Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle is pissed. Jeff “Boo Hoo i’m not letting you win”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:40pm Natalie and Kevin. Natalie is trying to get the grease out of her shoes from the POV competition. She is very stressed that her sneakers are greasy.. (But doesn’t mind her hair and body to be). Natalie thinks she’s figured out a way to get the grease out, Kevin offers some advice.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:55pm Bathroom Coo Coo Magoo getting ready for a dinner date with backyard couch


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:10pm Backyard couch Natalie and Jordan. talking about cooking.. Natalie says she never cooks at home so her boyfriend is going to be surprised to she her cooking in here. Jordan says she never really cooks just watches her mom. Natalie asks if the plan is still going down. Jordan say of
course. Natalie “Does Michelle know” Jordan “NO! don’t tell her” Jordan is worried that Russell is
going to flip out when he gets put up. Natalie doesn’t think they should worry Russell can’t do
anything to them. Talk goes back to food particualry burgers and Jordan tells her about how much
she loves these burgers places in her home town. Natalie recommends a few places locally for
Jordan to try before she heads back home. Jordan bring sup having her insurance expire on her car
and she was stopped 3 times by police before she changed it…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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4:20pm Grill Jordan and Jeff. Jordan “chicken look gross when it?s not cooked don’t it” Jeff “it looks like skin” Jeff tells her that Michelle is pissed off right now. Jordan agrees thinks Michelle is going to confront them soon. Jeff says she just pissed because things aren’t going like she had planned. Jordan adds how cute Natalie is and how she had been asking Jordan cooking tips. (LOL Jordan c’mon ) Jordan thinks Michelle may be the better target this week Jeff doesn’t think so he thinks Michelle is just pissed right now but she’ll turn around once Russell goes up She’ll have to she has no one. Jordan is still worried if Michelle wins HOH she’ll put Jeff and Jordan up and make a deal with KEvin to go final 3. Russell goes outside drinking a coffee. Jordan heads back inside
Jeff cleaning the grill. Russell wants to know if Jeff is going to work out tonight. Jeff isn’t sure he might wait until it cools down a bit. Russell bring sup hoe much better his workouts are when Jeff is around because Jeff really pushes him. Jeff heads to the pool to start cleaning it. Michelle joins them…awkward silence.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:59pm Backyard couch Jordan, Michelle and Jeff. Jordan and Jeff eating salads. Michelle giggling that she put on a dress for dinner.. very awkward un comfortably silence. Jordan tells Michelle that she’s been really crabby and quiet these past few days. Jordan asks if Michelle is mad. Michelle denies being mad she’s having a rough time as a have nots. Jordan tells Jeff the salad he made is delicious and he should open up a restaurant. Jordan heads inside. Michelle asks Jeff if at some point they can talk, Jeff say sure thing just come on up to HOH. Michelle attempting at small talk with Jeff but Jeff really not being responsive… Michelle brings up her hair is graying. She asks production for some colour to remove the gray. Jeff says that it doesn’t have to do with stress, but genetics. He ads that he started going gray at a young age and he thinks it’s from all the stress. Michelle says her mother started going gray at 18.. Michelle started once her brother died.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:15pm – 5:40pm Natalie and Kevin playing pool… Kevin whispers to Natalie that he still worried about Russell not going home. Kevin can totally see Jeff standing up saying he’s not using the POV because at this time in the game it doesn’t make sense. Natalie mentions how awesome it will be with Russell gone they just need to win HOH and they’re set…. They move back to Just pool talk.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm HOH Jeff and Jordan
Jeff going over what Michelle told him in the backyard after Jordan left.. Jeff being very sarcastic about Michelle “Why she so mad? because we want to win and we’re going to take them out first?” Jordan adds that Michelle and Russell would of done the same thing if they had won the HOH and POV. Jeff warns Jordan that Michelle is going to be coming up here later tonight and she’ll probably have some wild crazy story to try and save her and Russell…. Alot of silence… Jordan “You think we really have a chance to win?” Jeff “ya but you need HOH next week or i’m going up”… More silence…
Jordan “what you thinking?”
Jeff “nothing”
Jordan “You wanna make out ”
Jeff “YA!”
Jordan “laughing i knew it i saw that smile on your face”

Start talking about random things.. Jeff plans on getting wasted tonight.. Jordan wants to work out.

