Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Morning in the BB house, Jordan breaks the news to Jeff “I finally got my period today”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00am HOH and Have nots all houseguests sleeping.. You can hear Michelle say “NOOOOOOooooooooo” (lol)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:45am Michelle in the bathroom wearing her Bikini getting ready for the day. Jordan and Jeff still lying in bed tired from all the scheming last night. The beasties are still sleeping in the Red Room hiding from the light under their blankets. Michelle is the only one out and about.

10:50pm HOH Jordan and Jeff being to wake up. Jordan mentions that they need to hang out more with Russell and Michelle to prevent Kevin, Natalie, Russell and Michelle from teaming up. Jeff agrees he tells her she needs to become Michelle BFF this week and really bond with her. Jordan says she will she tells Jeff he needs to get into everyone?s Business be there 24/7 sharing stories and laughing. Jeff is worried that Russell and Michelle are going to get very close this week because they are alone and havenots. They are both worried about Russell because he is “sneaky”. Jordan brings up how scared Russell is of going up this week. Jordan mentions Michelle asking her if they are going to put Russell up. Jeff thinks Michelle should just worry about herself and not worry about allying with Russell to take us out. Jeff makes a comment about Jordan’s breathe smelling gross so she covers her mouth with a blanket and continues to talk. She says she doesn’t think they will make it to the Jury house “I don’t want to jinx it but I think we’re going all the way” Jeff says He thinks they have a good shot but they need to make the right choice this week a bad move means we lose 500K. Jordan concludes the conversation saying she’s finally got her period.. Jeff looks thrilled.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:15am Backyard Michelle and Jordan. Michelle in a bikini all ready to go for the day, Jordan still trying to wake up. Michelle brings up last night veto and if Jordan has talked to the Diary room about it yet. Jordan says he has and was very excited that she has now won a POV and HOH. Michelle says they need to win competitions back to back now or one of them is going home. Jordan brings up how close Kevin was to winning the HOH. Michelle points out that it was Russell that helped Jeff win the HOH if he hadn’t froze Kevin for a minute Jeff would not of won HOH. Jordan mentions that Kevin putting a hold on Russell also helped because the platform was shaking so much from Russell going back and forth so fast. Michelle asks her if it felt weird not playing in the HOH. Jordan thinsk it was neat to watch, she’s glad she didn’t have to compete because she doesn’t think she would do very well. Michelle blames her poor performance on the wind. .Michelle get down to business asking Jordan who should they vote out Kevin or Natalie. Jordan is thinking Kevin because he’s smart. Michelle nods says maybe they should wait until POV is played.

Jordan wonders why Russell was too scared to come and talk to them last night. Michelle saying that Russell is just paranoid because Jeff didn’t tell him directly that he was Safe. Michelle thinks that Russell is the kind of guy that needs constant reassurance about where he stands in this game.

Michelle points out that both her and Russell were in Jessie?s stupid fake alliance so Russell is worried you might switch it up and bring Kevin and PP in. Jordan doesn’t care about the “fake” alliance, she honestly thinks that Russell liked Jessie though. Michelle is flabbergasted, “how could you like that dude”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:40am HOH Jeff and Jordan. Jeff tells her he?s up there to make sure she doesn?t nominate him.. Jeff asks her if he has to make the bed.. Jordan says production takes care of that. They are in a lockdown, Jordan wonders why they are in lockdown right now. Jeff thinks it might be a food/prize competition. Jordan brings up her conversation with Michelle in the backyard. She says that Michelle is sticking up for Russell saying he helped you win the HOH and he is loyal to the final 4 alliance. Jordan thinks the best plan for them will be to get rid of Kevin this week than Russell next week. After that it?s Jordan, Natalie, Jeff and Michelle. She thinks the next one to go should be Michelle leaving Jeff, Jordan and Natalie in the final 3. Jordan sys she doesn?t trust Michelle, Jeff disagrees. Jordan is positive that getting rid of Russell this week is a bad idea. Jeff tell her he doesn?t see Michelle putting them up until final 4.

