Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle to Jordan “I had made a promise with you guys I had no plans of backing out until we hit Final 4”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:01pm Pool Michelle, Jordan and Jeff.
Michelle cannot believe the other 2 are still sleeping.. Jordan says she had trouble sleeping the bed in the splish splash room isn’t comfortable anymore. Michelle says she has trouble sleeping as well.. she was so wired from the competition. Jeff wonders how many people will be at the Finale show this year. Michelle thinks all their family will be there.

Jeff leaves
Michelle I’m sorry things are so awkward”
Jordan “He’s just upset because he’s leaving”
Michelle “I wish I could cheer him up”
Jordan “I tried to cheer him up but it’s not working”
Jordan “Sorry about last night I didn’t want to say anything to you.. I didn’t want him to think I was rubbing it in his face”
Jordan “this sucks every time i’m on the block i’m up against a friend…”
Jordan “If Jeff leaves this week I guaranteed i’m gone the following week”
Michelle “Now necessarily ”
Jordan “I didn’t talk to you yesterday because I heard that you told Kevin if you win HOH Competition your’re putting me up”
Michelle “I have no idea what i’m doing with HOH”
Jordan “If Kevin goes final 2 he will win.. because every single person like him”
(A pleasant surprise Jordan planning ahead for next week having written Jeff off)
She’s trying to make COOCOOMAGOO understand that if Kevin goes to final 2 everyone but maybe Russell will vote for hime.. Even Jessie. Michelle brings up America’s vote. Jordan tell her that America will give it to Kevin because he’s so

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Michelle “I heard that I was getting thrown under the bus really bad for you guys”
Jordan “NO you were throwing us!”
Jordan “I didn’t know Kevin was such a strong player”
Michelle “I was trying to tell you guys that he’s a threat.. Why do you think I wanted him up”
Michelle “I’m sure Natalie is really strong to they have been just hiding it.. I really tried to warn you guys”
(Hearing Michelle say that just made my day)
J “you were on team Russell”
M “I had made a promise with you guys I had no plans of backing out until we hit Final 4”
Michelle tells her she thinks she played the game a lot like Kevin. Jordan says if the house votes based on strategy you should win but with this cast they will vote based on who they like so Kevin will win. Michelle agrees she says nobody in this house likes her even Jordan and Jeff don’t. Jordan says that isn’t true., “I haven’t even said anything to you to make yo think i didn’t like you” Michelle “I know ” Michelle tells her that she was the target this week and she knows it so Jordan shouldn’t pretend that they were still in an alliance. Jordan says of course Michelle was the target up against Jeff..

M “you guy were the only ones in the house that were kind to me”
J “don’t you think if we were coming after you that Jeff would of Cheered you on in the HOH?”
M “I think he was just cheering me on because he thought I wasn’t going to put me up”
J “Jeff thought he was safe with Kevin”
M “I’ll talk to him later and smooth things over ”
Jordan leaves…..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
2:24pm Red Room Jordan and Natalie. Jordan is telling Natalie all about the conversation she just had with Michelle. Jordan asks Natalie how did Michelle find out that we were talking shit about her?.. Must of been Kevin. Jordan says she thinks Michelle and Kevin have a final 2 agreement. Natalie thinks Jordan should slow down… Jordan says Michelle is acting like a bitch to her. Jordan “she thinks she’s going to win everything!” Jordan says she asks coocoo who she’s going to put up.. but Michelle didn’t answer. Jordan thinks Michelle will put her and Natalie up. Natalie says Jordan needs to convince Michelle that she needs to get Kevin out because he’s the strongest player. Natalie adds she will tell Kevin that Michelle is the strongest player so we can get those two fighting with each other. Jordan “I hope that Michelle puts up Kevin and Me than we can get Kevin out” Natalie explains how the last HOH and POV work.. Natalie tells her Jeff is going, theres nothing he can do. Jordan knows but she still wants to see him try to stay. Jordan says Jeff is pissed that Kevin put him up. Natalie explains that Kevin wanted to put the two strongest player up and he did. Jordan says she hopes next weeks HOH is easy she really needs to win.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Mr. E

We all knew exactly what would happen if Jeff put Russell up. And it happened. And now we’re laughing.
That said, Jordan is getting all schemy-schemy and Michelle better learn quick not to trust Natalie or Jordan. Kevin also needs to come clean, the house is too damn small for all of this scheming not to be obvious.

gino dee



why did jordan say “she hopes HOH is easy tomorrow” … isnt HOH thursday?

