Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie says Just be prepared, I’m going to be honest in my speech. Jordan says ..and don’t be worried if I’m not talking.

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9:40am Big Brother Time: Jordan is up and about in the kitchen, finished up a grapefruit and immediately washing her plate. Kevin is asleep in the red bedroom, and Nat asleep in the HOH. Jordan was sitting outside in the backyard with a cup of something. Big Brother says: Jordan, please go to the diary room. All cams switch to Kevin asleep in the red bedroom and Michelle asleep in pool room.
10:50am Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Michelle is putting on suntan lotion, Jordan is laying on raft in pool with her face covered; Kevin and Nat sitting on couches, they do not want to lay in sun. Nat is wearing new black top says she didn’t go to bed until 5:30am and that she enjoyed the HOH bed by herself. Kevin has on the new blue shirt and shorts. Michelle finished with lotion and is now eating a banana. No talk at this time. Nat: Yeah, I’m thinking the table. (The reason for the lock down.) Michelle: Probably going to be an eating competition. Nat: Not for 4 people, but nice try anyway. Hey, I’m safe anyway, careful, careful it’s about to bite you. Michelle: laughs… Michelle gets towel and her glass and leaves the couch. Kevin: I think I might eat some raisin brand. Nat: Be careful, there might be a dragonfly inside. Kevin: That’s you. Did you really stay up to 5:30? Nat: Yeah, it was about 5:30 in the morning. I was thinking about my bf and brought pictures of him and put them in my bed; and listening to the music made be think of him. Made everything hit home. This was the first time. Kevin is sprawled out on the pillows on couch. Nat: I thought they were going to call me to DR, and what, I can’t. Kevin: They got you Alicia Keys because we were talking about your Alicia Keys. Nat: I put it on my list either number 2 or 3. Kevin: He’s a white-white boy, does he (Nat’s boyfriend) drive a Ford truck? Nat: No, he drives a jeep. Kevin: Is is a Sahara? Nat: Yeah. Kevin: Then it’s an expensive jeep. Nat: No, it’s not expensive, he bought it used, low on miles. I think he’s like tired of it though. Kevin: Right before we came here we went shopping and I test drove a Wranger, it’s so butch. Nat: So I was thinking about my speech, Kevin: You fulfilled the deal so it’s kinda like us to the end. Nat: Like, our alliance was up at final 4, I want to get to final 2 and I’m riding with my lonesome ranger. Nat: I’m going to be like most HOH gives a speech on you’re both good competitors. I’m not going to be wussy, I’m going to tell you the truth. Kevin I nominated you for strategic reasons, Michelle I nominated you for personal reasons. I dont know, something like that.

11:30am Big Brother Time: Michelle is sitting at the new table for 4 in the dinning room. She says it will be funny for nominations, only putting in one key. Nat says you’re right only one key. Michelle: Pull one key, boom it’s over. Nat: That big box and only one key. Michelle: Hauling that nomination box from green room to here is not much fun. Nat: I can imagine. Michelle: Don’t wear heels, it’s so big. Nat: Awkward, huh? Michelle: Yeah.

Nat sitting at table eating cereal? from a bowl, Michele fixing something to all. Michelle is again cleaning the ants from Kitchen. She says the ants get in the rubber-made things. She says don’t use this counter top. Nat continues to eat as Mich cleans. In the backyard, Jordan is still floating on raft in pool. Michelle sits at the small table. Nat: I ate there just to test it out. Michelle: I’m so freak’n happy, this is nice. Nat: It isn’t overbearing. Nat goes to backyard to pool area. Jordan: Thanks for not putting me up. Nat: Everything I told you in the green room is true, I haven’t lied to you at all. I’m not going to be like most people in this game, I’m going to be honest and kinda tell them both what I feel, whether they like it or not. Jordan: I tell them “she’s honest and she always sticks to what she says” Kevin didn’t stick to his deal and I think, in the end, that’s the most important. Because what if I win I pick who goes… Nat: I know, I’m sticking to what I said. There’s nothing that anyone can do to change my mind. Jordan: Does Kevin know? Nat: No, he doesn’t know. I hinted to Mich that it was her. Jordan: She said “I’m going on the block, but act surprised”. I’m not going to get confident, because when I do it ends up being bad. So I’m going to think the worst. I’m happy for you, you got your boyfriend, your dad. Nat: It’s a very good week. Jordan: I’m afraid if it’s Kevin he’s going to evict me. Nat: No Michele is going, I want her gone and I don’t have one over the other, I want it to be one of them two, I don’t necessarily care, I know I want Michelle gone, maybe even before Kevin. I’ll wait for POV, but yeah, I want Michelle gone. Jordan: Yeah, I knew you did. Nat: If I could evict two people now it would be Michelle and Kevin. Jordan: If Kevin gets final 2… Nat: Michelle keeps saying nobody likes me, but that’s not true. Last year Dan won, it’s not about who people like, but how people play. That’s why we have a shot because we’ve done equally 50-50. It’s been proven the strategic player wins over the personal. Jordan: I agree, I would vote strategic. Don’t think anything about me being quite, I’m just trying to prepare myself for POV and everything. Nat: Yeah, I know, no worries. Jordan: It’s weird, Brain, Athlete, Popular and Off-beat! Michele called to the diary room Nat: Just be prepared, I’m going to be honest in my speech. Jordan: And don’t be worried if I’m not talking. Nat goes back into the house. Michelle comes out of diary room and Kevin goes in.
12:15pm – 12:30pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Michelle are outside in the backyard pool side talking. Michelle says Hello, Hello! Jordan says Hi! Jordan is still on her raft in pool, Michelle laying on the lounger near pool. Kevin in the bathroom shower. No one is talking now, Michelle is laying on her back now with her eyes closed. Natalie is now up in the HoH bed trying to fall asleep. Jordan is still floating around in the pool on the raft, while Michelle floats on the inner tube. Kevin is still in the bathroom getting ready for the day…..Kevin and Nat are in HOH room. Natalie is telling Kevin about the speech she is going to make to Michele. She plans on telling Michele that Natalie stands behind her Christian values. That if she (Nat) had made a deal with Michele, she would have been selling her soul to the devil (Michele) herself. Nat says she is going to say that by not taking the deal with Michele, Nat will be able to leave this game with her Christian morals, her integrity and her soul. Nat says she already told production that the nominations usually go pretty quick but because of the hefty weight of the speech Nat wants to give, it will go on longer. She says she also wants to tell Jordan that if she could nominate another person, Jordan would be up there too.

Kevin is a bit appalled at some of the things she wants to say but mostly goes along with it. He plans on coming up to Nat after nominations and telling her that he understands, it’s a game, strategic, they only had a deal till final 5, etc.
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203 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie says Just be prepared, I’m going to be honest in my speech. Jordan says ..and don’t be worried if I’m not talking.

