Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Kevin says I’m trying to get Michelle to take us two, so I’m acting like you & I don’t have a deal, that I don’t trust you, & that you’re withholding shit from me..

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10:50pm Big Brother Time: In the red bedroom, Natalie rereads part of her letter from her dad “It would be good to win $500,000 but not at any cost. Make good decisions” Now they are back downstairs, ready for a fashion show. Natalie says to kevin you have a straight mans shirt look like long sleeve flannel. She picks up another shirt you got another straight guy shirt. Kevin: look at the price tag on that Bitch. ($120) Kevin and Nat going over everything that they’ve gotten in the luxury competition. Nat got $800 worth of clothes, but Kevin racked up. He’s standing there trying on stuff. Nat is still trying to get the hoodie from Kevin’s HoH from him. Jordan is on Jeff’s old bed in the red bedroom, she said that she had some trouble finding stuff to fit her. She’s just laying there smiling at them and is quiet. Nat is trying on her pirate shirt. It’s a fitted, collared, white shirt with ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves and Nat doesn’t know what to do with it. Kevin tells her that it can be very Sex and The City, to wear a chunky necklace with it and earrings. The shirt is $138 and she’s talking about taking it to the dry cleaners and having it altered so that the sleeves are 3/4 length. Nat pulls out the BCBG dress that she can’t figure out how to wear. She keeps asking what BCBG is and who they are. Kev tells her that it’s expensive stuff. She tries on a tunic with a hood and decides that she’ll wear that as a dress.

