Big Brother 11 SPoilers – Natalie and Kevin Nominated

4:00pm backyard Natalie and Kevin. Natalie explains to Kevin why her and Kevin are going up this week. She says that Jeff’s plan is to make Russell think that he’s safe so he doesn’t go hard for the POV. Natalie says if anyone beside Russell wins than he goes up and one of us goes down. Kevin still nervous about going up but he understand why it has to go down like this. Kevin says if the POV is a hanging or holding challenge than we know that Production wants Russell to win. Natalie thinks she can hang just as good if not better than Russell. Natalie told her there?s a 1 in 4 chance of use getting POV… she wonders why he doesn’t say 1 in 5. Kevin explains that Michelle isn’t onboard with this plan. He thinks that even though there has been a lot of fighting between Russell and Michelle that they have an agreement. Natalie tells Kevin the first chance she gets she’s going to take Jeff out, “Jeff is way stronger a player than Michelle” Natalie says she doesn’t like Michelle one bit but she would rather see Michelle in the finals than Jeff.
Natalie thinks Jordan isn’t as dumb as everyone thought… Natalie goes on about Jordan?s questions. Kevin doesn’t think Jordan is smart he believes she’s just repeating what Jeff says. Natalie thinks he’s probably right Jordan is dumb. Kevin thinks Jeff has made a big error in not getting rid of her and Kevin earlier. Natalie agrees they have a chuckle at Lydia going home before them. Kevin “why send the weakest player home?”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:08pm Green Room Jordan and Jeff.. they are deciding to go with the original plan and of putting Kevin and Natalie up. Jeff wants to know if she wants to “seal the deal by screwing around” Jordan says no… She brings up if they send Russell home it is still 3-2 and that would leave me and Michelle to fight for HOH next week. Jeff says it?s a risk we have to take.. they start to snuggle and fall asleep. … Feeds cut Nominations ceremony

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:55pm Kitchen everyone but Jeff. Natalie is trying hard to play up that Kevin’s vote last week against her was a ultimate betrayal. They briefly talk about the POV Russell tells them its tomorrow. Kevin’s in a foul mood… Jordan thinks she has put on 10 pounds because there is food all the time and we get bored so you eat. Russell says he’s packed on some big pounds to… thinking he gained 10lbs. They are all watching Russell cook… Natalie is quick to give him advice on cooking. Michelle and Jordan start making brownie’s from a mix. Jordan asks Michelle about the instructions on the mix box “does this thing mean when you drain em to rinse em under water”

6:09pm Jeff in HOH listening to tunes and playing solitaire.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

This weeks Big Brother Nominations are Kevin and Natalie. The Power of veto is played tomorrow, the pressure is on for Kevin and Natalie.

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86 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 SPoilers – Natalie and Kevin Nominated

    1. I am hoping that Russ wins it and then either Nat or Kevin will go. Boy will whoever stay be pissed at Jeff and Jordan. It will be good POV this time. This one time I hope Russell wins but he kinda isn’t all that good under pressure. I am thinking it is going to be one of those mixed faces thing and whoever gets the best time will win. But like I said he is not good with pressure. If it is than Kevin has a good chance of winning it. UGHHHH… Will have to wait and see………………

  1. I think it is so funny how Jeff keeps asking Jordan, in different ways if she wants to do it. Jeff is so pent up and Jordan just keeps turning him down.

        1. Rough translation: “If Michelle or Russell wins POV, they are [going to] be dumbasses and save Natalie again…because [they are] the only ones that won’t use [it] to take Natalie or Kevin off the block…..Damn, and I had high hopes for J/J…” I think possibly implying that M/R would use it to put J/J up rather than K/N. Not postiive, though. Some better punctuation and spelling could have really helped.

  2. Any way this would work: Russ wins POV, Kevin goes home. Michelle wins HOH, puts J/J up. Jeff wins POV takes self off. Nat goes up, Jordan gets booted. I think Russ would boot Jordan in this scenario. But if Russ won HOH and it was Jordan/Nat up, I don’t think Michelle would have it in her to send Jordan to the jury.