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So did Jeff and Jordan hook up and think she was prego?


No, Jeff had mentioned earlier in the week how Jordan had been so crabby and how he wished that she would just get her period over with.


i love those two they are as real to human that you can get in this game


Jeff said he wasn’t going to take Jordan to Hawaii if they weren’t sleeping together and yet you all still think he is such a stand up guy?


He was teasing! He always teases her.


oh puhlease he was joking about it!!! he is so respectful of her wishes. he wouldn’t be real if he didn’t make jokes about it. does jordan act like she is a girl that is being pressured?

I think he was also trying to make her admit that she would be jealous if she saw him interested in another girl. jordan likes to play it off like she is not so into him and jeff was just trying to call her on it. remember — it’s not real life so its hard to assess if they would like each other in their real lives. plus remember, he is 9 yrs older than she is. hugely significant at 22!


was he serious or joking? i took it as he was joking…really he has no reason to take jordan


Sure….Sure he was joking. There is always some truthfulness to every joke.

Jack Hair

After a few days away from each other outside the BB House there’s no way he will end up taking her. She’s not even digging on him that way.


I sure hope the house doesn’t get boring with all of them acting nice to each other… I look forward to the fights!!! Why hash’ t Jeff considered the next hoh being endurance and him not playing against Russell? Russell would beat everyone else in the house and put up J/J!!!


Let’s hope so.


Please let that happen BB.


I second that.

Tina laws

Becauyse if Jeff send home RUss he only Have Jordan and Michelle to play we know Jordan will not win an endurance, and Michelle may not feel loyal to Jeff if Russ is gone, because she would think Jeff and Jordan would do the same to her. And I hope Russ when the HOH and put Jeff and Jordan up, because they are IDIOTS period. Jeff and Jordan are liars and they talk a lot of crap behind Russ and Michelle back so it would be great fights if Russ or Michelle won and put up Jeff and Jordan.


Jordan beat both Natalie and Kevin in the last endurance competition.

Randy Wolfgang

“The beasties are still sleeping in the Red Room hiding from the light under their blankets.”

Simon and Dawg – Great writing!!! I thought I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula!!!!!!!!!!


Do BB rules state no bathing suits and only bikinis?


I’m so tired of people calling Russell sneaky. They’re all sneaky. It’s part of the game. I’m sick and tired of the J&J show now. I’ll be relying on this site for all of my BB info for this week. I’m taking a break from BB Afterdark on Showtime 2 because J&J are getting on my nerves. Jordan I thought was sweet, but now she reminds me of trailer park trash. No, I’m not a hater. I just hate injustice. Consider the fact that if Russell never took out Ronnie, Jessie would most likely still be in the game with either Jeff or Jordan evicted or both. So let’s cut Russell some slack ay Jeff?!?! I’m rooting for Russell to stay safe this week and become the next H.O.H. Goooooooooooooooooo Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


Jordan is kinda annoying but I think for game sakes it would be great if Michelle or Russell won and broke up the J/J pair. I don’t like when pairs get to ride on each other. That said until lately Jordan wasn’t doing much game play and just riding…she seems to be improving a bit.


So what are you saying…If Russell never took out Ronnie, America wouldn’t have voted for Jeff to get the wizard power, and if we did, he would have used it on someone besides Jessie? I’m not saying Russ has never done Jeff a solid, and I don’t really have a beef with Russ myself, but I’m not sure I follow this line of thinking.


Seriously how is Russel sneaky because he’s playing the game? J/J are sneaky b/c they go back and forth on how they plan to backdoor Russel. I hope these two get broken up soon and Nat goes home she annoys me to no end.


I couldn’t agree more! Gooooooo Russell.