11:20pm Big Brother Time: In the red bedroom, Nat tells Jordan that she has to sleep alone tonight…that she can sleep with her if she wants to. Nat tells Kevin that she will continue to hound him over the hoodie that she claims is too small for him. Mich is in the diary room, Jordan is a little snookered and is falling asleep on Chima’s old bed. Kevin and Nat are bartering over the hoodie. Kevin and Nat want another luxury competition, something that has either money or prizes. Kevin and her both think that it’s done with the luxury competitions. Kevin keeps bringing up that he thinks that there’s something else. Earlier he told Nat that if there’s another Pandora’s Box that his advice would be to open it…but be careful with it. Nat thinks that the Pandora’s box is done. Nat thinks that her dad and boyfriend saw her win the HoH live tonight. Nat thinks that they should do makeovers tonight, that they’ll just wake Jordan up. Nat holds up a black blouse and tells him that she can’t figure out how to wear it. Kevin gets up and helps her, it just comes down to a wrap around tie that she can’t figure out. She finally figures out how to put it on with Kevin’s help. He tells her that she can wear jeans with it and some sort of jewelry with it. They go back to the red bedroom. Kevin tells her that here’s a $20 pair of basketball shorts that Nat will wear all of the time and a $300 blouse that she will wear once. She’s still got on the new bathing suit. She tells him that she’ll give the black blouse to Chima. She goes back to the pool room and goes through what Michelle got again!. Kev got a pair of mustard colored jeans that are skin tight. Nat tells him that once he washes those jeans that he’ll never be able to wear them. He got a pair of 510’s in sky blue, a dusky pink t-shirt, royal blue t-shirt, an Osaka t-shirt, a vest and another pinky shirt. He says that him getting that vest shows him that Big Brother loves him. Nat keeps picking at him and telling him that he needs to dress like a straight boy at times,he tells her that she needs to wear makeup like a straight girls sometimes too.
11:40pm Big Brother Time: In the HoH room, Nat finally goes upstairs. She takes a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt with her along with her blanket. She goes into the bathroom to change. In the bathroom downstairs, Kevin is washing his hands, leaves and starts up the stairs to the HoH. In the red bedroom, Jordan passed out on Chima’s old bed. Michelle is still in the diary room. In the HoH room, Kevin is sitting on the bed waiting on Nat while eating Fig Newtons. Now eating some cheetos. He turns on the spy screen to see what’s happening. Nat comes out of the bathroom. Kevin looks at her and tells her that she’s wearing all boy clothes, can she be feminine for at least more than an hour. She tells him that it’s night time, that she was feminine all day. They decide to do the Big Brother fashion show tomorrow. She looks at him and asks him what he wants to eat, she digs around in the fridge and tells him what she loves. Kevin tells her that Jordan seems sad, Nat tells him that she is. That Nat was sad when Jessie left. She keeps looking at the teddy bear and wondering where it came from. Kevin thinks that it might be from some catalog. Kevin gets the childhood pic and asks who should she nominate. She tells him that she thinks that it should be him and Michelle to get Jordan to believe her. That she doesn’t know what Jordan is capable of, if Jordan wins POV that she can tell her that Nat didn’t put her up and to respect her wishes as HoH and vote out Michelle. She tells him that both Michelle and Jordan want Kevin out. She tells him that her speech would be something like this game is a game of chess and that he’s targeting her like the queen in the chess game,but in this game she needs him out. She needs to throw a stone at him to make it believable. She says that what she’s going to say to Michelle is freaking mean.
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12:35pm Big Brother Time: In the HOH room, Michelle is on the bed, Kevin on round chair, no sign of Jordan or Nat. They are talking about Jeff yelling at Michelle and Jordan for not running faster in a competition. Kevin saying Jeff already had in his mind to get rid of Russell. Saying Jeff didn’t want to get his hands too dirty. Basically Jeff bashing and defending their own actions. Kevin says in his mind Michelle can go to final 3 with Jordan and Nat and it would be basically a head off with Nat. Kevin says he thinks Nat “throwing” a lot of things. Michelle says Nat should have done better tonight as the questions were about her friends. Kevin says he and Michelle could work together and get rid of Nat and increase Michelle’s chances of getting to final two. Says if Michelle works with Jordan it would be kind of a waste, claims he will beat that bitch at everything. Kevin says Jordan is only half a player because she had Jeff to carry her. Says Kevin and Michelle could go all balls out. Michelle tells Kevin that she wants him to not go tell Nat everything, Kevin says Nat doesn’t tell him everything. Michelle says she knows what to do, says Nat wants to take her and won’t vote her out this week. Michelle says she doesn’t know who to take out, says she really wants to make it to final 3, 50K is better than no K (money). Talking about what they have no, Michelle has TV, Kevin has 10K. Michelle is talking about her cursing, says she curses more in the house. Kevin makes a comment about final 3 and it cuts to control room. They then talking about the evicted House Guest’s …Braden, Ronnie etc. Kevin says Ronnie told him that if he had the mystery power, Kevin should be worried. In comes Nat, they continue to talk about Ronnie’s hit list. Big Brother says Kevin to the diary room. Nat tells him good luck, she was just in there for an hour talking about HOH and luxury competition. ….and the feeds cut to the Control Room
12:50am Big Brother Time: Nat and Michelle are on the bed in HOH room. Nat is eating something crunchy with an open mouth. They are talking about the ending competitions, Nat says she competes next Thursday. They agree that Saturday is most important day now. Says that is why they did luxury today so they could rest tomorrow for Saturday. Nat says this is exciting, final 4 is a big thing. Talking about the HOH competition, says anybody could have gotten it. It was all fairy tale stuff. Nat wanted a ‘how bad do you want this competition”. Laughing about Casey selling banana merchandise. Talking about how Casey keeps getting mentioned.. says probably good for someone who didn’t make it to the jury house, says he is probably making money. Nat is going through her stuff, says she will use conditioner in her hair tomorrow, she asked for Suave. Now they are talking about Jordan sleeping in the red bedroom. They say she is in Michelle’s bed. Michelle says it is okay, she will sleep with the ants. Nat talking about Big Brother giving her Mike’s ..says they aren’t supposed to do that but they do it probably because nobody sees it. Michelle says that it would hurt Jeff to know that she cried over Russell but not him. Nat says he should be happy that Michelle was campaigning to keep him. Michelle says Jeff was ungrateful. Says again that Jeff was yelling at her and Jordan for not being fast enough in the last HOH competition. Says good that Kevin won but sucks that he couldn’t play this week. Nat says too bad they couldn’t use picture of her and Dad at Cowboys football game. The conversation is all over the place. Nat’s dad is 55 ..she doesn’t think he looks his age. Nat says that is a fugly picture of her. Nat says she has always had long hair, never short. Says no one would pair her up with her boyfriend from pictures. Says they look odd together but they work. Michelle says some of her past boyfriends no one would guess with her. Conversation from Michelle about kinds of guys she has dated. Nat is disappointed in letter, says she thinks it is from day one. Says it could have been because her Dad cut off the internet before she left, says he probably couldn’t type up an email. Said they had to use the old one. They agree that it is okay, because it is so close. Nat says she has to win POV so that she can experience everything from Big Brother.
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1:05am Big Brother Time: Still Nat and Michelle up in the HOH room. Michelle says her HOH stay was short but letter made it worth it. Nat wants another competition where she can win a phone call from home but they think the luxury competitions are over. They agree they are happy with the things they have gotten. They say cash is better than a vacation. They talk about the house is so empty… either people gone home, one evicted. Nat claims she watches ALL the Big Brother shows. Says people at work laugh at her because she makes her schedule around her TV shows. Says since season 8 she has never missed an episode. Michelle says she watched with her family when she was home from school in the summers. Says she wasn’t able to when she was in grad school, but she read about it. Says she always wanted to apply but wasn’t able to while she was in school. She said something about she applied after her brother died …and the feeds cut to FISH.
1:10pm Big Brother Time: When the feeds come back.. All cameras are still on Nat and Michelle in the HOH. They are talking about competitions and throwing them. Kevin is out of the diary room and is now in the HOH room with Nat and Michelle. Nat still trying to convince Kevin to give her the hoodie from his basket. He says it’s probably from his man, that it’s too expensive to be from Big Brother in a basket of stuff that’s not supposed to go over $25. We keep getting fish because Nat keeps asking about what he said in his diary room. Nat complaining about stuff she wanted, a fedora like Chima’s. Michelle says she wants to go shopping when she gets out, but she doesn’t know what’s cool so she picks up geeky stuff. She’s still drinking wine. Kevin talks about how Jeff got clothes, he got fishing hat. Nat saying she doesn’t care that she didn’t get any clothes because they just got all of those clothes in the luxury competition. Michelle left the HOH room and Kevin and Nat talking about what she said to Kevin when Nat was in the diary room. Kevin: so, what she just came up? Nat: from the diary room. Kevin: did the bitch ask you about when you told me about the deals? Nat: she never asked me. Kevin says that Nat mentioned it after she won the HOH ..”I didn’t even have to take the deals” so Kevin is telling Nat what she has to say. Kevin saying that Michelle asked him about when he told Nat about the final 3 deals, because it’s hard to build up trust with him knowing he’d done that. Nat: so how did everything start about trust? Kevin: I’m trying to get her to take us two, so I’m acting like you and I don’t have a deal, that I don’t trust you, you’re withholding shit from me. Kevin and Nat agree that Michelle doesn’t know timing. Nat: you walked in literally when she said “so, do you know who you’re putting up?” Oh, so when you were in the diary room, I told them that our deal was done now, and I told them that I was going to put you up. And they’re saying “no, you’re not going to put him up!” Kevin: who was saying no? Nat: both of them. Kevin: not Jordan? Nat: well, more Jordan than Michelle. Nat saying that Michelle said she always knew Nat would put Kevin up at this point, I think it was Kevin said because she’s smart and knows it doesn’t matter. Michelle is sitting in the backyard. Kevin: we have 4 days before a decision is made. So, hypothetically if she wins, I have 4 days to work this angle. Talking about trying to get her to get rid of Jordan and keep him. Kevin recounting more of his conversation with Michelle about going after Nat and how Michelle said they’d have to keep it really quiet; that she has no deal with Jordan because Jordan revealed how she really feels about Michele. What does Kevin have to do other than really try? Because it really comes down to POV, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with backup plans. That’s why you need to work on Jordan. Michelle is so going to take Jordan to the end. Nat: I know. Kevin: and she so wants to get rid of you. Nat: I know, and you too. Kevin: Yeah, I think probably equally. But she does keep saying that nobody can win against you in the end. Nat: you’d better not screw me in the end Kevin. Kevin: how? Nat: I don’t know but you better not f me because I always talk good about you. Nat now talking about what they ask her in the dairy room …and the feeds cut to FISH.
1:55am Big Brother Time: Kevin and Nat talking about they both have shown their loyalty to one another, stay strong together. Keep communication open. Kevin: should i just give up on Michelle or keep trying? Nat: do what you want, but if it were up to her she wouldn’t take you or me. She’s taking Jordan 100%. Kevin: she’s all up on you. Nat: I don’t know why. People don’t understand, I’ve been wanting Michelle up/out forever. Even if she doesn’t go up, it doesn’t mean anything because it all comes to POV. Kevin: why is she talking to you then? She’s talking to you for a purpose. Nat: I don’t know, we were talking about random shit before you came up and the first game thing she talked about was right when you came in. Kevin: you know you can tall them who you’re nominating because you already told me. Nat: yeah, but I know you won’t run and tell them in the diary room. Kevin is now talking about how to play the whole him getting nominated thing. He’s going to say he needs his space from Nat and then say “this biz-natch. She said she’d never put me up.” and then Nat says “don’t say that, because I told them that we only had a deal to final 4.” Nat saying that she told/will tell Jordan that she wants Kevin to have an equal say, etc. Kevin: well, everything is sticking to plan. The plan was for one of us to win HOH last week and get rid of Jeff. Nat: and if I win POV… Nat saying she’s going to go balls out in the POV to win, if Michelle goes then she knows it’s Kevin and Nat in the finals, because it’s us two against Jordan. Nat says she’ll be back stabbing Jordan, because she’d then be putting her on the block. Nat: alright, let’s work on these speeches. You don’t understand how bad I want to give Michelle the speech I want to. Sometimes my soft side comes out, and she’s sitting here laughing to my face and I think that I’m a bitch for wanting to say what I’ve been wanting to say. Is it bad game move? Nat saying Jordan is for sure going to final 3 and the bitch doesn’t even need to win. Must be nice. Nat wants to tell Michelle that she’s the ultimate back stabbing liar, what she did to Chima was despicable, you said you dedicated your life with Christian values but when you walked in those doors, you left those values, you tried to make a final 3 deal with me last week, but I’m a Christian and I know not to make a deal with the devil. Kevin: is there a way to make it sound less bitchy? like, maybe you could say …Nat: oh, and I want to say that honestly, I don’t think you should have made it as far as you have, so you need to go. You’re not deserving of this money. Kevin: yeah, but nominating her is not she’s going. Nat starts talking about snacks. Nat then jumps back to talking about what her speech to Kevin will be. “I know you’re surprised by this nomination…”

