Big Brother 11 Spoilers Pandora’s Box Edition… Jeff’s key did shit “He GONE!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:18pm- 7:00pm Kevin and Natalie sleeping…. nothing new here

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:18pm- 7:00pm Jordan and Michelle running laps.. Jeff on the elliptical.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Pandora’s Box and THE KEY
The Key rescued Kevin from the BOX it did shit all nothing… Sorry Jeff fans “he gone”


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449 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers Pandora’s Box Edition… Jeff’s key did shit “He GONE!”

    1. that was some b.s they said there would be a twist 2nite,notttttttttttttt,if any1 should be on the block it should be bulldog natalie,she ain’t won sh*t and won’t,unless its a race to make jessie a sandwich,but i think lydia is already making him 1……jeff is the man

    2. I dont think soooo……why wouyld they bother to call it pandoras box? they could have just let the money lose and see who ends up with what. there is definetly a meaning to the key

      1. I agree..there must be something else..unless what pandoras purpose is ..was to show the hoh who would give up time collecting money to come and see where he was at and kevin did see gnat ignore that he said he needed help and instead she went to collect money…but gee he already knows she is a cheat and he still is hanging with her so I guess he doesn’t care that she left him locked in the box. He may just want to go with her to the end. and I wanted to like him but guess not.

  1. Absolutey worst Twist ever.

    That was not a twist. it meant nothing…….The money was released even though Kevin was there. So what was the point in saving him???

    Kevin got to see people’s greed? So what !!!!!


    1. well the way it played out…the key was needed so that kevin could also get some money but he needed to be released first and he TOLD that to the gnat but she still left him locked up..because she couldn’t see that he could see that she went out for more money instead. Jeff had the key and didn’t know kevin needed to be unlocked…because big surprise Gnat LIED about…she was going to steal the key because she thought she could get something for it. She was being selfish…imagine that. So jeff actually did the right thing..when he finally found out kevin needed to be unlocked. Kevin needs to take notice of all the cheating Gnat is doing…she cheated playing chess and pool with him.

  2. So at the end was there anything like “tune in Thursday for a twist that will rock the house,,,,,,etc” or was it like normal. Seems like a lot of hype to just give everyone some money. Anything to get us to watch, I guess.

  3. Just a thought for all the Jeff lovers out there…. Jordan wants him to stay over her – if she walked out on her own will, would Jeff stay? Kevin and Gnat would be pissed! haha. If only Jordan would think that on her own…I like Jeff and would have liked to have seen him make it further, but it is a game afterall. Just think it would be funny if Jordan did quit. =)

  4. YAY Jeff is gone, bring back Russell please, if Russell dont come bk, i would love for Michelle to win first place & Jordan to win second place :)

  5. jeff not only should not have unlocked kevin he should have pushed a dressor in front of the ? door and left him there the rest of the season

  6. Kevins best move is to keep Jeff. If Jeff goes… Michelle or Jordan stand a better chance at HOH then Nat. If thats the case, both Nat and Kev are on the block.

    If Kev makes a deal with Jeff and Michelle though, they would be focusing on getting NAT out instead of Kev.

    Kev is a smart guy… hopefully the final three are the three best players (Kev, Michelle, Jeff)

    1. How does that help Kevin? Playing against two strong players in the final 3, both would take each other and he would settle for 3rd place. I think it would be a stupid move. He has a better chance playing for POV against Michelle, Nat and Jordan, and if he can get Michelle out next week he is skating to the finals. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Kevin to win anymore, but your scenario makes no sense for him, only for Jeff and Michelle. It’s a moot point anyways, because Jeffie is going home on Thursday.

    2. No way its a good idea to keep Jeff. Kevin is screwed no matter who wins HOH. All those sneaky mofos would put him up. He HAS to win POV next week regardless. So since it comes down to POV for him he has to get Jeff out so he has a shot, just in case its something physical (cuz he can go.toe to toe with Michelle if its mental). Thinking through the possibilities that’s what makes the most sense for Kevin’s survival.

      I’m glad Jeff is going. If I have to listen to him and Jordan’s banter after Thursday I think I’ll scream. They are sooooo annoyingly insipid.

      1. Keeping Jeff is a good idea. Here is why.

        if the final two are Kev and Nat –> Nat wins the money

        if the final two are Kev and Michelle –> Michelle wins the money

        if the final two are Kev and Jordon –> Kevin probably wins

        if the final two are Kev and Jeff –> I think it could go either way

        Sooooo, if there is a good chance that i go home next week because EVERYONE is gunning for ME or i make a deal and EVERYONE guns for NATALIE then i am guaranteed to be in that final three.

        Once your in the final three all is fair and all three of them (Kev, Mich, and Jeff) are good enough competitors that they can all three win comps.

  7. many websites are confirming the key is to the diamond veto!
    and julie said there is going to be a twist!
    no twist tonight!? so, it’s gotta be thursday

      1. Hey shit for brains (your own words) – Jeff found it – Kevin had to take it to open the box but Jeff found it and still has it. What sense would it make for Kevin to get the Diamond veto since he would HAVE to use the key to open the box – I usually don; reply to you because you bore me and there enough others here who post that you’re a moron – but Holy Cow you are one dumb bitch!!!!!

  8. Go back and remember that Jeff found the key in the dark room, so something else is coming up on this, maybe Thursday??
    Wonder why that was not brought up tonight??

    1. They really show that Nat had the key and then let jeff have it more like she was trying to steal it from Jeff. I don’t remember the dark room part.

      1. No Jeff found the key under a pillow – Pigpen never tried to look for it till Kevin told her that Jeff had it and she was trying to steal it from him. She was following jeff up the stairs to the HOh still trying to grab it but Jeff released Kevin.

  9. I guess CBS and AG didn’t cover up what an a$$ Jeff is after all! For him to be so cruel and mean to Michele just because she won the POV was so wrong on every level! See ya Jeff and Good Luck Michele! I hope you win it all!!

  10. I thought the twist was behind the door with the question mark that Kevin had to make a decision on . . . was the key involved in that?

    1. Jeff had to use the key to unlock kevin,so he could run his fairy ass outside to collect his money too.other than that,the key did crap..what a f’n joke!!!

  11. I thought Julie or BB announcer said there will be twist to the veto this week. Did I miss it? Kevin made a bad move, he landed the biggest target on his back of the house, welcome Jeff’s nightmare HOH Boy enjoy while can. See you the jury house with your “alliance”.

  12. the key is done dudes. it was used to unlock kevgay from pandoras box. ( jeff did it cause kevgay told jeff that he only got to keep the money he collected if he found the key and unlocked his hand that was stuck in the box, so jeff found the key on couch grabbed more money then unlocked kevgay.

  13. Now that wasn’t worth one hour of my life!!! Much ado about nothing. The only good moment was when Michelle talked to Kevin at the pool I found her to be the most sincere she has been since the game began. Does Kevin need a brick to fall on his head before he finally admits that Natalie is a liability to him!!! I think CBS when out of their way to find the most dense people to ever play the game – GAME – I kinda thought you needed to have game to win. Guess I was wrong.

  14. The key’s purpose is over and done with. The only reason everyone here made such a big deal about it was because Jeff constantly talked about it on the feeds because he was confused. Watch the newest episode it explains what it was for.

  15. Michelle should sit down Kevin and say, “I am going to win the HOH or the veto next week , probably both. If you vote to evict Jeff Jordan and I will evict you next week. Natalie can’t help you. Take it or leave it.”
    Time for Michelle to open a can of emotional whoop ass!

  16. There is more….isn’t there? I think CBS should hire some people from the blog because people came up with great ideas on what the key could have been.

  17. Wouldn’t Kevin & PP just shit if Jordan intentionally got kicked out before Thursday leaving Michelle & Jeff to go after them.

    1. That would just be one less vote in the Jury House! And it would not mean anything as Nat or Kev could win Veto this week and control the vote anyway. Ex. Jeff wins – puts Nat and Kev. up – one of them win veto and pull them self off…whos left to vote? No brainer VETO is important this week not HOH because VETO winner decides who goes home! POINT BLANK


  18. I’m not holding my breath but if it means something Thur- great! If not, Jeff’s gone and I have more free time on my hands. Not sure I can stomach watching Gnat pick her nose if I don’t at least get to pull for Jeff! Off subject… I love Chris Daughtry! Just wanted to say that:)


  20. Jeff didn’t know the key unlocked Kevin when he found it. Kevin told him something about needing the key to get the money. That’s why Jeff hid the key. When Kevin told Natalie about needing the key to get him unlocked, she just ran out to grab more cash. So he lied. It isn’t Jeff’s fault. Alas, I didn’t see or hear anything that leads me to think that the key is going to save Jeff, but at the same time, I didn’t see anything with the mystery room either game-changing or close to a twist. Natalie doesn’t deserve to win BB. No floater should win this game. Natalie is no Dr. Will, Boogie, or Janelle. Those guys were BB greats. Natalie is a nosepicking, no-shower, floater. In the words of Jordan, “I strongly, strongly dislike” her. Good luck to both J&J…

  21. Yes something isn’t adding up. Why call it Pandoras Box – what were the ills released?? why have anopther HG release him. I don’t know.

    If Jeff leaves on Thursday, thats fine (there are nice opportunities waiting for him on the outside that he doesn’t know about). I will have two reasons to watch the show – to watch Michele win (strongest player left by far) or PigPen lose (can’t wait for that to happen!!!! and I’m sure the outside world has some reall surprises for her too, not so nice!!!!)

    1. Yes Wolfgang, Jeff’s bound for great opportunities because of his popularity. The pigpen will make her rounds as the most hated and pick up a few bucks in her moment of fame, but I see her on a loser reality show like Real Chance or FlavaFlav looking for another young baby mama, or boxing for reality star losers (remember Tonya Harding did it for $$$). Can’t see her holding a real job with responsibility except her “salon” where she can do nails and breathe in more fumes of greatness.

  22. Okay JJ fans the hand is out o the box, the only twist was Jeff used the key to allow Kevin to part take in the money collect! Nat showed her greed, Jeff allowed kevin to play but followed Kevins lie that the Key allowed everybody to keep the money or Jef would have played the same as Nat if he knew the Key would keep Kevin locked up. that was the only twist, no veto powers, no shared HoH powers and or the fools who keep bring up a car, there is no vehicle suv or Hybred, sorry Chevy! and Sorry JJ fans!

  23. That really sucks!!!! But what I don’t get is why was the key hidden? And you would think the person who quit collecting money and went to search for the key would get something out of the deal. That really bites

  24. Congratulations BB 11 you did not pull any antics. However, you showed Jeff and Jordaqn again on their best behavior.
    Jeff said he wouldn’t campaign for votes like Russel-BIG FAT LIE. Both Michelle and Jeff pulled all the stops to try to trick nat and Kev to jeopardize their safety in the game so Jeff could stay and collect the half mil.

    I am not sure they are finished with all the begging.
    WHY does Big brother protect him so much on the televised, edited part?