Tina laws

I agree Russ and Michelle could have tried some sneaky stuff when Russ was HOH but he stayed true, I said it once I’ll say it again, I will not watch BB11 if the Good players are Gone, Jeff is stupid to think Kevin wouldn’t send him home or even Nat so I hope Jeff goes up Next Week let him sweat, and Jordan and Jeff have not won yet so they need to calm down I have a feeling that Russ or Michelle will get Jeff out Especially if Nat tells what Jeff said about Russ and ichelle. I’m want Russ and Michelle to be the F2, anyone else would be a waste Idiots!!! Team Russ

jordon cheated

i agree with u lenalovesjeffonly
go russell


hey simon i was wondering same thing i did not see answer on other blog who is in shower on your home page? curiouse minds want to know (or dirty minds lol)


awww come on Simon, that was your chance to try out your server again – people would be rushing here to see Jeff naked!


sorry gon for a while thanks for answer was waiting for something juicier, looks like guy and girl legs feel sorry for michelle hers are prob the guy legs lol


Jeff’s cute ass


Team Psycho keeps it going! (Moans) Nooooooooooo! BTW Michelle said she was bipolar and I assume she is on meds. Many bipolar meds cause vivid dreams/nightmares. A member of my family was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 years ago and went from sleeping 12 hours a night like a rock (when depressed) to 7 hours (now stable, no depression or mania) but thrashing and talking while sleeping. Also needs down time alone, which is why I think Michelle likes to hang out in Have Not room by herself. All this and her nervous giggle makes her look like a weirdo. I know it’s not popular on this board, but I really want her to win. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jeff is a great guy and Kevin has a good game, but Team Psycho has overcome the most out of all the HGs. She’s been on slop almost every week, but still wins challenges. She didn’t have an alliance from the start but has played both sides the best as evidenced by not being a target week after week. She put aside her personal feelings for Ronnie, Russell, Chima, etc to use them for her game and picked off the people she needed to at the right time. And I think in real life she has a genuine heart, loves her husband, and is super smart. If she makes it to final 2, I think she will have the most convincing, articulate and thoughtful plea to the jury for votes. Go Michelle!


I would have thought that you couldn’t be in the house if you were bipolar or on meds.


Bemo…you have a great case for Michelle to win and you might be right. It seems like the best way to get through the game is be a floater or not have an alliance. Michelle has always done what is best for herself which has kept her in the game.


ya, i kinda hate it when they were dissing chima and she’s mental blablabla, not all mental people act like her. I’m bipolar, and borderline personality disorder, but in no way do I act like chima. Chima does have issues, mental or not, but I wish people would quit equating mental disorders like its worse than being a murderer or something. we’re people too, lol.

A no no moose

There you go…Michelle & Natalie, just weird duo but according to their stories they need the money too… Had enough of Luke & Laura…I mean J&J….

Go M&N!!!!!!


I hope Kevin makes it to the end. He’s the only sweetheart in the house. However, I respect Michelle’s game play. Jeff should put Michelle and Russell up.


I would be happy with J/J/M/K being the winner. Russell & Nat are dog faces and annoying. Kevin is hilarious and sweet, Jordan is a young/fun/loving/southerner, Jeff is the all American guy, and I really just feel bad for Michelle she seems to be a good person at heart but has a hard time on the show with trusting the right people.


Jeff went in saying he wanted a showmance. He is totally using Jordan. How does that make him an all American guy?


Cause that’s what all American guys do!! LOL


I have thought the same thing myself. Jeff is just playing it out for BB. I would make a bet he would not date someone like Jordo outside of the house. I think he is “not that into her”


i do think she s playing a good game….but she s really odd…and this not remembering conversations she has is getting a bit old. everyone is on to it and she better either stop stiring up sh t with her lies,,or keep better track of what she s says to everyone

Mr. E

Jeff seems to have his head together, and Michelle seems to be making more sense, but Jordan can’t seem to find a ticket out of Idiotville.

Mr. E

For Pete’s sake, she said Kevin helped Jeff win the game more by stopping Russell from shaking the platform than Russell helped Kevin by keeping him from winning the game by 1 can!!! It’s like a drill in my temporal lobe.


