Big Brother 11 – A look back at the season PART 1

Hi everyone, I thought it would be nice to change up the posting for a bit and take a short walk down memory lane. I went through Simon’s massive archive of pictures and picked a couple I liked. It sure brings back memories both good and bad. I remember the night when all of Ronnie’s lies were called out or when Chima, Natalie, Lydia drank 2 bottle of wine and cried at the table. OH man this was a great season. As the season comes to a close I look forward to being able to sleep again and not be glued to the feeds 24/7, but on the flip side i’m going to miss this cast and everyone at this site. I never really commented much but I read most of people comments and I mean it when I say it, you are all a great bunch of people that have made this season so much fun. When Simon gets back on Monday he is going to be overwhelmed by all your support.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

I miss the wizard days.. :(

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223 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – A look back at the season PART 1

  1. What a great idea!! Seeing Russell and Chima together like that is so weird. I almost forgot that they were close at one time. good times, good times!

    1. Russell and Chima were in serious- like – with each other. I think they both became very paranoid and all the emotion they had for each other spilled into the screaming matches. I don’t for one second believe that Chima thinks Russell is a terrorist. They were both very upset with the other one thinking they were being betrayed. That is a deep emotion that a lot of people don’t understand. He liked her and she liked him. When he went against Ronnie and decided to mess with Team Jessie in which he was a card carrying member, he not only messed with Natalie and Jessie but Chima as well. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Chima’s reaction was a woman scorned. She probably could have calmed herself and regrouped if it wasn’t for the CDT and Michelle’s lies. Once all of those instances happened, there was no turning back.

      I still luv Chima. I think she is gorgeous. Have you seen her picture on her twitter account?

      1. I saw the Russell/Chima relationship a bit differently, Rockstar. Russell may have liked Chima as a “friend” but that’s as far as it went. He told Jeff and others that he was uncomfortable around her because she kept throwing herself at him. He was not making that up. I witnessed it several times on camera and it was actually quite disgusting and desperate. I do think she’s a very strong, intelligent and funny woman (although, not as funny as she thinks she is). It’s amazing how women “dumb themselves down” when they’re around a man they are attracted to. Chima went bezerk because Russell rejected her – pure and simple. That was what lead to all the fireworks and drama between the two. You’re right – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

        1. I never thought about it that way JoJo. I think you might be right. Chima seems like the kind of person that would flip out if a man didn’t like her.

        2. i saw it this way all along that’s she did all the name calling because he didn’t like her in that way. russell even asked jeff how to tell chima he was not into her that way without hurting her feelings…

        3. I completely agree with you JoJo, my family saw exactly what you saw with Chima and Russell. It was so sad to watch her embarass herself the way she did. Russell did not like her at all, he thought she was ugly inside and out. Although i am sorry that she went through such a horrific time in her life, i would have thought it would have made her a better person.

        4. I think Chima intimidated Russell which is why he didn’t hook up with her….especially with his prem ejac problem or erectile disfunction or whatever he has…..I can’t picture her providing a safe environment for him to have that problem

          1. If you watched BBAD you would have seen that it wasn’t because he was intimidated it was simply that he didn’t like Chima and the way she was throwing her self at him can you blame him??

        5. You’re so right. Chima could not stand it when Russell scorned her. I’m surprised everyone didn’t see that, it was so apparent.

      2. hahaha!!!! rockstar is CHIMA! definitely! no other bb viewer would be so pro a person who everyone hates. no doubt. how demented for her to post on this web site as someone else supporting her. bwahahaha! pretty pathetic.

        1. Steve, Rockstar is not Chima, I am not Ronnie. I am not Natalie’s Grandma. Simon is not my Grandson. I have been called names, too. (Although, I will claim Simon as a grandson if he needs another Grandma.) She gave an opinion, JoJo saw it another way, Randeep got a different thought of that relationship. There is nothing pathic. Just difference in an opinion. I didn’t care for Chima but I didn’t hate her. Liked Russell. Am I pathic?

          1. Rockstar,your killin me girl,although I can deal with you liking Nasty,the Chyma thing just blew me outta the water.At first I thought you liked the underdogs,which is cool,but after this comment,I’m confused about you now…lol

              1. Haha,how can you say that about Chyma,the biznatch was crazy,she preached about being such a strong woman,role model for girls etc.then she flips because Russell wouldn’t give her the love muscle.BB should striken her name from their history books.

          2. You are the


            I read you posts and they make me laugh, I also like BBGma. I have had 2 surgeries since May 3rd. I have been home bound and and extremly bored and stressed. SoI would like to thank you all for hours of smiles and laughs while reading your posts. Thank you Simon (My prayers to you and yours), Dawg, and Randeep!!!!! And to all the post!!!!! Thank you

      3. Wow!

        Thanks for posting that link Rockstar!

        I agree with you on everything, the Michelle lie is what did her in. She really wanted to take Michelle as far as she could; only to have her guts ripped out by Michelle putting her on the block, was just too much to handle.

        1. Seriously, I’m not Chima. I liked her. I think she is an amazing woman and I certainly do not believe she believed what she was saying to Russell. We all run off at the mouth sometimes. I know I have riddled off a tirade every once in a while and hadn’t meant any of it but because I was hurt and pushed too the edge well I lost my shit. Anyone who says they have never done that is not only lying to us but to themselves as well. The unfortunate part of it all was that it was on tv and we got to watch it unfold.

          I also don’t think she was desperate. Russell was very much into her.

  2. Hey everybody! I?ve been reading your discussions and the discussions on a few other Big Brother spoiler sites for a couple of weeks now! I think you should know that every group has their very own strange person that is all alone in his passionate support of gNatalie! And everyone on each site spends a great deal of time picking on him.
    Even more interesting is that every site has it?s own cast of main characters, not only a crazed Natalie supporter but a very wise grandmotherly type, a sassy wife that flirts with the male posters, an extremely intelligent distinguished gentleman that corrects others mistakes, and a couple of super hilarious dudes. I?m sure you all know who you are!
    I just think it is so funny that each site has the same characters. And I wonder if the Natalie supporter us the same person on each site!

    Just thought I would share?

