Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff to Jordan under the covers: Hey baby wanna see the wizard

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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5:40pm – 5:55pm Red Room “I love Me” and Natalie. Jessie is tell her about his conversation earlier today with Jeff and Russell. He thinks they are fine this week and Russell is going home. Natalie is not convinced. Jessie says he’s really going to be pushing the Guys vs Girls angle with Jeff tonight. They are both saying they need to win HOH next week for their done for. Jessie says if he wins HOH he’s going to put Michelle up. Natalie agrees they are now saying they do not plan on putting Jeff and Jordan up because there not a threat right now. Natalie tells them they will put Jeff and Jordan up the following week. She explains that unless they go up together its a waste. Jessie: “We need to take them out in one shot”. Jessie suggests Kevin going up as a pawn against Michelle. Natalie doesn’t think that a good idea.. Kevin would go after Jessie if he did that. Natalie thinks he should put Lydia up as a pawn, her reasoning is that Jessie and Lydia have some kind of small relationship going and Jessie could convince Lydia to forgive him whereas Kevin would not forgive Jessie…. they start wrestling together…..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:48pm-5:59pm Green Room Jeff and Jordan. They are talking about one night stands.. Jeff says he’s never had one before.. he start to laugh. Jordan tells him she doesn’t believe what he’s saying, he “swears he’s never”. Jordan points out that Chima, Natalie and Jessie are always saying how much fun the house will be with Russell gone. Jeff doesn’t say much.. just reminds her to lay low tonight. He goes on to tell her after they are all drunk he has something to tell her under the covers. Jordan says she doesn’t think she’ll drink tonight… she doesn’t want the extra calories. Jeff says he’s drinking for sure… he’s also going to eat whatever he can get. Jeff tells her she better get wasted tonight so they can make bad decisions and regret them in the morning…. Jordan ask him how many decisions does he regret.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:59pm Kitchen Houseguests standing around waiting for the party to start… right before it starts the feeds get cut.. We don’t get to see the party but we do get to enjoy the aftermath tonight when there all drunk and mad at each other.

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drink and mad at each other…GOOD TIMES


Just read on another BB website that tomorrow’s show may not be Live. Mainly due to Chima’s threats. Anyone know anything about this?


Heard chima and lydia are about to be in some serious trouble for contributing to Natalie drinking a glass of wine (alcohol)!!!! They actually aired this on TV and they were encouraging Natalie to Drink!!!! Rumor is that the show might be at fault if they did not contact the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be careful with that alcohol Jeff…don’t get drunk and start spilling your guts. This party feels contrived to me. Are they giving them alcohol hoping that Jeff or someone will let something slip? Or are they giving them food so that Jeff will be strong for HoH tomorrow?

Randy Wolfgang

I just realized that CBS wouldn’t be going to all the trouble of rearranging the time if they weren’t sure that Jeff was going to use the power. I really think they asked him if he was going to use the power, he confirmed that he would, and they knew they HAD to rearrange the time to avoid broadcasting the threatened blow up live. What do you think????


Makes sense… and no matter what happens tonight with the house I don’t see Jeff not using it. In the end Jeff knows he has no choice but to save Russell so that it’s not Jeff leaving next week. Plus Jeff will be able to get rid of Jessie in the process and increase his chances of winning HoH or at least his alliance.


Chima is all talk. Why didn’t they rearrange things for Dick? They didn’t. It is called good tv. They hope Chima is going to freak out but if Jeff uses the power and backdoors Natalie or Jessie none of them will know what to say or do and they will run off and plot to rid of Jeff as fast as they can.

Dawn D

Oh Crap! He can’t tell her he has the CDT even under the covers. I hope he stays quiet. He’s so close!


“but we do get to enjoy the aftermath tonight when there all drunk and mad at each other. ”

lol, that was funny


when is it over?


Am I missing something? Where is the “Hey Baby, wanna see the Wizard?” The title says that, but then no description – is Jeff going to screw up the chance to use his power?


The quote makrs are slightly misleading then. Not that it’s a big deal… I can totally see Jeff saying that. And it made me literally lol. Funny indeed. BBAD may be entertaining 2 nights in a row now.

