Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie “considers” Jeff’s plan as long as she gets HOH next week, Natalie “you can trust me but can I trust you”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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8:56pm Kitchen Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is sick and tired of doing all the dishes in the house. Jeff tells her to not bother let the other people do them. Jordan says the Jury house is probably full of dishes cause none of those other players will do them. Jeff “There all going to have a boner when I come into the Jury house” Jordan thinks he is over reading about them they probably won’t care and you’ll have fun.. Jeff completely disagrees he knows these douches in the jury house they will have a field day with Jeff. Jordan says she hope there is a secret power that will save him. Jeff tells her it isn’t going to happen, “he gone”. Jordan mentions to him that she needs to look out for Michelle. (Jeff understandably freaks out) Jeff “FUCK DON”T LISTEN TO THOSE FUCKEN ASSHOLES YOU STICK WITH Michele ITS YOUR ONLY CHANCE”
Jordan “well they said..” Jeff interrupts “FUCK!.. it makes no sense for Michelle to take you out stick with her” … Silence Jordan leaves tells him she’s going for a walk and he’s welcome to join her.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:18pm -10:00pm Backyard Natalie and Jeff. Natalie laying down relaxing and Jeff burping and farting playing cards. Jordan walking laps nobody talking.. she heads inside.

Jeff “you got a new sweater?” (she’s wearing Kevins”
Natalie “ya but it’s not working for me… ”

Jeff starts working Natalie.. He tells her that she is safe next week.
Jeff “Personally I don’t trust a thing she says”
Jeff “I can offer you final 2 it means shit I’m not even through this week i play week by week I have no final 2 with Michele”
Natalie says she wants HOH next week.. Jeff says he will talk to Michelle about it. Natalie doesn’t think she will. Jeff tells her Michele will go for it she brought up laying down for HOH. Natalie says she has no alliance to Kevin she just wants to be safe next week. Jeff tells her Michele is going crazy she’s going to lay down in HOH all she cares about is the POV. Natalie says if he can guarantee she gets HOH than she would consider it but she’s worried that they will cut her loose in final 3. Jeff again tells her he plays the game week by week so lets see what happens when we get there. Natalie tells him she really wants to win HOH once to have the whole experience. Jeff “Michelle will lay down and so will I .. .This late in the game you would be stupid not to take the deal its guaranteed final 3” He reminds her that if he goes home Michelle will go after Natalie and probably Jordan and both of those 2 have won pov’s and hoh’s before. Kevin walks in having just finished his Diary session.. him and Natalie go back to playing pool.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin gets called back into the diary room and Michelle joins them, Jeff is gone as well. Natalie says she wants Michelle and Jeff to give her HOH and she’ll do it. Natalie says if I vote for Jeff to stay than Kevin is coming after me so I need HOH. Michelle tells her they won’t make it look obvious but they guarantee she’ll get it. Michele adds that she Natalie has to guarantee to put Kevin and one of them up. Natalie says yes. Michelle also needs a guarantee that she’s on board with them getting Kevin out. Natalie says totally Kevin will hate me after this. Natalie is nervous doesn’t think she can trust coo coo magoo but thinks if its a pass to final 3 it’s worth it. Michele very giddy about all this “Final three this will be awesome”. Michelle trying to tell Natalie that she will win against Michelle and Jeff in the final 2.. (she not doing a very convincing job) Natalie says that people don’t vote because of who they like they vote based on people playing the game. Natalie brings up Dick and how he won but everyone hatted him. Michelle points out that Natalie played the game well to. Natalie brings up season 9 how everyone voted for Dan and he was the one that got them all out. Michele thinks season 10 was a oddball she thinks this year is pretty easy to predict. Natalie waddles over to the pool table complaining that Kevin is taking too long in the DR room. She fucks around with the pool table (drops 2 of her balls into a pocket). When Kevin comes back he notices something has changed on the pool table.. she tells him she took one shot, he looks suspicious but continues to play.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:30pm surviving member of team pyscho and Jordan. conversation is about the jury house and how everyone in there is a douche that hate Michelle, jordan and Jeff.. Jordan says she just going to isolate herself until Jeff or Michelle join her in the jury house so she doesn’t have to talk to the douches. Michele brings up zach the creeper from season 8 she thinks she’s taken his roll this season.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Washroom Jordan coming out of the shower and Jeff on the couch talking to her. They discus how they both would love to get out of the house and do something fun. Michele walks in to use the washroom with a giant grin on her face (she thinks Natalie is going to take the deal.. PP is out back playing pool telling Kevin the entire conversations she just had with Michele and Jeff). Jeff calls Michelle crazy she agrees with him (LOL).