Nat and Kevin still planning what Nat will say, and how Kev will respond when he is put on the block. Kevin keeps telling Nat to not be so “stagey” and over the top. Nat thinks that the veto can be questions, like the pyramid thing from last season. Kevin says that was final 3. Nat: do you want to sleep up here, because you know you can. Just so you know, the offer is there. Kevin says it gets ice cold up in this bitch when Nat says she wouldn’t even get under the covers. Nat looks at spy screen and says “look at her she’s weird. She’s just sitting there” of Michele. Kev tells her to be quieter, because she could hear them. Nat saying she can’t hear, and Kev says that Jeff claimed he could hear their conversations. Nat says that’s bullshit. Kevin hopes the POV is something sort of physical, more than mental. No more step forward step back. Kevin says don’t tell her (Michelle) any of the shit he’s saying about Michelle, because of the trust issue. He repeats what Michele said about the questions being geared toward Nat because they were all about her friends. And even then, Nat got a lot of them wrong. Nat says she got her friend’s ones wrong and then “well maybe you should have made more friends b*tch” – Nat is agreeing that this was a lucky win, but that all of Michele’s other than the POV have been luck. Repeats again “hers have all been luck, you know what I’m saying” Nat wants to know what else Michele said about her, because it will help fire her up for the speech. Kevin: I would recommend that you tone down that speech. Keep your feelings in there, but take out the Ronnie, Christian values, etc. Nat: I’m keeping the Christian values in there….she was pissed when I won, HOH. Dude, I was looking for you after I won. I was like “where’s Kevin! Where’s Kevin!” I would have been like final 3 Kevin. Kevin says they should have paired up for the luxury. Nat says that Michele said she’d pair with Nat, but she felt bad for Kevin because she didn’t want to pair him wiht Jordan. And she wanted him to be her partner because she thought it was a trip. Kevin: yep. Nat: thought it was money and that she wanted to be with the strongest person, and greed got in the way. then when I heard it was communication, I was really glad I wasn’t with Jordan. Kevin says that Jordan held up a sock and said “what color is this” and he was like “gray!” It had a white heel. Nat: Michele didn’t even uncover stuff right. I had to pull the cover off while we were looking for socks. Nat said that she almost put 80 for the cans and crossed it out and put 75 but she would have killed herself if Michele had kept her 80, which she then crossed out and put in 65. Kevin says that you can try and take your time because Julie Chen gave them more time by saying over and over “I need your answers.” Michele is washing her face downstairs in the bathroom.
2:30am Big Brother Time: Michelle is in the pool room. Nat saying “it’s for Chima” she’ll take all the blood. She’s doing this for vengeance. Nat saying that she’ll tell Jordan when she puts her on the block as a replacement nominee (if Nat wins POV) that she’s doing it because Kevin will respect her decision and she wants to ensure that Michele goes home. Kevin: it would be ideal if I win POV, and then you don’t have to .. Nat: No, I’m just going to tell her… (the same thing). Kevin and Nat now talking about how they each said to Michele that Jeff was coming after her. Kevin saying that Michelle said to Kevin that she may have back doored Jeff the Chima week, because she used him to get rid of Jessie. Nat: this girl really is dumb Kevin. Kevin: either she’s a master manipulator… Nat: No! She does things for other people. She put up Chima for them. …stupid for even listening to you. Nat: All i want to say is that I want to get vengeance for Chima and Ronnie. Kevin: save the more salacious stuff for veto… Nat: but I might not even get the chance. Kevin: that’s true. Because your HOH is kind of powerless. Nat: I’d take safety over power. Kevin: Mine was the opposite I made the power move but had no safety the next week.