Have you read Jordan’s HOH blog? What you see is what you get. For more insight, read Michelle’s.


The reason why Michelle wont win is because she had no close friendships with anyone in the house. Everyone she has aligned her self with at some point in the game has ended up realizing that she was lying to them about something or another. This being said she may get to the final 2, but ultimately will not win the majority vote.

I think if Jordan makes it to the final two she will beat anyone she is up against including Jeff. She may not have played the best game, but she has been nice to everyone in the house the whole way through. Also, everyone knows she needs the money more than anyone else in the house.

Jeff has played the best game and probably deserves it more than anyone. Yes he was given the wizard power, but part of the game is winning over the fans, they play a role every season and you got to know that. Also, he was not afraid to use it once he had it. He knew that plan could of back fired. That was a sure way to make a lot of people mad, and most people would of thought the reward wasn’t worth the risk, but jeff is not afraid to pull the trigger and pick his spots. Since then he has smoothed it over with everyone in the house. Which is amazing.

Natalie is the dark horse in this game because I think she is going to make it to the finals. I personally don’t like her, but she has completely slid under the radar, and she gets by this week…it could be smooth sailing to the final 3. For some reason I think Jeff wants to trust her, which makes no sense, but more power to her.

Russel= no chance Kevin= won’t make it so no point in talking about it.


“The reason why Michelle wont win is because she had no close friendships with anyone in the house. Everyone she has aligned her self with at some point in the game has ended up realizing that she was lying to them about something or another. This being said she may get to the final 2, but ultimately will not win the majority vote.”

Uhhh, ever hear of Evil Dick?


Simon, I am sorry to keep asking-but now I don’t see the ‘older comments’, ‘recent comments’ link to click and read them there anymore.
At least it disappeared from my page.
Thank you!


Wow, there are some pretty nasty comments that are posted. I can’t imagine what you are weeding out!! LOL

jordon cheated

i wish jordon would go this week she is cheater annoying and the dumdest blondes out there she really does make blondes really really but am not stupid cuz i am a blond and way smarter than she ever gona get in her life. i hope people do notice that she did cheated cuz she heard michelle steps
final two russell and kevin
nobody else deserves it
jordon is a lying scum
she needs to go

Randy Wolfgang

Yep – you’re smart. We can all see that by the way you write!!!!




The dumdest blonde? What color is your hair? I think we may have a winner!


You don’t have any room to attack someone for being stupid. You didn’t even spell her name correctly and it’s plastered all over this site.


You’re making it so obvious you are Ronnie’s wife… go take a nap with your hunk of a man and quit hating on Jordan cause she is what you are not.


Ronnie’s wife name is “Michelle”….IRONIC AIN’T IT?? lol


i suggest that you stop insulting the intelligence of others. not only do have horrible grammer, but you struggled to complete a single thought. if jordan was able to hear michelle’s footsteps then i say, kudos to you jordan! that is strategy, not cheating. with that said, i think that jeff and jordan have been the nicest two people in the house, even though they aren’t all that smart. i don’t think that they will win, but i think that russell is the least deserving to win because of the way he treated people while in the house. but, alas, it is a game and the results of games aren’t always in favor of the most deserving, which is why, i presume, they call it a game not a giveaway.


not that it really matters, but when you point out someone’s grammar mistakes, you should probably spell grammar correctly


lol touche


My god, you didn’t even use spell check b4 you went on your silly little diatribe about Jordan’s intellect? You, sir, fail (HARD). This is a game of lies, NOT MORALS. FAIL * 2 .

Just SICK over J/J

It’s NOT cheating…I don’t like her any longer BUT still it’s NOT cheating…it’s paying attention…also UNLESS BB said in the rules they can’t do it THEN IT’S NOT CHEATING. They’ve had this comp before…& BB knows that ppl do that b/c this isn’t the 1st time…if they wanted that to be considered cheating they would have said so in the rules OR they would have changed it to where the ppl would’ve had say “flash-cards” w/ the answer choices while still having the dividers.