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Canadian Point of View

Damn I feel sorry for Jeff. Jordan sure plays the push pull game well, obviously he’s a nice guy and not thinking with is d**k. I really wish that Nat and Kevin were being honest and if it was final 4 for J/J/N/K that would be cool and way more competitive. I don’t care if Michelle is in that mix but they have to get Russ out. I think they really need to take Kevin out though and weaken that side.


I don’t think Jeff should get rid of russ



A no no moose

I dont see it happening… too much blood on Jeffs hands, removing 1 of the people on the block than putting up Russell??? Naaaa.
As much as I want a new coup it wont happen-
The nominees will stay and since Nat never wins anything it will probably Kevin getting the boot…. Hey…Lydiea and Jesse will be having sex all the time so Sugarbear will have the sequestor house to himself.


!!simon the words are covered by your pictures.!!!


thanks simon…


simon; you seem so nice. even though the criticism is non aggresive your replys are alway thankful; nobody could do this job better then you


Wow I can’t believe Jordan and Jeff are acting like this. Michelle and Russell from what I can remember (except that fight right at the beginning) have been nice to Jeff and Jordan even when everyone in the house hated them. Now all the sudden Michelle and Russell are acting “strange”. Yea it’s because you two are giving them the cold shoulder! How obvious is it that Jordan prefers to hang with Natalie now? Of course Michelle notices and it affects the way she acts. I know they’ve all said things about one another behind their backs but like I said, from what I remember Russell and Michelle never gave Jeff and Jordan the cold shoulder and really when it came down to it always had their back.

If they want to get Russ out because he’s a strong competitor then whatever, but to do it because they just assume Russ and Michelle are less trustworthy than Natalie and Kevin is just stupid.

“Be ready for Michelle to come up here and give us some crazy story to try and save her and Russ” Oh you mean like the one Natalie and Kevin spoon fed you last week??

Of course MIchelle and Russ have had to lie to get through the game. They have been targets. Until the last two weeks have Natalie and Kevin ever been a target and had to lie or back stab to stay safe? No because their alliance was in charge. With all the time they have in there to think about stuff like this I don’t see how Jeff and Jordan can think that Natalie and Kevin are just so trustworthy. Yea they will see just how trustworthy they are!


Sasha- I see it completely opposite. Russell only started coming to Jeff when he felt neglected by Jesse and his worshipers! And Michelle ignored Jeff and Jordan when Chima was HOH. Michelle and Russell go wherever the wind blows. Finally Jeff and Jordan get to play and because they are playing the game they should go?
You sound like Jesse and his “people” if you do not hand the game to them you are the bad guys. Jeff is playing smart the way BB should be played and with integrity. He is not stupid Russell will take him out the first chance he gets. And Russell owes Jeff big time for saving him. Russell only did one thing for Jeff that was not put him on the block but it was not really a favor because all Russell wanted was Ronnie out.
But go back to the first three weeks Michele and Russell only hung out with those who could help them not those they wanted to hang out with. Jeff and Jordan never became friends with people just so they did not get put up- As far as I can see those two plus Kevin have been the most genuine. (minus Kevin’s LML he really has not played people)


Kevin has been playing them for 2 weeks, even if it is just with the LML. He looks right in their face and says how they are safe then Nat and him are in the red room 3 mins later saying they are going to put them up next week if they win HOH. Michelle has been faithful to J/J….Jeff and Jordan were her best friends when she was HOH and said she was putting up Chima and Nat…..Jeff and Jordan were my fav’s from the beginning, but Jeff is NOT going to win this thing now, he had it won, and this week he will lose it, cause Kevin is due for a win and he will be up!


i just hope that after jeff breaks the final 4 deal and back doors russ that michele wins hoh and then puts up him and jordan. then she can tell him that since he broke the final 4 deal she is just following his play!!!!! his odds would have been a lot better if he stays honest to russ and keep him and go after kev next week after getting nat out this week. now he will have 3 gunning for him next week…nat, kev and michele. the other way around he only has to worry about kev winning hoh and he has won nothing yet…..i think he is making one of the worse moves ever in bb. his odds of winning are going way down!!!!!!!


