Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie plans to backdoor Jeff, “If he takes me out gonna make sure he gets no jury votes”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm backyard couch Kevin and Natalie playing War. Natalie saying she was arguing with Jordan about a piece of fruit. Jordan thought it was a peach but it really was a nectarine, Natalie tried to tell her but she didn’t believe her. Natalie mentions that Michelle thought it was a tangerine, Natalie bashes Michelle saying she went to a crappy school got a PhD and doesn’t even know what a nectarine looks like, “I’m only 18 and I know that”. Kevin defends Jordan and Michelle saying that some people can be really smart in something and dim in others. Kevin thinks Michelle is

very scatter brained, like a absent minded professor. Natalie shakes her head at how “Stupid” the
other house guests are, “Big Brother” where did you find these people. Natalie mentions that Michelle thinks she’s a strong competitor but she really isn’t, She brings up the last couple competitions and all the mistakes Michelle made. Kevin says after Russell goes Jeff must leave he’s much too strong. Natalie completely agrees… “lets hope he uses the POV” Kevin explains what he thinks is going on. Jeff knows he’s screwed unless JOrdan or in some part Michelle wins POV. If he keeps Russell he’s going up if he keeps me he’s going up so Jeff is trying to decide which one of us to (Russell and Kevin) have a less of a chance to beat them in the HOH.

Natalie why shouldn?t he use the POV? Kevin says he may believe Russell will keep him safe. “he
did say that he has reasons to not trust Russell, and reasons to trust him.”

Kevin talks about telling Jeff he saved him when he voted Jessie out of the house, becuase had
Jessie stayed, Jeff would have been gone. Kevin adds that Jeff’s whole “Save you Logic” is messed
up he thinks because he voted to evict Lydia that he save you Natalie!, “That?s Bullshit everyone
votes to evict Lydia except for me”.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin loses a game of war and curses that he never wins anything in the BB house. Natalie mentions
the money he won… She reminds him that she hasn’t won a thing. Natalie giggling tells Kevin we
made it to final 6 and didn’t win a thing, “He have no blood on our hands!” Kevin says that?s not a
good thing people won’t want to take us to the final 2 than. Kevin thinks Russell?s only chance is
if someone takes him to the final 2 because everyone in the jury house hates Russell.

Natalie mentions she will not vote for Jeff in the Jury house. he’s the reason her back is against
the wall. He didn’t actually save her, he’s the reason that she’s in this position of being on the
outside now. Natalie goes on about how she owes Jeff shit and if she goes home she’ll spread mad
shit against Jeff. Natalie figures their best chance to victory is to do exactly what Dan and
Memphis did last year. they need to win HOH this week than next week so the final HOH they both get
to play.

Kevin complains that he never wins and the competitions do not favour his and Natalie’s skills.
Natalie says the can one did.. Kevin groans about production making a big deal that he was in the
lead but then not saying a word when Jeff was. Natalie tells him they need to focus on getting
Jeff out next week once he’s gone it’ll be them against Michelle and Jordan and if they can’t beat
those 2 than they don’t deserve the money.

Natalie bring sup the banner planes on BB8 and she keeps looking up at the sky to see one. Kevin
jokes “if there is a god please have Jeff backdoor Russell”. Natalie shocked that Kevin doesn’t
believe in god. Kevin say he believes in evolution.. Natalie even more shocked now saying she
doesn?t believe they came from monkeys!!! Kevin suggests they change the subject. Natalie says she
going to being up Michelle “devotion to the Christian values” Kevin thinks god couldn’t care less
about Big Brother and people should stop dragging religion into the game.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:05pm -7:10pm HOH Jordan and Jeff. Jeff saying he plans on takign out Russell and if Michelle
votes to save him than he’s taking Michelle out next week instead of Russell (Provided Jordan wins
HOH) Jeff tells her they have to win Competitions from here on in there’s too many targets on them.
Jordan says she’s nervous all the pressure will be on her during the HOH competition. Jordan says
she wants to float to the finals… Jeff getting pissed off tells her if they don’t win every
competition here on in one of them will be going home there’s no way around it… He calms down
and they take a nap