    Common BB don’t be a coward show the viewers the real Jeff. He is soooooo willing to throw Jordan and Michelle under the bus and both of them so willing to die for him.

    He is the kind of guy who would take candy from a little kid. I am so done with you Jeff! pretty boy or not. You are a skunk! Good bye and good ridden!!! And, by the way, give Russel my best when you see him.

  25. i bet the twist involves russ (yay) I wanted him to win all along) russ did not go to JH and his pic was still in colour and he was not shown exiiting like the others in the credits. so cool. jeff goes and russ stays. funny cause russ will prob go after jordumb cause she was involved with jeff. but for sure mich will be safe with him and prob kevgay will go against jordumb. (thats if russ comes back and wins HOH). otherwise if like nastalie wins HOH ( and russ is back) she will put him and michelle up. BUT she never wins ( cheats alot) but she cant cheat in the BB comps.

  26. Here’s what’s messed up about the key meaning nothing!!!!

    Kevin told Natalie what the key did. She was the only one who knew that the key needed to be found in order to save her friend…But she instead let her greed get in the way..

    Therefore, if that Key is used to save Jeff and send Natalie home (or at least do something nice for the person who found it) think about how mad Nat would be at herself; knowing that she could have gotten it. She had a better chance at finding that key than anyone else. Therefore nobody can say that production set it up for Jeff to get lucky, again. It was totally fair and square and Natalie blew it…….

    I’m pretty sure all that would make for an interesting twist.

    Muche better than what the key actually means as of right now.

    If nothing changes, BB is dumb!!!!

  27. Wow, alot of wishful thinkers. The key was used and that is it. So much for Team Jeff, he’ll be visiting Russell soon. Hopefully he”ll be wearing a bow when he walks in.

  28. It is very obvious from tonight show that all the key was for was to release Kevin and nothing else. I am very depressed.

    All we can hope for is some other twist maybe on Thursday, but for the most part Jeff is going home.

  29. That sure wasn’t much of a ‘twist’, more like ‘yah! free money!’ Either deceiving advertising to get more viewers or more we don’t know. I’ll go with the first one.

  30. The key will get Jeff back into the BB house after he’s evicted. That’s what the key is for. He’s going to walk out & Julie is going to say, “remember that key you found?” and hand him the a key. Just my guess.

  31. This all a bunch of BS!!! Jeff needs and must stay in this house for the mere fact that if Natugly or Kevin win this thing no more BB for me. They in no way shape or form should get this money. I’m so frustrated….Jordan better shape up and grow a pair and start playing this game now!

  32. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  33. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  34. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  35. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  36. Guys seriously… its over and done….. Jeff and Michele both had a fair shot at winning Veto…. Mich won… she’s staying… jeff didn’t he’s gone…. its too late in the game to be pulling favors for the eye candy of bb11. Bye jeff!

  37. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  38. If he is not saved somehow thursday, at least I can get my life back, it will be a wrap for me for the season. Great site though, looking forward to next season.

  39. Guess I can delete BBAD from my dvr recordings. I would fast forward through the RatGirl parts anyways. Now, I know there’s no need to watch any of it. J/J were more entertaining than my soaps!

    1. Because she’s a lying piece of shit,i’m so pissed its not funny.Kevin or now his new name is Gollum from Lord of the rings!!!watch’s Nasty run right back outside to collect her money,that should’ve shown him right there,she is not with him,only when it helps her.

  40. And we all saw Jeff give Kevin the key. Jeff gave it away so even if there was something hinky with the key, Jeff gave it to Kevin to free himself. Jeff is not the owner of they key, Kevin is.

  41. Tuesdays episode sure didn’t match Grodner’s description of what was coming up – it didn’t affect the HOH’s responsibilities (which have nothing to do with Pandoras box but have to do with nominations and evictions) So I’m not convinced the last hand has been played.

    1. It sure didn’t match AG’s description. But BB didn’t give any teaser, so I’m not expecting much from BB anymore. The writers suck!

    2. It did match. They wanted Kevin to watch the other hg be greedy and not help him collect money. Hello that why the TV was there. They were hoping that Kevin would switch allainces and put up Nat as a replacement nominee. Kevin even said on the feeds production was trying to get him to keep Jeff. Also on the feeds Kevin said the pandora’s box is old meaning the joke is on America

  42. Did anyone else notice that they showed Russel’s name and his picture was lit up again? Mistake by CBS or a preview of things to come?


    2. I noticed that too was going to rewind to check but I know what I saw…. & now you have confirmed it I wonder whats up?? hmmmmmmmm could he be the evil that is unleased in the house???

    3. I am on the west coast time, so I can’t watch for another hour, but I did rewind Sundays episode, and the intro shows Russ walking out the door.

  43. So what was all this speculation about the finder of the key having some wonderful power? What a crock! From the way it played out in tonight’s show, Pandora’s box was certainly about “greed” (the houseguests running to and fro scooping up money) and “hope” (Kevin hoping that someone would actually take time away from the money scooping to get him unlocked. Jeff certainly did unlock him but he didn’t walk away with any special key.

    Everytime the camera focused on Natalie’s smug, grinning face I wanted to scream at my television. Did you all catch the look when Kevin nominated Jordon as Michele’s replacement. Natalie just smiled smugly as if to say “Your plan didn’t work to get me nominated.” Truly, this is my last week. At this stage it definitely looks like Jeff will be gone on Thursday. CBS and Big Brother can lament at leisure their loss in ratings after Thursday. If these blogs for the past several weeks didn’t alert CBS and Big Brother to the fact that at least 80% of the viewers can’t stand to watch Natalie, they deserve the loss in ratings.

    To those of you who will continue to watch the live feeds and shows, I say “Best of luck to you.” I do not get the live feed or BBAD. I’ll continue to skim through the blogs but I will not watch the shows after Thursday. Hopefully, I’ll read at the finale that Michele has won Big Brother. I’d much rather Jordon be sitting at her side when then happens than Kevin or, God forbid, disgusting Natalie.

    1. CBS and BB aren’t going to lament any loss of ratings. There are millions of us out here that appreciate the game and even if my favorite player is gone I will still be happy to watch who wins and so will millions more.

    2. OMG if you’re right about how BB’s writers interpreted Pandora’s box, then that is truly laameee!!

      “From the way it played out in tonight?s show, Pandora?s box was certainly about ?greed? (the houseguests running to and fro scooping up money) and ?hope? (Kevin hoping that someone would actually take time away from the money scooping to get him unlocked.”

  44. The show was boring tonight Im on the edge of my seat waiting for some juicy shit! Jeff was mean to Michelle & he is mean to Jordan!! You can tell from the night shows she is working his nerves. He may think of her as a little sister. I tell you what Jordough panties better slide str8 off after the show or she will never see his azz again. I bet Jeff cant wait to get some action… Maybe Lydia if there is any juice left after Jessie & Russell.

    BTW doesnt Nat seem a little Lesbianish to yaw?

  45. I love Jeff and want him to stay but I want Michelle to win. Jeff was an ass to Michelle but he apologize to her later and needed a minute after he lost. I did notice the ‘hope’ part of what Jordon was saying on tonights episode. So I still have hope. I want to see good comps and him and Michelle are good comp players.

    1. is only nice to her now because he wants her vote. and that’s to her face. he still talks smack behind her back. SNAKE.

  46. Talk about dumb,you people call jeff dumb,for believing them,how about your only allie after being told to look in the house for the key,runs back outside and collects more money,leaving you locked in the HOH room,then only after she see’s jeff going to free kevin,she joins in,but still has to say,when jeff tells her to quit following him,that he can’t figure the clue out,without her…lol.this chick thinks she knows it all,but the sad part is in the room is a tv and kevin is watching them collect all the money,but still is dumb enough,to keep Nasty as his allie,what a dumb ass.

  47. Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the show when big brother shows you all the Contestants names russell’s picture was still of him standing in the big brother yard not of him leaving the house like all the other evicted houseguest does this mean something????

    1. Mark my words there is no eviction on thursday and the Key that Jeff found brings Russell back into the house and they redo the whole week with everyone playing for HOH and Veto and Russell now knowing that Nastalie lied about her age the whole time and they figure out that Nastalie and Kevin were the big reasons for all the backstabbing that went on… Look for Gnat or Kevin to get the boot on Sunday since Kevin decided to unleash Pandora’s box he will be letting out evil and the hope that Jeff has is that he has a chance to win HOH on thursday…… This is what is going to happen it will make it more fun…. You have to realize something CBS has to bring someone back to spice up the game because if not their rating are going to tank after Jeff leaves… Seriously how many people wiull cancel their live feeds right away who wants to watch Gnat sleeping all day and Kevin sleeping all day Jordan eating cookie dough and Michelle talking to herself and crying.. BORING… CBS will lose millions of $’s and millions of viewers so they will spice it up….. Can’t wait to see the look on the houseguests face when Russell walks back in thanks to Jeff using the key…. And for everybody that says something about tonight’s episode have to realize that CBS edited the crap out of it especially the Pandora’s box portion… First they didn’t show Gnat telling Jeff he couldn’t go up to HOH because it was locked.. Second they didn’t show Gnat finding the key then hiding it all they did was show Jeff finding it everything else seemed about right according to the live feeds…..

  48. Did anyone notice in the opening when they show all the HG’s pics and names that the ones that are evicted are shown walking out the house without their names…but tonight Russell’s picture was his regular picture with his name…….but on Sunday’s opening it showed Russell leaving the house without his name……….is Russell coming back??????

    1. I say that!!! It gave me goose bumbs!!! I loved Russell and always hoped he would win. So why instead of showing him leaving the house like everyone else he was standing, smiling, with his arms crossed? Will he come back? What is happening? They didn’t mention any other new “twists”.

  49. At least Jeff it taking it with Class. I hope Jordan wins next week. I believe she can do it for Jeff. Kevin and Natalie doesn’t deserve anything except a good kick in the ass.

  50. jeff found the key, he was supposed to give it to kevin to unlock himself.
    and i don’t know some people think jeff had to find the key so they could keep the money,
    kevin lied about that! he lied so they’d free him because he knew they’d just look for the money and leave him there!
    i just can’t believe they’d hype up pandora’s box for absolutely nothing entertaining! none of us care if they house guest collect money! the twist has got to come thursday!!

  51. As I stated yesterday about Pandoras Box/hope etc Kevin got to see how greedy everyone was. He got to see Natalie not look for the key to free him so he would get money and we got to see Jeff find the key, hide the key and go back and take more money. In the end, Jeff gives the key to Kevin to release himself and go get money.

    Kevin won the least amount and he saw people for what they were. This was Kevin’s gift.

    Jeff didn’t tell Michelle nor Jordon he won the key. Kevin knows this.

    1. jeff did tell jordan about the key! she said she hopes if saves them both somehow on the live feeds. CBS doesn’t show everything on T.V.

  52. did anyone notice that during the opening credits russel’s picture was lit up and his name was listed as if he hadnt left the show, very strange. on sundays airing they showed his exit and his name was gone and today it was there. dont think it was a mistake. hummm

  53. who has dvr? in the opening scene showing all the hgs in the cubes… all the voted out hgs are in black and white … russ was in color and still had his name… just a production mistake or a hint at something? simon have ne thoughts?