  1. Does gnat do anything around the house? Dishes, laundry, cooking, trash, mopping for herself or for anybody else? Why do people want to do things for her – is it because she says she’s 18?

    1. I don’t think we can really expect someone who doesn’t wash their own ass on a daily basis to actually wash a dish. She has got to be one of the most disgusting excuses for a humahn I’ve ever seen. She picks her noses constantly and wipes it where ever, watching her eat makes me want to puke, she does realize there are cameras, right??

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that Pigpen was going to lecture Michele about Christian values. (!!!!) This dumb bitch is really deluded – her actions in the BB house don’t have the lightest connection to Christian values – she really has no clue!!!!!

      1. The speech will be hysterical!!
        Natalie doing this for Chima and Jesse is one thing but to protect
        her non existant Christian values is another.
        She has lost it! She has totally lost all touch with reality or she
        never had it.

        1. I wonder if when she gets a chance to watch the show, that she will see how much of an idot she looks like? And if she will see how much EVERYONE in the outside world has hated her game!

          1. No thats not how Pigpens mind works – for her to do the things she does, she has to think that she is always right and everyone else is always wrong. All you have to do is read Simon and Dawgs summaries to see how delusional she is – she reminds me of Rhoda Penmark in the Bad Seed – the cute little girl who does horrible things to people because, you know, she HAS to – what else can she do????. Pigpens mind works the same way or she could never be able to justify what she does.

    1. I was laughing when she prayed over her pizza last night and she did it for a really long time to make sure Jor and Mich noticed. I don’t recall her every praying b4

  3. “Nat: Everything I told you in the green room is true, I haven?t lied to you at all. I?m not going to be like most people in this game, I?m going to be honest and kinda tell them both what I feel, whether they like it or not. Jordan: I tell them ?she?s honest and she always sticks to what she says?.

    Oh, PUH-LEASE! Jordon is so gullible (and yes, dumb) I’m amazed she can walk around without training wheels. Gagged a bit when I read Nat-a-lie’s commment to Jordon
    that she’s not going to be like most people in this game. Actually, that’s true. No one else in that house is a despicable pathological liar.

    Precisely what I feared would happen is happening. Natalie has taken hold of Jordon again. She’s convinced her that that it was the big, bad Kevin who plotted Jeff’s demise and Jordon willingly falls for it hook, line and sinker. Jordon will follow all of Natalie’s directives (including voting Michele out) because she believes that Natalie wouldn’t lie to her.

    Still waiting for Big Brother to bring an “America Votes to Evict a Houseguest” option into play. For the sake of our sanity, do it now and get that beast out of the game.

    1. I have said many times throughout the game…

      She needs a man like Jeff as a husband…someone to guide here through life!

    2. i dont think jordan is buying it. i think she is going along with what she is saying to keep herself safe. jeff and michelle gave her good advice before he left to trust and stick with michelle. michelle and jordan made a committment to each other but also keep playing the game that pp is playing so they dont give away that they are a team.

        1. jordan would evict kevin and that would be a great present for jeff!

          i think michelle may be falling for kevins trick and evict jordan though.

          no matter what, if natalie makes it to the final 2 she knows in her head that she has the votes but i hope she gets screwed for lying about her age.

          1. Mich wouldn’t keep Kel. She thinks the only way for her to win is against Jordon (which I don’t think is true). It’s funny how distorted the HG views of themselve are…Nat thinks America loves her and she would win the JH money (she told Jordon this)..Kel and Nat think America hates Mich. Jordon thinks she wasn’t mean to Mich when she was HOH (for 2 weeks they wouldn’t talk to their alliance). and grunted when she tried to talk to them. And it seems no one should be allowed a F2 deal except Jef and Jordon.

      1. I hope you are right, but I think you are giving Jordan too much credit. Jeff told her to keep her mouth shut lots of times, but she just can’t, especially when she drinks. The only hope to pull of a finale that isn’t completely disappointing is if Michelle wins POV. Otherwise, Michelle is gone and then I won’t care who wins because none of them deserve it. Worst outcome since BB6.

  4. Good Christian Morals? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just like Jessie needed to look up the definition of the word “platonic”, Pig Pen needs to look up the definition of DELUSIONAL.

    So Anita, Pig Pen’s boyfriend, drives a jeep when she’s not in jail? Good to know.

    1. Hey, Michael Knight, please go easy tossing the name “Anita” around in that context, particularly when your post ends up being directly after mine.

      We don’t know yet who this “Anita” is that is purportedly mentioned in her father’s letter. She could be a relative.


  5. How do this week’s nominations work? Does PP get to put up one or two people for eviction? And, if it is two people, then does the non-nominated houseguest, (presumably Kevin), gets the vote to evict?

  6. My theory on how Pandora?s Box can get Jeff back and Pig Pen The Christian Right’s Advocate, out

    OK, so Julie said Pandora?s box is still in play. They?ve NEVER said what Pandora?s box?s powers are. No one questioned that money literally fell from the sky w/o any consequences. Wow, Jeff found a key and unlocked Kevin. To end it there seems dumb.

    Julie said Pandora?s box affects the HOH. In my plan, ask Pig Pen if she?d like, say $10,000 but she can?t tell her houseguests and she has to decide right now. She?s already said she?d walk out the door for $ in her hand right away. They word it so they?re not SAYING she get?s the money but that she thinks she will. Because she?s greedy they walk her right to the jury house w/o the money and the winner of the key becomes the new HOH (Jeff) and comes back in the game.

    Everyone knows Pandora?s Box is usually a bad omen so to play to her greed over her housemates and then to not actually give it to her because they ?asked? if she wanted it not say ?it?s yours? would be a play on it and she?d go balistic, which for my money would be awesome!

  7. evil dick wrote in his facebook that he might be the evil of the pandora’s box of bb11, maybe he has something to do with twist in the game?

  8. How can pp say she is a good christian. She has lied so much in this game to so many people. She thinks she is a saint. If this bitch wins I will never watch bb again. The would be awful.

      1. The rest are here bawling over Jeff and bitching about Natalie. Look at all the Natalie hate and Jeff love. These people are lunatics. The minute someone says anything nice about Natalie, 100 or more posts pop up about how great Jeff is.

        Keep typing how great Jeff is and how bad Natalie is, I’m taking names and writing you on my America’s Dumbest List.

        1. Please include yourself,for you to admit how much you worship this dirty,disgusting,smelling piece of crap.I can’t wait till she’s gone,your the first idiot i’m writing about!

  9. I can not beleave this game has came down to these CRAZY PEOPLE I MEAN CRAZY PEOPLE CLUELESS are you kidding Big-Brother we are the peoplr paying u people to make good t.v. this is not t.v. this BULL-SHIT…….. GREAT JOB BIG-BROTHER BE PROUD….STUPID ASSES….

