ranting for now I feel better.

  39. again The eviction for the current 2 that will be nominated will be done by the P.O.V holder. The next H.O.H will choose to evict and that will set the final 2.America will only vote for the winner of BB 11 in the event of a tie by the members of the jury

  40. Something going down in house…. (Not Noms)Every time there is a competition or a ceremony, we get Trivia, NEVER FISH. The last time we had Fish this long, When the Feeds came back Chima was gone! Even for the half way Dinner BB gave them in wk 5, It was Trivia not fish.

  41. my gosh I think we’re on to something. There is more to her not being able to play for POV. AND I DON’T BELIEVE HER BOYFRIEND WAS THERE!!! ummm the producers don’t know who is going to win HOH and open up the pandora’s box… so I doubt they would fly out people that all 3 houseguests might want to see in hopes that they open the box. So NataLIE is stupid for coming up with that lie. I think it was an either/or type of situation… or simply WAH WAH you lose your HOH SAFETY (no choice)… remember Tuesday is a live POV and eviction. So I think who ever wins the POV will take on the HOH role and will then be able to put NataLIE on the block.

  42. Couple things…

    1. Jeff would not be left out of this, he is after all a jury member. He will be included somehow in the Pandora’s Box 2.

    2. We know Natalie is lying because she went to fetch a twisty for her ring – hence she was not GIVEN it.

    3. It seems Nat is locked out of HOH – this is a clue that she gave something up I think.

    Putting all that together, Nat has taken a deal for $ and has to create a story so that she doesn’t look like she put the house in jeopardy (things coming into play like possibly ED) to horde the money. Would be funny if she thinks she knows how bad it is, only to have Jeff stroll in.

  43. Allright…we all got the fact that PP is lying….but what about??? She lies so much that I think she actually believes the things that are coming out of her mouth. I , like many others, would like Jeff to come back. However, I think the commercial teaser was just that….. trying to prolong the J/J fans to continue watching. They let us down on Tuesday.

  44. I bet that the picture of “jason” is a family friend that her Nat’s dad had to scramble and find. LOL…… What boyfriend do you know would sign a waver to be on BB (picture wise), but have nothing to say/write about. She already said that he wasn’t coming to Vegas. Wow ya don’t say! Is there anybody from Arizona or Cali that confirm if “jason” even exist?

  45. where’s the flippin ring??? would any man ask his girl to marry him on tv mind u without a ring?? things that make u go hmmm. nat is a lying vile twisted nose picking fowl mouth candy eating piece of………..<—fill in the blank.

  46. She probably took money over playing in the POV. Why? So if Kevin does not win POV and gets sent to the jury house she believes that it was not her fault and she did not sent Kevin packing. Thus she thinks that she will still have his vote if she makes final two.

  47. What if PP gave up the chance to play POV in order to get the last vote from the jury house? Remember, chima can not vote, which leaves that last vote to america. But she might have given up her chance to play POV because she knows she is safe and she would be getting a guaranteed jury vote.

  48. Nasty was offered 10 grand to open the box,she took the money of course,Jeff was in the box,and will be returning,eviction on Sunday and Tuesday, final 3 on thursday,Nasty cannot tell the HG’s that her greed brought Jeff back,if she does,she is evicted from the house!think about it,how could BB know she would win and set this up in a days time about her so called BF.She will try to make it seem like she had no part in Jeffs return,her greed brought Jeff back and cost her playing for POV.It was the jury house members in the house also today!Also if her lie is true,who goes on national tv to propose without a ring,wheres her tears at.She has brought Jeff back and knows her greed just cost her and Gollum the game!!!

  49. simon, u guys do an awsome job. i don’t have have an online account but if u have a business address i will gladly donate. just e-mail me the address.thanks for all ur hard work.

  50. The other spoiler about Pandoras Box and the jury house is,they was expecting somebody to come in the house last night,Jeff never showed…..

  51. We are all speculating wayyyyy to much here…..Lets wait for another update!! Simon/Dawg anyone….please help!! Did nominations take place? Whose on the block? and WTF is with this pandora’s box…I can’t wait to see BBAD tonight….less than an hour to go for me!!!

