Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nominations are up and Natalie find out the blogs Hate her She thinks it’s because of Jessie

8:00pm Backyard. Natalie, Kevin, Michelle and Jordan. Kevin is pretending he’s mad at Natalie for putting him up.. Jordan and Michelle aren’t buying it.. A lot of “umm hmmmm’s” Natalie tells Kevin she understands he’s mad but they made it to final 4 and that was her promise.. now its game on. Kevin says he understand as long as she doesn’t get weird on him. Natalie says the only thing that will piss her off now is if he calls her a back stabber.
Kevin heads inside.
Natalie tells Michelle that her nomination was strictly personal and she’s been planning it for a long time now. Michelle noticeably PISSED but puts on her happy face and tells Natalie it?s just a game she didn’t take offense to what was said. Natalie tells Michele that she wants Kevin gone not Michele that the only reason Michele is up is that she betrayed her. Michelle (lying of course) agrees says she betrayed Natalie and it?s only fair. Natalie says ultimately it doesn’t matter who she nominates because their future is in their own hands this week. Natalie being as fake as every says she’s really bummed out to not be able to play in the POV. Because now there is a guarantee that the nominations will change. Kevin gets called into the Diary room so the girls head into the living room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm Living Room Natalie, Jordan and Michelle. Jordan mentions that she knew for sure that Natalie was lying when she told them all that she opened Pandora?s box and lost the 500K. Natalie laughs thinks it was a little far fetch. Michele says she didn?t believe Natalie when she said she was engaged. Jordan agrees, “It’s hard to know what?s true” Natalie tells them she would never lie about something like that.. She will lie about the game but things outside the house she will never lie about. Jordan is amazed that Natalie never cried Natalie states she never cries never really has. Natalie says she was nervous to see him because of the way she thinks she was portrayed in the house. Her man proposed as soon as she walked in the door so she knew he wasn’t mad at her. Jordan wants to know more “Did he go down on one knee?” Natalie says yes.. He told her that he’s been glued to the feeds and has been reading all the spoiler blogs (Shout out to Pig Pen’s Man What?s up!) Natalie says apparenlty she has a lot of haters out there and her boyfriend said that most people don’t like her (I’m starting to think one of the pro Natalie posters on this site is Natalie Man) Jordan brings up Jeff saying that on the internets when you Google your name all these websites will be about you. (Google cookie dough) Michelle says she going
to go on the internet for one hour read a bunch of shit than stop.. Natalie thinks everyone hates her because she was so close to Jessie and Everyone hates Jessie so much. Jordan wants to read all the things people have been writing about her.. but Than has second thoughts she doesn’t want to have her feelings hurt. They start talking about all the shit that was going around the house when Natalie opened Pandora’s box.. Both Michele and Jordan were spending all the time looking for the key but Jordan kept getting sprayed by that roach girl and the “little person” was getting in all their way. Jordan points out that Natalie has had more contact with the outside world than anyone else. Natalie “it’s been nice.. I can’t believe I?m engaged” Natalie just wishes that Big Brother would of given her a big ass ring.. Jordan hammers her with questions about her relationship.. Natalie answers them all, How long you guys been together, when did you meet, why doesn’t his mom and sister like you… .Michele leaves and Natalie whispers to Jordan to confirm a final 2 deal Jordan say of course. Jordan tells her the speeches she did were good.. good for her
for speaking her mind. Natalie says thanks, tells Jordan not to tell anyone about their final 2 deal…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:10pm-9:30pm Kitchen Natalie is in the Diary room. Kevin is telling them he knows something is up and that Natale has some power that will screw them all. He thinks it might be something like POV reversal, “the person that wins POV is the person that goes home”. They all wonder why during their Diary room season they weren’t ask about the proposal.. Michele says they’ll know tomorrow if Natalie plays in POV than something is up. Kevin says she gave up Veto for sure but he’s not sure about the proposal. Michelle points out Natalie’s boyfriend isn’t going to the finale party. Natalie comes back and gets busy preparing her chicken for dinner. Kevin tells her that he knew she was lying about giving up the 1/2 million and was pissed off at her for lying. Natalie confesses that she not a good liar.. Jordan chimes in “I can tell” (LOl no you can’t Jordan Natalie’s been lying to you since day one). Natalie wants Big Brother to pay for her wedding like ABC paid ofr Trista’s and Ryan’s wedding. Michele is gone. Natalie proceeds to hate on Michele calls her the devil and says if Jordan or Kevin go do a final 2 deal with her they are doing a deal with the devil.. “She’s the devil she’s shown her true colours” Kevin leaves.. Jordan continues to compliment Natalie on her speech, “You were honest which is good”.


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208 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nominations are up and Natalie find out the blogs Hate her She thinks it’s because of Jessie

  1. doesnt Jordan look especially hot tonight. she is a modern day marilyn monroe or maybe marilyn monroes long lost daughter. yummmm ,eat like doggy :)

  2. I pinky swear, I am not Natalie’s man. haha I might be a girl, I might be a guy. I do wear a bra but I also wear boxers. I like boys with baby faces like Dr. Will and a mouth like Evel Dick.

  3. So, no ring because, if this crap is true (and I really don’t believe it), they expected BB to provide a ring/ Her father seemed like a decent man… what a shit bag he raised, huh? Money grubbing douche! I find it hard to believe that they would risk him meeting with her and saying something in code!

    1. Yes, she said she wished Big Brother had gotten her a bigger ring???? Big Brother brought the ring???? Doesn’t that mean she is engaged to Big Brother???? Now this is really strange. I just can’t believe this story.

  4. What a load of crap! BB NEVER lets any interaction with outsiders other than monitered phone calls. Whatever happened, she’s lying about the whole thing. I hate that skank sooooo much. And NOW, she’s pulling the “I’m a Christian” bullshit?! Where was that when she was hiding Russell’s rosary and dumping Michelle’s wedding rings in the trash? Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

    1. Agreed! I love how she has now adopted Jessie’s long prayer time before eating a meal! When the heck did she start that! She sucks!!!

