Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan asks about Jeff’s Speech on Thursday Jeff: “LICK these nuts”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:40pm Kitchen all the houseguests milling around making food. Natalie wants to make mac and cheese, she asks Coo COO for her secret recipe. Michelle swears she has no Secret. Kevin suggest to Natalie that they make mashed potatoes. Jordan asks Jeff if he’ll help her make a salad she wants to know how many veggies she should add to the lettuce. Jeff gets called into the Diary room. Natalie brings up rigging the water so it will spray down Jeff in the kitchen and Michelle in the bathroom.. Natalie is laughing like crazy. Michelle does her nervous giggle tells Natalie there will be payback. Jordan claims she didn’t know who it was. Natalie says it was a harmless prank. Nothing big happening they’re just preparing the food.. Jeff comes back from the DR He brings up the pranks that were going on today and jokingly says he thought evel dick was back in the house. Jeff says he almost got soaked but got out of the way just in time. Natalie tells him that is just the beginning of all the pranks planned. Jeff and Jordan head outside. Leaving Michelle, Pig PEN and Kevin in the kitchen. Kevin called into the Diary Room. Natalie still laughing about the pranks (she?s the only one). Natalie and Michelle left alone they start talking about Chess and Michelle wants to know if she starting to beat Kevin. Natalie says Kevin never beats her at any of the games… They start talking about the food they have left in the house, Apparently after Thursday they will have more pork to eat. Michelle gets called into the DR.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Backyard Jeff and Jordan cuddling on the couch. Jordan is trying to be optimistic to Jeff telling him they made it very far in the game, farther than she had imagine they would. Jeff agrees.. tells her this is it there at the end now. Jordan tells him she trying to “soak” as much of Jeff up this week because she will miss him when they are separated. Jeff tells her when he leaves she can burn his shit. Jordan tells him she will burn two things of his. Jeff tries to guess aurora hat and the grey pants. Jordan goes to give him a kiss on the cheek and he just sites there. She says she looks like a bozo to all the viewers because she’s kissing him and he’s doing nothing. Jeff laughs offers to grab her boob. Jordan “JEEEFFFF NO!” Jeff tells Jordan if she wants to survive to stick with Michelle rid it to the end he’ll work the Jury house. She’ll have a tonight time against Kevin or Natalie because of the douches in the douche house (Douche house = Jury house) Jordan thinks that maybe Kevin will be better. Jeff tells her to just listen to him on this one Kevin and Natalie are going final 2 there?s nothing they can do about it her only hope is coo coo magoo. Jordan asks him if he has his speech ready Jeff “yeah LICK these nuts” Jordan laughs come on what are you going to say. Jeff says he’ll just wing it.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:54pm grill Natalie and Kevin. Natalie saying she’s going to drink 4 mike hard lemonades tonight and get drunk. Kevin thinks she’ll get sick she should calm it down, “you 4foot 10 and weigh 75lbs your going to be smashed. Natalie says she’s 5even and 110lbs and she claims she’s had a 6 pack before Kevin brings up his DR session and whispers
something about them “trying to talk about him again” (really hard to hear) we go to fish… Feeds back you can
hear Kevin say he’s getting really paranoid by what teh DR is saying. Natalie tells him that he can trust her she’s
not taking the deal.
Natalie “I?m going to be starting my period”
Kevin “that?s going to suck for the competitions”
Natalie “I know”
Kevin “what if I punch you in the stomach ”
Natalie “that?s not how it works”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:17pm Michelle, Jordan and Jeff eating in the backyard. Jordan says she “MEGA” full. Jeff asks her if she’s got any room for a milky way she says no, he than asks her if theres room for a bit sized Milky Way again Jordan says no she’s too full. Jeff now asks the BIG questions “How about Cookie Dough” Jordan moans (obliviously torn) but finally says no she’s too full for Cookie Dough. Michelle makes a comment that Jeff should go back to doing the Grilling.. Jeff doesn’t think its that bad but he agrees his BBQing is better.
Inside you have Natalie and Kevin eating their dinner… (I briefly turn the mute off their camera and I hear Natalie chomping on her food) Kevin is asking her if cramps is like taking a huge dump? Natalie says no (I flip it back to mute the conversation isn’t bothering me its Natalie not being able to close her mouth and finish the food in it before she says something, I can’t take it)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Yeah, Kevin is getting his period and Nasty ball sack is hanging out!!!!!!