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm Red Room Kevin and Natalie. They are talking about how pathetic they have been at competitions. Kevin asks Natalie to truthfully tell him if she’s been throwing comps.. Natalie swears she’s been trying her best every single time.. Kevin says the only time he didn?t was the HOH endurance, because he knew there was no way he could beat Russell and Jeff. Natalie tells him he better give it all he’s got on Thursday if its endurance.. Kevin tells her not to worry he plans on bringing it. They start talking about Kevin, Jessie and the chess analogy. Kevin gets little annoyed at Natalie over this. Natalie defends things she said about Kevin because Jessie told her that Kevin was coming after her. Natalie tells Kevin that Lydia would throw him under the bus all the time to Jessie and her.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:20pm Backyard Jordan and Michelle working out Russell on the couch looking pissed

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:35pm HOH Russell, Jeff, Natalie, and Kevin… Jeff is talking about the fish he use to catch as a kid and he put them in a fish tank and they would always jump out. Jeff says its like his little bird story.. Kevin says that story was funny it will totally be on the show.. Jeff “Really?” Natalie sucking up to Jeff big time offering to get him this and that from the kitchen. Natalie and Kevin leave to make food.. Russell asks Jeff if he wants Russell to leave.. Jeff tell him don’t be silly stay up here and enjoy the music, Jeff jumps into the shower.


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Randy Wolfgang

Simons latest post is very interesting – Kevin is speaking intelligently and rationally about game and Natalie is all spite and vindictiveness – I can’t wait to see kevin let natalie go.


I always thought Natalie was an idiot but to hear her say she doesn’t believe in evolution, well…that just proves what a complete moron she really is.

another fan

Let’s not turn this into a discussion about evolution vs religion – keep focused on the game. Everyone has their own opinion, and it has nothing to with BB and no one will change their beliefs, so drop it!

Bye Bye Jeff

Another moron heard from. “Everyone has their own opinion, and it has nothing to with BB and no one will change their beliefs, so drop it!”
Opinion? Evolution is opinion? So is gravity! Shouldn’t you be floating into space right now?


God Is Real And That Is The Only Smart Thing Natalie All Season! Evolution is for Dummies!!! God is Real… You Will See In The End!!!


leave the religious crap out of here


I think Kev’s response is awesome “God doesn’t care about BB”

soooo true…


2 no no’s religon and politics…, this is BB! Real life doesn’t apply!


2 conversations never to have with people,on a chat board, religon and politics. This is BB, real life issues don’t apply! And Keving is right, God, doesn’t care about BB, if you believe in Him.


I agree 7:43 Anonymous, Everyone that liked Jeff and Jordan or just Jeff are doing exactly what they are mad at J/J for. You are turning your back on the people you liked. Look at it this way… at this point you have to win HOH and POV and trust no one!

Jeff is kinda screwed if anyone but Jordan wins HOH. If Russ stays and it’s endurance He will win and He would put Jeff up. He has said twice in the diary room that if they wanted to make a move they should put him up! To me that’s the same as saying that’s what he would do. I know that Jeff is pissing us off and they have changed, but I put myself in his shoes and although he’s not doing what we want, he is making a good game move. The only thing he is not thinking about is Michelle, for game reasons he should be kissing her A$$! (most likely to win endurance HOH if Russ is gone) With that said I’m still rooting for Jeff and Jordan, but if it’s Kevin or even Michelle ( I try soooo hard to like and understand her) I’ll be happy. Russ dug his grave a long time ago.


Everyone has to realize also that what you see in the Diary room sessions are edited to fit what the producers want.. All the answers that are given are based on scenarios and what makes for good T.V. You have to understand the types of questions they ask in the DR to make them answer the way the producers want. That is why when they start talking about DR sessions the feeds get cut because the producers don’t want the outside world to know exactly how much influence they have on the show….

Mr. E

So him saying in the DR that if they want to break their Final Four they would put him up is the same as him saying he would put them up? I’m sorry, but me saying, “If I stole a car, I’d make sure no one saw me do it” isn’t the same as me saying I would steal a car if given the chance. How do you know the DR didn’t ask him if Jeff and Jordan were planning on putting him up?


