Big Brother 11 Spoilers Cookie Dough Edition – Houseguests find out how much money they made

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:34pm Cookie Dough Monster Strikes again
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:36pm Backyard Jordan and Jeff,
Jordan “I’m not laying around tomorrow”
Jeff “I’m going to sneak a workout in tomorrow, Fly?s are laying on me like i’m a piece of shit. Get
off me” Jordan now asks Jeff if he’s going to eat all his cookie dough he laughs and tells her to
eat it so she does Jordan “Isn’t cookie dough the best”. Jordan tells him how down she is.
Jeff “you ain’t going nowhere you know it I know it and they all know it….Kevin isn’t going to
leave her side for one fucking minute…Natalie isn’t going to flip on Kevin… I go and then you
GO”….”if Natalie goes to final 2 she’s going to win for no fucking reason at all” Jordan “you
think so?.. even Lydia?” Jeff: “Fuck ya Jessie will tell her to vote for me they all fucking love
Jordan “we should of sent Kevin home instead of Lydia”
Jeff “Ya maybe”
Jeff “Lydia never won shit and she’s crazy”
Jordan “I knew she was going crazy and was saying she’s coming after you so I thought it was the
right thing to do”.
Jordan “I had the veto the last minute I should of Back Doored him”
Jeff “Don’t play what if”
Jordan now works through all the scenarios about what if Kevin did go home and she decides they
would of still been fucked because Russell would of won that last HOH competition.

Jeff tells her one of the reasons he wants to stay is to take out Kevin another is to be with
Jordan and not in the Jury house. Jordan says whoever stay on Thursday has to win it or she’ll be
pissed. Jeff tells her he’s going home on Thursday so just be ready to kick ass on the HOH comp.
Jeff again says he’s been trying to talk to Natalie but Kevin keeps getting in the way. Jordan
predicts a tie, Jeff “I’m Gone” Jordan thinks Michelle will come after her if Jeff leaves. Jeff
shakes his head “WHY THE FUCK WILL SHE come after you?”
Jordan “I don’t like that Eliptical”
Jeff “Better than sitting on your fucking ass all day”
Jordan “thanks… you want help?”
Jordan heads inside

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:14pm Red Room Jordan, Jeff, Natalie and Kevin. Jordan and Jeff have found out how much money they
have received.
Jordan got “$1726”
Jeff got “$3181”

Jordan and Jeff are pretty excited they ask Natalie how much she got she says $800 Kevin says no way if Jeff got 3100 you must of got that and more. Natalie denies it says she didn’t get as much as she thought. Michelle now finds out her amount tells them she’s won $2563… Kevin and Natalie are left alone. Natalie says she stressed about how much money she losing being on the show. As a Block buster assistant manager Natalie makes $1200 every 2 weeks multiplied by 10 weeks in the house dived by 2 comes to $6000. She says she’ll lose $1000 by being in the Big Brother house. Kevin asks her if those calculations are net or gross she says she makes $6000 Gross in 10 weeks at block buster and $5000 gross in the Big Brother house.Natalie and Kevin go back and forth about how much they need the money.. Natalie’s reason is she has student loans and she lost $1000 from being in the house. Kevin’s reason is he cannot make his mortgage payments and will have to declare bankruptcies. Kevin adds that when he went to college he was very smart with his money and worked hard not to drown in debt so now all he has is his mortgage. He tells her stories about friends that got screwed when they racked up their loans. Kevin says that during the luxury comp Jeff was working it hard and that?s why he won the most money.. he adds that everyone looked like they were in slow motion compared to Jeff. Natalie says she was trying hard to harder than Jeff. Kevin is so happy that Jeff is leaving this week “It’s just like when Russell left I feel so relieved”. Natalie asks why. Kevin says they are strong threats that are hard to beat. Natalie says the next luxury comp better be monetary she needs more money. Kevin doesn’t think it will be he thinks it will be clothes. Natalie “I’m a greedy bitch I don’t care i want as much money as I can get” Kevin adds that the other side think they are weak but in reality the other side is weak. Natalie “I ain’t a weak bitch at all” (she reiterates this 4 times). Kevin says he only got $626 in the money comp, so he hasn’t won too much this season.

