Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia and the Rat are Nominated, Lydia “I’ve gone from loving Jessie to hating him”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


6:30pm Kitchen everyone but Ronnie and Lydia. Ronnie in recycling room stressing and Lydia in red room sulking. Russell and Natalie are laughing , Russell says he almost put JEssies key in last to mess with him but than he thought it was too

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

mean. Natalie’s howling saying he should of done it. Russell tells Natalie with the others linger around in hearing distance that he put ROnnie and Lydia up because he heard them talking about hi a couple days ago in the pool room and they were saying he’s got to go. Natalie is in a great mood she says that ronnie looked terrified when he found out he was nominated, “good luck on the veto Ronnie”. Russell brings up Ronnie swearing on the bible to Russell and Russell know for a fact that ronnie lied because he listened in on the conversation. Natalie is completely playing it up saying how Ronnie?s going home. Jordan speaks up and says its about time someone called Ronnie out for that. Jordan now thanks Russell for having her key pulled first she was glad to have one week not on the block. Chima wonders why Ronnie keeps swearing he never said those things. Russell doesn’t know him and Casey heard it with their own ears.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


6:30pm Lydia and KEvin Red room Kevi nis coaching Lydia on how to survive this week. He says that Natalie is always saying how honest and straight up she is so Lydia needs to get her to say she won’t evict Lydia in front of another person, the more the better. Lydia agrees and asks Kevin to work on Chima for her. Kevin asks about Jessie, Lydia says “i’ve gone from loving him to hating him”. Lydia is convinced that she doesn’t have the votes to stay. She thinks that NAtalie, Michelle Chima and JEssie will vote to keep Ronnie. Kevin says NO you have the votes you need to talk with JEssie all you need is four votes, You have Jordan, Jeff and Me all you need is Jessie. He goes back to Natalie saying if you corner her in front of someone else you can get your vote. Lydia says POV means everything this week. KEvin says he’ll use POV for sure. Lydia tells him JEssie won’t use it and neither will Natalie. Kevin ask Lydia if she said anything to Russ that would warrant her going up, she said no. She tells him she?ll go outside but no one wants to talk to someone that is just put on the block…. Lydia tells Kevin your the only friend I have, Jessie was my friends but not anymore. Lydia tells Kevin that she knows he is the only one who will use the POV on her. Lydia starts bashing Russell saying he doesn’t have the sack to take out the other Alpha male in the house. Lydia doesn’t want to go out there. Kevin tells her that?s a big mistake you need to be out there and start working it. There?s only 2 ways people will look at this a) you hide in here because you are guilty or b) you go out there and do what you have to do.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


6:50pm Kitchen everyone but the rat. Kevin compliments Russell on a well done speech. Kevin says he was watching Ronnie and his lips were getting tighter and tighter as the speech wore on. Everyone i nthe kitchen seems to be happy now even Lydia. Lydia is warming up to Jessie again smiling and talkig to him. Russell and Chima talking about race and slangs for different racial type. Chima wonders what they called someone from the middle east? Russells doesn?t know he says they wear turbans and ride camel, he tells them it doesn?t bother him/ Chima jokes and calls Russell a terrorist….feeds get cut….. JEssie is stuffing a chunk of squid with salsa. He wants to make the squid so its like eating a potato chip. Chima makes the comment that Russell should of put Kevin up, Kevin laughs and says he has a rash don’t put me up. Chima blames it on the blankets in the have nots room. Everyone around making food.. JEssie briefly rubs Chimas neck as Lydia watches and smiles. Jeff is cooking something good and everyone thinks he should go on hell?s kitchen. Jeff says no way He wants to keep cooking fun.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


7:00pm Storage room Natalie and CHima. Chima says she feels sorry for Ronnie, that Russell was cruel to him. Chima wants to save Ronnie but she afraid Russell will backdoor Natalie or Jessie if she does. They both want to get Ronnie off and Kevin up but there not sure how to do it. Natalie tells her she is not using the POV if she gets it unless they can convince Russell to put Kevin up. They both think that it?s a long shot. Russell pokes his head in and says “SCHEMING!”

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once again jessie and nat have taken over BB bed- russ got tired of them talking GAME and left????? should have been ronnie and nat nominated!


Ronnie and Lydia are fine with me…If Jessie and Nat save the rat this week, Jeff still has the power to make it those two next week.