  52. Simon, are they doing the nominations now? Feeds have been off for over an hour.
    BTW, there’s a very funny picture of Gnat’s HOH. It’s filled with junk, and more junk. Even goats on the bed! TOO FUNNY!

  53. I wasn’t watching the feeds, just when something happens. Is it just Nat’s word that she can’t play POV or do we have confirmation from a more reliable source? She could be just saying this so the others get their guard down. Obviously the BF story is a load of crap. Maybe they let her talk to him on the phone or via web cam, but I don’t think it’s within the rules to have direct contact with anyone outside the house. I wish they’d let us see because all we’ll get on Sunday is 7 minutes worth.

  54. hey really??….i love the fact that you actually took the time to send me a post on this site. thanks. i really must have pushed one of your buttons for you to read my post and then respond personally back to me about it. again, thank you for letting me live in your head for free. LMAO at you. :-) i find it very amusing. thanks for the entertainment now that i’m not watching BB.

  55. Noms back.. Kevin and Michelle nominated. Natalie wore a crown. Ugh! Kevin is acting like he’s scared. All a big plan to make Jordan think she’s safe.

  56. seanincanada…i don’t think the whole of america of even the whole of the audience last night was just privy to only what cbs wants them to see. i am sure many of them watch BBAD and the 24/7 feeds. so don’t fool yourself about how stupid americans are. i think it is very interesting that some of you read these posts and allow them to push some button within yourself and you take it personally and feel this need to lash back at who ever it was that posted something that ticked you off. i mean really…….some of you need help. really?? said i spew hatred on my posts. that just isn’t true as i am not a hateful human being but you can certainly tell which ones are by reading these posts. poor pitiful people out there in the world. ROFLMAO

    1. It looks like you need some help, girl. Why are you sitting here complaining about other people taking things personally when you are all butt hurt that someone said something you didn’t like? You need to quit taking things so personal.

  57. Natalie’s now giving Michelle hell. Acting like Kevin’s the target, in front of everyone, even Kevin. I don’t think anyone’s buying it.

  58. nathalie just told michele in front of kevin that she wants kevin out !!! to bad its bullshit !!! and jordan sitting there like a yo-yo not saying nothing!!! worst part is michele and jordan really believe that nathalie and kevin dont have a final 2 deal….im watching the live feed for the first time today,10 minutes of listening nathalie speaking,i mean barking !!!!! (cause lets face she is a dog !)

  59. While I was watching the feeds I never heard them mention anything about the jury members.They just kept going on and on about a little person in storage room,big man dressed up like a baby that smelled really bad and a cockroach lady that kept spraying Michelle and Jordon and how they kept scaring Kevin.

  60. We all know Natalie lies when she doesn’t need to so I wouldn’t put much stock in her claim about her BF. Not sure why she’d lie about that tho… but I never got the age lie either. I think what might be happening is Natalie took money but had to give up her right to play in the POV. As HOH she’s still safe but she doesn’t get to play for the POV so she could decide who’s on the block if she won. Maybe one of the jury members plays in her place. That doesn’t mean that person is back in the game… there aren’t enough days left for that. It just means that jury member plays and if they win they decide who’s on the block. There would probably be something that chooses one of the four to come back and play – like maybe depending on the amount of money Nat took? Who knows? It’s all conjecture at this point.

  61. nat mentioned over an hour ago, about choosing between a HG and a Jury member and she would choose a HG for final 2.

    I bet she took the pandora box option, which caused her to loose her pov. She probably thought it was money but instead they gave her the option to bring someone back from the Jury House (Jessie?), she declined.

    She doesn’t want anyone to know because that would mean that she could of brought Jeff back, or Lydia back, etc…. which would upset Jordan, Michelle and Kevin, etc…

    That would explain also, why they were saying that Lydia, Russ and Jessie were in the suits, etc……

  62. Ugh..I cannot stand PIGPEN! She is such a liar and nasty immature hoe. I can’t believe a man wants to marry someone like that!!!! Someone that chomps at the dining table, picks their nose, and hardly takes a shower….hair always looking greasy! EWWWW!!! I would rather see crazy lydia!