  54. Maybe Jordough will commit ritualistic Hiri-Kiri (there would be cookie dough everywhere). That way Saint Jeffrey can stay. After all he is a classy, classy dude.

  55. Julie said a twist, so I have to believe it will play out thur. I don’t really want Jeff to win, but I want Nat and Kevin out first. I am hoping I get to see that smug cow chewing it’s chud face drop to the floor thur.

  56. What a great edit Jeff got to. i laughed out loud when they showed him saying how he wouldnt sit around and talk bad about everyone else and how its his own fault. LOL. He spent the entire week talking about everyone behind their back. CBS, telling it like it is as usual!

  57. to those who say, kev just made the worst move by getting rid of jeff, you know jeff & michelle would turn on him in a minute.. i want kev to win……is it at all possible for them to bring someone back OR bring back a houseguest to put in the jury house( since chima is not there to vote)????????

  58. Did anyone hear Gollum saying as Jeff handed him the key to unlock hisself…I could of sworn I heard him say….yes my precious,theres my precious and rubbed the key…lol

  59. Pandora’s box means something evil has got to come from the box but what is it??? It just doesn’t make sense why BB would call it Pandora’s box if something evil didn’t come out of it??? This season was all over the place…I hope they have a better winter edition!

    1. I agree why call it Pandora’s box if there was no evil or hope? Do the writers even know what the story of Pandora’s box is??

    2. hmmm…maybe the key holder (jeff) gets evicted immediately b/c he opened the pandora box with the key exposing evil and the evil is russell who comes back to the house. that would be fun to watch….

  60. This is the first time I subscribed to the live feeds but after this I am going to cancel it. I cannot stand to look at Kevin and Natalie anymore. I wanted to slap that smirk right off of her face tonight and when I watch the feeds I want to scream at her to pick up her feet when she walks. She is so annoying.

    1. I just canceled my feeds as well. It even asked me if I wanted to keep it free for 30 more days, I declined. Natalie is the most repellent human I’ve even seen on reality TV.

    2. you know even i am not a fan of kevin or nasty…i rather watch them than jordough or backstabber jeff. my god, can’t stand to watch jordough and jeff…they are so annoying….

  61. What up?? why all the Jeff haters?? He is the best player next to michelle’s crazy fake yawning ass that’s left in the house. I love to hear him talk. Everyone else gets hit with the fast forward button on the dvr. Keep in mind last week Julie said there is a twist. That gold room and cash was NOT it! It will be announced on Thurs show ultimately allowing Jeff to stay!!!!!

    1. I was thinking they could evict Jeff and then Julie would tell him that since he found the key to unlock Kevin-that He could Re-Enter the house-That would be evil for Kevin and Hope for Jeff!! Pandora’s box has HOPE at the bottom of it. I hope Jeff can still be in the game-He deserves to win Kevin should team up with Jeff and get Natalie out! Remember the season that James was evicted and was brought back in!…This would be great for Jeff!

    2. jeff fan here!!! I hope you are right. I hope there is a twist that lets Jeff stay in the game. I think Pandora’s box was just a luxery comp. Hopefully the siren will go off (like it did with bb9) and cancels the eviction.


  63. Seriously people. This is a game on TV. I can’t believe everyone is going to quit watching because the all american hero Jeff got played and is going home. And to all of you that like to believe that just because you may quit watching so the ratings will plummet. I have a news flash for you, there are millions of us who enjoy the game and have for all 11 seasons and will if they come back for 12 and the ratings will be fine. And millions like myself that will watch and love every minute of seeing Jeff walk out the door. Not because I have anything against him, but because he made a royally bad game move in trusting Kevin and it got him played. And for all those who say they don’t like the “floaters” left because they haven’t won anything. Dr. Will won season 2 without winning a single comp. It’s called a game of strategy and so far it looks like Nat and Kev have definately been the best at that. Let the best player win!

    1. Actually, you make a good point but I, for one can’t help getting caught up in the house guest’s personalities. It’s just so annoying to watch someone like Natalie…she truly seems dirty/greasy/slimy!!! There is no way I could get excited for her. She is so good at lying…she must do that outside of the house on a regular basis!! It more fun to root for people you feel like you could relate to and like outside of the house.

    2. I’ve always watched. Every season has a different dynamic. Fun to see how it plays out. Me and my friends always take bets. It’s fun even if your player doesn’t win.

    3. I would hardly call Will a floater, even though he never won anything. He was a master of strategy, he didn’t cheat, sometimes you hated him, sometimes he made you laugh, and in the end, I think everyone was happy he won. Nat is none of those things. Her lies only work because she is surrounded by nitwits, it isn’t strategy, it’s just who she is, try as I might, I can’t find anything nice to say about her, I never laugh with her, sometimes I laugh at her, and in the end I will throw up if she wins.

    4. Has nothing to do with with affecting the ratings. With Jeff gone its just not that interesting as he was the player we were all rooting for. Its like your favorite football team not making it to the Superbowl. Who really cares to watch it after that.

      1. ummm….I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan and watch the superbowl every year. They haven’t been in over 20 years, but I appreciate the game more than just my favorite team so I watch the superbowl every year.

    5. I really don’t think people are as upset about Jeff leaving as with who is left, Natalie and Kevin. And it isn’t about being a floater either, as I rooted for Dr. Will, because he was a charming floater who played the game differently, but played it well. Dr. Will wasn’t mean, didn’t call people names, he played with some degree of integrity. Natalie has no integrity, and though Kevin I think is trying, he’s not showing a high degree of it. Yes, I do like Jeff and I hope either he or Michelle wins BB11, but I don’t think this year was a good year. It doesn still seem to be cliquish and immature gameplay, and that just isn’t as interesting as masterful gameplay. Bring back Janelle or Will to show them how it’s done. Oh there’s a thought. Dr. Will would spit Natalie out of the house so fast, her head would spin. Never liked the mean spirited players, always root for the one’s that try to be true to stay level headed and as fair as they can be to their housemates.

      1. guess that means you hated it when Evil Dick won it huh?..or maybe last year when Dan won..they were both considered “evil” and “mean-spirited”…
        If Natalie got this far not winning a damn thing..and has everyone believing all her lies to get her ahead..I say Job well-done.
        she has been planning this out since day 1 when she told the HG she was 18..this was so they would think she was “harmless” I say Good Job!!!
        and to you all who claim Dr. Will is a genius…tell me exactly what he did seaon 2 when he won the game to make him such a genius?..I need you to rewatch it…he did the same exact game play that Dan from season 10 did..lie,deceive,back stab, mind control,scheming..and try to come out with clean hands..not unusual in this game..thats the name of the game!
        Its his “charm” that everyone loved that has followers on the band wagon proclaiming “He is the Greatest”..hell it worked for Ali…so if you say it enough..ppl start to buy into it.
        you have players like Dr. Will..who dont win a thing ever…but can deceive,scheme, and lie good enough to further them in the game..then you have players Like Janelle..who wins all the vetos/comp..but their strategy is so screwed(IE All-Stars)..believing everything chilltown said, trusting them over her own alliance…no common sense..then you have the bimbos/ Busto from season 6..or Danielle Danato..
        I wouldnt call Natalie a floater, cause shes done enough deceiving and scheming in this game and comes out with clean hands! like her or not…please give her props!

    6. The BEST player is Jeff!! That is why people don’t want to watch. He didn’t get dragged in to the Jessie’s alliance that were just outright mean to people, he used the CDT wisely. He got Russell out when he needed to….to all you people who thought that was a stupid move…Hello?!?! are you watching the same game Russell said over and over that he would evict Jeff!!! His stupidity came when he believed Kevin’s lie. And what exactly is Nat’s stradegy??? To ride everyone’s coat tails and lie her ass off. Paleaseeee….the BEST chance any of them have getting to the finally two is to Keep Jeff!! He will knock out players and have the blood on HIS hands!!! They will ALL win against him in the final two!!! And for those of you who is saying that Jordan is trying to save him and how dare he campaign against her because she is stupid and likes him…….she told him to!! And those of you who say he is so disrespectful to women get off of it!!! He is frustrated he knew he made the best move for him and it was risky….His partner hasn’t won anhything for him and he is mad that he is going home and as we ALL know we take things out on the people we are closest to!! Jeff is genuinely a nice guy……Kevin has no emotion for anyone but his boyfriend, Natalie is just a nasty cheating liar…..I mean for goodness sakes she cheats in a game of pool against her friend and Michelle is so flippy floppy you don’t know if you coming or going with her….Jordan may not be the most book smart but she is young and too trusting but would never purposely hurt a fly….Kevin would, Natalie would and Michelle would so get a grip people!!! Jeff has made his mistakes and he is now paying for them but really how can you bash him so much more than the others….You can’t!!

      1. Actually he’s not the BEST player or he wouldn’t be going home before the final 2.
        As far as the getting Russell out being a good move. Let’s take a look here. If he doesn’t back door Russell and one of Kev/Nat go home than Russell most likely wins HOH this week. He puts up Kev/Nat whichever didn’t go home and Jeff. so you have Jordan and Michelle not up. Michelle wins veto and takes Jeff down and Jordan gets put up. Michelle and Jeff vote out Kev/Nat and there you go. Jeff is still here. If he puts up Jordan and Kev/Nat and tries to backdoor Jeff. Michelle doesn’t use the veto and Jeff and Michelle vote out Kev/Nat. Any way you look at it, he still would’ve been here. He didn’t think it through to trust Michelle like he should’ve. And Russell couldn’t have played for HOH next week so he would have a decent chance to get rid of Russell then. He trusted a lie that was brought to him by someone he didn’t ally with the whole game. Stupid by Jeff and brilliant by Kev and Nat to come up with it . So even if you don’t like them they are BETTER game players then Jeff because they are still going to be here unless production does something to rig it

    7. Why do you care if they watch or not if they don’t want to watch they don’t have to. And there’s a big difference between will and natilie will was intresting to watch natilie and kevin are floaters plus there boring on top of it

    8. its not about winners,its not about loosers,its not about crying or wanting to stop watching the show,its about being entertained with interesting people ,r u going to tell me that finale 4 with jordo michele,nathalie and kevin is going to be fun to watch? unless watching kevin sleep all day and nathalie picking her nose is entertainment for you……

  64. Nastalie is such a squirrel! Why didn’t CBS show her find the key first and then put it back? She (or is it he??) is so creepy I can hardly watch her…please let her miraculously go home!!!!!

    1. Why do you think she found it first? I believe all of the speculation online was just that – speculation. No one actually saw the Pandora’s Box event until tonight.