  3. The Karate Pig has to go Jeff!! If anyone from the “Jesse Jiz” click wins BB I’d rather it be Kevin. If Jeff or Jordan take Michelle to the final 2 no one will vote for Michelle(I’d hope)! Play smart Jeff!!

  4. Yes I hope Russell wins so team Jesse isdestroyed forever. However do you think they could feed Russel’s paranoia so badly that he would take one of them off and Jeff would have to put up Michelle??????? Michelle and Russell are pretty tight now.
    Also what are your opinions if either Kevin or Nat the skank win POV and take themselves off – what should Jeff do – he HAS to put up someone

    1. Yeah, put up Jordan, then cram it in Gnats ass, and say “See?” you shoulda put out you unappreciative tease? contest won!!

      1. Yes but I don’t see him doing that right now since he doesn’t know what we know about Natalie. However if Kevin will break and spill some beans to team jeff – he is getting an awful lot of stuff from Natalie and at this point does he still think he can believe her – he is the one person who KNOWS how she lies!!!!

        1. I know that would be so great if Kevin found out that Nat is throwing him under the bus. It would be so funny for him to go to Jeff and Jordan and tell them everything. LOL. Would love love love it….

    2. Oooooh! I like that. If they put up Michelle then Russ could vote her out. Next week he could win HOH and put up Jeff/Jordan. Jeff can win POV and Jordan goes home!!!! Yippiee!!!! I kept looking for a scenario that would get Jordan out, I think THIS could be the one.

      1. Nevermind. This won’t work because if Russ wins POV he can’t vote. Duh. I’m just so desperate to find a way to get Jordan out that I jumped the gun. *Sigh*

  5. I was rooting big time for Jeff and Jordan, but send Lydia home instead of Natalie is very dumb, and I don`t want to root for people with 2 digits I.Q.

          1. Jeff and Jordan are playing like they don’t have other team members and they always SUCKED at it, which means they are constantly trying to “flip” people when they should be trying to “evict” people. Natalie and Kevin were the SMART targets, but Jeff and Jordan think they are useful as teammates…except they’re not because it’s too late. They’re the enemy and they will turn on you as soon as you decrease your numbers.

    1. I think if Big Brother were an I.Q. game, it could have been won a long time ago (probably by Ronnie, I’m sad to say). It’s more of a common sense game (hence, no Ronnie). Unfortunately, even common sense is not so common (as the saying goes). Common sense would tell one that once people pick a side, they usually stick with it. We know this to be true: Nat and Kevin have no real reason to play against the side of Jeff and Jordan and yet they still do. Jeff and Jordan have less of a reason to trust Russell and Michelle (the more notoroious liars in the house) and yet they do. Yet they also trust Kevin and Natalie, too. They should know better. It’s common sense. Maybe they are people that think with their hearts (instinct/impulse) rather than their minds (sense/intellect). That would be unfortunate. It always is.

      1. Michelle is definitely smarter than Ronnie, which is why Ronnie is obsessed with her intelligence even though she never brings it up. Russell says Ronnie is smarter than him but Russell nailed him twice.

      1. OK…my bets are on Russell winning then…and I do hope Natalie will be out…with Kevin next!! It’s the only way the “normal” people will have half the chance! This game is soooo much better now! Thanks Simon!

  6. I don’t know about best friends but Jorden says way too much to Natalie – Honey you have to learn to keep your trap shut sometimes.

  7. either way i don;t give a shit how the game turns out the people i disliked te most are out jessie, chima, and ronnie, after natalie gets evicted all of the people i didn’t like will be out

  8. So Kev/Nat have been on the other side of the fence this entire game and want 2 be BFF’s with TEAM JEFF. Dude, I’d be like ” eff this, get away from me before I break my foot off in your ass.”