  63. I think she’s telling the truth she has a ring on her finger and she said he told her that she has a lot of haters soooo i dunnooo she might be actually be telling the truth

  64. I don’t have the live feed so I can’t see Natalie’s face as she is telling all this new stuff. But, did she ever say what her answer was to the proposal? If it was yes, she should be very happy in telling that part. If they took away her POV right, she should be very angry. Remember earlier when she said if they did anything to her when she was HOH she was going to be like Chiman. I don’t think she has told any part of it with any truth to it. And, don’t be too happy about Jeff coming back to help. Remember in his interview after he left he was very compliamentry to Natalie. Now, if he got to the JH his opinion may have changed.

    1. grandma this ones for you >
      spolier alert:: Natalie comes out in a nuns outfit. Jordan , Kevin and Michelle are all lying at the pool. Natalie says “my children gather around I have some life lessons to teach you all” Jordan says” you gotta be kiddin” Michelle rolls her eyes and says “Is this some BB prank?” Natalie pulls a bible out from underneath the nuns habit and says” my little lamb Michelle, so so so naive’, this is no joke but Alison Groder did grant me permission to educate all of you sad lost, dishonest people left here” Kevin swishes out of the pool, adjusts his bikini top and says” oh lord mis thang done flipped her greasy headed lid!!!” Natalie hears him and says” that’s another thing Kevin you know your life choices are a sin against GOD so we will address that after I have cleansed you all of your dishonesty and show you all the light”. Natalie tells Jordan to get into the shallow end of the pool, Jordan reluctantly does so but knows she better go along with it as Natalie is HOH. Natalie proceeds to join her. she then dunks Jordan’s head into the water. she hold it down for so long that Michelle and kevin thinks she is trying to drown Jordan. (that would be another way for Natalie to win the 250.000, kill them all) Jordan starts kicking and screaming all the while Natalie is chanting ” my child my sweet innocent dumb assed child you are gonna learn it’s not okay to lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to win the show”. Jordan finally gets loose and gasps” Natalie I never did those things” Natalie says ” see another lie, why do you think Alison Grodner appointed me to be the one to cleanse all of you’s? because I am the only one who played this game and got this far without lying cheating and conniving.” she continues “alison said that was a miracle in itself”. suddenly a dark cloud appears over Natalie. A voice from above ( not the BB voice) but a “heavenly voice says” natalie may GOD strike you dead for being the most evil player that BB has ever had. Then a lightening bolt hits Natalie straight in the middle , splitting her body into 2 pieces. Kevin, Michelle and Jordan look at each other in amazement. kevin sanps a finger, shakes his head and says” no more kissin that beeitches ass”. Then alison Grodner announces in her rasping males voice “HG’s Natalie had to be expelled from BB house for violating the house rules. She was not supposed to get hit by lightening”. Kevin says” huh? was that in the rules book?” Michelle says “doesnt matter shes gone now one of us has a chance to win”. then the feed cuts to the empty pool.

        1. are you really a grandma or is that just a nick name? :) do you get the BBAD? its on now. I watch as i read here cause i love to talk to other BB fans .


            1. I dont think Nasty got to see her BF ( if she even has one) i think its another one of her lies along with the endless list she has already created.

          2. Sweetie, I am not Natalie’s Grandma! I am telling the truth. Yes, I have 3 beautiful Grandchildren. I am a BB fan for years. My daughters laugh that I watch BBAD. They say, “Mom, what are you doing?” I answer, “Hanging out with my friends.”

  65. Pigpen did nominate Michele and Kevin – she did give that horrible speech to Michele – Michele is giving Pigpen a happy face but she is furious!!!!

  66. nats boyfriend going on the show is prob true beacuse she said that he said he goes on here and sees that she has a lot of haters. HELL YA WE HATE YOU NATALIE AND ITS NOT BECAUSE OF JESSE! its because you are the worst type of human being around!!!

  67. I just hope the michelle and jordan just coninue with there plan of taking each other and not listen to anything that comes out of pp’smouth. Nothing she has said is the truth. I assume everything is a lie until proved otherwise. I hope everyone in the jury agrees with this and they all vote againts her if she is in th efinal two karma is a bitch.