What’s with this party anyway?


I really hope he doesn’t spill the news tonight!!!!!!!!


‘wanna see muh wand?”

Team  Jeff

hahah jordons gunna get to see the magic stick ;D


jeff best use the wizard powers


Simon, its more like Jeff to Jordan,”hey baby wanna see my wizard…we can make some magic.” lol…


your welcome!lol.


How can Jeff be drinking alcohol if he is a “have not”? He was sentenced to amother day on slop for taking a sip of g.atorade…so I would think he cannot have alcohol either


It’s his best chance to get Jessie out


Is tomorrows show going to live


i sure hope jeff doesn’t get soooooo drunk he slips about the wizard power, that would suck!


WAIT!!!! IF NATALIE DRINKS WONT HER SECRET BE BROKEN!!! Everyone will know shes over 21 if big brother lets her have alcohol…

Randy Wolfgang

Hey thats right – lets see if she holds to the lie (and it was a stupid lie anyway -it accomplished nothing)


BB didn’t let her drink the last party so I doubt they will let her drink now.

Randy Wolfgang

How do you know BB didn’t let her drink at the last party??? She’s over 18 – she decides if she’ll drink or not.


No she in in the state of California you have to be 21 to drink not 18 they can’t let her drink and if she does she will blow her stupid lie, like anyone really gives a shit.

Evel Russ

Natalie said they wouldn’t let her drink. Another lie.
Why no one just hammers on her until she admits she’s lying i don’t know. She slips about it all the time. I’ve heard her say that she wishes they would give them hard lemonade so she could drink, talk about a bar she used to go to, that she knew she wanted all boys when she was 22, and about Obama giving the commencement speech at her college graduation. Plus the fact that it has been brought up several times that you have to be 21 to even be in there because it’s an eligibility requirement on the forms they filled out, which has been discussed. It was a stupid lie in the first place and she can’t even keep straight. She’s an idiot.


I just want 2 say i love this site thanks 4 all the info !!!

Anita Hen

Me, too.


Can Jeff play for HOH if he uses the CDT?

Randy Wolfgang

Yes he can – Chima cannot


From what I understand….yes he can


Yes. It’ll be Lydia, Russell, Jordan & Jeff vs Nat in the HoH competition. Kevin & Michelle may not try as hard to win HoH so that they can continue to float and allow J/J/R & Nat/Chima take each other out next week.




I do not think the show will be pre-taped if anything they probably will do a 5 minute delay for the show which they use for most live television so they can censor any cussing or any wrong doing. they probably already do the 5 minute delay.


I’m thinking the taping may not be due to CBS being worried about someone “flipping out”….but they *may* have to have a totally new houseguest go and pack all their stuff up at the drop of a hat….and then leave and go talk to Julie. Maybe that’s why they’re taping it? So the “packing” doesn’t drag on if Jeff uses the CDT?


That makes a lot of sense. The most sense even. Everyone listen to Dins from now on. About everything.


Wrong, this has happened in the past and other hg packed up belonging’s later for him/her..


I wouldn’t be surprised if this show isn’t cancelled mid-season. CBS is in “damage control” mode now and they have already hit the panic button. When have you ever seen one person cause so much uproar?

Evel Russ

double negatives are bad.

just getting good

Are you kidding??? The show is just about to get good! If the s*&t hits the fan like I think it is, I will be glued to the upcoming episodes to see how this plays out. They will figure out how to handle Chima – and everyone else – CBS won’t allow one person to ruin an entire season.

Johnny Conservative

I think that I would be pissed if I paid for the 24/7 service and they cut the feed for the party.


If there are any more seasons of BB, which I don’t believe there will be, then it won’t be on network TV. Showtime may pick it up but it’s become too controversial of a show to be on network TV any longer.


How is it controversial?


