Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nat says I’m going into this thing confident as a mother fucker.. says if some weird shit happens, and I’m coup d’etat-ed out of here, all my shit is… Kevin says it will not happen. Stop it!

1:10pm Big Brother Time: Jeff is playing solitaire and Michelle laying down in the pool room. Jordan blow-drying hair in the bathroom. Michelle is now up and leaving the pool room; Jordan is in kitchen dishing herself out some of the food that Jeff made which has been sitting on the stove top. Michele walked into the kitchen goes to the memory wall and takes a look… She doesn’t look at Jordan spends a few moments in front of the wall and heads back to the backyard. Michelle has joined Jordan at the dinning room table where Jordan is eating. They’re talking about the upcoming Head of Household competition and saying “watch, they’ll tell us 10 minutes beforehand to wear sweatpants.” Nat just wandered through the shot and off again. Michelle tells Jordan that her eye makeup makes her green eyes pop and Jordan says “thanks!” Jordan is now talking about walking out and having an audience out there. Michelle says it will be the first time that it gets real that they’re on a TV show and actually may have fans out there and stuff. Jordan says I want to get today over with and if I stay, then I want to get Power of Veto over with and then we’ll just be able to tell. Jordan saysI’ve been studying over and over again in my head. Michelle whispers we’ve got this! Michelle then says out loud if it’s steps or anything, just be quiet. I’m going to take off my shoes. Jordan now saying she could hear a little bit, but only when Michelle stepped down. Jordan says I like it though when we’re in boxes like that because I don’t see anyone else around me. Michelle says I know, I sometimes get psyched out. Jordan says I just focus more. I think I do a lot better. That true or false with Chima, I did alright at first. I think I got three but then the fourth wrong. Michelle says yeah, you were doing good in that one. Jordan says true or false always gets me because I’m like “that’s the right answer” but then they twist around one word. Jordan says I wanna go brush my teeth. It’s only 1:30. Then says I’m going to go brush my teeth. Nat walks in and through with what looked to me to be a heating pad in her hands. Jordan says ooh, if we leave dishes in the sink, did you see all those flies flying around? Michelle says yeah.

1:30pm Big Brother Time: Jordan joins Jeff in HOH after brushing her teeth. Jeff asks did you eat? Jordan says I did thank you. Jeff asks you likey? Jordan says I definitely likey. Jeff says me no likey this fucking solitaire. Jeff asks you’re ready to rock, huh? Jordan says I’m ready to get this over with. Jeff says me too. Jordan says if we weren’t on the block I wouldn’t care. Jeff says you gotta get ready for HOH. Nat and Kevin are in the red bedroom, talking but their mics aren’t turned up. Kevin says you need a punch in the face? Nat is going throw drawers pulling out clothing it looks like. Nat says you have to look good today (pointing to Jeff in pool room) Kevin asks what? Nat then whispers you have to look good today because we’re evicting his ass.
1:35pm Big Brother Time: The feeds cut out to the control room and then back on Nat and Kevin talking about something happening at 2pm and Kevin says he’d better eat something. Kevin asking about being locked upstairs before voting. Nat says sometimes they do that and sometimes they don’t. Last week they didn’t. Kevin asks “why do they lock us upstairs? Nat mouthing to Kevin so quietly can’t hear. She then says something about getting them out and winning HOH this week. Nat then says aloud “I’m going into this thing confident as a mother fucker, you know what I mean?” Just as Michelle walks through from the pool room. Nat says if some weird shit happens, and I’m coup d’etat-ed out of here, all my shit is …Kevin says it will not happen. Stop it. Nat says so…. and starts shuffling cards…

1:45pm Big Brother Time: Jordan is in the green room, laying down. Kevin is making pancakes in kitchen. Nat says “I don’t like pancakes” Jeff was in the kitchen too and walked out. Nat said “I hate that when he walks away” Kevin says Hmm? Nat says I hate that when he walks away. Jeff is now in green room with Jordan. Kevin says I hope it’s enough with the Bob Marley. Nat: what? Kevin repeats (talking about the music they play in the morning). Kevin wants cutting edge rap.

