Big Brother 11 SPOILERS: Jessie is the 13th house guest and the first HoH!!

Big Brother 11 just PREMIERED on the Eastcoast!!??? Watch the first 3 DAYS of Big Brother 11 for FREE!!


The 4 former houseguests that entered the Big Brother 11 house to compete in an Endurance wedgie competition were:

For the Athletes: Jessie
Popular Kids: Jessica
Nerds: Brian
Off Beats: Cowboy

The Big Brother 11 house guests were all hung up with underwear and wedgie’d while the former house guests watched their cliques with Julie Chen. Whose ever clique outlasted was the winner and the 13th house guest to enter the BB11 house once again. The winner is Jessie and so he gets another chance at the half million dollars!!? Jessie joins the athletes clique. Jessie won the competition and is the 13th houseguests and automatically the first HoH.

Here’s a funny video of Jessie after he won HoH before and the tv show The Soup made fun of him.

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Bad start to what could have been a good season – Jessie? Do we need more of that posturing self-entered little weasel?


Was I the only one rooting for Brian? -At least it wasn’t Evil Dick coming back, although I could do without Jessie.


Brian or Jessica would of been better but Jessie is better than Cowboy


I wanted Brian or Jessica to go back in too! I can’t stand Jessie.


OMG i hate Jessie. Jessica was my first pick and than Brian, but any of them would have been better than Jessie. I mean America voted him out last season so what makes them think that America would want him to come back this season.