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm – 10:35pm Pool table Kevin and Natalie. Natalie is telling him all about Michele and Jeff’s plan and how pathetic and desperate they are. She tells Kevin she will not take the deal.. Kevin just ummhaaa back.. She reiterates that she will not take a deal this week or next week. Kevin asks her who came up with the deal, Natalie says Michelle did according to Jeff. Natalie ask Kevin not to say anything cause they could use this against the other side. Kevin says he’s going to sleep downstairs so they can’t get inside her head.. Natalie tells him to stop bugging about it she’s sticking to their plan. She asks him that next week He’s going t be approached with a deal and she will appreciate it if he doesn’t take it like she’s not taking the deal this week. They agree that they’re solid.. Jordan, Jeff and Michelle enter the backyard start talking about foot ball at the couch. Natalie engages with them in the conversation but Kevin just keeps his mouth shut doesn’t even look at them.

Jeff starts talking about this time we went to a baseball game and was picking his nose and it started to bleed.. Jeff “No wonder it bleeds i’m always picking in there up to the elbow”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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This flashed on the feeds at 8:16pm camera 1 I think this is Jeff’s work out partner now.. For some of you that watch the feeds this might be the bug that’s been hanging around near the hammock and weights and Jeff’s been protecting it from Jordan.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I cant stand Natalie voice, face, and anything about her. She’s so disgusting and I just want to smack her head against the wall so she would just stop telling people lies. And of course, by that, she would stop picking her nose as well.


You mean like Jeff does? I know…at least he admits it. 😐


I soo agree with you. I hate nat shes sooo annoying. She better not win. I want her out next week!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, Nat needs to go and soon. If she wins, I give up. Seriously..I give up. She didn’t win jacksh^t and winning BB wouldnt make any sense.


I agree with you all, I can’t stand nat she needs to go, please let that key have something to do with jeff staying & her dumb ass passed it up! She really thinks if she makes it to the final 2 she’ll win! Go michelle she deserves to win, jordan is getting on my nerves she talks too damn much!


natalie can not keep anything to herself! i see she didn’t tell kevin she plans to put him next week, michelle approached kevin about a deal, too. so, i wonder if one will cave in?

or if jeff really does have a secret power, i’d love to see the look on natalie and kevin’s faces!


As I said, I knew Nat would not fall for that deal, and she would tell Kevin about it so they can have an ?OMG? moment. Those two seem to be pretty close, and I?m so glad she is not another Jordoug. But if she were, she would have been long gone by now.

By far the best player in the house is Nat, they are sucking up to her and she has not won anything?that should tell you something.


These very few Natalie lovers are as annoying as
ingrown pubic hairs. When you see one you can’t just ignore it.


LOL…I couldn’t help myself….Too Funny!!!


Not winning anything would be the best player?!? Dont your parents educate you? Or you dont even have a diploma and you admit yourself that you graduated? Are you as ugly, smelly, and nasty as Nat?
The best player means they dont depend on someone else. They win competitions, not just clean up someone’s butt.


ok, I hate Natalie, BUT…for someone who doesn’t win shit, lies about everything under the sun no matter how inconsequential, and has everyone eating out of the palm of her hand, DAMN!!!! I think thats pretty good. This isn’t a just-about-competitions game, this is a head game, and she knows how to work it. She will stab Kevin in the back to when it gets to the point that she needs to. She is ruthless and selfish and conniving, and I can’t imagine that she is any different in her day to day life. but cut the kid some slack….she has NO TALENTS, She isn’t attractive, there is nothing even remotely interesting about her, so what else is she gonna do but make up lies about everything?