    1. interesting stuff Wendy! lets try and figure out who is who..
      alright the sassy flirts are ? ( i know Simon likes his ladies)
      extremely intelligent distinguished gentleman?
      grandmotherly type? (i think this one is bbgrandma.. .YOU ROCK!)
      Natalie supporters? (we have a few they rock to)
      hilarious dudes?

      1. Sorry randeep, there aren’t enough posts on this one yet for me to remember the names of who is who. When they get back on here they will know who they are. I can’t keep these sites straight but I know this one is my favorite because of the ease of commenting and of course the AWESOME people!

        I’m so excited to see who wins on Tuesday!

    2. Wendy, sweetie, am I the sassy wife that flirts with the male posters???? I am only on this site. Let’s see where would I put Wendy? Under Enjoyed. Thank you for sharing that!

      1. Thanks, I’ve really enjoyed your posts. You and your friends on here are very entertaining. It really makes the show better! I think you do fall into both the wise grandmother and flirty wife categories ;)

    3. I support Nat but this is the only site I jump on…. the other sites suck!!! This ones the best.
      I could not-would not swallow the Jeff & Jordon koolaid… These BB people only exist in a little box in my den. I cannot-will not get emotional about people that could be CGI for all I know. So many people were anti-Nat that I had to take up for the girl. The meanness of Jeff & Jordon was considered game but Nats game (lies-schemes) were considered evil.
      I wish Nat had stayed on the log and apperantly Nat sucks at putting ball in a hole so she choked. Jordon pulled out a definite win. I dont see her winning against Kevin but I guess it could happen… Maybe it’ll be a tampon insertion contest. Jordon would have it in the bag. Shes done well in the game, she and & Jeff were the only 2 left in the golf game so Jeff was able to give her win, she was cunning enough to follow Michelle step for step because they were right next to other and outguessed Michelle.
      I forgot my point…oh yea I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I aint getting a cut of the money so I dont care who wins. Good luck to them all.

        1. am I the crazed Natalie fan? Or am I the flirty wife? or the confused but lovable commenter? I only post here. I’ve been here since simon and dawg used to do the’s.

            1. Yup. I was happy when they decided to keep the website instead of the yearly ones. I didn’t post a lot the previous couple seasons. I was scared of getting yelled at. haha

        2. Thank you ma’am…I like you as well. You get fixed up okay? Got church at 8am tomorrow I will take a knee in your honor to get you out of that bed…

      1. Its all in how you look at it! Never had a sweet and innocent friend before Moose! Sorry but I don’t recall one MEAN HATEFUL UGLY thing that Jordyn did unless it was when she ‘chest bumped’ Russell for calling her fat and cookie dough butt, lap dog ect… but other than when was she mean to ANYONE?

        1. she talked really nasty about michele all the time and constantly talked about sex oral anal and bj included. She also started the I hate russell campaign and that is the reason he finaly had enough and called her fat. she had been on his case for a few days and jeff actually started that fight with him and she came out and got in on it. not that russell was right for calling her fat, he had just had enough of her being rude to him for a few days. just my opinion.

  3. awesome flashback Randeep! I can’t believe how fast it all went downhill *sigh* too bad the writers for all the hit shows aren’t on strike again then maybe we’d get an addition season! 2010 seems so far but i have my fingers crossed for another bb allstars

      1. Welcome aboard, Randeep! You’re doing a great job of keeping us entertained now that the season is winding down. I’m with you – this was a great season!! Can’t believe these people who said it was the worst season ever! What show were they watching?

        1. Hey JoJo thanks for the support. This is my second favorite season ever, it goes bb8 -> bb11 -> bb6 (until the end) -> bb9 (i liked it big daddy balla was funny) ->bb7 ->bb10 -> bb5 didn’t watch the other ones.

  4. I only started reading the spoiler sites for the first time mid way through this season, so it’s awesome to see things like how close Chima and Russel were! That really changes the tone of their fights… still think Chima was way too much of a princess to handle BB.

  5. I recently heard that Rondella, sorry i mean Ronnie, is the first BB11 HG to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame. Walmart has offered him a gig doing personal appearance at stores in and around his hometown.

    Dressed as Princess Leia, Ronnie will be personally autographing the boxes of Halloween costume sold that have a represent his favorite sci-fi shows and movies. Walmart will be hyping the shit out this starting Wednesday, right after the BB Finale, in order to get a good jump on their competitors and the start of the holiday season.

    As an added bonus, all Walmart customers that purchase either a Stars Wars, Star Trek or Walmart’s own brand-named “Ronnie the Rat” costume will get a free bag of candy corns in addition to Ronnie’s autograph. Check you locale papers and mailboxes for times and dates.

    1. I’ll keep that in mind…and paint ball Ronnie on sight….’Aaaaand SCENE’ this ya weirdo!!!

      On the finale he’s supposed to force an apology out of Kevin for the run and bump fight they had. Ay yi yi, not to be mean but 2 gays guys fighting can be pret-tee funny sometimes…
      I live between 2 gay households, 2 men in each home but these guys hate each other. I dont get it. Everyone else on the street is straight so you would think them being gay would cause them to bond… Not these guys. See my south gays dog crapped on my north gays lawn so that caused conflict… I was thinking big deal their dog crapped on everyones lawn, we worked it out. Sadly the ONLY 2 gay households in the neighborhood cannot see eye to eye…

  6. Okay…I thought everyone went overboard with Jordan and her cookie dough. But, now I see that she DOES talk about it all the time. Gah, she’s annoying.

  7. Randeep – do you have pictures of the HG in costume for that competion. I beleive it was their first food competition. I remember Jessie donned a cheerleader outfitter, Ronnie did Princess Leia, but as far as Jeff, Russell and Kevin, I can’t remember. I think the woman had to choice between to types of woman that the guys would date.

    The woman had to do the same. I remember one of the getups had to do with having a “big butt.”

  8. Everything changed when Jeff got CDT and sent Jessie to the BB jury house…setting Natalie on her quest to “get” Jeff (because she’s in love with Jesie) and, on the sidelines, also setting Chima up for her to commit “Chimacide”…and then…everything changed again when Jeff broke the F4 deal with Russell.
    Those are the two “GAME CHANGERS” so far in this BB11.