  10. You know…. I just can’t read the feeds this week, sorry Simon and Dawg, but I just can’t.
    Reading Natlie’s lies is as bad as hearing them. I will be checking back and forth to see who was NOM (which I know) and who wins POV. I really hope Michelle wins POV and snatches the control from Nasty Natalie’s hands!

  11. I watched both interviews with Jeff and he was asked about taking Jordan to Hawaii. I think Jeff should take Jordan, bring a camera crew to film it and make it a straight to download reality show. Then look for a John Gotti parking space near the bank.

  12. that Nat makes me angry and sick….can not believe she has everyone around her believe in her lies…… manners, no morals, no decency at all!!! worthless pig.

  13. Too funny, Michael! Pig Pen always seems like she’s batting for the same team. And, on the subject, Jesse always seems a bit gay to me too. So, for him to like Nat, (who is basically a whiny boy all around), makes sense.
    Kevin and Nat just make me sick.

  14. Ok, keep reading about Pandora’s box still in play…. I don’t recall Julie saying anything about that, but I will go back and rewatch the end. You know that if something else is offered, Natalie is not going to tell or share with the other HGs.

  15. Natalie has lied to everyone…..hello!!!! 18?? and that’s just the first lie. Every time that cjick opens her mouth she lies, she cheats at pool, and chess…..Like my mom always said

    You lie you cheat
    you cheat you steal.


      1. i am not gay but have friends that are and all of them say queerven is a pimple on the face of the gay society life ( one even said he was a shit stain on the panties of life). too bad they cant just once put a normal acting gay man on this show. member lasts years gay man ( i forget his name) he was a stereotypical head swishing backstabbing queer too).

  16. More hated duo: Maggie & Ivette from Season 6 (Janelle should have won, she outplayed both of them) or Nat & Kevin?

    I remember all of America really hating Ivette & Maggie that season. Those 2 were real Bitches that season. Much like Natalie this season.

    1. I liked Maggie but couldn’t stand Ivette!! She knew Cappy for all of what, 2 weeks and was so distraught when he was voted out? Does that sound familiar????? Maggie knew him a long time and wasn’t as upset as that dumb ass Ivette. She keep going on and on about how “good” her group was versus Janelle’s group too. I’m just happy I didn’t have live feeds or BBAD during that season. LOL

  17. spolier alert:: Natalie comes out in a nuns outfit. Jordan , Kevin and Michelle are all lying at the pool. Natalie says “my children gather around I have some life lessons to teach you all” Jordan says” you gotta be kiddin” Michelle rolls her eyes and says “Is this some BB prank?” Natalie pulls a bible out from underneath the nuns habit and says” my little lamb Michelle, so so so naive’, this is no joke but Alison Groder did grant me permission to educate all of you sad lost, dishonest people left here” Kevin swishes out of the pool, adjusts his bikini top and says” oh lord mis thang done flipped her greasy headed lid!!!” Natalie hears him and says” that’s another thing Kevin you know your life choices are a sin against GOD so we will address that after I have cleansed you all of your dishonesty and show you all the light”. Natalie tells Jordan to get into the shallow end of the pool, Jordan reluctantly does so but knows she better go along with it as Natalie is HOH. Natalie proceeds to join her. she then dunks Jordan’s head into the water. she hold it down for so long that Michelle and kevin thinks she is trying to drown Jordan. (that would be another way for Natalie to win the 250.000, kill them all) Jordan starts kicking and screaming all the while Natalie is chanting ” my child my sweet innocent dumb assed child you are gonna learn it’s not okay to lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to win the show”. Jordan finally gets loose and gasps” Natalie I never did those things” Natalie says ” see another lie, why do you think Alison Grodner appointed me to be the one to cleanse all of you’s? because I am the only one who played this game and got this far without lying cheating and conniving.” she continues “alison said that was a miracle in itself”. suddenly a dark cloud appears over Natalie. A voice from above ( not the BB voice) but a “heavenly voice says” natalie may GOD strike you dead for being the most evil player that BB has ever had. Then a lightening bolt hits Natalie straight in the middle , splitting her body into 2 pieces. Kevin, Michelle and Jordan look at each other in amazement. kevin sanps a finger, shakes his head and says” no more kissin that beeitches ass”. Then alison Grodner announces in her rasping males voice “HG’s Natalie had to be expelled from BB house for violating the house rules. She was not supposed to get hit by lightening”. Kevin says” huh? was that in the rules book?” Michelle says “doesnt matter shes gone now one of us has a chance to win”. then the feed cuts to the empty pool.

    1. That’s a better story than BB is dishing out these days. Loved it. Is there another chapter entitled “Kevin gets got by God”?

  18. I hope Natalie reads all these comments on all the BB sites and finds out that 95% of the viewers of this game hate her ugly a$$! She makes me sick and I feel sorry for her boyfriend. He needs to dump her big time!!

      1. No, she got where she is because of others. As far as you liking Gnat. I guess someone has to find people who don’t take baths, cuss like a drunken sailor , walk like a plow horse and eats like a pig attractive.

  19. Now that her dumbass BFF has left the house, Jordough will now become Nasty’s lapdog!!!!…She had some nerve talking about Natalie clinging onto Jesse….She’s been clinging to Jeff from day one, and now that he’s gone she doesn’t know what to do with herself. I hope Michelle wins the POV…then Jordough goes up on the block and then hopefully to the jury house. I’m so sick and tired of listening to and watching this dumb as rocks bitch!!!…

  20. Can somebody check out a rumor for me? Rumor has it that Evel Dick has been placed under a gag order, he can’t comment on BB11 until 9/10. Supposedly this is on his Facebook page, but I don’t have an account so I can’t check it out.

    Maybe Dick will be in Pandora’s Box to torment the houseguests for a week. I would love to see him banging pots and pans to wake up these zombies, call Nat out on her BS stories that don’t add up, make them all feel the pain for their greed and pride. It would give us something to watch on BBAD. I think it’s too late to bring back a houseguest, and I don’t think it would be fair unless they were in sequester instead of the Jury House, because once they talk to each other outside the game, when there is nothing to gain or lose, they have an unfair advantage over the remaining HG. Bringing Dick back, not as a competitor, but as a pain in their asses would be a season saving twist IMHO.

    1. evil dick was brought back last season and already did that ( he woke up the cast by banging pots and pans) so I don’t think CBS will bring him back 2 seasons in a roll.

      1. Maybe, but last year he just woke everyone up. I would like to see him move in for the week. Entertain us, because there is nothing worth watching since Russell left. I know some of you loved watching Jeff and Jordan, but they made me gag. Pandora’s Box unleashed chaos. All of the seven deadly sins. Who better than Evel Dick to embody those traits and rub everyone’s noses in it? I bet he could bring Nat to tears in less than an hour. I’d pay to see that!