YES i agree THEN ronnie would be goin home for sure, but i tjhink the arrogant and dumb 2 pump chump Jessie and his dog Natalie will try and save the rat cuz they need him in the jury house and since JEFF will most likely win the “special power” just in case the rat is saved he can evict Jessie…I HOPE THATS HOW IT FOES


I so agree with this! Actually I would have LOVED for this week for NATALIE and JESSE to go up as “pawns”lets them feel the pressure, see what it is like for your fellow housemates to say its not you we want out we want to back door someone else!!! Then if the power of veto IS used you back door THE RAT RONNIE , if not flip a coin! EITHER one of the other two is as good as the other. AS LONG AS ONE OF THOSE THREE GO HOME!!! AMERICA MAKE MY DAY GIVE THE POWER TO JEFF!!!


please, please let it be ronnie that is out this week or better yet let it be jessie or the nat that keeps flying around jessie and won’t leave him alone. for god’s sake already!!!!! do she and jessie truly think america really like them? and then there is chima, lord help us…..someone needs to get her out of there too. i hope jeff get the magic power and uses it to break them up and get them out of there. i will be sooooo glad to see jessie, the nat, ronnie and chima OUT OF THAT HOUSE. i wonder how the nat’s boyfriend feels about her cuddling, sleeping with, speaking for, wearing jessie’s clothes?????? hey nat’s boyfriend, are you out there???? how are you taking all this???? i feel bad for you.




wow pretty impressed with the lengthy updates today!! if they all turn on russ’s choice of ronnie russ will know where her stands and will the ‘thugs’ and team with jeff? chima wants to keep ronnie? hmmmmmmmmmmm plese let the vote send ronnie home-but on never knows in this game


If Jeff or whoever wins the mysterious prize, then they would be able to throw HOH and hopefully backdoor someone. It would really really suck if this went to waste.


I totally agree j&jfan. That would have been perfect, gNat needs to be taken down a notch or two. She is so arrogant. Always complaining if something does’t go her way and when something goes her way she brags and runs her mouth. I wish Russell would backdoor her or Jessie.

The Original Jim

I think that is the first time Russell has yelled out Scheming!! and was right.
I certainly hope that Russell’s plan is to back door Jesse or Nat otherwise he’s hosed.


Apparently Lydia is missing a tooth, that`s what happens when you ” BJ for you life “


If Russ is smart he will lie to them so they will use the POV and then put one of them up and say I did what you wanted, but you wouldn’t do what i wanted so bye bye!


ONCE AGAIN, natalie is trying to manipulate! If she saves Ronnie I hope Russell puts HER up.

Nat is a Dike

I hope Ronnie goes home and Jeff gets the power and it doesnt matter who is HOH next he can put nat and jesse against eachother that would be KILLER 😀 everybody needs to VOTE 4 JEFF!!!!!!!!


yea it will probably blow up in there faces again. how someone like jesse and natalie can sway anyone is beyond me. lets hope jeff wins and gets ronnie the rat off at jesse


If the nominations stand:

Jeff, Jordan, Kevin will vote out Ronnie
Jessie, Nat, Chimia may go against Russell’s wishes and vote out Lydia
Michelle will be swing vote .. I have to believe she would vote out Ronnie & form an alliance with Jeff/Russell

If Nat wins veto and takes off Ronnie, Jessie will go up or Chimia
If Jessie wins veto and takes off Ronnie, Nat definitely will go up
If Ronnie wins veto, Kevin or Michelle may go up …. <– this would be worst case scenario

If Ronnie gets evicted as expected, then it’s just Jessie, Nat & Chimia vs Jeff, Jordan, Russell with Kevin, Michelle & Lydia the wild cards.

Should be a very good 2 weeks for the “good guys”

Evel Russ

The way things have been going in this house so far, Lydia is going to get voted out and Russell will be looking back at this from the Jury house as the mistake that cost him the game.
Unfortunately, if that happens and Jeff gets the power, the following week he will put up Ronnie and Jessie (he is intending to avenge Casey after all) instead of Jesse and Natalie who really need to be split up.


I Think Rus should back door jessie or nat (prefer jessie and think he may be a bit easier than nat) this week becasue I think they have the votes (maybe)

Rus, jeff, ronnie or jordan win the PoV and take ronnie off the block. Rus replaces ronnie with jessie or nat.

votes to evict jess or nat:
-Kev (he won’t vote to evict lydia
-Jeff and Jordan (don’t like jessie put to of their best friends up)

votes to evict Lydia
-either nat or jess depending whos on the block

Swing vote
-Michelle (I would think it would be in her best interest to get rid of jessie over lydia, because he’s a better competitor. But does she have a deal with jessie? I don’t know/can’t remember)

final Vote 4-3 against jess or nat.

Personally I think Jessie is a bigger threat than ronnie. Everone knows ronnie lies and sooner or later he’ll re-dig his own grave by lieing to everyone in the house again.

Evel Russ

While strategically that may be the better move, I think that Ronnie is a bigger target than Jessie for Jeff and Jordan. It’s more personal for them and they just don’t see how Jessie is the pin holding that whole group together and pushing his agenda. I just don’t see them taking Ronnie off the block and I don’t think Russell would either without Jeff’s blessing. The only way this happens is Ronnie wins POV and takes himself off or Russell, Jeff and Jordan get together and decide to take out Jessie.
By the way, Michelle made a deal with Jesse last week but told Russell that she did and that it was her only real choice at the time and isn’t really committed to it.