  5. Now that I read what is being said about the blogs (thanks Simon) I do believe she talked with her boyfriend, not sure if she saw him or if he even proposed. I’m not sure if she gave up her POV and there is still no tie in to the TV promo’s from today. I can’t wait to see the show on Sunday.

  6. Has it really been confirmed that the “boyfriend” was in the house and proposed…or are we still dealing with only Natalie’s version of the truth????

  7. Sorry Simon but I think I’m done even reading about this show. It’s so disgusting. If you’d told me 6 weeks ago that this would be the final 4 I would have alot of wasted time back!

  8. I left a comment but I will repeat it ( since the server did not serve it) doesnt Jordan look hot tonight? she is the modern day marilyn monroe, or maybe the long lost daughter of marilyn

      1. looks like we got some jealous women on here ( meowwwww) cause If you were a man you’s appreciate all jordan has to offer ( she gives good head)

        1. Do you even know what jealousy is? Just because someone has a different opinion than yours doesn’t make them jealous. In this case, it makes them smart. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And someone who is as ugly on the inside as Jordan is, makes it impossible to find any beauty in her exterior.

    1. Sweetie, I read it the first time and let it pass but I can’t again. No, she is a pretty girl but she is no Marilyn Monroe. For the first thing, Marilyn’s breast were real.

      1. OMG. Jordan has WAY more class than Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn was a drugged out ho! AND she may have had real breasts, but she had a nose job. I’m so not a HUGE Jordan fan, but I am SO sick of people pretending Marilyn Monroe was this untouchable angel of a beauty when really she did drugs and slept with many many men. Jordan has MUCH more class in my book. SO step off grandma!

        1. Jordan has class? You have GOT to be kidding. She hasn’t got the slightest bit of class. Jordan is trashy and unsophisticated, with no manners or decorum. Give me one example of genuine classy behavior that Jordan displays.

          1. Well she didn’t screw Jeff for one, when 95% of other women would have. And for two she shared her hoh with Michele since Michele’s was cut short. It even made Michele cry. She has WAY more class than nasty nat!

            1. She didn’t screw Jeff, but she talked to him about sex all the time. And if you truly believe that 95% of women would have slept with him, that explains why you think she’s got class, because you’ve got less than even she does. Second, she shared her HOH with Michele, while bashing Michele constantly behind her back. That isn’t classy, that’s duplicity. She trashes everyone behind their backs, even her good friends from home and even Jeff has told her to stop it.

        1. lol. Every time someone disagrees with you about Jordan’s looks, you says its because of jealousy. Is that what your mother taught you? That anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours is jealous? And you seriously must be joking … a grandmother of 3 who has probably gained wisdom through the years and who no doubt knows that “pretty is as pretty does” is jealous of a foul-mouthed poser?

      1. Don’t forget to bring your big learning clock with and you can teach her time. First date: the big hand is on 1, and the little hand is on 5…….

  9. I still don’t believe it. Why would BB let her boyfriend in and possibly contaminate the game? I call big ole juicy runny BS. I think she gave up the right to play POV and something else that screws the other HG over. She’s trying to distract them with the proposal lie. Looks like it’s working.

    1. she probably made that up so the other house guests wont think she would win americas vote if there is a tie in the final two………… that was why kevin took jeff out cus he though america would vote for him to win


  11. Why is Natalie so utterly stupid as to defend Chima and even go for “vengence”? Doesn’t that indicate that Chima was somehow wronged by someone other than herself? Two utterly stupid and useless human beings that fail at life. I hope that Natalie tosses her mic into the hot tub too. She needs to LEAVE!

    1. They are both incredibly poor excuses for how a person should behave….I’m done with BB. This season was the last straw. I recognize that there was conflict in past seasons, but it was never as ugly in nature as this one. Chia “I was raped so I have an excuse” pet & Nasty and Jessie & Lid – fun to laugh at for an episode or two, but just down right sad to base a show on their poor behavior. This season was definitely rigged…and it started with Jessie. Wrote CBS, but doubt it will do any good.

      1. wow,you are a really sad, pathetic person..writing CBS about a summer reality show…why dont you spend that time writing your senator/mayor about real issues..these ppl with the petitions and writing CBS must have wayyyy too much time on their hands..what a shame it cant be used for something more important…Good luck in life..

  12. Why do these people need to bring christianity in this game? There’s nothing christian about none of them. All, a bunch of delusional hellhounds!

  13. downfall is the things she said about jessie that lost her 2-3 votes. and the age thing that really changes nothing about the game,.

  14. Arhhhg! This painful to watch. The “Suckiest Suck that Ever Sucked” is now HOH.

    Man, I hope the Box didn’t give her some kind of super power. If she wins this, she would, by far, be the most undeserving person in the house to get it. Wins one comp…

  15. Game or no game, she’s been lying about everything. I love Jordan but she shouldn’t trust Natalie at all, she had lied to her from the beginning and about Russell. She’s a LIAR! She’s trying to get 500 K by barely winning an HoH where she just got lucky by guessing. Michelle had worked hard, she had won Veto, HoH and plays the game, not just gossiping to pass day by day, week by week. I hope his dad sees this and realize how “AWESOME” his daughter has been. He should be proud. **Sarcasm**

  16. AAAAAAGGHHHH! She handled the chicken and never once washed her hands!!!!!! She spread disease all over the house and now she is eating it! Gross!

  17. I would not be surprised to see all houseguest get sick. Natalie was handling raw chickhen and never once washed her hands. She then went into the fridge and touched other food. Last time i looked the cutting board was still on the sink and and had not been washed and Jordan was using the spoon that was on the cutting board. So dont be surprised if everyone has a tummy ache tomorrow.

    1. I thought the same thing about Nat ( no consideration for others) . she is a walking disease and a compulsive liar. now she is lying in that big assed sleigh bed trying to convince kevin of whatever.. ( i think she just likes to hear herself talk) :)

  18. In her delusions, she justifies all the hate on being associated
    with Jesse. Well, we dislike Jesse, but this bitch is over the top.
    When Jesse is a nicer person than you…YOU ARE A C*NT!

  19. Ewwwww after the reunion show noone wants 2 see pigpen aka scrubs anymore. Please cbs spare us and don’t waste your money on such douche bags if its true about her engagement. America hates u bc of u….noone else! Dumbass ManaLIE!