Nat says we need to mop this place tonight. Kevin says I vacuumed everything. Nat says I know I heard. I figured you were vacuuming the floors too. Or we can not mop and keep our shoes on. Kevin mopping does shit, you can’t use any sort of cleaner. Jeff asks what Jordan is wearing. Jordan says a bright coral dress, or she’s figuring out if they should both wear black. Jeff: like a funeral? (laughs) well, nobody’s dying, that’s for sure. Nat looking in fridge and says “where the H did the steak go? Kevin asks is it over there? Nat says no and Kevin walks over and looks in the pan on the stove, left there by Jeff for Jordan and says “yeah” Kevin is whispering again but couldn’t hear. Jeff asks Jordan what she’s wearing tonight. She said a Pinkish coral dress and then says or shall we both wear black. Jeff says nobody is dying, that’s for sure. Jeff says “It must be Jelly” Jordan says “Because jam don’t shake like that!” Jeff laughs and kisses her knee. Jordan comes in and sits on sofa in bathroom, Jeff asks her “what did you ask?” she starts to whisper to him and feeds go to control room. When they come back. Jeff sitting quietly on sofa next to Jordan who is laying the length of the sofa. She’s quiet with her eyes opened. Jeff is sitting down by her feet, leaning over her with his hands on her calves, facing her.. as he just looks at her, looks around.. as she lays there quietly. Jeff repeatedly tells her to go for it and then calls all the others are mothers they’re fuckers and scumbags.

2pm Big Brother Time: Jeff is in the bathroom shaving while Jordan watches from the bathroom couch. Natalie and Kevin are in the Kitchen making something to eat.
2:10pm Big Brother Time: The feeds cut to TRIVIA….

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145 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nat says I’m going into this thing confident as a mother fucker.. says if some weird shit happens, and I’m coup d’etat-ed out of here, all my shit is… Kevin says it will not happen. Stop it!

    1. I wish she would too, but it doesn’t matter. If she did that, Kevin would not be surprised, and if he asked Nat about it, Nat would laugh and say yeah, I told her that just to mess with her head. In fact, she’s probably already told him that she said that. That girl is untouchable. She always covers all her bases.

  1. I cant wait for tonight, bye bye Jeff! I hope Jordon wins HOH she would be dumb enough to think she has all the power and that who ever she puts up will go home. Then Kevin wins POV….sorry Jordon but Michelle is going home! Little did you know HOH does not have the power this week POV does!

    And I cant wait for Jeff to walk into the jury house and Russell to mop the floor with him. What kinda straight guy asks another guy if he wants to have sex with him and does he have a boner for him? I hate to say it but Jeff the only reason you thought you could trust Kevin is because you had a boner for him! Jeff’s Gay and he is 32 still living in his mothers basement!

    1. why do people say that hoh dont mean anything this week? if you win it, your safe, RIGHT? yeah, thats what i thought!!!!!!!!! plus pov could be won by hoh……….so, hoh is important, unless i’m missing something, but i doubt that i am.

      1. its only important in that your safe, it has no bearing on what of the other 3 are actually on the block come eviction time. if by chance you are hoh and win pov then you get all the power yes, however if you are hoh and dont win pov you have no say at all as to who goes home, just a spectator. so it is good to win hoh for the reason of being safe but it is good for nothing else.

        1. well in believing that theory…
          hoh would never be worth anything.
          you all are saying that the safety is the only thing you have but you don’t control the nominees. isn’t that true for every week in the bb house? true, the hoh gets to pick the initial nominees, but they never have total control over everything. hoh is important this week because that person advances directly to the final three. AND… you people seem to forget that there is a 50/50 chance the nominees will stay the same because hoh could win it OR the houseguest who is not initially nominated could win it. hoh DOES matter this week. tremendously.

    2. for one, russ isnt in the jury house….he will be back tonight.
      and jeff either will be lounging at the jury house or back in BB house….and russ aint gonna do a damn thing….all talk.
      sounds like your a hater, cuz your jealous. just my opinion though, just like yours doesnt mean jack shit.

      1. jeff is very bad player.He is complain about other players.If big brother hadnt go involve in game.He would have been gone weeks ago

        1. didnt america vote….and gave jeff the power….not BB. but im sure BB was good with jeff winning the votes. they all complain about everyone else….no way jeff was worse then gayven and nat, plus jessie, and lydiho.

            1. but its okay to call nat nataliar, jord jordumb and mich coocoomagoo? double standards when it comes to you homosexuals and you special rights? name calling on here is equal. now go get married. oh yeah thats right ya cant :) LOL

            2. if gay people call eachother gay…..why cant i??? doesnt make sense…and my GAY friends made that name up….so call them homophobic…dumbass.

              1. everybody is so uptight (especially the gays who demand not just equal rights, but special rights) its us straight people who have no rights anymore and who are a minority

          1. wow didnt know id piss off kevins man. trust me there is much worst said on here. i didnt mean to disrespect your life style….if gays can call eachother gay….then why cant i? dumbass.