    1. not to forget kevin and natalie making that lie up and jeff took KEVIN off the block. that changed the game too because it was all about kevin and natalie after that with natalie winning hoh and kevin winning pov….

      1. PLEASE tell me what lie that was. I have heard that several times. Was it about Russell and Michelle coming after Jeff and Jordyn because that was true. Russell said it more than once he was going to get Jeff before Jeff got him I have BBAD and heard Keviv and Gnat kniveing(sp) about ‘the lie’but didn’t they hit on a truth? OR was there another lie I missed?

        1. If you are talking about the LML, it was in fact a lie. The lie was that Russ was coming after Jeff. Jeff was dumb enough to buy into it without even considering it might be a lie. You have your facts wrong if you believe it was the truth (CBS portrayed it the way you believe it happened, but if you watched the feeds you would know that Russ wasn’t coming after Jeff). Also, recently it was shown on BB that Russ said how dumb he was because he was going to stick to the final 4. Michele knew it, even K/N knew it. Also, the past HG from other seasons who were on BB said that the LML was the biggest game changing move.

  9. Hey just wanted to say Thanks again for taking the time too keep us all posted on what goes on in the BB house. My wife and I check your site while we are at work seeing if there are any new updates… via cell phone. thanks again……. Go Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PS: So if Jordan wins do you think she will keep in touch with Jeff???? I mean she really wanted to go to Hawaii with him, so again you think after winning half a million you think she will keep in touch or date him??????

    1. Jordan said on BBAD while they were practicing for the HOH Part 2, that she told Kevin she was taking him but she was just telling him that. She told Natalie she is really taking her. Somehow, (I still don’t know how) Natalie and Jordan talked and found out Kevin was taking both of them. But I have been watching BBAD lately and I don’t know. But I think Jordan is still taking Natalie

      1. And if Kevin and Natalie talk, they will figure out Jordan told them both she is taking them – can they not all see they are all lying to each other? I am not even sure if any of them know what the truth is any more – or even if Kevin or Jordan have made up their minds yet. I wonder if there will be any contact with the JH before the final HOH makes their decision? If there is, it could change the game.

      2. I’m afraid that Jordo may take Gnat to the finals (which I really hope she doesn’t), but that Kevin will take Jordo. Kev has been telling them both he would take them, but I think he was saying that to Nat because he didn’t want to deal with her for multiple days after he told her to hit the bricks. Hopefully, after Kevin tells Gnat he’s *not* taking her, Jordo will realize Kev means it and not take Nat either.

        1. if she takes Nat..
          Jessie, Lydia & Kevin for sure vote for Nat.
          Russell is mad at Jeff & Jordan for booting him… Another for Nat
          Don’t think America’s vote will help.

    2. I think she is taking Kevin. She feels that they played a very similar game. Laid low alot of the time, stayed out of the fighting, lied only a little and were basically good people! (HER WORDS NOT MINE) On BBAD she was talking to Kevin and he wanted to tell Gnat that if he won he was going to take Jordyn and Jordyn pleaded with him to wait awhile. It was way to soon(FRIDAY) and she would be moaping around and in their faces about why they should take her!! Kevin and Jordyn BOTH believe that EVERYONE in the jury house are FRIENDS with GNATALIE!!! They BOTH feel they do NOT have a SHOT at winning with GNAT!!!!!!

  10. Chima is going to get here chance to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame as soon as the show is over. Right now she can’t do any talk shows or interview because she sign a gag order until the end of the show. so she is going to make some good money. Also, I am sure she will get a Realitini nominations from the Fox Reality Network Reality TV Awards. Evil Dick won the first year for best villian. he was so bombed that night he could bearly stand up.

    I sure Chima will get either a best drama queen nod or best meltdown? Plus, I am sure she will be publishing a short memoir of about her life before, during and after the show. Maybe even a Lifetime Movie Network Deal.

    1. i dont give a ronnies ass about her show incident. that is history. what is much more significant is her rape story, her fight, and the strong woman she has become. i respect and applaud her.

      1. R U serious? strong woman? all I saw was a crybaby,diva princess,that when she didn’t get her way,she threw a hissy fit,then went crazy,lost her mind,not to mention her stipened check,and made herself look like the biggest A-hole on reality tv.yes her story is sad,but it was yrs before this,she needs serious help.

        1. I often wondered if chima made up that story for sympathy votes. Only because she said she hoped russel would get arrested and raped in prison!!!!!!!!! If you were raped why would wish that on anyone?

    2. the gag order extends past the end of the season…. I saw an interview with Evel Dick and he said that basically CBS owns you for a long time after the show is done…. no interviews without approval no book deals for at least 3 years….

    3. I was so disappointed such a ‘strong’ woman couldn’t handle the BB house like everyone else did. Even Evel Dick said you have to focus on the end of the road, and she lost track. I don’t give a rats a@s about Chima, and don’t care to see any shows or read any articles about her. I think she was a disgrace to BB.

  11. Wow seeing all the old pics like that does somehow make it more real that the end of the season is around the corner. I hate to see it come to an end as well as this site. I have come to appreciate everyone on here, and a shout out to the Nat supporters whose comments annoyed me at times like Rockstar, No No Moose, NAT, and I think Canadianfan….anyway, I think ya’ll are pretty cool and I enjoyed voicing my opinion and sparring a bit with those I disagreed with…hey, it’s all in good fun. BBGrandma, it’s been a pleasure and I hope you’re on the mend soon!
    I don’t know why but I find myself pulling for Jordon FTW (since Michele is out), she has been on my last nerve since Jeff won HOH, but I hope that she at least makes the final 2. Regardless of what she wins, the girl needs to enroll in college and get an education and do something productive with her life!

    1. thanks sus. Jordon will buy bigger boobs and probably get lipo with her money. Kevin and Natalie want houses and such. I’d rather they win it than her.