I agree with what you said, but I don’t think she was doing that… I think they have gone over those answers so many times that she just knew them! She even said that it helped her not to know how others were answering. I think she was in a zone… no one can be wrong all the time.

Jack Hair

You should write books with your obvious natural talents.


jordon rocks and you are a player hater


I don’t like Jordan but how did she cheat?


Even if Jordan did feel which way Michelle was stepping (which she most likely didn’t), she won the tiebreaker fair and sqaure. We will see how dumb you really think she is when she’s standing in the final 2!


I am not a Jordan fan but really what is your reasoning for her being a cheater?


Ronnie, is that you?


Cheater, don’t be stupid, who cares anyway, michele wasn’t going to use the veto anyway, Jordo may be a lot of things but a cheater, the period thing is just that you feel like shit until it happens and you make everyone around you feel like shit too, unless your a women you have no idea, and if any women says that not ture she is full of shit.

Devil's Advocate

Natalie actually seems a lot less annoying and showing some perosnality without Jessie or Lydia.


That’s because she’s trying to save her nasty, unwashed, smelly ass.


since she came into the house she just keeps getting darker and darker, now natalie would tell us that shes getting a tan, but we all know that its just the dirt that keeps building, soon she will look like a piece of shit.

Randy Wolfgang

Yes but what kind of personality is it??????


Why does Michelle alway’s look so greasy?


Why does Shawn rhyme with yawn?


why does bemoaner ryhme with wI-boner?


LOL! WTF is a wi-boner? Do you mean “wee boner” as in little dick? That would have been funny. But instead it was just poor spelling. Relax, and don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m just kidding around.




Cause she is just off a bit.

Jackie M.

I still hope J/J/R/M keep their alliance, after all they each swore. Anyone notice Michelle swore on her DOGS instead of her husband/family…I wonder if she feels that doesn’t count. Anyway, they shud still go after Kevin/Nat…they will not be loyal to them. Thanks for the updates, comments. I sure hope Jeff wins, anxious to see if he really wud take a chance to lose the big prize and take Jordan (who everyone loves), or take Russell, and hv a better chance…after all, Jordan so far has not said she loves him. I think he loves her tho.


do we know when they are doing nominations?


Why does Michele continue to keep rotting clothing in a drawer in the splish splash room? Russell keeps complaining about the stench and she says she will clean it up when no one is around. Now is the time, Michele while neither you or Russ or sleeping there. I mean damn, the room is filling up with bugs. Get that crap out!


whats up with her clothes? why they rotting?

jesse speaks

Why does everyone root for J&J until they flip the game from death in the house to possible winners are same people now hating??
Why is nobody noticing that Nat is now the 4th hottest chick in the house? [behind Kevin]
Why does Michelle start every answer with “ or no..yeah”?? Then she Reagans out.
Why does anyone believe Russel about anything?? Are you not watching the same show I am??
Why do I miss Casey??
Dues anyone else wish Ronnie the rat had been on Jeffs side so his scheming ass could be there??
Just me speaking out.


I’d rather the house burnt to the ground than to have Ronnie’s annoying behind back in the game.

jesse speaks

Coo Coo Magoo?? I have not heard that one in as old as me??

or bradens..yeah yeah



Mr. E


On the Russell subject, no, we’re not all watching the same show that you are. The editors have done their best to demonize Russell because he makes a good villain and he knows it. But the fact is, he’s the most honorable and straightforward person in the whole house and has shown it consistently. Live feed people know why he made the decisions he did. Heck, the Jessie and Casey votes are explained clearly during the live evictions so those shouldn’t even be a question to anyone who watches the CBS show.
As for why we’re turning on Jeff and Jordan, well, if you only watch the CBS show you wouldn’t know that they have been complete and utter idiots this last week. The editors barely showed a hint of their reaction to the The Last Minute Lie, nor did they even put up the Michelle lie from earlier. Fact is, they created a reality that makes Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan look smarter than they are and Michelle look less two-faced and/or addle-brained than she really is. Maybe it’s an attempt to cover up their own interference in the show, or maybe they just have typecast characters and it doesn’t make sense for them to go through abrupt heel-turns so suddenly and recklessly.