I hope Michelle wins, but i really do not want to see PP or Kev stay another week. GOD, I hope that Jeff’s key does something really wonderful, like vaporizes PP and KEV on the spot. I hope Kev loses his house, too. Cuz I’m an asshole like that.


lol that shows how good of a floater she is. Now, she has most of the power. I like nat, i dont know why you people dispice her even though she floats


ohhhh I don’t know….Kevin was kinda subdued last nite..after his Dr session bout the money he was somwhat less smug n’ perky….He could have been told a few details of an upcoming twist n’ he was not happy bout it…n’ he can’t tell Natty what was said n’ what might happen….we will see


she can’t even plunge her own turd, much less win a competition.

indigent batman

Nat is so brilliant she went to college to be a blockbuster manager! A damn Einstein she is.


i don’t even care if natalie won’t take the deal jeff should suffer the consequences for betraying a friend and going back on his word simple as that. however jordan is scaring me cuz it still seems like she’s believing the bs that natalie and kevin are telling her about michelle. her simpleness scares me.


The only reason I’d like to see Jeff stay some how is for Michelle’s sake, assuming he has learned his lesson and doesn’t screw her again. The way they treated her was terrible.


AMEN! me too. i want Michelle to win, but I think Jeff needs to be there for her sake. And Jordan is useless. She does believe everything that PP and Kev tell her. She isn’t smart, and at this point she is a liability to anyone she is aligned with. CUT THE CORD JEFF! Michelle has done everything on her own. she rocks. my hat is off to her.


YES Jeff owes Michelle a very huge apology….very huge


i totally agree with you about jeff. i know jeff really wants to win that money like everybody else, but he also doesn’t want russell to say, i told you so. if he gets into that jury house, maybe russell will tell him that natalie said that she is sending jeff to him next for his(russell”s) birthday as a gift

umm ...

Jeff already knows Nat said this. Michelle told him. Jeff really doesn’t want to walk into that jury house with Jessie/Russ there, because Jeff doesn’t want to eat humble pie.


Jordan is gullible. She should reall listen to Jeff on this one, but once Jeff is out the door, Jordan doesn’t stand a chance.


Natalie will be gone Thursday!!!!!


We can all hope & pray that her greed cost her safety when Jeff got the key. That would be priceless to see the look on her face knowing that she had gained power only to give it away.


That would be great to see. Did you all notice she blew her own cover again? She toldKevin she needed to win the money for student loans. What 18 year old has student loans????? for high school??????? Cuz she certainly is no child prodigy who skipped grades and got into college in her teens-unless they give college credit for being gross.


If there is a special deal with the key it will cost them the money if it is used. I think the key was to unlock Kevin only. He was handcuffed correct? If no one had let him loose he wouldn’t have gotten anything. He chose to help the whole house instead of himself so I don’t think the key if it is good for anything should mess up any of his game. I hope we learn it there is anymore to the key business on tuesday show. I really think it was just to let them have the money. Thanks to all who pay for live feeds/ and report in the blogs. love the show and love to read the blogs sometimes. When I just can’t wait to know…………………..


It has to be more than a simple luxury. In regular competitions, they have “surprise” prizes of $5000 and $10,000. It doesn’t make sense to make a big deal about Pandora’s Box with a total of only $10,000 is divided among 5 people. They have been hyping the “room” for 2 shows now… if they hype it that much and it is just about gathering cash, then I will be pissed.


Maybe, but Julie’s been hyping another potentially game changing twist this week. I don’t thing unlocking Kevin from handcuffs and collecting a relatively small amount of money per person qualifies as potentially game changing.


Lisa if you watch the shows and promos, you will see it says find out about a special power………………. There is more to it than just unlocking Kevin………


Lisa if you watch the shows and promos, you will see it says find out about a special power………………. There is more to it than just unlocking Kevin………


That tranny can’t even win HOH by her own merits, needs to negotiate a win and be handed an HOH.
Is this shit for real? What’s this donkey doing on final 5????


LOL @ donkey..thats a new one..


Can you say Sheila??

