Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie Explains the Medical profession “gays cannot become Doctors”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:05pm Everyone Sleeping.

Late last night around 1:00am they were talking about Michele and how she is a Doctor. Jordan was confused about how you can be called a Doctor but not be a medical Doctor. Kevin explains to her that you can be a Doctor of anything and it doesn’t mean you know anything about the human body. He goes on to say if he was a Doctor we would exam all the hot guys. Natalie corrects him that he could never become a Doctor because he is homosexual, “Gays Cannot be Doctors”

**** UPDATE on this conversations.. Kevin starts to laugh at Natalie’s comments “OH my GOD America rewind and play that clip.. I can’t believe you just said that”.. Natalie starts laughing and rephrases what she met, She met that she doesn’t know any gay doctors.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
2:06pm Kevin and Natalie sleeping in red room, Jordan is doing some arts and crafts.


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339 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie Explains the Medical profession “gays cannot become Doctors”

  1. WTF?!? Does that mean she can never be a Dr. too??? Lol OMG All that Tai Kwon Do better come in handy to defend herself from everyone who wants to kick her skanky ass when she gets out of there! Unbelievable!!

  2. Natalie is a total moron.

    There is a saying: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    I hope when she sees her “performance” she will be embarrassed for herself.

  3. Give her a break she is only 24yrs old and never went to college. The only things she knows are probably what she heard at home growing up. I think a lot of people here dont understand how young 24yrs old really is, she just doesnt have the life experience.

      1. Nasty could say she graduated from anywhere, and BB probably didn’t check, since it isn’t a requirement to be on the show. If I were Arizona State, I would publish the fact she never graduated just to defend my school reputation! When did she actually say she graduated from there? I know she wears their sweatshirt, but she told the house she just graduated from high school, so the only place she could have said she graduated from ASU would have been in the DR, right? Did they show that on one of the episodes I missed?

    1. My 5 children range in age from 16 to 23 and EVERY one of them are above Natalie’s ridiculous comment…by the age of 24 there is no excuse for a comment like this…so sorry!

      1. i completely agree. My 26 year old son in a paramedic and his working partner is gay. What does that have to do with one’s ability to save lives??? Natalie just continues to prove that her core values are completely screwed up!

    2. 24 yrs old does not give her a reason to be so ignorant. My son is 24 and I know he never in his life doubted that anyone can be a doctor. If that was what u wanted to do. male, female, straight, gay and inbetween.

    3. By the age of 24 one should know better than that. Also, being a college graduate or not has nothing to do with being ignorant! There are plenty of people younger than 24 and plenty of people who are not college graduates who know better and would never say the dumb, ignorant statements that Gnat says.

    4. I take offense to that statement I am 24 years old and do not have a college degree but a comment like that would never come out of my mouth. She was obviously not raised with an open mind which is why in the past she has told Kevin he needs to try sex with a women to know for sure he’s gay. So by her own advise she needs to have sex with a women to know shes straight. He comments in the house have nothing to do with her age but the fact that she is ignorant and unwilling to accept any views other then her own.

      1. Jordan never claimed to be intelligent or good at the competitions, unlike Natalie who professes to be ALL THAT and then some in ALL things.

  4. I have watched BB from the first season but this is the first time I have read the blogs. Just curious, has there ever been a more disliked person than Gnat in anyone’s memory?

      1. I didn’t even watch EvilDick on BB before, but his contribution to the show Thursday was a total waste of time. The man has major problems. I find it hard to believe that BB had to stoop that low to find a contestant like him.

  5. OMG! I’m a nurse and husband was a physician assistant for a long time and we have met and know many gay physicians. Sexuality doesn’t have anything to do with your education or career. There are no words to describe this girl…she needs prayer.

  6. Lets see..Jeff turn over his chance for $500.000 to Kevin…now Jordan will turn her $500.000 to Nat, and not take Kevin to pay him back for evicting Jeff hm its that right

    1. Jordan will probably take Natalie to the final 2, but she won’t lose. She’ll win pretty easily in fact.

      I don’t think either Kevin or Jordan realize how hated Natalie actually is in the jury house right now. Remember, neither one of them know that Natalie is actually 24, and had lied to everyone. Jordan has Michelle, Jeff, and America, and against Natalie, she only needs ONE more vote. I’m almost positive she’d get it at this point.

      1. I agree I just hope she doesn’t take Kevin if she gets the chance! I am scared she will take him not know like you said everyone HATES Nat in the Jury house!

        1. I thought that as well (about Nat getting votes from Jessie, Lydia, and Russ) but as we seen on the last clip when Jeff went into the jury house they were one upset that nat had lied to them about her age and two about how she has rid on the coat tails on the others. Once the questions start which will happen before the votes are placed they will see even more of what a little slime she is. I think Kevin and Jordan would have about the same chance, if it were Jordan and Nasty Jordan would pullin the votes. Remember she would only need two to win. I am sure she would get Jeff and Michele. Once the lies come out durring the questions then Russ and Lydia will move to Jordan’s side if they happen to be on the fence. I sorta am thinking the same thing if it is Kevin and Jordan. If it is Nasty and Kevin its Kevin HANDS down…

      2. I missed the 1st episode of the season, so I just went to the CBS website and watched it for grins. Funny, when Nasty said “I’M 18” everyone was shocked, and Kevin looked very skeptical. He said to her “Natalie, later we can talk about your real age, okay? Really!” and then it showed him in the diary room saying “There is no way she is 18. She looks like she is 25. she’s trying to pull something over on people. doodle do – Somethin’s not right!” I had to laugh! Re-watching some of the earlier shows now is actually pretty cool knowing how things played out.

  7. know it all knat. huh i have a friend who is gay who is a doctor. why would she say something so stupid? even jord isnt that ignorant

  8. i had a doctor that was gay he saved by life because i almost died who cares if the doctor is gay or not they know how to savea life.

  9. I too can’t believe that Nat is so stupid. She takes the cake. CBS sure did a bad job trying to make Jordan the stupid one with Nat in the house.

  10. If anything, Biznatch should be given a shovel because with that comment she just bury herself. Now, she trying (poorly, right now) to steal Jordan’s act. This bitch has trip over the string on her 2 week old tampon way too much. Put her out of her misery.

    Biznatch – think of what you are doing to your family rep. Right now, I know your father wishes your mother swallowed the night you were conceived!!!!!!

  11. what an idiot…was she kidding? or does she really really believe that bullshit. OMG how old is that nasty girl…I think her boyfriend is gay…I can’t wait for this season to be over…personally i think it was the WORSE season of BB….

