Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nominations Ceremony underway.. Natalie: “Michelle you?re the DEVIL! I’ve played this game with Honesty with my soul intact”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:35pm Nominations ceremony under way

Before Natalie has been practicing her speech.. She plans on putting up Michelle and Kevin to better the odds that Michelle goes home. Kevin and Natalie think they have Michelle and JOrdan fooled to take each other out. Michelle and Jordan talked earlier today about getting rid of Kevin. Michelle knows she won’t win first prize so she’s going to make sure its Jordan that wins it.
Heres some of Natalie speech Flashback back to 12:40pm Cam 1 she was practicing it all day
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I’m nominating Michelle for personal reason. I feel that the reason Chima went home was because Michelle backstabbing her drove her to throw the microphone into the pool (Man I love this logic.. Officer i wasn’ driving drunk it was the bartender selling me the booze thats to blame). Michele’s you threw all your christian values away when you swore not to put CHima up than went back on your word. “I’m also a christian and I stick to Christian values” Christian values is not making a deal with the devil and thats what I see you as the devil. You offered me a final 3 with Jordan and I decline that deal, I feel that if I take that deal it would like taking a deal with Satan himself. I’m going to take my dads advice and win the 500K with dignity and honest game play not selling my soul to the devil. I think you will have a lot to answer for when we leave this house.
(WOW over the fucking top!)

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There must be a big supply of crack in the house…

Gnat when BB is over you can go back to being the stupid crack wh*re you are… I feel for the embarrassment you have caused you friends and family… you are totally totally insane


OMG Natalie has seriously lost it. I can’t stand her stank ass! Take a shower Nasty Pnat!



another fan

eveything is a lie – there is no boyfriend to tell her to shove it.

Randy Wolfgang

Gee Trivia has been on an awful long time for a nomination ceremony – can something else be happening???

j/j alltheway

Simon do you think their doing pandoras box since noms are taking so long? dont remember if they said when the box would take place A BIG THANKS for all your hard work


Wasn’t it Natalie that said she was NOT going to honor their deal with Jeff? She is the liar of the entire game + she is LYING about her age in the game – what is going to happen once she gets out of the house, does she not think they will watch the shows? What a STUPID girl!




wow she is gonna be so embarrassed when she leaves and finds out she became the most hated big brother contestant in history.

another fan

I know – I wish there is some way we could get her mailing or email address and send her copies of all the things people have said! What a miserable excuse for a human being.


Natalie is such a loser!!! she actually thinks she’s right about all the crap she writes, I personally will not be watching BB11 anymore; no one good to watch and cant stand the site of Natalie or Kevin!!!!
go Michelle!!!


I absolutely agree with you-Gnat is repulsive and I hope there’s a poll re the most hated/biggest joke/2nd biggest disappointment to her family (Chma is !st) so I can vote for the troll. Bye-Bye BB11-I’m not having fun anymore watching this ridiculousness and my time is better spent cleaning grease traps/washing trash cans/watching Jon @ Kate exploit 8.


o and if natalie does end up winnin the veto or if kev wins it and natalie starts talkin shit i honestly hope that michelle slaps the shit out of her face. it would be so worth it haha


Natalie is some world-class taekwondo champ. I doubt Michelle could take her.

I’d love to see to though 🙂

another fan

it was featherweight or whatever the lightest is, and who knows how many competed? She has not exhibited any physical superiority in this house. Of course, if she fought in real life we know she would fight dirty – she probably cheated to win her medal, too.


That’s probably a lie too. I would think if she were, she would have been working out.

nasty h8ter

She was a kid,she was a junior champ,the skeezy bitch can’t even play badminton!

Devil's Advocate

How come every season someone’s always gotta bring Christianity into it? Is Natalie serious or is this some kind of warped strategy to get votes? If so it ain’t workin.


I guess if your name is Natalie and your on Big Brother, you’re a phone Christian by default.

pmela j

I wish Gnat would stop saying she is a Christian!!! She is giving REAL Christians a bad name and other non Christians the opportunity to once again think Christians are hypocrites. This girl is really really messed up!! And anyone who is trying to get revenge for Chima….. is a true nutcase. I just hope this all backfires on her big time!!!!