  12. i dont care too much for natalie, but i think she is getting the short end of the stick. i liked jeff until he won HOH. does anyone remember how he got on russell’s case for having a final 2 deal with michele? wasnt he partnered up with jordon? what was so wrong with russell making a deal too. and then he believed natalie. the same person that he was enemies with. he just got plain DUMB!!! natalie played a good game. i think she did start to get a little cocky. and now everythings starting to blow up in her face. everybody thinks that she has friends in the jury house. those people are highly pissed(especially lydia) that she played them. but if she makes it to the final 2, i would love to see how that plays out. i dont think jordon should win simply because of the fact that all she did was be on tv and kiss jeff. she did nothing else. and kevin mainly just got in where he fit in. i never knew that he was on anyone’s team. but then he became natalie’s sidekick. he dug a big hole for hisself. now he’s going for his. i know natalie is shitting bricks wondering what he’s going to do. i really dont care who wins, cause the person i wanted to win is gone. U ROCK MICHELE!!!!!!

  13. Randeep….thanks for the entertainment!!!! I hope everything is ok with Simon!!!! I know it takes a bundle of work to keep this site up and running!!!! I’ve been coming here for years and I just love it!!!! It is bookmarked so that I can get right to it every year!!!!!! It is by far the BEST BB spoiler website available! And the fact that we get to interact with all the regulars every year makes it even better….its like having a family reunion!!!! I’m gonna miss everyone! Until BB12, that is!!!!

  14. Apparently with the decline in excitement on BB 11, network and after dark, comes a decline in intelligible post! can’t stand to read these anymore, people seem to attack one another under the auspices of a much forgotten topic! further reading, like watching Big Brother, will discontinue…Post Haste. Simon, keep of the good work

  15. Jordan 300.3….Nat 301.50..Kevin 301.0 There is also one for all of them, Big Brother picks all of thier House guest according to thier individual disorder. That is why this show is so exciting. All have a different disorder.

  16. I agree with Randeep. this has been the best season by far! everyone had their favorites. and the houseguests fighting it out like an all out war. it was like a battle of good vs evil. ronnie was right in week 1. jesse was the overlord of darkness lol. and everyone else were pawns of the good (secret) king Jeff. so when casey left it was a split house and Lydia and Kevin had to pick a side. Russel and michelle chose team jeff which is why they made it far. and jeff’s only mistake was getting rid of russel and believing the LML. i dont care how many people say it. Just cause nat lied and it came thru. does not mean she deserves the money. im not a hypocrite saying this but the HOH that nat won was unfair. those questions were too hard to answer. jordan was in the lead the whole time anyway. i dont get why BB gave that to her. If it werent for that and jeff going home i would be REALLY EXCITED about the BB finale. instead they have the 2 floaters and jordan. so GO JORDAN. i hope jordan or jeff gets the extra $25000 cash prize. and if jordan got it and the $500000 then she would be RICH! and wouldnt mind giving some to jeff. i cant wait to see what happens after BB for them. i hope they do get married. lol it’ll be so GREAT!

  17. Yawn. Good morning, well it’s actually afternoon now. Just drank my orange juice and I wanted everyone to know just in case they’ve been under a rock for the past few months, —– Natalie is going to win Big Brother 11. Remember, I said it first. haha

      1. I’ve never been wrong. Well except for a few times but we don’t count them. I still have hope NAT. I have 2 and a half days left to hope.

  18. Rockstar please give us some peace…..Nightmares occur if “nat the rat ” gets the $$$$ prize.

    Jordan is the best candidate to get it..her Mother’s home foreclosed and all of them had to live together during these tight times. Kevin will boot Nat the rat out and hope that Jordan has not too many jury votes…… Kevin can walk away with it also.

    1. There is no rest for the wicked Pamela. Jordon will buy new boobs and pay off the ones she already has. She shouldn’t get 500k for that.

      1. Its not about who needs it more. If Jordan wants to buy boobs she can. Its who played a better game and ofcourse you can pick your favorite. But you can’t base it on what they will spend it on and who is in more financial debt. I’m sure every houseguest can use the money. The only person I don’t want to win is Nat because she really didn’t do anything but lie & cheat the whole game. She didn’t even try.

          1. Yes, you do need to lie and cheat, but you also need to win and play the game, she road in on everyone coat tails as did Jordan and kevin, but at least Kevin won when he had to, I want anyone to win except NatDogg, even the fish first would be better, she is an Idiot, just listen to her comment about Doctors not being gay, that is just so ignorant all together.

            1. Your the idiot. How can you judge on how to play the game ? If she road coatails then who cares.. look where she got. Wow she made one dumb comment.. Your mom makes dumb comments and thats not a insult its the truth. ;]

              So just be quiet natalie did what she did and whatever the outcome she played the game the best. Except for final days

      2. Whats wrong with boobs? The world is a better place because of boobs. If our world leaders all had boobs…it would be a better place.

        1. Nothing wrong with boobs at all. If you want them have them but don’t pretend you are sweet and innocent and make up some stupid story about having a birth defect at least have the guts to say you had pancakes and you wanted bowling balls. It’s all good. Just admit it.

          1. Now Jason, don’t be sad your little Nasty is not going to bring you $500,000 dollars.
            I voted for Jordan and Kevin, not your little Pigpen.

      3. you BASTARD. jordan isnt like that! rockstar! how do you say things like that. plus most girls get that anyway. and that aint the reason she wants the 500K. so go back to yellowbelly arizona with Pig Pen and crawl under a rock. cuz she is nasty person and jordan is the sweet and innocent one. your making sound reversed. which makes you the idioT!!!

        1. yah thanks. Say what you want but Jordon is protrayed as a nice person on CBS but on the feeds not so much. You see her for what she truly is. If you don’t see that, well, who really cares. I’m not a fan of hers and I hope she doesn’t win.

          1. We know rockstar is in some way connected to Natalie, for all the defense of her actions and praise for what he calls ” gameplay” who in their right mind would beleive that she is anything better than pond scum would have to have some connection…Even chima’s granny called her out on her nonsense. Rockstar is a fool

          2. rockstar you are soooo right! I would rather have the money go to scumbag Nat then phoney,fake Jordan. I absolutely resent that sooo many people on here (although I’m sure most are her beverly hillbilly realtives) have fallen for her fake persona. She rode coattales and did nothing…nothing… least skanky Nat put some thought into things and did some (although dirty) plotting to win. Also, someone should wipe that smirk off of Jordan’s face that she has been wearing since going into the diaryroom the other day. No doubt ,they told her it’s in the bag.and stop the phoney bologna story about her mom needing the money…..the money’s going in her pocket…….there are several HG’s in worse shape then Jordan financially….they just don’t cry the blues to the american public in attempt of gaining pity votes!