  12. omg what an idiot dear god if stupid wins a prize nat will win for sure. i cannot believe that she said that kevin must be so sick of her. god knows what we do not hear. kevin will never take her now i sue hope it kevin and jordananothoer whole day and night of her gag her bb she is making a fool out of you.

  13. what Nat said wasn’t out of ignorance, it was out of hate and disrespect. she’s not ignorant, she is a rude, disrespectful biggot, bitch

  14. Nat is the worlds biggest idoit.. How could she make a comment like that? I dont have live feeds anymore ( to boring now). How did Kevin react? That had to piss him off.

  15. From now on, I think CBS should let K & J put Biznatch in the hole she dug for herself, cover her up to her neck with dirt (which I am sure she is use to) and then be allowed to play “Wack A Troll (Mole)” with her head!!!!! Just say its practice for the final HOH competiton.

    1. wow idk if you are more foolish for believing that jordan earned anything or actually wanting to grant natalie any money by taking her to final two. so hard to decide

  16. I just added more to that conversations.. Kevin was shocked by what she said but knew she wasn’t serious. Natalie tells him he met to say she never has known any gay dr’s

  17. I so agree with Jane….this has been the worst of the worst season on BB I have ever watched. And I have watched every season up until now. If Nasty girl gets a dime of this money, with Her idiot remarks, I am going to be so disgusted with this game.
    Jordan to Me seems like She’s not to smart but She’s an Honest girl. Sounds like She an her Mom didn’t have too much growing up in the South. I know this is one girl who would appreciate the money and not feel like She deserved it. Good Luck Jordan!!!

    1. You won’t find them here. People always rationalized their comments away, just like they rationalized all the vicious things they said and did to their own alliance. People are too in love with the showmance to truly acknowledge all the negative about these 2.

  18. Do people really feel the need to post about their friends who are gay doctors as “proof” that gays can actually be doctors? So young and admittedly ignorant Nat made a stupid remark. If there were awards for stupid remarks in the BB house (or even amongst posters here!) it would be a very stiff competition. At the end of the day though it is but a game and Nat has played better than the remaining others and hence deserves to win… low IQ and questionable immigration status and all.

      1. sorry it posted before I was ready

        NAT have played a dirtier more vicious game
        then the others

        not a better game

        she has WON only HOW MANY competitions
        count them………………….. 1 HOH
        no POVs

        so how has she played a better game

        1. Lies are what this game is about. Every single one of the HG from prior seasons said that Nat’s LML was the best game changing move. I don’t like Nat, but why is it you can’t see that lies are an integral part of the game?

          1. Natalie is the worst “player” in the house because:
            1. She came into the competition lying about her age. No one wants to see a snot-nosed 18 year old win half a million dollars. The fact that no one called her on it, even after they saw her drinking, is beyond me. If she was gonna go with this lie, she sure as hell shouldn’t have told a jury member the truth.
            2. She won ONE competition. She always relied on others to do her dirty work for her. She did nothing to put the Athletes in power in the beginning, yet considered their HOH’s her HOH’s.
            3. Lying is expected in the Big Brother house; however, it’s usually out of necessity. Michelle did A LOT of lying but only because she had to. Albeit, she should’ve just came clean on a lot of those occasions. Now Natalie on the other hand, lied just to lie. She would get Jessie all riled up by taking something someone said and twisting it to her advantage.
            4. She’s a hypocrite. She calls Michelle a “Devil”, a “Liar”, a “Horrible Human Being”. Natalie has probably done the most lying in the house and has said some disgusting remarks yet takes no responsibility.
            5. She’s a bossy, self-righteous pain in the ass. People in the jury house won’t get passed her annoying behavior.

            Pamela Sue, I’m all about playing Devil’s Advocate but really… Natalie. The best game player. C’mon!

            1. #2 is wrong. How did she do nothing to give them control? First, she got two wins, not one. But mainly her and Russ winning the first challenge is what put her alliance in control, infact it created her alliance by bringing Jessie into the house.

          2. I think most BB fans acknowledge that lies are part of the game, no doubt. The difference with Nat, IMHO, is that she does it with such ease and without remorse. She seems to actually enjoy stealing, lieing, cheating her way through this game

            The success of a true BB game player is someone who lies (when necessary) but you still like/respect them in the end.

            Everyone is allowed their opinion of how Nat played the game but I think most would agree that she is not respected one bit by the viewers.

          3. Hello, I think the main thing that people (at least I do) have trouble with Nat is not lies she is telling it is that she claims to be playing a truthful honest game, passing judgement on people that have told lies, and bringing religion into it. She acts as if she is justified and tries to make excuses in everything she has done or not done Even if she has been caught. I agree everyone has told lies big or small. She started her lies in her first sentence to the house guests. To call Michele the devil and say making a deal with her would be like making a deal with the devil himself. She seems to dog others to build herself up.

        2. I agree Nat has done nothing. The LML were true and they were called out on it. Paranoia got the best of Jeff not the LML truth. Nat, Jordan and Kevin have all lied this is true but Nat is just hateful she means the things she says and does to people it isn’t just game play. That is why noone wants her to win..

        3. I agree. she has played a totally vicious game and she cannot open her mouth without a lie coming out. She has lied about things that do not even have an influence on the game and has said very hurtful things and been downright rude to other HG for no reason. Everyone knows it is a game and you will be betrayed but to blatenly hate on someone (Michele) the way she did is terrible – the girl in gone let it rest! She is the most annoying HG they have ever selected. It is one thing to lie. You cannot play the game and not lie but what she did is excessive. Then she claims over and over that she played an honest game with her integrity. Please. She wouldn’t know integrity if it slapped her in the face.

    1. questionable immigration status? wow! discuss nat’s ignorance and add in your own!? guess you are in the running for one of the awards you mentioned! congrats

      1. I couldn?t agree with you more. I think Pamela Sue has at least two nominations for Stupidest Comment. One when she complained about Simon?s grammar and spelling and then this one about the immigration status. For me it is a toss up on which one is more rude and ignorant but I think she takes the prize either way.

  19. Just proves what a complete MORAN Natalie is. What planet did she grow on? I don’t know how she made it this far in life!!!!

    1. What about the NAT question to Kevin

      “how did they get the BOMBS on the planes that flew into the world trade center”

      and she went to College
      go figure

    2. It’s m-o-r-o-n and not “moran” and this seemingly little error really brings to mind the old throwing stones in glass houses thing. The pot calling the kettle black also springs to mind. Anyway, Nat was joking about gay doctors and it seems nobody can take a joke around here unless it’s at Nat’s expense…

      1. there are jokes. and then there are ignorant comments (im sure you are aware of these since you made two several minutes apart).