I don’t consider turning one’s back on ppl because they’re too gullible, have no common sense or are plainly stupid is a bad move. Nobody’s blaming Jeff because he’s turning his back on his team. Ultimately, he would have done so because there is only one winner to this game. The issue is: why NOW and especially why is he taking such decision because of Jordan’s pressure and Nat’s lies?

another fan

Most likely, Jeff or Jordan is gone next week no matter what – the liklihood of Jordan winning HOH is almost nil. Jeff will blame Jordan for not winning – he will likely win POV and take himself off, so Jordan will go. It is time for her to go! She will be gone, and it won’t be Jeff’s fault, so she can’t blame him. I loved J/J until Jeff actually started listening to Jordan – he was very smart until she started talking. How sad for him. I just wish he and Russell would stick together, as I would love for them to be the final 2,and then would be happy to see Jeff win. Doesn’t look like that will happen, though. I have watched BB for years, but this one may be my last, as it is really disappointing.


If Jordan gets taken out, then Jeff will be a VERY powerful ally to SOMEONE.


He will all of sudden be Michelle’s best friend.


Honestly, Natalie doesnt deserve to win, she has floated this whole game. She still hasnt won a single thing. She goes on and on about how she is 24 and isnt as stupid as everyone says but truth is she might as well be 18 because she acts as if she is that age.

I think Jeff is making a bad move, and I believe it is because she is listening to Jordan wayyyyy too much. I like the girl, but she isnt the brightest of the bunch, he should know better.

I think Jeff has a better chance convincing Russell to keep him cause he needs him to get into the final four, then convincing Kevin or Natalie. But honestly, I would love to see kevin ditch natalie, and make a deal with Jeff to take him to the final four.

Remember the whole point of final 2 is to bring someone who you know you have a good chance winning against. Jeff might lose to Jordan, but he would definitely win against Michelle or Russell. He would be smart to bring one of them into the final two with him.

Kevin would also be smart to make a deal with Russell or Michelle, he would stand a better chance then with natalie.

Just my opinion.

I would love to see Jeff and Michelle in the final 2 though. I don’t think Jordan deserves it because she is where she is because of Jeff, if she won, it was not because she really did much. Jeff did all the dirty work.

I Love Jeff!


I think that looking at Natalie’s face is proof enough to believe in evolution…………..

Randy Wolfgang

OMG ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff/Jordan but I cannot believe they are falling so hard for pigpen and kevin!!! I wish to God that somehow one of them hears Pigpen gunning so hard to evict Jeff! I find myself screaming at the TV or my phone when I get my spoilers!! LOL..When is ths over anyway? I need my life back~ LMAO


Okay nat says she is in the position she is in because Jeff has her back against the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she insane? God yes!
If she played the game instead of riding Jesse and Chima’s coattails she would not be as big of a target. She lied, manipulated and bragged when Jesse was HOH that she was calling the shots. did I miss something? jeff did not do this to her, she chose her alliance and her strategy and that is why she is in the position she is now. Running her mouth and trying to be a pit bull. she is one looney tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am all for playing the game but I think Natalie at this point wanting to backdoor Jeff will be stupid on her end because jordan and perhaps Michele will make her the next target.
Hopefully Jeff will keep Russ this week and get rid of Natalie. How interesting would that be Jesse, Lydia and Nat alone in the jury house, for some reason I believe the producers would love to see this played out on tv for ratings and will talk Jeff into not using the power of Veto.


With Jessie in the jury house, Nat will get the votes. The original plan when Jordan was HOH was getting rid of Natalie (right after Jessie). They kept their cool the whole game and lost it with power. I was watching the live feeds, but pretty much gave it up. Watching Jeff make the dumb moves is getting irritatingly painful to watch…especially after production is all but TELLING him what to do.


what’s with Natalie’s eyebrows? – they are always halfway up her head!


Natalie dream on, you can’t even win a competition. All you do is show your claws which gets you absolutely no where.

Drew Bludd

Nat Scratch Fever!!