  21. I wish that Nat would quit talking she just goes on and on about THE SAME THING!! I think she likes the sound of her own voice…

  22. I think Natalie has lost it. She looks like the Lion from the Wizard of Oz, parading around with that long robe and crown on her head. This is hilarious. I cannot believe that Kevin is able to sit there and keep a straight face. It’s unbelievable. Michele and Jordan are so much more in touch with reality. They play an honest game. They have to be final two for that alone.

  23. Gnat still continues to be more and more repulsive each and everyday. I really hope she gets booed after she’s evicted or on the finale. I’m sure CBS tells people not to boo, but this wench deserves it. There are players players we love; players we hate, but are entertaining to watch; and there are a few players who aren’t worth a damn at all. Gnat is all lonesome just a layer below that. She CANNOT make F2.

  24. There something fishy about Natalie getting HOH. Jeff and Michele ofter her a deal about HoH for her vote to keep Jeff in and then she turn around and wins it after not winning any thing before That is kind of strange to me ..What going on there !!!!!!!!

    1. i thought the same thing. right ater jeff got it, won veto, took queerven off the block , queerven got it next time. now nastalie ( or her holy christian highness) got it right ater jeff left. very suspicious maybe alison groder fed nast some pre show answers :)

  25. There something fishy about Natalie getting HOH. Jeff and Michele ofter her a deal about HoH for her vote to keep Jeff in and then she turn around and wins it after not winning any thing before That is kind of strange to me ..What going on there !!!!!!!!

    1. Are you kidding?! It’s not like a competition they could “throw”…it was a guessing game basically. I don’t know why everyone thinks something is going on or something big is around the corner…BB is just baiting everyone so they’ll keep watching.

  26. Wow! The anticipation of the Pandora’s Box. I am still hoping that the ?Big Surprise is, that one of the HG’s get a visit to the Jury House for a day…. Can you imagine (hopefully not Nat). That would give one of the HG’s still in the game a huge advantage. After all CBS said, ?The Jury House will get a Big Surprise?.

  27. I’m living for the day that Michelle has enough and lays into PP like she’s been holding it back for three months. PP is absolutely delusional. She’s lying to so many people she believes it herself.
    Come on Michelle and Jordo, get some balls and tell this bitch what we all want to tell her. Christian values…her SOUL??? OMFG

    1. Yes I agree. I wish someone would just let her have it b/c theres nothing to lose at this point anyway. The only power PP has @ this point is to put them up for eviction…POV winner decides final 3 and she can’t win that. She got luckky on the HOH “guessing game”. If M & J stood up to her they would have all of America cheering them on and casting a vote for them….well all except the 3 Natalie supporters on this site.

  28. Since the power really lies with the POV winner this week, I will be rooting for Michele. She definitely marches to her own band but she’s been playing the game hard.

  29. as soon as jeff walked out of the house last night he got a standing ovation from the audience and julie told him that has never happened. so all you jeff haters out there on this site….there must be something wrong with you cause america and the audience love jeff. i mean a standing ovation??? come on. did anyone watch the interview with jeff and ross alexander? jeff explains why he became the way he did and why he said the things about michele that he did. as anyone can imagine, it had everything to do with being in that house 24/7 with people you don’t really like who get on your nerves and you can’t really get away from them. it is so easy for any of us to place judgements on any of the HG’s because we aren’t in there. i mean come on….we all know that in our own everyday lives people we live with or work with can drive us nuts and we have lots of nasty things to say about them. jesse and russell both told lydia they would have voted for jeff had he gone to final 2, what does that tell you about jeff and his game? stop having so much hate for this people. it wastes so much energy. i do have to tell you there were 7 of us together watching BB last night knowing jeff was leaving and as soon as julie was done talking to him the tv was turned off and we all just went about whatever we were going to do. the show no longer is or was of interest to us anymore. i can come on here and read a few things from what simon and dawg post, but other than that i am done with BB until finale. i hope beyond all hope that natalie does not win. she tells jeff as he hugs her goodbye she does keep her word…..i just can’t take her, especially now. i am done and will love to see finale night with the jury house and all the HG’s together. i hope K & N do not make it to the end. but if they do it will just be another ending like with june and allison. this season has been a weird one. does anyone else think that by BB starting it out with the clique’s it messed up the season? i didn’t like that twist at all and the year they did the couples, did death do us part, i didn’t like. i feel they should go in and play for themselves and go from there. :-)

    1. If the show is no longer of any interest to you then stop reading the posts here also. No matter what twist CBS had (cliques or not) people wouldn’t have liked it. Jeff didn’t make the game. That game is still going on.

      1. why is it ok forNatalie to lie every time she draws a breath but Michele nominates a bitch that goes nutso and actually leaves the game because she is spoiled rotten and didn’t get her way, and thats wrong?? O pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuease

      2. Of course Nat has stuck by her Christian morals and her hands don’t have blood on them b/c she is the ONLY one to keep her integrity in tact….NOT…pls, Nasty Natis the MOST evil in the house…Evil is as Evil Does

    2. Lynn I dont think it so much Jeff hating as the fact that his supporters have such massive blinders on. He misjudged and continues to misjudge all the HGs. He’s not a tolerant person and what Russ has said was game play Jeff chooses to see as who Russ truly is again an example of Jeff’s lack of judgement. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy just not as great a guy as so many seem to think. The fact that that Russ and Jessie can leave the crap in the house behind and possibly vote for Jeff shows that they are much bigger men then he as he continues to bad mouth them even after its all over. In that same interview Jeff says that Russ makes him sick. Thats a bit harsh and if he had been thinking with the right head he and Russ would have had the final two deal not Jeff and the bimbo who can’t win anything if her life depended on it.

    3. Standing ovation or not, Jeff is out. That’s the only thing that matters and get off your high horses: who are you to speak in the name of America?

        1. No doubt was in reply to Bye Bye Jeff. Its a given he’s rather get $500 Gs than a standing O. Who wouldn’t? Doesn’t matter if you’ve got $ coming in the future. A half mil is a half mil.

    4. Lynn, I’ve seen some of your posts and you’ve had just as much hate as you claim others have had. So, get over that. And as far as the standing ovation goes, of course he’s going to get one. CBS has edited him to look like white knight. They haven’t shown any of the REAL Jeff. If they had, I guarantee you he wouldn’t have received a standing ovation. Interesting how they’ve hyped that Kevin broke his promise and went back on his word to Jeff, but haven’t even mentioned the fact Jeff did THAT SAME THING to other people in the game. Accept the facts, quit watching (no one cares), and move on.

  30. Here we go again! Why is it when these people get HOH their heads swell up. Its almost like they think they have been nominated president of U.S. Natalie was already out of control now this is going to turn her into a double monster. They will probably have to wait on her hand and foot. She will probably end up with all of Michelle’s new clothes. Jordan will turn into her personal maid and Kevin will be her lap dog and manicurist.