      2. You must love the little Pigpen. You can get married in Hawaii. Gay marriage is allowed there. When your guard is down you tell the truth. Pigpen believes that being gay is an affront to GOD. If Kevin wins he has to believe in God. Pigpen is a nasty scummy person. Karma is a bitch and it will haunt PIGPEN!!!!!! HA HA HA

        1. Pamela Sue, get a life. Try having fun and not at others expense. One thing for sure, we simply do not care anymore and well….hoz this to help you go over the edge. you can git yur dichunarry and korect away. have i kinda maid yur day.

          1. Pamela Sue is so straight laced she probably puts her right shoes in the Right Shoe drawer and left shoes in the Left Shoe drawer.

  20. I usually don’t comment on here. I just read. But wow everyone sure has some comments to make about every player. I hope everyone remembers how many days these people are locked in this house, away from friends and family and all of the outside world. Who knows what we would do or say under those conditions. And how any one of us would play for 500,000. I’m sure most of them are not proud of what they say or do in there, to try and win the money.

    1. When Jeff showed the tape he brought to the jury house I remember Jesse commenting that she wasn’t even trying in the competition! Jeff said that Kevin did an awesome job but it seemed obvious to them that N. just laid back and let Kevin do all the work. Jesse is a pretty competitive guy so I don’t think he was too impressed by what he was seeing.

  21. I am watching BB after dark (last night) and the camera keeps focusing on 2 bicycles in one of the rooms and there are two huge electric bulbs and I don’t think any of them have seen this yet. If anyone has seen this and they know about this please update us about the reason the 2 bikes are there. Maybe this has something to do with the final HOH.competition.

    1. I noticed that too and wondered. Riding the bike to power to light bulb and not letting it go dim would be a good physical competition. None of the remaining three spent much time exercising while they were in the BB house–Jordan used to use the elliptical but haven’t seen that for a long time.’

    2. Those have been there. Julie even demonstrated them durring the showing of the house. they power a lightbulb that is on the little wall by the seat.

    3. I watched a ‘tour of the BB house’ before the HG moved in and Julie Chen said that the bikes were there for excerise and the bulb would light up when they were exerting themselves (peddling fast). I’m not sure if any of the HG ever used them though:) It had something to do with the whole ‘green’ house thing.

    1. Thief?? What did I miss and why have you refered to her as a thief??? I am not a Natalie fan, but that is a pretty strong accusation.

      Speaking of Blockbuster, I think she can kiss her career there goodbye. I know that based on many of her hateful, spiteful, ignorant and bigoted comments she definitely is not the type of person I would want representing my company.

      If people can be fired for their facebook/myspace pages I think this would be on the same level….HAVE INTEGRITY at least!

  22. Ok, it’s now official… Natalie is now, for the record, more ignorant than anyone ever thought Jordan was. Someone hand that Ronnie James Dio lookalike a tube of cookie dough, because after hearing her thoughts on religion the other night, coupled with the ‘gay doctor’ thing… I’m now convinced that a box of hair has a higher I.Q.

    And this woman could WIN this thing still!!!!! Ugh.

    1. A.) She was kidding about gay doctors.
      B.) Dio is shorter than Nat…and has a better voice not to mention has hobnobbed with
      legends like Richie Blackmore and Tony Iommi while Nat’s hobnobbing is limited to steroid monkies and gay Amerasians…

      1. Your are the IDIOT…what about her comment about how she didn’t understand how the BOMBS got on the planes? Justify that one you LOSER

  23. I don’t know what the big deal is. Sure, I hate Natalie, and it’s obvious that gay people CAN be doctors. Still, you all know she didn’t mean what she said, and the only reason its such a big deal is because you hated Natalie already. It was just a slip of the tongue, chill out people

    1. kevin is the only person in the house that earned his own way. i hope it doesnt come down to americas vote bc it seems overwhelmingly that jordan has enough fools ready to click her to a win she did not do a thing to earn. i hope kevin wins final hoh and drops natalie bc what would hurt more than being let go before final 2?
      btw why are you guys so outraged by natalie’s comments when you guys make worse comments on a regular basis and find the pic on this blog amusing (which i complained about 4xs bc it focuses on what he is rather than something he said or did like the others)? whats the difference? its all ignorant nonsense.

      1. I honestly think that anyone who made it this far earned their own way, but I agree with you about Kevin. I won’t have a single problem with things if he wins the 500K.

      2. Well said (especially in regard to the comments here). Kevin HAS played the game better than the other two and, based upon game play, he deserves a win. I would hate to see either of the other two win it. As for this picture issue, I agree. Laura, Russ, and Kevin’s photo aren’t anything about something that was said or done.

      3. Kevin does deserve to win as you stated. If people say Nat had game play it would be her manipulation-getting people to do what she wanted them to do and Jordan’s would be using her appeal on Jeff to carry her through. The hand given wins and cheating one would presume don’t count but for this season it does. The last HOH competition could have been won by a seven year old, chronological order is easy to memorize especially when only focusing on one fact – HOH order. Having those two young ladies attempt to sort a puzzle of the United States within two minutes in large scale BB style would have been more impressive but even seven year olds would have beat them on such a competition as well. The POV competition Michelle lost to Kevin should have qualified as an HOH competition but of course neither of the two would have stood a chance at winning. If there is yet another BB season CBS can you please make better casting choices and not favor certain players.

  24. The other night I was watching BBAD I had to bust a gut laughing at Nat talking religion to Kevin. I wont get into the discussion as to avoid the start of a religious conversation but hearing HER talking and telling Kevin about sin and what not really was a belly burner.

    1. I saw that too. It was almost surreal listening to her explain how to be a Christian to Kevin. I was expecting to see lightening and thunder any minute!

      She was also delusional when speaking of the last POV competition saying that she would have easily beat Michelle if she didn’t have so much trouble with the first question. Her ego is only matched by her feeling of entitlement and lack of compassion for other people who have struggles. Maybe in her regular life she doesn’t demonstrate these characteristics but in the BB house she has been the queen of mean.

  25. I also wish that Kevin would take this little time left in the house to explain to Natalie that Earth isn’t flat, that her period isn’t a curse from God, that there is no Easter Bunny, that third place in a Tae Kwon Do event doesn’t necessarily make you a champion, and most importantly, that a twist tie ring around your finger really doesn’t necessarily mean any marriage is going to take place.

    1. OMG have you not had a period? It is a curse… if you have and not had the type that comes with pain that you wish you were dead then you had been blessed….

    2. In a comment a short time ago you said people came on here to vent…this in regards to people cutting others for their opinions and yet here you are, doing the same thing? Now before you get all riled up, I am smiling. Don’t you just love being able to speak up and have fun doing it!

