Big Brother 11 Spoiler – Ronnie is in Panic Mode and Jessie injured his Neck Watching the HOH comp

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00-11:45pm Recycling room Jessie and Natalie. Natalie is bringing up Michelle showing of her vagina during the Competition. Jessie points out that he saw Russell and Michelle wraping there pants around the rope so they wouldn’t have to hold on. Jessie says he felt sorry for Natalie up there. Natalie asks him how did Michell’s va-gay-gay look. He tells here he didn’t see it. Jessie changes the subject to if Ronnie and him go up on the block it will be up to Michelle. Jessie really wanted Chima to win, He’s not sure about Russell. Jesse brings up not wanting to go inside with the rest of them because he knew Russell would make a deal with Jeff. Jessie thinks that Jeff would of put Ronnie and Russell up had he won. Jesse goes back to the horrors of being on slop. Natalie asks him if he’s really going to eat slop. JEssie says of course I have to or get kicked out. Jessie is completely pissed off he tells NAtalie he’s not just mad about slope he just wants to kick someone?s teeth in doesn’t matter who anyone. He

quickly corrects and says he wouldn?t kick Natalie’s teeth in. They start talking about the mystery power and how they think America will give it to Jordan. Jessie knows that Jordan won’t know what to do and will ask Jeff and as soon as she

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

tells him it’s gone. Jessie and Natalie are talking into the Mics asking America to vote for them Natalie says “America, you guys gotta choose me or Jessie, you have to vote for one of us, it’s the Jessie and Nat show!” Jessie is worried that they may give it to Ronnie, but he’s positive that Lydia and Levin won’t get it because they are floaters. He thinks it could go either way, to one of the weakest player or the strongest. He wonders if maybe Michelle will get it. Jessie bring sup being on slop again he says it sucks because he didn’t have a chance to compete Natalie starts barking about them getting hosed this week becuase there?s less competitions. Jessie goes on and on about how sore his neck from watching the HOH competitions (lol jessie so tough)

Jessie back to bitching about slop he says drawing names was such a cop out and I know that she would have probably picked me anyways but that it was narrowed down to 4 people. Natalie starts laughing at Jordan calling her stupid for picking Jeff?s name than placing it back in the hat instead of just removing it. Jessie bring sup that no on said anything about KEvin winning the 5 grand and

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

what?s up with Lydia trying to go on slop for me? Jessie explains that he can eat regular food for 2 days but he will get penalized and out up on the block Ronnie joins them Ronnie is in full panic mode, he tells JEssie that he thinks that Russell is going to put him up. Ronnie says people are talking about the deal between JEff and Russell was to put me up. Ronnie now saying that America will see how Ronnie is playing and give him the power because they know he will know what to do with it. Jessie is trying to divert some attention to Kevin being a floater and jumping so early and winning the 5 grand. Ronnie says that next week or the week after should be a double eviction and they can get rid of Jeff and Lydia in one shot. Ronnie tells them he’s not worried about Jordan wining the power because she will tell someone and get it taken away. Jessie laughs because he just said that. Natalie suggest to Ronnie that go and ask Russell what the deal is. Ronnie goes o and one about how he prepared himself before he came into the house that he might get put up on the block. Jessie trying to get him to calm down he’s hasn?t even been nominated yet. Jessie explains that getting put up doesn?t mean your going home, you have to be put up against someone else “don?t’ worry about it”. Ronnie is still freaking out. Ronnie talks into the Mic please America I would use the power for good and he point to Jessie and Natalie. Ronnie notes that Jordan is being less cold to him and he thinks it?s a sign that he’s going up. Again Jessie and Natalie tell him to calm down. Ronnie mentions that he should go up to Jordan and ask for a truce (LOL really dude you think she will fall for that) Jessie and Natalie thins it?s a crazy idea she hates you tooo much. Natalie is trying to get JEsse to tell her what Julie was asking her in the HOH room. Jessie won’t say.. but she’s persistent . HE tells her that he had some questions about lydia and NAtalie. He goes on to explain it all and she gets pissed with his answers. He brings up her having a boyfriend already and he didn’t want to say anything to get her in trouble. he tells her that they asked him if he thought Natalie and Lydia were playing him and he said maybe he’s not sure. Natalie gets more mad saying he should of said Natalie’s not playing him.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:10-11:45pm Red room Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is rubbing his back Jeff tells her its his duty to represent Casey?s nation he’s got to go after the people that wronged them. She asks him if he still talks to people from high school. He says yes and he even has a friends he’s known since Elementary…. general snuggling and chit chat.. Jordan wonders if her speech sounded dumb. Jeff just says that people didn’t understand it. She whispers in his ear I though Casey’s speech was awesome. Jeff goes on to complain about the game and how so many people lied sraight up to him. Lights turn off and there?s some giggling and wrestling. Jordan playfully asks him to stop because she can feel it coming. Jeff asks her what does she feel? She says he was about to do it to kiss her. Jeff tells her he wasn’t than he tries to kiss her but she wiggles away, than he pinches her butt.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:45pm Russell gets his HOH room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Ronnie please! We know what you’ll do if you had the power. EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE FOR JEFF! I can not believe Ronnie, Jessie, or Natalie think that we’d would give them the power.


Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie get on my nerves so much. I hope Russel stats true to his word and gets one of them out of there.

Evel Russ

Jeff and Russell need to team up and avenge Casey. Put up Ronnie and Jessie, with Natalie being the replacement nom, then put whoever is left of the two up the following week, coup d’etat style if necessary.
I wish that Jordan would have just been like, ok, I get to choose the have nots for the week. Jessie, Ronnie and Natalie. Enjoy!


This was on the CBS website this morning….IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience. So if you voted online before 9:20 pm last night…..go again today and re-vote!!!!!


Coup D?etat! Viva le Jeff!


From Braggart to baby within a few hours lol

Randy Wolfgang

I was watching after dark – Ronnie (the human amphora) is convinced there are millions of watchers who will give him the magical vote next week (amphora – a two-handled big bellied vessel, usually of clay, with a longish or shortish neck, and a mouth proportioned to the size, sometimes resting firmly on a foot, but often ending in a blunt point.) could he be more delusional??? Jessie the bodybuilder has not stopped complaining all night – the sore loser champeen just like last year. Natalie has brain damage due to lack of oxygen since her nose is stuck up Jesse’s butt and can’t keep her trap shut. Lydia is morose and petulant since she knows her ass may go up against Ronnie. Chima (whose voice can only be heard by dogs and other rodents) and has accomplished nothing. Team Jessie has hit the skids – I am convinced Russell will stick by his word and put up Ronnie.


i agree. Vote Jeff!


******The BB website has a message that any votes cast for the coup d’etat last night before 9 something will NOT be counted. If you really want Jeff to win, please be sure to recast your vote.


Love to hear that Ronnie the rat is FINALLY concerned about being ousted, since his big protector Jesse can’t do much about it. The audacity that HE could be America’s player just about makes me sick. WATCH THE TAPES, man, when you get out! And, I think it’s super sweet that Jeff & Jordan have not done anything nasty, just played & flirted. It’s gotta be taking willpower on both their parts, and I think it’s honorable of Jordan since she mentioned she knew her grandpa would be watching…..I do agree, though, that Jeff needs the power as I’m not sure Jordan could keep it under wraps if she gets it!


how would they know about the coup d’etat!?!?!?!?!?!?


I want to know that as well. It seems the secrets aren’t so secret. They knew about the break up of the clicks and they know about this coup d’etat? Is someone inside BB informing the houseguests or is CBS intentionally letting clues out about this stuff?