  31. I agree with lynn completely.. way to say it.. I turned my TV off right after he left.. I can’t watch Nat for the next week !

  32. i have a question for anyone out there, Natalie puts up kevin and michelle then jordon wins the veto and takes off michelle who is the replacement if the hoh and pov cannot be put up? Also isn’t Jordon vote the only one that counts if kevin and michelle are on the block? Jordon will for sure send kevin packing a gift for Jeff. He can’t be that sure that he will win the POV, I think Natalie is blowing smoke up his ass.

    1. If Jordan wins the POV and Kevin and Michele are on the block – Jordan doesn’t do anything. She is the sole deciding vote to evict and she can just choose – it’ll be Kevin in revenge for Jeff.

    2. Thats why POV is so important this week. The POV is the only one to cast a vote and basically gets to say who gets to go home. If Jordan wins, no one comes off the block, she just votes for the person she wants to go home and they do.

    3. i think she either “tryin to get him out for real”, or “blowin smoke up michelle and jordan’s ass and will put them up instead” …because she is really goin on blind faith that either she or kevin is gonna win POV, they must not realize when michelle’s back is against the wall she plays her hardest in POVs anyways i hope kevin does go this week not for jeff (because jeff did that to himself for gettin out russel too soon) but i wanna see how much natalie falls when she has NOBODY to carry her in the game

    4. What would be the point of Jordan taking off anybody? She’s the only one with a vote, so she’d just not use the veto and vote out Kevin.

  33. The producers have told Pigpens 1 and 2 to stop messing with Michele – sounds like they are pretty fed up with these two as well!!!!!

      1. They are talking about stealing her tennis shoes and clothes, pillow and blanket. Just being the fine Christian she claims to be.

    1. you people are so pathetic. Everytime someone you dont like wins, or a person everyone likes gets sent home, we have to endure this stupid BS. It was a QUESTION contest that nobody could see each other. BB didnt make anyone pick anything. How the eff would they cheat in a question challenge when you make up your own mind on fact or fiction? Get over it. Nat won Hoh fair and square.

    2. That was her game play. To not win a thing and be in the ear of everyone else and tell them what so do. Some how it worked and all these people, Jessie, Chima, Ronnie, Jeff, and Kevin have listened and pretty much did what she wanted them to do with out having any blood on her hands. And the only way she will have blood on her hands this week is to have POV. I do believe you have to lie in this game but to lie about how old you are and that you have no college education is just wrong. I don’t believe anything she has said in the house is true and she is plaindisgusting.

    3. So you think Michelle/Jordan purposely got the last question wrong, and knew what number Natalie was guessing in the tiebreaker?

  34. Why dont we boycot CBS and BBAD for the next week. Let their rating plummet and they’ll know exactly how we feel about PP; she is nasty and disgusting, that I cant stand to watch a week of her chewing like a cow! I am only coming on this site to see whats been going on, but I cant stomach a whole week of her and her nasty walk, disgusting talk, and vile personal hygeine…or lack there of…..she is repulsive & her crotch is rancid….

    1. So what are we going to do, only have sweet pretty people on the show? What the hell. It’s a game. Sometimes a nice person will win, sometimes an asshole. Just like it should be.

  35. it shows how truly evil you are when you use “religion” as an excuse for doing dirt, natalie says “she stands by her christian values” if that was true she wouldn’t have done anything she has done in the game because thats actually against traditional christian values , russel,ronnie, and natalie are gonna burn for it…… i know thats her game just sayin you don’t play around with that shit unless you mean it, that shit comes back to haunt you

  36. First, I think Nat threw more competitions than she lost to keep her hands clean. I don’t think she sucks as bad as what we have see. Second, the tie breaker was designed for Nat who has counted everything in that house. I am not saying it was rigged, though. Too bad Michelle second guessed herself. I do think that BB needs to change up the competitions and not follow the same formula every year. It sucks that the HG can anticipate the kind of competition and prepare for it. Hell, if they gave me the job I would mix it up so none of them had any idea what to expect. It’s been pretty boring watching them count things and make calendars. I would also like to see instead of slop and HN that houseguests compete to not have to do the chores around the house, and the losers have to do dishes, sweep, wash floors, launder bedding and towels, with penalty votes for not doing a good job. This would probably help with the ant problem.

    1. i highly doubt that she threw any competitions she plain sucked at everything they had to do “physical-wise” it would make no sense at all to throw competitions when there was no guarantee that she would be safe, thats why her strategy relied so much on being “carried” by everyone, because she knew she wouldn’t get far otherwise

  37. I like Jeff, but dude is a fecking imbecile. Still goes around trashing Michelle, calling her a liar, etc, and still goes around calling Russell a douchebag. Jeff just doesn’t get it…he’s someone totally clueless about who his friends should be or shouldn’t be. He still has a hard-on for Nastalie, thinking she’s someone true to her word.

  38. How dare that nasty little slimy skinned supposedly female Nastalie call herself a
    Christian ! She is about as far removed from being a Christian as anything I have
    ever known ! She’s a lying, low-rent, low-life scumbag of a person ! ! ! I wish her the
    WORST of luck !

  39. OK, admittedly, I haven’t read every single thing. But, I’m missing two important things here. I read that on the program Julie said the Pandora’s box would continue. I missed that, I was just finishing dinner and had the volume up and thought I heard everything, but I don’t remember hearing that. Can someone elaborate? Second thing, how did Jessie and Lydia find out Nat is 24?

    1. Jesse and Chima knew her true age. PP had told them while they were still in the house. I assume Jessie told Lydia, same as he just told Russ.

    2. Nasty told Jesse she was really 24. Julie did say there was more to come with the secret door/Pandora’s box, bit don’r remember her exact words.

  40. As much as I hate PP’s tactics, she’ll need to win this money to buy herself a brand new life. From the sounds of the letter from her dad, he asked her not to sell herself to devil (at any cost) to win the 500k. Her boyfriend wasn’t mentioned at all, she might what to buy one of those too. Lastly, she might want to buy herself some integrity when she claims she is upholding her Christian values.

  41. if we have to listen to nasty the nut bar talk 1 more time about her speech nominations wearing KEVINS CROWN and wearing her robe we are going the big brother house and evict her ourselves, She’s really lost her damn mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. me too, she the only one that has earned it….but the jury house is extremely biased towards her because team jessie hated her and most of that team is in jury house…. they should, be forced to choose based on gameplay and competition wins…..

  42. looks like queerven may be the next to go to the JH. ha its like an order at this point. nast already told him she has to put him up and he will have to win the POV ( so Jord can then go up) but that is a 50 -50 chance right? does nat play POV also or is it just queer, jord and mich?