            1. Hillbilly? You’ve obviously never been to Charlotte or Matthews, NC. Well as they say in the south “bless your heart, you ain’t too smart”. Once you get your GED and make a couple of bucks, you should go there for a visit. But, be forwarned, you need to bath first.

        2. Unless you actually know Jordon, like work with her, a classmate, or her friend, you cant possibly know her from watching on tv… The same goes for all the hg’s. I hate to put a spoke in your spurs but there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy and you gotta pay taxes. Obama is the president of the USA and a Latina is on the Supreme Court..
          Me…I dont hate any of the hg’s…well Ronnie, that a-hole just rubs me the wrong way, but the others…no feelings but I will say this

          GO NAT!

          1. How Funny, what the hell does Obama and a Latina have to do with Big Brother, you truly are an Idiot and it shows your a NatDogg Fan. And by the way your wrong there is a Santa Claus, and a NatDogg.

        3. Jordan is sweet and innocent?? What is wrong with you? I can?t believe you can sit there and criticize Nat for being so nasty, but you call Jordan a sweet and innocent person. How can you not mention the fact that Jordan is nasty? With all her talk about poop (describing it in detail), blowjobs (claims she is good at them and then has to fill the world in on how guys like that big vein to be licked), ass holes (several conversations about those), periods, checking out her friends vaginas, talking about clits (and all the different types, asking people in the house about theirs! Whats THAT about?), sex, 69’s & anal sex, adult stores, pee, farts, tampons, periods, making fun of her friends back home, and the list goes ON AND ON. She has talked the filthiest and nastiest of ALL contestants in the house, yet somehow you completely overlook that? How is that “sweet and innocent”? It’s not. Its disgusting and it reveals that shes nothing but white trash.

          1. I don’t care how much she trash talks, she doesn’t lie and cheat and she’s not a complete sociopath like Nasty is!!!! You can teach an ignorant person to have some manners but you can’t change a person’s character.

            1. They both have lied (Jordan included). And you are right about character. Jordan is a deceitful, lying, vain, materialistic person who is just as nasty as Nat. You can’t change either of their characters.

        4. WOW i am so sick of ppl getting so defensive over jordan and jeff like they are GOD or something! your ppl are INSANE!

    2. Everyone has a sob story of why they need the money! Jordan does not deserve the 500k. You don’t win BB because you are the nicest and have a sad story. Chima had a ascary sad story and got the boot. You win BB because you lie, manipulate and play the game to the best of your ability. Thats why we watch!!!

      1. Yeah, b/c Chima decided it would be amazing for her gracious image to act like a child and break stuff. I thought it was hilarious when she was talking shit to Russell b/c they could go head-to-head like a beautiful, balanced couple… Dont tell me it wasnt hilarious when she was walking back and fourth yelling “Crazy!… Crazy!” everytime Russell tried to talk back to her. Television magic.

        Anyway, this time around, I think it’s ab who DOESNT deserve the $ the most… Who doesnt deserve the $? Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. Listen, if Jordan can pull off the win when it counts on Tuesday, she deserves the half million and the respect of everyone who doubted her. Hands down. The best team always knows how to pull it off in the end- when it counts. Truth.

      2. Right on golfcar48…I dont buy nobodies sob story, not even yours if you got one…. The worst liar was Dan who taught at a Catholic school… Scandalous!

    3. Yeah her mothers house fore cloused, but Jordan still got $4000 for her boob job. Dont give me that Jordan is holier than though and deserves the money. If she was really such a great girl, like you make her out to be, she wouldn’t have gotten the boob job then.

      But I am still going for Jordan, I just don’t like the other 2 candidates.

      1. Even though I don’t agree Davor about wanting her to win, I like the way you man/woman up and admit what Jordon is. Kudos to you!

    1. This is a game, I am sorry to inform you but Kevin played it better then Jordan therefore he DESERVES THE 500K and he can say that he took Jordan so if he wins since he played the better game she gets at least 50,000.

      1. Devin…what has Kevin done? But do Nats dirty work, be a wus and talk crap about everyone!
        By the way, Randeep….u r doing a great job, cant wait to see part 2! Have a great day!

        1. Kevin was instrumental in changing the game. He told the LML to Jeff and Jordan, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker. That was one of the biggest game changing plays. He was down by 4 vs 2, and he is now in the final 3. As far as talking crap about everyone, Jordan, Nat, and Kevin have ALL done that. And … Jordan did it to everyone in her own alliance (except Jeff).

          1. And Jordan was instrumental in gettin Russ out,Kevin is a bitch and Nasty is too,they cheated,lied,scammed and was plain dirty players,which is part of the game,but some of the things,these 2 nitwits have done,is down right uncalled for.

    2. $50,000?
      does second place gets $50,000?

      this is my first season of big brother i have watched so i don’t have knowledge of everything..

  19. The cdt and chima thing were just a good excuse for nat to go after jeff. she knows she could not beat him in anything including the jury votes. i also think jordan wanted russell out so bad because she knew the drill….bro’s before ho’s ( i am not calling her a ho, that is the old chill town code of honor) jordan knew russell had no loyalty to her and would happily put her out once they made it to the final 4, and so would michele, jordan was too much of a sympathy vote risk. and don’t think for one minute she is sad jeff is actually gone….she may miss him snuggling with her….but he would have beat her with the jury and she knows it. all that oooo jeff you take it you deserve it more is just her way of covering her butt and getting the sweet girl vote. we all know i don’t think she is sweet i think she is selfish and rude but since she does it will a innocent smile somehow no one calls her on it. she may be act a bit dim but i think she understands the “no blood on my hands” concept better then we give her credit for….either that or she is a complete idiot ;)

  20. i stopped watching the BBAD as I cant stand to see the high and mighty queen kev think he got this far in the game onhis own. he and nat skated by because of lies not skill, not game play not anything more. kev and nat finaly won stuff because hell with less than 5 it raises the odds in their favor. i hope jord wins. then the whole season will not have been a total waste of my time.