  68. I thought about that too. She must have seen her BF cause how else would she know that she has alot of haters online and Boy oh boy does she have alot of haters!!

  69. natalie just said that her bf told her that there are a lot of nat haters online.

    she is blaming it on her being associated with Jessie and no one liked him last year.

    She isn’t even believing it, which means she couldn’t of come up with that on her own!!!
    She had to of seen him.

    1. Nat knows america hates jessie and knew from the beginning that being associated with Jessie may bring that same hatred. Jeff winning coup d’tet just confirmed Natalie that she is not liked in the house. So I think she is smart enough to come up with a “lie” that was actually true… REMEMBER LML????

    2. Plus she did receive that phone call from her Dad a few weeks back… he could have dropped some hints like… “keep strong, america may not like how you are playing but you are an angel to me” BLAHHHHH but that could have hinted to her that america doesn’t like her. I highly doubt her BF was there… if he was BB11 needs to do better with their twists.

      1. she probably said that so the other house guest would think she wouldn get americas vote if it became a tie breaker in final two

  70. I’m completely confused. But I do believe that Natalie has no boyfriend at all! I think her dad is scheming with her about her fake “boyfriend”. I bet the HOH pic came with the friggin frame. Uggh I wish she could be booted this week!

  71. I originally thought that the idea to bring Jeff or ANYONE else back from jury house was absurd… but then remembered that Jeff never got to see any “goodbye” messages when he got evicted. Strange…..

  72. nataliar is such a liar who believes her word that pandora box took away her POV. she is so full of shit her eyes are brown.

  73. the jury members that already met up can not go back into the house to play… that would destroy the nature of the game. Just imagine how much information they shared… and would take it into the house to destroy the remaining houseguests (say…like… Natalie being 24). So if it did involve someone coming back into the house the only person eligible would be Jeff… since he might have been held in sequester and didn’t meet up with other jury members… that’s what they did with Crazy James. So if it was anything like that then she had to have chosen to bring back jeff, take cash and lose POV

    as for people in suits… if they were past houseguests it would be those that are not part of the jury. Jessie came back last year because he wasn’t a jury member.

  74. How can her boyfriend come in the house and tell Nat stuff from the outside??? Something doesn’t seem right about that….she’s probably making it up, like she does everything else.

  75. If this is the so called “twist”, it sucks. For gives a Royal Fu.. abt her seeing her boyfriend since I truly don’t believe she has one. Come on CBS/AG/BB producers, don’t u hv any pride, you actually condone Gnat PRAISING Chima. That is a direct reflection on CBS/AG since they told all of America that she was fired. This shows twists/turns goes from BAD to WORSE. It sure does not seem that they cud give a RATS BEHIND of how they treat their fans. WE DESERVE BETTER. That’s why so many of us, including me will ck this website, but I REFUSE to watch the shows unless its to see the BEHIND of Gnat as she leaves.

  76. ok bbad right now is j m k making dinner. no sign of pp. they also seem really happy and giggly. talking about the house visitors today. I wonder why they are only making 3 pieces of chicken and pp is not being shown at all.

  77. So upset can’ttype. Meant to say ‘WHO GIVES A ROYAL FU… This shows makes me want to vomit. Can’t believe a mega station like CBS allows this to happen. CBS is shown on channel 9 here in Honolulu. From now on, I will watch other channels. Sure wish some of the sponsers can read this, and advertise on other channels. May sound petty and stupid, but this is MY SMALL WAY OF GETTING EVEN W/CBS.

    1. cbs also shows their lack of concern for any potential viewers because they’re so GREEDY.

      They always take any potential sports showS and money on sundays and don’t even give a thought about running regularly scheduled programs later.

      i used to like amazing race but i quit watching it because they never let it begin at the assigned time.

      every summer i can hardly wait for big brother but the people remaining this year are either dumb as a box of rocks, or slackers or CRAZY.

  78. Wake up house guests!!! Nat’s story would be WAY more believable if she hadn’t told them she was 18!!!! Im mean come on!! She should have thought of something more believable!! Wouldn’t they also think that her boyfriend looks a little old for her. Just sayin…

    GO JORDAN!!!