3am Big Brother Time: All the house guests are now going to sleep..
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7:30am – 8:35am Big Brother Time: Jordan is up out of bed and in the kitchen. Jordan goes out to backyard looking for and pouring juice from the bar fridge and then back inside. Jordan goes to the washroom and then goes back to the pool room. Michelle and Jordan awake, laying in bed talking. They are hungover. Jordan says “I got drunk” Michelle says “I was called to diary room and then went outside and talked to myself. Big Brother got some funny shots of me talking to myself once again.” Jordan: laughs and says that cracks me up. Michelle gets up and goes to the kitchen and then to the bathroom and then back to the pool room. Jordan: Did you get water? Michelle:Yes. Jordan: Me, you and Nat final 3. Nat said she’s putting Kevin on the block. They are talking about what was said last night, the HoH competition, and hoping Nat keeps her word. Michelle: We can do it girl, we can do it. Jordan talks about practicing so she has things down pat. 8am Big Brother Time: They both try and fall back asleep…
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this is soo boring now =(


boring we want jeff back


remember the will also vote for favorate jury house make sure to vote for jeff for $25,000

HUGE Jeff Fan

I hope Jeff somehow comes back, Spice things back up around that house.


Me too. This is so boring.


Of all the people to win, Natlie won. Ugh. This season blows. She is super annoying and she sure does behave like an 18 year old.


lol… an insult to most 18 year olds!! My 18 year old daughter knows not to lie for the sake of it, to practice good hygene and to chew with her mouth SHUT!


If Nat wins it will be because she played a great game and desires to win. There is so much hate for a person that you don’t know personally and who is just playing a GAME.
Don?t worry; I?m sure Jeff will get plenty of TV work after this is over.

Kevin and Nat final 2.


If Nat wins it isn’t because she deserves to, some other winners from the past BB’s didn’t always deserve to win either – there is a difference and sometimes the lying cheating treat people like pieces of shit people do win but then isn’t that a direct reflection on what our society is all about now a days. Just once I would like to see someone win that does it with class and respect but may be too much to ask for.


Who cares who she puts up…it all about POV now. She can put Kevin up and it won’t make any difference.


I still can’t get over how much of a sore sport Jeff was when leaving. He whined about Russell and called him an ass but yet Jeff had no class whatsoever.


These people whining about Jeff being gone are driving me insane! They need to get over it.


The Jeff gone I’m going to slit my wrists posts are triple the Nat fan posts but yet I’m so hated because I’m one of the few who have stood up and fought for her. Finally name, you are another sensible one here.


What about when Chima, NataLIAR and Lydia all sat around a table crying about Jesse being gone like it was his funeral. That was way more pathetic I think then a few people saying they wish Jeff would have been voted to stay. Natalie is worse than Ronnie. she has a giant jesse/chima stick up her butt

Michelle and Jordan FINAL 2!!

A no no moose

I’ve been with you Rockstar…its fine that Jeff has his fans, he’s good looking and some charm but this bs is plain stupid… and for Natalie to hated so much is a sad reflection of whos life depends on these reality show.


Jeff was not a sore loser when he left at all. He hugged EVERYONE and left. Lydia was a sore loser when leaving, so was Ronnie by the horrible things he said to Michelle, and so was Russel with his week of insulting Jeff and Jordan


Don’t forget how Jessie completely dissed Kevin when he left.


Honestly,, this is so boring now.. BRING JEFF BACK!

Randy Wolfgang

I was wondering why it is that so many posters really hate Pigpen – is it the lying and backstabbing – not really, everyone does that. Is it the disgusting filthiness – well maybe she doesn’t know any better. What is it?? I think I put my finger on it – its the cruely. Its not only that she lies – she likes lying . It comes easy to her but beyond that is a streak of cruelty – messing with other HGs when they are already on the ropes. Stealing their things for no reason – and always with that smirk on her face. There is not one poster here who has not seen evidence of her going above and beyond what is necessary in this game. You can see it when she is scheming with whoever – she enjoys it and she enjoys inflicting unnecessary hardship on other HGs. She is not a nice person – not nice at all but things have a way of evening out and sooner or later she will get exactly what’s coming to her.


BINGO!! She loves the cruelty and is a despicable little trollop.


I think you hit the nail on the head. I believe at least partly Russ has a heart. He can say he was playing a role and all, which he was at times. But in that house, with no script, he had to use at least some part of himself in the alleged acting. so I’m sure he yells alot in his personal life and tries to intimidate but he’s a marshmallow inside. (listen to him talk about his dad in interviews post eviction) but at the end of the day, any time he was mean to someone it was usually with an agenda in mind. Yeah he said mean things behind ppl’s backs but nothing like Nat. Also, Nat’s age lie is super annoying and I hope it bites her in the ass at the end…..

PLUS: Nat likes Jessie. She actually dug his personality and was able to spend hours and days with him without wanting to gag herself with a spoon. That alone makes ppl hate her. and her clear unfounded hatred for Mich prob pisses everyone off bec it’s so over the top — and Mich is the current resident underdog. Don’t mess with the underdog.

check out this article —


I totally agree with you…Nat is the worst person I have ever seen on this show. Lying is like breathing for her.

Hates Natalie Too

So true!


Me personally, I don’t like her because it’s so believable that she’s 18 and she’s actually 24. Her immaturity is extremely annoying.