  26. I just re-watched the 2nd show of the season, and realized those awful pink leggings Jessie wore when we first saw him in the JH were the ones the athletes wore during the first Have/Have Not competition. At least they weren’t something he brought into the house with him, but something BB gave him – maybe they wanted him to wear something shocking for the show.

  27. When challenged by Kevin on the gay doctor remark she said “Oh I meant to say I don’t know any”???? Actually that remark is even dumber – as Kevin asks her “How do you know you don’t know any gay doctors??” I wil agree this is one of the many very stupid things heard on this series but this one is a corker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I was really rooting for the underdog Kevin until lately. The last couple of weeks he is acting so smug and acts like his crap don’t stink. Does he like anybody in the whole world? He never has anything good to say about anybody. I have never liked Nat at all. Jordan, even tho she doesn’t act that smart, is really doing a good job playing both sides.

    1. I had no real problem with Kevin until he formed an alliance with Natalie. Either she brought out the worst in him, or up until that point, he had been successfully hiding it. Can’t quite make up my mind on that.

    2. Yes I agree and all his comments to America about giving him our vote are annoying. He is getting really cocky about winning. Every scenario he talks about makes some comment about Jordan or Nat-I-Lie getting $50,000 which means he is just assuming he will win. I don’t want to see the queen of the lies get a single penny so I hope it does end up with kevin and jordan in the final 2 and jordan winning. You can’t say she didn’t play a good game. If you make it to the final 3 you played a good game (all 3 did) so they are all just as deserving as the other. I just think that karma will bit nat in the ass because she has played the ugliest game of BB I have ever seen. Some of the lies she has told are just too much. I bet her name isn’t even Natalie.

  29. A couple of nights ago on bbad Kevin told Jordan that he wanted to tell Gnat that he wasn’t taking her to f2. He said he’ll wait until Monday so she can get it out of her system being mad, rather than letting her find out live on Tuesday’s show– where he thinks she’ll lose it. I WANT Kevin to tell her NOW so we can see a good fight break out!!! He should wait til bbad starts tonight, then he should call her out on her lies– he’s been quizzing her for the past few days…

    1. Why give her a heads up? Would we really be surprised by anything she might say??? She did not show and compassion to others so let it rip Kevin!

    1. I saw the lights, also, in the green room. And they showed two lights next to the nomination chairs. Also, they showed a plant that was in a black pot. I don’t think that has been there before. There was five plants all together but I seem to remember only three before. Plus, they kept showing the bottles in the green room too. And they showed the wall where all the pictures were. Hmmmm……maybe it is for the next HOH.

    2. I’m pretty sure those bikes have been there even before Michelle left. Maybe they are not exercise bikes but just bikes to add to the theme of green / energy conscious / recycle etc.

    3. The bikes with lights have been there since the beginning if the show. Ride the bike-the light goes on-all part of the”green” theme in the house.

  30. i just listened to that gay doctor clip and nat says you cant be gay and be a doctor! then kevin starts telling america to listen to that clip then nat starts to backtrack!

  31. Its finale night, and on stage we see the 5 JH members seated, from left to right, in the order in which they were evicted from the Big Brother house. Beside Michele, who was 5th HG to be evicted, is a vacant seat reserved for the 6th and final memeber of the BB House to be evicted tonight.

    The audience is becoming restless, and quite loud at times. We hear someone yell, “Jeff your a douche.” Another shouts, “I want a rematch!” and then “Yo Russell, youse the man!” A member of the stage crew approaoches that audience member, and reveals that it is Chima. Apparently, she try to avoid detection by the, more than usual, heavily-guarded audience member entrance, by passing herself off as Oprah.

    Then we hear “Go Nahhhhhhhtalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyie! Heehaw, Heehaw!, as if it were spoken by the real Mr. Ed.” This audience member is discovered to be Laura, the 1st HG to be evicted from the BB House, disguised as, well, Laura. Over the loudspeaker we hear Alison Grodner’s panic- stricken voice. Her only words were: “That’s it, I quit!!!!!”

    As the audience erupts into a volcano of applause and cries of “Hallelujah and Amen To That!” We over hear Jeff say, “What a douche!!!!!! And to think I had to pork that pig just to stay in the house one more week!!!! Alison Grodner is then heard saying, “Jeff face it, You Got Got!!!!!!

    At this point, all Jesse seems to be concerned with is how his make-up looks, and is instructing the cameramen on the specific angles to shout him from when he is on-camera. Lydia, who has made her face up to look like “the Joker”, from the movie The Dark Knight, is pretty content being attached to Jessie’s leg and to be breathing the same air as him. Lydia, as usually, is oblivious to anything that is not Jessie. Michele and Russell just look at each other, shrug their shoulders and say . . . . (TO BE CONTINUED)

      1. Are you sure that’s not Ms. instead of Mr. and Chris with a “K” not a “C” for Creton!!!! If I were you I would get down on my knees and search your entire cardboard box. That’s the only way you might be able to your sense of humor!!!!!

    1. I really want pig pen gone also Patty but if Jordan wins HOH then she HAS to bring Natalie to the final two with any hope to win!

    1. Hey BB on at 8 and true blood on at 9 is perfect than entourage and mad men encore at 11 great tv night, also green bay vs. Da bears football. Tv tonight = heaven

    2. Just thought I’d say…
      Aftter my 1st prostate exam which, believe it or not, was the 1st time I had something stuffed in there. I decided this was too painful…I’m changing to a gay dr or a dr who probably has a lot of gay patients… for sure they would be more sensitive to my rear end. So I found a dr in Long Beach, CA and sure enuf, he was very gentle with me…
      I havent been back since…wonder where he practices now… Aaaa who cares, I’m a well seasoned veteran now…

  32. Hey Biznatch !!!!!!!! When you check your cell phone messages (that is if hasn’t been shut off due to nonpayment) besides the message from your last employer, Blockbuster, you will hear the University of Phoenix calling to ask you to IMMEDIATELY return your degree!!!!!!

  33. God I hope Kevin wins the last competition, because Jordan will take Natalie to the finals. She is so duped she can’t see that Nat is the cause of most of the crap that went on and sent all of Jordan’s friends home. Kevin needs to expose some of her lies RIGHT NOW. Call her out on the LML, say that it was Nat, and that she lied to him and egged him on to go to Jeff with it. Or call her out on her age. Expose all the nasty things she said about Jeff and Jordan, anything! Come on Kevin! Even if Nat comes back defending herself, give her a taste of her own medicine and outright lie about it to make her look bad. Nat does not deserve 50K. None of them do, but Nat needs to go home empty handed. I think the jury would vote for Kevin over Jordan, but maybe not. It would be a tossup, and truthfully, Kevin has done more in the game than Jordan. I really want to see the look on Natalie’s face when she has the honor of being the last jury member, no 500K and no 50K, and no chance at the jury prize.