So production is trying to talk to Kevin about keeping Jeff? I don’t quite get what they are telling him. I think I want Michele to win, she has been through a lot (although many of those things were her fault). I hope Jeff is a jerk when he leaves because it is live and CBS can’t edit that, to make Jeff look good. This week’s episode was so Jeff sweet that it made me sick. He is just as bad as the others, if not worse. He does not eat like a pig so I will give him props there. However I have always stated that he has a frat boy attitude and that is showing the last few weeks. I still cannot figure out how it is okay for J/J to speak negatively and rude to people but not okay for anyone else to say negative things or lie. Jeff lied to Russ but it is okay because it was game play while Nat/Kev are horrible people because they lie. If someone can point the difference out to me I would appreicate it. Thanks.

PS why does the comments say “your posting too quickly” when I post only once in a while?


Oh ok. Your site rocks Simon and Dawg. I love the regular posters out there (even if they disagree with me) and I am glad everyone can say what they want, I just wished people would not personally attack each other. We love the game and even if Jeff gets to stay (which I hope is not going to happen) I will still watch because I enjoy the game of BB.


I totally agree with you actually. I think Jeff has no room to talk about Kevin being a snake with what he did to Rus.


are you kiddding? rus is crazy first of all, second he was planning on getting jeff out anyway… he always switches who he has a alliance with anyway! and he said if jeff was smart he would get him out of the game now…


Your so wrong Russ always said he would stand by his final four aggreement and then go after JJ. Jeff turned on him right after sweraring on his family and used Russ’s and Michele final 2 deal as his reason/excuse when in fact Jeff is just a DOUCHEBAG!!! I’m so gald he got got! I don’t understand why all these Jeff supporters have blinders on…..hes not the great standup guy we thought he was. I was a fan too until he started to get some power which went straight to his head and he started doing the exact same things he was so critical of.

dave jr

I think a cool twist to the game would be a True Wizard power like in The Wizard of Oz they drop a big ass house on PigPen and then it final yaaaaaaa



Ding Dong the PigPen is gone…or….I’m stealing, I’m stealing (instead of melting)

Nat is so full of herself and I hope Kevin realizes that taking her to final 2 is not a good idea.


jeff is such a classy guy. NOT!!!




carol…..wahhhhhhhhhhh…stop crying …..becuase your man…(btw jeff said he doesn’t like fat girls..) is going..home




for the token blonde on a reality show, she’s fat. She also has CANKLES.

Russell REALLY got into her head with that one. She’s been eating everything in massive amounts ever since he left. she also says she feels fat alot, calls herself “a fatty” and seems to be more conscious of her food choices, but continues to make bad choices and over eat.

I hope she reigns in her emotional eating because she’ll really put on pounds and become a heavy woman by 30.

btw, i dont think she’s “fat” either.


how superficial can women get to want someone to stay on a show strictly b/c they think he’s eye candy and they want to get off to him?




Anybody remembers a hg being so hated as nathalie ? If so i would love to know who


I don’t hate Natalie. I love her.

M Horton

whyyy? what is there about her to love.??She is as disgusting as it is possible for a female to be. Please please,, Big Brother — let’s send her packing11


This bitch is Natalie’s father, she’s been defending her ass for weeks, everything Natalie does is great, from booger eating to not flushing her shit. Only daddy would fight against everyone to defend that pig.

cookie dough

If you can love her, then you probably love to hang out at the playground around little boys.


Gross Nasty…she is eating like the pig (pen) that she is and still complaining about the food. I have to mute or fast forward, too!


its nice to know that i am not the only one annoyed by that heifers eating. i would have choked her long ago…especially when she is eating the licorice. Damn bitch, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH.


To be fair, Michelle is just as bad when she eats. They are both gross. They need to adjust their mics so we don’t have to hear them chewing.


Just now Jeff saying: ” Natalie is drinking, how come an eighteen year old is still here
without doing jack shit and drinking???”


“What if I punch you in the Stomach”


I love Kevin


yay!! Jeff will be GAWN! GAWN!! GAWN!

Can’t wait for the Jordan-freakout!


There is no way that is it for pandora?s box. He released the good?now comes the bad. By accepting the money, it was like signing a deal with the devil? Do you really think BB would just give the houseguests money? That key wasn?t just unlocking kevin?I hope Russell comes walking back through that door. Someone was in that box. I might just be another crazy conspiracy theorists, but this is my last hope for an actual ?twist? this season. CDT wasn?t a twist, that was just a lucky handout? HOPE? Houseguest Of Past Eviction.