  20. Simon thanks for ur website since that’s all I can handle. Refuse to watch the shows. Is it possible to give us a list of CBS sponsors for this show. To other HG’s wud u sign a petition to the sponsors of BB stating how we wiil/have stopped watching this poor excuse of a show. Maybe then CBS/AG will wake up and realize we MEAN BUSINESS. I for one choose to NOT watch channel 9 (CBS) station. I have never watched a reality show that rewards people like Gnat who not only is insulting to other HG’s, but actually throws it in the face to CBS/AG when she continues to PRAISE Chima. Thanks again Simon, pls let me know if you can give me a list of sponsors for this poor excuse of a reality show. Enough already. Anyone interested in signing a petition?

    1. Very good post, Natalie is defying CBS by trying to vindicate Chima
      like she was CBS ‘s poor victim. Very bizarre behaviour, definetely
      does not deserve to stay on the show.

    2. Jackie, I understand that you are upset but that is the whole point of this show. It is proof that nice guys finish last. They show and Survior proved that people will do almost anything for the all mighty dollar. They will become real jerks just to win. Lie, cheat, backstab, turn on friends and promises. And, don’t count on the viewer choice. Sometimes they vote for the bad guy because that is more entertaining. It is a show that shows the worst in humans. Sometimes there are people that are good and stay that way but they aren’t the one to win. That is sad, isn’t?

      1. Sorry, that should be that is sad isn’t it? And, the religion thing they pull out is just to give some excuse for their behavior. Try to save their soul. Make them appear good. To me that makes them look worst. Leave religion out of this game. No place for it.

    3. I agree – A lot of people say it is just playing a “good” game but rewarding people who play with no integrety yell, scream and belittle others, treat them like shit, steal and hide their stuff, lie and cheat over and over and then think they are queen walking with a crown yelling vengence??? What the hell, anywhere else a person would be walked out the door and asked not to come back. Why is big brother permitting this and then saying it is all in the game? This is the first time I have watched it in quite a few seasons and now I remember why I lost interest after the first few games. They have gone to ridiculous measures trying to spice it up, I will go watch Trailer Park Boys at least they have a bit of intelligence to their warped thinking.

    4. are u serious??? it’s a game where ppl lies cheat steal,,if you don’t like what you see, you have the option to change the channel. try it.

      1. I will, (change the channel) even my son in law who loves the show and has never missed a season is changing the channel Natalie infuriates him to no end (mind you watching him turn blue in the face over her has been somewhat entertaining). Changing the channel is much easier and why do that to yourself, life is too short and there are so many other activities that are far more enjoyable than watching her.

    5. i am most definitely willing to sign a petition. However, I think even better, we should all contact cbs in regards to pigpens disgusting behavior and unfair it would be to keep someone who has gotten away with too many warnings. I truly believe that the overwhelming complaints they received about chima had a hand in getting her out!

      1. I dont think the viewers had anything to do with getting Chima out, she did that all by herself, and the outcry by Jeff fans didnt keep him in the game so a petition would be a waste of time. I think some of the BB fans should start watching scripted shows and get away from reality TV, seems to be too much for some to handle.

          1. Well I mean geeezzz, some of the people on here want to kill Natalie for “playing a game”, a lying one I agree but never the less, a game. I thought they would have to set up a helpline for the Jeff fans, after his eviction, to be able to cope with their life and not just throw themselves off bridges. I dont want Nat or Kevin to win either but im not going to go gun them down if they do. Im sure the way people are talking that Nat will have to go into witness protection if she wins or even if she doesnt. Its good that people get into the show but its just TV. Relax people it will be over in a week and a half and you can all just heal your pain.

            1. Some people are the same about football. But, I agree with it just being a game. We all have our favorite but all can’t win. It is a game played on trust where there is no trust. If you are lying, you have to figure that others are, too. However, I have been backstabbed out here in the real world by people I thought I could trust. I, too, have been had. But I wasn’t in a TV show that is based on pulling one over on the other guy. They all know what they are getting into when they tried out. Unfortunately, some are better at it than others. And, some of us are easier to pull the wool over than others.

              1. I have a very busy life but at the end of the day I decided to watch BB11 and tuned into it at just the time Chima was plotting against all the men. Considering I work as a humanitarian and on behalf of equality…of not just women but men too….I was absolutely appalled that an African-American woman would call Russell a terrorist. My husband happens to have 26 years in the military (and has been to the current war & watched American soldiers die) and very Conservative Republican and he was taking up for Russell. So, my point is not that we all take this too serious…it’s just that CBS should screen people better than they did this year. And when Jeff left I ate cookie dough, drank like a fish and looked into a support group. NOT! I just came to this website and blogged. It’s like a support group….without leaving my house. lol

    6. I’m a fan of boycotts and activism, but why boycott Big Brother? There are so many other more offensive things in life (and on TV) that could use activism. I don’t think that a reality game show is worthy of that sort of willpower, personally. But, I wish you luck. I am not sure you’ll find as much support as you might think, though. Like or hate it, people are still watching the show (8.6 million this week, up a million from last month). Even in your own proposal, you mention still following the show. There’s still some sort of attraction there for you, whether you’re happy with what has happened in the game or not. Maybe it’s not CBS’ fault that the show doesn’t suit your tastes. I personally can’t stand CSI, but realize I’m apparently in the minority. It sucks for me, but I’m not going to waste my time organizing a boycott. I’ll just watch something else. That’s protest enough.

      1. Amen. I don’t understand what people are protesting. That the person you wanted to win didn’t? That’s life y’all. I’m not a Natalie fan but I honestly don’t get the venom. She’s an immature, annoying little brat. But that doesn’t make me hate her. It’s just a game. It just isn’t that serious. Shoot, you’d think she killed someone’s mother or something.

  21. I have been trying to think who Pig Pen reminds me of. Her face looks like MINI ME in Austin Powers movie!
    Did I mention that Michele looks adorable? ………….Really she is!