  21. I was just on another web site (sorry ,simon ,dawg ,randeep) I sometimes check joker’s site but my heart is always here, Gnat is a total idiot she told Kev you can’t be a doctor if you are gay ,that she doesn’t know any gay doctors .She works at Block Buster I hardly think she is running around and hanging out with any doctors .I think the gal is a closet homophobe…

    1. I think she is also. My husband is in the medical profession and guess what??? There are gay doctors, nurses, executives, CFO’s. I also know a gay dentist in Atlanta. Shocker….there
      are gay people and straight people in every profession.
      I like Kevin. He is a follower and he does what ever Nasty says for him to do. SAD!!!
      He has some extremely funny Diary Room Sessions. I do hope they bring him back for All Stars.

  22. This isnt about who is the most needy, this is about who played the game the best! If Jordan was so needy she would’nt have gotten a boob job. Millions of women deal with breast issues – one larger than the other, deformities, etc. Plastic surgery is a luxury. If her family had such hard times I’d think it best to get a loan to get a new house or even an apartment, not have plastic surgery.

    Kevin for the win! I want Nat to get 2nd but I think it’ll be Jordough the Cookie dough monster

  23. Was away from the computer for a few days and thought I was going to go through withdrawls. I am so excited about Tuesday. However, why the change in format? Anyone think that the games this season were dull, except the diploma…the thing going round would make me sick after 30 minutes. I hope next season they up the games and make it more difficult and more interesting.
    I still want Kevin to win. I think they all need the money but Kevin seems like he would use the money more wisely. Natalie might need it but I am unsure if she will make the final two and Jordan’s family could use the money but clearly she has shown that when she has extra money, she spends it on her self and her “assets”. Just my own thoughts.

    1. I wish everyone would give Jordan a break on the boob job issue, she has said many times she got the boob job because her breast were deformed not because of vanity.She has also stated that she worked two jobs and saved her money for two years for the down payment.As far as loseing her house is concerned she said her dad was seeing another woman and they had no idea, he was supposed to be making the house payments and didn’t by the time they found out it was to late they lost the house and her dad left them without anything . She said it was a really hard time for her family to adjust they had it all and just like that it was gone, they were left w/ nothing….

      1. Not true. But for argument’s sake, let’s say there IS truth to it. Then why is Jordan trying to play on everyone’s emotions for something that happened several years ago? WHY would she do that? Everyone knows the state of the economy and that many people are losing their homes now. Is she really that conniving and manipulative that she would exploit the American public? Playing on America’s sympathy by crying about a situation that is OLD NEWS? If so, shame on her and for anyone who supports that. She had a boob job for cosmetic reasons, not necessity. She lives with her mother so, as an 22 year old adult, she has a responsibility to pay her way and contribute to the family. That’s what families do. How is it she cries about sharing a room with her mom, but goes out and spends her money on boobs? She should quit trying to portray herself as something she isn’t and admit that she chose boobs instead of helping her family. It appears she is using her mom just like she uses guys (which she has admitted several times).

        1. Let’s see, Have you watched the live feeds or bbad for thar matter ,Jordan has told this story many times if you don’t like her thats fine we all have favorites but to say that I’m liying is uncalled for I’m only saying what I heard her say…

  24. IF ONLY THIS HAD HAPPENED: ( story time )
    Late last night after the hgs were all in bed, Kevin and Jordan woke up to do their planned out ultimate prank on Gnastalie. While Gnat was woofing in her sleep, K&J got a couple of kitchen knives and went to work on Gnat’s hair. (They had let her drink the whole bottle of wine so she’d sleep through the shearing of her tresses/ rats nest.) ” This shit stinks!!” Kevin whispered. Jordan is finding it hard to saw through the hair one handed ( the other hand has cookie dough in it, of course) Jordan starts giggling and the wolf starts to stir… The hair has bald spots and uneven hackings galore! Suddenly, the wolf awakens growling and foaming at the mouth!!! K&J scream like little girls and haul ass to the ss room and start to try to barricade the door! Jordan grabs a couple of rafts, and Kevin is screaming at her that she’s an idiot! Not being able to move any furniture, they start jamming clothes in the bottom of the door crack to make a stopper. Gnat’s paws are scraping on the other side– K&J are crying and screaming,” that’s what you get you m-f-ing biznatch!!! ” Yeah– what he said!” cries Jordan. *it’s been 4 hours– still trapped* K&J are sitting against the door. Gnat is on the other side using her nail clippers to pick away at the door handle…

  25. rockstar? how is nat going to win? she didnt win either HOH parts and kevin and jordan are taking themselves to the final 2. they deserve it out of whose left. nat is gone. just like shelia was in season 9. only kevin and jordan arnt good friends.

  26. Simon thanks for all the updates and hope all is going well with your family. Now on the business of BB. Hope Kevin takes it all, of the 3 remaining he has played this game. I hope Nat doesn’t screw him over in the end. Jordan by her own admissions doesn’t deserve to be in the final 3 for that I say she doesn’t deserve the big prize unless as I stated earlier in another post she gets up and says it was her plan all along to ride coattails and float to the top then she fooled us all and should win. Nat has played the game for real but I just think she burned to many people and am hoping she gets the last burn in the BB house this season. I hope Kevin is the one who does it cause that will be the biggest upset in this seasons game. Kevin has been fun to watch and Jordan is so sweet and Nat she is just plainly a sneaky B****. This house changes who you really are and forces you to do things you would never do in real life as Mike Boogie put it on the show the other day. So I am sure all these poeple are different in the real world and none of them should take it to heart the things everyone has written about them. We are all vviewing them through the magical power of TV and the twisted way they represent it to us. They are HG’s of BB in the house and real people out of the house.

      1. I think they should do a most memorable showmances season and bring back all the “couples” from previous big brother seasons to see how they would act towards each other now and who they would end up pairing up with in this round, who would backstab who, it would be a very interesting show

      2. Get real Bill! Its time for a BB that has men and women 38 to 50 years of age so we can really see some game play. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you can’t be good looking. T&A and D&A looks fine on any hard body.

    1. That would be cool, I’d apply. It may be kind of boring though, us middle agers are a bit more reserved than the 20 somethings, it’s why the older person always gets booted from the house.

