Big Brother 11 SPOILERS: NEW commercial with the cast and Jessie! Looks like DRAMA already!!


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The live feed streaming 100% uncensored video of the Big Brother house will begin right after the premiere airs on the westcoast around 9pm PST.? Get ready, from the promo commercial above it looks like this season is going to be backed with fights, drama, and nudity!!
Don?t miss anything this season, with the ?New Flashback? feature if you miss any of the action while you are away at work or not at your computer, you can NOW jump back in time on the live feeds to see all the action!! Here at we?ll report all the action that goes on and at what time in the Big Brother house throughout the day and then all you have to do is login to your live feed account and Flashback to that time and watch all the action for yourself!!! What could be better than that, no more wasting time watching the live feeds when nothing is happening!!!
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