Actually, the ratings for BB have been awesome. CBS is over the moon with this season.


the more controversy the better. CBS is ruling the networks with Dave Letterman beating out Conan, scoring Medium and having the CSI’s as well as scoring mega ratings with their Monday night lineup, CBS cannot be beat. They are hardly going to take their cash cow off the air. It cost peanuts for Big Brother to run whereas all the other shows have multimillion dollar expenses. BB gives away 500 grand. They are living the dream with this show. Why do you think they cast the same demographic all the time? Why are most of the cast very similar? It works. America eats that shit up with their corn flakes. Look at us here. Fingers typing like mad men over a reality show. It’s awesome. Cha ching, CBS just made another million on BB because we are all going to be watching. Cha ching, another million.


If that was truely their worries then they would put the LIVE show on a 7 or 10 second delay! Are you kidding NOT show the LIVE SHOW!!! This is what the PRODUCERS LIVE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea I garauntee every live show on CBS is on at least 10 sec. delay. No way they would trust the HG to avoid bringing an FCC fine.


the feeds are 15 mins delay..the live shows will definitely have delays.


CBS has had a delay ever since Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction and were sued.


Simon your awesome love the site


they have a seven second delay.


I’m so upset right now! I’m going to be traveling to Miami tomorrow and won’t be able to watch the show. The best episode YET. It’s going to be painful but hanks to this site I won’t be lost comes Sunday.

Go Jeff!!!


Hey I just got back from Ireland and i keep hearing that Michael Jackson is dead. Is this actually true.


Yes, he is dead but he is not buried.


they gone show him off for a few weeks just like they did with james brown


have to agree with Roger about this maybe (should be) the last season for BB – casting this year was really bad – name a twist that has really worked since the inception of veto (OK, America’s Player was fun), but really, the show, the producers, the whole thing is getting stale and boring – if they had to bring back one from last year why not Keesha – more fun to look at than preening ego-centric Jessie and she could stir things up quickly and at least make for some excitement now and then…


I’m so excited about tomorrow’s show. Can’t wait.


Ruh roh! Looks like a fight is brewing between Russell and Jessie. Ohhhhh things might get exciting tonight on After Dark!


oh shit russel spittin some fact sabout jessie’s intentions towards michelle and jessie came in to throw it back at him with the coocoo magoo comments russel made about her………. GOOOD SHOW jessie ain;t no sait he says shit about everybody in the house like everyone else does 16 hours to go


jessie better walk away b4 russel drops him, cuz we all know jessie nuthin but a big bodybuilder he a bitch with muscles


russ will beat jessie azz


jess scared and gonna walk out… I bet….


this shit is AWESOME russel might gp home if he drops him but it will be for good reason , he needs to knock that bitch out turn out the lights to the gun show russ


Is anyone else watching BBAD???? Russell and Jessie are about to physically fight, shit is getting intense !!!


Russ is owning Jessie right now all up in Jessie’s face. Jessie looks like he’s about ready to shit a brick. Hahaha what a puss.


i know all jessie is a a pussy with huge muscles


Jessie and Russell are going at it right now…


after dark has some good sh t going on between rus and little penis. i m getting a little scard. omg it was all fake. fooled me


they stupid


hold up was they playin or did it just die down????? i need to know


What happen on BBAD? Jesse and Russel fighting then a commercial and now they are laughing?


oooh they was serious but jessie showed him that what he was sayi that russel did was the truth and he calmed down and they started laughin about it, goofballs i was hoping for jessie to get dropped


jessie tryin to tell him the ronnie was their lil bitch that would do ANYTHING for them , which was true ronnie was in the houe only to make FRIENDS because he doesn’t have any in the real world besides his wife


if he even has a wife

Jackie M.

Team Jeff fans….well it’s finally here….I sure hope he puts up Jess/Nat, and it really is double evictation….that wud be so SWEET…..Since I am in Honolulu, apprec all the up to date comments as to tonites results….can’t wait until show airs here….please let me know.
Aloha Nui Loa, Mahalo plenty

Jackie M.

Hope Jeff uses his power and puts up Jess/Nat and they’re both booted out. I think the fight between Russ/Jess was real until they were told they wud be kicked off….


Russ and Jess or RU and JE are in a scret Team togther! Mark these words let rework those letters JE RU = JERU the team JERU done and the fooled all of you