At first i was almost in love with J/J and they would constantly make me smile because the cuteness factor was so high 🙂 however the last week ive been so anoyed with them and I actually cant stand watching them now.. I still like them more than Nath (of course) but they totally changed when they got some power. Jordan is kinda herself still but Jeff has gone super cocky.. And wtf do they trust Nath for.. Kinda wish Jeff would get backdoored by her so he figures out how little he actually knows.. Also he is so rude to Jordan lately. almost making fun of her.. I think Jeff needs to get his feet back on earth asap..


i totally agree with you..I love Jeff and Jordan but they are really making me mad. How stupid can you be? I hope they finally figure out that Nat is not a nice person. She actually makes me ill. I havent been able to watch for a while because of her lies. I hate liars and actually can’t get past her lying. I hope they wake up soon.


At this point i think that Kevin will win this whole thing. I hope that everyone figures out what Nat is doing. ( Kevin please go tell Jeff all the lies she’s been saying.) I know., to win this game you have to be the biggest and best liar, so i guess nat will win right now. Hopefully all the other houseguest will come to their senses soon.


Dear Jeff and Jordo,
Guess what, while you’ve been spooning and hugging an massaging the last few weeks you’ve handed over your chance at half a mil . Numbers don’t lie after thursday it’s 3 against 2 and 2 of them will have the jury house in their favor . Jeff you’re going up .



When is the POV ceremony? Isn’t it always on Sunday?

Bye Bye Jeff

Now that they have the power, Jeff and Jordan are just as assholish as Jesse and Nat were. But more stupid. How could Jeff think that sending Russel home is a smart move? That would leave a pissed off Michelle and enemies Kevin and Nat playing for HOH, against a weak Jordan. And everyone of them, but Jordan, would put up Jeff.
Get rid of Nat, and leave Michelle, Russel and Kevin going after one another. Anything else is moronic, and will send Jeff home within the week.




Kevin actually has a decent chance of getting in the final 2, just go to J/J and pretty much spill the beans on Nat’s lies, real age, putting Jeff up, ect. Then Striking up a final 3 deal with R/M, since he never wins anything they will only see him as a tool to get rid of J/J, and eventually working his way into a final 2 deal with Russ, since everyone hates him in the Jury house he can easily count on the votes.


I think so, too. I am more and more impressed with Kevin lately. He’s really stepped up his game. Then again, he’s always kept a clear head about things (except maybe the Ronnie/Nazi chest bump rumble) and was the only one on his team that managed to stay rational and maintain perspective during Jessie’s funeral. He’s also a funny, friendly and compassionate guy. Just as much as Jeff is. I could see a Jeff/Kevin final. Jeff might lose then based on jury votes, of course, but oh well. That’s the game. I have my favorites and all, but I don’t know any of these people personally, so they might as well be imaginary for all I care.


Kevin actually has a decent chance of getting in the final 2, just go to J/J and pretty much spill the beans on Nat’s lies, real age, putting Jeff up, ect. Then Striking up a final 3 deal with R/M, since he never wins anything they will only see him as a tool to get rid of J/J, and eventually working his way into a final 2 deal with Russ, since everyone hates him in the Jury house he can easily count on the votes.


Jeff if u can hear us do not use veto and vote off nat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t stop chuckling at the thought of the Winner of Tool Academy being locked up in the jury house with Sybil all week…………ha ha


lol…that is a good one 😉

A no no moose

Watching the CBS version and since I dont have 24/7 and can barely stay awake for the after-dark show. Heres my deal. Jordons voice kills me, it physically hurts me to hear her talk. Kudos to Jeff to be able to handle her sandpaper on a chalkboard voice. Another thing, Jordon may not be neuro-scientist smart but shes no dummy, shes got excellent survival instincts… Still her voice is like that Felix the Cat character; Vaboom. Only old people will get understand that last comment

another fan

Your going off on Jordan’s voice when Natalie’s reminds me of “The Nanny?” I can’t stand Nat’s nasaly voice, and wish she would go!


don’t be talking about the way we southerners talk…….or we’ll have to dig up this northern general buried down here and shoot him again.