Oh good one H.O.P.E. makes sense. I just hope that Jeff is gone.


Colton, I believe the bad thing was Kevin getting his hand stuck and the good thing was the money falling. I think that is the end to Pandoras box.


They aren’t antithetical of eachother. 10 GRAND…kevin’s hand in a box… 10 thousand dollars to the WHOLE house…kevin getting the brunt of the “bad” doesn’t go with the pandora’s box mythology…the whole house got the reward…the whole house is going to be integral in the havoc the box brings. …I could be completely off though. If it’s the latter, then BB producers are putting no thought into the competitions and I’ll be dissapointed =(


OMG Gnat is starting the excuse parade already with her saying she is getting her period… First of all guys don’t get periods and we all know that Gnat is not a female just look at the way he/she walks…. They should have gender testing next seasonm on BB… Why doesn’t Kevin see that he is doing the exact same thing Jeff did with putting all his faith in Gnat to win HOH or even POV Jeff put his faith in Jordan alnd look where that got him…. Kevin has got to know that Gnat can’t be trusted at all…. Like I said in another post there will be no eviction on thursday Russell will be coming back into the house and the eviction will be on Sunday can’t wait to see Gnat and Kevin’s face when there plan backfires on them… Don’t forget that this is the time of the season when an evicted houseguest gets to stay… it’s done every season and it just adds to the paranoia of the houseguests and let the games really begin….. When Russell comes back in the house Kevin will get to see just how loyal Gnat is she is going to throw Kevin under the bus it is going to be fun to watch…..


Goodbye Jeff ,u saved the season…


its down to the point where BB is exhausting all of us viewers. I can sense from some of the postings that most on here are drained as is Jeff. ( jeff may not go home you never know) what if Kevin has a change of heart? he must see Natalie treating him like her personal dog as if she won HOH and is running the whole week.


Oh no! Natalie is starting her period, no showers and plenty of stench!!!


I’m curious does anyone know how much the stipends are per HG? and do they get paid per week or at the end? is it different per HG? do they still get it in the JH? just curious. thanks


i also heard them say that they get $10thousand just to be on big brother. jeff was talking to jordan and they were discussing that it would be about $7 or $8 thousand after taxes


cbs can afford it ( to pay them and comp them well) they make sooooooooooooooo much molla off the live feeds and the showtime so give these lab rats some money…………. thats why they have a fish tank ( like the real world does) to show that everything is out there for us to seeee BIG BRO you GO ( the shape of things to come) soon we will all be in that fish tank


per week and is that taxed?


thanks for the quick answer. 🙂


Simon is that in american dollars or canadian or even pesos… What do the houseguests do with the money they get? What kind of check do they write it out on? What bank do they use?






With $25 billion is bailout money they better be.


chase manhattan is one of the largest bank in the states



Hit the road, Jeff

What a shame Jeff f’d himself. If he had only stuck to his alliance and the final 4 agreement, the game would be getting real interesting right now. J/J/M/R would be there with Lydia and it would be interesting to see the gloves come off with at least 3 real competitors in the house.




omg no they CAN’T let jeff go…seriously there will be nothing entertaining left about this season!!! love kevin and all…but can we insomniacs take BBAD without jeff and jordon together? NO!!!


Dear God! Pig Pen is the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

What vile human being.


I am very sorry to have you all watching my spawn for almost three months. Even I tought she would be out sooner. I didn’t know she would get that kind of recognition, so I just started wearing a paper bag over my head when I leave the house. I see some folks really defending Natalie here, don’t waste your time she is bad news. I hope we she gets out we can open a studio to teach people to lie and cheat, so we can finaly have some monetary return for all the shame she is causing the family. She started eating boogers at the age of 3 and has never given up on it, she loves the salty kick of it.
The boyfriend is another lie, she likes to meke herself look worthy. I didn’t really want to show up for that phone call l, by they made me. Sorry you all, hang in there,believe me is harder for myself, she still leaves at home!!!!!!


you even typed it in like his accent would sound… 22222222 funnieeeeeeeeeeee


Dear Dad,

This may help.