    1. when Nats pics were viewed the HG’s did comment that not only she looked older in her pics but that all her friends from HS did (jordan even said those girls went to high school with you last year? like implying they were too old to have just graduated)

  79. something happened but Nasty is NOT gonna tell them. shes making up all kinds of stories to throw the other HG’s off track. did they have the NOMs yet? if so are queer & jord up?

  80. nat’s ring looks ridiculous and its completely unfair if she did actually have time with her BF…….no contact with outside world….WTF?

  81. BBAD update: (too funny) Nat asks the HG’s if they believed her ( the story about the BF being in the room) and kev commented that first he tought the wench was lying then Nat stated with a straight face that she was not a good LIAR LOL LOL LOL etc… with the LOL’s

  82. another quick BBAD update: Nat & Jord were talking about Nats speech when she put up kev & mich and Jord compliments her on what a good speech it was and how HONEST Nat is dah I like Jord but either she is ass kissing or just that dumb as everyone states :)

    1. I hope that Jordan isn’t that dumb… I’m pretty sure she’s just sucking up but this is also the girl that thought Bats sucked blood from humans for food.


  84. I wish the Live feeds & BBAD would switch to Jury house, rest of the way from here. It would be alot more intereting… BBAD is terrible tonight

    1. i agree – please, please show us the jury house!!

      all the people left in the bb house are lame.

      i’m stopping my showtime tomorrow cuz it’s not worth watching these bunch of losers after dark.

  85. OMG! Jordan eats like a pig!
    SHe’s been munching and chomping on potato chips and dip non-stop for 20 min.
    I don’t think she spent money on food at home. She acts like she’s starving all the time and needs to eat everything on site. New name for her-Miss Piggy!

    News flash!
    Jordan, otherwise known as the ‘cookie dough monster’ from BB11 has been selected to compete in a new reality show — “Big Loosers”. Please Tune in to watch as she struggles to loose 200 pounds she gained while at the BB house.
    Will jeff still love her?
    Will Jeff recognize her?
    Will Jeff take another hit by trying to rescue her desperate butt?

    1. what an ass jjnomore… give the girl a break. its not like she is 500 pounds. Lets put camaras on you and see what you look like when your eating!

    2. Have you ever heard of something called stress? Some people eat when stressed.She is not eating THAT much.You act like she eats from the time she gets up till she passes out.You really think it is okay to put Jordon down for eating? PEOPLE EAT.Would seeing her starve herself make you happy? Do you only like females that starve themselves? No wonder younger and younger girls have to get help with eating disorders.

      1. The main disorder younger and younger girls have to get help with in this country is OBESITY. It is an epidemic, or haven’t you heard? Not only does she eat non-stop, she doesn’t do enough physical activity. She”s a terrible example for young girls, and it really is a shame that people like you stick up for such unhealthy habits.

          1. Anorexia and bulimia account for less than 3% of eating disorders, while obesity accounts for 30%. Since obesity is the largest health threat in America, why don’t YOU make that call. Anorexia is affects only the tiniest portion of the population. There is no need to worry that people watching Jumbo will be affected by that. But she shows an unhealthy lifestyle and those that are encouraging her poor habits should be ashamed. Sorry if you don’t like the answer. But if you think Jordan is fit and a good role model, then you should educate yourself and probably lose some weight yourself.

          2. What does anorexia have to do with anything? Jordan is in no way anorexic, or even on the road to being anorexic. Obesity is over 10 times a greater threat than anorexia, so why do you even bring that up? Jordan eats constantly, doesn’t exercise, and everyone should be aware that she is a terrible example to people of all ages. Why do you think she gets so mad that Russ called her fat? Because she IS FAT. There is a 10 fold chance of people being obese than anorexic, and Jordan is on her way to being obese. She is already fat. It is sickening that she knows it, but keeps eating. All you people saying she isn’t fat is probably because YOU are fat and wish you were thinner. Quit trying to justify your weight by making excuses for her, and get up off your ass, off your computer, and go exercise. And while you’re at it, quit eating like a pig.

    3. What’s wrong with eating? I may not be a J/J fan anymore, but Jordan’s hotter than a lot of girls. Seriously, do you have something against fat people?