LOL. I’m not sure that would really piss the North off. I don’t think they/we care much about the Civil War anymore, for better or worse. Anyhow, I think accents/dialects are fair game, because no matter where any of us are from we “talk funny” to someone else. I’m even from the North and I still think Jeff and his “Sheecahgo” accent and Michelle and her “Bahston” accent are just as funny as the way Jordan “tawks”.

A no no moose

I spent years in the south, my wifes from New Orleans, one of my best buds is from Mississippi, but nobody I ever talked to sounded like Jordon does. You can like her for her ‘okay’ looks or you make think shes cute (I sure dont) but her voice could break glass at 50 paces.




LOL, so Jeff is now the bad guy, fickled fans.. Put yourself in Jeff’s shoes, he can’t play HOH next week so do you rely on Russell who voted to keep Jessie? do you rely on Michele who has a final 3 with J/J and a final two with Russell? or do you rely on Kevin/Nat who have been your “enemies” all game.. sounds like a damn if you do, damn if you don’t. If Jeff goes up then he has to win the POV , and when you get to this point in the game, then every man/woman for themselves.


RIGHT ON POINT! That’s what I tried to say, I like yours better, short and sweet!

Mr. E

You’re asking the wrong question. Do you trust the guy who can’t win without you, the girl who told you all of her deals, none of which are outside of the Final Four, or do you trust the two people who can’t win with you in the game?


If Nat, Russel, or Kevin win HOH next week… Jeff is going to be nominated and will need to win POV to stay. Unfortunately, that means Jordan goes out as collateral damage.

If Jordan wins HOH next week… Jeff is safe and either Russel, Kevin or Nat will be going home next week, excluding the one that goes home this week.

If Michele wins HOH next week… what she does depends on how this week goes down… If Jeff puts up Russel, Michele puts up Jeff and Jordan… If Jeff doesn’t use POV, it is tough to call… she could be persuaded to do anything.

The bottom line, Jeff’s back is against the wall… winning HOH this week may not have been the best idea… especially given that he got the POV too and probably didn’t need the HOH to keep himself and Jordan safe. Either way, with a bunch of people gunning for him, why not get out one of the more successful competition winner…. i.e. Russel… Therefore I do not think Jeff’s plan is that terrible…. however I do think Jeff is following these plans for the wrong reasons. (Alliance with Kevin and Nat)

PS – I will be donating to the site when my next pay check comes in


I have a feeling kevin is going home this week. Jeff will NOT use the pov. I hope I’m wrong since haven’t liked j/j since day one.


kevin needs to rat nat out…….she’s really gunnnig for jeff…..i think kevin has too much of a woody for jeff to get rid of him this soon


I want to know why any of these idiots don’t ever think about hiding somewhere to eavesdrop in on conversations!!! I would be hiding behind the couches outback, in a bed with a ton of blankets over me, or even in a pile of their messy clothes in a corner… Then let’s say whoever is hiding (Jeff or even Russell) jump out after a Gnat/Kevin bash fest about taking out Jeff and AHA caught you– you’re outta here!!!! That would … Be … Awesome!!!!


Oh it is too bad that they (j/j) will lose because of their ignorance. They believe in the sound of the devil….. This is what you get in the end. So pity… hah!


Getting ready to watch BB Afterdark on Showtime2. I’m on the East Coast so I’ve been staying up til three am for at least a few weeks now…waking up at 7 am. Can’t wait for Dumb and Dumber’s reign to be over…I can’t stand Jordan’s voice now and Jeff got way too cocky for me…I’m still holding out hope for Russell though…there’s always hope right?…Well I gotta go watch the show…hope it’s worth my time. I sure am addicted. By the way simon, I think you’re AWESOME!!!!!Keep up the good work. 🙂


Mr. Jimi — that was great and totally accurate!!! I call people Sybil all the time…


I can only hope that if J/J do try to backdoor Russell that they leave Gnat on the block. Then my next wish is that Gnat slips up & pisses off Kevin who then goes running to J/J, make a deal & Gnat goes out the door.