A USC study has found the first proof of structural brain abnormalities in people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate others. Specifically, liars had a 25.7 percent increase in prefrontal white matter . Look it up, actually pretty interesting. Your daughter must have scored off the roof in the pre-BB screening. How could she not have been chosen before?

Everyone here is lying to win but your daughter has upped the anti with her SAT scores, cheating at pool, chess etc..


Inside Dish: Ross Interviews Russell right after he gets evicted ( he even still has the suit on he left wearing) this was on the CBS BB page. It’s lame. I still say hes making a comeback on thurs. like everyones noticing his face was not grayed out in credits and also his name was displayed. so cool. russ is the man. it’d be soooo funny if Jeff does go and rus not only comes back but wins 🙂


they wouldnt just pick a random guest to return. america would have to vote.


Get away from that pipe!!!


At least Nat took a shower, she has worn and slept in the same clothes for the past 2 days. Please let something happen tonight. Last night I bowed out when they were discussing nosebleeds. Tonight its the period and zits. Please BB, give us some adults next season!


OMG! Natalie has got to go next week! Go Michele! I hope that is who she goes after. I also hope that if Jordan does indeed stay that she’ll listen to Jeff and stick with Michele! Jordo has got to stop believing Nat. I’m looking for a Michele/Jordan/Kevin final 3. Don’t want Nat in f3 at all – why reward someone who hasn’t even been competitive at all thus far? She’s been the ultimate floater and is just unlikable. I’m on team Michele all the way. She’s a gamer. Gotta respect that.


well I guess this shoots the big theory…that BB pre picks the winner….
But I think eveyone is missing the boat here ..why is Nasty lying about her age ? does someone who guesses it and proves it get some kind of money reward ? I mean what id the reason to lie ? and she hasn’t shared that with kevin even …hmmmmm


she thinks it will cause everyone to think she is just a kid and underestimate her.


Jeff Jordan would say.. “you’re GAWN!”


Nat is pretending? to be drunk tonight. A bit over the top if you ask me. I can’t see what she hopes to gain by this. I think she has a personality disorder. It’s like she wants to be called out on it. Pathological liars and schemers seek recognition of their “work”, and I think she is getting a bit frustrated that nobody is giving her the recognition she thinks she deserves. A while ago Nat was carrying on and Michelle started humming the theme from Star Trek. LOL. I don’t know why they don’t just call her out and expose her lies. Even so, Jordan asks Jeff who he trusts more, Nat or Michelle, and he says, wait for it…….Natalie, but then he tells her she is better to stick with Michelle if she wants to win. There you have the proof that Jeff deserves to go if he still hasn’t figured out that Natalie has played him, and by trusting her he blew an almost assured win. Nat isn’t a good player. She is fortunate that most of the HG this year are total morons. A few nights ago she told Jordan that she has been trying out for BB since season 8. Of course Jordan didn’t even think about the implications of that revelation. Why would she. She truuuuuusts Natalie.


Can’t stomach BBAD anymore. What a shame! It used to have my interest but that troll disguised as a human is giving me the dry heaves. And I’m not talking about Ronnie’s picture, I’m talking about what just might be the douchiest douche of a douche I’ve ever seen on TV – I’m not even talking about Jessie’s ghost even though he’s right up there with this dirtbag. I still can’t stomache the thought of that shriveled dick dickhead. I’d like a word with whoever cast the ANAL ZIT NITEMARE Nasty Gnat, thug walking, booger eating S.O.B. I understand every good show has heroes and villains. But the villain is supposed to have something appeal – some redeeming quality. The villain is always worth watching. But all I do is cringe at this maggot’s every appearance. I have to mute every damn time she eats. Then I have to look away because looking at her chew is just as impossible as listening to her. Then the entitlement, she thinks she’s a queen as if she’s even worth a damn. Then the bragging – OOOHHHHH!!!! is she delusional or what? In case I’m hiding my feelings, I CAN’T STAND THIS PIECE OF SHIT. (Lydiot is still the most pathetic hunchback scumbag and Jessie is an ugly douche – he could probably cure someone’s insomnia though with that riveting personality.

dave jr



i greatly appreciate the updates, but please, cease and desist w/ the coo coo crap… it?s just gratuitous cruelty… her name is michelle and the coo coo reference is mean-spirited and immature.. i absolutely cannot understand why you find it necessary to be cruel just because you want to.. michelle isn’t a mean person… you are writing about a person who is obviously hurting, and i dont understand why you dont feel even just a tiny bit of empathy… that?s my two cents for what it?s worth… thanks for the updates and please play nice…




I agree indigogirl. I’m hoping Michelle wins at this point. After reading about all the gay slurs coming out of Jeff’s mouth, I’m no longer a fan of his.


robert…. i sooooooooooo agree w/ you!!! great minds think alike!! peace!