They start talking about CHima Kevin thinks Chima screwed them royally because they’ve lost a Jury vote. Natalie says he shouldn’t think that way because who knows if they would of even made it this far if Chima would of saved. Natalie thinks that Chima would of been able to talk them into Saving her instead of Natalie that week when they were both up.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Backyard Jordan and Jeff.. Jeff working out Jordan talking. She tells him he looks sexy when
he sweats so he splashes some sweat on her and she screams. Jeff starts telling her how much it will suck being in the Jury house with the douche bags. He thinks when Russell and Jessie see him it will be like their Coup d’tet. Jordan says when I send Kevin home next week it will be your coup d’tet.. Jeff says him winning the Coup d’tet was his Coup d’tet. Jordan reminds Jeff that the Jury house is full of people they didn’t like. Jeff says we would rather be with the people who got
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
voted off earlier like Casey, Laura and Braden. Jordan mentions Ronno. Jeff says YA Even Ronno would be ready than the douches in there right now. Jeff “The douche bag crew can get the beach house and I?ll take the cave with the rest of the people” Jeff and Jordan now start talking about how happy and grateful they are about winning the money and Hawaii trip. Jeff wishes he had won 10 grand but he still did alright. He’s happy Russell didn’t win the Hawaii trip. Jordan agrees “What a Douche”… Jordan “I want a margarita with salt and a double shot of tequila”
Jeff “I just want to go out and see new people”
They start talking about the America?s favourite award, Jordan thinks that Jeff will get it for sure there?s no way Kevin, Lydia and Jessie will get it. Jordan mentions that Natalie was saying she will get it because she’s probably going to come in 3rd place.
Jeff laughing “Natalie is probably going to get it!”
Jordan “for real?”
Jeff “Ya she’s going to get it for sleeping all day and winning all the competitions shit”
Jrodan “really?”
Jeff “No i’m being fucking sarcastic”

Jordan mentions Kevin talking to her telling her that he’s thinking of taking her to the final 2 but she doesn’t believe him. Jeff “tell him to go fucking beat off, Tell him any shit be as fake as they are” Jordan heads in to make a plate of food.


8:30pm Natalie and Kevin have just started to play pool all the other houseguests are inside watching Jordan eat cookie dough.

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to hell with them

The remaining house guests should have to take a common sense test and should only be able to keep their prizes if they pass it


Interesting….the key wasn’t mentioned and does anyone really believe Natalie only got $800?


Nat lies about everything. I am sure she lied about that too.


The total of Jeff, Jordan, and Michele’s money is $7470. If Kevin got 600+change, that would put Nat somewhere in the $1800-range (to get to the alleged $10k total). She probably dropped the “1” off of the front to hide that she got as much as she did.




Nat got $1,900.00


I have to quit watching the friggen live feeds…Nasties voice is just killing me. It’s not worth it!


Her voice…it hurts!

to hell with them

the final twist should be that there is no money for any house guest at all

Michael Knight

Out of the $10,00 supposed prize they have all said how much they won (everyone had an abiguious # except for Pig Pen who said a solid $800) but nobody has added it up to realize $,1,104 is missing from the total of $10,000? Now I hope the game is fixed and the key gives Jeff the coup de ta again and he votes pig pen out of the game.


lol they are funny they think jeff or kevin will americas fav hahahahahahaha
they would be surpised when casey or rusell are nominated as the fav lol
go mitchelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
yeah jordon is the dumbest from bb history next to jeffy the crybaby
jeff remember wht u told russell? “dude chill out you have to move on …..” lol


A little something extra about the Pandora’s box stuff.

After the 5 open up the box not out of greed but of curiosity, all the evil and crap is supposed to be released however at the bottom is hope. Correct? We all get that. However, the end of the story goes on to say that Pandora returned to the box and let out hope. Hope is in greek mythology a female however it is also an expectation.

chilltown renegade

you got that right! you rock! i hope theres HOPE!


The possibilities are there for a lot, but I think we are probably all over-thinking it. Probably something as simple as opening Pandora’s box gives something (money), but comes with consequence. My guess on the consequence is that Kevin will have to forfeit HOH and they will do a Fast Forward where everyone can play for a new HOH, POV, then eviction on Thursday.

Judas Jeff Choked

Ummm, that would be cool. I’m still mad at dumbass Jeff, but frkn PP is making my skin crawl.


Maybe another possibility is that the amount of money represents a “weighted” vote…where the more money you have, the more your vote is worth during eviction. That KEY is making it confusing though! Helping the HOH would hurt your chances.

Sue FLipping Ann

Omg Jordan and Jeff are complete idiots!! They got what was coming to them. You can never ever feel safe in the BB house Jeff!!

Wow!! Kev really played it smart this week. I wish Russ would’ve stayed though. Jeff shouldn’t win Americas fave…He is a douche. And all Jordan does is eat! Can’t she do anything else??? The pics of her and the cookie dough makes me nauseous.


So did Natalie ever confess her real age to Kevin? Why would an 18 year old have student loans?


18 year olds go to college..don’t you know that? lol


But those just starting college are more likely to say they need the money to pay for school (which she would not have started yet since she’s in the BB house), not that they need to pay off their student loans (which usually means you have already accumulated some loans). I’m well aware of the average age of college freshmen. I was still 17 when I started college. Before you try to make an ass out of someone, think about the logic first.