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

its jordumb ( her official new name) she guessed at how much stuff cost. like the hawaii trip ( tink i spelled it right) but since when does going there cost 5 grand.? plus; cbs prob gets it free for promoting the whole deal. jorddumb is even dumber drunk. i think (or tink) she still thinks she is a freshman in elementary school. dah! did you see her when she attempted to talk baby talk? she actually had a gerbers food can ( peas n carrots) and said ” gaga googoo ” then spit it up. jeff came to rescue and blew a fart in her face, hence breathing life back into the almost comatose jordumb. she was like “wa” i smell a fart! did you blow it?” and jeff goes you did” and jordumb goes “maybe” thats why my ass is wet. (little did she know jeff butt fu###d her while she was in a coma) then she flips her upper lip over and over and says gaga googoo


Lmfao hahaha at jordumb…she is the dumbest… I luv this story


what?? that made no sense at all…


Be careful of what you say when you call someone stupid. What exactly is a Elementary School freshman? Would that be a kindergardener?


Hope Jeff wins this thing. He truly deserves it.

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

the more she talks ( jordumb) the dumber she seems. if she just puts jeff’s prick in her pie hole mouth ( what a porn that’d be) then great no more jibberish. jeff needs to stop blowing his gas.( farts) does he know it’s toxic. take a shit jeff ( maybe hes trying to kill jordumb with all that toxic gas) 🙂


Aren’t you an odd child.

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

dont get me wrong but C** on jeff blew his wad when he gave kevqueer that veto. so yeah i truly think hes prob the most honest pers on here but jordumb is that. dumb !!! hey maybe i can sell her some ice in alaska 🙂 and she is going bald ( shes prob eating her hair )


She may be a few slices short of a pie but she is very sweet and it makes her charming. It’s what makes her Jordon the cookie dough monster. I really like her because you know she isn’t mean spirited like Gnat!!! I really like Michele too. Both of those girls are nice genuine people. Not nasty schemers.

canadian fan

Wow dude,I think you better switch meds,obviously those ones your on now aint kicking it no more


Wow. you took time to post…that?


who let the village idiot play on the keyboard ?


His parents must have ungrounded him from the computer.


Jeff needs to win! Hoping the key holds a mystery in itself! BB wont be the same without Jeff.


I feel it will be just fine lol. I hope Jordan goes psycho and drama kicks into high gear!!!

canadian fan

Something holds a mystery all right and its not the key.Its all you Jeff fans that cant see he should be gone cause he doesnt know how to play this game.Took down his own final 4 team and now he has to pay.He is a loser and unless they give a mystery power every week,he is still going to lose.Get over it.


Jefff is sooooooooooooooo nasty. I dont understand why he keeps farting. Its so nasty. GO to the bathroom loser. I cant wait til he goes to the jury house and russel mops his face up and down the jury house floor.I hate nat i hope she gets out next week. I want michelle to win. I dont no y nat and jeff think michelle is stupid. Nat , jeff and jordan are the stupid ones. I hope they all lose. they dont deserve to win.

Jackie M.

Can’t take much more of the horrible treatment they gv to Michelle. I hope this only makes her more DETERMINED to win HOH/POV. Kevin and GNat needs to FEEL THE PAIN. Enough already of those 2. I was starting to like Kevin, but unless something drastic happens, and he is only pretending to be taken by Gnat, he does not deserve to win. Jordumb is way beyond dumb. I wonder how she ever passed the interview for BB. I can’t remember anyother HG being so dumb. Go Michelle, u hv a lot of fans rooting for you. At least ur family/friends aren’t embrassed by ur actions they way Gnat/Dumb/Dumber are. I bet they are screaming at their TV’s rite now. God bless Michelle. Something must hv happened to Jordumb that causes her to be obessed with body functions.


Wow. technotronic. where are u getting your info. from? seems like a 12 year typing on a post trying to seem cool. it doesnt even make sense.

**Anyways..I hope the key is something that can be used to save Jeff. I really like him and Jordo…I am starting to like Michele too, but Nat HAS TO GO! she is ruining the show!!!!
I hope he can use it as a diamond/gold veto and get Nat out. B/C if it is that he will take himself off (obviously) and Kev will have to put up Nat, since Michele is safe from her veto. then Jeff can get Nat out! 🙂 that would be great!!!
I hope they show it tomorrow night, i dont want to wait til thursday to see what happens. 🙂


Jeff is a J.O……he doesn’t deserve to win anything…..what a dope……going against the two players who were loyal to his plan…..I was such a J/J fan until they showed their true colors, which they continue to show with their stupidity……Talk about DORKS! Go Michelle, you’re the sanest one in there…..Vote Russell fan fave…..he deserves it….that guy was funny….I miss him more than I’ll miss Mr. Toad……Jeff…….