It’s meant in the most loving way! We love our girl! Go Michelle!


dare i say it…. YES!!! GO MICHELLE!!! she’s a winner and i wish i could give her a hug!!!


I agree with you…..I have watch the show from the beginning and I can’t understand why they would call her that……the girl is hanging on for dear life and she is doing a pretty good job with it….at least she can win a compition….I hope MICHELLE wins,she deserves it


sandra, you are so right on!! michelle has repeatedly demonstrated she is strong both mentally and physically!! i think all the hg?s (except natalie) are joining in w/ the michelle bashing because they are afraid if they stick up for her, then they will be attacked… even tho michelle has done NOTHING to deserve their scorn and venom, she unfortunately was an easy target, so the hg?s became bullies and michelle the victim.. i believe when j/j and kevin return to the real world, they are going to be very ashamed at their behavior… on the other hand, natalie will rejoice at her vicious and malicious behavior toward michelle.. there is something dreadfully wrong w/ natalie… perhaps her psychopathology is a result of failure to bond w/ her mom… she very well could have some sort of attachment disorder which is no excuse, rather part of an explanation regarding her evil behavior and lack of empathy…

the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality…


“Leave Britney alone!”


u r 2 phunny!!!


ITA. There is nothing crazy about Michelle and we shouldn’t buy into the meanness of the HGs who have labelled her that out of mostly jealousy when she did welll in the comps. That girl is amazing to make it this far on her own without any allies. Keep up the great work Michelle!


sprite1949, i couldn’t have said it any better!! i agree 100%!!!


Hey indigogirl, STFU. Everybody on the show has been given some type of nickname at one point or another on this blog, if you don’t like it don’t come here. Michelle is crazy and coo coo is a name given to that crazy bytch by her housemates that have spent months with her. Clearly you are a fair weather viewer or you would fully ynderstand why she is called that. People in the house also make fun of her disgusting hygiene and B.O. and she admitts that her husband says she smells bad even after showering. We could also make fun of her jacked up nose, her flat chest, or that gross belt of fat on her tummy.Michelle has also admitted to being bipolar and taking medication. She is 7 kinds of crazy. Of all the nicknames people could have given her coo coo magoo is the nicest one.


congrats! you are obviously a die-hard BB fan…. as for you wisdom regarding the game, you?re a joke!! however, it is not your fault, 13 year olds know precious little about life and human behavior… so are you home schooled or are you on summer break from middle school… it is abundantly clear that you have many issues, so it would behoove you to tell mommy and daddy you need therapy…


I concur


jeff just go wish you could take you fat lapdog Jordan with you


Kevin not getting rid of PP is gonna come back on him worse that what he gave Jeff! Those girls are gonna ban together, Kevin next then PP aka Natalie with a Jordan and Michelle final two!!! How many times does Natalie need to disappoint Kevin before he realizes she is a no good lying skank! I don’t think the secret power will save Jeff but if it does and they do not vote out Natalie then they all deserve to lose to her.


Nat-a-lie hopes that Michele or Jordon will win HOH. She has to know that Kevin has been working Michele at this stage. If Jordon wins (like that can happen), she’ll persuade her to put Michele and Kevin up, with a view to voting out Kevin. Nat-a-lie has convinced Jordon that the responsibility for Jeff being voted out was Kevin’s fault. Jordon, unfortunately, is not very bright when it comes to strategizing or for that matter, reading people’s motives. She believes Nat-a-lie. If Michele wins the next HOH, Nat-a-lie will try the same tactic on her, only this time she’ll try to stress how useless she would be to have around, i.e., “I can’t win competitions. I won’t be any threat to you. It was always Kevin who was targeting you, etc.” I truly hope that Michele wins because Michele has been able to see through Natalie’s scheming and lies almost from the very beginning. This is why Michele walks around giggling and/or talking to herself. She’s very bright and she’s very aware of what is going on, e.g., how she and the others are being played by certain houseguests. She’s laughing to herself that they think she’s fallen for it. I think Laura caught on to Nat-a-lie’s tricks as well in the beginning and that was why she was hustled out of the house so fast. Laura would have made a fantastic houseguest had she continued in the house.