  22. Could she not find a better bra to wear with that tank top Pig Pen is an understatement for this nasty pig, she still has not washed her hands and has now stuck her entire hand in the cheese bag NASTY PIG

    1. Thats where she gets her Christianity from,Jesus turned water into wine,she thinks because everytime she gets into water it turns another color/cloudy ,she’s religious also,and her praying is the biggest joke i’ve seen yet.she is actually breathing her funk in,so she can eat without throwing it back up!

  23. she hasn’t mentioned one word about the engagement since she’s been talking alone with kvin which leads me to believe that is a huge ass lie………who in the world get’s engaged and then is able to keep their mouth shut about it….it just never happened

    1. what engagement? dah are the BB fans as naive’ as the BB HG”s? dah there has to be a fiance’ in order to have an engagement ! nat is a chronic liar

  24. Why does Pig Pen keep thinking BB should just give her stuff. First she keeps saying she wants a lux comp and now she wants cbs to pay for her wedding. Hopefully her boyfriend knows that all she cares for is money.

  25. like i said before……. she probably made that up so the other house guest would belive america hates her( we know thats afact) so if it came to a tie in the final two she would lose…… (which she would if it was a tie)

    1. I can’t believe that no one in the house has every heard the story about Pandora’s Box. I have heard it in HS, College, Grad School….and don’t they get to use the internet now?

  26. anyone still on the BBAD show? cause queerven is in the chair bed lying around moping, and Nastalie is sitting on the end of the bed trying to console him and assure him he just has to win the POV. but queenven has doubts. it’s clear that Nastalie is trying to guarantee his vote once she sends him to the JH :)

  27. No way did Nat get to visit with her boy friend (if he exists) — House Guests cannot have private contact with people outside the house or evicted house guests that have gone to the diary house. Natalie can’t find out things that we see in the live feeds or even on the regular broadcasts. Think about it — evicted house guests certainly talk together in the jury house but they aren’t given dvds of any of the BB episodes because they would be able to see and hear things that they physically wouldn’t be able to in the house. The engagement story is pure make believe. If she really can’t play for the POV, she most likely took some prize ($$, a tape of her boy friend . . .) and in doing that she gave up the right to play. What mind games this girl creates. She is a born liar and I don’t see how it is just for the BB game.

  28. I don’t believe Natalies story either. Her boyfriend must be a loser if he came on TV and proposed without a ring!! LOL! Pig Pen’s boyfriend must not be good looking if he can watch her and how she has been acting and then propose! Run forest, run. Don’t look back. It’s not too late! Schmuck. I hope Kevin goes next. I can’t stand him anymore. I love my gays, but I never really liked him. He tries to hard. His diary room sessions are so fake. He’s trying too hard to be entertaining. BB please bring back the entertainment. Bring anyone back. But I would prefer Jeff. Not because he’s hot (but he is) but because he was entertaining!!!! This show is going to be blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  29. I just had to get up and come get on my computer. I literally had to turn off BBAD…..Pigpen
    is really sickening………Isn’t she from Arizona ? I now know why……..her parents were
    those space aliens that landed there years ago ! Look at the forehead and those giant
    nostrils ! LOL That’s why she has no human eating skills . She munches with that
    big ole’ mouth wide open ! God……she is nasty and gross ! And then, Little Red Riding
    Hood…….Kevin……..God………..somebody help him be a damn man ! And after I watched
    poor little ole’ Jordan eat for a solid hour……………..I love her to death……..but, all those chips
    and gonna be fat on the hips ! She can’t stop eating and drinking ! If she thinks she
    is “thick” now……………………….wait till she sees herself in about 5 years ! ! ! And poor ole’
    Michelle……………somebody at CBS……please get her some shampoo ! Hell, I’m
    going to bed…………………nightmares would be better than BBAD ! LOL

  30. OK, does Nasty really know that everyone out here hates her? Beat her down!!!!! Yea, Jessie is giving up her secret and clearly doesn’t like her any more…hopefully she will be gone but if she is not, no way she will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I can’t believe that Natalie has gotten this far. She is a disgusting arrogant bratty child. I hope they don’t take her to the final two. I vote Michelle and Jordan.

  32. i dont like nat but at the same time i dont want jordon to win,,i prefer kevin/michele f2 but that wont happen.
    maybe i’m bias,,but i love my gays,,so i want kevin to win.

  33. Question: Why is it when Natalie is on her period she NEVER showers? She talks non stop about being on her period, and yet she is wearing the same clothes 2+ days in a row. Not only that, but she also has said that she doesn’t wear tampons. Double Nasty.

  34. Who in the house , do you think sucks dick? Kevin is the queen of sucking dick. Gnat is too much of a dude to suck cock, look how she walks for Christ sake. Jordan I think is too afraid her grandparents will find out, lolololol! And michelle def. does.

  35. I guess Natalie’s boyfriend is hoping she wins some money to buy her own ring with…who proposes with a twistie tie? How lame!

    1. A few weeks ago, natalie told the story about going ring shopping and how her bf said he’d never finance a ring and he’d give her a twisty tie.

  36. how old is kevin? everyone goes on about natalie lying about her age but how old is kevin? is he like 40 ? and if my memory serves me right he’s sayin he’s like 24? just looking at him he looks more like he’s into his 40’s. plus he’s been with his BF for 9 years? do the math. that would mean he had started a relationship when he was 17. ah last i checked what dude ( if he knows he’s gay) comes out at 17 and gets a BF just like that? most gay men are Promiscious anyhow so it seems hard to believe it all

    1. “Most heterosexuals are promiscuous.” See how ridiculous a statement that is. Some gay people are promiscuous. Some are monogomous. Just like straight people. Don’t believe every stereotype you see in the movies.

      Anyhoo. Natalie’s a damn liar. No way her boyfriend was allowed in the house for 20 minutes. She picked something that screws the house but benefits her. She’s covering it up with her lies. It’s gonna blow up in her face tomorrow. POV is live on Tuesday not tomorrow. She’s gonna have some ‘splainin to do since she said her consequence was to miss out on tomorrows competition. She’s out of the POV on Tuesday. Somehow the house gets screwed and the jury has a role to play. We shall see!