I think it’s ridiculous how they are so dumb about Nat claiming to be 18. She has said on numerous occasions that she first tried out for BB 8, if that was the case she would have been 15. She also talks about playing poker in Las Vegas, there is no way they would let an 18yr old play at the tables. She drives me crazy, I hope this special key will give Jeff some type of power to replace himself and send her home this week.

cauliflower ear

Does anyone else think that the boyfriend Gnat keeps talking about might actually be Kevin? I mean the signs are all there Gnat walks like a man she walks like she has a huge set of balls on her…. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the twist….


now she s wearing his jacket……he better have it fumigated……i think their going steady


Maybe she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. I know her dad said that Jason and him watch the show together, but for all we know, Jason could be the family dog. She once said her bf was latino, now she says he is russian and polish or something like that. She lies so much she can’t keep them straight, but it seems the others are too dumb to even notice.


I don’t believe “Jason” exist either. She could have created him out of jealousy. Jessie was spending too much time with Lydia. Where was “jason” when she won the phone call to her dad? I mean if he sits up and watches the show with her dad, then he was aware that Nat won a phone call, so why wasn’t he there? He could have at least been in the background yelling hi or something. Did I hear it correctly, not to long ago she told one of them that “jason” was not going to be able to make to Vegas. Hmmmm


Interesting thought…what is up with her walk?

Judas Jeff Choked

PigPen is downright disgusting. And, the sad thing is that she has a rockin’ bod and nice facial features. But, you can’t dress up that nauseating personality.


her face is only good for a cum shot

nasty hter

Now thats funny!!!


Nice facial features? What are your standarts? Gollum????


Anal plug.

ex jeff fan

what if the boyfriend was a prefabricated lie that her father knew about

nasty hter

Lets see..Jessie…Jason..hmmmm! kinda close in the name game,she lies so damn much,I think she is a bulldyke,and we’ll find out,that she is doing kevins sister Steve!


I’d like to think Natalie only got $800. Actually, I would have preferred that she only got $8. She could use that money to buy a few bars of soap.

So Natalie thinks she’ll get America’s vote for the $25,000? !!!!!!! Why, because she’s so wonderful? I think her father should hide computers from her when Natalie gets out of Big Brother house so she doesn’t get to read all the blogs and comments directed at her. That will definitely be eye opening for her to read how much she is despised by so many.


Jeff has said many times his time is done, and he has not fougtht with everyone in the house like russell. He has handled it better than russell. I don’t under you people who like rusell and bash Jeff. Even russell said that what jeff did was smart but yet he over reacted. I know he said it was all game but to treat people that way is wrong. Jeff handled it a lot better than so to all the rusell fans who bash jeff get a life.


All Jeff does is sulk and bash everyone else. How is THAT handling it better than Russell? Russell went out fighting, he never gave up. Russ is the kind of guy I’d want on my ship, not someone like Jeff who would bail when things got tough and give up (much like Chima did).

Judas Jeff Choked

We bash Jeff because we signed him up for Team America so that he could make the best move of the season which also gave him the inside track to the win. Then, he follows that up by making the stupidest move in BB history. Russ has said in every single exit interview that he was going to respect the F4 pact. Newsflash: the LML was a lie.


no the LML was no lie……it aired when russell told michelle they need to get jeff out before final four…… if they had the chance ………… jeff just got the chance first…..


Wrong. Jeff broke the final 4 deal by deciding to go after Russ. Russ only responded to Jeff breaking his word.


no russ told michell this way before jeff put russel up……. before nat and kevin made up the LML……… michelle even adimited in front of russel tojeff ….. and CBS aired it the same episode they aired the LML……….so i wasnt wrong…….


You ARE wrong! The f2 deal was made by Russell and Michelle when they got into f4 deal. Russell wanted to team up with Michelle because Jeff and Jordan were teaming up for f2 deal too. You should watch live feeds and BBAD.

umm ...

You are SOOO wrong. If this is true, then provide date and time. It never happened the way you said it did. There is no evidence of your scenario anywhere. Your facts are WAY off.


But you are going by what you saw on the TV episode, not what happened on the feeds. Russ even told Jeff that he did talk to Michelle about final 2, but you have to get to final 4 first, and since Jeff would take Jordan, he didn’t see what the problem was. Jeff took that as a betrayal. Then Jeff wanted him to confess to the part that was a lie, that Russ was going to take him out next week, and Russ didn’t know what he was talking about, because it never happened. Russ even said that once they got to final 4 he would backstab any of them to win, but that he was tight with the final 4 agreement. CBS aired an edited clip of this a week after it happened. Just like what we saw last night didn’t mention who won POV or the money grab and Pandora’s box. Just because it won’t air until tomorrow doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened yet.

nasty hter

I believe he would’ve stuck to it,but he did say,they needed jeff out,before final 2,I watch the feeds and BBAD,he was paraniod as usual,but I think if he was safe,he’d stuck to final 4.The house is crazy guys,you never know who is saying what,and once your deemed a liar,your a liar no matter what.poor michelle is trying to save jeff,but the trust isn’t there.we see the talks and everything,they don’t.Russ was a loose cannon,but I think his word was gold!


