Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Natalie explains how to get a rat to eat and claw through your belly

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:45pm HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm -9:00pm Hot tub. Jeff, Natalie, Michelle and Kevin, Russell sleeping on the couch. Jeff asking Natalie what her perfect day would be.. she says it would be spending time with her boyfriend jet skiing at the lake. Jeff’s surprised that was it.. “You could have Brad Pitt Massaging you while Jennifer Aniston does your toes”. Natalie really shows her age saying she would go on a date with Brian Austin Green if she was allowed to do anything.. She quickly adds that she loves spending time with her Boyfriend. They start talking about other reality shows.. Kevin and Natalie are huge Hills fans and they discus the new season. They start talking about the Competitions and how they are getting better and better. Theres a little speculation about the one tomorrow. Natalie thinks its going to be the one where you have to eat gross stuff. She tells them all that if she has to eat a bug she’s going to lose the POV. She says she’ll eat “any kind of shit” but no a bug. Jeff asks her if she would eat a blended up cheeseburger, she says yes. Natalie adds that she could handle any reality show competition except for fear factor.. Kevin agrees says fear factor is disgusting they always have to eat bug. Natalie suggests to Kevin that he tell them about the praying mantis. Kevin tells them a story about when a praying mantis “attacked” him in his car and he almost called 911. Jeff butts in “But dude they’re not dangerous” Kevin swears they are. He continues the story saying he pulled his car over made his boyfriend leave work and come get him. Everyone laughs and gives him a hard time for doing that.. He defends his actions saying the Praying mantis was HUGE the biggest bug he’s ever seen.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie asks them if they’ve ever heard of putting a rat on your belly than over top placing a metal bucket. You then heat the bucket up with a blow torch and the rat will claw through your belly to get out. Everyone is pretty disgusted with Natalie’s story Michelle calls it cruel (I sounded like Michelle means its cruel to the rat lol GO TEAM PSYCHO!) .. Natalie tells them she saw it on the movie the fast and the furious.

They all start talking about accomplishing life dreams and Kevin says being on Big Brother was one of his. Jeff says Europe was one of his. Jeff adds that he would like to be in a Scorsese movie. Natalie really buttering Jeff up says being on BB will catapult Jeff’s modeling career. Jeff shakes his head “i’m too old”.

Jordan joins them.

The girls start talking about how good guys look in the colour baby blue.. Natalie tells them its only the true baby blue colour that she likes.. Jordan asks what is true baby blue Natalie points out Jeff’s hat. Jordan “Ohh you mean the one with euroa…. uro….uraso..” Jeff “you mean Aurora!” Jordan: “Ya thats the one” Jordan gets after him for not wearing it enough. Jeff “I feel like i’m wearing the same shit here every day so I try to switch it up”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Mr. E

I thought Jeff and Jordan were stupid already, but letting Michelle and Russell both be have nots AND setting up a plan to backstab them? Really!? They’ve been comparing notes and figured out that something’s shady about the Natalie/Kevin thing and Michelle’s learning to keep her mouth shut.


I think that when it comes to J/J, having some power is too much for them. I am more and more convinced that everyone in that house deserves to win except J/J.


oops! I meant “anyone” deserves to win except Jeff or Jordan


Mr E, Team Psycho is accepting applications, come on board! LOL! Go Michelle! She has always shut her mouth as soon as the people she trusts show that they are no longer trustworthy! She’s playing to win, which means that as long as someone else gets voted out first, she still has a shot at the end.

Mr. E

I can’t, I’m Team Russell. But I was Team Michelle for a good day or so until she flipped again and lost her marbles…but if they can play nice, then good game. Family’s back together. I had a little bit of a flash of hope for Jeff when he kept trying to change the subject when Jordan brought up Kevin and Natalie for Final Four and he finally said that Russell keeps promising us he’ll stick with the plan. He got Jordan to admit that she just doesn’t like Russell.


Are u that freaking stupid Mr. E do yall not recall Michelle and Russ talking in the splish splash room about getting Jeff out this week jeffs just lucky he got HOH otherwise jeff would of been up if Russ won. So therefore he’s not backstabbing him because Russ backstabbed Jeff first so this is the smartist thing for him to do is to get Russ out this week because if Russ when’s HOH next week then one of the J/J are going home next week but your to stupid to put the pieces togethor dumbass.




I really hope Russell wins POV.. Jeff and Jordan want to make the final 2 together.. For that to happen they have to take out the other duo in the house that’s solid.. Michele has been telling them everything, told them about the final 2 deal, so theirs is not a legit duo.. Natalie and Kevin are though.. Take out one of those.. Hope Russell wins HoH next week and takes out the remaining one.. Then he can’t play final 4.. Take him out then..

Mr. E

But he can play for POV. Dun dun duuuuun.


Of course.. But I mean their objective should be to take him out you know what I mean? Whether it’s nominating him right away or after the POV, it should be what they want to do.. Something that just annoyed me watching the live feeds was Jordan saying that if it was Jeff up on the block against Michele, Natalie would vote out Michele because she doesn’t like her.. No.. They are so dumb..

jeff fan

i hope russel wins pov i was for team jj . Now i don’t think jordan is smart enough and jeff is starting to play shady. jordan must live in a box she has no common sense.I hope they get rid of natalie first then kevin . i want russel and michelle in final 2.


I KNEW after dark would be lame with half the crazies gone. I’d rather be watching Lydiot cave into Jesse in mere seconds and watch that torture rather than this…


at least they were something to laugh about– I wonder if Lydiot has arrived to jury yet. Let’s hope Casey shows up at the house tomorrow to host the POV; with all six hgs playing, it’d be great to have someone come into the house for that… Maybe Evel Dick?!?!?!


Yes….. Jordan is talking about taking Natalie to the final 3 instead of Michelle

Mr. E

Jeff had a brief bright thought. “If we get rid of Russell you and Michelle have to win HoH or I’m going right out of the house.” He even pointed out that he was safer if Russell was there, which means he really thinks Russell is on his side.


If Jeff doesn’t take out Russell this week, I think Russell would stay true to his word and not put him up.. The only problem is that both Kevin and Natalie know the plan.. Whoever stays between the two will tell Russell what the plan was and try to team up with him.. That’s why Jeff and Jordan shouldn’t be telling their plans to everyone in the house..


i am actually starting to root for russell over jeff. and i am a huge jeff and jordan fan. russ is talking about his respect for jeff for keeping his word while jeff is planning on backdooring him…with jordan telling him to. jeff wants to keep 2 people who want him out. if russ gets sent to the jury house he has my vote for the jury prize thats for sure!


I’m totally with you! I hate the way J/J have just turned on Russ & Michelle. They are just blooming idiots for falling right into Nat & Kevin’s little plan! Russ has been true to his word and I think he would have kept the final 4 deal as it was. I sure hope Russell wins POV now, so they can’t toss him out! I’m really turning into a Russell fan. He’s said and done some really nice things.




Jeff should keep Russell in the house for at least one more week, so if Russell wins HOH, he may/should keep Jeff in the game. Then Jeff has a chance to win HOH again and at that point I’d go after Russell. That’s the best move for him in my opinion anyways.

He’s going to have to do what is best for him. I think if he does take Jordan to the end with him (however I doubt they would both make it), he would beat her as he has done the thinking in the game.

Get Kevin out of the house!! Natalie is not much of a competitor – has she even won anything???

I’m still a huge Jeff fan. Hoping he pulls it off!!!