Even Russell said the best move would have been to put him and Michelle up.

Speaking of which…$3000 plus is a lot for some fake boobs, Jordan could have moved into a place of her own for that much. 😛 LMAO!


J/J are really stupid! Can’t believe they are trusting Kevin and Nat. Don’t they remember all the grief they gave them when Jessie was in the house? I am now hoping Russell some how can win.


I agree Jeff don’t deserve to win because he is letting Jordan make up his mind. I hope russel wins this game


I do not get why Jeff will not stick to his final 4 alliance. I was so rooting for him or Jordan to win, now I’m not sure. Nat and Kevin are making them look like idiots!!


russ would be doing exactly the same thing right now to jeff, and russell has said so


I think the final three are going to be Jeff, Jordan and Kevin. Then, Jordan will win the final hoh and evict Jeff. She will be thinking that she can not win against Jeff. But, it would be so funny if she loses to Kevin or anyone else in that house. God, I just want Jeff and Jordan gone so much. Or, just to see one of them lose in the final two to anyone. I just watched the show and Jeff is really stupid. He says he never got the truth from Russell, and he never heard what he wanted to hear. Russell told him when it gets down to the final four, Russell is planning to put up Jeff. What did Jeff think Russell was going to say: “Jeff, you are the best and I would never put you up. Because I think you should win the money.” If Jeff thinks that there is no target on his back, he deserves to lose. I did like Jeff, but not anymore. I hope Jordan turns on him, then someone turns on her.

another fan

If they send Russ out this week, one of J/J will go next week – no doubt! so they will NOT be 2 of the final 3. Unless Jordan wins HOH next week, J/J will go on the block. If one wins POV, the other will get voted out. Now, that may happen even if they keep Russell, but it will certainly happen if they don’t. Michelle could easily win HOH, and seeing what they do to Russell shows her swearing on family members is now null and void since J/J didn’t seem to value their own promise, so M should send one packing.


I agree with this statement 110%!!

Mr. E

If Natalie wins it’s Jeff and Jordan on the block. If Kevin wins it’s Jeff and Michelle.

another fan

I don’t agree. At this point, even Kevin will realize splitting the J/J alliance will be the smartest move. Not enough people left to keep 2 so closely aligned. Anyone else will turn on a dime depending on who has power.


If it is not J/J in the finale 2, neither will win. As I have said, this is the time you need to think of Jury votes (which Jeff and Jordan are not!) Neither one of them will win against anyone left in that house except maybe russel or michelle.


I really hope that Jeff comes to realize that he’s being played!! and good too…i hope he kepts things as they are, or we have to start saying bye bye to J/J real soon =(- i’ll be soo sad

Evel Russ

This plan is so full of fail. I can’t say that I don’t understand their motivation for taking out Russell, because I do. They do have reason to doubt Russell and Michelle’s allegiance to them, they have both been known liars. Also, if the next HOH is endurance, and Russell is gone, Michelle has the best shot at winning imo. They better hope she’s not so pissed that she decides that she needs to break J&J up and puts them both on the block. And that the both will go up if Nat or Kevin win as well. Their only hope is to trade off HOH for the remainder of the show, and with their records so far that doesn’t seem like a great plan.
I just don’t get is this trust in Natalie and Kevin. They even say every once in a while that they have to be weary of them, but then they go on trusting them. I mean, those two are together all the time, and they say to Jeff, in front of each other, that they would put the other up with Michelle. How does he not see that’s a lie and they are just telling him what he wants to hear? They are friends, they wouldn’t be hanging out all the time if they each knew the other was planning to put them up.