    3. Keep on talkn.. I love it.. The past week natalie bashing was getn on my nerves this is bb not jeff show… Bye jeff.. But for 3 months if I had stuck with ur clique u would be final 4.. Athlete clique was the best… U align with jordumb and ur a loser bye jeff.. Ppl let’s face it… Wish Janelle was back. miss her a true bb player

      1. Julie posted this on 8/31 @ CBS: “Another mysterious twist will be introduced in Tuesday night’s episode as Big Brother has teased a surprise for the current HoH, Kevin.” Notice that she says “INTRODUCED”, not “goes down” or “happens”, etc. Yes, it was “introduced on Tuesday, but it will be completed tonight. Looking forward to seeing the mysterious HG in Pandora’s Box and if Kevin will choose Jeff or the mystery man (Russ) to stay.

    4. I don’t believe that Russ is even in the JH…..there has been speculation in posts on other sites that he’s not because on tuesday’s show in opening credits, he was not shown exiting the house like other HG’s, and his pic was not gray, had him posing sooooooo…….and found these posted speculations on BB Network……”what do you think the hgs would do if that money really turned out to be from russel and his return????” “But would Russell risk his 10 to get more? He could lose it all?Is he that greedy? Or does he think he has a chance still?”……I think this twist is very likely…….think about it, Kev would have the choice to keep Jeff or use that key to release what’s left in the box…….if he knows the real story about Pandora’s box, there was 1 thing left in it, HOPE…….I can see Kev thinking it would be good for himself and release HOPE, errrrr, Russ lol

      1. thats would actually make sense what else was that 10k for? that kevin stuck his hand in there for? if russel sacrificed his 10k to kevin to get back into the house that would be sweet to see natalie know for goddman sure that next week shes gone , because that WILL happen if michelle wins HOH tomorrow which is likely because it;s a big HOH and you know how poorly natalie does in endurance

        1. why do we have to hear time and time again about nat cramps. come on i have never heard anyone whine like she does. her cramps will be her reason tonight for losing hoh., but the real reason is because she sucks

          1. yea that makes sense too, nateli needs to go right after jeff because in no way to she deserve to win based on instigating and lies alone) shes done nuthin else but act like she’s 12…miclelle better win this she the only one that has worked her ass off

      2. Very interesting little theory and I LIKE it. However, I don’t see it happening simply because the premiere is supposed to be on the 15th, just not enough time. But fingers crossed, cuz that would be wicked!

      3. Nothing is going to happen with Pandora’s Box.. It was a stupid twist that really didn’t affect the game all that much.. Kinda like the trip Dan got last year which I guess “got” him a jury vote.. Russell isn’t coming back.. When there’s a big twist like that we actually know.. Last week Julie said “tune in next week to see if your favorite houseguest makes it to the final 4”.. Indication that nobody is coming back.. Now with all that said, if something crazy were to happen, props to CBS.. Not only would they shock the houseguests but also the viewers.. Hope Jordan/Michele win HoH today and also POV and get rid of Kevin.. Then a Michele/Jordan/Natalie final 3.. Michele wins the final HoH and takes out stupid Natalie who never won anything.. Michele wins the game, and Jordan gets the second place money.. Michele deserves it more than Jordan, but these dumbass houseguests would probably give it to Jordan because they play off emotions..

    5. Hysterical, all the comments about how good it is that Jeff is leaving. Can’t you just picture the guys writing these? Greasy hair, bad teeth, cheap t-shirts barely covering their pot-belly, sitting all alone in their bedrooms with the door locked, hunched over their computer (their only friend), gleefully writing hateful things about people they wish they were like, but know they never will be. Pathetic really, but unfortunately for them, that’s as good as it gets. Guess I’d be bitter too!

      1. Who would want to be like Jeff….a foul mouthed homophobe who doesnt have an ounce of integrity or any respect for anyone. The way he told Michele to “get away from me” after she won the POV competition is the epitome of what a sore loser is. The guy is a declasse douchebag and as someone who thought he was a good guy this dissappointed fan does not want to be anything like him!!!!

  2. So why are the feeds cut right now and didn’t Kev say something was happening at 2pm? Why was J/J all smiles after their very long dual diary room session? I think production gave info to J/J, why else have them in the diary room together for such a long time?

    1. they are this seasons “shomance”, gagggggg, so they would be questioning them at legnth about future plans, actual feelings, what they want etc etc etc since they are done in game after tonight

  3. Is it just me or does this feel like a Death Row watch with Jeff on it? I keep lookin at the clock and counting down the minutes before what I dreed will happen happens! WE NEED A GOVERNORS STAY OF EXECUTION!!!

  4. *** PLEASE HELP***
    My CBS station is showing Pre-Season Football! Does anyone know a way to watch the show tonight? Would it be fed on internet? My cable company does have the episodes available OnDemand, but I don’t want to wait until tomorrow.