  37. Nasty is like the little guy who is insecure about being short so he walks around with his chest puffed out and constantly mouths off about anything and everything. A pigeon who thinks it’s a peacock.

    She lied to Julie Chen about Kevin’s Pandora’s box key. Does she even know she’s lying? I think she’s a sociopath.

  38. finally the calendar twist is exposed ( member russell kept saying I will give you the calendar). michelle has a calendar on her birth control pill case ( that she only told russell about) and she uses it as a timeline for the show. (how Nasty found out well..? cause shes the one explaining it to jordan)

  39. BBAD update: nat keeps going on about the (fake) bf meeting she had! shes like ohh he said this, he saw that ! surely the other HG’s arent falling for her lies ). shes lies so well , maybe she’s a lawyer :)

    1. Craig, you crack me up. I just can’t believe she saw her BF either. But, good TV if he came there to propose. CBS might have let it happen. I don’t believe they would have let him do it at that point, tho. I would think they would ask him to wait until the end of the game/show. She does lie very well. However, they are sure going along with her. I still say the best show will be when those people watch the tapes and see how they were had.

  40. this just in , now michelles lips are sealed ( to natalies ass) she says” i just hope at the rap party I can apologize to chima for putting her up ,( yaddy , yaddy, yaddy) ( yawn) ! natalie claims well she only put jeff up cause he put up jessie ( barf) i thought jessie was the reason america hates her? dah give me a break.

  41. The people in the house should have realized right away what a huge liar Nat is. How can they all be so stupid to believe she is only 18 when BB lets her drink alcohol? Hello, just because they are on lockdown on the CBS lot doesn’t entitle them to break the law! The girl (at least I think she is) has got to be the biggest liar to ever step foot in that house and Kevin is a HUGE idiot to have trusted her. I personally hope that part of pandora’s box is to bring back Jeff…he is the only one that truly played the game well and deserves the $500K.

  42. I don’t/can’t believe that any guy would want PP. I always thought if we ever saw PP’s boyfriend “he” would be a “she.” But I do believe she saw someone though, because she said her boyfriend told her she has a lot of haters. I was shocked she would repeat this to anyone. It is negative about her. She never utters anything negative about herself. Of course she is trying to twist it to be because she was aligned with Jessie. And of course people hated Jessie. She cannot believe it would have anything to do with HER! I could not stand Jessie but he is Mother Teresa compared to Natalie!!! I have never seen any HG hated this much. She is just retched. And like someone said in here, it’s not game related stuff that brings us to hate her. It just her constant amoral, narcisistic behavior no matter what is going on. She cheats at chess, cards and pool. Why? What’s the point? She is just truely disgusting. When she is in the DR room it’s so scary to listen to her. Her voice has a steady high pitches whine to it and you can see she is absolutely insane. Her vote at the very beginning of the game for Laura? “Just to spice things up?” What is the spice? What did that accomplish? What was her game plan there? Yes, people wondered who the funky vote was from but it never accomplished anything for Natalie. It’s like watching a spoiled 5 year old run around the house doing stupid cruel things for no reason. I’ve watched BB from the begining when we were all voting for Britney (before they went to the HGs voting instead of America). I can’t believe the difference from those HGs to these. I think casting has lost their minds! But that’s just me. :)

  43. I’m really enjoying BBAD tonight,Nasty has a bread tie around her ring finger,you mean to tell me,this idiot she is suppoosedly engaged to is to cheap to get her a ring,knowing if its true,it’ll be shown on national tv.Maybe he’s a leach like her and will make her buy it.Then I see that she actually thinks BB should’ve bought her a ring and also pay for her wedding!as I’ve posted before,this skank is here to get everything and anything she can for free.I truly think this is another of her lies,no BB HG has ever had contact with the outside world while in the house,and her saying all the blogs hate her,hell any idiot could guess that,and if her man does read this blog,all I can say have to be the dumbest SOB in the world,this so called girl is disgusting dude,no bath while on her period,picks her nose,wipes it wherever she feel to,or better yet eats it,she’s a liar,thief,idiot..etc.good luck there buddy…lol

  44. I believe Cookie dough monster and Michelle are playing their own game now,Nasty and Gollum look very defeated,for once Jordan has actually made sense telling Michelle that both of them are trying to play them against each other..go J/M let Jordough win to get VENGENCE on Gollum for evicting Jeff,and I hope she yells…this is for you Jeff,I did it by acting like them,lying and decieving,Vengence is got,got biaatch!!!!

  45. I think the twistie tie is a sign of some sort to someone about the show. However, she did tell people Jason had told her he’d give her a twistie tie. It’s all game for PP and I bet all she did was sit home before the show and watch Big Brother. She does seem to read weaknesses well so if she doesn’t have Borderline Personality Disorder then she has attended some kind of legal or psychology classes. That’s what they do. I think Kevin lies just as much. He looks atleast 40….not 24. I hope Michelle & Natalie put together all the lies & win this thing. They are scared of the Jury house but heck they don’t realize everyone hates her!!!!!

      1. I actually read it on here from one of the other bloggers. However, he doesn’t look 30 either….more like 40. So, just the same. If he can put on a fashion show, he also should put on some kind of anti-aging cream! Every gay man I know takes good care of their skin and if his boyfriend is so hot then he better learn to…It’s just my opinion.

  46. i cannot believe how full of doublestandard your opinions are guys.
    when the donatoes, obviously much worse human beings then gnat, were in the house all of you where admiring them.
    did gnat ever throw water on people? was gnat ever terrorizing and bullying one HG that was an outsider anyway constantly? did gnat make noise to wake up HGs from their sleep? was gnat offending other HGs because of their sexuality? (your beloved jeff was on several occasions)
    girl is just playing the game (and obviously she did better then a lot of others otherwise she wouldn’t still be there) so GET OVER IT!

    1. I think malicious backstabbing, and lying is much worse than anything you can do to my face. The reason people don’t like Nat is because she doesn’t have the balls to tell people what she really thinks. She is constantly saying, “I don’t lie”.

