Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Casey Exposes Laura’s Twitter Account “you can find her on www.twitter.these things are enormous”

BiG Brother 11 Spoilers

12:10am BackYard All the houguests are together. Jessie tells them that he had the chance to tweet in the Diary Room, “They brought in a laptop”. Jessie says his tweet was “people here are way better than last year” more “kind hearted” people. They start doing a fashion show while Casey is narrating.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Braden is the first to model Casey being the MC comments “if Braden won the money that he’d spend the money on hair products”. Laura is the next to model showing off her implants, Casey says “if she wins the money that she’s going to spend the money on an ass”, “”you can find her on www.twitter.these things are enormous”. Next up is Jordan, “she’s from North Carolina,she’s got a hornet in her pants,I will sell her phone number for $1000,she likes her men in backward baseball caps” Ronnie is next “he’s a high school teacher, his secret side job is a secret agent,he’s in training at club de Jessie,with those glasses he can see all of y’all naked”. Michelle is up, has a purple hoddie on and is shaking her ass “works in a lab in Pasadena,paid for her college degree by stripping” Chima walks in casey jokes “Chima says she only dates rich men, is
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
anyone surprised?”, “she goes to the mall with her man’s black american express card”. Lydia is next “I wear my sunglasses at night,comes from sunny CA,she’s got a tattoo on every corner,if she wins today she’ll get her privates pierced for the eighth time, it’s Thursday night, ladies in free in lingerie.” They convince Russell to walk down “Russell comes from the golden gate bridge where he tried to jump off 3 times, and he likes all girls”,”the only man in the house that can whip yo’ ass with a teaspoon, take it off,take it off, 3 words-the-love-muscle. Jessie decides to give them a show and he walks down the “runway”. Casey says “put your hands together for Mr. beefcake himself”, “you might recognize him from season 10,he’s about to show you 10 right now,if he wins today he’s buying protein powder,he’s got the key to your hear,make some noise for Jessiee.”
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
12:45pm Lydia and Jordan are talking game. They both agree that they can’t talk to Russell anymore “He goes back and forth”. Jordan asks if Lydia thinks Natalie is going to try and get them out? I don’t know. If you were to leave I would lose it. You’re my best friend in the house. Michele is a floater. Natalie’s going to stay with the guys. You can’t trust her she playing this game. They will target us for some stupid reason like we’re blonde and one of us has amazing boobs and the other one has little ones but whatever. Lydia says Kevin is a great person but but he’s insecure and will break soon. She sates that the strongest players are herself, Jordan, Braden, Jeff, Casey, Russel.They both laugh at Natalie haveing a crush on Jessie.
Lydia says next week when I win HOH I am putting Natalie up for sure. Lydia says we have to be aloof and like “whatever about things” around natalie, michelle and russell, we will just play dumb blonds. Jordan says “If you win POV he has to put up Kevin or Casey ” Lydia brings up that Jessie can put someone from Jordons group up (hinting Natalie) Lydia smiles “It would be so cool for Natalie to go. We would have so much fun ” Lydia says she wants Natalie to be on the block. She wants her or Jordan to win HoH and put her up.
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Killer K

Glad to see this site again for BB11…..


Welcome back to another great season. I look forward to chatting with everyone and hearing the different opinions…I will set-up my 24hr feed tonight..I’m soo excited…Thank you onlinebigbrother for doing this again…..