Up All Night

Jeff deserves to win? Why? If you had a winning lottery ticket and threw it away, do you still deserve to win. The way I see it, Jeff made a bonehead move and threw the game away.
BB11 winner should be Michele. After all she had to put up with more s**t than anyone in the house.

Mr. E

Jordan is a failure.

Michelle FTW!

Michelle needs to win this. Jeff was ready to lay down and die, Michelle was the person who got him trying. She is playing all her angles trying to win.

I really hope Michelle wins this entire thing. It would make me happy if she was able to stick it to Ronnie. He sucks

Up All Night

Oh, 1 more thing……………….Happy Birthday Russell, you’re gift will be there Thursday.


Jordan is totally driving me insane with her Ellie Mae Clampett act!!


the producers of bb must read this site because nat is finally chewing with her mouth closed and you can’t even hear her. amen

p.s. i hope i didn’t speak too soon


I dont know if everyone is watching the same show as I…. First and foremost I dont understand how everyone can say Nat is not playing the game…??? I mean She is doing the same thing Dan did when he was on BB coasting along and is probably going to do the same thing he did and step up when she needs to??!! I mean HELLO part of the game is to see how far you can get. IF you look like a weak player you will be kept longer….Look at Kevin he didnt win anything early on and now he is a strong player. Its how you play your hands People I swear. And I mean really can you honestly say that Jordan is not doing the same thing with Jeff. She didnt win HOH Jeff gave it to her lol Look at how her playing dumb has gotten her real far in this game. As far as people saying Nat Stinks I just want to know how much your Smell-O-Vision cost lmao because that is the dumbest thing I think I have heard thus far….Its a game people get over it!!!!!!

Robert O. 83687

Michele is playing a good game however I think her longing for a friend/Ally in the game might be her downfall because she is willing to trust whoever “says” they have her back. But I think he is smart enough to know she’s on her own. Just win HOH the next 2 times Michele and final 2 is yours!!!


Here’s how I think the whole Pandora’s Box thing will go…

I personally think that CBS wants Jeff to stay, so they have devised a plan to make sure that he doesn’t get voted out. The key (may be) to the HOH room, and like the CDT, will keep him safe. It will probably flip the nominations, and instead of Jeff and Jordan, (who everyone seems to want to stay) It will be Kevin and Natalie up on the block. Then, b/c Jeff is temporary HOH he will vote Natalie out on the spot (because he, along with the rest of planet Earth) hates her.

I think that the money aspect is going to be a way to bribe Kevin into either taking a nominee off the block, (again Jeff, b/c he thinks he has the most $), or be penalized for opening up Pandora’s Box in the first place.

In my perfect world, it will also be a surprise double eviction, and Kevin will leave too, being replaced by Russell, whom I am disgusted that weak ass minded Jeff kicked him out by not sticking to their plan, and instead listening to the no bath taking scheming devious nasty entity that is called Natalie.
All is right with the world again. The final four deal is back in place, and CBS doesn’t have a heart attack about their ratings plummeting by having these idiots that nobody cares about (except maybe Kevin) go to the finals. (I have no idea how CBS’ ratings are doing, it’s just an idea.)

Also, the whole Russell thing is my own personal pipe dream of getting him back, so Jeff (if he stays) doesn’t look like a dick picking off the girls one by one. Everything else may happen tho.


you people talk as if jeff is entitled to win this prize? everyone is playing this game and has an equal right to the money. If u play hard or smart you stay if you don’t u go home. Last week russell was in jeff shoes, jeff called him all sorts of names and said “u got got”. why can’t jeff and all u jeff fans take for what it is it’s nothing personal it’s just a game? russell didn’t die when left jeff wouldn’t die either.
he hates kevin all of sudden for going back on his word and lying. what did he do russell last week?
didn’t he do the same to russell lastweek?
He really is very stupid and selfish does he think he is a better human being that russell?