    2. You must be either a member of Gnat’s family or her “man”. She has been nothing but weasel through this whole thing.

    3. No, gnat rode Jessie’s coat tails the entire time until he was gone. Then she got Kevin to do more dirty work for her. Her way of playing the game is by getting everyone else to do it for her…………come on!

    4. Thank you! I thought I was living in some kind of alternate universe. In the beginning of this season, Jeff continuously called Kevin and even Russell “fags,” yet America loves him. I guess we still have a long way to go in this country. He also made fun of Ronnie’s questionable sexuality. Jeff is a homophobic jerk, yet you all love him. Give me a break!

  47. Yes, I am upset that CBS condones Gnat totally cruel behavor. Not becuz everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, she personally attacks Michelle who probably has horrible personal reasons for her weird behavior at times. Thanks for all of ur comments, and yes, I am getting carried away w/this show. I agree there are more serious things to worry abt such as healh care for all Americans. Sorry if I upset any of you with my comments abt a petition. However I am honest when I say I will no longer watch the shows unless I find out from websites that Gnat finally gets hers. I can’t watch a show that puts me in a foul mood, and makes me angry and unhappy. Not becuz my favorite loses, but becuz of Gnats cruel torment to her fellow HG’s, especially Michelle. She has class, GO MICHELLE and May God continue to bless and guide you. There I said my piece and I am done.

    1. Well, I understand and if you are upset by this behavior you are right not to watch it. After all, that is what Soap Operas are for. To show us people doing these kind of things. It’s ruff when it is shown to us by real people, not actors. That is the basis of the show. Simon will let you know in the heading if or when Natalie is gone. But, it just might not happen. There will be another season.

    2. dont watch it just shut up. Everyone in that house has lied so get over it..CBS will not miss you..
      If you where really not going to watch it you wouldnt be on this site. Your an idot go away.

  48. its not the way gnat plays the game that makes her unpopular. It is her immature, self-righteous attitude… Behind Chima’s meltdown, and Lydia’s hysteria, Gnat’s festering sore loser attitude fed the rest of these other bad attitudes. She is highly competitive, which isn’t a bad quality, she just has a really skewed sense of reality after taking a loss.. Something I bet she’s not used to on the outside of the house.

  49. yea my brother works at verizon he said big brother ratings on show are already down 18% on after dark…imagine how far cbs will drop. this is all thanks to natalie.

  50. lets band together and not watch big brother next week to provoke bb to bring back some other guest and make it interesting!

    1. dont watch it..quit complaining..
      do you think CBS cares if you dont watch it..if you dont care why are you here talking about it.
      Glad to see Jeff gone. I hope it is lapdog Jordan next.
      Final 3 Nat Kevin Michelle..
      Final 2 Kevin and Nat.

    1. Oh, my goodness, that might be me. I get those two mixed up all the time. But, we all make mistakes, don’t we? Like what for that. We probably all get too excited in typing to spell right or use the correct grammer, don’t we? However, I am impressed with you knowing that some are using those two words wrong. You did study in school. I like that.

    2. Are you kidding? Is that all you have to say? How would you like to listen and type EVERYTHING that goes on in that house? I think they’ve done a fine job. Yes, there are some spelling errors at times and some of the spelling styles and words like WC (water closet?) make me think they guys writing this are European. I’m just glad that they do it and they do it well. Come on, Mike, put on your positive face now and THAN you can read more THEN me……..LOL

    3. the people what write??? (check yourself)
      do you know how much work goes into this to give minute by minute reports … and this is what you write? ASS show some respect

    4. Thank you Mike. I find it quite annoying reading some of these posts. You could write a book on the butchering of the english language. Some education system we have here.

    5. No – what’s amazing is that inconsiderate clods like you don’t realize that Simon and Dawg are posting as quickly as they can from the feeds and sometimes mistakes occur – or is that too “amazing” to get into your thick skull?????

      1. Typing really fast has nothing to do with not knowing the difference between two similar words. They make the same mistake with their, there, and they’re. Typos are one thing, but those are not typos.

    6. Seriously? The people who write this stuff are rushing to try to get stuff out for all of us. Spelling mistakes happen. Grow up or leave.

  51. On BBAD, Natalie was cutting up chicken and used her bare hands. After she was finished, she grabbed a paper towel and wiped of her hands. THAT IS ALL SHER DID! Then need proceeded to TOUCH the handle on the fridge, the stove knobs and anything else that needed to be INFECTED with ALL THAT BACTERIA! oooooowwww GROSS!!!! NASTY NAT at her finest!

    1. I thought the same thing. She came out of the DR and went right to the chicken without washing her hands. And how long had it been sitting out? Gross, gross, gross!! I guess her fiance won’t mind being sick all the time from her nasty germs and gross habits.

  52. MR. NASTY,

  53. Wake up Natalie. We hate you because you’re a scumbag and it has nothing to do with Jesse. I hate watching any more because you do NOT deserve to win.

  54. Yes fans – I have not gone on the website until this morning. I was sooooooooo upset Nat won HOH. I cannot watch and so nervous. I am hoping Michelle or Jondan wins POV and send home Kevin. I know its a game and others have played it nasty as well but this is too much for me. I will not, will not watch Big Brother again – it makes me very angy and sad. This is not good for me. The season with Evil Dick also got to me – I did not like what he did to Jen on many occasions – this game is not for me anymore. It suppose to make me laugh but instead it makes me very sad.

  55. Really like the Picture of Pig-pen that made my day when I saw that,now speaking of PP she has not done a thing in the game except follow who ever had the power don’t you guys remember when Jessie was in, if she got any closer behind him where ever he went they would have had to call a surgeon to remove her from his ASS,please she does’nt deserve to win everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie and she has the nerve to say she is a christian and has christian values PLEASE MOTHER THERESA you are NOT.

  56. the thumbnail pic of nasty nat aka pig pen is too rock..i luv jordough shes so clueless right out of adam’s winning strategy

  57. it’s amazing the people whose names are Mike can’t use the word “that” instead of “what” which makes absolutely not sense.

  58. Is Jordan finally shutting up and playing the game??? I love that girl but the last week or so she was just spilling ALL her beans!!!