    4. You know they say people who put other people down are just jealous and envious.Besides why do you care how much she eats.Name calling is for children so why not act like an adult.You are just a mean person!!!!

      1. lol. First you say that people who put other people down are just jealous and envious, and then you put someone down. So I guess you must be jealous and envious. Also funny: you say name calling is for children and then say “you are just a mean person.” So, I guess you are a child too?


  86. NataLIE is the worst person in big brother history! I hope her father is proud of the smelly ass ugly lying pig he raised! She is a worthless “human being” … I use quotes, cause I swear she is animal (more like a little mini pug). I honestly hate her! The sound of her voice, and the look of her ugly ass face makes me ill! If she wins, I am done watching BB for GOOD! She is always talking about how she played with honor and truth … are you friggin’ kidding me?!?! Is she NOT aware that all of America is watching her?? She is only fooling herself, we ain’t fallin’ for it!

    1. i have a pug and my pug is not a pig like natalie. my dog will clean up after himself and he always smells good. don’t compare the two. pugs are was better then natalie

    1. Dont you remember in like in an early season of BB… I think it was BB4 the head of household won a trip to the mtv awards. She left the BB house to go to them. She had contact to the outside world.

      So it is possible.


  88. is it me or is anyone else annoyed by the BBAD’s constant commericals for the same shows every 20 minutes? ( okay californication)


  90. I would like to watch when Jordon and Jeff sit down and watch the tapes of the shows and see how much they “got got”. They brought all Natalie and Kevin’s lies. That Jeff turned on Russell because of the game of lies that Natalie and Kevin feed them. How really stupid of them to go along with those two and lose out on the final 4. (well, at least Jeff) Jeff is still believing Natalie, even now. I really don’t have any favorites but I did like Russell a little more. But, I have to say, I don’t think it would be fair to let Jeff have another try at the money. If you fall for the game you are played and get got, you unfortunately lose.

  91. I know what you mean gnat hater. I keep dosing off. I hate to say it, but it would be much more interesting to watch Jessie and Lydia instead of the dead heads on here now.

  92. I too hope Jordo is not as dumb as she comes across, but may well be. Now then how ’bout this observation. Not a single house guest has questioned PP on how she gets away with drinking alcoholic beverages when she is supposed to only be 18 years old. Are all the remaining house guest that stupid? I would expect CBS/AG/BB to deny a house guest under the age of 21 the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Imagine the criminal charges as well as civil charges they open themselves up to.

    1. Exactly! It’s unreal that none of them are freaking out about it and massively complaining to production about it. I’d be trying to get her kicked out if I was them. If they didn’t kick her out for it, how could they not figure it out she is old enough to drink!!! So dumb!

    2. I was also very shocked that bb let her down all of those mikes lemonades being only 18. She was defintly drunk. That just condones underage drinking and I am shocked that cbs didnt put a stop to it!

  93. So sick of Natalie! I CANNOT stand her! I hate her freakin waddle around the house! I hate how she chews her candy so LOUD and smacks her mouth like Crazy! Who ever coined the name PigPen for her was SO perfect!!!! ;) I love it and it makes me laugh every time I read it! If they really bring Jeff back that would be Ahhhhmazing! But I am doubting it! Can’t wait for Kevin and Natalie to go out the door.

    1. First time I saw PP used in the comments I wasn’t sure what it meant. First thing that came to my mind was pavement princess. Thta could almost fit for her as well. BwaaHaaHaa!!!

      Pigpen is much more fitting though.

  94. The only part of the show I am enjoying right now is all your comments about Natalie. How dare she say those things to Michelle, when she is perhaps the biggest liar in that house. I know I am being a total poor sport right now but I don’t even want to watch with Jeff gone. Yeah I know he was a dumbass and trusted the wrong people but really who knows what Russell was planning, he had so much going on in his head, I’m not sure he really knew what he would do, he was playing minute to minute.

    I really wanted Jeff to win, and not only because of the money, but because I really believe he was a great guy and deserved to win based on game play. I even would have preferred Russell to win over Natalie, he was entertaining at least. So now I hope it’s Michelle or Jordan, or that they have a deal.