This is so boring now I didnt even read that much..I really hope Pandora’s box will bring Jeff back..If Jordan leaves than Im done with Big Brother all together. Nat is so annoying she needs to leave! I know its a game of lies but Nat has done nothing wow it comes down to 4 people and she finally wins hoh? She is so full of it! She needs to leave


gee this sucks


See, THIS is why I hate Natalie. Everyone says, “Oh, she may lie, but that’s part of the game, you have to lie…” And I understand that. But Natalie is the only one who seems to think for some reason that her lies are ok, and everyone else’s are betrayals. She’s trash-talking Michele for “what she did to Chima”, when all Michele did to Chima was put her on the block after she told her she wouldn’t. The rest Chima did to herself. Natalie and Kevin did exactly the same thing to Jeff last week. They told him that he’d be safe, and then one of them put him up, and they both voted him out. So how is that any different? Then she wants to bring religion into it, and claim that she’s a Christian, and that Michele is the one who left behind her Christian values? I don’t mind a liar, but they have to at least be aware that they’re lying. This bitch is so pathological now, I really think she believes what she’s saying. I wish something heavy would fall on her.


I find it HILARIOUS Nat wants to preach to Michelle about Christian values, lying, etc.

LOL, Nat should give herself that speech in the mirror. Practically everything that comes out of her fowl mouth is a lie. She doesn’t deserve to win.


Nasty speech by jeff but showed us exactly where his head’s at (which is 100% for himself and could care less for his rather round g/f Jordan).However, that’s ok,nobody believed in that showmanship anyway. Funny how Jordan told the other girls that it’s been a pretty good day… would she say that if she really cared for Jeff leaving?Interesting how selfish Jordan is that she (as she tops off the rest of the wine in the bottle into her rather full already wine glass) how she has gone full speed as soon as jeff is out the door putting down Kevin and Mich.She has begun to campain like a bat out of hell…….funny this is the same drunk girl crying crockadial tears for days to send her home.She never wanted to leave,it was an act.It is a shame this rather plump,dumb dimwit who did nothing but ride Jeff’s coat tales (and give Jeff multiple wrong moves to make)may win. She, and she alone is responsible for all the wrong moves Jeff made and I believe it was intentional on her part…she couldn’t have won against Jeff.I’m rooting for Kev or Michele……nasty Nat is so butch (could she ask Jordan to sleep with her any more times) and so morally corrupt. This has been a terrible year for BB and I do not think most of the players deserve any money.


I’m just happy that she said if there’s more of the Pandora’s box thing, she’ll take it. Because Julie said last night, this time, it could affect the game, or change the game…something like that. I hope she’s so greedy she lets something really bad for her in.


Geez … get over your crushes on Jeff and go find a romance of your own.


I agree. It’s no wonder these people are getting no loving.


I really hope Michelle and Jordan stick together win the POV and take down Kevin and Natalie. I would so LOVE to see Kevin walk through the JH door next week. When will find out what the “new” pandora’s box twist is. I was SO dissappointed last night.


Does any one have a clue as to why julie mentioned the key again & why they didn’t show jeff’s goodbye messages?


Is this the first time good bye messages were omitted? I found that strange.


i dont think there were goodbye messages for Lydia.


It is really hard to watch now. Jordan listens to anyone who tells her something. She needs to hang in there with Michelle and become the final 2.

Uncle Cool

To hell with Jeff.

Long Live Queen Natalie!!

Heh heh…


I agree. Natalie has played everyone like a fiddle. She stayed loyal to her alliance and deserves to win.

Jensa Member

does anyone know which ethnic Natalie is?
btw I want to point out that she is only the second person after Russell that won a HOH comp twice this season, they brought it for jessie in week #1 as well

Randy Wolfgang

Yes she comes from the LYINGCHEATING area oF MORALLYCORRUPTLAND – I think its in the South!


I think you need to check your geography book. That area is definitely in the northern part of the country.

Randy Wolfgang

Oh right – I forgot that happened when they joined with FILTHONIA!!!

nasty h8ter

She never won the first one,watch it again,Russ was hanging there to,after the last person fell,all that was left was the atheletes click,it wasn’t that Nasty was the last person hanging,thats like saying,I was the last person in line to clock out from work,I work harder than anybody…..she’s a twit!


Nat’s ethnicity: half black, half Argentinian. OR so she says — who knows with this girl?


This is her only HOH win. You are startiing to believe her lies just like she does.


mother is black and father latina

nasty h8ter

Nasty is part black,part mexican with a little bit of pig and monkey thrown in somewhere along her family tree!


I hope Mich pulls it out and wins POV!

(btw I think when Jeff sees that HOH comp, he will be proud of Jordan. that was awesome!)


That she was in a 3 way tie and lost? Jeff doesn’t care about Jordan as evidenced in his eviction speech.Thank goodness the shows almost over and all these nasty houseguests will disappear like all the previous houseguest into reality world never-been-has-beens>lol!!!


This season was going good til the CDT. Now Kevin and Nat have set things back the way they should be. Nat and Kevin, final two. They deserve the money the most, no doubt.


I can’t stand Gnat. I was hoping her HOH pics would show her in college photo– cap and gown with graduating year in the backround… Would’ve been funny to see her lie her way out of that one. Oh well, I’m so depressed that Jeff is gone. He’d definetly make it to the next all stars IF they have one. CBS and AG suck.


she would have said that she was so smart and a child genuis that she graduated early


Ther were comments about her boyfriend being alot older than her. Gnat had a picture of a friend she graduated high school with and Jordon kept saying her friends not 18, she looks too old to be 18. Plus, BB gave her Mike’s Hard lemonade (come on people put your thinking caps on) Mich did have that constipated look on her face when all this was being said, so maybe she will figure it out. The reason I think no one is questioning it is they probably don’t see any advantage to lying about one’s age.

David's X

I’m in a slump after last night, not so much Jeff’s eviction but watching pigpens 1 & 2 be catty and nasty. Jordon, jordon, jordon, why can’t you shut up giving Natalie all your game play moves? Jeff told you to stick with Michelle, but your newly-found friend Nat is getting your trust. How Natalie feels is okay to go through someone else’s drawers is just wrong. I have known people who “put the ‘gimme’ on you” as in: Gimme this, gimme that, gimme more. She’s a little sheister/shyster (sp?) a conartist. Watching BBAD is nearing an end, have to switch channels when she’s on her tyrades. Dad used to say “she’s a legend in her own mind” about people like that who think they are ALL THAT and more.


