Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie: “BARK BARK WOOF” Jessie “Ease Down Girl.. lil Mama Stop”

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers


5:00pm HOH bed Jessie and Natalie. Natalie tells Jessie that Lydia has been selling Jessie out. Natalie thinks that Lydia is trying to get Jessie put up instead of herself. Natalie swears to him that she would never have done that to him. She says she won’t be talking to Lydia anymore. Natalie now tells Jessie that he better not talk to her or i’ll flip out. Jessie tells Natalie to chill out, He says he’s certain he’ll be going home this week. Natalie doesn?t think so she thinks he’ll win POV. Natalie still thinks Russell will put Lydia up and when he does Natalie is going to vote to evict Lydia because Ronnie isn’t going after her like Lydia is. Jessie stat complaining about being on slop and how people inside this house are not as empathetic to his situation. He then tells her he’ll throw someone through a wall if he’s on slop next week. Natalie says Jeff and Lydia should be on slop. They go over the votes if Jessie and Ronnie were up on the block , Chima evict ronnie, Natalie evict Ronnie, Jeff and Jordan evict ROnnie. She says he’ll be fine. Natalie reminds Jessie not to talk to Lydia “if you keep talking to that woman it is gonna be world war 4 up in here”

Jessie and Natalie still wondering about the mystery power. Jessie thinks it’s going to Jordan or Ronnie, Natalie hopes it’ll be Ronnie because he’s smart and will use it correctly. Jessie thinks that the big brother 10 fans of Ollie, April, Jerry, and Michelle’s should help him out because of his demise during that season. Natalie starts listing off the people outside the house that will be voting for her, her friend Shannon and Andrea and her dad, But she thinks that the producers will put whoever they want to win it in order to increase ratings. Jessie says he has lots of loyal fans if they get moving he might have a chance of winning it. Jessie and Natalie talk about POV and how important it is this week for them. Jessie can’t wait when Russell pulls his name out of the bag. Jessie tells her to never have a long term plan because the producers always shake things up, once you start telling people about your long term plan everything gets changes and now that person knows what you were going to do but due to changes in the game you won’t do them. “Could be damaging” Natalie start bitching about Lydia calling her a skanky bitch.. And a Hoe. Jessie asks her to calm the fuck down. They both think that Lydia and Kevin are playing the weak “Dan” game pretending to be invisible. Natalie says if Ronnie and Lydia go up and she wins POV she won’t save Ronnie because she thinks he’ll but Jessie up. Natalie’s big plan is to tell everyone she’s going to use the POV to save Ronnie than right at the ceremony she’s not going to. “I will say I’m going to use the veto on and then pause and say nobody”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


5:00pm Back yard Kevin, Lydia and Jordan. Lydia tells Jordan that Ronnie has been making fun of her intelligence. Jordan doesn’t seem to care.. Kevin thinks he knows how Jordan should handle Ronnie, he gives her the scoop. They all agree that Ronnie is starting problems again. Kevin says that Ronnie is saying that Lydia is throwing Kevin under the bus. General chit chat about life on slop and makeup. The girls decided to do their makeup tonight after nominations. Kevin asks Jordan if she’ll be marrying Jeff… Jordan doesn’t know Lydia comments that they look so cute together and are good for each other.

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5:25pm A lock down is called and Russell gets called in to Diary room
Nomination Ceremony is happening right now

Lydia and Ronnie Nominated


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Did I miss World War 3?


I love Natalie’s ignorance!


I would be embarassed if i was her boyfriend


thats exactly what I thought when I read that! lol


HAS ANYONE focused on the fact dirty natalie is not showering OR changing her clothes i hope Jessie likes cuddling up to a smelly girl. Who would even announce to the world there plans to not shower for a full week. i HOPE HER BOYFRIEND is watching go back to last night around 12 am and see how fast Natalie moved from Jessie when he brought up Julie asking about her and lydia. I mean how very fast her foot was no longer casually rested on his thigh. If I EVER saw my partner that close and obvious about wanting someone it would be over. I think shes forgotten there are camera’s on her and if Julie is asking about then she is probably wondering what her bf is thinking.


I would laugh if jessie goes up


I know Russell has to play it cool and I know he’s not really after Jessie or Natalie yet, but GOD why does he let those two just lay around in the HOH bed? I wish he could tell them to get back in their Have Not room, they are not “Co-HOH”s this week.