I agree. Russ became one of my two favorites when he put Ronnie up and stuck with it. What he’s said to someone’s face is the same thing he’s said behind their back. Russ was straightup and straight forward, and it was clear he was sticking with the final 4. The LML was, indeed, a lie. No argument there.


Vote Russell for fan fave……he was so entertaining when terrorizing Ronnie and Chima and whoever was the jerk of the day……he made the game happen for J/J when he got rid of Ronnie…..Michelle helped next with the ouster of Chima……J/J are nasty to those loyal to them……what idiots…….Go Michelle……

Not a JJ fan anymore

Totally agree!!!!! Russell fan fav and I hope Michelle wins it all!!!
As long as PP doesn’t win anything I’ll be happy. She so doesn’t deserve it!!!


CBS aired russel saying that to michelle the same time kevin made up the LML….. kevin and nat thought it was a lie…….but it did happen……. at least thats how cbs made it seem……….. i have it recorded and i just watched it again…….russ and michelle were in the pool room discusing it……… befor jeff put up his nominations


Wrong. The LML came first, and the part that was true was that Russ and Michelle talked about final 2. The part that was false was that they were going after Jeff before final 4. That conversation you refer to went down a week AFTER Jeff and Jordan started ignoring Michelle and Russell and being best friends with Natalie and Kevin. Things happen in real time on the feeds, and sometimes it takes a week to be shown on the TV show. I can see how people that don’t watch the feeds might think this, but those of us that watch the feeds know that Russ never said that until he could see the backdoor plan coming.


I remember it as the lie that came true. Russell and mich were gunning for Jeff. Also Kevin only told Jeff that he heard them say they had to break up the couple it was Jeff who assumed they ment him and he is the one who told Jordan that kevin said they were gunning for him, but Kevin said break up the couple he didn’t say Jeffs mane at first. I do not have live feeds only TV and recorder.

umm ...

You keep saying this, but you are wrong. Can you provide dates and times? Do you watch live feeds or bbad? If not, then you are basing your knowledge on edits that don’t show truths (CBS version).

Judas Jeff Choked

Russell for America’s Favorite!!! I don’t agree with all that he did. He had mad game, but no emotional OFF switch. But, no one can deny that Russell the Love Muscle was TV Gold. America’s Favorite!


The difference is that Russ was betrayed by his own alliance. He did nothing to deserve it, and he was understandably pissed. Jeff on the other hand has to know that he has nobody to blame but himself. He would look like a total dick if he went off on Kevin, who only did the smart thing. What was he supposed to do? Put up pigpen and michelle? That would be a stupid move, and even Jeff has to know that. How did he expect Kevin to keep his word when Jeff didn’t keep his word to his own alliance? Jeff knows he screwed up. Russ got in people’s faces and said what he had to say for all to hear. Jeff mutters behind people’s backs. Yeah, that’s the more dignified way of bashing someone. NOT.


I so hope Jeff somehow stays this week. He is good looking and entertaining! If he leaves, I hope Michelle wins! Please BB get better looking people next season…no more Lydias, Natalies, Ronnies, Kevins Chimas…ewwwww…we want to watch good looking people!!!!!


LOL. Stick to MTV.


Uuumm no. Have u not seen the real world cancun cast? They are all either disgusting or plain. Mtv needs new casting directors!




I don’t care if the people are good looking or not. Good looking and good game play usually don’t go hand in hand. I would like to see grown ups, not immature kids play.

umm ...

Would be nice to see a season with some more educated people .. graduate degrees, etc. Would be interesting to watch some strategy based on intelligence and insight.


For sure. It’s like watching a preteen girl’s slumber party, giggles, gossip, trash talking, tantrums and childish pranks. Give me a group of adults 35 -60, people that have grown up and acquired some life experience. That would be interesting! I can go to the mall and watch immature teenagers anytime I like, which is why I avoid malls whenever possible. Can’t believe I paid to watch this on the feeds this year. Next year I will wait and see what kind of cast they get before committing.

nasty hter

Does the high school clique theme not actaully apply to these people,they are perfect for the high school cliques,gossiping,backstabbing,whining,disobeying rules.they act like teenagers still in school…lol


im really getting sick of kevin letting this little thug bose and intimadate him. i think pit bull probably belongs to a gang


Simon, there you go again!! the cookie dough edition. lol u have totally made my night


Yeah .. I noticed he’s getting more intolerant of her. I think his bubble was burst last week, because he started getting very snappy at her for her dumb moments. Also interesting is that the more he started getting irritated with her, the more she started getting affectionate with him. I think she was trying to keep him interested by kicking it up a notch but, as you said, the thrill is gone.