Randy Wolfgang

Simon – I don’t understand the last line – Jordan says she hopes “tomorrows” HOH is easy????? That can’t be right. can it?????

ex jeff fan

omg i love that caption. he is such an idiot he basically gave kevin or natalie half a million dollars


I’m telling ya.Michele takes off Jeff, Kevin puts up Jordan….Jeff and nat vote each their own….Kevin has to make a tie break vote and Jeff lives next week

ex jeff fan

that doesn’t make sense theres no way in hell michelle would take jeff off instead of herself


Sure it d….Jordan says she is willing to go to Jury. Everyone knows the dam pool water is smater than she is. With Jeff on her side, Michelle could make it to the final two

K and M Unite!

Did you watch season 2 with Marcellas? He didn’t take himself off thinking he was safe with the votes he had and he got evicted. So if Michelle doesn’t take herself off she’s a moron that deserves to lose!

K and M Unite!

season 3 I mean, sorry


Marcellas was on season 3


why would Michelle do that..she is way smarter then people give her credit for..she wants jeff gone


Michelle needs to vote to keep Jeff and make Kevin be the tie breaker so Jeff would never give him his vote if she and Kevin get to F2.



gino dee



Are you on CRACK????


why does it say “tomorrow hoh”? i thought the next hoh is not until thursday? am i missing something?


Did Jordan just say tomorrow’s HOH? I thought the next HOH was Thursday?

Its a sign...

What STILL gets me is how J/J kept praying and saying that if Jeff wins POV its a sign from God. How exactly does that work? God is actually planning ways he can help J/J in their quest to win $500 Gs while they talk vulgarly about topics they should keep to themselves, and while they demean and trash everyone else around them? Is that what people believe God rewards? Were they really so self centered to think God had them singled out and was showing them the way?

ex jeff fan

totally agree they think their better then everybody else and trash talk michelle so much. i used to not care what happens to michelle but i think shes the only one deserving of the money


Thank you, I totally agree.


Amen to that

Ridiculously Bold

Anonymous says AND Randy Wolfgang says are you guy boyfriends that are in the same house? Why do you guys keep repeating the exact same sentence?



i’m confused … what is this talk of a key? is there really such a thing … or just specualtion?

Randy Wolfgang

Even with Jeff in it – this BB has been really disappointing compared to last year and, from what I hear from the veterans here, vastly worse than some earlier years – there are moments here and there but its really kind of boring!!!!! I mean I don’t look forward to the live episodes the way I did last year for some reason. I think its because the personalities are not very interesting.


I have watched them all except season 1 and season 3, and this is definitely one of the top 3 worst casts ever. I think season 9 might have been even worse, season 5 is right up there too as one of the worst.

Season 2 and season 4 rocked, and season 8 was good because of Dick. The thing I liked about season 2 is that the players were mature adults, not just stereotypes. One of the memorable things about that season was the friendship between Kent, a homophobic republican and Bunky, a gay man. Right from the first introductions, someone said about Bunky that he is obviously married, and he didn’t confirm or deny. Right away, Kent approached him for an alliance, saying he was obviously a stand up guy and he even went on about how he was surprised there were no gays in the game, and made his thoughts on gay life styles known, which made Bunky uncomfortable, because he didn’t want to lie, but he was afraid to correct that he was not married to a woman. Funny thing is, these two men ended up being best buds, Kent’s view of gay people turned around, and they were cool with each other. Another cool thing about that cast is that several of them made a pact to help Christa win the money, and I think they really meant it, but when Christa found out about it she was pissed that they were feeling sorry for her and cooking things behind her back. They were all real people, they played the game, but they also showed us their humanity. Best season ever!

Randy Wolfgang

WOW sounds worlds different from what we have been seeing!!!!! I envy you having seen that!!!!

K and M Unite!

I agree. I think season 2 was hands down the best. It seems they go for more drama type personalities now instead of just people from different lifestyles put into a social experiment for money.


Another thing I liked about the earlier seasons is that from the start there were group competitions to unlock the hot tub, and earn other items for the house, like a toaster, a trampoline, etc. The earlier seasons didn’t have the Veto, so one of the two HOH noms went home no matter what. I think the Veto was a good addition to the game.


jeff is staying. the key opens the front door to come back inside. then hoh, veto and finally eviction. don’t know if jeff will stay the second time around but he will be coming back inside to the face his executioners. that key is his only hope. hope it works! if not, boring!

gino dee



CBS didn’t give Jeff the CDT, we did. CBS didn’t give Jeff the Key, he found it. Both of these could have gone to any of the other players, just because Jeff got them, doesn’t mean he is being favored. Quit blaming the network on results of “expect the unexpected”; especially if you voted for Jeff to win the CDT, blame yourself and the rest of us that voted for him. Would you be this angry if Pigpen found Jordon found the key and she got back in? Nobody is suing anyone, it is a game and more importantly a boardcast that demands ratings. I hope he stays, the 4 remaining houseguest all are boring to watch.


Oh please, I hope you’re right.