Go home jeff, im am sick of seeing you and tired of reading the BS all ur thoughtless fans have to say.


if we were thoughtless we would have jumped off of the bandwagon right behind you.


the way Natalie talks to Kevin, geez…she is forever patting herself on the back saying how good she is at pool and how bad he is, how she is gonna beat him AGAIN, how she is gonna win HOH and POV this week, (hasnt won a thing yet but every week she is gonna win….YEAH SURE!) Then she used to wear jessies stuff, now she is wearing Kevins stuff…she also helps herself to whatever food an HOH gets in their basket, etc…This girl is one major pain in the butt and I cannot stand her..I wish someone would send her packing….I do not want to see her win any amount of money, much less the game!!!!


Someone said earlier that CBS unfairly allots camera time to J/J, honestly, I think it’s because between Nastalie’s irritating voice and the extreme noises she makes when she chews (gross!), they HAVE to film only J/J.
Everything she does turns my stomach. From the way she walks, to her nasty, ratty hair, the tone of her voice, the way she chews. Puh-lease, Nasty-be gone already!


Here’s the other thing…you know she didn’t just get $800. Everyone else got some weird number…but she got a nice rounded amount?? Can’t she tell the truth about anything?? Just anything?? I think if her lips are moving, she’s lying.


I said from the beginning that Kevin was somebody who could “sneak up” and win it. Looks like that may be a possibility. As far as who I think played the best game so far? I would have to say Michelle only because she has carried herself through this game. She has never really had a partner and I don’t think she ever really had one in Russell. It’s just the way CBS edited it. Jeff and Jordan have been together since day one so it’s not surprising that the two lasted this long. (Dick and Danielle) Jeff has definitely changed since he had a taste of power. I don’t understand why he’s so mad at Kevin for not keeping his end of the deal when he didn’t with Russ. Kevin should simply say, “If I didn’t come after you first, you would have came after me.” It’s just funny how Jeff tries to justify everything he does but no one else is allowed to do that without coming across as a liar. It’s a game people, and as much as they keep saying that they seem to forget it.


Nat has to go, there is no way those players are going to give natalie the big win, Jeff is probably gone, but the game is not over yet, I say Michele.. to win!!


I’m a fan of Jeff’s but he screwed up when he got rid of russell, maybe the key will be something to keep him safe! I hope so bcuz i can’t stand to hear natalie talking about the final 2 she hasn’t done a damn thing to win! Jordan is really starting to bug me she talks too damn much! GO MICHELLE!

Uncle Cool

Don’t trust dirtbag Jeff!!

GO for it all Natalie!!!

You rock!


Natalie is a NASTY BIATCH………… And yes I screamed that. Why is everyone keep saying Jeff made a mistake by sending Russell home……. Russell would have gone after Jeff I dont care what he said……….


If everybody is entitled to their opinion regarding Jeff sending Russell to the jury house. Anyhow it would’ve happened eventually whether it was Jeff or somebody else in that house. I just hope is twist will benefit Jeff and send Natalie”s ass home. What a two faced B****h. She’s one of those people you have to be on alert all the time. Cause you never when she will come up and bite you on the ass.

A Real BB Fan

I agree, go Nat and Kev all the way. No one ever said you have to win comps to win. Lying and backstabbing and manipulation has always been the main ingredents to winning this game. So send Jeff to jury and then do same with Mich. I say take Jorden to final 3.


I agree, but others would have you believe it was a love fest or woodstock. The manipulators always win. Jeff is a moron, if BB wasn’t helping him he’d be long gone.


awwwwww….Nastys kinfolk are coming out of the woodwork….she will be so touched.


Wow dude some of these people are really dumb. Don’t make fun of me because I fart, everybody farts, make fun of me because I’m a huge douchebag dude.


Can you explain why Jeff is a douchebag? As far as I know all he has done is play an honest game….they only thing he did that may have upset a few BB fans is taking out Jessie and Russel and he did because he HAD TO, other than that he hasn’t lied, caused trouble or harrased other hgs like most of them have…..I really would appreciate a reply with your explanation.


He like most became corrupted with power, given to him by BB producers. He calls everyone names and is nasty like NAt. What rose colored glasses are you looking through? JJ fan club is delusional like Rush Lim. I agree if JJ lose you all should stop watching. BTW he got aggressive when he was nominated too remember that oh yeah I forgot, rose colored glasses.