  9. I think that the perfect scenario would be for Kevin to win POV, take himself off. J/J/R/M have a meeting, and Jeff says “Either Russ or Michelle has to go up as a pawn.” Regardless of who is put it up, they still vote off Natalie. This would make Russ or Michelle feel more secure about their initial plan, and they would not go after J/J. I really don’t think that Jordon can win HoH without help!

    Kevin also needs to come clean to Jeff and Jordon. But at some point Jeff and Jordon need to come to the realization that there is no way that either of them can beat Kevin or Natalie in the finals.

    I also think that the only chance that Russ and Michelle have at winning is IF they are in the final 2 together. And I think it is a real possibility that that will happen.

  10. Jeff wanting Russ out is smart. Russ would take him out next week easily.

    However, Jeff likely goes home next week unless he can win Veto/Jordan wins HoH.

    I don’t think Jeff can win this game. He’s too much of a target.

      1. No, he’s going up regardless of what he does. Either Russ would backstab him first or someone else will put him up because he’s a strong player.

        It’s a lose-lose situation. Jeff was never going to win. It was just a matter of how far could he go. He can only win if he wins competitions from here on out.

    1. I’m really fairly shocked that Michelle and Russell haven’t teamed up with Natalie and Kevin to get the couple out. Usually strong couples are the first targets because they’re true to each other to the end. That’s why taking Jessie out was such a great move. Jeff pretty much broke up two couples with that one move (or three, looking at Chima’s reaction). They flip, it’s 4 to 2, and what’s left after the couple is broken are a bunch of freelance/non-team players. These would be people much more willing to go for a deal based on its outcome than by feeling or loyalty or whatever. It’s an even better move for Nat and Kev if they do work as a team (without anyone knowing, which they are trying to do), then they just have to pick off the other two in the next weeks. I’m not sure why they’re sucking up to Jeff and Jordan so much. They really don’t need them.

      1. wouldn’t have mattered if they teamed up before now…they haven’t had any power so what’s the point, numbers or no numbers

  11. thats why i all but given up on JJ all the stupid decisions they have made, 1st was taking kevin seriously( based solely on him not really doing anything bad in the game) even so he was still on lydia and natalie’s side and he would never go against them….. and th other reason i now dislike JJ is every since jessie got evicted they haven’t been o =n the defense with the rest of his team always walking around the house making sure nobody was scheming if either jeff or jordan had done that LML would’ve never been able to be capitalized because one of them would’ve caught them in the act of making the lie up, JJ play the game like idiots plan and simple, this is not about hate, it’s about disappointment in the decisions they have made in the last week that will make them winning BB that much LESS

    1. and because they made that DEAL with natlaie, they can’t go back on that word or she will have even more reaosn not to vote for them to win………. that deal messed the plan up

  12. UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff is making me so crazy! He really wants to backdoor Russell? If this happens, let all of us Americans join together in NOT voting for Jeff nor Dumbo (Jordan) to win the second prize. And if we get a vote in the half-million prize, can we all agree that if either Jordan or Jeff make it to the final two that we vote against them? I think Russell deserves to win the whole game if not the second prize.

    1. And by the way, lena loathes jeff now! He really makes me sick. So much so that I’m taking the whole week off from watching BB Afterdark on Showtime 2. I’d rather sleep! Jeff acts way too cocky for my taste when he’s got the power. And if Dumbo wins H.O.H. next week, I’m taking that week off too. I’m so tired of hearing her talk about farts, shit, and vaginas. Even when I was younger than she is, I never talked like that. What’s so sweet about her???


      Kathleen :(

  13. I hope Russ wins POV. If he doesn’t get it and he’s backdoored this week Michelle better win HOH and put up J/J.

  14. The only reason I like Kevin right now is because he keeps saying the exact same thing I am. In last night’s show he completely blasted Jeff for being stupid enough to believe him about anything. Now he’s blasting Jordan and Jeff for being stupid enough to keep them around. And it’s so true!