    1. not quite 50-50 because michelle has the bigger chance of winning so it’s like 60% michelle 10% jordon and 30% kevin…. michelle is a BEAST in competitions when her back is against the wall

    2. They all play POV so he has a 25% or 1 in 4 chance. If Nasty wins the POV and leaves Kevin on the block Jordan gets to send him home.

  43. OK — think about this —- Do you think that “Anita” could be Natalie’s daughter? Think about it . . . She most certainly told her family that she was going to lie about her age. So, since they knew she was going into the game as being “18” they could only write in code for her HOH letter. I think that I saw someone on an earlier post state that Natalie had a daughter. What do you think??

  44. Jeff showed once again that of all the evictees, except maybe Jessie, he is the biggest tool ever. His interviews were full of trash talk about the others. Russell got backdoored and betrayed, and he took it with good humor and class because once he walked out the door he knew it was game over and was able to separate the game from real life. Jeff has a chip on his shoulder. He still thinks that he didn’t make any mistakes except trusting Kevin and not winning POV. Well, sorry Jeff. You made lots of mistakes, the first one was trusting people that never had your back, that held grudges against you and made up the most ludicrous lie when their backs were against the wall. You made a mistake sending Lydia home instead of Nat or Kevin. You backstabbed your ally, but you whine because Kevin who was your enemy sent you out of the game. Even Jessie was able to leave the game in the house, but not Jeffie boy. He got handed the win by America and he threw it away. Glad he is gone and I can’t wait to see him arrive at the Jury House and find that he is the only one holding a grudge. Also can’t wait til the others tell him what a schemer Nat is. Lydia will tell him about the LML and that’s when he will realize that he is one of the biggest idiots in BB history.

    1. Jeff spent weeks trash talking everyone in the house, and his supporters defended him by saying it was because of the house … “you’d go nuts too if you were in that house” etc. He was showing his true lack of character while he was in the house, and he’s still showing it. He pointed at everyone else and called them names, made fun of them, and made bad moves. Truly shows that when you point one finger at someone else, you should point two back at yourself. Jeff is just doing what he normally does, and that’s rationalize his behavior and place the blame on everyone else. It pisses me off that CBS edited out all the despicable things he said and did in the house. He was insecure where the good players were concerned, and the proof is in his inability to let it go and see his own stupidity. Jeff only hates Russ because Russ stood up to him and Russ acted like a real man. Jeff is just a wanna be man.

  45. Talk about an insecurity complex…Nat wins the prize – yes NAT – YOU WIN YOU WIN YOU WIN – that’s all you care about anyway is winning anything…attention, a chess game, badminton shuttlecock that you can’t hit for the life of you (hit underhand duh), whatever it is. I guess no one ever explained to her that winning a damn pool game doesn’t mean squat in life. True winners aren’t cocky. They are humble. They win because they know they did the right thing and are true to themselves. These are things that Nat can’t ever comprehend. Go ahead and lie and steal a shirt or saran wrap a toilet. You won the prize of looking ridiculous. Congratulations Nat – YOU WIN!!!!

  46. I must admit I am still hooked on BB, however I will not support CBS/AG and watch the shows, instead I am getting my info from this website, THANK YOU MATT/DAWG. I will watch again when I know that Gnat will FINALLY get her just dues, and gets booted out. Still rooting for Michelle, GO MICHELLE, win the big bucks. God bless and guide you to the finish. You truly deserve it.

  47. Dear gnat’l’lie,
    I’m pretty sure lying nonstop, stealing, coveting everyones shit, and treating your body like a canvas for stench and filth are not Christian values. As explained by your father in his letter to you he is obviously as disgusted as most of us are by your actions. Also I believe you should have been eliminated from the hoh competition because you took way too long to write down your answer. When Julie has to say ” I need your answer” more than once that player should be automatically eliminated.( that being you in this case) I know I know it took you longer to add up the cans in your malicious pea brain because you ran out of fingers and toes to count on but really you should have been disqualified. You cheated again and really didn’t win shit.
    P.s. I talked to chima and she doesn’t even know who you are, she just always assumed there was a dead mouse in the room. Much hate…mr. Pickles

  48. Running a little behind today everyone.. Something cam up and Dawg had to leave early, Nominations are going on right now i’ll start updating from here on in

    1. Gee Simon–you mean guys actually have a life and aren’t at our beck and call every minute—what’s up with that?? Oh whops I watched a few minutes of the feeds and got natiliezed sorry……I don’t know how you couldn’t take a break from listening to scheming…Kevin wanted to do something to Michelle’s contact solution and dr evidently nixed it. Why do they think messing with Michelle is going to get to her–it hasn’t worked yet. K/Gn are true losers.. they actually do epitomize all the evil from Pandora’s box. Thank you for all you and dawg do. You two are amazing.

  49. i have 4 girls,,36,,33,,,30,,and be happy if they won but NOT at the price of our family looking like liars, cheats, backstabbers, and to hurt people[ red dye in food,destroy others things,contact eye solution] nasty is always looking at the rule this stuff allowed??i cant believe bb would want people hurt. this is my 1st yr. so i don’t know .my kids think im tooo much into this and are ready to call a shrink..but i actually turned off sho2/bbad and went to sleep. does anyone know any of the rules???will nasty get away with all this..and chiapets lapdogs.jordan is upset for russel calling her fat…how about stupid,big,fat,cookie dough sucker. call the cookie monster, he just lost his game..

    1. I believe that Natalie and Kevin’s behavior has far surpassed anything that could be considered in the realm of “gameplay”. The things they want to do are not just childish, they are vicious. How Natalie could read that letter from her father, who seems like such a nice man after seeing him on the phone call with her, I bet he is truly upset with her behavior. Forget acting like an “18” year old, she’s acting like a six year old. And Kevin, who I used to like, is no better. I have been a J/J fan all along, but also feel that Michelle is extremely intelligent and deserves to win the game. I also believe that if Jordan should be in final 2 and get the $50,000 should would be extremely grateful for it. Natalie has this sense of entitlement…like demanding Kevin’s clothes from the luxury competition and looking through Michelle’s clothes when she wasn’t around. It’s hard to believe she really IS 24. She has been an embarrassment to both her family and her boyfriend and I do not consider her deserving of one dime from BB.

      As for continuing to watch the show, ultimately I’m a BB fan (actually addicted to reality TV…nice to get a break from Grad school and personal issues for a little bit!) and as much as I think Jeff was a great guy I plan on watching to the end. I must say, as someone who has always prided themselves on being a good judge of character and first impressions, after watching his interviews with Julie and Ross, I am even more impressed by what an amazing, truly decent person he is.

  50. Natalie has been playing the game and everybody since day one. The first HOH she was in the top 3 and decided not to be strong so people won’t target her.She is the biggest schemer this season. She lies and so does everybody else. Michelle is being praised for what? doing the same thing Natalie does. Michelle is just as nasty and lie but she is on a throne?Her lies caught up up with her.HGs are stupid Natalie lies and no one seems to call her out like michelle. Natalie was a target earlier and managed to con those idiots. She is playing the game so quit getting attach and watch and learn how people are . Natalie and kevin is the only two who has not turned on or changed alliance for the entire show, michelle has change so many times and backstabbed everybody. don’t care who win this is the worst season ever.