I am lost did not nasty make a deal with jeff and go back on it but it not ok for michelle to go back on her word with about chimapet??? answers anyone?


simon thanks for the site i wish I could donate but not working


i hope she took the temptation and needs a key for it, searches all over for the key, then jeff walks out of the dr with his key and opens the temptation for her. welcome back jeff


ok, they’re back and talking about (Natalie) walking out? WTF?


A baby that stonk? BB is getting weird. HAHAHAHA Nats can’t play in the next POV.


Dude, I need some LSD to figure is out.


Oh God! nats BF doesn’t watch the show.


you know how to tell if PP is lying? Her lips move…….


Which pair ??


Hmmmm, Natalie, being a Christian means you are not supposed to cast judgement and to forgive others. Natalie is being on her high horse, it is going to be a pleasure to see her get so close to final 2 and evicted by Michelle!


OMG! I can’t believe she brings religious to the table, she has broken too many testaments and she’s going to represent the Christian community. I think she’s devil in the house ever since the beginning. I hope her dad is ashamed of what her daughter is doing, even though it’s game she shouldn’t brought religious. And who’s Anita? And why isn’t her boyfriend mentioned in the letter? I’m guessing that the letter is not an old letter, maybe her boyfriend decided to leave her because she was attracted to Jessie and it’s over! She is a disgrace!!! She doesn’t deserve the 500 K, if she does get the 500 K…hope it’s curse! I hope she gets some criticism once she’s out of the house (probably will find excuses about her excuses in the bb house). She needs some ass whooping!

another fan

Anita is probably her girlfriend.


anita is nasty’s daughter

Randy Wolfgang

This from another site

Natalie just came out of the Diary Room.

Michele: “Are we having nominations today?”


Natalie: “Please do not ask me anything more about Pandora’s Box. I’m just asking you to not ask ME about it. It’s my personal request.”
Kevin: “Whhhat?”
Natalie: “I’m not up for talking about it!”

Fo Shizzle

I’m still shocked that people are shocked when they are betrayed. When’s the last time someone won this game by playing 100% honest all the way through? I’ll wait…………. still waiting…. ITS NEVER HAPPENED! Chima’s dumbassery got her sent home. I’d also like to point out that Nat has an Adam’s Apple….. just water cooler talk, and something to sleep on;-)

Va JJ makes the world go round

That ugly nasty NastLIE is going to be struck down by lightning or some thing. gimme a break!

Randy Wolfgang

Natalie does not get to play in tomorrows veto!!!!


We have Jeff to thank for Natalie being HOH. Jeff made such a stupid move by backstabbing Russel in the back and believing Natalie’s lies. He should have gotten rid
of her when he had the chance… what an idiot!!


You have to wonder if Natalie even has a clue as to how she is acting or how she is being perceived by people. Honesty? Soul intact? Is she kidding? Yes, I get it. Big Brother is about lying and convincing people through lying so you can stay in the game. But it is the way that she is doing it. On top of that is the stealing, brutish nature and overall disgusting behavior. She has been reprimanded numerous times for her actions yet no penalty. Why?
I truly feel sorry for her father. He must be humiliated.


natalie can’t compete in the veto comp. due to pandora’s box

another fan

We all know how greedy Nasty is, so there is no way she could resist the temptation of Pandora’s Box! Depending on how things go tomorrow, I might have to watch Sunday.


Jordan needs to vote out Kevin for what he did to Jeff and then Michelle will win HOH over those two. Michelle really deserves to win. I was totally rooting for J/J until recently. Michelle has had to fight to stay in this game and she alone has been responsible for her success, unlike the other three who rode on someone else’s laurels to where they now are. As for Jordan, I was SOOO disappointed at her eviction night speech. She was noncommittal towards Jeff and showed her true colors — that it was just talk that she wanted him to go to the end. Never did she say, “Please vote me out.” She is playing for herself and hoping that hiding behind him will get her the $500K.

pamela j

Everyone now will be pulling 4 Jordan or MICHELLE. (Unfortunately I was pulling 4 Jeff) If Gnat wins this game, I willl not be watching another BB. Seriously!