No worries. I think Russell will put up Jessie or Nat alongside Ronnie. He’s lying to them to find out who they would evict – Lydia over Ronnie. Since winning HOH, he’s only been honest with Jeff, Jordan, Michelle & Kevin. Remeber his letter from home that had subliminal messages? Especially his father’s words. Russell already told Jeff that the lessons from elementary & middle school his Pops referred to in the letter were the reasons he wanted to pair up with Jeff. His father told him to be kind, humble, moral, gracious. Jessie and Ronnie are none of those things.


I wanna know what that letter says! You think they came up with a system, like, “If a member of your own alliance is scheming against you behind your back, we’ll say, ‘The dog really misses you'” or something like that? Or do you think it’s really more literally subliminal than that?
Ronnie and Lydia are up this week….maybe he’ll think about backdooring Jesse…. that would be awesome.


He read the letter aloud on After Dark last night. No direct messages but lots of talk about honor, kindness, being humble, etc. Well, Lydia is none of those things either…sex with Jesse – eeeewwwww! But I’m surprised, I really hoped it would be Jessie with Ronnie so Jessie could exit Week 4 again. I’m hoping for the backdoor move!


They all lay around. If Jessie’s game play is better, you can’t hate him for that.


Jesse is crapping in his diapers just about now


Jessie uses “women” to further his game. He did it last year and he is doing it this year. These girls are soooooo blind. Natalie is a novice but Lydia is a “Pro”. Still, even Lydia is blind. Why do you think Jessie calls his “women” MaMa??? Not really a good things\.


Russell is okay in letting Jesse & Natalie think they’re still safe, and if he backdoors either of them, that’s super with me. They’d get so paranoid if one of them were up, it’s almost not worth it right now. Glad Russell finally grew some balls!

Randy Wolfgang

So Jeff has to get four votes to get out Ronnie (Russell would be the tie breaker in that case), he has Jeff and Jordan and needs two out of three in Michelle, Kevin and Chima. I think he can get them . If either Ronnie, Jesse or Natalie win POV they will take off Ronnie but they have to know that Rusell with then put up either Jesse or Natalie – do Jesse or Natalie want to take that chance ???

Mr. E

Russel knows that there are more votes to evict Lydia than Ronnie. How the hell is he expecting to pull the long vote?


First of all natalie talking about winning pov has to happen first..she is sooo full of shit!! She said she would win hoh and look what happened! I doubt she’ll win pov either!


Jessie going against Ronnie would be better because Jessie is Ronnie’s only real alliance and that would be great to see them cannibalize each other. Jessie probably has the votes against Ronnie but I’m sure he’s paranoid after what happened with Dan/America being the deciding vote(awesome) last year. How great would it be to see Jessie voted off by one vote again!


Only if Russell backdoors Jessie – noms are Ronnie & Lydia!!!


as much as i hate to say it if jessie and ronnie leave the house would be boring. just like we loved to hate dr will and evil dick they make for good entertainment


Most of America loved Dr.Will, he’s considered by many to be the greatest bb player of all-time, you cant even compare ronnie or jesse to him.


We just loved them, Dr. will and Evil Dick, no hate. They would be pissed if they knew they were being compared to these losers!
Just hate, no Love for the Jessie and Nat show + sideshow Ronnie. Plus if they are gone the others would step up their game and we would have new personalities to watch out of them.


How sweet and delusional that Jesse thinks he has fans. He is the male version of the Butterface.


Jesses’ game play isn’t better. He is trying to manipulate the game and some of the HGs that are followers, into doing anything he wants then talking crap about them. I would love to see Jesse put up with Nat.