I watched bbad last night and the way Jessie was acting when he found out he was going to be on slop well it was uncalled for he is such a BABY about things. He was mad with bb and the way they had Jordan pick the peolp to be on slop. Jessie cry me a river, if you dont like get out of there.


Jessie and gNat are such whiners, they gloated and laughed when the other HGs were on slop or something else bad happened to them. Now gNat is saying its not fair when something happens to them. She may be 24, but she acts 5. I hope that Russell keeps his promise to Jeff.


vote jeff he will stir the house up and get things done.. vote jeff vote jeff vote jeff


I’m equally split between Jeff and Jordan. Yes, Jordan might spill but we should have faith in her. I think she might surprise us. I’m happy with either one. I just would like Jeff to go to the end and this could put an even larger target on his back.

Can’t wait to see the cancellation of the “Jesse and Natalie Show”


Instead of 2 pump chump, jessie’s name should now be 4 week f*ck! Whoever wins the america’s vote has two weeks to use it. If Jeff wins it he’s got it made. He’s safe if Russell renigs his deal and backdoors him. Or if Russell is true, he could save it to overthrow next week. He could also use it to backdoor Jessie this week, which is what he should do. Russell should convince Jessie that he is safe, tell him to throw the veto competition, and then stick it to him. Jessie is physically the biggest competition to Russell now that there are no cliques. AMERICA VOTE FOR JEFF!!!! LET AMERICA HELP SEND JESSIE HOME TWO YEARS IN A ROW!! That would be sweet!




Hey everyone! VOTE JEFF!!! If you didnt know you can do it on line too! and its free

go to
click interact, then america’s vote and VOTE!

So glad to see the new twist in the house! Lets hope it works for the best!


Vote for JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the CBS site Jeff has 81% of the poll votes as to who should get it, but that doesn’t include the texters.

Hopefully he’ll run away with it! I agree he’s just a genuine nice guy. It makes me nervous that Russell won HOH. Hope he doesn’t pull anything shady. As long as J/J is safe I don’t care who goes home next.


according the the cbs websit votes cast before 9 last night are not counting due to technical difficulties so if you voted then, go vote again


yeah im voting 4 jessie


Hey guys so far jeff’s in the lead with america’s vote go to & check it out, jessie & his flunkies are not power tripping now are they! Jordan could just be playing dumb to make them think she’s just a dumb blonde if not she needs to step her game up & become another janelle/keesha/or danielle all in 1! PLEASE VOTE FOR JEFF JUST IN CASE RUSSELL GOES BACK ON HIS WORD!


where do u cast your vote on the cbs website? it was on the main page last night and now it does not come up……trying to vote for jeff!!!!!!!!!!


How deluded is Natalie? “It’s the Jessie and Natalie show”, and she thinks we’ll think it’s cute or funny and vote for them???? I can’t STAND her more than anyone. I want Jessie gone week 4 because it’s his biggest fear. Without him, Natalie will be right behind him.


Everyone Vote for Jeff!!!


Sad to see Casey go but his speech made it easier after hearing him call out Ronnie, Jesse and then calling Nat a pit bull, Classic! I am hoping Russ keeps his word to Jeff. We shall see at the nominations. I am curious at how far Lydia will go with Russ to be safe. Poor Jesse (just kidding) on slop, I love it!!!!!


hopefully russ has enough sense to get to make a plan with jeff and get something going for the next to weeks….and not let big lips chima persuade him to go after jordan and jeff


thanks for the link kimmie, he has got my vote


Jessie is the only one who has the ballls to do stuff around the house. Every1 else is afraid of him and are now trying 2 get him out. Vote jessie or natalie!


So glad Jess is on slop! See how he is acting like he is too good for slop, and nat saying he needs to eat. They signed up for BB they know the chances are there for them to be on slop. Booo Booo poor baby, hope you get what is coming to you! Hope that Russ gives the boot to jess. That would be awesome!