Jeff shoiuld go and production should stop saving him…let the house guests play..Jordan the idot shouldnt even be there..Even though no one likes Michelle she has played the best game..Kevin/Michelle final 2


Hoping Jeff does not win as my opinion of him has changed, BUT production isn’t “saving” him, they introduced two twists in the game; WE chose to give Jeff the benefit of the first one (Coup) and HE found the key before any of the others (although from what I’m reading it sounds like Natalie could have found it first, but chose not to – we’ll find out tomorrow). Some people here are complaining about how “boring” this season is getting and then they do some pandora’s box thing to make it interesting and suddenly they are “fixing” the game. Just watch it, enjoy it, cheer for the people you want to cheer for, and if you don’t want to watch it anymore then don’t but i’m sure millions and millions of others still will.


Vito you hit the nail on the head. Production isn’t saving Jeff, WE gave Jeff that power. Did he make a stupid decision by backdooring Russell and not sticking to the plan? Uhh yeah but it is what it is. When he used the power to get Jessie out, it was all good and the general opinion was still GO JEFF. If the show really has Jeff picked to win, how easy would it have been to slip him a little hint in the diary room that trusting Kevin is a mistake. Hence, don’t fall for the LML. None of us, not even the folks with live feeds have access to the diary room conversations so we would’ve never known. And please don’t say that production isn’t allowed to tell houseguests information like that…cause aren’t they also not allowed to “save” people but so many are claiming that they’re trying to save Jeff. I’m upset too that Jeff went against his alliance with Russell but I don’t think production is trying to GIVE this season to him or anyone else for that matter. If viewers choose to stop watching the show, who really cares cause there’s plenty of people like me that will still watch it even if the person I want to win doesn’t!!


oh, and jordan is the true bitch of the house. I don’t really like anyone on the show (jeff excluded) but I have to say jordan is attacking michelle purely on a personal level. Michelle sucks too but… never mind, they all suck. but at least jeff is good to look at.


There is a bit of a rumor going around that the key is the “Golden Power of Veto” . Wouldn’t that be some kind of twist???!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Nice story but that would turn the entire house upside down – just don’t see it happening but you never know – yes I have read that too. Thats where Jeff removes himself and Michele (the two nominees) and replaces them with HOH and POV – Kevin and Michele!!!!!!!!!


Who’s playing this game anyway, is it the cast or America. Come on people ITS A GAME and in the game these people are going to make decisions that will either help their game or hurt it. Jeff made a good game move when he managed to get Jessie out (thanks to Americas vote) and he made a not so good move trusting Kevin and Nat. Now backdooring Russell, even Russell said it a good move. He just should have waited one more week and voted out one of the wessels(kev and Nat). Kevin is weak in making decisions and Nat is just plain weak in all the comps. She must get her butt kick as a champ ty kwan do. All those 18yr High school students she goes up against.
If Michele plays it right she can turn it in her favor. Jordan is just floating right now and could sink if Jeff leaves

Jordon/Jeff dumber than I thought

Why did Jeff and Jordon get this profound trust in Kevin and Natalie….they had shown no loyalty only lies about russell that the powerhungry paranoid jeff wanted to hear but he didn’t even question that Kev could be lying….think of the source dummy. Even after they get screwed by K and Nat they are still cursing russell and michelle for being a pair… and J and J arent a pair. Jeff is a hypocrit and i liked him til he got HOH and acted like he was running the game(everything he hated jessie for) and instead of being smart and keeping the numbers he saved the very person who is sending him home…..LOL





ex jeff fan

i bet the key is meaningless and ppl are making more of it then it really is just a key to let out kevin who was in the box

Randy Wolfgang

PigPen to Kevin about ten minutes ago ” I can beat Michele in any competion if i want to” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Man oh man, I wish I could have seen the look on Kevins face when Pigpen said that – probably the same look he had when the three bitches were crying over Jesse(that was one of the funniest things I had seen in a long time and the mournful cello music CBS played underneath all the moaning was hysterical!!!!!


Ok then, why is Kevin so dedicated to the worthless little troll?

Randy Wolfgang

Thats a good question and he just ran by Pig Pen the idea of keeping Jeff as away to get rid of Michele who he can’t read and he thinks is stronger mentally/physically than Jeff. Nat is not going for it but youknow, if he had any balls he could get rid of two problems at once. Replace Michele with Pigpen – Jordan votes to keep Jeff, Michele votes to keep PP and Kevin drops the bomb on PigPen!!!! That way he gets rid of a useless ally who can’t help him in compsand there are three allies against Michele with JJ and K going to the final three. Kevin is no dummy but does he have nerve to do it?????????????????


Kevin does have any balls, Natilie has custody of his balls right next to hers. that would be the ultimate bomb. To see PP’s face when told she has been evicted for BB11 and throw her a bar of soap and clean clothes. Burn the Jessie memorial shirts


I know, I still laugh when I think about it 😉


That was for Lucky, oops!!