    1. I’m having a whole new found respect for the guy. Truth must be told: he’svery good at reading ppl. Remember him telling to Nat, that whenever she’s ready to talk about her real age, he’s there. Kevin has been a floater the whole game but a smart one.

  15. If Russell gets backdoored I think it’s safe to say that America will vote Russell 3rd place just due to the fact that noone wants Nat or Kev or Michelle to win & Jreff/Jordan would be making a horrible game decision. I’ll bet the house that if Kevin is not evicted this week he will nominate Jeff & Michelle and Jeff will be going home. It’s simple math, evict Kev and then worst case, Nat wins HoH and either Michelle or Russell go home.

  16. Whatever….this group of BB players has been the worst one EVER! Jeff was redeemable up until the last week or so. Heavy sigh…..

  17. Michelle and Russell are the fake alliance and having been in fake alliances before they’ll figure it out really darn quick. It’s one thing to be stupid. It’s another thing to be manipulated by someone smarter than you. It’s a whole other thing to be manipulated by someone smarter than you into trying to outsmart someone else who is even smarter than them. Russell is already onto how closely Jordan is following Michelle around and he whispered it to her. Michelle’s not getting any straight answers out of why Kevin and Natalie keep having secret meetings with Jeff and Jordan (they shouldn’t be meeting in secret AT ALL), and it’s clear Michelle and Russell just KNOW when someone is turning on them. What do they expect to happen?

  18. I never thought I would get sooooooo involved in this, but I have a knot in my stomach seeing Jordan in the kitchen right now giving the key to the store to Nat and Kevin. I am done with J and J. They had everything . America adored them. Now, they have really ruined their chances, I think. No matter what everyone will be so pissed with them-even more than before. The only thing-is that now they deserve it.
    Basically Jordan’s stupid scheming and back and forth the same scenario a hundred times ruined Jeff the chance of 500K. But, he himself is also to blame. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  19. To me the highest percentage play for j/j is to get rid of Kevin this week. they won’t have to worry about k/n playing them because Kevin will be gone and Natalie will then be depending on j/j as they are her only potential allies. Next week, even if Russell does win HoH and put up j/j together, it’s 4 vs 1 for the PoV. They promise whoever gets it final 3 if they use it and vote for the replacement (so nat would us it, michelle goes out, 2 votes to zero michelle goes home, or same if michelle wins; natalie goes home 2 votes to 0). Natalie would choose to keep j/j around over michelle and vice versa. So, they only go out IF Russell wins HoH, IF he plans on targeting them, and IF he also wins PoV against the rest of them. If they get rid of russell, then they are risking natalie AND kevin screwing them, and would be 3 vs 2 for PoV and would not control the votes.

  20. Kevin has some serious thinking to do…should he hang with NATTY? Who may help keep him in the game one more week… that is if she don’t roll over on him n’ talk crap bout him to try n’ get him out…..Kevin ain’t dumb…He knows that to stay in the game Natty will throw him under the bus in a minute…Or should he go to Jeff n’ say look Natty been talking bout backstabbing u n’ he don’t have to mention the “lie” n’ his part in it…Kevin smart..I can see him doing that….

  21. It kills me how many people love Russel. The guy is a complete jerk. He bullied people by acting like he was back in high school and physically intimidating them. He lied. He had tantrums. He is paranoid. He has no game strategy (he makes a deal with Ronnie then eliminates him….lol). The guy has NO redeeming value. Had America not saved Jeff and Jordan, Russell would have been the one sitting in the jury house.

    So, we are learning the same lesson there is to learn in every season of EVERY reality show. Nobody is smart AND honest and reaches the finals. so, pick your poison. Kevin/Nat who MAY have found a way where at least 1 of them makes final 4. Jeff/Jordan who up until now have played completely honest, while dumb. Or Michelle, who is smart, lies so much even she doesn;t know the truth.

    I am rooting for a final of Jeff vs Kevin or Nat. Would be interesting.