It’s not surprising that people start behaving odd under pressure.
Natalie stops bathing and can’t stop lying. I think she honestly believes some of her lies.
Jordan eats and gets gullible.
Michelle gets moody and talks to herself, but remains surprisingly lucid under pressure.
Kevin throws mini tantrums and schemes.
Jeff cusses and gets short tempered, but generally holds it together.
Ultimately these are probably just some of the worse features of each person’s character magnified because of their limited environment.


Kind of like pandora’s box unleashing evil with hope at the end.


Jordan eats a lot, I have to agree, but at least she showers and prefers cookie dough over fresh boogers…


Lol in jordans defense cookie dough is really good but idk how she eats so much of it she loves it if she had a choice idk who she would save jeff or the cookie dough??


Chima had the worst voice and that screaming laugh, Now we have monkey girl. Gnat looks like a monkey and chomping on those chips last night sounded like horse eating.
“don’t drink my Mike’s lemonade” Hers? I thought Kevin won it. When Jessie was there, he carried her. Now, it’s Kevin but yet they let her boss them around. No matter what they’re doing, cards, whatever, she’s peering around at them, interjecting the instructions and how they are wrong and she is right. Nothing scares me she says ninety-nine times of the aliens. Then acts like an idiot over a bug out by the pool, screaming for “her Savior”
That gang banger voice, that hard look on her face. the constant lying- preaching about her integrity and honesty. She can’t even spell it, much less, live it.
Disgusting person. Losing at carrying cocoa in a cup, all the while screaming at Kevin that he has to win……why not concentrate on your own moves. No, just keep yelling at someone else to win for her.
Michele is so far gone. All those faces she makes as she talks to herself. Cannot get the point of her sentences as she giggles through the all the words. Nervously giggles and can’t understand her. I don’t want any of them to win. Jeff had it and got too cocky. To actually expect someone to keep their word? How dumb. The more they say they’re honest, the more you know they aren’t……..all dummies……and if that little unwashed peasant, not to mentin the racist Kevin and his comment, ” the pretty white people”. where and why, did that come out of his mouth……..all scum bags.
“MY earrings, the trip to Hawaii” what else can I prostitute myself for? really the dumbest of any girl ever.
I think Jessie is gay, that’s why he crushes on her! She has no boy friend….maybe a girl friend? Or as suggested, under those baggy, smelly pants, she has “extra” equipment and isn’t a girl at all?

Members Only

I tought I was the only one that found Natalie’ s face Ape looking.


I like when PP said “I won the first HOH comp all by myself!” Ummm… no, Russell hadn’t fallen yet either, Stinky.


LOL moment a few nights ago when Nat said, “Looks like the only thing I’m good at is hanging onto toilet seats”.


Hope is a diamond VETO and Jeff will be safe. Natalie will be put up as both veto winners will not be eligible and therefore will be voted out. Next week Kevin is gone. Final 3 Jordan, Jeff, and Michelle. I really like Jeff, but I’m rooting for the underdog, Michelle!


I went back and looked at the blog post for the first week and I think Jordan actually looks pretty much the same (but I guess maybe it’s harder to tell now that she’s not naked every day). If she would keep her mouth about her weight, nobody would probably say anything. Anyhow, I found these amusing predictions given by the cast as they arrived:

Jordan: “Jordan is confident that no matter what happens in the game, she will stay the same sweet person she?s always been.” (later that season: “I hope Russell gets called faggot…if only I had a gun…etc…”)

Michelle: “[thinks] her people skills will keep her a favorite in the house.” heh… (later that season: “COO COO MAGOO, that crazy bitch…”)

Jeff: “He lives by the motto ?treat others as you?d like to be treated,? and hopes others in the house will live by that too.” (later that season: “Dude, I’ll stab you in the neck…”) LOL.

As for the others, they pretty much kept to how they said they would be. Nat said she’d lie, cheat and steal to win and she has. She of course overplayed how great she would be, but she’s still doing that and like it or not, she’s still here. And Kevin’s prediction was more or less spot on. I’m not saying that makes them more deserving to win, but maybe they do know themselves better or are at least willing to see their negative traits as well as good. Maybe that helps in the game, overall. I dunno.


Pretty awesone post. LOL!!!

Judas Jeff Choked

Ha! Great post. Jeff: “treat others as you’d like to be treated”. Well, the backstabber got backstabbed. Judas Jeff got got.


well gnat just made a deal to keep jeff if they give her hoh next week. She has talked to jeff and michelle and so we will see if she spills the beans to kevin that will show if she is true or if she is playing them but if there is nothing said to kevin she is gonna do it. The other thing jeff and michelle want if they let her win hoh is kevin goes up on the block. She did not say anything while she was playing pool with kev and when he got called to the dr she approached michelle. HMMMM


Jesse was so pathetic on the last show. Wearing those fucshia spandex and exposing his ” Tiny Junk “.
That was the flattest crotch a guy could have.