    1. Jeff doesn’t deserve to win because he isn’t a great buy and, except for using the CDT, he made bad decisions. He was emotional and reactionary, and didn’t use strategy at all. How can you call him a great guy when all he did was talk trash about everyone behind their back, treat people like crap, acted like a tyrant, threatened people, lied to everyone’s faces, and made fun of the way everyone but he and Jordan looked? You call that being a great guy? Even now that he’s out he is still talking trash and refuses to admit he made any mistakes. He is an insecure little man who only got Russ out because he was too afraid to compete against Russ.

      1. How can you say Jeff didn’t deserve to win? He did make some mistakes in the house but he also made some great moves. You say that he didn’t own up to his mistakes but he did He said that he had no one to blame but himself. Jeff is a great guy. Where have you been all summer long

        1. What great moves did Jeff make, other than using the CDT? Jeff really let power go to his head and he didn’t make strategic moves. He threw away a sure win. That’s bad game play to me.

      2. Are you kidding me? This coming from someone who just called Jordan fat, which need I say she is far beyond being fat. She has a healthy weight, who cares if she eats a lot? It’s not a bad thing, and she does exercise. I don’t know where you’ve been, and Jeff has hardly lied or talked trash on people. Yes, he lost his head a few times and said things that were ridiculous and yes he made some bad decisions but last time I checked he admitted it was no one but his own fault, and he knows he shouldn’t have taken Russ out, did you not watch him on the Today Show? Seriously, you need to shut up because you look ridiculous. He went up against Russ many times, he made a stupid move getting him out, but you do know this is a game right? That everyone there WANTS to win the money? So yeah, no shit someone would want a bigger competitor out of the game. What on Earth have you been watching? I mean seriously.

        1. Oh and on his interview he stated clearly he let himself get a big head, taking his and Jordan’s power too far. Everything was going their way and so he thought they were going to win. He knows he made an ass of himself the last few weeks, I’m pretty sure he’s a decent guy.

      3. jeff did blame himself for going with kevin and that he didnt win the pov he didnt blame anyone else. like the rest of the people in jury room. I cant beleve that the group still think shima is in the jury room . and nat blaming michelle for puting her up and make her go home. Lets see did michelle throw her mike in the hot tub. did she refuse to wear a mike. NO SHIMA DID lets get the facts straight. jeff did backdoor rus but the night rus got drunk he said that we are all here for the money and i would back stab anyone encludeing you. so would you trust him after that. And rus did say if it was him he would have gotton rid of jeff the week before. if any one deserves to win this is michelle how many povs has she won to save herself no one else help her. michelle may not be the most likeable person but she has played the game good. natalie does it by riding any guy in there to save her and make sure avery body has blood on there hands. jordan at least says it like it is that it was jeff who lets her get so far. I think she is the most honest person there is the world. she always think about every one feelings im hope michelle wins the big one jordan the second prize and jeff to het the 25000

  95. No way is Gnat telling the truth about what happened. CBS would never let someone from the outside come into the house unless they were only on a monitor & they could edit what was said. He could have whispered something in her ear or blurted something out before they could stop him….Absolutely no way could this have happened. She made this story up to hide what actually happened, since it showed her true colors.

    She got a choice like Kevin – something for you or the house. Kevin chose the house, so they got the money & no consequences. Gnat chose something for herself, so she got the consequence of not playing in the Veto comp (this part I believe). The only question is what did she get – very likely she got money & doesn’t want to tell the other HGs since it will show how greedy she is. I am hoping the consequence had a twist though & someone else will be playing in her place from the Jury. I’m hoping for Jeff (& he gets to take her place if he wins!!!) , but Russell would be OK too, just to liven things up a little.