Evel Russ

I’ll also add, that in their position, I would probably take out Russell this week too. It just makes sense and it is the best strategic move at this point because he is the biggest threat to Jeff and if the next HOH is endurance he would more than likely win and very well could go after Jeff and Jordan to eliminate all the pairs except his and Michelle’s.
My problems with their game at this point are:
1. They are making it more personal than strategic. They are acting cocky and power drunk, much like Jessie and Natalie did the first 3 weeks. They are putting themselves at danger of losing the America’s vote.
2. They are alienating Michelle. She is their best ally whether they like it or not. She has been acting in their best interests for weeks. They need to be discussing this plan with her because she would likely be fine with taking out Russ this week if they weren’t treating her like a leper at the same time. I think she would see the strategy behind the move and would be on board.
3. The above mentioned trust in Natalie and Kevin. They should be (and likely will be) embarrassed with their gameplay here. They are getting so played.

another fan

Except that Jeff can’t play in the next HOH. If they take out Russ, and it is endurance, Michelle will win (or maybe natalie if her athletic ability could actually come out) – either way, Jeff is going on the block. Michelle is very smart, and has said many times she is playing for herself – the smart move next week is get one of J/J out, so they both need to go on the block. Jeff would be better off going back to Russell and re-affirming next week’s promise to get rid of Nat or Kevin – realizing that next week there will only be 5, so one of the final 4 group has to go up no matter what. It boils down to who Jeff will trust more, and I believe Russell has shown he can be loyal. If Jeff trusts Nat and Kevin more, then he deserves what is coming.


As I stated yesterday, Jeff is just playing around. Him and Russell have a deal from day 1 to go final 2. Only way that doesn’t happen is if final three is r/j/j, then he may send russell home. Kevin is gone this week.


Interesting. Is this your gut, or did you see them make a deal?


I agree. I think BB tries to influence the HG while they are in the DR. I think they give the HG food for thought in the hopes of stirring things up and keeping the game interesting. I don’t think he will use the POV on anyone.

Randy Wolfgang

Does anyone know the pay scale for BB?????? e.g. do jury members get paid more than those who left too early to be on the jury. I know the winner gets a half million and the runner up 50,000 (not bad really) but I was wondering about the others????

Evel Russ

I read somewhere they get $750/week, I haven’t heard that they get more or less for weeks they are still in the house but I don’t think there is a difference. Then there is the $500k first prize, $50k runner-up and a $25k jury prize. Plus there are the prizes in all the luxury competitions. If you end up with one of the top prizes that’s pretty decent for 3 months of hanging out (well, there is the mental anguish from the scheming and paranoia, you could end up spending that in therapist bills).


I am shocked that Jeff and Jordan believe the two people who have not been nice to them until Jessie and Chima leave. I thought Jordan was smarter than people thought, but maybe not. Jeff needs Russell and Michelle for HOA next week. Jordan will not win. Jeff will go home if Kevin or Nasty win.
DUMB move on J/J’s part!


YUP! And he had the game won up to this point.


kevin and nat has to go.please does Jeff not remember the most hateful mouth these guys have and who they hung out with Chima Jessie, Ronnie and lydia. What Happens to your mind while in that house? Maybe its the slop that makes you forget. As four as Russel goes….. Jeff has already saved him twice and then Russ stabs him in the back by voting to keep jessie. How can he trust a guy like that?


I still love Jeff and Jordan and hope that either one of them wins the money!
Someone please tell Michelle to wash and comb her hair it always looks like crap….


Wouldn’t it be great if Jeff told Russell that he was taking Kevin off and putting him
(russell) up? Tell him to fuss and do his thing, but Natalie is the true target


hell ya!!

Mr. E

Jeff killed the alliance. Time for the alliance to kill him. The right people won’t win this year but at least we get to enjoy them crashing and burning.


This guy gives too much credit to Jordan. Her? Winning HOH? Pshhh!!! I hope somebody puts him up next week.


Jeff & Jordan are my favorite but since they are being so stupid then Nat & Kevin DOES deserve to win. They have a great plan and it’s working for the two of them.

Randy Wolfgang

What would happen if the final four did wind up to be Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin. How do you guys think that could play out??????