  34. Arts and Crafts Awesome……… Wait, Jordan looks hot in Arts and Crafts. Dang! Natalie must go…….. Looking forward the finale!

    1. Jordan is not hot. Her tree stump legs and walking like she’s ready to pinch a huge, fat one that won’t come out takes away from any hotness.

  35. Although I am convinced that Kevin will drop Pigpen and take Jordan to the final two – I’m not all that convinced that Jordan wants to take him if she wins the final HOH. Of course if he does tell Pigpen tomorrow that shes out, Jordan may be convinced. But as it stands now she may just take Pigpen to the final two,

  36. With that comment Natalie just sealed her fate with Kevin for sure!
    What an idiot.
    I miss Simon and his updates. No offense, but there is nothing to read.
    Please write anything, just dialogue of any kind.

  37. if Natalie is so smart, then how come she works at blockbuster?? LOL, no brains needed for that job….she corrects everyone for everything they say, yet she finds no faults with herself and what she says or does…take a close look at yourself Natalie, you are the dumbest person to enter BB house. Learn some manners, how to eat, how to walk like a female, how to just be a female!! Playing pool, chess, etc…leave the manly stuff to the men……better yet, get a sex change operation so you fit in with the guys which is what you want!!!! I feel sorry for her so called fiance….if he has one brain cell he better use it to realize what his life would be like married to that wench!

  38. I think if Kevin wins the final HOH. then he’ll most definately take jordan. and jordan will most likely win it. and if Jordan wins HOH its a toss-up. cuz shes kinda smart in figuring out people. she may take nat just becuz she might figure out that the jury house hates her. and then jordan would win. but i would hope she takes kevin. cuz i dont wana see Gnat who was so against doin anything the whole game except complain and take credit for others. why should she win?

    I didnt want either of the 3 to win. i was surprised jeff went home cuz that meant michelle may be next and it came true. so Russel, jeff, and michelle the best players of the game go home while the floaters get a give-me HOH (cuz i havnt won one yet. BS) so i dont think nat deserves it all. she relied on others the whole game now she thinks she deserves it. (Biznatch please) and kevin if he did win something or knew he was the swing vote. he did what was best for him only. and lydia when she was there. but was loyal. till final6. the LML was the frosting on the cake. not the whole cake of why russel went home. Russel was paranoid and jeff thought he should get him out anyway cuz it will be hard in final 4. so no he underestimated kevin. but thats the only thing. they didnt have a big LIE work. cuz most of it was true anyway and the others were bound to find out. i watched all season. and read comments online each week. about different topics. and jeff deserved it. favorite anyway. and jordan should get it if he doesnt or michelle. b/c they endured the hard part of the game. its been a good season but i wish others were in final 3.

    1. Wong. None of the lie was true. Russ was not going after Jeff. Russ wasn’t paranoid that Jeff was going after him. Jeff WAS going after Russ. Paranoid means you have an irrational fear. It wasn’t irrational if it was true. Jordan even said yesterday they got Russ out because she didn’t like Russ. That is pretty much it. They wanted an excuse to get him out. The one that was actually paranoid was Jeff, because Russ wasn’t going after Jeff, but Jeff was fearful that Russ would come after him. So Jeff acted on an irrational emotion rather than strategy. That was the dumbest and worst game move of the entire season.

  39. looks like BB will be postponed a bit where Im at……tennis match still going on and then 60 minutes will make damn sure it gets its full 60 minutes……lord knows the world cant go another week without hearing what pearls of wisdom Andy Rooney has for us!!!

  40. gnat SUCKS more than anyone I’ve seen in a loooooooooooooong time. an absolute waste of space…should just drop off the face of earth. what an ignorant ,stupid scumbag

  41. I started being a voyeur on this site about half way through the season…. truth be told, I have only watched two seasons and am lost on about 3/4 of the past season references made. Must say though, as a relative outsider, I have definitely seen a psychological phenomenon occur in the last few days. The regular posters seem to be succumbing to the Chima syndrome…. that which effects one during many hours of being subjected to useless drivel. No competitions, no POV or HoH up for immediate grab, and no interesting late night or 24 hr feed to satisfy your insatiable BB appetites. So sad to see happen, actually. And yet, I have found myself jumping on this site now more than ever… hmmm…..what does that say about my own state of mind? Perhaps my own entertainment is now watching to see whether y’all (my own tip of the hat to J.) will survive ’til Tuesday. Or, will Grandma all of the sudden lose it and let Rockstar know exactly where she can put her Natzy lovein…… Perhaps all of the haters will give up and drink the kool aid that was left by Jeff…. only to pleasantly discover their boobs get bigger and they begin craving, yes, cookie dough.

  42. It’s pretty funny Nat says there aren’t any gay doctors because she doesn’t know any ….. well when my bf had a pickup we had a lot of friends who had pickups. When he became a nurse we had a lot of friends in the medical profession. When I was in a sorority all my friends were sorority girls. So now Nat used to work at Blockbuster so I am assuming she doesn’t hang with doctors but people who watch a lot of tv! She is a self-possessed IDIOT!

  43. The mincey gay Amerasian is not a little annoying too. Jordan, whose ignorance/lack of intellect is also distracting, seems both the most normal and deserving of a win IF one wants the nicest (and frankly most “American”) player to win. Personally while it pains me to root for a possible illegal I will pull for Natalie though Jordan wouldn’t be too disgraceful.

  44. I thought tonights episode is just a recap of the season episode and noone gets evicted until Tuesday’s live finale. If so we have to be tortured by PigPen for a couple more days!

  45. Last night on BBAD, Jordan telling N/K: I told Jeff, I like Natalie .. I like Kevin. We need to separate Michele and Russ. We need to get Russ out cuz I don’t like him. Ugh. Made me remember all those terrible mistakes J/J made. How arrogant of them to get upset because R/M talked to each other. J/J sat around and discussed game all day with each other, but they got all pissed that other people might talk game. What hypocrites they were. Also, Jeff getting upset that Kevin didn’t honor their deal, when Jeff did the exact same thing to Russ and Michele. Wow. What an egotistical douche.

  46. I know everyone thinks if Jordan wins HOH and chooses Kevin for F2 that she would lose to him, but does anyone think maybe the JH would vote for her because she stepped up at the end – and was the one who sent Nastalie out? I think she would have a better chance of getting jury votes if she wins HOH, rather than if Kevin wins HOH and chooses her. Also, I can’t believe Kevin is telling Nat he is choosing Jordan – IF (and I know that is a BIG IF) Jordan wins HOH, he will have ruined his chance at Natalie’s jury vote for nothing!