Shame on CBS for allowing this low-life to lie about God, Christianity and Christian values. She is a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue and religion. Natalie is a person who acts in contradiction to her stated beliefs or feelings. Michelle should finally stand up and call her out and get rid of this phony.


oh no kidding. it’s insulting to viewers even if this is just a reality show. there have been some unlikeable HG’s in the past, but this one takes the cake. she’s the personification of hypocrasy.


I hope they air Nasty’s speech “rehearsal” and then have Julie ask her if this is what Jesus would do. She is way too arrogant about finally winning something. And what’s with the “I did it all for you Chima.” All what? Can estimating? She got lucky is what she got.

Randy Wolfgang

There is more bad news that Pigpen hasn’t told the other Hgs – Poor Pigpen – so unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope Michelle just busts out laughing uncontrollably if Nat really says anything like that. So much so that Michelle’s laughter throws this idiot off her speech.


wow i did not think natalie could get any lower, and she has. all she has ever done in this game is attack michelle verbally. it’s not right. she is green with envy


Nat will not be playing for the POV. This will increase Mich/Jor chances of getting Kevin out. GO MICHELLE!!!! Never open Pandoras Box baby!!!


did anyone else notice that nat never prayed over her food when jesse was in the house but now he is gone and she starts praying like he did. She shouldnt be using religion in her speachesbecause she has no ideal what being a christian is.


I really don’t think she’s praying over her food. IMO she’s just putting on another act. Anyone agree with me?


christian values? lying about her age the min she got in the house..cussing worse than any sailor i’ve ever known..making fun of Michelle for her night terrors which obviously there is a reason for…trying to cheat with kevin by hiding things from the other houseguests..she’s disgusting..period. I know it’s a game and a silly show, but I cannot stomach her another day. She is the most obnoxious little shit starter who has brought ZERO to this season other than a stomach ache and a bad taste in my mouth after every show.
Go Michelle and Jordan…you can take this litlte nothing.

mama d

thank you sherrie..i have 4 girls and if any of them acted like nasty,i would be soo ashamed. some things are the game[lying,backstabbing,cheating, but why in chess and pool???but to try and hurt people by trying to hurt them[ dye,,michelle eye contact solution]. are there rules? i know nasty is always looking at a book. she is mean and a skank…do the rules change yr to yr or personnal fav???chiapets lapdog is out of control. HOPE.may be at the bottom of box and i HOPE her family is proud of her..500,000 worth.

Mr. Me Too

Evel Dick got outdone by the combination of natalie , chima and russel, and ronnie


Honesty…. What honesty is Natalie talking about? She lied about her age and after seeing Thursday night’s show… the jury people all know now how old she is. Even her “Master” Jessie said he would be voting for Jeff (had he stayed.) Someone please put a sock in her candy hole already… she speak with forked tongue!

Mr. Me Too

“I?m going to take my dads advice and win the 500K with dignity and honest game play not selling my soul to the devil. I think you will have a lot to answer for when we leave this house.”

what BULLSHIT..;. i know production is laughin their asses off at her lies…… how natalie has played and lied about being so honest and using religion m, she is in fact sellin her soul to the devil , what a dumb bitch


what the hell is nat talking about she lied to jeff and jordan but I guess that she has selective memory or she`s living in the land of hypocrisy. What a idiot .


Don’t know where they found this piece of work Gnat, but if she’s in the final two, after 11 seasons of being a loyal BB fan, I’m done. She has lied beyond anything seen and has stolen from her housemates and is a lazy, spoiled bitch… crappy casting BB!


Not surprised………….. Natalie is the type of person who has to slam other people to feel good about herself. Anyone, who is a true Christ follower, would never say a thing like that.
The love of money is the root of all evil. No one can play this game without lying or backstabing one another. It is the nature of the beast.