Depends who has the HOH and if they decide to get Michelle out.. but lets say hypothetically Jordan wins HOH next week and targets michelle.. the next HOH is up to Jeff, Nat and Kev. that gives the J/J alliance a 1/3 shot at safety cuz you know damn well if Nat or Kev win both J/J go up. So if Jeff wins he would be smart (but we all know he isnt) to evict Natalie (on the basis that Kevin is a useless floater) leaving J/J and kevin in final 3 giving him a 2/3 chance of being final two. Not bad. But there is that 2/3 chance that Nat or Kevin win the second to last HOH and evict Jeff or Jordan (if they were smart it would be Jeff and it seems thats their plan) so that leaves Jordan, Nat and Kevin in final 3 giving them a 2/3 chance of final two. If you are Nat you take Kevin pleading to your alliance that you have done WAY more scheming including the plot to get out Jeff (LML) and that Kevin is a big floater. If you are Kevin you take Jordan and say she is useless and dumb then lie your ass off and say that he (kevin) came up with the LML scheme. Etiher way the odds are in favour of Natalie or Kevin winning if both russel and michelle leave in the next week. I like J/J odds better if they keep michelle and evict Natalie leaving a J/J, michelle and Kevin final four.

Randy Wolfgang

How about if Michele wins next week????


ok final 4 JJKN there are a lot of scenarios that can happen here.
1. NAT HOH JJ on BLOCK one of the J wins POV KEV goes home. Final 2 will most likely be JJ (Jeff wins endurance, Nat wins puzzle, Jeff wins Q&A and picks Jordan)
2. NAT HOH JJ on BLOCK and KEV wins POV Final 3 will be Jordan/KEV/NAT (Nat wins endurance, Kev wins puzzle, Jordan goes home) NAT/KEV final 2 (don’t know who will win)
3. JEFF/JOR HOH KEV/Nat on Block if KEV/NAT win POV one of the J’s go home. and #1 and #2 repeats itself
4. JEFF/JOR HOH JJ WIN POV and then #1 repeats itself.
so I just don’t want scenario #2 to happen.


Randy wolfgang, As much as I hate to say this, I think Natalie will win. I don’t want that to happen. He should just stick to his final 4 plan…

Randy Wolfgang

Well she had better get four votes in the jury house because no way she will get America’s vote!!!!! OMG you should see poll numbers on her from a vareity of sites – just awful!!!


WE MUST NOT FORGET JORDAN AND HOW SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME. Right now she knows Jeff is pushing for them to be in final two with HIS ultimate goal of winning the game. BUT SHE WANTS TO WIN TOO!!! She might have a deeper reason for pushing the “I don’t trust Russell at all” line to Jeff. While she is right to have her suspicions she is most likely looking at how it will effect her game and then Jeff’s (second thought) by having Russell leave. Afterall that is what Jeff is doing. Maybe Jordan thinks she can win against Natalie at this point because Natalie hasn’t won anything. Believe it or not the only (if not slight) shot for her to win is if she is next to Michelle or Natalie.


I mention this already…trying to figure the why’s..


I think she knows Jeff has to go in order for her to have a shot at winning… and why not let the other side try and take him out without her having to decide… and well if it doesn’t work she is just stuck with 2nd place. She truly likes Jeff but she also wants to win. There is no way of getting both.

Randy Wolfgang

Let me just throw this out there – is it possible that Jeff is playing the entire BB house (and us!!!) and has no intention of using the POV tomorrow?????? That he knows Kevin and Nat can’t be trusted and will adhere to the original final four?????? He was pretty good at obfuscating when he had the coup d’etat!!!!


I have my reservations about this scenario. Regarding the CDT, we had some hints during the DR sessions that he was planning on using it. But this time, even if he was playing us, do you think that he’dlet Jordan into the secret and have her playing this little game along? She’s so adamant on seeing Russell gone and he’s so mesmerized by Jordan’s bouts of perceptiveness.


Very good point!!!!!!! You know although the feeds are on 24/7 sometimes they do not show all of them talking. Plus Jeff might just be seeing where his true alliance stands. I think before tonight is over Jeff and Russell will have a heart to heart. I do not blame Jeff for wanting him out but maybe this week is the week for Kevin to go then Natalie. Then like Russ says all bets are off at the final four and we fight it out.
Jeff is not as stupid as everyone thinks, he is very smart.
Also, this is not towards you RWolfgang but to all the other Jordan haters, why r u hating on her so much? i think she is the most refreshing person on the show and really is a sweet genuine girl.
And someone else said this earlier and I agree, Michele needs to wash her hair, or at least if she washes it use some shampoo, it always looks so dirty like an oil slick! But then again her husband tells her she always smell….Get a clue!