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE with everything you just said. But what an AWESOME day it will be if JORDYN wins the 3rd part of the HOH competition and it is quite possible, if in fact the questions stay the same as the last years(at least the ones that I have watched) the questions are a CRAP SHOOT! WHEN JORDYN SENDS THE GNAT (A SENSELESS BUG) TO THE JURY! GNAt has been so confident and down right mean and ugly so has Kevin though about JORDYN.Their favorite happens to be “THAT BIZNATCH CAN’T WIN ANYTHING” PLEASE JORDYN PULL THIS ONE OUT! AND MAKE US ALL PROUD AND PROVE THAT YOU CAN WIN THIS GAME WITHOUT BEING A BACKSTABBER, LIAR, UGLY, MEAN,HATEFUL, JUST A DOWNRIGHT SHITTY PERSON!!!

      DO IT YOUR WAY JORDYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I really don’t give a crap how stupid they are, or the lies they told. Natalie is just nasty, she’s irritating to listen to, she looks greasy, she chomps into the mic…etc. All this aside, I think her behavior after winning her single victory in the house is what really flipped me against her. She was cocky, obnoxious, and her attitude while HOH was disgusting. I am all about routing for the villain, but give me likable villain. There really is nothing to like about the nasty little thing, she reminds me of an urchin.

    1. Oh but wait, its only because she THREW all of the other CONTESTS,( POV,HOH..ect)… TOTAL BULL CRAP!!! She said if she wanted to win she would have but she didn’t want to get any ‘blood’on her hands. I can;t stand to hear her voice at this stag of the game. She makes me nauseous. EVERY word out of her mouth is a LIE. It is actually scary how well she LIES!!!

  48. I absolutely do not want Nat to win but how stupid are the other houseguests, you have to be 21 to even apply to be on the show!!!!!!!!!

    1. BB is on here on the West Coast at 8:00 p.m. Check your local listings…60 mins. is on at 7:00 p.m. They are doing a review show with jury house stuff tonight I believe.

    2. BB was on tonight, just that all the shows are running late due to the football games running over. This always happens on Sundays with the NFL season. CBS and Fox show all the scheduled programming in full just later than normal depending on how long the football games ran over.

  49. Kevin told Nat on bbad that he’s not taking her to final 2. Bet she’s going to go crazy on him and start all kinds of lies about him to Jordan now. It’s pretty funny

    1. What time did Kevin tell her. I started watching and it was so BORING they were in the hot tub painting plates and cups and Gnat in watching and aggravating Kevin by telling him to close the paint up or it will dry up…kevin says “Girl pleeease”couldn’t continue watching paint dry…lol…PLEASE!!! what time did he tell her I taped the show!

  50. America’s vote: I’m voting for Kevin since I can’t enable stupidity (Jordan – her believing Nat and Kevin over Michele is unforgettable) nor delusion (Natalie thinking that she’s the utmost stand-up player in this game, it’s like the devil passing off as a saint)

    1. If Kevin would promise to have surgery to turn that clown frown into a smile I might vote for him….but he is soooooooooooo mean!!!

          1. Everyone in the polls voted for Jeff to win CDT. They’ll vote for Jordon to win BB but it doesn’t matter because Natalie has it in the bag. It’s not even a contest anymore. The jury house will side with her.

      1. The BAD thing about the polls are that the polls are done by US the AMERICAN public, the ones that see all, hear all and know all. Unfortunately the 6 JURORS will vote who WINS not us, we only get ONE VOTE!!! I want JORDYN to walk away with it just to show everyone that this game does NOT have to be so MEAN, UGLY and DECIETFUL!!! It can be played with fun, friends, sure you have to bib a little but NOTHING like GNATaLIE. EVERY WORD out of her MOUTH is a LIE!!!! EVEN HER BEST ALLIE IN THE GAME HAS SAID IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! ANYWAY ONLY 1 MORE DAY UNTIL FINALE NIGHT!!! GO JORDYN!!!

  51. My favorite moment is Casey Dress as a Banana Suit…… BTW, peanut butter jelly time, Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time……way out way out way out….!

  52. Nat has the nerve to call Jordan dumb, OMG she is the one who is dumb with the comment about gays and being doctors. I have worked in teaching hospitals for many years and gay people, male and female, to become and are doctors. Nat is definitely the dumb one. I can’t stop laughing about Nat’s remark. To even make her remark even worse and here is a little info for her, there are even gay forensic pathologists and I know because I have worked with some when I changed to forensics and working with them. I still can’t stop laughing at Nat.

    1. I can’t believe her homophobic ignorance…the cutest doctor I ever had was in West Hollywood, Ca. and definitely gay. Saw him out at the clubs a few times with a well known hairdresser. Was Natalie raised in the middle of the desert in Arizona or something… who raised her, a pack of wolves??? No offense to desert dwellers or Wolves!

    1. I think the fans are so divided this year that if Kevin takes Natalie to the end nobody who is a Jordan alliance fan would watch. This way everyone stays tuned.

    1. I think she is GAY too………. (before anyone yells, not all gay women are like NASTY)
      no makeup
      no hair done
      doesn’t shower often
      not a feminine bone in her body
      cant cook
      no dressy clothes
      She thought Lydia was interesting

        1. The name was Anita. However the context was, ” I don’t know if Anita can stay up to watch”. I assume Anita is a child or a convic in lock down somewhere.

          1. I think Anita is either a) in prison or b) serving in the armed forces overseas… I’m leaning to the first one is because Natalie hasn’t brought Anita up too much and you would think she would.

    1. Kevin won part 1 and Jordan won Part 2 against Natalie and the winner of the final HOH competition between Kevin and Jordan played live on Tues. night gets to choose who they will face the jury with…Jordan may take Natalie and Kevin may take Jordan. Who knows, there was alot of applause for Jordan during the competition on Thursday night. May have given Kevin something to think about.

    1. I will if you will! But I would really miss my two big dogs, and my bedroom. and my garden and my organic food, and the ocean across the street, and my books and trash t.v., and…nevermind! I can’t!!!

        1. A realtor friend in Canada applies every year for Survivor and swears if they ever pick a Canadian they will choose him through sheer diligence.

        2. Yeah, we don’t get to play. I guess they think we are too polite. ” As HOH, I nominate me, because you all are nice people and I could never vote against you”. LOL. I wish America would let us play.