Mr. Me Too



Maybe she was stripped of her HoH and she could be nominated to be evicted? That would be awesome lol


OK so Pandora’s Box was all about Natalie’s BF proposing to her? WTH? So BB is all about an opportunity to have 2 people to come together and decide to get engaged? OMG! This is so unbelievably ridiculous!

I am stunned….so say it’s a BB 1st! Time to spend with a love one! I am shocked beyond shocked.


i’m with you hailey, i said before that BB is for the ones that lie cheat and steal other people things. Kev and nasty have done a lot os crap to the other house guest. and BB praises them for doing it. Nat is never happy i seen her trying to steal mich things from her drawer. what a Biotch. when jeff got voted off i haven’t watched it since. i don’t even turn on showtime any more. i am not watching the two no one likes that lie cheat and steal take it all and BB is helping them get there. this show really sucks with out jeff.


Hi there….Are you kidding me? Is that for sure what was behind Pandora’s Box? I hope she showered first. Is it just me or does Natalie look like she belongs in a pig pen?


I don’t mean to giggle at you but…that’s why everone refers to her as PP….it means Pig Pen!! Too Cute!! I have to say Simon/Dawn and everyone on here that contributes daily everyday all put a smile on my face. When we are all bogged down by our careers and families and all our own stresses we come here and escape.


I am surprised her boyfriend wants to marry her after all she has done on BB.


What a piece of work she is. She need help more then Chima. I at least can understand why Chima was so angry. I saw the cold case file on her, and the picture the way she looked after the r**** . But with gnat she is pure EVIL. You talk about abuse, well she is very abusive and really BB should step in. In real live she would be arrested. My husband said he would be more than glad to take in cuff and put her in jail. This is not a game for her she is sick. BB step in and get her either out, or give her med. Kevin need to get a life and stop . He should also see that she is acting strange. Michelle was not my favorite but i’m now on her side to win it all. GNAT GO HOME AND LET YOUR FAMILY GET YOU SOME HELP PLEASE. YOU DONT EVEN BELONG IN THE JURY HOUSE. GO HOME.
P.S. No wonder your boyfriend didnt write you, he is ashamed.

mama d

i actually turned off my sho2bbad last nite and ive NEVER done that before.i was in Fla. visiting my grands and i would leave to watch the bbad. where did bb get chimapet and her lapdog??? jordough is mad at russel for calling her ‘fat’. WAKE UP, GIRL..non-christians act better than this sakank. be proud, daddy. look at ur spawn!!! aint it funny bf wants to get married now…money, money,money,money!!! im sick again,gotta go..thanks all..


LMAO! amen….


I really don’t understand what Michele did wrong, other than play the game of Big Brother. Who is Natalie to judge? Right out of the gate she lied about her age!!! It’s a game. Frack! She’s got to get over it!


I hope that Michele and Jordan remember the BUG issue with Gnat and put a few in her shoes and some of her clothes to throw her off just before they play the first part of final three… Gnat deserves a little of her own medicine!! Bet is there is no BF… notice she never calls him by name and over uses the term BF. Lying comes far too easily to this insect Gnat… she likely lives her life that way, with no class… her Dad must be embarrassed by the actions and shabby behavior of spoiled, thoughtless, self-centered, arrogant brat!

mama d

bet if they put bugs by nasty, they’d get fined or something. nasty can do pranks and even worst things and nothing happens. she trys to hurt people[red dye,contact solution]. chiapet and her lapdog got away with sooo both hook up after


i wouls love seeing jordo and mich pull something on nasty. put some bugs in her bed. to bad they can’t get some worms and put them down the the bottom of her bed…hehe that would be so funny.she thinks pulling shit on other people is funny. jordo and mich needs to do something back to her.

mama d

thank you,cajungirl!!im not a mean person BUT your idea IS TOOO GOOD TO PASS UP..i think i will use my ‘christian’ backgroung and pray for this to


wow you all need to relax
it is a game remember?


Is something wrong with Natalie?!?!?! His her brain functionning properly?!?? What kind of speech is that?!?!?! She must be fooling herself if she think she is so “GOOD” and Michele is the devil…she is crazy!!! She makes no cense!!! I guess she is the only one who can lie, backstab….ect….She is nuts!!!