Randy Wolfgang

But I’m not a Jordan hater!!!!!


I truly hope Natalie wins HOH and puts up Jeff/Jordan. Then Jeff wins POV and Jordan is evicted (she is just using him to win the money). Then Michelle and Jeff become partners and take out Kevin and Natalie. Each day Jordan see’s someone new come to the Jury house and realizes that Michelle and Jeff are the final two will piss her off. Then when they announce Jury winner and she thinks it will be her but then they announce Russ…OMG I will laugh so hard! All of her promised final four (but her) win something. Its her fault the alliance broke up with her ignoring and backstabbing Russ and Michelle, befriending Natalie after she hated her all game, and telling their gameplay to them. And also her using Jeff the whole game is uncool. She’s so happy she won HOH and a POV but she only won HOH because Jeff gave it to her and the POV because she copied off Michelle when she didnt know the answer. Also, today when Jeff was telling her she has to start winning too she looked like “why do I have to do anything”.

another fan

AWESOME! I will LMAO if the other 3 win something and Jordan is left with nothing!!!!! And I would be happy, too, because my A needs some trimming:-).


i was agreeing with you…until you said jordan only won the POV cause she copied off michelle…how the hell did she copy when she couldnt see her?

A no no moose

Easily you could feel the steps….my wife noticed the same thing…they should have moved them further from each other… but that was a smart move by Jordon…good survival instincts on her part


Are you telling me that those walls were so thick that she couldn’t hear Michelle going up and down the stairs? She was totally waiting till after Michelle moved in that comp. before she moved.


I noticed that too! I thought it was me


here’s what I hope happens just to scare Jeff a bit (cause he’s acting silly right now)…

NAT wins HOH puts up Jeff and Michelle. Jordan wins POV and takes Jeff down… Kevin goes up. Now JJ are the deciding votes and since NAT just screwed with them they decide to open their eyes… realize their mistake in sending Russell home… and evict Kevin. Leaving NATs ultimate plan in shambles.


OMG…..that would be so great…i would be laughin so hard…i hope that happens i would be soo happy….i can’t stand her anymore and i used to LOVE her and jeff She has been so rude and mean to the ppl that have her back and nice to natilie and kevin who would stab her and jeff in a heartbeat…lol

A no no moose

Wow are you twisted…. but I like it. Good job but ”just say no’


Nat or Kevin need to go


Wouldn’t it be amazing if at the end of all of this Jordan won…and went all Primal Fear/ The Usual Suspects on us and was this amazing mastermind. As soon as she won she would get this creepy smile on her face and not even have a southern accent…and just be like “I can’t believe you all fell for that. Sorry Jeff…BYE!”

LOL just something a friend and I were cracking up about last night. She’s convinced that no person in the world could be THAT clueless. I’m convinced she’s just clueless about things ppl dont really HAVE to know.

Anywho…I think that Natalie and Kevin are doing a good job of exposing people’s weaknesses in trust. I think they are playing the better mental game since they obviously cant win HOH’s. If I was in their position I would be doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately in the bb house most of the time…nice guy’s finish last…or in this case for Jeff…most likely 5th.


i was thinking the exact same thing today!!! that would be AWESOME. she’d answer the jury questions as her *true mastermind self and take the game for sure.


“Jordan says how Russell chose final 2 with Michelle, but Jordan doesn?t know if Jeff would pick her, because he might do a BB5 Drew and pick Russell over her to go to the final 2.” This is the most telling thing Jordan has said… and then tonight on the show that her mom always said men only think about one thing… I am now thinking she is way smarter than one would think. Someone else said it, and I think her Diary Room segment tonight about her mom saying that was very telling… she’s been playing Jeff since day 1.


i always thought she wasn’t as dumb as she is playing. Her questions to the houseguests when she digs for info are telling. She asks the right questions, keeps drilling if something doesn’t sound right and relays things back when she wants too. Remember when Jessie told her that Russell caught him in the storage room and tried to have him put Jeff on the block. She remembered that convo but didn’t tell Jeff and then when Jeff asked why didn’t she tell him she played dumb… “I don’t remember that I must of didn’t hear that” RIGHT THERE I KNEW SHE WASN’T HAS DUMB AND NAIVE AS SHE IS MAKING HERSELF OUT TO BE. She knows what to say… how much to say… and win to shut up… unlike Natalie from BB9. Jordan is way better a player than her. Remember she made a final 2 deal with Michelle… does Jeff know about that? not sure someone help out on that… does he know about their deal?