  65. Ok, some of you people have got to stop with this key thing lol. Last week there was no mention of a twist with the POV. The only thing mentioned was “what does this mystery door have in store for the HOH that could shake up the house?”. Maybe their idea of shaking up the house is Kevin being able to watch the other houseguests be greedy, idk…maybe they were just trying to keep good ratings. If there was a diamond veto (which there is not) it would take place of the regular veto, they would not have two vetoes in the same week…its stupid to even think that. I’m afraid to tell you Jeff lovers, in 48 hours you’ll still be watching the feeds (you can say you won’t, but you will) without Jeff.

    1. jordough is all talk…she doesn’t have any intention of quitting…she is playing and she want american viewers to feel sorry for her and she is playing all innocent..and save jeff save jeff and vote me out…if she really wants to go home…when they vote to evict jeff she can volunteer to leave instead. but i know she would never do that.

  66. if this site is a fag site then why you on it? you a fag? maybe you like Kevgay or have a mancrush on Jeff ( maybe he will fart in your face) LOL anyhow, this is a BB site. no labels or judgments for who is on here. all on here for same reason BB FANS>>>>> so get over it or leave.

  67. I think the twist is about sharing. BB is all about greed, yet the HG chose to share limited prize money with each other (kevin by opening the box and jeff or natalie in using the key to release Kevin so he could play)

    Not a juicy game changing twist. But a twist nonetheless. I for one am glad Jeff isn’t getting some magic key to save him. The J/J show must end! I feel like I lose IQ points everytime I hear them talk together.

  68. Did you all also notice that when the money started raining down, Jeff actually went back inside and called to Jordon to come out. Natalie wouldn’t have alerted ANYONE if she was the only one outside. She would have run into the house, grabbed a bucket or basket and then, if asked by a houseguest why she was taking out a bucket/basket, she would have lied and said she was collecting stones.

  69. Natalie will clearly make it to the final 3 so I am now done watching this show. Kevin or Michelle will go home next week barring extraordinary circumstances. I’m sure if Gnat makes it to the final 2 the ratings will be awful. I wouldn’t be angry if the show got canceled at this point.. this season would have been awesome if Natalie wasn’t on it and I hope Big Brother realizes their experiment with a smelly dirty annoying wo-MAN failed due to how the ratings have been this season the longer she remains. She is guaranteed to be in every episode through the finale now so for all the Natalie haters why even watch with her soaking up 25% of the screen time?? Just turn it off, I did.


  70. The CBS forums are flooded with complaints about todays episode – mostly about WHERE WAS THE TWIST??????????????????? That paltry money grab was hardly a game changer. Talk about blue balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Holla to the kids that call themselves Rockstars and are in reality Ronnie look-a-likes, pasty white, chubby high school rejects that finally get some of the attention they crave for a decade on a tv show website, by posting delusional comments. HOLLA !!!!

  72. There’s got to be more to Pandora’s box. Thee was no twist to the game involved. What we have seen regarding the box was so lame. The only good part about it was that Kevin got to watch Natalie ignore him and go back outside to collect money instead of helping him get free. So much for loyalty. Jeff should have left him with his arm stuck in a hole for the rest of the game. That key just has to set Jeff free from eviction.

    1. jeff was greedy he only unlocked kevgay because kev told him he couldnt keep any of the cash collected if he did not unlock the box…

  73. At least Jeff will go out with class. The same way he played the game. You made Chicago proud. I think Jordon can win next week for the thought of Jeff . Natile and Kevin both need a good kick in the ass. GO JEFF GO..GO JEFF GO.. HA CHICAGO WHATA YOU SAY… JEFF IS GONA WIN THIS GAME…….

    1. At least Jeff will go out with class. The same way he played the game. You made Chicago proud. I think Jordon can win next week for the thought of Jeff . Natile and Kevin both need a good kick in the ass. GO JEFF GO..GO JEFF GO.. HA CHICAGO WHATA YOU SAY? JEFF IS GONA WIN THIS GAME??.

        1. Hey there,glad I made you smile.Now pass that crack pipe,ladykay has had enough ,for sure.I just want to take a haul and see if my brain stops comprehending whats going on in that house like hers.

  74. Jeff is bye bye. He screwed up. He could have cut the Kev/Nat team in half. He bought they’re BS and will pay the price. I think Russ would have kept his word on the final four deal.

    All those that were cheering his decision to back door Russ, what say you now? Did that move work out for Jeff?

  75. no more jeff, i wont be watching…… all this shows is that you can be a sneak and a liar and win! i wont have any part of that.

    1. lol…and you think jeff was all innocent. he lied, cheat, and backstabbed, and even threatened…..and u support jeff? u are hypocrete just like jeff.

    2. yeah idiot..thats kinda what the show consist of..or have you been under a rock for the last 10 seasons! every winner and player have done all that you mentioned!
      I just wait for the time they have a man who throws a cup of ice tea on a woman face..when they have a man burn a womans hand with cigarettes, when they have a man who going through the house disrespecting everyone..oh wait they already had that…the winner, Evil Dick..aww shucks, I should stop watching now..the tragedy!

  76. Re: K and M Unite!’s comment:

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s really not about Jeff not winning that I’ve decided not to continue to watch Big Brother. I’ve enjoyed watching Jeff compete all these weeks; but I understand that people have to be evicted. Why I will now stop watching is because I absolutely cannot stand watching Natalie. Everything about her, from her dialogue and actions to her facial expressions, disgusts me. The only thing that made watching that show bearable these past few weeks was the friendship between Jeff and Jordon and Michele’s excellent competitiveness.

    I’ve watched a lot of what I personally would consider “unworthy” houseguests win the grand prize of $500,000 during the various seasons of Big Brother. Never have I felt so adamantly that Natalie is a contestant who not only should not have been allowed into that house; but she should have been removed weeks ago due to her actions. Big Brother is turning a blind eye in an effort to get ratings. Well, good luck to them. I just know if there is another season of Big Brother next year, I’ll think twice before deciding if I want to watch it.

    1. I totally agree, Anita. The whiners, lead by Natalie have been given so much leeway and big brother is afraid to reprimand them…they may flip out like Chia. Poor mIchelle basically got her HOH reign taken away (which of course thrilled Natalie) and she didn’t complain at all! The whiners would have been screaming that it was unfair!!!

  77. Can’t stand GNAT – Can not stand to listen to her eat, wish they would turn off her mic. Kevin and Natalie (as the previous poster has called her) and are getting annoying playing little kid games. I wish Kevin would catch her graveling on how she is actually the HOH.

    Love watching Jordan and Jeff they are soooo cute together. I hope that Pandora’s box holds something good for Jeff. Can’t imagine BB putting it into play if it meant nothing.

    Let’s wait and see.

    Goooo team JJ


  79. I googled the meaning of Pandora’s Box and this is I found.
    A source of many unforeseen troubles: ?Reform is a Pandora’s box; opening up the system can lead to a loss of economic and political control? (Russell Watson).

    Has to be that something more happens on Thursday…something to Kevin’s power?

  80. I have always watched BB, but this is my last time! That line about the “twist and turning the house upside down was crap. Pandora’s box had hope still trapped inside and this wasn’t anything. If they let this end this way with PP(nasty Nat) and the Twisty Twit win, their ratings will go the way of BB UK (canceled). They should know the reason people are watching this yr is J/J.

  81. Somebody said something about a winter edition of BB. Is there going to be one? I thought they only did that the one time because of the writers strike.

  82. Bring Russell back, he is the one that kept excitement in the house. All these houseguest do is sleep all five of them. At least we will have something to watch.

  83. I still believe there is still a twist. God help CBS and there ratings if Jeff leaves.
    Please when need a twist Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. there is something up with Kevin…he is not smirky or cocky… he is kinda quiet…hmmmm maybe thinking about his odds are better without Natty,,,,

  85. did anyone else notice that all the other player that are gone so are their names in the opening. why was russell’s name under his and picture colored back.

  86. I think Michele is going to win HoH on thursday…
    Kevin can’t play, Jeff will be out, and Natalie is just a screw up and can’t win anything, but Jordan still has a chance at winning HoH.

    Kevin or Natalie are gone next week.

    1. No they were not, I checked twice on my Tivo. No one else who left the house’s name was under their picture, just Russell. Then i pulled up Sunday’s episode and his name was not under his pic

    2. Yes they were lit up, but all the houseguests that were evicted it was them walking out of the house…..but Russel’s wasn’t, and it wasn’t his pic from the beginning of the season either, it looked like the jury house behind him.

      1. if russ was gonna be brought back he never would go to the jury house. ewhy? because then jess and lyd would know he was booted once and by who and it would influence their votes. dah, hed go to a hotel. but yep i bet hes coming back.. only thing is why would BB show give us wathing that clue…

  87. All you Jeff lovers can start crying now, because as of Thursday, the douchebag got GOT!!!….Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!…ROFLMAO!… :) That pandora’s box business was bullshit but I hope it’s done with. I don’t want Jeff to get another free pass to be King of the Prick’s again…When Jeff gets evicted all I’m gonna say is……….”I apreeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……LOL…:)

  88. I, for one, am finding humour in Jeff being upset that Kevin backstabbed him. He had a tighter deal with Russell and is basically getting what he deserves. I’m still pissed that he made them vow on their families that they would stick to the final four, knowing Russ’ dad had a surgery recently, and then 5 minutes later was at the pool table telling Nat he wanted to keep her safe and backdoor Russ. As much as I once liked Jeff, he lost my respect in that one evening and i haven’t watched the live feeds since. I want him to go to the JH. I want Michele to win… but props to Natalie for getting by completely on mind games and not winning a damn thing.

  89. @K and M Unitel, Jeff got got, by Kevn/Nat, ur rite. My reason for disliking them is not that Nat hasn’t won anything, it boils down to NO STRATEGY. NOTHING but CRUEL/IMMORAL PERSONAL attacks on Michelle. They all know that her night terrors is becuz something horrible happened to her, yet they want to continue to SCREW around w/her head so that she will lose comp. Lie, that’s part of the game, but don’t try to ruin someone’s life just for a game. Go Michelle, may God bless and guide u to the big $$$$$.

  90. Doesn’t anyone have any faith in the production staff. It is called big brother after all. That means they can change the rules at any time and for no apparent reason. The only for sure thing is ratings. As long as everyone watches the mongoose cheat, steal, and lie, they will keep her on.
    And as far as Kevin is concerned, I fell sorry for him. I guess he forgot his ‘true essence”, or maybe not. At least Jeff admits he has been a jerk. Michelle gives me a headache trying to figure out how she operates, but then again there were a lot of people that would have testified that other gifted people were a bit excentric. Jordan, well, God love her, she tries.

    1. hi debbie,
      then don’t watch. how can you be a fan of jeff knowing he is such an arrogant jerk. every other words are f*** this f***that. jessee has nothing on jeff. i used to be a big fan of jeff and jordan but after they’ve been running around the house for 3 weeks like they are the god’s gift…they totally turned me off. i am glad jeff is gone maybe he can be in jury house and rethink what he did that made him an asshole. if he was true to russell i truly believe he would have won the game and he would have america vote but he lost….anyone who supports jeff for his mean arrogant behavior is people who has no integrity.