LOL The reason it was so flat was because he left his balls with Nastalie in the BB house when he got evicted. He forgot to get them back from her before he left. She’s had it since week 1 (Jessie by the balls). Betcha he didn’t realize that she’ll funk it up with her no bath taking, nose picking stank. Wash em good, Jessie, when and if you finally get them back. Wash em real good.

umm ...

How many times would Jordough have to walk around the yard at that slow pace to burn up the calories from just ONE package of cookie dough?

nasty hter

784,472..this is just a


once again gnat fly dropped the hint about her age to Kevin, saying she had student loans and guess he didn’t catch on……..where did BB get these morons? lol


I love how when Jeff screwed Russell he was all “dude, chill out, you got, got. it’s just a game, whatever” yet now that Kevin screwed him he’s pissed all the time and talking about killing Kevin and stuff. He’s such a hypocrite. It’s easy to say all that shit when your the one staying another week.

ex jeff fan

no deal


Simon I object. I didn’t get fired, I quit. I quit a game I couldn’t win, so I am a winner, not like those losers that are still in the house. Only one of them can win, so why do the rest of them stay? I am going to show up as Nat’s date for the finale and they better have a whole aquarium of fking fish ready because I am going to expose the whole sham. They are all racists and misogynists. I didn’t throw my microphone. Jeff used his wizard powers and it flew out of my hand right into the hot tub. I feel good being out of that house full of losers that didn’t know they were lucky to be around me.


Couldn’t resist, Simon. LOL


Chima .. Is stright up crazy !! Stright jacket is the word !!
She needs to look back at the feeds.She through that shit in the pool.
She can twist it anyway she wants . No one has respect for her or how she act or play the game.A spoiled child that never grew up.


cheema, get a life. you are a loser. you are the biggest drama queen that could not get her way so you quit. get off your pity party, poor poor chima. everyone i know was so happy to see you go, we through a bye-bye chima party. you really think BB will allow you come as Nat’s date? get real. you are a poor loser, a quitter and a rascist yourself.


What’s wrong with you people?! Don’t you recognize a troll post when you read it?


i bet lydia is having a good time with jesse and russell in the house

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

I think jeff grew up on the late 80’s music. a group called “Technotronic ” was pop then. Technotronic was a studio-based Belgian music project formed by Jo Bogaert in 1988. he used a solo artist under various new beat projects, including The Acts of Madmen and Nux Nemo. Together with Ya Kid K (born Manuela Barbara Kamosi Moaso Djogi, 1972, Kinshasa, DR Congo), he produced the hit single “Pump Up the Jam” which was originally an instrumental. An image for the act was later put together utilizing Congolese-born fashion model Felly Kilingi
the singles released
Get Up ! (Before the Night Is Over)”
“This Beat Is Technotronic”
“pump up the jam (make my day)”
so there russellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
it may not be a word but it was a group!


I totally remember that! I wondered why it was such a big deal, sometimes I forget how old I am (30!). Kids don’t know these things!


Even I remember that song and group and I am only 23. You’re not old, you just know your stuff 🙂


My son who was a toddler @ the time, loved those tunes, lol.


LOL@ all the losers here praying and hoping the magic DIAMOND VETO will fly down on a unicorn (Dae Yum Yum maybe?) and save Jeff from the block.
I cant wait to watch after jeff leaves, can stop focusing on j/j and kev and nat can get a lot more air time. I love when they are alone and they break it down and dance. So freakin funny.


how do people know about the diamond veto? when it hasn’t been mentioned all season

nasty hter

there was a poll before BB 11 started this season by CBS to bring it was used in season 4, I believe.But there is also a rumor its a new power that BB has been working on for a upcoming season,and wanted to use it this season.It supposedly will let the holder of the key have half the HOH power,therefore relieving kevin of his HOH duties and being able to put him on the block or anybody,for instant eviction.Jeff found the key,kevin opened Pandoras Box..which is bad according to legend,all that was left in the box was hope,therefore Jeff gets the hope,kevin gets the recoil of opening Pandoras Box!


OH my GOD your Right!!! Would that be sweet !!! Nat and Kavin would S hit a brick if Jeff got to use it like that .That would be Epic !!!! He gets the magic again !!!! Nat will go the F off and swear that it is a set up for him to winnnnn. Jeff will send Kavin packing . then all next week we will hear Nat say it was a set up . I hope Jeff or Michelle wins. they have played the game well. More on Jeffs side .Not so much Michelle but she has been playing the game .

U go Jeff flip that house AGAIN!!!! I will be rolling when i see the look on their face when it happens . GO TEAM JEFF


LOVED your comment…so totally agree, I would love to see Nat and Kevin’s jaw drop to the floor,,,I seriously can not stand those 2,,I have tried to find the good in both of them, but I can’t. On BBAD they prance around like they have ruled the house and comps, not to mention Nat going around saying I can win a comp anytime I want to, yea right. Did anyone notice how she acted in the last HOH comp. she didn’t even try, then she talks about Jordan depending on Jeff, what the heck she thinks she has done all season. I believe she’s just too dang lazy to put any effort into the comps…just my opinion…but I’m so hoping that somehow Jeff will be saved Thursday nite..If not, like you said next choice would be Michelle even though I have never liked her, she has played the game.