I think most of us knew he was using it. He just couldnt talk about it so maybe you think he was trying to confuse everyone. With the POV he talks about it with Jordan on the live feeds and he is pretty set on using it. The only chance Russ has is if somehow Jeff finds out the specific truth behind Nat and Kev and that he is going up. But as he said tonight…everyone is lying and he knows that. At this point he said he needs to get out the stronger players.

I dont know why Russ and Michelle dont start scheming and making up stuff about Nat and Kev. to save themselves.

Kev phrases his talks with Jeff and Jordan to protect himself. He will say that “he” has never and doesnt include Nat in there. so if he has to he can say that he never said Nat was or wasnt doing something/lying.


Jordan, you’re killing me, girl. I’ve tried to defend you as a sweetie for not having sex with Jeff – how cute, you care about what your Grandpa thinks. BUT….Thinking NATALIE is cute has totally ruined my opinion of you. Girl, where have you BEEN during this game?! You & Jeff also swore on family members that it was you two & Michelle & Russ to final four. I’m totally, truly, terribly disappointed in Jordan & this entire season. Bah humbug! Hope there’s something else good on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday nights….or maybe I’ll finally finish that summer read I set aside. *sigh*


I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s such a dumb idea to get rid of Russel. He’s Jeff’s biggest competitor physically, and sure maybe J&J don’t realize Nat and Kevin are using them, but I still think it’s in Jeff’s best interest to get rid of Russel. If J&J give Michelle a heads up they can probably keep her on their side and it’s still 3 against 2. If they don’t let Michelle know the plan ahead of time I’m afraid she’ll feel betrayed and end up going against J&J next week though. Sucks for Jeff to go against his word, but it’s a game and I think up until now he’s played the game almost as nice as he could have.


doesn’t POV ceremony happen on sundays?

Randy Wolfgang

No the POV ceremony is Monday I think


I’d love to see pigpen out. She thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink. Play on words. I personally can’t wait for forgetful Michelle to be kicked out.

Fans are like contestants. First you like Jordan; then youre a hater. Good luck to Jeff – Maybe the only normal person in the house.


I agree. The fans flip flop just as much as the houseguests do.


anything new happening tonight in house


I sure hope Jeff is playing us all and plans on getting rid of Nat or Kevin

go michelle!

I really wish he was faking. Part of me doubts that he has the balls to be the bad guy. But then I see his greed and I think he means it. He made a HUGE mistake here regardless. There’s no going back. Even if he doesn’t put Russ up, Russ knows he has to make a move to survive because he no longer has an alliance. And if he puts him up I hope he knows that there’s no going back. And Kev and Nat will show their true colors and he will only have Jordan going “oh my god”! And us….we will be laughing so loud they may hear it in the BB house!


did Russell follow Nat n’ Kevin to the HOH..or did I imagine that????


I really don’t think he knew they were in there….they were very sneaky trying to get up there before he came out of the what ever room he was in.


he did follow nat and kev


I’m gunning for either Jeff or Jordan to win, I just truly like those 2. If not 1 of those 2 then I hope Kevin gets it, he is so “Redonkulous”,lol. This has certainly been a very entertaining Big Brother, more so then some of the others. Can’t wait to see Lydia go off on Jessie in the Jury house.

vote CASEY!

I truly hope that Michelle can get through to Jeff and speak to him without Jordan in the room. He really hasn’t thought it through in terms of jury votes, what if Kev and Natalie win the next few comps, etc. If he does put Russ up I hope she plays him and takes him out without flinching once she gets the chance. Go Michelle!

talk game

all this talk about supporting russ, jeff and/or jordan for america’s choice is making me sick. Casey should win that money! No one else deserves it more! Casey!! Vote Casey!


put the booze back in the fridge…come back to the planet..Casey is it coulda been different too

go michelle!