      1. most people that support jeff apparently don’t have live feeds. if they only knew how he and jordan are just as worse than nat and kev. cbs always portray jeff as some kind of nice guy, but in reality he is mean to michele and jordon. he picks his nose worse than pp and he spends most of his time farting all over the place. i used to like jeff until he made that boneheaded move an believed the LML and evicted russell.

  91. Well they should not have told us it was going to be a big twis.They only done that so they could get the ratings,,,,,,,,,,I am never watching this again,

  92. I just figured out who Natalie’s voice reminds me of…Janice from “Friends” with the very annoying voice & laugh….sounds just like her.

  93. I for one love big brother this year and past years.Some where deffinately better then others but I really cant understand why people are going to stop wacthing if Jeff goes on Thursday(yeah right they will stop watching).I didnt want to see evil Dick win but he did,and im still watching.I really think this game would be the shits if all the five people left in the house loved each other and didnt give a shit about the money.The show is based on the greed factor,thats what makes it a show.Thats just my opinion and I respect others opinions too but stop talking like spoiled brats (Jeff and Jordan fans)and either watch or dont watch ,just do something already.

  94. i dont remember the last time i was this bored with big brother….honestly this late in the game should be the best time to watch,yet after thursday,like him or hate him,jeff was fun to watch,and with him gone its going to be soooooooo boooooring…….

    1. jeff is fun to watch? are you joking? is it fun listening to him say dude in each sentence. f*** this f*** that in every other sentence is fun to watch? then you have a serious problem. is it fun to watch him smoke non stop? is it fun to watch him threaten other players? is it fun to watch him feeling sorry for himself b/c kevin put him up? HELL NO!!! i am glad he is going home thursday. i used to be a big fan of jeff up until 3 or 4 weeks ago when he got all cocky. get his ass out of the house and to jury house. he may be really scared to go to JH since what russell said that he is going to mop the floor with his head…i think he is really afraid.

      1. jeff is much more entertaining on a very positive note
        jessie looked at every reflection that appeared before his eyes, if he wasn’t lookingat himself, he was touching himself constanty
        russell was always brooding like a raging “Taxi Driver” or putting on his camera face….dork
        kevin always appears to be one blink/yawn away from napping
        nat is thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe most disgusting/ugly troll i’ve ever seen
        chima — pure evil
        michelle’s a trip
        jordan simply simple
        who are the ones doing the stealing of others property, defacing, etc.?
        Needless to say, I totally disagree with you

  95. I don’t care if the pandoras box/twist of the game as Julie called it saves Jeff or not even though I would like it too, there better be more to it than that or after Thursday I’m through watching because they promised something big that could turn the game upside down and that was a big dissapointment.Does anyone agree?

  96. The evil was that kevin couldn’t get any money while locked up. If there was another twist they would have told you at end of show. Bye-bye jeff (not t my liking). They could have collected all of the money before he was unlocked leaving him with none. I don’ think there is nothing else. The only way i don’t watch this again is if pp wins this whole thing . If michelle or kevin win I would be ok at least those two one something and will need to win again in order to win. So I hope michelle or jordan wins hoh and not pp so that both kevin and nat go up and hope jordan or michele can win pov so that one of them go home.

  97. There will definitely be something coming down Thursday night cuz the eviction is listed as being on Sunday night so somethings up, folks !!

  98. I don’t think the key means anything. All the key did was set Kevin free. I was hoping Jeff would be able to use it to save himself on Thursday night and then Kevin would have to put up Natalie, but after watching the whole Pandora’s Box thing it doesn’t look like the key is going to go any further. And Jeff didn’t do anything with the key until he thought Natalie was up to something! I hope Michelle wins the next HOH and puts up Kevin and Natalie. And then Natalie gets voted off and hopefully Kevin is the next to go. I don’t like their sneaky tactics of stealing and hiding other people’s belongings. And then they proclaim they’ve played with integrity! Give me a break!

  99. kevin doesnt trust natalie because he knows she’s 1. a liar, and 2. out for herself (as is everyone) in this game. He needs her as an ally to advance himself. I’m glad they showed his DR video because i was beginning to think he was believing Nat and her lies.

    She’s great at them but if they go to final 2 kevin deserves to win it for his brilliant recent game plays — unfortunately I dont think he’ll get the votes in the Jury house because nat has managed to keep her hands virtually clean and right before ppl leave for the Jury house she’s nice and buddy buddy with them..I really noticed that when Russell was put up and left.

  100. You people who keep saying they will stop watching if jeff leaves are truly morons. Would you be happy if production cheated just to keep him in? They interfere enough but if the whole thing is totally staged than we are all getting played. Seriously the ratings are decent enough so crying and threatening to ” stop watching” is only punishing yourself. It is always sad to see a ” favorite” go but that is the point of the game….only two make it to the end and they ALL want the money. We have seen enough ” twists” already so let them play it out and may the best person win….even if they are a pathetic bunch of players remaining. I am sorry jeff is leaving ( I was a fan) but like he told Russel when he backdoored him. You got GOT!! And HE got got. Thems the breaks….

    1. “staged”??? just in season 11? no prior seasons were “staged”? just this season?……yeh, right, and the WWF just started scripting the fights

  101. It is not over. The ad shows the door opening, I think it will be after Jeff gets evicted.

    I believe the key will allow Jeff back in ther house.

    Everyone had a chance to find that key not only Jeff. Remember the card said if he chose to go for the cash, that there would be a ramification and it could be good or bad.

    It would be good if say Natalie found the key, and very bad if Jeff found the key, see?

    The key and pandora’s box is not over, there is more to come. Watch live thursday, and see what happens.

    I truly hope it is a key that lets Jeff back in.

    Really, watching Natalie act like she has done something is so infuriating. She is probably the most discusting person I have ever seen on Big Brother, not only discusting but useless, annoying and so full of herself for no reason.

    As I said before, I love the show and the game, and my favorites never win hardly ever. I root for my favorite but will accept anyone winning EXCEPT NATALIE!

    Good Luck Jeff, I hope the key saves you!

    1. Jeff didnt stop gathering money when he found the key though,he did go unlock Kevin but he also got the most cash.I dont see how he wasnt greedy,maybe if he had of gone and released Kevin immediately but he didnt.Whats he going to be rewarded for,getting the most money and giving Kevin the key after he satisfied his greed.

      1. Well he asked Natalie to find the key, she didn’t even attempt to find it. She just grabbed money.

        This is just a scenario but how about this?

        Jeff saved the HOH with the key, now in turn Kevin will save the key holder.

        Perhaps the doorbell will ring, and the door will be locked, and Kevin will use the key to open it and in walks Jeff!

        Who knows, it may be something like that, either way, I still hope there is a surprise in store for them. Would love to see their faces if Jeff comes back lol

    2. I agree. Natalie is a joke. She has yet to prove herself in any way, other than to ride it out while her allies are doing all the work.

  102. Pandora’s box is a metaphor for curiosity leading to misfortune. Each one of the three options for Kevin probably had a twist. Kevin chooses to be greedy and he is locked away while the houseguests get as much money as they can carry. Not complicated, and exactly what I expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if production told him exactly what each choice meant before he made the choice.

  103. Why should it do anything? I don’t care who wins, but if you show favoritism to someone it will just show how scripted the circumstances are.

  104. I don’t wanna see Jordan walk out just for Jeff’s sake. I wanna see her release all the pent up anger she has towards Russell and take it out on Natalie. Walk out with a BANG!

  105. I have learned one thing from this season of BB. Our education system has let us down in more ways than I can count. Reading these comments you woud think most of the people posting here didn’t make it past the third grade. Very poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

    1. Gee,do we have to go stand in the corner.Im all pair a noid now bout the spellin thing.Lighten up man ,were not composing shakespear here,just chillin dude

    2. Thank you, Roger, I can only hope by drawing attention to it some people may actually pay attention to how they present themselves to the public. Those who post on this site make it clear what qualities they admire and despise. This is a safe setting for some to let it all out and perhaps they are quite different in real time. It is quite fascinating how the game is being played here at this moment, simultaneously with the BB game in the house itself.

      My compliments to my two favorite posters here, Randy Wolfgang and Mr. E, both of whom have interesting, intelligent and thought provoking comments … well, for the most part!

      Thanks to everyone for making this website so interesting and thanks also to Simon and Dawg for making the BB experience much more interesting for all of us. Spelling and grammar aside, it is quite an entertainment!

      1. People like you do nothing but prove my point. Thank you. And we are going to adapt our healthcare system after you people. God help us.

        1. YOU PEOPLE, Your suppose to be some educated grammer guy and your the first person on this site to try and make some cheesy comment about my nationality.You sir are a low class piece of shit that has absolutely no idea how our health care system or anything else here works.I have enough class to call every American my brother ,except you.Go back to your parents basement or the back room in the trailor and get real.

      2. Prom your use of big words do not make your remarks anymore intelligent than the rest of us. People like you look down on others, don’t you?

        1. Big words? I have a big word for you: antidisestablishmentarianism! ;-)
          (no, I don’t remember what it means … I just didn’t see any big words here!)

    3. and what about the contestants in BB? lol….one dude there constantly dude this dude that…and f***this f*** that? guess who that is? lol

    4. Yeah Rodge,can I call you Rodge???Where is the bloody L in would.Its not spelled woud,is it?If you have nothing better to do then try and be perfect,go practice,you friggin need it!!!

    5. Oh No! We are having a test! I hate tests. Especially English tests.

      I always dangle my participles and I never know where to put the dot thingy, and the curved thingy, and when I have to form a prepositional phrase dang I just take a slug of Jack Daniels!

      The stress is too much for me!

      Am I on the block? Please don’t evict me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  106. im not saying the key is going to go any further. but hypothetically, if it DOES allow jeff to re-enter the house after being evicted, wouldnt that suck if natalie decided to take jeff’s deal and jordan got evicted? not knowing if jeff did, they would both still be in the house?

    1. I like your way of thinking. That would be the best thing ever. They all think Jeff is gone, Julie hands him the key he found and says do with it what you will. He smiles at her, turns around and unlocks the house. OH YEAH. I mean mine would work and yours too.

      1. How about this,Jeff doesnt even still have the key,does he?He leaves on Thursday just the way everyone else has left that house,he does get the money he grabbed and he does get his face scrubbed all over that jury house floor.All the people that say they are not going to watch anymore,dont watch.Just a thought,but I think it just might work.Come on CBS.

        1. There is no way in hell Jeff gets his faced mopped on the Jury floor. I take it you don’t care for Jeff, too bad, there are alot of us who do.

  107. Simon I have never posted a comment before but I felt complelled. Have u noticed that on the opening credits of big brother Russell’s picture is not blacked out and he’s still shown posing and not walking out of the house. Could he make a return??

  108. You know after watching 11 Seasons of BB, and if you’ve lived long enough and had a couple of bad jobs and bad friends in your life you can really look back at your own life story with 20/20 vision and say, how could I not have seen these people for what they were. I think when they each get out of the BB and see where they each made some bad choices, they will be shaking their heads at how everyone has lied, played and been played. Jeff started doing it a bit lately and had to stop because it was driving him so crazy…and he has no idea about most of it. And Natalie….remember she was and is the biggest liar there. The whole 18 year old thing made everyone give her lots of breaks because they chalked up so much to her immaturity of being “only 18”. But if they knew she was really 24 she would never have been given those breaks!