Mystery Speaker!

Exactly how it works! but the Key holder has only the power to remove one nominee not two.
Note: the yelling rigged will be False. The Mystery door was shown before the HoH comp and before nomination. pointing out it was clearly open for any house guest to win the key!
enjoy the twist

nasty hter

True true,There is so much flying around about this key,but I believe it is for the diamond veto..go J/M!!!!!!


jeff is a true bonehead. he is talking to pp about michele saying that he doesn’t believe anything michele says. yet, he believes everything pp says. what a loser. the faster he gets out the house the better. leaving him in this game will be even more disastrous. he is constantly bashing michele to pp. how stupid can he get. michele is all for him and pp is totally against him. looks like he would have realized this by now..PP must have some kind of magical power over people in that house. there is no way that the average person would believe anything that she would say.

nasty hter

Its her stinky aroma,it hypnotizes people to believe her,thats why she never bathes…lol




right now he knows to stick with michelle. he is telling natalie what he has to but in the end if he stays he will take michelle as far as he can…jordan too if they both stay.

another fan

Jeff finally smelled the coffee (Nat), and he is trying to play her – he knows everything that comes out of their mouths are lies, that is why he keeps after Jordan to stick with Michelle. He got mad at Jordan because she started talking as if Kevin and Nat were telling her the truth that Michelle was coming after her next week, and Jeff yelled at Jordan to assume everything coming from them is a lie. He finally got it, but a little too late.


Mich and Je agreed he should act like he didn’t like or trust her. This was after she won the Veto and was going to try to get Kel to keep Je.


No, Jeff is just a dumbass.

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

is it me or is jeff just done with jorddumb? he probably lost interest the minute she said she would not be “setting it out” for him. she is such a stereotypical “dumb bimbo (minus the f#####g) blonde. she makes Paris Hilton look suddenly intelligent. her role models are “barbi” ( the doll) dolly parton (hence the boobies) and jessica simpleton.( when she had the chick of sea tuna can, is it a chicken in the sea) dah shes like if they all had a baby she’d be it!! doesnt she have a clue that jeff just wants to boing her then discard her like a cheap blow up doll that she is. LOL


If Jordan was a true Bimbo she would have give up some more serious loving like about week two. Memories are short. Remember how ” handy” Lydia was in the house? There’s your freakin’ bimbo. The nastier you treat her the handier she gets.


I m with you on Jordan. She is not a Bimbo at all. She hasn,t done anyting with Jeff other then hold hands and kiss.Gee look back at alllll the Big Brother hose lolol .They gave us all eye full or ear full. Jordan is a sweet girl who has grew up in a small town .
I wouldn’t say Jordan is worldly at She comes off as a blond ( so to say )
Jeff isn’t about sex with Jordan. He does look after her and has respect for her.He is a man !!
All men think about sex 24 /7. They feel they can say anything to each other .

get a life

Jeff does not look after Jordan he is using her as he stated from his first interview, Sex is not 24/7 with guys you sexist, guys thing sex 23.5/6.87! Get it RIght!!!


Funny that someone like you is calling Jordan dumb – You are a complete moron and it is obvious by the way you write. Keep putting people down to make yourself feel better – way to go!!


Cheema did not quit and she is definitely NOT a winner…Whiner yes! We all got to watch how many times she disrespected BB and the other guests. She behaved like a spoiled 2 year old having a temper tantrum when she didn’t get her own way. I was embarrassed to be the same sex as her…she perpetuated the image of a hysterical, emotionally driven female instead of an educated, intelligent and mature woman.

She knew the rules, but obviously the stress was too much for her…so much for being ‘strong’!


Ditto! I was sooooooooooo sick of her by the time that she left/quit/got fired. Who cares if she did not like the “wizard power”, surely she was intellegent enough to know the BB motto – EXPECT THE DURN UNEXPECTED!!

She had her 15 minutes of fame and forever she will be labeled by “her own actions”. Let’s see if she make that image go away with her “girl power”


Chima !!! That girl need to have a stright jacket when they pulled her a zzz from the BB house. I don’t think she was strong at all. I guess she calls her self strong cz she pulls that whinning crap all her life to get her way. She made her self look like a spoiled brat ! I would have been Embarrassed if I was her family and friends who was their to suport her . She made a fool of her own self. I hope she has to pay for her mic. I agree she try to make her owne rules .She looks like a Brat Doll ,Big head and huge lips lolol

Technotronic (pump up the jam)

i cant understand why jeff has a boston (or whatever! accent) I am from chicago and no one here speaks like a mobster. ( his I tink instead of think or his tank you inbstead of thank you etc..) you tink its fake. 🙂


Jeff also had a UCLA cap, but remember Chima trashed all his clothing and they had to be replaced!