  27. Hi everyone. The outcome of the game is already set in stone.

    BB knows whose vote will go to whom at this point no matter which two end up in the finals. They want it to be Kevin and Jordo. They know that America will be the tie breaker for Jordo to win the half mil.

    They want to see the showmance reunited and see Jeff kiss jordo live–finally on finale-this is all prearranged–make no mistake about it. We are all wasting our time and energy. If you are a Jordo fan keep watching. If you are not may as well as quit while you are ahead.

    The only person I feel deserves to win is Kevin. He played a good game. He was instrumental in getting all the big players out–Ronnie, Jessie, Russel, Jeff, Michelle and hopefefully he will understand that he needs to take Nasty–not Jordo to win first place. Nasty DOES NOT have the jury votes, Jordo does plus America’s.

    If he takes Jordo ( which I am sure BB is trying to get him to do) it will be his first and fatal move.

    Kevin is the only one with enough sense in his head to make good use of half mil–especially in this economy. This money is more than gold to be thrown away on boobs, and endless plastic surgery which Jordo dumbo will certainly do. Nasty–I am afraid to think what evil deeds she will perform with that much money. Thank God we don’t have to worry. no matter who she is next to, if she makes to final two-she will not win.

    Common sense America!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think that Nat should go to the final two, just because I don’t think she deserves $50,000 for second place. In my mind, you have to at least do SOMETHING in the game to deserve even second.

  28. Natalie is so ignorant read this below from another site. I hope to god no one takes that homophobic biznatch.

    1:24 AM Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin talking in RR.Discussing Michele’s PhD.
    Jordan asks what exactly does that mean.
    Kevin explains the she can be called a Dr.
    Jordan says doctors know all about the body.
    Kevin says he’d examine all the guys.
    Natalie says she doesn’t think gays can be doctors. She says she doesn’t know any gay doctors.
    Kevin tells her that’s not true.

    1. Her narcissistic personality disorder is rearing its ugly head again. Because she personally doesn’t know any gay doctors there must not be any. And people say Jordan is dumb. If she she’s trying to piss off Kevin that should do it.

  29. Except for Kevin and Michelle, good-natured fun has been made of the photos of the hamsters. So that these two will not be left out, how about a snake in the grass for Kevin and a devil for Michelle.

  30. Anybody know what the deal with Ronnies threats to Kevin about forcing an on air apoligy at the finale for the gay chest bump… sorry for stating it that way but I can resist it.

  31. It doesn’t matter who played the best BB game, who needs the money most, or who shouldn’t get the money because you don’t like them. In the end it is just plain dumb luck! I really don’t care who wins it, just let it be over. Let the person with the best luck win and spend the money on however they want or need to. They can burn it for all I care because it is their money to do with as they please. Enough said!!!

  32. I hate when the HG’s rip on America’s vote, and who America likes best. Playing to the viewers is a HUGE part of this game. The viewers are kind of like an extended HG, only we can’t get voted out. We are the HG that sees all, every DR confession, every secret alliance. I think to be a good player you have to keep that in mind.

    Oh, and regarding the boob job, getting one doesn’t make you a “bad person”. And it isn’t a young adult’s responsibility to pay their parents mortgage.

  33. NO. Not enough said. Because until you get through your thick skull that people like Jordo -cheating her way through school(her own admission) filling her mind and others around her with constant filth, vulgar, demeaning and down right disgusting subjects do not deserve to be rewarded with money or attention. If she does not make it–I hope it is because America has higher standards than these low life who support this fake boobs and fake personality-she even played jeff to get where she is. She fooled the Mother F.. all the way to the end. I hope he sees the light when he can read and see for himself how she played him all the way to final three and maybe final two.

    Jordo is a disgrace to decent working girls!!!!!!And now enough said!!!!!!!!!

      1. You are a disgrace. If you are an older fan as your name suggests, seems you should have gathered a little wisdom with that age. JJnomore is right. Too bad America didn’t get to see the REAL Jordan and all the filth she spoke about on a daily basis. The girl has no morals and if America actually saw that, they wouldn’t be voting for her. You need to quit humping Jordan’s leg, open your eyes, and see things as they really are. She’s vulgar and trampy, and people on here wishing their daughter’s would grow up to be like Jordan really don’t have to wish too hard because there are people like you that spread trash rather than try to clean it up.

        1. Are you Ronnie, Chima or Jason. Sad you cannot see the good qualities in someone like Jordan and not see the selfish qualities in Nasty.

    1. You really don’t look good in green!!! Your comment Screams JEALOUSY…..poor thing….We will pray for your Sorry pathetic green ass!

  34. sad to say but I think Jordan is going to win and she hasn’t done shit for the game, I think Kevin should win.
    He came up with the LML and got Jeff out and helped get Russell and Michael out
    he should be gettin the big check not Jordan. She did win hoh but that’s because Jeff gave it to her, so he can control the votes for that week AND play on the next week hoh.

    Now I’m mad because the best player (Jeff) is only going to get $25k instead of $500k
    like evil dick said the best players are out of the house. Now we have left a dumb blond, a rat and a happy guy.
    It’s not m money but the better player out of the three is Kevin.

    1. Actually, it was Nasty’s idea to lie (big surprise) but the actual lie came from BB production (remember Lydia coming out of the DR excitedly saying they had agreed to help them with the lie and then surprise, surprise they came up with a “lie” that was actually true – no coincidence). You are giving Kevin way too much credit. All he really did was Lie and ride on others backs.

      1. Actually, Kevin introduced the lie. He had already established himself as a somewhat credible person. If he hadn’t of done that, then Jeff/Jordan would have at least considered he might be lying. So, it was due to the way Kevin had played up until that point, plus the way he introduced the lie, that made it believable. Sorry if you can’t acknowledge something so obvious.