  22. I really have never been a fan of GNat, but in all fairness when you look at who is really playing this game. I have to tip my hat to Natalie, she has convinced Jeff and Jordan that she can be trusted, Jordan has spilled her guts telling Kevin and Natalie what her and Jeff are planning on doing with Michelle and Russell. If Jeff and Jordan are stupid enough to believe Nasty Nat, and if they backdoor russell and then team up with Kevin and Natalie, I for one will be cheering on Natalie and Kevin, hoping Kevin is the big winnner and Natalie comes in second place, I cannot believe I’m saying this, but it is true. Natalie is playing Jeff and Jordan for the dummies they truly are, it is going to be priceless to see Jeff and Jordan’s faces when and if Natalie or Kevin win HOH and put Jordan and Jeff on the block. They deserve whatever happens to them, I’m so SICK and tired of Jeff and Jordan going back and fourth about backdooring Russell and not trusting Russell and Michelle. In my opionion, Russell and Michelle should be having doubts about Jeff and Jordan, look at all of the private meetings Jeff and Jordan are having with Kevin and Natalie. If Natalie makes it through this week, Jeff and Jordan both deserve to lose BB11. I’m getting so tired of Jordan being so DAMN Stupid with all of the dumb questions, how can she be so stupid at 21?????

    1. Based on Jeff’s history with women it wasn’t hard for Nat to win over Jeff. I think he has an interest in her and that’s why he ask Jordo to keep her instead of Lydia. Saw it the other night on BBAfterDark.

  23. I think Michelle will figure out the backdoor plan and try to talk J/J out of it this week. My best case scenario is Russell or Michelle win POV, noms stay the same, they vote out Kevin.

  24. I truly believe that Jordan has rubbed off on Jeff, they both are playing this game now like two idiots. Jeff was on track before when he wanted to get rid of Natalie and Jesse, now all of a sudden Jeff and Jordan trust Natalie, tell her all of their plans, and they are ready to backdoor Russell. I hope Russell finds out what the hell is going on, and keeps it to himself, wins the POV, and then wins the next HOH and he puts Jeff and Jordan’s asses on the block. Then if Nasty Natalie is still in the house, Natalie and Michelle can vote Jeff’s ass out, and Jordan will dumb and lost, she will not have Jeff’s coat tail to hang onto. Jordan will know, she is the next one out of the house following Jeff, Jeff and Jordan are really pissing me off right now. I DAMN sure hope Russell wins BB11, please do not let Nasty Natalie win this damn BB11.

  25. I have a question. All of you that don’t think that J/J should back door Russell, what would you do if you thought there was going to be an endurance competition, and you knew that your main alliance had no way of winning it, and you didn’t trust Russell to take out whoever is left of the Natalie or Kevin group? If Jeff does not backdoor Russell, he has a greater chance of winning endurance than anyone, and will most likely take out Jeff.
    I would love to hear what you would do.

  26. Can someone explain why everyone has turned on J/J? Hasn’t Russell said a couple of times that he wanted to nominate Jeff, therefore explaining why J/J would want to backdoor him? I’ve been a bit behind, so an explanation would be much appreciated!

  27. Grrrr It frustrates me that so many J & J loyals are turning their backs on them now! These last 2 weeks are really the only time that J&J have had any power, that means that they actually have to step up to the plate instead of sitting back, otherwise they are totally not safe!!! ALSO J&J are hearing a heck of a lot less than we find out on the feeds, what the frick does everyone expect them to do!?!?!?! I know SOME OF US think that we would know how to play this game straight to the end BUT HONESTLY I don’t think a single one of us can talk unless we have been in that position! This game is designed to F with your head!!!!
    Anywho all I am saying is that J&J have to make a move sometime and just because they hint at backdooring Russel…..who admits to saying he will be trying to get rid of Jeff to his face by the way!!!…… does not give me in particular reason to lose hope in that team! I don’t blame them for falling for any lies because ALL of the players left in this game have lied not just Gnat and Kevin!!! Ok there’s my rant :)

  28. Hey whoever..can I ask you who do you think Jeff will take to the final two if he has the chance Jordon, Russel or Michelle? ofcourse he’s going to take Jordon its wouldn’t the logical thing be for Michelle and Russel to team up and try to take them out? Russel said he would come after Jeff when they get to the final four and he expects j/j to come after him.. the plan is they go to the final four and they duke it out..that’s it. But J/J are not sticking to this plan according to the feeds..