  53. Nat rewind, what a bunch of BS, there she goes again lying, she just doesn’t know when to stop. She is definitely a piece of work and not a good one! LOL

  54. My hubby has a great doctor and he’s gay. I would be friends with Jordon and Kev in the outside world Jordon is sweet and Kev has nice manners and seems for the most part a alright guy, just him being around Nat made him different, not very nice. Jeff burped,farted and cussed to much not someone I would hang with, the farts alone turned me off, and the rest of them are are morons. imho

  55. After refreshing my memories of the whole season, I would rather see Kevin win than Jordan. Jordan played a HUGE part in back dooring Russel – which I think was a huge game change for the worse! I blame Jordan for that, and hate the fact she will win a prize. However, I hate Nasty more, so at this point Jordan is the lesser of 2 evils. Kevin was not my favorite, but I have to admit he made some great moves, and deserves the 500K WAY more than Nasty or Jordo. I am voting the heck out of the website, and only hope I make a difference.

    1. I agree. Jordan wanted Russ out because she didn’t like him. She didn’t think strategy whatsoever and instead let petty emotions rule decisions. Also, she wasn’t loyal to anyone in her alliance. If they had stayed with their alliance, we would have had a great game to watch and Nat would have been out long ago.

        1. Same here. I lost all respect for them. There was absolutely NO rationale for the things they did. I, did think Michele played a good game all along, she was definitely using “thinking” instead of “feelings” to make game decisions. I don’t care much now who wins, but I just hate to see the type of stupidity Jordan & Jeff exhibited be rewarded. The whole reason the game is what it is right now is their fault. Neither of them deserves a dime.

    2. I think JORDO should win. I would love to see someone who is NOT evil when for once. Also, because she is a women. Yes she has had her ugly fits but who hasnt in their life and who wouldn’t go crazy in there. She is SO obviously a sweet young lady. In such an evil world, lets choose a sweet person.

  56. Can y’all see Gnat’s attempts at cooking??? She wants to put fish in a marinade of milk and add vanilla to it……….seriously!!! Next she asks how to make fried rice, she is going to fry dry rice in butter with salt and sugar.

    Also, I looked at the HG ratings on jokers and Nat has been at or near the bottom every day, except on day #3 she was at her all time high poll score of 8th favorite. So it’s not just Simon’s site, she’ unloved all over!

    1. I read Jokers updates, too!!! Gnat asked what makes fried rice brown– cinnamon??? What an IDIOT!!!! I can’t believe she has a college degree and calls Jordan dumb!!! How did these people pass any kind of test to get on the show?!?!?!?!

  57. Don’t like any of the 3 HG’s, however voting for Kevin to win the 500K. Between Gnat and Jordan, choosing Jordan. Was a fan, however thanks to her, stupid Jeff backdoored Russel. Jordan wanted him out, not becuz he made a final 2 w/Michelle, that he was a strong player, it was becuz HE CALLED HER FAT. Jordan PRETENDS to be sweet/innocent, however she has a very MEAN streak. Anyways, voting for Kevin and will be happy as long as Gnat does to JH, with NO MONEY. She is truly a mean and evil person. Go Kevin, want you to win.

    1. I think more than anything that the reason Jordo was so mad is because she was very embaressed in front of Jeff with Russell calling her fat. She doesn’t seem like the type of person with a mean streak at all. Everyone has their limit and I think Russell pushed her to hers. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and is very sweet and niave.

    1. BRAVO to you 2,000,000 plus who showed up in DC. I believe the numbers to be true, and the future will show determination on the part of all Americain;s of All races

        1. Absolutely hideous!!!! I didn’t see any of you right wingers marching when Bush was trampling all over the constitution with the Patriot Act or when sending us to Iraq when we should have been in Afghanistan or when HE was spending us into oblivion. Just proof to me that it’s not the politics you are having a problem with it is the MAN. The black man!!!!!! IF any of you who were in my shoes (literally) and had chronic pain for life from neuropathy and had your employer kill your benefits you would be mortified at the thousands of people who don’t give a SHIT about you, just themselves. As long as YOU have health coverage then screw the rest of us. Go screw yourselves you self absorbed, arrogant assholes!!!! OH Yeah and GO JORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Talk about self-absorbed. First, everything isn’t about YOU. Second, no wonder you are a Jordan fan, you are just as egotistical and self-centered as she is.

            1. No you are right it is not JUST about me butthead. It is about the 40.000.000+ me’s. I was just pointing out the 1 (me) that I have a factual medical account for in the 40,000,000+ uninsured. Keeping the status quo is what you FOOLS are trying to accomplish ( by the way how’s that working for America as a whole?) which in turn keeps OTHERS from being able to get affordable health care. Switch places with me or any of the OTHER 40,000.000+ for a week and I bet you’d be SCREAMING “bring on the affordable health care.” I have the unenviable position of coming from both places. I’ve been fully insured and I have had it taken away overnight. Can you say the same?? Or are you just talking out of your ASS From your limited point of perspective?? Did you just hear that whizzing over your head?? It was point missed MORON. Kudos to you for being selfish whilst you call me self centered and for being self serving and accusing me of being self absorbed. What simple mind, low conciousness doesn’t understand that when you hurt EVEN ONE you hurt ALL. We are already too far into politics on a reality tv show site or else I’d have to point out many scriptures from ALL facets of ALL religions. Religion AND politics would be pushing the envelope here.

              I can only imagine the reason you are not a Jordon fan is because you are either a woman and JEALOUS or a man who is always being REJECTED from a beautiful girl like Jordon. Now to make yourself feel better either scenario you have to attack the sweetest most giving and kind one in the house. I bet you kick puppies too don’t ya??

              1. BTW I only see you addressed the healthcare. Did you miss the commentary on BUSH?? Why don’t you address those things. Perhaps because those weren’t about YOU and YOUR INTERESTS?? Hypocrite!! Actually you and your kind can’t come up with good answers for those things which is why you choose to avoid them. My suggestion to you would be to go hunting with Cheney. Hope you have good healthcare.

  58. Randeep– are you going to update us about today? There was a slip-n-slide fiasco and Gnat TRYING to cook again…those should be funny to read about (I don’t have the feeds). The show was a bomb tonight; thought we’d see Michelle go to JH, Jeff’s exit messages, or even if the jury gets to see Jordan beat Gnat in the HOH part two…

    1. I’m really sorry Lori i’m not as good at this updating as Simon is.. I just did a post about Natalie cooking and I’m flashing back to the slip ‘n’ slide fiasco.. to see if I can put something together. The morning started really slow so I left the feeds and when I came back all this stuff was happening.