If anyone can provide the link to the most recent bb11 commercial, that would be awesome


i saw it when watching the young and the restless


Vote for Jordan to win the “popular” vote. Jeff is great but I think that he will do OK and Jordan probably needs the money more for her family.
Now….if everyone in the audience at the finale were to boo Natalie…….I MEAN BOO HER!….yummy….the year would end on a great note and…….OOOOOH…..that would be SO sweet!


Oh,stop it! She doesn’t need the money any more than the other houseguests. She could afford the fake tata’s and can afford to take off of work while at BB. Poor Kev is declaring bankrupsy (maybe) and you never hear him crying the blues and Poor Mich is an educated women and probably makes less then plumpo Jordan does at her striptease bar while she (Mich) works on cures for things that we all may one day suffer from……the list goes on…..the others just don’t bitch like Jordan does…wake up and smell the ……..


Wow people Jeff is gone. Get over it. Also I am positive that all you guys will vote for him to win the $25,000…Jeff or Jordan cause heaven forbid that someone in the showmance doesn’t win it. If you hate the show that much now that Jeff is gone, please leave the boards.


voting for russell. to me, he was the one lthat suffered the most because of the lml

ready for the JJ break

Nobody is coming back. Final 3 is Thursday. Final show the following Tuesday. I’m glad Jeff is gone. His convos with Jordan were inane. I felt like I lost IQ points listening to them. He lost. He played a good game (as did Russell, who I can’t stand, and jessie). It’s over – get over it. Now Jordan can actually play without someone yellling at her for following her instincts. And the house has been boring as shit since Russell left. But it always gets boring once it gets down to a few people.

Jeff backstabbed just as much as anyone left in the house. Yes he’s hot. But hotness alone shouldn’t bring $500K like manna from heaven. You have to win with strategy, competition winning, and manipulation. Jeff got got and now he gone. Deuces!

Randy Wolfgang

Pigpen asked for SUAVE shampoo and conditioner (!!!!!!!!)- thats explains a lot


Randy, I think I’m beginning to like u…. 😉


Suave is a major advertiser on BB. It’s called product placement. hmm, if your better half is in the business, you’d think you’d know about those things.


i used to could read every word of all of these spoilers but now i can barely make it threw half of one. i love jeff and all but i mean just bring someone back even ronnie would make it a little intresting its so boring now..

LeeAnn Loves BB

I totally agree! I can’t stand looking or even listening to Gnatalie!!


Has anyone seen the BB commercial this AM? It shows that the Pandora Box is back and if it is opened it will cause havoc and the evicted guest have something to do with it, and it will be on Sunday night.


OMG! I didn’t see that maybe someone is coming back as long as it’s not Jesse!


I could be wrong, but I feel like BB wouldn’t send back someone from the jury house because they have been able to talk/share secrets – for example Nats age. I think the only person that could potentially come back would be Jeff, as he would not be in the jury house yet (and therefore would not be “tainted” by those in the jurt house). Not that I think Jeff is coming back, because I have no idea. But it would seem like he would be the only one that could come back. I keep trying to think of what else it could be? But I am really stumped. I guess we will just have to wait and see. But whatever, happens, if it is bad for Nat she will just cry her baby eyes out and complain that BB is unfair and rigged for whoever benefits from it. I would get prepared for some major whining.


it would be cool if the flip the houses i.e. jury house contestants put them back in the house and take teh other four out. lol swap em’ . Jury house would be more interesting now anyway.


Personally, I think it’s more hype from Big Brother in the hope of getting people to continue watching the rest of the season. We saw how the last Pandora’s Box was nothing more than a big fizzle. People read and/or hear this and get excited, particularly the Jeff supporters since, logically, a big shakeup would consist of Jeff coming back into the house. Will that happen? Doubtful. If it did happen, Jeff would come back targeting Kevin and Natalie would still be left to her nasty devices.

Wake up and smell the declining ratings, Allison/Big Brother/CBS! You want an exciting happening on Big Brother? Use some ploy to bring Jeff back into the house and get rid of Natalie NOW!


i dont think that the pandoras box last week was for nothing. i think that they did it to make it more likely that natalie would open the door this week in the event that jeff got evicted and natalie won hoh because when kevin did it, everyone got money. no bad repercussions. also every other time there is a twist you hear about it for 3 or 4 episodes before anything happens. after the first pandoras box twist they said nothing about there being another next week or that its not over….BECAUSE they werent sure if jeff would get evicted. or nat would win HOH. now magically after jeff is gone theres another pandoras box? i think if jeff somehow stayed there wouldnt be a second pandoras box. i think that jeff is in isolation and when nat opens the door jeff might come back into the house somehow. sure, this means that production somewhat rigged the game. but, hey, its ratings. and i miss my jeff!!

btw do any of you understand what im saying?


🙂 I do and I like it


It would have to be someone that has been sequestered. That leaves Jesse,Lydia, Russell orJeff


did anone see he cbs morning news interview with jeff?…it seems to have been done last night after the show because the live audience from BB were there….jeff and julie wearing the same clothes as last night but they were sitting in different chairs….my point being maybe jeff never was taken to jury house.

A no no moose

Stop dreaming…it is what it is…Jeff was EEVICTED and Natalie won the HOH… Its going to have to play out..end of story
So much whining with you guys and so much blind adoration…its disgusting.
If Jeff does return after getting bounced than BB is rigged.


It is rigged either way, this is televisoin …


all the early show interviews are like that


they always do the next day interview right after eviction

Totally Disgusted!

Previews for Sunday nights show just said that the JH is packing a surprise…

What could that mean?

Someone packing to come back??

I hate it when they leave you hanging like this!!


Maybe that’s why they didnt’ show Jeff’s goodbye messages last night!


True, plus the first thing that JULIE always says to the evicted guests is GNAT IS REALLY
24!!! She DID NOT SAY THAT TO JEFF!!!!!!


She did not say it to Russell either, Lydia and Jesse told him in the jury house.