  109. just last week jordon cursed russ out told him he’s going home and he’s just jealous that jeff got him,,she was soo happy,,now the heifer is crying like a baby,,i dont feel sorry for jeff one bit,,he’s getting what he deserve,,he thought getting rid of the big players would make him the strongest guy there,,aha a gay guy beat him at his own game.. jeff game play was weak,,he never did anything,,if it wasnt for america he would had left weeks ago.
    p.s. jeff when ur bitter arrogant ass get to the jury house dont forget to tell russ happy birthday


  111. There is much time left on this BB season, so I don’t think the key is going to bring someone back or keep someone, I just don’t see that it would be finished by the 15th. But if they had that box with someone in it again this season, that would have been great, but since they kind of already did that with bringing Jessie back, I can’t see Jeff getting to stay, but I would have loved to have seen it happen!

  112. What were Julie’s exact words last week about this mysterious twist being a game changer? If she did say something to that effect then she is a liar and should be booted from the show!!!

    1. be a fool, the mystery door was a game changer, Kevin was locked up and washed Nat after he told her to ind the key pay the greed card and go back to the outside yard to collect more money, then jeff after telling Kevin, “Okay Buddy” ind the Key then go outside collect more money while both leavng kevin Box Locked and watching on the Monitor! Kevin even mentioned it while locked up. this changed Kevins thnking and how he will play against these players. the big twist would have been if they collected all the oney and left Kevin Box Locked the Whole time! then how would he have reacted? it was played but the not effect BB wanted. No Key to reuse, no Car’s no money change to return a guest, they did not return the key to jeff to allow him to use to return into the house! It is Over. OVER I Tell You!

  113. the key was for kevins benifit! get over it!! houseguests could of picked up all that money ,, sat down on the couches and said. wheres kevin? kevin would still be up there yelling hey! anybody! somebody!! find a key!!!!!! unlock me !!!!so i can have some of that $10grand!!! duh!

  114. kevin said that they (production) told him it wasn’t bad to get him to do it. they promised. i sure hope they screwed him and it is…. two can play the mind game.

  115. I love it! Deuces bitches! Jeff, you got got! Time to meet Russell and Jessie in the Jury House. I?m soooooooo happy that BB production did try to save him again!

  116. I wonder if its like one of the seasons where you could bring back the person that was just evicted or bring back the mystery person in pandora box


  117. Have anyone notice how the Nat the rat followed Jeff up to unlock Kevin.. Kevin is beginning to realize that his true enemy is the rat and not Jeff. Hope Dumb blond Jordan go to jury…

  118. The key is very important. It will unlock a box that has Kleenex in it for Nat and Jeff to use instead of picking their nose!
    Isn’t Michele adorable???? A regular Covergirl! What did you expect me to say? See my name?

      1. Maybe you can hear her chews, but with Nat you can see her chews because she chews just like a cow chewing cud!!!! GROSS TOO!

    1. pay attention!!!! it did impact the HoH! whos room was it located in? Who got got and Box Locked? WHo was locked up and watch the House Guest play the greed card knowing HoH was lockuped? Who collect the least amount o cash?
      Now anwser all those Question and it anwsers yours!!!
      I will Anwser this you since you have no brains!
      Anwser to ALL: HoH Holder KEVIN!!

  119. Once again Jeff showed his true colors by telling Michelle to “Get away fro me!” after she won the POV. Yes, he’s good looking, but could he be any bigger of a jerk?!?!?! I’m glad Michelle won!!!!! I hope she goes all the way. It’s time for Jeff to go.

    Also, I have to agree with Roger….. I thought Nat, Jordan and Jeff had poor grammar, but some of the posts on this site literally scare me!!!!

    1. Just to let you know Michelle flat out lied to Jeff Oh about an hour before the veto and then proceeded to go up to the HOH room and bash jordan and jeff to her new “buddies”. They knew what she was doing up there and for her to come over to him and say “sorry” after the veto was BS. If it would have been anyone of you, you would have reacted the same way. I love how they edit him to look like an ass but they left out everything that led up to that. I think we all know BB edits how they want to ,while leaving out pretty crucial moments.

      1. and? foul mouth jeff or jordough didn’t do that when they had all the power in the house? didn’t they not talk shit about michelle and russell every chance they got? don’t be a hypocrete….the rules apply to everybody…so you are just as hypocrete as foul mouth jeff and jordough.

      2. Just to let you know, Michelle has been doing everything she can to make a deal with Kevin to keep Jeff in the house as he continues to treat her like crap! I don’t know how much you are watching, but Jeff & Jordan threw Michelle & Russell under the bus last week! Remember? Then they threw Michelle under the bus this week as well. Jeff & Jordan have been treating Michelle like crap, because they we stupid enough to believe the LML told to Jeff by, “who” his allie, Russell, no by Kevin whom had always been on the Other side of the house!!!!!! That takes brains!!!! Jeff had the game handed to him on a CDT platter, and he crapped on it!!!! Now he’s being a jerk because he is an idiot!!!! He doesn’t know which way is up, and Jordan sure couldn’t help him figure it out!

  120. Any “deal” Jeff made with Natalie is rendered moot after Jeff is evicted on Thursday. It would be fantastic if the key would permit Jeff to re-enter the house next Sunday and Jordan is saved from eviction. Do one for the good guys, BB. Natalie is a complete freeloading skank. She should go home as an object lesson. Floaters should NOT win!

    1. the biggest floater in the house is jordough. at least nasty manipulated and played mind games with everyone in the house. what did jordough do? eat and eat life away?

  121. I am still hoping for a twist to shake up this house. Want to see Gnat get the boot, the LML is let out of the bag, WHILE JEFF/JORDAN still in the house. Rooting for the only person deserving to win…U GO MICHELLE, STAY FOCUS, WIN THE BIG BUCKS. Wud be great to dream that Russell will be back in the game. Maybe that’s why they hv not shown him in the JH…

  122. Watching Tues episode, did anyone else noticed that in the beginning credits that Russell’s name was still lit and mentioned? Was CBS lazy to update the intro or is this a foreshadowing of somehow Russell is coming back? Hmmmm . . . . bye bye Jeff!

    1. i think the key holder (jeff) that open the pandora box to release evil (russell). so b/c jeff opened the box that he will be punished by getting evicted and the evil is release and russell is coming back into the house.

  123. I love this website, but there are a lot of useless comments here like sue’s, peachie’s, katie’s that you shouldn’t read in full for the sake of not losing your I.Q. points.

  124. Lost hope tonight about the key saving Jeff but I’m not giving up……
    At least Kevin saw how Natalie ignored him and went out to find the cash
    and not the key… also, another scenario..maybe Nat knows that Kevin is on
    to her and that if she votes to keep Jeff in (if he promises to not to vote her
    out) he will help her get Kevin out. Unfortunately,I think Nat feels she needs to take Kevin to the F2 because she thinks she has the votes to beat him….
    In closing…. if the key is used the best hope will be that they all think Jeff is voted out and he comes back in the house using the key….
    keep your fingers crossed xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  125. you are all wrong the box will save somebody, Kevin was greedy, he could have walked away, but did not……………………..Remember this is Big Brother, they give you a chance but dont get stupid///////////////////

  126. i am watching the BBAD and they are all eating j-j & m outside and PP & K inside. (guess kevs still loyal to his “friend” nat. (shit if a house was on fire she’d run out then when the fire truck came shed say oh i think kevs in there) LOL anyhow jords stuffing her face like always and jeffs eating his steak like a caveman and mich (my fav) is very meek and mousy when she eats. LOL nats bossing kev around LOL kevs chomping on a penis like piece of meat ( maybe he misses his BF LOL nats complaining as always (steaks too dry, potato too spicy) jords complaining how stuffed she is (says she never should have ate celery) LOL tooo funny ever try drinking a couple of brewskies while watching this? I have and it gets funnier when you get a lil buzz going :)

  127. I think that you all need to wait, thats always what cbs does make you wait and watch, keep you watching. Last year was funny when dan got to take someone on a date, maybe its something like that. They(cbs) has speeded up some this year, there are cards sooner,playdoe, you know stuff to do, maybe the key is something to do? Like take russ to the beach hahaha. That would be great. Jeff needs to work on what hes going to say in the jury house to get Jordon the votes. I belive that if she wins she’ll give jeff anything he wants,hopefully she wants what the rest of us want to give him(hint hint). Go jordon you can do this girl, fight hard for yourself and for jeff. Jordon remenber the trip! Good luck it would be great to see the nice blond girl win for once (no i’m not blond) i just love her.

  128. I was hoping the box would help Jeff but unfortunately pig pen and kevin are staying in a game they don’t deserve to even have a chance at winning. Greedy little bitch Gnat left Kevin in the box and went out to get more money LMFAO and Kevin is still loyal to the greedy c**t! What an idiot. I didn’t like that Jeff got rid of Russell last week and knew it would hurt him. Now that Jeff is gone I say Go Michele!!! Pisses me off that they all pick on her and hope she wins the whole thing!!!

    1. I have loved Michelle, she has been by herself this whole game….and who cares if she has played 2 sides and had to tell a few lies…she has done it herself and has won POV twice now to take herself off!! She knows what she is doing and I see her winning HOH the next 2 weeks :) GO MICHELLE!!!

      1. I also say Go MIchele, and honestly, have from the beginning. I think that she deserves it the most. She’s won three POVs in total, and one HOH giving her the most winning house guest not counting money. I got mad at Jeff a few weeks ago, and Jordan too, for making the wrong decisions. I was also pissed at Chima for her exit because if she had stayed in all likely hood her and Natalie would have left in the double POV, and then she could have freaked out and been evicted from the jury house. Kevin would have been isolated, and most likely taken out next. Then it would have been Russell (whom I liked), Michele, Jordan, and Jeff, and Jordan and Jeff would have played their HOHs smart. Instead they believe in two people who have no trustworthiness whatsoever. Natalie is a compulsive liar, what a horrible person. I can’t stand her. Ewwww.

        1. My money is on Michele, as long as she manages to take out Gnat the nose picker. Ahhh Magoo you done it again. Of course she is going to talk to herself everyone else wont

    2. Has anyone thought about how the jury will only be 6 members??? i don’t think that can happen. I think Pandora’s box will bring someone back that is NOT on the jury already… Maybe RONNEY!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I’m telling you if Jeff leaves, I will stop watching. All others are boring and stupid! Jeff is the only one that has made his own game and has played up. All others relyed on someone else doing the dirty work! Like Jessie said last week, if he gets to the final he would give him his vote because he’s played the game as it should be played… All others go back to bed!