  59. GO JORDAN!!! everyone says she hasn’t done anything to deserve the money!! COME ON, I tell ya what she DIDN’T do , lie, lie, lie, backstab, lie, call names, lie, complain, whine, lie!! I am sure you get the point! She played a great game and deserves the money. Natalie SUCKS …if she wins this will be the last season of Big Brother I will ever watch in my life!!!! Kevin well, he made diary room interesting and funny , and I guess he did play hard, but I never liked how he TOTALLY backstabbed Jeff. He didnt make a big move he made a COWARD MOVE…Jeff uses the veto on him week before WOW what a loser. And you all say oh its just a game well if Jordan can get through without doing the crappy ignorant immature things Nat and Kevin did then it proves you dont have to be a lieing, backstabbing, person to WIN!!!!

    1. There are alot of ways to play the game and the way these 3 played was not ideal and not skillful and not interesting. Who do you vote for??? I like Jordan’s idea to buy her Mom a house. Hope it happens. Now is the time to buy for sure.

    2. Wong. Jordan did lie, lie, backstab, lie, call names, complain, whine, lie. She did all of that. She played a HORRIBLE game. She is the reason that Nat and Kevin are in the house. If she hadn’t of got Jeff to evict Russ, we’d have a good game to watch right now. Jeff backstabbed Russ, so Kevin had every right to backstab Jeff. Jeff was the first one to make a coward move. Jeff got Russ out because he didn’t want to compete against Russ AND because he couldn’t control Russ. THAT is a bigger coward move than any other person in the house made. You obviously haven’t watched the feeds. Jordan/Jeff have done all the ignorant immature things you say others did.

    3. The move that changed the game: Ronnie NOT backdooring Russell. So much would’ve changed had Ronnie have done that…Jeff wins HoH next week and evicts Ronnie. Chima’s target isn’t Russell….which may have impacted if Jeff uses the Coup (he still does IMO)….Chima may not melt down which means that Natalie is evicted WAY earlier….Jeff’s not worried about Russell which means no backdoor plan……Ronnie not doing that move really made a huge impact.

  60. Is Nat the pig trying to knock off Keven and Jorden with food poisoning? If she takes them both out she will win all the money because no one will be left :)

  61. Hi, im a pretty big fan of BB , i dont have any live feeds or anything i just watch it on tv. I hate gnat , cant stand her. Shes just so damn cocky and thinks shes amazing but shes an idiot . Tottally obsessed with meat head jesse! But reading ur guys comments i know u all hate gnat but like does BB only have to be for gorgeous people ? Im aware shes unnatractive but thats not a fair reason to hate someone. I cant stand the way she acts who cares how she looks. And those of you who
    Call jordan fat Need to stop. Shes beautiful and do not fat!!!!! GO jordan!!

      1. Don’t get me wrong not a big fan of nat, but have been in a relationship with a black belt for 21 years now. The walk is from walking on mats all the time, if you just check out any martial arts person they walk that way.

  62. W..ow, you all have posted some really interesting ideas and insights tonight.
    1st: I have from day one believed Natalie is gay and I am pretty damn confident in my gaydar, Everything about her screams gay. Also the boyfriend thing looked staged, she was not into that at all and showed zero emotion. Plus he is just heinous.
    2n: I don’t belive it is fair to blame Jeff or Jordon for backdooring Russell. They were being fed all kinds of lies for make deals with everyone, so really what the hell was Jeff supposed to think. Jordan was not mad at Russell until after he got put on thr block, and then called her fat, Jeff had his mind made up by then,. I liked Russell too, but it wasn’t Jordans fault or really even Jeff, he was lied too and terribly mislead. We all have stupid moments

    1. I have thought the same thing about Natalie all along myself. And the boyfriend played it WAY OVER THE TOP… it did seem staged & she didn’t seem all that much into him… just maybe what he could do for her… so I wouldn’t be surprized at all if she is gay.

        1. Then her and Jessie would be two of a kind because I think he is gay also, judging from the way he acted in front of Russell tearing his shirt off for Russell after he just asked Lydia not to touch him. Also, one of the houseguests made a comment on BBAD once about Jessie being bi and Lydia also being bi. What is with all the sexual confusion today?? Pick a team and then stick to playing on that side! LOL

    2. Its is fair to blame them because it was their emotionalism that caused them to make poor decisions. First, it is really stupid to believe someone who has been against you from the start. How can you not blame them for that? What is unfair about making someone responsible for very poor decisions? If you are going to take a chance with someone, you take a chance with the people who have similar enemies … you don’t jump ship and take a chance with the enemy. They weren’t thinking at all, they were only being tyrants and that point. They were irrational and not strategic. There is nothing fair about claiming it wasn’t their fault. They had all the power, they made all the choices, they are the ONLY ones to blame.

  63. Sheesh natalie made quite a homophobic remark eh?…Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they can’t be a doctor. Also this planet is not the world of Natalie so I am sure there is lots of gay doctors in a planet that we like to call EARTH..maybe Natalie should introduce herself to it. For these reasons AND SO MUCH MORE, Natalie will never get my vote.

    1. I liked to see Ronnie cry though!!! Come on…talking to his wife’s photo and having Russell chase him around the house. Seeing Chima TRYING to threaten Jeff while they were in commercials…excellent t.v. Reality at it’s best! Wish my brother hadn’t called from San Francisco in the middle of it…missed the last 20 mins but that was recent fighting.

  64. I agree with you about Nat. I think that if she is not gay, then she is bi. And the engagement thing? I thought that it was very staged for sure. She did not have the reaction that one would have when she gets engaged. It is weird. I am rooting for Jordan because she is not backstabbing like the rest. I think that this new way was a bit long for them to wait until the finale. It should have been finale night last night (Sunday) instead of Tuesday.

  65. Sunday’s show was mainly for those that don’t watch it all the time, or have never seen BB11 this year. Not for the regulars. The show doesn’t revolve around us. I didn’t mind it. I laughed a lot. Especially Kevin’s comments over the Jessie Wake. Hysterical! (And I saw it the first time.)

  66. OMG I can’t believe Natalie said that. Seriously. Seriously. Ummm….I’m speechless…..totally lost all thought when I read that….ummm….ya I think she could be gay too, but more likely it was a paid actor because she is too dispicable for anyone to love whether man or woman. Can you believe she said that? I can’t. Well I can, she’s the biggest douchebag out there. but wow……..

  67. Everyone talking about playing a clean game and not lying needs to get over it its a game for half a million. If you have to lie, cheat, or steal in a game to win I’m pretty sure you would do it. Your not penalized for doing it its just a stradegy some people are good at it some aren’t(RONNIE). Just my thought take it as you will

  68. i hope jordan wins so she can help out her family but no offense this season sucked i missed the good ole days season 6 was awsome.

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