Not for sure, but wasnt there a free week last years big brother? Maybe thats this week?


I think you are wrong about the key being meaningless…..Julie confirmed the twist last Thursday. It’s just a matter of what it is, and I think the logical thing to think is that it will help Jeff….since he has it.

Randy Wolfgang

Of course its not meaningless!!! I think we find out tomorrow!!!

ex jeff fan

i heard from someone that the twist doesn’t give anyone the advantage like from some producer from the show. i heard it on the joker website on the radio blog


Can’t wait to see jeff dumbass walk out the door on thursday….stupid move he pulled last week by backstabbing russell

ex jeff fan

what i heard is that the twist will affect everyone and the producer said that the power wasn’t an advantage to hoh but an added responsibility

love bb

What was the veto comp about? I don’t have the live feed, I read on this sight that Michelle won. Key?

Fan of Jordan

Have I missed something? what was the point in picking numbers the other day? (before the eviction and ceremony) and, does it have anything to do with the key?


what i think would’ve been better would be for kevin to have backdoored jeff. give jeff the impression he’s safe then pull the rug from underneath him just like what he did to russell

J/J Luver

If the key is some kind of power that could save someone then everyone had an equal opportunity to find or retreive the key. If Natalie chose not to take the key and Jeff did and it saves him then I can’t see how the game is rigged for Jeff. Anyone could have gotten the key. So how people can say that the show is rigged, if indeed it is something that could help Jeff is ridiculous. I wonder if Michelle or Jordan had the key would you all say that that was unfair too!!!! PLEASE CBS SAVE JEFF!!!!


do you notice jeff always picks his nose


did u notice that Russell constantly played with his balls n’ dick….or so it seemed….
Michelle talks to herself …Natty eats boogers….Kevin dreams of having sex with Jeff..Jordan twists her hair….sooo they all got quirks


k anyone think this jordon is can be more dumb???????????????? gezzzzz she goes like a dog to bulldog to tell everything
how come she cannot figure out bulldog is the puppet master
dumb jeff and dumber jordon worst player from bb history agree and amen
wait jeff what did u say to rusell before
“dude you need to move on” hahahahahahahahahahaha


“dude you got, got” this seasons phrase of the day right next to technocronic and Jessie trying to spell words longer than duh

Tasty chips

I am for Michele now! I liked Jeff but he screwed himself so I won’t be all that sad to see him go. I don’t care for Jordan anymore she runs her mouth too much, she should be happy Jeff carried her this far. Well Michele has a good chance to win HOH against jordan and that repulsing nat, but hey anything can happen, all i hope for is that repulsing nat doesn’t make it to final 2 she deserves nothing! LOL!!!! I love how she said she could beat Michele in any comp!!! Priceless!!!!!!! What an ass! Oh and she said Jordan is 1/4 the player of nat and michele, well thats true with michele, but not nat!!! Jordan won a pov on her own, please tell me what has nat won??????????????????


Jordan won that pov in a tie breaker. Technically luck. Tho Nat’s won nothing either.


Agree 110% with your post. I would go further and say that Jeff’s downfall began when they voted out the WEAKEST PLAYER this season (LYDIA)! Remember when Kevin told the Gnat “How stupid of them, they voted the Weakest Player and kept us!” They were jumping up and down……with glee!


How on earth can anyone like mich. all she does is talk to herself, cry to herself, not remember anything, hang out like shes besties with whoever is HOH, and win POV’s. Amazing how everyone loves Jeff when he takes out Jessie then when he takes out a guy WHO LML or not would screw him ppl hate him. So wishy washy. you either like someone or not be loyal.


So glad someone finally said what i was thinking. I can’t stand Mich, there were probably 20 mins of her talking to herself the other night on BBAD, not to mention that she and PigPen can’t walk all they do is scoot their feet, gets on my nerves. If anyone deserves to win 500 g’s it’s Jeff > What has the other ones done to deserve it???? NOTHING


what is the key for


Please tell me,,, in all these week,s what has Michelle said or done to any-player in the B.B. house that nobody else has done ? Of all the house guest she has taken so much-crap-& so many CRUEL things said about her that are not fair at all. I pray that everyone gives her a phone call & tell her how sorry & ashamed of themselves they are. Yes, it is a game,,, but , what a CRUEL WAY TO TALK ABOUT SOMEONE THEY TRULY DON,T KNOW ABOUT IT REAL LIFE. I pray she can laugh it off as she is a great person, & so bright & has carried herself very well in that house from day one. May God See Her To The End !!!!.

M Horton

but the HOH has always been able to do that ,with the Spy Cam. So no new twis;t there. Hoping that there is more to come on thursday. the least they can do is get Gnasty out. SHe is so offensive. Cheats, lies and makes false claims about her abilities and intentions. Smelly. smacky, and swaggers like a duck all over the house. She is the most unappealing female in BB history. `