    1. she didnt “decide” to not be strong-she isnt strong. she is a cheater, on the show and in real life. she cant even play pool or chess without cheating. it has been seen many times on the feeds.

      she also is a liar and a thief. there is nothing she wont do.

      shes a big talker, and those who talk do not do.

    2. You are just as delusional about Nat as she is about herself. Get a grip, watch BBAD and then talk. She is a cheater, thief, liar, skank that would have cheater on her boyfriend had it not been on TV. TRUST! Yet, she tries to claim Christianity on her side… Christians out to be ashamed of her!

  51. why the hell has everyone been saying their gonna stop watching because Jeff is gone?? grow up! I was rooting for Jeff too but that’s the way it goes. It’s like saying you’re never gonna watch jeopardy again because ken jennings was your favorite contestant and he ultimately lost. and i seriously doubt he’s coming back – the last time someone came back, didn’t they keep the group of possibles isolated from interviews and stuff? jeff’s been doing a few interviews…the next time you see him will be in the jury house.

    1. I can’t speak for everyone but I think we are saying we don’t want to watch after Jeff left is because there is no excitement left in the game. Watching Natalie gloat is no idea of fun. She is one of the most annoying people BB has ever had. I LOVE BB and was so hooked like to the point of obsessed (LOL) and for the first time today this is the first time I even came to the site to check I had no desire or excitment to even see what is going on. After Dark was so boring I fast forwarded through the whole thing. My point it’s not that Jeff left it’s the characters who are left. Not good casting at all with Natalie and it’s proven by the amount of hate and disappointment that America has towards her. It was fun to see Jeff and Jordan interact and the excitement of someone with good intentions and morals to actually win and beat the liars.

      1. Since Jeff left and Natalie winning HOH this site has seen a HUGE decrease in traffic :( (Seriously its massive never seen a drop like this before in the last 4 seasons) I’m sure at this rate if Kevin and Natalie are final 2 few people will even watch the finale, like when Maggie and Ivette were final 2. I remember I didn’t even watch the finale that year.

  52. I can only imagine what production people behind the walls must be going through, witnessing Natalie’s acting out. They must have to be restrained from going through the one way mirrors. I wish Jeff would come back to ruin Natalie’s HOH reign.

  53. I think the Gnat was looking for some sort of clue in the letter. But since it was written shortly after they enter, she and her dad’s plan fell through. I was looking to see if anything sounded strange like the twistee comment of the phone call from home she won.

    1. Nat I lie obviously learned how to lie, cheat ,steal, not be clean at her her daddy’s knee because he raised and catered to her for 24 years…..How sad.

  54. I saw a 15 sec promo on CBS this morning during the Price is Right (I know I watch too much tv). It said Pandora’s Box is not over and there is something from the Jury house in it! Please let it be Russel or Jeff! Yeah!!! Anybody else hear, read or see anything about this? I have been looking all over the CBS site and see nothing.

    1. Last night at the end of the show Julie announced that there was more to pandora’s box and that this time it will definitely affect the game. Doubt anyone will come back though now that they have done interviews etc… I just hope it is something that knocks Nat or Kevin right on their a$$. Oh so very bummed about Jeff but have no doubt that lots of good things are in store for him.

  55. Why is everyone ALWAYS bashing Natalie?! At first I didn’t like her, I admit, but now I do. I’m sick and tired of everyone making comments about her and calling her Gnat and Nasty and Nastylie and so on…
    I’m pretty sure none of you know her in real life. So just because you see her do things in the house doesn’t mean that’s how she is in real life. Everyone is different and for everyone to bash her because she’s more of the “tomboy” type isn’t right. I think she’s very pretty!

    And as for Jordan, everyone calling her fat? HA, I would love to see what you look like. Jordan is far from fat. She is also verrry pretty! Sorry simon and dawg, I had to voice my opinion.
    Thanks for all you do!

    and let the replies begin…

    1. natalie is the lowest form of human being. shes not that pretty and any ounce of pretty she has is gone as soon as she talks, walks, eats, etc.

      she is exactly who she is in real life.

    2. I dislike Natalie, but she IS playing a game to win $500,000. I would love to be on this show, but at what expense? I’m sure I would look different in the BB house than I do in “real life”. No, I don’t know Natalie, don’t care to. She is a schemer, but that’s what this game is about. If she’s in the final two, no matter who else is there, she will win.

    3. but she is a pig pen, and a nasty liar. You couldn’t pay me enough guaranteed money to act like her, never mind act like that for just a chance at big cash. Now for the rest of her life she will be looked at by people all around her and they will judge her based on her actions in the BB house. While we don’t know her personally, she has decided to portray herself as a liar, cheater, and despicable person, and that is how she will be known now. If I ever met Chima or Natalie, I would ask them how they could be such stupid, pathetic people. Whether you like it or now, they will be judged for their actions inside the house, and not just by people who comment here, but by majority of the people she encounters during the rest of her life. And if what’s been said about the Nasty having a child named Anita, it makes a lot of sense and is just another nail in her coffin. The remaining 3 HGs with her will be forever judged as idiots if they allow her to make it to final 2, and the jury will have the same problem is she does make it to final 2 and gets the votes. The most disappointing season ever. The only saving grace left for this year is if Michelle gets to final 2 and takes it home. She’s the only one who deserves to. And yes, she’s lied, but not nearly as much as pig pen, but they all have to lie at some point and it’s how you do it. I always have said that it’s those who preach the most who should be looked at the closest. Nata”lie” preaches honesty and values and integrity and christianism even, and lies worse than any houseguest ever has. She’s a shameful person who in my opinion is a waste of opportunity and oxygen. Almost any other person in the world would have been a better casting choice than her. Whoever it is who said they think she’s pretty must have some self-esteem issues to find her attractive in any way. Desperado!!

  56. Oh and, anyone who is gonna stop watching cuz Jeff is gone are DUMMMMMBASSES!
    So what?! Its part of the game, people get EVICTED!!!!
    Deal with it.

    1. lmao..are you serious..\
      Guess what, I know Jordon in real life..and she really is a idiot and she strips for money…
      I mean you see how easy it is for someone to CLAIM they know someone ONLINE and bash them and make up lies..OMG you must be a idiot to believe those “sources” I mean but, this disturbed natalie needs help…smacking in the mic, picking her nose, cheating at chess, and scheming in the game…someone call the Police..
      forget the murderers and rapists and all the child molesters..forget those who rob banks and actually “steal”..this woman right here is the real Disturbed one..lower than human you guys call her..yeah..I agree I dont know any women who use the term shank in their everyday vocabulary…like Natalie does..for that matter..I also dont know any men who uses the terms “Homo” “Faggot” “C***sucker” in their everyday vocabulary know like Jeff does!!!