If those things make him a douchebag, what do you call Kevin and Nat? Because neither of them can talk about Jordan and Michelle without calling them


really bad names…and they both have a crush on Jeff also…..I used to like Kevin but now he is also behaving like a jerk.


Anyone thinking a deal is going to take place now is stupid. At this point of the game, you just have to roll with the punches and hopefully you aren’t the target!



This board would be lit up if that were Nat with her finger half way up her nose. I guess it is Jeff, so that makes it ok. I?m not mad at him though. If they had cameras around me 24/7, I bet there would be a lot of stuff I wouldn?t want people to see?especially the hypocrites around here.

I can?t wait for eviction that is going to be so sweet sending Jeff to his friends. I hope they make a cake for him in the jury house, which would be a nice gesture.

Nat and Kevin FTW!


Jeff has been having a dry nose problem, he even had a nose bleed last night…..he didn’t used to pick his nose til this week.


Pig Pen reminds me of shelia thinking she played a great game and hasn’t done anything except pick her nose. I can’t believe that Kevin & Natalie have a real shot to win. They are worthless


I know! It sucks.. After this week if Jeff leaves, Michele is the only one who really deserves to win.. Jordan too somewhat.. Natalie thinks she’s so great.. Ahhh how would I love to see Michele or Jordan win HoH next week, put Natalie up of course, she’s gonna do her whole “I’m going to win POV thing” and doesn’t win anything.. Kevin has to be taken out next week though.. If HoH and/or POV go well next week, the road might be open to a MIchele/Jordan final 2.. That’s what I want the most at this point.. Michele has played really well and deserves to win.. And I want Jordan to win the second place money..




i dont blame jeff for at least trying to cut some type of deal. You have to do something!!! otherwise you will go down as the player who quit without even trying.
and as for Jordan, I have a friend who is JUST LIKE HER! and we all love her to death. she isnt bright but has a heart of gold. I cant dislike Jordan just because she isnt smart and clever….she has many other great qualities…. she is sweet and good hearted and I would rather have that person in my corner….at least you can trust her.


Snaps is your friend’s first initial a “P” cause I think I have the same friend. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but absolutely lovable for lots of other special qualities.

Nat: one special quality is bathing, walking not waddling, and not chewing like a cow on cud. Nastalie’s disgusting. I can’t believe Kevin would share clothes with her.


LOL…I kept watching the feeds til very late last night cause I wanted to see when she took off his spanking new jacket and gave it back to him…..I think he was just too nice to ask her to give it back but I bet he wasn’t very happy about her wearing it.

A Real BB Fan

Then why is Jeff throwing her under the bus? He should be encourging her to go forward and win this money. She needs it for a house for her mother. Jeff is smart, goodlooking to some, the golden boy, he will do ok on his own. Can we really say that about Jorden! So I say Move aside Jeff and let Jorden have a try at it.


Gnat’s first response is to lie or cheat in any circumstance. Ex-the infamous “she accidently dropped the mic in the hot tub” when Chiapet threw her mic to tonight playing pool with Kevin and putting in balls when he’s gone or cheatting at chess. Can you imagine having her as your boss at work??? I’ve been a boss and if she were a manager below me her ass would be out the door when she goes back to work . How could a person like her be put in any responsible position? I know it’s a game but her first first responses are a part of who she really is. She was an athlete 10 years ago but she obviously doesn’t train. The scary thing about her is her threats to hurt Michelle in a physical competition. She was trained in martial arts and probably has retained those skills, I would think if she does follow through on those threats, it should be considered a criminal act, but of course she would have to catch up with Michelle frist so Michelle is probably safe. She has no game play-it’s all about avenging her beloved Jesssie and her idol Chima which alone shows what little character she really has.


I couldn’t have said it better myself!!


Did anyone else notice in the Hoh competition that Kevin’s lane was almost dry when compared to others-Guess all his whining about Jeff got the fix in for him to win.


I said the same thing!! All that BS about him being lightfooted was BS…he wasn’t even sliding….grrr


I will not watch another season if jeff leaves. I am tired of the good people getting voted out right at the end. I am tired of watching ppl like evil dick win. CBS, you better make that key a diamond veto and send natalie packing this week.


So you basically just want CBS to give the prize to Jeff and screw the game? Really what was the point of the whole game then? They could have saved all these people time and money and just given it to Jeff on Episode 1.