Mr. E

Why is Michelle such an idiot? Does she have a single bit of self-awareness or suspicion? While she’s got the comfort of a secret vote, she needs to tear apart the Jesse/Nat/Ronnie alliance because there’s no way she’s going all the way with a group that has been around since day one.
Right now she’s untouchable. As long as she keeps the teams EVEN.


if ronnie puts his hanf to the bible one more time he s going to scorch it


have you noticed how jessie and nat the bug have done nothing but complain about being a have not since the moment of being put up???? for 3 weeks others have been on it and did not like it but didn’t have a baby fit like jessie did last night and today. he is a brat and really needs to be back doored. i have voted so many times for jeff and have had all i know what watch do so too. 🙂 we hate jessie, nat the bug, chima and ronnie. if russell is smart he will turn this game around. i just hope he has the gonads to do so. we will see.


Ronnie and Lydia up for eviction! I love it! Good job Russell. VOTE JEFF FOR COUP D’ ETAT


Why do the house guest think that people only vote based on the TV edit of the show. Ronnie at least should
know how popular the live feeds are and message board like this. Everyone is talking like all we see is the show, I think they forgot the name of the show! Vote Jeff:) allot (I think it said we can vote until Aug.4th)


I’ve voted for Jeff 1,000,000,000 times. I created a macro that votes over and over again for Jeff. It’s official.. with 99.9999% of the vote Jeff has the power for the next 2 weeks.


If jeff gets americas vote he’ll just have a bigger ego and he’ll go home sooner or later anyway. He have to get rid of Jordan . She’s became his problem. Why hate ronnie so much ? He’s playing the game without him there it would be so friggin boring. I say lydia needs to go. Then Jordan, and Jeff has said some real crazy homophobe comments, I didn’t like and cbs shouldn’t reward that. He was pissed and showed his true colors . Give the americas choice thing to someone we least expect like Michelle because she would shake things up allot. Jeff is all of a sudden a saint , lets rewind the tapes please!


You must be a dork, no one with an ounce of sense would be able to root for Ronnie, i’m surprised he’s actually married. I can envision him in his parents basement eating cereal all day while playing video games.

The Original Jim

Jeff’s ego? Really? Are you even watching the same show as the rest of us? He’s been one of the most humble people that house. Jessie, is one of the biggest narcissists I have ever seen in my life No one has ever loved themselves more than Jessie. Ronnie, Natalie, Chima, Russell – all huge egos. Please, to complain about Jeff’s ego is absolutely ridiculous. Jeff has not all of the sudden become a saint, he’s been a favorite since week 1. You’re trolling will not convince anyone otherwise.


To BBF, I love Jeff and I hope he wins the America’s Choice, you must know Ronnie to be saying things like that, Jeff has never said anything about gays, he may have said it jokinly, who hasn’t in that house including Kevin, but never seriously, give it up bbf everyone can’t stand Ronnie, Love you Jeff and good luck, from one of your Fans


Jeff like i said rewind the tapes he is the second biggest homophobe! He hasnt been innocent. He’ll leave in the next 3 wee to 4 weeks top anyways. When Braden left and when he was there he talked the most hateful stuff and jordan even used the word that d which could of just said lesbian. Cbs wont condone that behavior! send jeff and jordan packing!


I bet jeff wont stay longer then 4 weeks . He’s useless Its like being the Cliipers against the Lakers.Jeff is the clippers! lol


I love Jeff and Jordan but they need to start playing the game the only people who are actually doing stuff is Jessie(he controlled the house for quite awhile) Ronnie(he was the reason Braden and Laura went home)And Russell(hes been winning competitions). I dont think that’s fair to say that jordan and jeff dont like gay people i mean i have a ton of friends that are gay and they make gay jokes and stuff to and they dont mind it when i do too.I dont think its fair to say that cause they never put any negativity towards Kevin or called him anything. VOTE FOR JEFF for the special power:)

Evel Russ

I agree that I really like Jeff and Jordan but I don’t agree on all your points. Ronnie was the reason Braden went home, but Jesse is the reason Laura went home. Ronnie wanted to get rid of Russell and Jessie talked him out of it to push his own agenda. Also, Jeff and Jordan have been playing the game as I see it. They, with Laura, were the main catalyst behind trying to save Braden and they were one betrayed vote short of doing so. If Ronnie voted the other way in week 1 you’d see a much different house right now. You can’t blame them for laying low since then and guess what, all of their friends have gone home and they are going to at the least make it to the Jury house and especially with this power looking like it’s going to Jeff (every site I have seen with a poll has Jeff getting at least 80% of the votes) they have a good chance of making the final 4 or better.


bbfan= super troll

jeff or jordan ftw

Evel Russ

bbfan = Queen of Trolls (aka Ronnie’s Mom)


Vote for Russell, at least he’s playing the game…he will send Jessie and Nat home.


hey bbfan….why don’t you go on the show if you think it is so easy???? like casey said the day after, being in that house messes with your head. i guarantee that many people who go into that house to play this game find they become something they aren’t familiar with. think about it….being stuck in that house 24/7 with just those people and nothing else. i would lose my mind. LOL!!!!! which is why i watch and don’t apply for the game or place too many judgements. i just hope that jessie, nat the bug, chima or ronnie do not win. that will leave a very bad taste in my mouth for BB. they should put evil dick in there for a few weeks to get things really stirred up. 🙂


jordan and jeff suck