  97. ok its obvious Stinky ass is lying cuz shes not happy about it and the fag can tell she is lying. the only thing that is true is she cant play in the POV but there is something else too. so who knowS? i doubt she saw someone in that room. cuz no one is allowed in the bb house unless it involves a competition. and her dumbass boyfriend has nothing to do with the next comp. shes full of BS! i havnt liked her since day 1!
    i liked jeff- cuz he acts how i would when i grow up. and i like jordan cuz shes from north carolina like me. and its right near me. plus shes not the brightest crayon. but it would be boring to see someone that is boring and arrogant. thats why we hated chima, ronnie, and jessie!
    i also didnt like russell. i knew he wouldnt make it to the end. i was glad jeff used him. nothing wrong there. and michelle doesnt need to take it that personal. cuz jordan does care. and nat a LIE and gaydouce wont be her friend at all. ive felt sorry for her the whole game cuz she reminds me of a few friends at school. and im surprised people do not see this. this SEASON has been the best yet! all the chat. and all the fighting and people loving and hating people week by week shows it!
    i like who ever put those people in that house cuz everyone in that house treats it like HIGH SCHOOL! if u think about it? natalie acts like the one who just HAS to be up someones ass! from jessie to lydia to kevin. its BS! that she was the best floater evur! and then BB throws a curve ball at the HOH and allows her a *chance* at winning cuz they were random questions. im looking forward to see what happenes.and hope Jordan wins the whole thing. if not then michelle. but Jordan has convinced and won things and has done way more than float like kevin and stinky did.

  98. WAIT! natalie got ta see her boyfriend fareals?! omg. thats not fair…both her n jordan should not be in final four wth. after russell left i really dont kno who i want to win i guess its down to kevin and michelle…!

  99. I’m so glad that Michelle and Jordan is not believing a word Gnat and Kevin is saying…It could be true that Gnat’s boyfriend was there because of her knowing how much bloggers, like us, doesn’t like her and she mentioned this site specifically. However, Gnat knows alot about the game, live feeds, and spoiler sites, so the Gnasty Bi(ch could’ve made up alot. That liar. Also, I think Jeff will be fine in the jury house because he knows how to ignore people or put them their place like he did Russell. He knows how to argue a person under the table because he made Russell look so stupid. He and Casey already said if they were to make it to the Jury house they were going to tell people to F*Ck off. NOw I’m rooting for Michelle because she did a very good job in this game. Then Jordan because her family sounds like they really need the money.

  100. I really can’t believe the post on this site . Natalie is just playing the game isn’t that what she is supposed to do? Why are you all calling her pig pen, when everyone said Michelle smelled always. Your beloved jeff and Jordon said that. Michelle is the biggest lier , Jordan was a parasite for jeff and Kevin and natalie are playing the game. It is so strange that you all have one these rose colored glasses seeing what you wish to be truthful. I get u all hate chima, Jessie but let Natalie and Kevin okay their game. I hope Natalie or Kevin take it all!!! Stop the bashing

  101. It’s been proven in the past, you can win this game without every word out of your mouth being a lie (gnat) and the only reason Jordan and the house think Michelle is the biggest liar, is because of the lies Gnat told about Michelle… the biggest liar is indeed, hands down Gnat!
    Kevin now realizes he has hooked up with the wrong player, and his game is over. That’s why he is so sad.
    Goooooooooooooo Michelle, Michelle and Jordan final 2 would be perfect.
    Knat should be the last person voted out, she deserves to get soooo close she can taste it and lose lose lose lose!
    Certainly hope her employer realizes what a lying thieving coniving sociopath she is and fires her before she comes back… would only serve her right.

  102. you know what i have figured out while reading these nasty cruel comments about Nat is that the writers are either 12 years old or just uneducated non-God fearing backwood people, with limited understanding or tolerance

  103. im voting for michelle for 25k
    michelle made it to the final four with no deals..russell never got to help her because of jeff.
    all the other players had alliances or were in strong jeff, russell and natalie.
    russell got saved by cdt
    jeff got help from cdt
    michelle deserves 25k

  104. Ifi could vote, I’e vote for Michelle. She has done the most in the game out of all of them. Sure, Jordan is my favorite, but only because of Jeff. She is NOT fat guys! Are you kidding me. Sure she eats but at least she’s not like self consious about it. Ive seen waaaaay bigger people than her. I think this is dumb. Natalie and Kevan don’t deserve votes because they think everyone is bad except themselves, and they just floated through the game by Jesse and just fought for like 3 weeks. Jordan did that too but she doesnt act like the world revolves around her. Michelle is the BEST one to win. She is very smarrt!

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