  29. agreed! at least Russel has the balls to say it to Jeff’s face. It’s a game people nobody is here to get third place!

  30. I was a loyal j/j fan that voted for jeff, but now, after hearing the comments he makes about Russell and believing Kevin and Nat really makes me wonder where his head is at, back dooring Russell would be a stupid move

    1. Russell is possibly the best player in this game, and has already said that he willl backdoor Jeff. If he wins HOH next week, which is very likely, Jeff is GONE

  31. russell’s laying low and letting jeff be the bad guy over and over…….this is perfect for him as jeff can’t win HOH next week and next week is important…………..this sucks!

    1. I toyally agree. Russell is really playing this game. If jeff wants to win this game he better backdoor russell this week.

  32. I would agree with what J/J are doing if they weren’t spilling the beans to two people they know nothing about, and were feeding them a few lines of BS here and there. The strategy of getting Russ out now seems to make sense, as does the nomination of Nat and Kev, but what doesn’t make sense is the spill-the-beans/tell-the-whole-nine-yards/give-away-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink strategy of trusting two people that will do and say anything to save themselves. At this point in the game, you should doubt everyone, even your closest friend, not spill the beans and turn your life over to two people you know nothing about. If J/J and would have at least a few doubts about Nat and Kev, it would make watching the feeds and the show a lot better. To see someone have blind trust in two untrustworthy people is crap. Even the Holy Scriptures say “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.” I have a feeling when trouble starts for J/J they’re going to end up spraining their ankles and have their teeth knocked out by Nat and Kev.

  33. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Russel does stay this week for whatever reason (he wins Veto, Michelle wins Veto, or J&J stay loyal) and then he turns around and backdoors J or J…..? Wouldn’t you all feel silly for believing he is such a stand up guy? I really wouldn’t put it past him…..

  34. Well “why does J/J suck so hard” I might be able to see it that way knowing that I am out of the house watching all these crazy people on the live feeds; however J&J are actually in the house and can’t see what we see! I can’t blame them for being a bit paranoid, I mean for crying out freakin loud just look at how increadably paranoid Russel got when Jessie told him that lie, Russel was eating right out of Jessie’s hands, so no I don’t blame J&J for believing some things that we as the fly’s on the wall know a little more about. I don’t think anyone in that house is “clean ” in this game, but I just hate that people who liked them before they got some power and had to make some “moves” in the game talk so incredibly bad about them now!

  35. Russel I didnt care for but he has changed my mind due to J/J “s brains rotting out with there trust in Nat and kevin. It is sad to see how scared they are of Russel even though he has no reason to screw them over. He has kept his word and hasn’t been plotting behind everyones back. I think this will go down as one of the biggest blunders in BB history what is unfolding and the only two players who haven’t won a HOH ( Kev and Gnat) stand to win it. Really sad to think the two biggest floaters in the game get this lucky…I mean this is really stupid! Russel and Michelle final two….please!!

    1. there is no such thing as floating in BB, if you are in the house you are playin as hard and as well or better than everyone else. Floater is a term BB players use to create a reason to evict someone.

  36. Natalie is showing signs of intelligence. She is the first one that aknowledges they have to get rid of Jeff (unless I missed someone else).

  37. Well right now J&J can’t trust anybody it doesn’t even make a difference if the stay with Russel and Michell or Kevin and Nat they are going to get back door no matter what. I think that is very important for Jordan to step up to the plate and win HOH and hopefully this time Jeff don’t have to give it to her like the last time. People lets be realistic in this game sooner or later you going to have to betray or lie to somebody.

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