Mr E, I get your point here, but didn’t you hear Russell say in his diary room (where there is no reason to lie) that Jordan should backdoor him because he will go after Jeff? That he considers them even and he doesn’t owe Jeff anything at this point? Just wondering since you said Russ is so straightforward. I don’t disagree with Russell’s game play, I’m just saying that the live feeds don’t show diary room sessions, goodbye messages, and HOH blogs. Those are only available through the edited shows on CBS and their website. All of which should be considered in determining who is playing the game the best, IMHO. When I root for Team Psycho I’m not rooting so much for the person I like the best or would want to have a beer with after the show. I’m betting on who I think is going to win.


“Reagans out” is hilarious! Love it!

just me

its just a game so all you player hating ppl need to get a life and grow up!!


I wish Michelle would wash and take off that ugly blazer she is always wearing. 😛


LOL — I was thinking the same thing last night watching bb after dark! She wears that purple blazer every day. ( it can’t be clean)


J/J are not thinking smart. Who in the Jury house would vote for them over Natalie? Without America it probably would be a tie (Nat: Jessie, Lydia, Kevin) (J/J: J/J (they are one in the same after all, Russell Michelle) I would guess that America would vote for the sweethearts. Then again, Russ/Michelle are strong competitors, much stronger physically and mentally over Natalie and Jordan. I guess it’s a toss up. Too many factors as of now.


does anyone think jeff and jordan will date outside this house ? (game) just curious.


I think she’s “just not that into him”…probably not….


I doubt it, she is a little too country bumpkim for him, he probably has better options…


Jordan is no prize. She can barely finish a sentence without her eyes glazing over and losing her train of thought. She isn’t as innocent as she portrays, and she has no scruples about using guys to get what she wants. Plus, judging from the fact that she’s only 22 and eats 24/7 without getting off her ass on a regular basis and exercising, I’ve got a feeling she’s going to pack on serious pounds. I don’t wish that fate on Jeff. Jeff will get out of the house to thousands of women panting after him. He’ll have his pick and hopefully there will be someone who appreciates him and cares about him much more than Jordan does. Jordan is really self-centered and Jeff would do better by finding someone who can reciprocate kindness, gratefulness, and attention.


she is jealous of him and when another female in the house pays him too much attention she brings it up….about Michelle ” SHE LIKES U” OR “GO BE WITH LYDIA” she watches him as he does her n’ they always wanna know where each other are… hmmmm so u can’t be sure…


Reading everyone’s comments is almost as much fun as reading the feeds. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us updated!


I second that! Thanks guys! 🙂


i agree…you guys do an awsom job!! thanks for all you’re hard work!!


Ok, sorry if this is a dumb question, or if it’s already been answered but……why was it so important that Jeff know that Jordan got her period? As far as I’ve seen they haven’t done the deed, so I just wondered why it was such a big deal that she was late. Thanks!


Because Jordan just has to share every detail. Sex has nothing to do with the comment.


Because Jordan is so into herself, she thinks everyone else is just as interested.


this is the most up front n’ vocal group of people that I have seen on BB…they talk about anything n’ everything…they have an interest in how their housemates live outside the BBH…n’ all of them have a story…


‘Cuz Jordan is fu<king incompetent. What the heck else is she going to talk about? Another one of her incredulous stories?


I am sick of Jeff and Jordan. They think they run the house now. They have been hiding behind everyone the entire season. They should have left weeks ago. They both dumb as a toe nail. You can all tell who Allison want to win the game. I doubt that American voted for Jeff to win the power , she just gave it to him. Russell is the only person left that deserve to win the money.