I’m from Chicago too and I hear plenty of Italian guys that talk like that

nasty hter

She tells Nasty everything,even when he tells her not too,is she his ally,or has she been playing him????

nasty hter

I think Jeff needs to get the praying mantis,throw it on Nasty and hope she has a heart attack,seeing her kicking and screaming about the dragonfly was so funny,but she isn’t scared of anything!!!!


I know !!! lolol I would be all over that bug thing with Nat !!! did you see how she was acting over it lolol. I hate bugs but my GOD !!! She Reminds me of the Taco Bell dog !!!
If I was them i would start collecting bugs leaving them everywhere,a few in her bed ,On the floor of her bed .Hell i might even through a few at her . What is she going to do about it ? She wouldn’t have time to think about the game she would be wondering where the next bug is going to show up .lolol


Just got done watching BB after dark, it seems that jeff is going home and he knows it. Sadly for jordon she needs him. I hope she gets super pissed of and screams at everyone and turns into super gril. That would be the greatest ever. Nat is the worst player ever.Im woundering if in real life she isnt this sneaky shes one of those people that comes in your house and takes something, you know like your mothers ring or earrings or your dog and when you ask them about it they lie! but you still know you did it and they never allow you in there house again. I hate her. I dont really hate anyone put theres is always a first time for everything. Ending thought..Jordon listen too me, if i were you id be jumping on jeffs ass as soon as i could.Come on you want something from the house id take him over the money but only if i got some from him.

the watcher

Chima was cheated out of her HOH power to put 2 house guests on the block.
The wizard power (that was unearned in the game) was too great a power to impose on the game in my opinion. That power turned the game from the house guests that had made the right moves in forming winning alliances and gave it to the losing ones. Such manipulation of both the rules, and the overall fairness of the game was what threw Chima off. She could have handled it betterI agree, but you can’t deny her reason to be angry with bb. Who else had this been done to? I believe that bb will find yet another loophole to script Jeff right back into the mix. That might be what’s best for the ratings but is it fair?

Mystery Speaker!

Let’s Defend BB again! the Coup D’e tat or the power existed was before the HoH before Chima’s HoH! it was a tool to play in the Game!, Amerca Voted the power and it was before Chima’s HoH! Any House Guest chould have won this Power! act is Jeff won it! if Ronnie would have won it the week before Chima’s HoH was won ROnnie would have used it!
stop the whinning! Jeff was America’s Choce and his ratings still prove it!
Now your really going to be pissed after he uses the Mystery Key that Nat did not want!


Yes it is fair there are always twist in games if not jessie would not have been there and he would not of had power the first week which started the game and chima new who to suck up to everything may have been different if jessie was not givin that power. So suck it up its a game and she is a big baby.


I agree with atlgirl, Jordan cares for jeff as you can see, but she is not willing to put it out there for all to watch. And to be honest, Jeff may be a man, but i don’t think he would do it either. Just out of respect for their families. Way to go atlgirl, there are a few people out there that do respect their families, and I would be honored if either were my child.


Jeff needs to go..HE got got…
Its a game go home jeff.
Jordan the fat lapdog is so stupid no one can say she deserves to be there..Jordan is so stupid if jeff said lick my ass she would so ok..

unknown fan

Your so unreal! Hate to youself!
Jeff wants Jordan to lick his Ass and she refuses!
How many times has he tryed to get a kiss and then beg or sex.
She refuses him!

Uncle Cool

Great job Natalie.

Take it all!!!

unknown fan

I will give it to her! I love Nat

Mr. Pickles

Techno- if you really are from Chicago you must be pretty sheltered because I also am from chitown and there are many areas where people talk like jeff, been to bridgeview, norridge, Berwyn, Cicero, just to name a few, leave wriglyville once in a while and learn about your city.

Gary fan

I am from the area outside Chitown and people talk shit everywhere inlcuding you!

Gary fan

by the way go and visits Michael Jacksons childhood home and buy a tee-shirt! they are nice and worth the $15.00


If I hear Jordan say they should have gotten rid of K instead of L one more time! Ugh, let it go already, I mean how many weeks ago has that been already! I’m surprised Jeff has not called her out on the repetition. Cant wait til she sees herself eating cookie dough all over the place. I mean how much can one person eat raw cookie dough? Eeech.

Jackie M.

Wud be great TV if Jeff has the power of the Key, removes himself, Kevin has to put up Gnat, and she is history. That wud be soooo SWEET, as long as Michelle is safe. I am still hoping CBS/AG/BB producers do not reward Gnat. She is a low down lying RAT. Go Michelle, rooting for you, and hope u win the Big $$$$. Laugh ur way to the bank, payback time for the horrible cruel personal attacks u hv had to be subjected toooo.


I thought raw cookie dough could cause semonilla poisining. I’m suprised BB is letting her eat so much of it!