  59. I really really really dislike Natalie. Her attitude is terrible–she is the greatest at everything, now she wants BB to pay for her wedding–what a comment to make–almost like pressuring them to do it. She is one of those people who feed off others–she does not deserve to win. America wanted Jeff to win–BB needs to bring him back–him and Russell together would stir things up. What does everyone else think?

  60. gnat and kev never had any gameplay,only play they had was being greedy low-life the way both of their boyfreinds look like they were run over by mac trucks

  61. I just hope Jordan wins the veto and doesnt use it so her and Mich can vote out Kevin. I would love to see Kevin and Natalie’s little plan blow up in their face. Regarding the Denatoes comment. I to enjoyed the Denotoes. The difference is that they were entertaining. Nat and Kevin are BORING and annoying. The things they do come of childish and hypocritical. Dick was never a hypocrite and he played the game from day one. We got a final four of floaters and Natalie was the biggest floater of them all.

  62. Pig Pen want’s other people to do her dishes, cook for her, do her laundry, get her a heating pad for her bleeding crotch. She want’s Big Brother to give her more dyke clothes since she doesn’t even know how to put on a shirt w/o Kevin showing her how. Now she wants Big Brother to pay for her engagement ring and also pay for her wedding? Get this skank off the show and on the street already.

  63. I don’t believe for a minute that the so called boyfriend was actually there. I think that there was some kind of a trick with the boyfriend thing-but he would never be allowed to tell Nat about the blogs.
    We will find out more about it next week. Sunday will be about nominations,
    I think whatever BB did with the Pandora’s box was something to lessen Nasty’s chance to win.
    They want her out as much as we do. They would be crazy to have her as the winner. Her symbiotic relationship with Chima is not good for BB. Just imagine how she would promote Chima “victim’s syndrome in all of her BB appearances. BB wants Chima to fade out and disappear-not to be front page reminding everybody of the fiasco.

    Nasty cooked her own goose by making her game a “Chima: revenge.
    That’s what happens with loosers-give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. That’s what BB is doing with Natalie.

    Just for the record: I celebrated when Jeff dethroned Jessie, but he also acted foolish and stupid and mean. I was glad to see him go. He hung himself with his own rope.He did it to himself despite of all the help he got from BB and America.
    Now, thanks to his stupidity we are left with zero choices to root for someone who deserves to win. I don’t care who does take the half mil. Shit happens!!!!!!
    One thing I know is if we keep going down on this road of blaming, bashing and wishing horrible things on the HGs-we are no better than they are. And, we should not stand in judgment. maybe we would do the same things if we were in their places. “Judge not, least ye be judged” (something like that). So far everyone seem to be getting their just reward.

    I feel sorry for Michelle. She is flaky, weird and a liar-when you think about it, Michelle brought all of this intrigue into the game by going door to door and spreading discord, lies and suspicions. But, she does not deserve Roonie’s and Nasty’s harsh words on National TV. That will hurt her self-steem and her career for a long time to come.

    BB could be a fun game-but it has turned into a negative, vicious forum to bring the worse in people. I can see a big disaster one day-like someone committing suicide as a result of not being able to cope with the outside world after such a stressful and traumatic experience.
    My two cents!

  64. I agree with Jackie M.’s comment regarding CBS/Big Brother condoning (and aiding and abetting) Natalie’s disgusting behavior. She appears to have an odd sense of entitlement–complaining that she should have been given a larger engagement ring; that Big Brother should pay for an elaborate wedding for them (like Trista and Ryan’s wedding). Who is filling her head with this? Is Production telling her they’ll do this for her if she continues behaving the way she has? Ratings, people, ratings. True, Natalie will make Big Brother history for all the wrong reasons; but her behavior has been the topic of conversation at many a water cooler now for weeks.

    If Natalie remains in the house and advances on to the final 2, I feel very strongly that it will have been orchestrated by CBS/Big Brother. They’re planning on keeping Natalie in the show. There are viewers who absolutely cannot stand the sight of Natalie at this point. Many people (such as myself) changed the channel away from CBS as soon as Natalie won HOH. But, there are people who will continue to view Big Brother in the hope of watching Natalie get evicted. Personally, I’d prefer to read about that (if it occurs) on a blog. I’ve stopped watching Big Brother this season.

  65. Nat is so full of herself and so overconfident which is fine because it will be her downfall. Shold have gotten rid of her when they had their past chances. One way to describe her – Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am so disgusted with the game this year! Chima, Natalie and Lydia- what street corner in Hollywood did they find these women!? I want to see Chima, Natalie and Lydia in the house with Evil Dick! I would pay money to see that, lots of money!! Call the show ” Dick takes on the Evil Girls!! Millions would tune in just to see him wail on them.

  66. About Natalie and her BF; if Natalie was only talking about friends and her Dad because BB told them they couldn’t talk game then Natalie is lying more. What’s New! She has mentioned 3 or four things that refer to the game and about blogs, Jessie etc that is about the game. So unless they show the meeting on TV I don’t believe a thing that comes out of that lying pigs mouth. Why does she refuse to take a shower? To put Kevin up was plain unfair since they are final two. She knows the pawn 90% of the time goes home. He better run those legs off or think fast because he might lose his chance thanks to Natalie. She keeps saying she doesn’t lie that is all she has done from day one.

  67. Oh my god! I just realized that gnat’l’lie is really an antqueen! That’s why she is afraid of bugs, she is trying to protect her colony! Her snatch is a gigantic ant hill, that’s why she never washes and that’s why she won’t use a tampon! Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get in or out. She uses the ants to bring back prizes I.e. Cash, other houseguests personal items, candy, cheetos, the pain she has is not her period, it’s her hatching more ants! If you look closely on the live feeds you can see a trail of ants leading right into her crotch, I’m sure that’s where micheles gloves went!