  57. Jeff said in his interview with Ross Mathews that if Jordan wins the 500 he would definitely think about taking her to Hawaii. How arrogrant! If she wins she can take herself. As fine as Jeff is i am sure he has a girlfriend or 2 thats why he wouldnt commit to taking Jordan. When someone asked him if he was going to bring his old girlfriend to the Big Party he said he might because she would like that Jordan looked a little hurt so i think Jeff was not serious about Jordan but if she wins the big bucks i think he will instantly fall in love.

  58. The reason Natalie acts the way she does is because she wants her own spinoff reality show. I have heard her say more than once that after being on BB the doors are open for you. Maybe her show will be called DIGGER GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! Well come to think of it they all love to pick their noses!

  59. Kudos to you all for watching the feeds and updating the site. It must be quite annoying with Stinky constantly talking about the same thing over and over and over and over. And, of course, her dirty ways and crude eating habits don’t help either. Her and Kevin are quite vicious!! I’ve watched BB every season, and so I know that lying is a huge part of this game, but I have never seen 2 people sit and scheme and set up lies like this before. I think Kevin and Natalie have taken things too far!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!

  60. How is this for a lie. Not only is Natalie lying about everything but her dad is in out it too. They talked in code when she won the phone call home. That was quite obvious. Then in her letter he mentioned Anita. Guess who Anita is? Yep……Natalie’s daughter. He knew she lied about her age so he couldn’t say anything about a daughter. Natalie doesn’t have a boyfriend but she has a “babies daddy” who dumped her a long time ago. They only started speaking a few months before the show started. She was looking for clues in the letter but there were none because production “got got” once by the code talk in the phone call so they screened the letter big time. You could tell Natalie was pissed when there were no hidden clues in her letter. Christian values my ass. She’s going to burn in hell if she doesn’t watch out.

  61. Does anyone know what really happened with Pandora’s box #2? I DOUBT they would let her baby daddy into the house. But, who knows. She prolly took $20k and the house will find out about it on Tuesday, with the live show. I am so glad that M/J seem to be together. Can’t wait for K/N to get blind-sided. Their time at the Jury house will be short too, so not much money for that! Douches always get GOT! It is their time now!

  62. Natalie & Kevin are the meanest players this season. They are more than playing the game., they are so disgusting & vindictive. I pray that we see Kevin & Natalie booted from the house. Go Jordan & Michelle. :)

  63. Anythime and everytime anyone brings in their version of Christian values, you can plan on it, they don’t have them and probably don’t even know what they are…….so forget that. When someone constantly reminds you of their “intergrity” and honesty and say, trust me”…….don’t.
    She badgers that guy for his clothes and as stated, lusts after the others winnings and plots on how to get them. How is it that when her team backstabbed or just evicted someone, it’s the Game. When the other side does it, they are the Devil incarnate. I kept hoping after comments were made that her classmates looked older, that someone would perhaps find a date on a photo or that school toy? “your friend looks older.”
    ” No she doesn’t” answers the liar. YES she does and the first night Kevin disbelieved it when you said you were eighteen, altho I can’t recall his exact comment.
    When CBS permitted her to do that, all bets were off and she feels that anything she can connive or scheme is ok. I too, believe she has a baby. Unless Anita is the dog… Maybe this is how CBS is throwing clues to the other players only they’re just don’t get it.
    So, she cannot play for POV, . Now Kevin and Michele are put up. One wins and takes self off the block. Jordon is backdoored? Who votes? Only one can vote, the POV winner. which hopefully, is Michele. who keeps Jordon. … What am I missing here? The two on the block play and whomever takes themselves off is replaced with Jordon? Who votes then? I don’t understand how this game winds up. Natalie swears she’s evicting Kevin…….He has to win the POV, or it is Michele, Jordon and Natalie. How do they rid themselves of the thrid wheel?
    Just so it’s Michele or Jordon if need be..( she was carried, but is a nicer human than Kevin or Natalie, if this word can be applied to any of these weirdos
    Just hate to see a gangster, ghetto, nasty, foul-mouthed, unwashed liar win. Well, then again, she might hook up w/ Evel Dick. There is that hope………..
    Someone explain please. Who does she really want to take with her? No one obviously, but there will be two. So Kevin goes. Have final three…….how is the third wheel evicted?
    I am losing my mind and cannot figure this out anymore……….help me! someone!

  64. I’ve read everyone’s comments and thought them through and have come to give my honest opinion about everything going on in the BBH. Bottom line I feel as if the show really didn’t start getting good until towards the end. Drama really wasn’t there all show, well (loud mouth, unappreciative, spoiled sport, bratty acting Chima) was only .00005% of it. Through it all it turned out decent, I guess. I read a blog on here about Little Nate (Gnat) taking too long with her answer in the HOH competition and actually that person (blogger) was correct, Little Nate should have been disqualified because rules are rules and clearly she took advantage of Julie on that one. BB has to realize that in a Show at this degree of competitiveness, everything is being micro managed by each and every viewer whom pushes all things aside on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays just to get their bi-weekly dose of the game that NOTHING can afford to be overlooked or let slip through the cracks and if that means getting on Julie about letting Little Nate give her answer when she (Little Nate) feels then so be it. I wanted to see anyone but Jessie or Little Nate win but I wouldn’t step outside my character if things didn’t go my way. Yes I get fired up and act “Game Crazy” also but some things about the game shouldn’t be looked over, such as RULES. I think BB1 and BB8 were the best and honestly BB11 came in 13th Place BEHIND LAST PLACE. Not enough drama and besides a little Jeff here and a little Casey there, there were no naturally funny characters on BB11! Okay now in my Game Opinion, Jeff should be rewarded in some way for findind the key for the 1st Pandora’s Box, and I’m not saying it has to be his re-assertion into the game. Little Nate should be disqualified from HOH for taking her time in giving an answer and for people like Chima, BB is the leading cause of addiction to Reality TV today and should not have to keep putting up with constant unappreciative adolescent acts before they put someone off the show. BB does not need people with her character so why put up with it! I remember the show she (Chima) was called to the Diary Room many times because of her attitude and ASKED to wear her microphone of many occasions also. She talked soooo disrespectful and shot the bird at the people who called her to the Diary Room. I can understand the first few times but come on now, you guys should have thrown her immature thinking she’s all that butt out after ASKING the second time. After all what does America and the rest of the world see the name BIG BROTHER as? Either act
    like it or change the name. I love the show buy come on now you guys are slipping and plus I’m trying my best to be on the show if I can ever find out how to submit…. So let’s get it right. Gotta go for now but love everyone’s postings and I will stay tuned. D.J.

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