    If someone knows how I see tonights show at 8PM EST, please tell me.
    Thank you,

      1. in the boston market they are moving bb to upn “cbs sister station” for the patriots, see if you have a local cbs sister station and what it is.

      2. Thanks. I had a minor freak out after a coworker told me it was pre-empted. I just checked the listings. Football is not on my CBS. Whew… I’m a dorkapotamus!

    1. Good luck Ginger, same thing happened to me when Russell got eliminated last week. The game was on my TV and I had to wait until 1:45 AM to watch it.

    2. I don’t know if has the live show or not…they might though. The other option is to get in a private chat with somebody like on yahoo and just let them tell you what is going on. I love football but this is just pre-season stuff! They need to know we gotta get BB finished up!!

    3. Ginger , I dont know where you live but here in So. FL the Dolphins game will be on CBS and they have moved BB to channel 33 on Comcast @ 8pm…thank God b/c I didn’t want to miss it tonight. I googled it otherwise I wouldn’t have known…you should do the same.

    4. some post say cw station will carry but not according to the tv guide channel on the net.
      They did show 48 hours on cw last time there was football.

    1. I agree. I dont mind a little pushing and prodding every now and then by production but enough is enough. Jeff is done. It is his time to go.

      1. i agree. i think the mourning process is over and now we have to be resigned to the fact that it’s over.the eye candy is going home. done.
        i am starting to think that his backdooring russ was not such a bad play. the bad play was trusting nat. that is what continues to annoy me. he doesnt realize that she was the brains behind the jessie hulk’s operation. but i still think i hate jessie more than nat if thats possible.

        i hope jordan wins HOH tonight. and mich wins POV.


  5. It will really piss me off if Jordan ignores Jeff’s advice and sticks with her alliance with Gnat instead of sticking with CooCoo until the final2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Michelle wins HOH and Jordan freaks out and believes that CooCoo is targeting her, not Gnat or Kev, and does something really stupid. If Gnat is around next week, we can all thank Jordough for not voting her out. Michelle needs to win both HOH and POV and convince Jordough to stick with her. It would completely exhaust me to try to do all that.

    1. thing is unless the hoh also wins pov they cant target anyone, they are a spectator to the eviction since the pov will take themself off and force the other 2 on the block w/ the pov having the lone vote. but jordumb is dense enough not to realise that.

    2. I agree with you. If Jordan gets HOH (very slim, but still possible, she has a 3 in 1 chance) then she will have Nat and Kev in her ear the whole time and we know how gullible she is. If she wins pov and not on the block and Michelle is, would she use it on her? Jordan is just too wishy washy with who and what she believes. Hopefully, she does listen to Jeff’s advice this time, but only time will tell.

  6. I will finish watching this season. I am still interested in the final outcome, but I will cancel my SuperPass account. There is no need to watch the live feeds anymore. Natalie and Kevin are difficult to listen to. They drive me up a wall, and not in a quirky fun way. You can tell Kevin wants to choke Natalie at times. Good luck Michelle, and bring Jordan with you.

  7. it says this HOH is gonna be big so that pretty much 100% chance that natalie won’t win, michelle got it in the bag and she will most-likely win POV too, kevin don’t trust natalie at all so it’s a huge chance that she will be next to go, floaters don’t deserve to win shit, it;s like a lazy person winning a million dollars in the lottery thats pretty much the equivalence of natalie in the bb house( a lazy person can instigate and lie too)

    1. You’re right, floaters don’t deserve to win. Why not send Jordan out next. What has she done? The answer is nothing! Go Michelle!

      1. Are you kidding? Michelle will win the 500 k with Jordan in final 2 with her. How many votes do you think Michelle would get from Nastys friends if Michelle went final 2 with her? Hell if i was anyone of the hgs right now i would be thinking to take Jordan with me to final 2. Of all that are left in house, Jordan has done the least and i would have to like my chances at the money with her by my side. For all of those who thought Jeff was an idiot…was he really?

  8. You guys are going to have to keep me posted tonight!! I’m in SC and The Panthers are playing on the same channel as BB and the channel chose Panters over BB. I won’t be able to watch BB until 1:37 AM. If I didn’t love the Panters so much…I wouldn’t be too happy about this…but I guess it really doesn’t matter much since Jeff is being voted out anyway… Go Panthers!!!! Bring on some Jake and Steve Smith!!! :)

  9. Jeff’s Big Mistake – Do you think Jeff made a wise decision voting out Jessie with the CDT and putting a major target on his back knowing how strong Jessie’s alliance was? It was a proven fact that Team Jessie were going after Russell for betraying them and Michelle for betraying Ronnie. Do you think it would have been a better move to evict Michelle knowing she was a strong player?