  35. I don’t get some peoples views on who deserves to win the money based on game play. In my opinion if you make it to the final 2 – you deserve to be there…because you got there. Right? You can call it floating or riding coattails, but they’re still in the final 2 so whatever they did to get there worked. I don’t believe Jordan was playing Jeff at all, and if anything being friends with him put a target on her back, so I don’t agree with the people who say he carried her. And maybe he threw the HOH to her, but who knows who would have won if they had played it out. She did make it to the final 2 in the competition all on her own.
    In my opinon the final 3 are all pretty even when it comes to game play. Natalie manipulated, Kevin got rid of some big players, and Jordan won when she needed to (second round of final HOH). If Jordan takes the third part of the HOH I think she deserves to win the 500k if Kevin wins it then I think he deserves it. I don’t understand the hate about Jordan’s boob job. She has stated that she had a deformity that made her uncomfortabble with her self, it’s not like she got huge implants, just what she needed to even her self out. And to say that she is selfish for doing it is crazy. Since when is it the childs responsibilty to pay the mortgage? And from what I understand she was living with a friend but her mom couldn’t afford the rent on her own, so she gave up living with a friend to move in with her mom and help pay the bills. And she’s constantly talking about how the money would really help her family. The only thing she has said she would spend the money on for herself is school. I personally think that Jordan is as selfless and good hearted as they come, and i think good things will be waiting for her when she gets out.

    1. You don?t have all the facts right. But, she didn?t have reconstructive surgery, she had an elective surgery for vanity?s sake. Why are you trying to justify having the surgery based on the size she got? What difference does it make if they are a C or a D? None. Next, she has tried to pull at America?s heartstrings with the whole foreclosure thing. Shame on her for playing the poor me card when she CHOSE to get breast implants instead of helping support her family. She?s not a child, for christ?s sake. She?s a 22 year old grown adult. She SHOULD be helping support her family if she is living with them. That?s what families do. I don?t know why a person would choose breast implants and then whine on tv about having to share a room with her mom. Instead, she should acknowledge she made a choice not to contribute to her family?s situation and get breast implants instead. Your whole post tries to rationalize away the facts. You are trying to make her look like a victim of circumstance rather than a GROWN ADULT who has made very bad choices. Last, if a 22 year old ?child? is still living at home, then it IS their responsibility to help pay the mortgage. If not, then when is she finally considered an adult who should help out? 30?

  36. I’m so tired of all this foolishness. If Jordan got a boob job, so be it. Many people do. I don’t agree with it, but so what. As far as Jordan talking about anatomy or Natalie spouting off about gays or religion, a little information is a dangerous thing. That seems to be the gist of BB for the past 2 weeks. Each HG spouts what little (or ill informed) information they have on any given topic (sex, bodily functions, homosexuality, etc.). As far as Natalie is concerned, she is delusional. We’ve already come to that conclusion. All these comments that are posted with insults and nastiness are ridiculous. Lighten up people. As for me, I hope Kevin wins the next competition and takes Jordan with him to the final. He can then kiss the $500,000 good-bye.

  37. A million thanks to all the people here who can debunk these Joridiots. They can’t and won’t face the truth. And we know why. They are loosers living through jordo’s little girl’s phantasies. Jordo is a dirty girl-filth mouth and mind-white trash.

    She cheated in school, she broke into her house after it had been occupied by the new owners, she’s bragged about giving blow jobs to guys and licking their big vein in their pennis, she disgusted all the other HGs with talk of poop, farts, vagina, anal sex, 24/7 talk about her period, her inability to have an orgasm through penetration, endless filth talk day and night. So stop the charade-unless you are her sister and her brother-which I bet you are.
    If she wins by getting America’s vote I will be ashamed to be an American.
    I have young adults and they are NOTHING like Jordan-Thank God!!!!!!!

  38. A million thanks to all the people here who can debunk these Joridiots. They can’t and won’t face the truth. And we know why. They are loosers living through jordo’s little girl’s phantasies. Jordo is a dirty girl-filth mouth and mind-white trash.

    She cheated in school, she broke into her house after it had been occupied by the new owners, she’s bragged about giving blow jobs to guys and licking their big vein in their pennis, she disgusted all the other HGs with talk of poop, farts, vagina, anal sex, 24/7 talk about her period, her inability to have an orgasm through penetration, endless filth talk day and night. So stop the charade-unless you are her sister and her brother-which I bet you are.
    If she wins by getting America’s vote I will be ashamed to be an American.
    I have young adults and they are NOTHING like Jordan-Thank God!!!!!!!
    I needed to say it again!!!!!!

    1. Yep. So many people here can’t see past their crush on the J/J showmance. Its disgusting the amount of people willing to overlook all kinds of filth and vileness just because they need a fix of fantasy.

  39. let’s be honest. the reason you watch the show is for the lying, cheating, and scheming. if it didnt have that then it would be boring. natalie played the hell out of this game. the only person i didnt like was chima’s plastic looking ass. she thought that everything revolved around her. and get off of jordon and jeff’s dick. they aint no better than anyone else. when they had power, they showed their true colors. and jordon didnt do ANYTHING to win. the only reason shes still there is because nobody sees her as a threat. everybody’s hating natalie. FOR WHAT? she’s doing what she has to do to get to where she wants to go. u see where being honest gets u. just ask casey.

  40. k first of all i can it stand nat n i hope she doesnt win she doesnt deserve it not 4 lying but for not living up to it she always says “I never lied in this game.” um yea u have everyone has. second kevin is a good guy and i would b fine w/ him winning…the only thing i dont like that he did was backstab jeff but thats the game n it worked for him in the end. Third, jordan won when she had to n i think that shes not a dumb as she acts, she knew that would work to her advantage to dumb down just like nat lied n said she was 18. Her havin a boob job we will never know the whole story about it n it doesnt make ne difference neither does her sayin how bad her family is financially everyones struggling at least we know she would use the money for something unselfish. I hope jordan or kevin wins because

    1. we can sit here and talk shit about how each of the players either deserve the money or don’t. But the fact of the matter is that each of them got to where they are by being a good player. who cares if they lied, cheated, or rode someones coattail to get there, it is all part of the BB game. Sure nat is a lying bitch, and jordan is an idiot but they all got to where they are by playing the game. Where does it that the person who did the most in the house should win. Winning the HOH and Veto is not the fast track to half a mil. it is playing your opponents, which all of them clearly did by getting to the final three. whether they deserve to be there or not if not for us to say. Whoever wins deserves it!

  41. natalie is a bitch. i feel sorry for her husband he will suffer and i feel sorry for all her friends and family that must suck having the biggest douche in your life. and her voice is annoying as hell plus shes a frickin surfboard.

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