No No No…BB is just trying to string us along to keep their ratings from going down the tube. I’m absoulutely conviced that nothing like Jeff returning to the game, etc. is going to happen. BB knows how lame the rest of the show will be and they are just messing with us so people will still tune in. Fooled me once shame on them, fool me twice shame on me–I’m not buying whatever it is BB is selling this go around!!

Mystery Speaker!

I am with you on this! no returning house guest! mystery box to twist the game just talk, the last box was to twist the game greed to show and attitudes to address the greed and it did not happen. just sit back and enjoy the remaining guest was you can! Jeff will return on another season America loves Jeff

Gnat Slayer

Why does Gnat have to keep announcing “I’ve kept my word”….so annoying and no she hasn’t!!!


she is probably saying that because she never kept her word before to anybody


Her word is “shit” …

I'm Done w/ BB

Gnat is not just playing the game. She is the most greedy girl I have ever seen. Please tell me how it is “gameplay” to try and steal the trip and TV from Michelle? PURE GREED. She is a mean spirited little witch who thinks way too much of herself. How was that part of the game? Please Natalie lovers TELL ME. She is a disgusting, greedy, nasty witch who enjoys screwing people, not for the game but for the pure enjoyment of it. She does NOT deserve a penny. She is just plain mean. Not likable at ALL. And she did not play a great game, she got by on Jessie and Athletes coattails. GET A CLUE NATALIE LOVERS. You are assholes too.


I agree that damn gnatalie has to go I can’t stand her lying ass (granted that’s part of the game) but she took it to another level she really thinks she has the game locked up, please let something happen to knock her off her high horse why the hell did she say this if for you chima is she going to give chima some of her winnings if she wins anything! She is so freaking ANNOYING!


yeah the chima loyality is retarded…chima didn’t want to play the game…she got her self expelled so cut the crap nasty…chima probalby doesn’t even remember you.


Vote Russ for the 25,000


I REPEAT VOTE FOR RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Fan

I’d vote for Lydia to get it because she was very entertaining. However, she’d probably buy something for Jesse so nevermind! If Michelle doesn’t win I’ll give her my vote. Crazy or not, she put up with a lot of sh*t in the house that she didn’t deserve.


I’m gonna toss a coin for rus&mich


SORRY but I will vote for JORDYN!!!!!


me too…jordan all the way!


Why so she can get another boob job?


russell got my vote!!


voting russell he kept things interesting.


Russell gets my vote…he had the classiest exit….funny how that douche Jeff keeps going on about how Russ was out to “get” him. He still believes the LML.. What an idiot.

Mr. Me Too

russel or michelle deserves to win russel for the entertaining show he put on , and michlle because out of the 13 people in the house she worked the hardest and deserves it whther she wins bb or not

I'm Done w/ BB

I guess cheating in cards and cheating when playing pool with Kevin is good ‘gameplay”, right?? You Natalie lovers are idiots. She probably steals money from her fathers wallet. She goes thru other peoples bleongs, tried to steal the trip away from Jeff, TV away from Natalie. Jeff and Michelle won those prizes fair and square but the mean, greedy little bitch wanted them for herself….That was not going to get her further in the game, just get Gnat more stuff..what a loser she is. Hey, Natalies dad, if you are on these boards, teach your daughter some manners and explain to her that she is not entitled to everything everyone else had and tell her cheating at cards and pool makes her pathetic.


Her house probably has a better selection of their movies from Blockbuster than the actual store has left …


Found this on another site:


“Rumored spoilers regarding Pandora’s Box
September 3, 2009 by zimdelinvasor
This may be old news but I just found it, so.

More news in on Pandora’s Box. It seems that BB has raised the stakes on Pandora’s Box. The cash prizes that the HGs won on in the Pandora’s Box event were only a teaser leading up to the real and amazing prizes and twists that are in the near future. Pandora’s Box is not over. Even though the HGs will be lead to believe it is. Thursday night’s episode of BB will be full of ups, downs and twists. Enough to make every viewer wanting more.

Jeff will win something for his kindness of unlocking Kevin and freeing him from Pandora’s box. He is going to be given an unprecedented gift. Jeff is guaranteed a spot in the final two. He is also winning an additional $6,000. This is good news for all of you Jeff fans, but wait there is more. There also has to be a replacement HG to be nominated for eviction. BB has thought of that and the key also gives Jeff to offer any HG $100,000 to leave the show and go to the Jury House. This is a very profitable twist to the game for one very lucky HG. It is also rumored that the key may go to a Hybrid that Jeff can drive home with when the show is over.

There is even a twist to Jeff’s winnings though. Unknown to Jeff, Kevin will win a Diamond Veto that you may have heard a rumor of. The Diamond Veto will give Kevin the power to trump Jeff’s offer and either keep the $100,000 for himself and go to the Jury House, or choose who he wants to go, excluding Jeff, in place of Jeff’s decision. This in fact gives Kevin the power to choose who he wants gone. Kevin is also winning an additional $4,000 for his confinement in Pandora’s Box. Things are getting interesting, bit more is still on it’s way.

BB is not done with this. For all of you BB fans that do not like Natalie, you will enjoy this. For being the greedy one and not trying to free Kevin, Natalie is going to be awarded a Penalty. Natalie is going to receive a cat costume (whiskers, ears, tail and all) to wear for the entirety of her stay in the BB house. To me that is just funny. Who says BB doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Other house guests left are also winning prizes of their own. I guess all of the griping, crying, and moaning in the house has paid off. HGs have been saying the more they complain the more they receive.

Michele is going to win a phone call to her hubby and an additional $2,000. Not to shabby if you ask me. Some would say she needs to hear from a friendly voice by now.

Jordan gets maybe the most unusual prize of them all. With all of the publicity if Jordan and her cookie dough obsession Jordan will win a lifetime supply of Pillsbury cookie dough. She is also going to win a contract for an undisclosed amount of money to be a spokes model, doing adds and commercials. It is unknown how long the contract is for, but Jordan will have cookie dough whenever she wants for now on as I see it.

All of these prizes, penalties, and powers are rumored to be awarded Thursday before the live eviction. Big brother is keeping all of the HGs in the dark until then to really mix things up and make them think on their feet. They will all be told of their awards separately before the show. Natalie will not have to start her penalty until the HOH competition if she remains in the house.