      1. That’s bull. Michele has played for herself and only herself and look how far it got her. Jeff is not the only one who has played a good game…Michele has done wicked

        1. Michelle has gone this far all on her own lies or no lies alliance or no alliance. Gnat got this far by everyone carry her along. Jessies and Kevin’s puppy

    4. LeeAnn–you just spoke volumes for me!!! My thinking exactly. Kevin and Pigpen have no business being there, and I really think Natalie is not well liked in the jury house anyway–they are a bunch of snakes and will turn on you in an instant. Michelle gets my support.


    1. your comments are so funny (nats period being a lie to be more of a bitch) lol and to throw another comp. too fregging funny.

  130. I think people are waaaaay over-thinking the key. What happened goes perfectly what Pandora’s box is. Kev got locked up while the rest of the house got money. The misfortune was three pronged. 1. Rest of the HGs get a head start. 2. Watch someone you “trusted,” screw you over for cash. 3. As Jeff did, when someone found the key, they wait to unlock.

    Actually, pretty cool use of it if you ask me.

    I think those thinking the key contains other powers are just deluding themselves because they don’t want to see Jeff leave.

    1. I still think there is something to this key. The money is not really a “twist” that the audience would care about at all. Just some filler to take up a normally boring Tuesday night show. At this point, I don’t care if Jeff stays or goes, I just WILL NOT watch Pig Pen anymore. If she wins the show, I WILL NEVER watch again. I understand that part of the game is to lie, but those lies should not compromise your integrity as greatly as Pig’s lies did. She lies about such trivial and minute things…CHEATING AT CHESS?????? People who cheat at board games are ridiculous. I don’t really have a favorite, I guess it would be Michelle. I like Jordan somewhat, but like Pig, she hasn’t really done much. Just my two cents.


  131. Pig pen is now going on and on and whining about how she just got her period and now she’s going to be in bed all day tomorrow. Jeff and Michelle should take this chance and remind Natalie of their deal to hand her HOH…especially now since she might not be up to par for competition. It’s worth a shot!

  132. There is no way that is it for pandora’s box. He released the good…now comes the bad. By accepting the money, it was like signing a deal with the devil… Do you really think BB would just give the houseguests money? That key wasn’t just unlocking kevin…I hope Russell comes walking back through that door. Someone was in that box. I might just be another crazy conspiracy theorists, but this is my last hope for an actual “twist” this season. CDT wasn’t a twist, that was just a lucky handout… HOPE… Houseguest Of Past Eviction.

    1. Haven’t seen this mentioned yet…may be just a coincidence, but did anyone notice that when J&J were sitting in one of the rooms after the comp, the last thing Jordan said was “There’s still hope”. Could BB be dropping a hint? I think the box thing is over, but I still have a little hope that BB will treat us to something (anything) to liven up this house.

    2. i hope there is another twist… i miss the old BB season where there were so many twist like people knowing each other and the year with the twins that was a great one!! come one BB get ur stuff together for next year!!

    3. I bet you are right about Russell coming back. Did you notice Tuesday’s opening credits had Russell’s name and pic lit back up (as if he is back) AND do you remember when Russell won 10,000 in a luxury comp? I’m guessing that was Russell’s 10,000 and the HG don’t realize that them getting that money (good) would bring Russell back (evil). Maybe I am wrong but I hope I am right.

  133. Did anyone notice during the opening credits that Russell’s name was still there and the little vid in the box did not show him exiting? Hmm, havoc in the house?

    1. Yeah, I read that when the show finished airing on the east coast. I just saw the episode and it’s true, Russell is shown in the BY without a shirt on, but all the others are shown leaving. I rewound Sunday’s episode, and the intro shows him walking out the door, like all the other houseguests, so it can’t be that they just forgot to change his pic. I wonder if there is something to it, or if BB has seen these blogs and they’re just messing with us.

    2. My son noticed that also, he said Russ is not gone. He thinks he is in a hotel some where waiting to come back. YEAH!!!!!!!!

  134. This stupid Pandora’s Box hype is bullshit if it turns out to be just THAT. Producers said it WASN’T a luxury competition. If it was just about how much money you can grab, then it is EXACTLY a luxury competition. A bunch of hype for a total flame-out. If it turns out that it doesn’t effect the game, and added to Jeff’s likely departure, I not watch the remaining house guests turn the final BB episodes into a snore-fest. There are very few CBS shows that I even care about anyway, so I will probably boycott the entire network over their stupid Pandora hype.

    1. It’s not hype. I’m telling you. Hope at the bottom of the box, is a Houseguest Of Past Eviction. Every season someone gets to come back in. Don’t stop watching just yet! …but if that’s not it, then i’ll sign the petition to boycott.

      1. I’m in!! Jeff doesn’t deserve to leave…and I like Kevin, but my like for him is not enough for my hate for Nat…I dont even have to explain why I hate her..I’m sure you all knw

  135. Nasty Natalie showed Kevin her true colors on tonight’s show. I would have loved to see him put her ass up on the block after not trying to find the key to unlock him. Now she has to share with us that she just started her period, how much do you bet that her Nasty ass still will not take a shower! I don’t see how anyone can go on National TV and show the world you are just one smelly nasty person. If she has a boyfriend, he needs to go and get checked to see what diseases Nasty Nat may have passed onto him, the Bitch needs to GO!! I cannot stand thinking about her staying and Fine Ass Jeff leaving the house. I really like having Jeff around as Eye Candy.

  136. I totally agree. I’ve been hoping she would pull a Chima. I know there are Jeff haters but for Jeff lovers. I really hope there is a twist.

    I don’t get why some people are fans of those who have done shit all just sit on there ass and suck up.

  137. Okay, guys, I am a Grandma, so I won’t be as hip as the rest of you but I had to comment. I am on the West Coast. I read all of your comments before I watched the show. So, I had a heads up on watching for Russell in the credits. I saw that Russell’s picture was lighted and colored. None of the others that have gone before were in color, all black and white. Russell was not coming out the door but standing somewhere in the sun without his shirt. I went on my “ON DEMAND” and watched Sunday again. On that show, Russell was in black and white and coming out of the house door. I really do think there is something up with Russell.
    That maybe wishful thinking on my part, as Russell was my favorite. But, I have to tell you, I do think there is something going on. He has probably been put in a hotel somewhere, not the Jury House. They made it a point to tell us the amount of money each player got but nothing said about it on the show or where they told the HGs the amount they won. We all know that Natalie lied to the HGs on the amount she got. But, the show did not announce any of the amounts. Strange?? Nor, did they say they get to keep it. Maybe they will have to choose the money and letting an evicted HGs back or forfeit the money to keep them out. They won’t know who and Kevin and Natalie may think it is Jessie but it will be Russell. So, from this old Grandma’s thinking, I think Russell will have an opportunity to come back. Money or Russell, money or Jeff???? I don’t think the HGs will get to know the person coming back, however. If you remember right, they have done that before. Just a thought.

      1. your right grandma he is not walking out of the house or in black or white either something is up or the producers messed up! We willl see!

    1. Same here BBGrandma. I checked the intro for Sundays show and watched for it when the episode aired tonight. Russ was in the BY without a shirt on, but on Sunday’s show he was in his suit leaving the house. All of the other HG were leaving in BW on both intros. Maybe there’s nothing to it, but I would love to see Russ get back into the house.

      1. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate you not all saying I am off my rocker here. I think CBS knows that we are finding this season getting boring and they need to spice it up. Bringing Russell back would certainly do that!

    2. Clever thinking. Even if it doesn’t turn out that way, that would be an interesting twist. I wouldn’t mind seeing Russell back, though I don’t think the producers could hand-pick him for what you have in mind. If it happened, it would have to be audience vote (and allow enough time for voting), houseguest vote (could occur on the spot, more fun if they have to cast their votes I’m private and can’t strategize beforehand), random, or… something I haven’t thought of. Anyway, we’ll see!

    3. I am hoping that on Thursdays show since Jeff found the key he would have to choose between staying in the game or letting everyone keep the money they collected. If he stays, they forfeit their money and a new nominee is chosen (Natalie). After all, the theme of Pandora’s Box is greed and hope. Wishful thinking, maybe??

  138. You’re wise beyond your years! That is the exact scenario I was thinking. I thought it was very odd that they never specified about the money. I still think they are going to feed the HOPE. thing to Jeff. Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle will forfeit the money thinking it will give Jeff HOPE and keep him in the game…but really it’s H.O.P.E. someone from the jury coming back. I don’t know why I’m so sold that it means Houseguest Of Past Eviction…I guess I’ve always been a sucker for acronyms.

    1. Colton, I don’t know but there might be some problem with someone coming back from the old shows because they would have been watching this show and know what has been going on. I don’t think CBS would have kept anyone in a hotel for that long, do you? Just a though but Colton I don’t know everything. You guys are a lot smarter on this show than me!

      1. Hey, now that would be SWEET !! If BB brought Russell back, just to vote OR maybe as the new HOH (since Kev opened Pandra’s box and this is the bad) and let him pick the new Nom or Noms and sent Kevin and/or Natalie to the Jury House. Now that would be a twist !!

  139. I am going to say this again. Allison Grodner (BB) said that Pandora’s box was NOT game changing. If any of these scenarios that are mentioned here were correct they would change the game.

    1. She said it’s not a power, it’s an HOH responsibility. Someone coming back in the house wouldn’t be a power to anyone, and Kevin is responsible for opening pandoras box. lol It’s far fetched, but geez Debbie Downer, we are just trying to hope CBS is going to give us a big twist. We haven’t had one yet.

    2. I didn’t see Allison Grodner or hear her comment but things do change on the show. And, the scenario I suggested doesn’t have to do with the Pandora Box. I just noticed the pictures of Russell. That is after the box show. The money earned from the box may refer back to that but I still think it is unusal how Russell in the credits has changed. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Maybe it is nothing and maybe there might be some excitement. As I said, that was just some thoughts I had.

    3. Your right! people are trying to make their on twists. the players in the house will play it out no returns, Jef is gone, the Key was used, and the greed was shown. game over or all you Jeff fans

  140. jrs don’t you listen to Julie when she talks, she said whatever this is is going to change the house, HOH most of all. I think cbs is smarter then to just give away money, no one in nthe real world has any. Doesn’t it suck for us no one has ever given me money for free(execpt for my mom ). I’m hopeing that jeff stays but if he goes then he needs to make sure jordan has the votes to win. She will reward him. I sure as hell would! Kevin and pigpen need to leave together maybe hand in hand then jessie will be mad and maybe we could have two shows at the same time one from bb house and one from the jury house. That would up the ratings. I’v always wanted to know what the hell they do in there, don’t you? How long do i have to wait before someone responds to this? I’m new with the laptop.

  141. i dont think big brother producers would be stupid enough to let jeff go, because they are WELL AWARE that their ratings will drop. But, if Jeff does go, then they probably will bring somebody back to try and save their ratings. JUST SAYING.