Getting Russell out this week isn’t going to keep J/J from going up next week. I can’t stand Gnat & would love for there to be a threesome in the jury house – which is probably what production wants to see as well. Why else would they be telling J/J to keep Russell?

another fan

Does anyone know if production is still telling Jeff to keep Russell? I know they mentioned it last week, but haven’t heard any more of that talk since the last eviction.


jordo didnt want wine , too fatning mentioned celery and ranch but whats the little chubo eatting mac n cheese. she s getting on my nerves. and ithink she s playing jeff




did anybody watch russell say today if he was jeff he would put up him and michelle….He already knows its a smart move because he is coming after jeff if he stays…so jeffs back is aganinst the wall..russell is a more competive then pp and kevin so hopefully he is making the right decisions…

Mr. E

Or he thinks Jeff is paranoid and incapable of thinking two steps ahead.


and why does natalie keep acting like shes this great competitor and she hasn’t won shit!!!!


self praise is better than no praise


Well said. I think it’s funny that Natalie so satisfied with deceiving the house about her age. Maybe they just truly believe that she’s eighteen, not because she’s a skilled liar, but because of the way she behaves (even around people in on the lie). I don’t think she’s stupid, but I don’t think she has the right to say she’s smarter than anyone else, either. She has her own talents and knowledge, but she’s just as guilty of being ignorant as any of the others (case in point, her understanding of how evolution works). Just because Michelle can’t tell a nectarine from a peach does not mean that she can’t tell a dysplasia from hyperplasia. Like Will Rogers said, “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”


Is it just me or does anyone else think that Jordan will appear on another reality show in the next 3 years and it probably would be COPS and we will get to see her with 2 kids by 2 different fathers and she will be weighing 300 pounds… LOL


no i don t think so. she doesn t sleep around..she probably will gain weight though by the time she s 30 she could be pretty fat.


I said that a few days ago plus I also added she will be married to Kevin Federline.


LOL.. Rockstar…. I believe it…




why can t j/j notice how suspious pit bull and kev body language is. why would jeff listen to jordo s opinion on nat.the only one in the house questing pig pen s age is m. she s done atime line on all nat stories. its so obvious how could she participate in poker chamionship


right now, they can’t call her out and say she is a liar if they need her on their side




Don’t any of them remember filling out an application? It clearly states that you have to be 21!


Kiss off Kevin!!!!! Talking bout Russell kissing Jeff’s ass…lol…can u believe it….When him n’ NAtty have so much shit on their faces from kissing ass (Jordan n’ Jeff) that it’s crusted over…GET REAL PLEASE..


i know…the irony. and i’m getting really sick of nat’s immature azz always plotting to mess with other house guests’ stuff. not game play…but just to f with people b/c she’s either mad at them or doesn’t like them. it’s so hard to believe she’s really 24 b/c she acts like a 14 year old. easily the most immature and surly house guest in bb history.


Michelle’s being awfully flirty with Jeff on BBAD.


michelle is always flirty with Jeff ..are u just now noticing that lol..


God would somebody put a muzzle on the pitbull please. Why does she keep on saying she is 18. I went on to the casting website for BB and just as I expected. You must be 21 years of age just to apply. Why has no one in the house called bulls#$t. I know her family must love her and all that but man is she annoying. What a stupid thing to lie about.


She should just shut her mouth…she’s so annoying. She thinks she’s smart but all she does is talk into everyone else’s ear. I can’t stand to look at her anymore or hear her speak.


I am starting to think that Jordan has been in on the all girls alliance the entire time and has been playing Jeff and stringing him along. That would explain why she is so gung ho on Natalie suddenly being the purveyor of truth and Russell the axis of evil. I was all for Jeff winning it all, but since he is now letting someone whose daily workout is to successfully string a sentence together think for him, then I will be glad to just sit back and watch and laugh when he is put up and sent home. I only hope that Jeff doesn’t get America’s vote for the money on the season finale. Russ should get it.