      1. Dear Ashley ,
        I am so sorry if I offended your delicate feelings. I do believe that my horrible disgusting attempt at humor was pretty mild compared to alot of the other comments I’ve read. It must hit a little too close to home for you. Once again sensitive Ashley I totally agree that I was Being immature, insensitive to your feelings. I have decided to take your advice and grow up. Thank you Ashley for showing me that being creative and humorous makes me an asshole. I now fully understand how rude and immature I was. I am so so so so sorry sensitive Ashley. On a lighter note I would like to thank you guys for this site. I have been totally addicted to it and check it at least 8 times per hour or whenever I get a chance inbetween being an asshole and growing up. Once again I would like to apologize to the sensitive Ashley. That being said I really hope Michele can somehow pull this out because Kevin and Natalie have crossed way over the line of decency with their hatefull lie-laced malicious gameplay. Even I, an immature, sick asshole can see that! I do love Jordan but she is way too naive to win this game. Apologetically yours, mr. Pickles p.s. Lighten up Ashley

  68. i think people are saying a lot of mean things about natelie i am not a fan of hers but wow.. I want to see kevin win it would be nice to see a gay biracial win go biracial people..

    1. How is it that if I were to say I want Jordan to win (which I don’t) because she’s white, I would have tons of people down my throat saying I am a racist, but it’s ok to day you want Kevin to win because he’s biracial doesnt stir the pot the same exact way?

        1. I agree also. It seems white Americans shouldn’t be entitled to anything these days, like we should be ashamed of our race or something. I don’t get it and I am not ashamed.

  69. GRRRRRRRRR. Why would Big brother even give someone like natalie a chance. She ruins the show. Please Please make better choices next season……Or I think you may lose some veiwers….Just saying. :)

  70. So, Keven did nothing but fly under the radar. Natalie only rode Jessies Coat Tails. I love you Jordan, but the only comp you won was giving to you. If Jeff doesn’t come back, than Michelle should win.
    But what a crappy final 4.

    1. I totally agree with you!! I hate Nat…she is retarded and not even because of jessie…its because she is an ugly vamp!!! She didn’t even treat her fiance like she even loved him.

  71. Natalie should join Chima for her “Revenge for Chima” chant after she won HOH. Seems to me as though the BB producers wouldn’t want Natalie to follow Chima’s crappy example???? She might go apes**t at the finale……..wouldn’t want to see that. Get her out now Big Brother. She’s unstable.

  72. Hi. Stinky Nat. You want BB to pay for your wedding on TV. No one would watch it because we all hate you. You are a parasite. I do understand why your boyfriends family does not like you. You are rotten to the core. You ‘suck’ big time. America does not like your inner core or your filithy body. You think you deserve everything! Guess again. I hope that all the mean and ugly things that came out of your mouth comes back to you big time. And yes I to have stopped watching your evil ways.

    1. I have lost interest in this show(game). Its just not fun anymore. I can’t stomach Natalie and I would rather just look over the blogs to catch up. I wish something would stir things up. It can’t end w/ Nasty still here. She needs to go. Can’t stand it.

      1. I will finish watching the show but for the most part I don’t check the spoilers as much as I did and I certainly don’t go back and catch up with the ones I missed. I m to the point that Gnat is driving me crazy with her I m above everyone cause I played honestly. Give me a break. The sad part about it is, she really believes it. She needs to go back and look at her votes, also she admitted she would lie when it came to the game! Who doesn’t! Thats the beauty of the game, who can lie and not get caught or who can get out out if they are caught.

        Jeff should have kept Russel as least one more week. I blame that on Jordan, if she would have had relieved some of his male stress he may have made a better decision! LOL JUST A JOKE THERE!

        1. I totally agree with you BB Joe! I have never been so physically revolted by some little lying skank on television before! Seriously this “girl” has got to go! This “I don’t lie” that she keeps professing, I think this crazy bitch really thinks she doesn’t tell lies! I have hated Pig Pen from day one and like I said before I can’t watch her “I can kick the worlds ass” walk, constant close ups of her chewing like a horse, nor do I want to smell her foul smell that is sooo bad we all smell it through our computers. BB PLEASE GET THIS PIECE OF TRASH OUT! I have live feed and I can’t tell you the last time I even looked at it, she is definately what has ruined BB for me, and I see she has other people not even wanting to ever watch BB again. Gnat this is what you do to people!

  73. BB knows everyone is upset about jeff getting evicted so thats why they are giving america the choice to give him 25 grand…..they know america will vote for him…he will get 90% of the votes…

    1. America ALWAYS gets to vote for their favorite player and award them money. They didn’t start doing that this year you know.

  74. WTF? people should win because they played the game, not because they are gay or straight or black or white or asian or any nationality! Also, you shouldn’t win if you are just a floater. Yes, Kevin and yes Noxious Nat. I am talking to you. I am disgusted with the final four. I hope somehow Michelle can pull through because although Jordan is sweet, she is naive and unskilled. And to all of those Jeff-haters out there who like to say that the game was handed to him- GROW UP! Even after the CDT he continued to eliminate his adversaries. I wish Jeff cas still in it, but he got got.

  75. You guys are real idiots. So Natilie lies in this game, (which every person has done) and she is villified for it, but when “innocent Jeff” does it, it’s a good move on his part when he lied to Russell da Muscle. All of you really need to grow up and realize that Jeff got got and give credit where credit is due. And for every1 that’s calling Natalie a floater, lets not forget that Natalie pulled the Jessie strings and got him as far as she could. Had it not been for the CDT, Jessie and Nat would still be running that house. So look, just lighten up and lay off of some of the ignorant comments made about Natalie. I liked Jeff as a player also. I do think that he was the strongest player, but in these games the strongest doesn’t always win!!!

    1. what are you Nastylie’s dad or “boyfriend”? You are just as deluded as her if you think she was pulling the strings and manipulating people. She hasn’t had ONE idea in the game that got someone else out. She likes to take credit for it but that doesn’t mean she actually did jack shit. Kevin’s LML saved both of their asses, she got lucky on an absolute crap shoot of an HOH. She likes to THINK she had control of Jessie, she likes to THINK she influenced Chima and Ronnie and Kevin, but in the end, Kevin proved to be a much smarter player than her, Chima was too strongwilled to listen to anyone but herself, and Ronnie had his whole total game plan going from the start of which Nastily wasnt a part. So stop trying to convince people that Natalie is a smart or good player when she lies about things there are no need to lie about. She thinks she’s a genius but shes actually quite imbecilic.

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