Jesse and Natalie are such big babies! I can’t even watch the rest of BBAD because everything is just so unfair. THEY SUCK AND MUST BE DESTROYED! Why on earth would Lydia even offer to go on slop for Jessie?


everyone plz vote for jeff! i can’t stand jessie, natalie and ronnie. i’d love to see russ putup jessie and ronnie and if one of them wins pov put up nat (considering nat and jessie always talk shit about him) lol and both jessie and nat on slop it’s a sweet sweet sweet victory yeah!!!

Jeff&Jordan 2 the end

I agree, Jesse leaving this week would be amazing, because his biggest fear is to be embarrased and leave week 4 again. Best case sceanrio for Jeff/Jordan fans is this: Jeff wins americas vote. Russell does not nominate jeff/jordan this week (and neither gets back doored), Jeff throws next weeks HOH, because he and Jordan are safe if he has the “coup d’etat” (don’t waste ur HOH on a week when you can gaurantee yourself safety, because you can’t play the next week) and then he wins HOH the week after. Best case sceanrio, Jeff and Jordan could be safe for the next 3 weeks!!!!!!!! I hope Jeff is smart enough to play his cards right and use the coup d’etat to his best advantage. Worst case scenario, Russ is a back stabbing liar and Jeff is forced to use coup d ‘etat this week. Either way, I am hoping the coup d’etat goes to Jeff and both he and Jordan will be here at least another week!!!!!!!!


How many times can I vote for Jeff from my computer? I voted last night and right now it accepted another vote.


If you originally voted prior to 9:20 PM Eastern Time, those votes were cancelled by CBS due to technical difficulties (the photos/names were all messed up).


I saw all the names and pics were messed up and waited for them to be corrected. I figured my vote might go to someone that I didn’t want to have it!


you can vote as many times as you want, i voted for jeff likw 7 times already


i just want to say thank you for this site. it’s great for people who can not afford the live feeds but really want to know whats going on in the house. so thanks again.


I have voted several times this morning. We have to, if Ronnie’s family is as dorky as him, they will be at the computer all day voting non-stop for him. We have to counteract that plus some so that Jeff wins.


so true lol


thanks, I just keep going back and forth voting lol from this site and cbs, thanks kimmie and whoever else put the link on here makes things much simpler.


I can’t believe Ronnie believes America likes him…I think he’d be an overwhelming favorite to be America’s most hated player.


Everyone vote for Jeff as of now he has big lead, I’m going to vote til my fingers get tired! Jessie & his lap dog need to go I was glad casey called him out last night & what did the lapdog do she spoke up for jessie”s punk ass, do that dumb ass natalie know she’s putting a target on her back for speaking up for the enemy she is so stupID! GO JEFF!


I just keep voting too; TEAM JJ!


Thx simon so much and, lol, try to promote jeff as much as possible!


You can vote on America Votes Big brother as many times everyday until Aug 4th is my understanding. I have already voted for Jeff about 20 times last night and just turned on my computer and voted about 20 times again today. You can vote all day and night if you want as many times as you want. Go Jeff


no problem. To save you a step, you can also scroll back to the top of the cbs website and click americas vote and it will refresh it for you so that you can vote again instead of having to come back and click the link on this site. That will give you time to get an extra vote in…Just make sure it’s for Jeff!


did it!! about 50 times…will do more later… cause you know that the dumb ass married to Ronnie is probably on voteing for her loser baby!!


Ronnie’s an a-hole, but lay off his wife.


She shouldn’t be giving interviews if she doesn’t want to be called out. Here’s an interview with his wife, before BB11 began.

I guess she doesn’t know her husband very well after all. She guessed he would bond with Michelle. All he’s done is bad mouth her. I loved Michelle’s goodbye message to Casey when she gave Ronnie the thumbs down plbbbt! Sorry Mrs Talbott, your husband is a terrible debater and mean-spirited. He’s no Dr Will, who at least was charming while he schemed. Ronnie’s just annoying. It’s hilarious that he actually thinks America likes him enough to vote for him.