I wish Micelle would get the vote from America and here’s why. It would haunt Ronnie for the rest of his life. LOL


that’s a good enough reason for me! i might vote for her…mich and russ have become my favorites on the show which is unbelievable to me. and i wasted $10 on voting for jeff’s cdt 10 times. the first tiem i ever voted for something on bb that cost me money. certainly money not well spent.


yes, i’ll vote for russ to get the money. jeff or jordan don’t deserve it.


I will vote for Russel Michelle or Kevin he been playing a good game he just aligned his self with stupid people.


Would somebody please tell Jordan’s douchebag (Jeff) to stop picking his noee so damn much on national t.v. …I’d APPREESHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….(so corny by the way) He’s really grossing me out!…Oh well, I dozed off during the late show and woke up to Jeff and Russell talking in the backyard. I had the feeling that Jeff has all but laid the last nail in Russell’s coffin though. …..It’s a quarter past three a.m. (eastcoast time,although Jordan wouldn’t comprehend that) and I’m wide awake. Oh well, guess I’ll go try and get to sleep now. Tomorrow’s the big day I guess as far as Russell goes. Pretty please Jeff don’t put Russell up!!!


When did Jordan ever express an interest in an all girl alliance? Remember, these people enter this GAME as individuals. If Jordan is playing Jeff and gets to the final 2 then she desires to win.
Jeff has to keep in mind that this is a game and he can be getting played by any and everybody. He just has to make good decisions that would benefit him. As much as people on this blog hate on Nat and Kevin, it not a good game decision to keep people in the game that you have witnessed being back stabbers, rats, snakes and are the stronger players left in the game( Russell and Michelle).
You have to take the kind the game people are playing into consideration. Jeff does not have anything to go on when it comes to Nat and Kevin. Until the point of the use of the CDT, Nat wanted Michelle out and Jessie was Kevin’s main target.


My take on Russell is that he has been hungry to be the alpha male in the house from the beginning (he is not that likable with the other house guests, he could explode on them at any time). I think his needing to be the alpha male has seemly lead him to pull the trigger (to soon in my opinion) on Jessie and almost immediately gunning for Jeff after he saved him with the use of the CDT. Also, keep in mind he thought it was a good idea to get Casey out of the game although he voted the other way.
Russell is just too hard to figure out and that makes him risky to trust. I would bet money that if he had of won HoH, Jeff and Jordan would have been nominated for eviction.

Also, recently Michelle has been a liability for him. Due to her own insecurities with J/J she has been throwing him way under the bus every chance she gets.

I think what Russell has done wrong in this game is get Ronnie out of the game as soon as he did and trust Michelle. He also needed to relax more and not show his cards.

Who knows, Jeff may use the POV to nominated Michelle for eviction rather than Russell. In hope that he can get Russell not to nominate him for eviction (then he will learn if he can trust Russell, it a gamble.)

off the Jeff  Wagon

I hope Jeff does not use the POV on Russell, they would make a good final 2, I think Russ would win because America gave Jeff the CDT


Jeff deserves the money.

Michelle is a big freak.

Jordan needs to go home. I am sick of her screaming “Jeff, no!!” But she runs to the HOH and lotions up whenever their about to go to bed. She isn’t so innocent.


jordan is trailor trash and nat is ghetto trash


I think that Jeff is going to Back Door Russell which is a DUMB move in the game right now. He needs to get Nat out then get Kevin out. If He gets Russell out then if Jordan doesn’t get the HOH the other house guest will put them up. He needs to keep the Target Off there back..


Right before the veto ceremony Russ should interupt Jeff and remind him that if he gets nominated Jeff should picture this …..jury house votes …. Jessie, Lydia,Me and the other 2 that you plan on backdooring…enough said… Then state if your nominating me because you have trust issues, I double dare you to ask Nat how old she is, and how is she able to play in a poker series in vegas. Just put “lil horse” on blast about claiming to have never lied. If Jeff still nominates Russ, turn to K/M and advise them to stay focused, play this game as hard as you can. He should tell them, that not only do they have his vote in the jury house, that he will make sure the J/L vote for you. After that he should stop talking game to all of them, regardless of what production has to say. Talk about martial arts 24/7.


Jeff and the cocktease need to be split up. If nat or kevin win hoh next week the couple gets split for sure.