BB fans this is a major change to the outcome of the game. HOH will be important next week and everything is going to be more insane in the house than it usually is. Who will win and how will everyone react to the news. I guess you will just have to tune in on Thursday to find out live with everyone else”


If this is true, then CBS basically would have rigged everything to let Jeff be in the final 2. Seriously? That is a joke. It would be one thing to bring back someone but to guarantee a spot in the final 2 kills all credibility for the show.


Someone has a a VERY vivid imagination.

Mystery Speaker!

Just One word!

LLL iiiii AAAAA RRR RRR !!!!!!!!
LLL iiiii AAA AAA RRR RRR !!!!!!!
LLL iiiii AAA AAA RRR RRR !!!!!


That would be nice if it had happened.


“Crack is wack…and so are you!!!!” 🙂


i wish it would happen!!!
i hate natalie!! jeff took out all the big players!!
he deserved to win!!
natalie did NOTHING.. she let kevin,chima,jessie take
the blood so her hands will b clean!!
i hope jeff if he is coming back, michelle, or kevin to win..


I think it would be great when Nat opens pandora’s box it is Jeff and then there is a double eviction.

LeeAnn Loves BB

I hate Gnat!!!!!! I used to faithfully watch BBAD and read the spoilers but looking at her nasty mug makes me sick. Last night the focus was on her so I just turned the tv off. I can’t stand her!!!


I love Nat and she is or was my girlfriend and I also shut the tele off! it has been a great break at home with her in tat house, extent the game four more weeks PLEASE!

mama d

i actually turned off my bbad at 12;30pm. ive never done that before. so even if nasty or kevein win pov, michelle will go and even the wont be able to save her or anyone else from nasty or kevin. why is nasty all talk about the chiapet…going on and on. cut it out bb. she got evicted and i cant stand to hear about her constantly. nasty DOES hold a grugde.jeff, and on michelle. if shes a christian, then im the popes

The Pope!

Bless you my Child!

mama d

Thank you soo much. this is my 1st yr. and just thanks for a reply..i now feel ‘blessed” lol

The Pope!

You are My Child!


When it’s Michelle & Jordan in final 2, who gets the half Mil??? I think Jeff & America vote Jordan and gnat for personal reasons vote Jordan but I think the remaining 4 votes could all go to Michelle. Would be a very close vote in the end.


Michele should sweep the vote against Jordan unless Jordo ends up winning POV and the final HoH. Still, I’d think Michele would deserve it more, but it wouldn’t be a clean sweep.


Natalie is NataLIAR. All she does is try to deceieve every one in the house and act like she is so strong when really she is a weak player. She hasnt won any competitions at all and the only one she did win happend to be this weeks hoh and it was out of pure luck becuz all the players answers were guesses. I find it hard to believe shes a champion karate player or whatever it is that she supposedly does. Her and Kevin both need to go home they dont deserve the money. I hope jordan and michelle make it to final two and as much as i love jordan i think michelle should get it she played a hard game almost as good as jeff did.

@ gnat slayer- your right she hasnt kept her word at all hello she voted jeff off when she said he was safe. i think when she says “i kept my word” she is relating that to her love jesse. haha. why she dedicated her hoh win to chima is beyond me. i cant stand her.


Natlie keeps saying she won the first HOH…..What does she mean by that?????


Maybe she means her clique won the first competition and brought back Jessie?



Nat's GOTTA Go

Even NataLIE’s father is disappointed in her – “but not at any cost” in his letter.I sure hope Julie tells NataLIE how much she is hated outside of the house. I agree that she is playing beyond the game. She reminds me of a bully, in a gross little package. But she is thinking is she puts Kevin – she’s got all her bases covered. Too bad she has to be so terrible. What a waste of CBS’ money.


i just saw the promo for bb and it said”PANDORA”S BOX IS BACK, BUT THE JURY HOUSE IS FULL OF SURPRISES” there is a possibility that someone is coming back!!


saw jeff this morning on the early show and he finally admitted to julie chen that getting rid of russell was not such a good idea. hallelujah!! it took him long enough to figure this out. just hate nat is still in the game


Yes he admitted it, but kind of halfway. I love Jeff and wish he was still in the game, but he is a nit wit when it comes to some of his decisions.

Randy Wolfgang

The Ross Mathews interview with Jeff was HYSTERICAL – Mathews is nuts!!!!!


ITA!! Ross always makes me laugh. He is totally crushing on Jeff, it’s so funny!


Lydia and Jessie pissed me off last night. Lydia was so upset that Jessie used her for sex while pining for Natalie that she went and told Jessie everything Natalie said. I don’t believe for one minute Natalie has a boyfriend. I think it is one of the things she used try and help benefit her in the house. I think she really like Jessie and didn’t know what to do or act or say around him. When she found out Jessie was having “relations” with Lydia she was brokenhearted but in true Nat form she had to try and save herself from the hurt and the pain that she is used too.

I think Lydia told Jessie all Natalie said, so Jessie would choose her instead.


Who cares. Jessie and Lydia are so yesterday.

nasty h8ter

BB and CBS need to wake T-F-U! you are allowing this lil Nasty wench to break rules,bitch about getting free stuff (now she wants another luxary comp with more clothes or money) can you not see this girl is not on here for a game,she is here to get anything and everything she can.I would seriously go through her bags,before she leaves,she’s a thief! then to make her a worse player,she goes and says..this is for Chyma,talk about a smack in the face to BB.Her fans are as ignorant as she is,where is her game play? its all about revenge and greed with her.How does CBS and BB continue to let her and Gollum get away with this shit.Pouring out Jeffs wine,thats gameplay? To bad Evil Dick isn’t on this season,he’d have her climbing over the wall to get out.If anybody believes these two are not like this outside this house,your crazier than hell,it comes way to easy for them!!!!


She obviously didn’t break rules or she would have been kicked out. Have you read the BB11 rule book? Cause I haven’t.


Are u natalie’s boyfriend/girfriend you sure stick up for her alot! GO M/J!