Casey’s fight right before he left the house last night was hilarious. He hit the nail on the head except for one thing. He called Natalie a Pit Bull. The problem I have with that is that Pit Bulls can actually do damage, they don’t feel the need to “yap” and then go hide behind their owner and for the most part, they’re actually sweet dogs unlike hateful little “scrappy”. Natalie is more like a little yippy dog that is all vocal and scared of everyone but it’s owner. She is more like a Chihuahua!


I can’t wait to see the little Chihuahua rolled up in a little ball and shaking in the corner when her “owner” gets evicted!!


Other than those ACTUALLY playin the game, the rest of the HG are Lame (Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, Kevin). THAT why CBS had to come up with this “America vote for the HOH upset” because they realized that none of these Lame, no skill having, riding under the radar players were going to make any moves to change the game. IF they were actually PLAYING, there would be no need for America’s Vote. Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Michelle are a waste of Air Time. Get your 15minutes of fame and be gone.


To me there are several ways one can play the BB game, but being decent to other people and honest is something that will normally get you far in life, but if you have to sellout your principles to win any amount of money, then what kind of victory is that? Evil Dick was hated by many, but not for lying to everyone, he was hated becuase he played the BB game by being his true self and I remember he had to help his daughter in the game and he still won.


I would like to see more intellectual skill in playing the game and it’s just not happening in this season. As for making up stories and flat out lying as Ronnie does in the game isn’t proof of skill or intelligence it’s just lying; anyone can do that. The showmance is annoying at this point, play the game (hook up later if you both are really into each other)!!! Come on, please……………..after a few weeks and these two are about to head to the altar – GET REAL! Although many don’t like most of the athletes at least they are playing the game. Michelle is stepping it up a bit, winning POV and outlasting some of the others in yesterday’s HOH Comp. What would have shifted the game a bit and a new twist is if Julie Chen said HG your votes to evict Casey are actually going to evict Jordan; that would have shocked all of them!!! Right now it?s just too predictable. This would have pushed Jeff to step up his game and regain focus of why he wanted to play in the first place, “easy way to make 5K”. Lydia please get over Jessie, you do have common sense that can carry you a bit longer if you play it out right and start winning Comps. To have the ODDEST person win the special power would change it up too. If not I think most of us have an idea how this game will go which is boring and hmmmm not worth watching being predictable. Hopeful only the two people that play hard athletically and mentally will make it to the end.

Evel Russ

People keep saying that Jeff and Jordan and some others aren’t playing the game. I seem to remember that they were 1 betrayed vote short of turning the tables on Jesse in week 1. And Jordan was actually the one who started that rally to save Braden. That was certainly playing the game. After that can you really blame them for laying low for the last couple weeks. A lot of people wanted Jeff out week 2, now really only Chima is gunning for him as a primary target. And no one is gunning for Jordan.


Ronnie is delusional!!! America hates him and his butt buddy Jessy, oh and the Lil Ghetto Rat! LOL!


Watching that bitch Jessie bitch n moan about slop is awesome.


Who does Jesse think he is? Six hours into it and he’s screaming I’m “EFFIN HUNGRY”. Nothing is being done to him that the others have not already done. And that little azz kissing
Natalie says Jesse can’t afford to lose any weight it will effect his job. He HAS to look like he does. BB will have to make an exception for him! They can’t mess with your livelyhood! Poor Shima was sooo sick from not eating(her own choose) but still skinny as a rail, no exceptions were made for her!


I agree with you Lemmykil, jessie is such a BITCH,He’s not in power anymore now he’s whining! If Jeff wins the super power & Russ put’s ronnie/lydia or michelle up he shoud let it stand because since he has 2 weeks to use the power then that way if Jessie or his Flunkie win HOH next week, Jeff can turn that house upside down!


Ronnies wife is an ugly pig, she’s just a beard for Ronnie……..