I voted for Jeff to win the power. At the time he was the coolest person in the house- and the house was being run by Jessie and his annoying possie. Jeff was the only one with enough guts to use the power and get Jessie out, and that’s why people voted for him. My fave is now Kevin- I don’t even care what he does, that boy is funny as hell!!!!!!


Your one of the people that I detested for choosing Jeff to win the power, your view changes from week to week. Jessie played the GAME, he wasn’t playing to look cool for America!!!!! Hopefully I didn’t offend you, but put yourself in his shoes….


I doubt that Allison just gave Jeff the power, have you been online and seen all the Jeff Fans? I also don’t think Jeff and Jordan have been “hiding behind people” they playing a game with a strategy, not to be the target. You always hear him telling Jordan; don’t listen to them, stay out of the arguments, and lay-low. Have you really seen Jeff get into any huge arugments? No, but Jessie did, Chima did, Lydia did, and Ronnie did. Out of those 4 people, none are in the house currently. The only reason you can’t stand the duo is because they are worried about their own backs, its not easy hearing everyone tell you different things 24/7!
I like the jeff and jordan duo, its about time you finally get to see them play the game.


I can’t stand Jeff, Jordan , or Michele. Russell you go and win the whole thing because you deserve to.


Although I don’t like Russell very much, I gotta agree with you. Russell is the only one that has really been playing the game.


I still can’t believe ppl are saying Jordan cheated. If she was following Michelle who’s to say Michelle wouldn’t be wrong? And who’s to say Michelle wasn’t following what Jordan was doing? Either way the tie breaker was fair and square. As for the Jeff/Jordan combo I can’t figure her out! I would so be all over that if I was her, but maybe she just doesn’t want to look like a reality show ho or maybe she just isn’t that into him? I can’t understand that though. He freaking adores her. Of course we women hardly ever want the guy that’s good for us……especially at 22. Jeff has alot of waiting to do for her to grow up if he really does love her. Bless his heart lol


Interesting!!! During the entire POV comp Jordan?s steps were after Michelle?s. So did BB place Michelle and Jordan next to one for a specific reason? Yes, Jordan?s number in hear Michelle?s steps for each answer. Jordan knows Michelle has a PHD so hmm when in doubt follow Michelle?s answer (it?s possible Jordan did that).

One Case & Point
Julie Chen – Did America give the have nots squid and squash before or after Laura was evicted?

Michelle takes her step down to after while Jordan was turning to take her step up to before, but you could hear Michelle?s step so clearly and then Jordan decides to step down to after.

Maybe there is something to this ? Jordan possibly answered the questions based on Michelle?s steps. There were a couple of instances when you can see Jordan not taking a step until she could hear Michelle?s. I have to record the show to watch it; when the show is actually airing and people are straight watching they may not catch these occurrences. If you have the comp of Jordan winning POV on tape watch it again and you can see what I am referring to. Michelle has a good memory although she TRIES to say she doesn?t. During the BB bus competition that Michelle won HOH in, Jordan couldn?t answer the question although she attempted to see where Jeff?s hand was going to buzz in his answer but she was still eliminated (she didn?t buzz anything in). Jordan please win a comp. where it hasn?t been thrown to you (HOH), where you can?t look over your shoulder for the answer and where you can?t listen for the answer or please outlast someone in endurance (& that has to be for a few hours)???.Please…….please.


Whoops part of my sentence was missing……

Yes, Jordan?s number in the tie breaker was closer but Jordan did say she could hear Michelle?s steps for each answer.


Who cares if she waited for Michele…that’s her being smart, as far as I’m concerned.


This game has turned into a joke. Jeff and Jordan are annoying as hell and neither one of them could win a competition unless it was geared toward them. I like how production is screwing up the game. I always say this show is like a chess match except this year Production decided that one side was too strong so the took away 3 pieces off the board. REALLY FAIR ALLISON REALLLLLLLLY FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!


BigBrotherJimbo are you really Ronnie or Chima????? LOL!

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I’d like to play some games with Ronnie online. He seems pretty cool.