I totally agree Megan!!


I’m with you on this! CBS does a terrible job helping these worthless people win! Allowing them to Lie, Cheat, Steal, back stab, humiliate to get to the end! It’s sickening to think that is how we exist in our world and they are condoning these behaviors!


What should they have, a BB edition called Mr. Rogers House or maybe Sesame Street. Stop being so naive, that’s how competition for 1/2 mill goes. There are no good people in that house, what show are you watching? They’re all full of S*** just like most people.


It is a game…you are suppose to lie and cheat when you can. Just cause you people like Jeff doesn’t mean he deserves to win. He has backstabbed people like Russell and yet you forgive.


Where does it say that you “have” to lie and cheat?? Besides even if they lie and cheat, is it necessary to take it to the extreme they have taken it?


Isn’t it time to remove the Fired text from over Chima’s picture? It’s old news and distracting (and factually incorrect).


I kind of like it….;)


She wasn’t evicted so she deserves to have FIRED written across her name.


ARE YOU SERIOUS?? what should they write in that LITTLE box??? Told to leave early
due to damaging property?? ha ha !! 🙂

Dawn D

They now know how much $$ they won, so did they explain what the heck that key is for?


I can’t wait until pissy pussy (natalie) to see how america really feels about her. I can’t stand her. Its kinda hard to believe that she has a boyfriend. He has to be jus as filthy to be with her. Every woman knows that u have to wash everyday. Where’s her home training?


kevin is a moron if he takes natalie to the final 2 which judging by their gross up each others horrible game play asses he will. Jessie, Russell, Jeff, Jordan, will vote her the money. No wonder natalie wont take any deals. Worst duo ever Natalie/kevin.


Jeff wouldn’t vote for her. He’s pissed that Nat’s there and hasn’t won a damn thing. He’ll get over what Kevin did to him and see that Kevin played a less weak game than PP.


Jeff is staying, my crystal ball says so!


does anyone know what the mystery is yet?


well, as much as i would hate to see it. i think jeff will go home this week.

mich will win hoh. I think Jordo will bounce.
M/N/K =f3

Rus/Jeff/Jordo and America will vote Mich. for loyalty and strategy.
Jes/Lyd/and ______??? will vote for N/K

if N/K = f2
R/J/J/America/M will vote K for strategy and comp wins

K wins

A Real BB Fan

When was it ever said that America would get a jury vote?


Natalie would be an idiot to accept Jeff and Michelle’s deal. They will fight and win HOH over her and screw her over. She can’t be that dumb.


why does everyone thing Michelle is crazy? I don’t have the feeds but from what I see she is just socially awkward and with her not committing herself to conversations (being vague) she just comes off sketchy… but crazy? I don’t see it. I think she is playing a smart game… regardless of how she doesn’t connect well with the houseguests. Go MICHELLE!!! I think she should win the game. She played well in comps and with the houseguests overall. She’s handled them putting and blaming all types of lies on her (which she didn’t do a good job clearing up) but she is still in the game. She pulled through on the POV which Jeff couldn’t do. Go MICHELLE!!!


Off camera J said if he would have known that M…….F…….was taking him out he would not have used the key.


I’m so tired of watching and listening to that guy from Metallica– oh wait– I mean Nastalie!!! She (?) was smirking last night playing pool with K after talking to Jeff then Michelle… She’s probably thinking,” they all want me cuz I’m the best!!!” you stinky half-wit!!! They’ll take you further because you’re the biggest loser of them all!!! Has anyone else in the history of this game ever made it this far without winning a f-ing thing? I checked out the first episode on youtube: she did NOT win the first HOH comp for Jesse– Russell and her were the last two hanging (from the same team,too) and that meant Athletes won– they dropped at the same time. I’m sick of her talking about her infamous “win”. Get her out ASAP . Period.


Same here! LMFAO!!! That guy from Metallica!


You’re so right!!! What I don’t get is, are the others so dumb? How come no one calls her out of her lies? weren’t they there too??? And about her age…they really must be stupid to buy it cause no 18 year old that I know behaves the way she does, she acts like she’s been around the block once or twice. and, don’t get me started on her potty mouth….I just can’t stand the girl….please dear God, please help…I want her out now!!!!!