  142. I believe I know the meaning of Russell’s opening credit picture still bearing his name and the fact it DID NOT show him leaving the house, but standing with arms folded…….Opening Pandora’s Box unleashed ‘bad things’ for the house…….hence Russell’s return. I have a strong feeling that Russell will be returning Thursday night. It may not be game changing and won’t affect the outcome (but I don’t know why else they would do it). I am big Jeff fan so I hope it helps him in some way, but Russell will return!

  143. look at the opening credits again there is a stop where they show action shots of
    kevin, jordan, jeff and michelle but not gnat ????? what is up with that

  144. They did say that Pandoras box could turn the game upside down! It has to be more than what they showed last night. If there isn’t more to it, then I am going to be very dissappointed. Please don’t bring back Russell.

  145. I was going to comment too that Russell’s name still appeared on the shows intro. Unlike all the others that have been evicted. I have NEVER seen that before. Maybe something is up with that !! I noticed it as soon as the show aired and then backed it up to see if I was wrong. Why would they still show his name after he as evicted ?? More surprises ??

  146. I think another twist with Pandora’s box is that Russell is going to return and PP will be seated in the Nom Chair and voted out (Margie’s comment). Something is up. Why else would they still have Russell’s pic in color and his name listed ?

  147. I can’t believe Jeff is going home. I don’t even wanna watch the show if he’s gone.
    It’s gonna be sooooooooooooo boaring without him.
    that box did nothing but show who is greedy (all of them). I thought Julie said it was gonna be a twist!?!?!?!

    what type of twist was that. It just gave them money?
    and that dude at the end of the show usually says something about “The game being flipped upside down”
    but not this time…. That box was just a waste if it’s not gonna shake up the house again.

    Please don’t bring Russel back Big Brother! He just makes more problems.

  148. did any one notice how when jorden and heff where in the green room after pov and talking and jornan was like there is still hope and they cut it out after that maybe that has soemthing to do with hope and the key ahhhh just a thought

    1. Erin, I did notice how J/J were in the green room and cut when Jordan mentioned Hope. If Russell comes back I don’t see both of them staying one is leaving Thursday. :-(

  149. I have always wanted Jeff to win BUT I don’t understand how he can be so upset with Kev and PP because they broke their deal–didn’t he do the same to Russell ? I have love/hate feelings for Russell. I think he is a great player but needs to work on his anger and control skills. So what if he made a final 2 deal with Michelle. Isn’t that what everyone in the house is doing ? Clearly, PP and Jordon do NOT deserve to win. Michelle, whether “coo coo” or not has played hard and always gives 100%. Kevin has always done well in the comps, if he didn’t win, he was always a close 2nd. Same with Russell. I hope to see Russell return so we can see a deserving final four–Jeff, Michelle, Kevin and Russell. Out of those four, I hope Jeff wins but if it is any of the others, I say “Well done”.

  150. Maybe the key will give kevin the power to choose whether to bring the last evicted houseguest (Russel) back and save both HG this week or the bring Jeff back right after the votes come in that hes evicted. That is kind of what happened with James. Since the key has to do with an HOH responsibility and Russels picture was lit up (bc he may come back) that is a possibility. I hope then he will save Jeff although he would know Russel would go after Jeff so I dont know! Go Jeff!

  151. Someone brought up an excellent point. Russell was given 10 grand. Maybe by Kevin taking the money, he didn’t realize Russell had bought his way back into the house. That key wasn’t just unlocking Kevin…it was unleashing Russell.

  152. The audience wouldn’t have to vote for which houseguest to come back. We haven’t always decided who is selected for that. Kevin accepted that money for the whole house…that was Russell’s 10g’s. oooooo there is about to be some shit!

  153. Seriously, if this is all Pandora’s Box is it will be really disappointing, it will have something to do with Russell though, definitely. OOOOH, I have a good one, Jeff gets to use the key to stay, and can “unlock” one person from the jury house. It is going to be something like that, this can’t be all there is.

  154. Ok folks,wanna know Thursday twist on Pandoras Box…..hope is in the bottom of the box..the hopes name is…..Casey!!! notice how he did the banana POV… did he know what was going on during the game….Casey will be back on Thursday…..expect the unexpected!!!!!

    1. he didn’t kno about the game..they probably had him record each scenario beforehand. For example they had him say “sorry (insert HG name here) you lose” in case they lost.

    1. the only hype about the “key” is from all these crazed bloggers.. The key did what a key does, it opened the box and let kevin out..that’s all..all this talk about the key is ridiculous

  155. All I have to say is that you people here would make a much better Big Brother show!!! What wild and fun imaginations you all have. Your scenarios are so much better than the actual show. I can’t believe how clever some of the stuff that comes up is. I wish the show was run by this site. Keep it up.

      1. I agree Jeff can’t leave– I wonder if Jeff and Jordan will be more than a showmance? whatcha’ think? Too much of a age difference?

  156. I think Russell knew about the Pandora’s Box BEFORE he was evicted. There was a noticeable (and rather strange to me) difference in his demeanor on Thursday night. He was almost giddy talking to Julie. I thought the way he brought up the different personas of past players (Evil Dick, Boogie, Dr. Will etc.) as part of his game play was a bit sketchy. He never devulged this strategy in the diary room interviews I saw.

  157. ya what the shit was that for real. i remember julie saying “theres a big twist coming, and it could impact the game in a lot of ways” (or whatever it was she said). straight up worst twist ever in BB. what a let down. they shouldn’t have even called that a twist. i kept thinking to myself “ok….. so.. what about the key are they going to elborate on that…”. then i realized the competition was over and that was the twist. we got played bitches.

  158. guess that means all you hated it when Evil Dick won it huh?..or maybe last year when Dan won..they were both considered ?evil? and ?mean-spirited??
    If Natalie got this far not winning a damn thing..and has everyone believing all her lies to get her ahead..I say Job well-done.
    she has been planning this out since day 1 when she told the HG she was 18..this was so they would think she was ?harmless? and not a threat I say Good Job!!!
    and to you all who claim Dr. Will is a HUGE genius?tell me exactly what he did when he won the game in season 2 to make him such a genius?..I need you to rewatch it?he did the same exact game play that Dan from season 10 did..lie,deceive,back stab, mind control,scheming..and try to come out with clean hands..not unusual in this game..
    thats the name of the game!
    Its his ?charm? that everyone loved that has followers on the band wagon proclaiming
    ?He is the Greatest?..hell it worked for Ali?so if you say it enough..ppl start to buy into it.
    you have players like Dr. Will..who dont win a thing ever?but can deceive,scheme, and lie good enough to further them in the game..then you have players Like Janelle..who wins all the vetos/comp..but their strategy is so screwed(IE All-Stars)..believing everything chilltown said, trusting them over her own alliance?no common sense..then you have the bimbos/ Busto from season 6..or Danielle Danato..or we have the “raging” lunatics “bullying” everyone, but are strong Evil Dick or Russell..
    whatever the case ..if you make moves, whether it be winning comps..or laying low and scheming to further played YOUR game!
    I wouldnt call Natalie a floater, cause shes done enough deceiving and scheming in this game to get her to this point and comes out with clean hands!
    like her or not?please give her props!

    btw..I consider Dr. Will/Dan to be the best players due to their saavy scheming from the inside, but looking clean on the outside!

  159. anyone else notice on the opening of tuesdays show, russell’s name was still with his picture [which wasn’t of him leaving], and his picture was still in color?

    I’m pretty sure the key has to do with Russell.

    1. I have noticed almost ever veto tv night that there are colored picks of evicted houseguests. I am positive the the still shots of the veto hanging on each personshanger was shot earlier. Don’t think it has anything to do with Russell. Not saying he’s not returning or whatever, but just that the colored pic means nothing.

  160. I say if the key doesn’t save Jeff then what the heck! CBS you suck with your twist! You opened the box to release Kevin…big deal….save Jeff.

  161. I agree… SAVE JEFF! How can Pandora’s box be just money? All the hype? It makes no sense!

    I will be so pissed if there isn’t another piece to the pandora hype…

    1. Please save Jeff. Pandora’s box was a hyped up luxury competition. That’s it. No twist. Please surprize me tonight with something interesting. This season has had more boring shows than any other. Chima went crazy-thatwas a good one , but not BB11’s script. Simply — Chima is crazy. It’s been fun to watch Jeff &* Jordan, but even they are getting boring. Maybe this group was just too different or something. Anyway, I am always so sad to the season come an end, but honestly i just want it over…but still interested in who wins. It’s just a pee contest and no one really matters…

  162. I dont think it was the key that is the twist, just the bad that came with opening Pandora’s box. That the $10k they played for was Russ’s $10k that he won in the luxury comp. That he gave it back so he could re-enter the house. If they took it, he was guaranteed to return–and they took it. We will see him on Thursday.

      1. Thanks. Just the twist I would put in the game. I hope my next post is wrong-well, the part about Jeff going home. Maybe Jeff unlocking Kevin gives him some kind of power but I don’t think so. There has to be a double elimination soon, not enough shows left to evict 3 more people…Think BB/CBS would give me a job !! :-)

  163. i really hope the twist is more than just money falling from the sky. hopefully that is just the first part and there will be more tomorrow.

  164. AND…this is just my over active, over caculating mind at work but MAYBE the “hope”, left lying at the bottom of Pandora’s box really means “Houseguest Of Past Eviction”. You know how BB likes to use the acronyms and abbreviations. Maybe it was Russell in that box !! Notice how Russ was talking about past HGs (Evel Dick). Maybe he knew before he left. Maybe that is why he was so charming on the couch with Julie. Whatever the meaning of the “twist” is (and I still believe that there is more to Pandora’s box), I don’t think it is going to save Jeff, though. I think that Jeff using the key to release Kevin, unknowingly, sealed the deal for Jeff and Kevin. Both of them MAY go home tonight. The clock is ticking, not much time left. Who knows? Guess we will see tonight !!

    1. See! I’m not nuts! I knew I was onto something when I came up with Houseguest Of Past Eviction! I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE ever since I said it a couple of nights ago =)

  165. Wow, this is giving recollections of the big game show scandal of, I think the 60’s. BB seems to be misrepresenting a reality show and a fair competition. Yet, there are some very suspicious happenings and out right conversations on the live feed concerning the BB staff coercion. The coup De Tat and Natalie’s Pandora’s Box coming when and how they did, suggested to me that maybe someone was playing favorites. Then all through the live feeds you hear the house guests themselves from both sides having conversations of competitions geared to a certain member, and you hear them speak of being told to keep certain house guests in their DR meetings. This disgusts me, I have watched from the show from day one with live feeds, and I expected a fair game with fair competitions. Looking back now, I wonder how much coercion was involved with old shows, like was Janelle constantly encouraged concerning Will?

  166. I posted before reading the posts of others. You guys actually want BB to cheat and coerce in the game to save your favorite house guest. Honestly folks you guys are amazing. Would you actually want BB to fake a fair game of fair competitions every year, then let whomever you think should win be the winner ? Is that really good, exciting t.v. ? Where’s the excitement when you know the outcome ? Lol, years of this show coming on with new house guests, we pick the winner, then BB can script a show around that person winning. Lol, yea that sounds like excitement to me, rofl.

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