I hope he back doors Jessie, but if not then next week! I wouldn’t want jessie in the Jury House because who ever gets him out he will hold a grudge against. Or Russ wants someone else to take out Jessie for that reason. I don’t think it was pre planned messages in his letter, just that he knew his Family would send him in the right direction. No wonder he really wanted a letter from his DAD. Thank you Russ Family for the GOOD advice to your son. Subliminal message or not he got the hint 🙂


I don’t think it would be boring, Nat and Chima would still be there. ugh, annoying behinds! Also lydia who will probably really get into it with Nat. I dont love to hate Jessie, I really dont like him and would love to see him go especially week 4 again!


april how is jessie good entertainment? because he is using the women? or is it the 2 pump rump that was so entertaining to u? lol ………he has had control so far, is he so entertaining now that all he is doing is whining? wait don’t answer that, if u thought he was entertaining then u probably still think he is now lol


I’m thinking Natalie might be the real mastermind. They actually think she’s 18 and she got Casey out and now Lydia’s on her list too. Add her to Jessie and Russell and Ronnie, you get a deadly group.


mastermind my ass, maybe when you compare her to jesse’s dumbass she might come across as bright. She probably was a couple i.q. points away from having to ride the short bus to school.


I agree, we do NOT need to keep Ronnie & Jesse just to “keep the house from being boring” – there are enough other people who’ll get paranoid & crazy – including Nat, Lydia, Chyma, Kevin…
Ronnie & Jesse can not leave fast enough for me!


Your kidding yourself, Ronnie is the show! Jordan and Jeff are both dumb! and boringggggggggggggggggg

Evel Russ

bbfan = Ronnie’s mom? Cause that’s the only person on the planet who could like him. He’s a douchebag. You’re a tool and a troll. Go away.


You must not have watched big brother long to think Ronnie is the show. If he was the show he would have put up russell. He dont know how to play the game either. He is weak. watch out for chymia she dont know how to play but look she was everyone’s target at first and she has fallen under the radar. And calling shots from the side lines. Just Watch.


I can not stand to hear Lydia, and her bull shit. As much as I hate Ronnie, at least everyone knows he’s a liar. Poor Kevin trusts that b*t*h and she has thrown everyone under the bus. I hope she leaves.

Nat Hater

You do that Natalie…………… nobody! That would like be SOOOOOOO hilarious! I hope her daddy has her stuff sitting on the front porch with the locks changed whenever she goes home.


Ronnie is the Rat!!! I can not wait to see him leave!!! (Sorry Ronnie Likers) Though he does keep the show exciting. When he leaves I hope they put more videos of Jeff and Jordan (I can watch them for Hours!!!) Cuz then I will keep watching BB11.


I hate ronnie but he is the best thing about this season cause he is a trainwreck


Did I read correctly? Jackass Jessie saying he has loyal ‘fans’? Anybody who is a fan of that scummy egomaniac should not be allowed to reproduce.


Thank you! I’m happy that there is a person that sees it the way that I do. I do think that Jeff and his coat tail Jordan are playing the victim role. Ronnie is playing the game the same way that Michelle and Russell are playing it….both sides. I hope that they are found out. However, I would like to see Lydia gone.

The Original Jim

Ronnie hasn’t been able to play both sides since week 1, and frankly he has been one of the worst players ever, imo. I mean, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and you can’t do that much lying and expect to last long. Granted he set up a pretty big betrayal, but doing something like that in week 1 is stupid because now you have half the house gunning for you, and combined with all his lies, almost the entire house was out for his head. He would have been out last week if anyone other than Jessie (or possibly Nat) won HOH, and that’s partly because those are stupid and egotistical enough to work to save someone with that kind of hatred towards them from the entire rest of the house. They will be following Ronnie out the door in the coming week, at least one going next week.
Russell thinks he is doing a pretty good job playing both sides, but let’s face it, neither side trusts him and both will make it a point to cut him as soon he isn’t an asset.
Michelle has become a hot commodity by not committing to anyone before now and at this point she is the swing vote. At this point it looks like her allegiance is going to be to Jeff and Jordan, which is probably going to work out well for her and I think will get her to final 4 or better.
I don’t think Jeff and Jordan have been playing victim at all. Their alliance has been getting picked off one by one. They are the last two standing, mainly because Jeff’s being cliquemates with the other athletes, and Jordan’s coming off very non-threatening. Let’s be real though, Jordan is smarter than she is getting credit for, she started the campaign to save Braden and was one betrayed vote of doing so. They trusted the wrong person and that cost them, but they are in a very good position at this point.


oh i cant stand lydia always bitching for jesse attention , bitch need to keep her mind on that money, anyone who thinks ronnie aint the show is a fool , he evil but he keeps things shaking why u think they want him gone . com people , please give the power to anyone but dumb jordan and jeff, sorry i want someone win who works hard at being himself or herself ,