Uhh yeah I can put it back as soon as you give it back! 😉 I’m speaking of the 25,000 americas choice prize at the end of the show. Wipe your chin and pay attention.


I actually thought the money for Americas Choice went to jury members..I could be wrong..

another fan

Yeah, Casey deserved something, but he is not in the jury, so NOT AN OPTION.

vote casey2

We can vote for any player from what I remember of past seasons.

Bye Bye Jeff

Now that they have the power, Jeff and Jordan are just as assholish as Jesse and Nat were. But more stupid. How could Jeff think that sending Russel home is a smart move? That would leave a pissed off Michelle and enemies Kevin and Nat playing for HOH, against a weak Jordan. And everyone of them, but Jordan, would put up Jeff.
Get rid of Nat, and leave Michelle, Russel and Kevin going after one another. Anything else is moronic, and will send Jeff home within the week.


couldn’t agree with you more. jeff once said one’s true colors show when one is down and out … but, it’s been proven that jeff ‘s and jordan’s true colors have shown while they’re in power … complete assholes and stupid beyond belief.

if they decide to take russell out, i’d love nothing more than to sit back and watch how they’re run over by natalie and kevin. they won’t know what hit them. it’s my only hope that michelle can endure … but it will be challenging.


Jeff is trying to tell Jordon in a round-about way that he has carried her as far as he could in the game… from here on out it is up to her I do believe that if he stays he will cut her loose..he won’t have a choice

Bye Bye Jeff

And damn, Jordan is getting fatter by the minute. Her stupid stories with no ending, and her constant playing with her hair, are getting more and more annoying.

another fan

Yes, Jordan was cute for awhile, but now I think of her like Kelly Pickler on American Idol a few years ago – so sick of her ‘dumb cute blond’ image, I am ready to see her go. It gets tiring!

trying hard to stay with j/j

I hope michelle gets HOH and sends jeff packing….jordan will go crazy and kev and nat will be the final 2.jeff doe
Snt deserve the money.


LOL. It doesn’t sound like you’re trying all that hard.

trying hard to stay with j/j

Oh and damn jordan give jeff some lovin already maybe then he can think clearly again and possibly save the game for the both of them.


Some posters on here are as fickled as Michele is. I really don’t understand how getting Russell out is a bad move, even Russell said it would be a good move in the DR. Next week if Jeff goes up, then he has the chance to win the POV, if he does, some posters will be back on the band wagon.


really? are yall serious saying that jeff is greedy? He’s just playing the game to win now.. if yall remember he said his first goal was to not get evicted first and then to make it to jury house and then to win so what do you think hes doing now??? trying to win duhhh… it is smart for him to get rid of russell this week but he shouldnt trust nat and kevin… how do yall say he doesnt deserve the money hes playing the game and doing good..who do you people think deserves to win? they have all lied and gone back on their word as they should its big brother… what do yall want a cast who tells the truth doesnt stab anybody in the back and is nice a good to everyone? its BIG BROTHER get real if you dont like lying and backstabbing and plotting against people than this show is not for you and you should go watch barney…GO JEFF


what is your guys problem with jordan?..of course shes going to talk game a lot when her and the only person she can trust are in power…and shes not sweet talking jeff….jeffs definition of sweet “talking” is probaly sex..and jordan isnt dong that to him so if jordan didnt tell him to put russell up then natalie or kevin would have…she is the same sweet girl she always was


as much as i like russel he got played there was no way he was winning this competition, no 1 would vote for him, if i was jeff i would keep him and take him 2 final2 cuz jeff would win for sure, plus how is this a smart move when russel never wins anything, remember the only reason he won HOH was cuz he made a deal with jeff, so… some1 please explain to me that this is a smart move and why? i think its dumb to be honest natalie and kevin are much smarter then ppl think, plus with this move he gains an enemy in michelle, who i think will win HOH or Kevin and both will take out jeff.