The bottom line, Nat-a-lie is already spending the prize money in her grubby little mind. She just assumes now she will be in the final two. What she is working on is making sure the person sitting next to her is disliked by the jury members so that she ends up with the $500,000. To her thinking that would mean making a deal with Michele to go all the way. She may not get the big money if she’s sitting next to Jordon or Kevin.

Kevin has already figured out the above scenario and knows he needs to be sitting next to Michele at the final two ceremony for a chance at the $500,000.


My post really isn’t related to this actually update but it has been driving me nuts how STUPID everyone in the house is that can’t figure out that Natalie has been lying about her age from the get go! If they can’t figure that out how the heck can they expect to win this game. I really like everyone left in theou se except for Natalie – I would be just fine with anyone winning this whole thing but her but come on HG’s how can you not figure this age thing out?! AND if they could have caught on a long time ago they would have realized she couldn’t be trusted because she couldn’t even be honest about her age. I mean age doesn’t measure your maturity or knowledge. I’m sure there are plenty of 18 year olds out there who are way smarter than she is – and if she was gonna lie she would watch what she said so she could keep it going.

2 examples of when they could have figured it out :

1) when Russell, Natalie and Jeff were playing poker she said “i could beat anyone of you at poker….before I came to the BB house I was sitting at a table in Vegas playing in a tournament” (UMMM, DON’T YOU HAVE TO BE 21 TO GAMBLE IN A CASINO IN VEGAS??!!)

2) in this spoiler post it says that Natalie says that she is going to drink 4 Mike’s Hard Lemonades and get drunk! Even though she is locked in the BB house, I’m pretty sure that the LEGAL drinking age is still 21 and CBS would get in some big trouble for serving alcohol to a minor – don’t you think?!?!

How can they not figure this out?!?!


I think Michelle probably knows and Kevin definitely is pretty close to realizing also.

I mean seriously ppl — CBS will cut the feeds when they talk about ppl who haven’t signed a release but are willing to expose themselves to liability for serving a minor alcohol ON NATIONAL TV?????

Last night, Jeff officially lost my vote for jury prize. I still like him and think he’s entertaining but the fact that he trusts Nat more than Mich is so infuriating, i had to shut off BBAD. Michelle (and maybe Kevin to an extent now) is the only one who sees right thru her. for that alone, Mich deserves a big prize. If M is not in the final two, she gets my vote for jury prize. (can someone in the final two win that prize also??) .


Nat isn’t a minor….she lied about her age…are you not paying attention to the show??


are you guys paying attention to the words typed in our responses?!?! we know that we are trying to see how the HG;s can’t figure it out!!! my goodness! talk about not knowing what you are talking about!!!


Are you not reading? Reading id good!!


Michelle and Brooke, you are obviously not true BB fans and watch the show faithfully or you would know that nasty Natalie is NOT 18, she has been lying and that she is actually over 21. Good job geniuses for posting a stupid remark for something you obviously know nothing about.


anonymous –
i watch every single episode and obviously follow this site. maybe you might want to re-read my post and brooke’s posting stating that it drives us crazy that no one has figured out that she is lieing about her age and that brooke thinks that michelle and kevin are starting to figure it out! WE KNOW THAT SHE IS NOT 18 BUT WISH THAT THE OTHER HG’S WOULD FIGURE IT OUT!!! DUH!! who’s the real “genius” now posting stupid remarks!!! you obviously didn’t really read my post – my very first sentence states that it drives me crazy that no one has been able to figure out that she is a liar and can’t be trusted because she has been lieing about her age since the first show. Just to let you know that I do know what’s going on from the beginning. When everyone was introducing themselves and natalie said that she was 18 Kevin replied with “o.k. we’ll talk about your real age later” so you might want to know what YOU are talking about until you post STUPID remarks!!


I’m pretty sure Michelle mentions in her post that she knows Nat is lying about her age… not so sure about Brooke.


You guys are almost as entertaining as our HGs! Anyhow, I hope that maybe the pandora’s box opened up the possibility of Russel returning to the BBH. Fans on other websites are considering the possibility because Russel’s picture is no longer grey! Food for thought.

Bully Mama

My son noticed his pic the other night, wth ???