    1. and when they got russel out who do you think would be next? JEFF because he wouldn’t been the next strong player and then they would get out michelle voting out jessie was a smart move anyone would’ve done it( whether jessietards want to admit it or not) voting out michelle with the CDT would’ve done NOTHING for jeff’s team because guess what? team jessie would still be strong and runnin the game and continuing to take out jeff’s team, team jessie was broken soon as he walked out the door so what you just typed didn’t make one bit of sense………….. kevin and natalie got lucky because jeff was already suspicious about russell and they used that and it worked……

      think b4 you post

      1. Jordan keeps going on about how she should have but Kevin up instead of Lydia but her and Jeffro don’t want to admit that betraying their final four alliance with Russell was the hugest mistake they could have made. Now Jeff is paying dearly for it. Can’t wait to see douche leave!!!

    2. and when they got russel out who do you think would be next? JEFF because he would’ve been the next strong player and then they would get out michelle voting out jessie was a smart move anyone would?ve done it( whether jessietards want to admit it or not) voting out michelle with the CDT would?ve done NOTHING for jeff?s team because guess what? team jessie would still be strong and runnin the game and continuing to take out jeff?s team, team jessie was broken soon as he walked out the door so what you just typed didn?t make one bit of sense????.. kevin and natalie got lucky because jeff was already suspicious about russell and they used that and it worked??

      think b4 you post

      1. It seems you didn’t think much either BLANK before you posted either. Jeff’s butt was saved the moment the game began. He would have been voted out first. He was only saved because he couldn’t be voted out. After being in the house with him, they didn’t consider him a threat because he was dumb hick stupid. He probably would have gone to Final 2 and been loved instead of hated. I think he might have won.

        1. yeah i guess they would’ve voted out jeff because he refused to play dirty( which is the actual reason they ousted him from the Athletes) and jessie would’ve been voted out week 2 of there were no “cliques” thats another fact…

    3. Does anyone know if anything took place around 2 today? It seems that fish was on for a long time.
      Jeff is still trying to get nat’s vote and telling Jordan over and over that he is pissed–what he wants to say is convince them to vote you out so I can stay. What a DOUCHE BAG!!! Go have a taste of your medicine!!!!!!! The jury house hgs should take turns pouring it down your throat when you get there! Too bad we can’t watch and clap.

  10. if I was pp boyfirend in real life, I would ask her to marry me and when she says yes I would say only kidding i’m dumping you. Of course that is adfter she gets kicked off the show with nothing.

  11. I wonder if Pigpen could be fired once the producers find out she’s teally a tranny and his name is Nathan???????????????????

    1. Now Randy, you yelled at me for my foolish joking posts and yet you are here doing the same thing. Shame on you. -slaps your fingers with a ruler.

      1. Oh please the nuns did that enough when I was in school – they would get so angry when I would go up to Sister Marie and say “Hey Sister Marie – MY Man!!!!!!! whats’ happenin’???” For some reason they would get so angry!!!!!

        1. LOL i had “Sister Timothy” the principle and she did the same thing to me , thats why they kicked me out, and im not catholic anyways my rich catholic priest uncle payed for me to go, he was pissed at me because i was so bad

    2. Randy, That is sooo funny, but how many trannies walk so manly like a f’ing penguin or like their package is so big they can’t keep their legs together when they walk? Trannies have more pride in their appearance, so it’s an insult to trannies. This hoodrat has too much testosterone. So: she did tai kwan do in GRADE school & won a bronze medal, she hasn’t moved on in life from being a dishonest jerk and a bully with a little man’s complex. Oh, my mistake, she used her brains and business degree to get a job as asst. mgr at a local blockbuster so she could watch more tv and have her dreams fulfilled of being a tv star on BB.

    1. LOL she walks like that because she wasn’t raised by any female she was raised by her father and females who don;t have no females in their lives to model off of they usually model off their father hence her male male characteristics, her bf jason much have gay tendencies to actually want to date a women with 0 female characteristics

  12. I’m so sick and tired of the BB production team coddling to Jeff and Jordan!!!…I could see them coddling Jordan maybe, as she seems to have the I.Q. of a turkey…but Jeff???….Gimmee a break BB production!!! Jeff is the pot calling the kettle black!…He keeps calling Russell a douchebag and a yo-yo. He calls Michelle disgusting names behind her back then smiles in her face. He’s throwing Jor-dough under the bus. He’s so disgusting picking his nose and then eating or while playing cards. How gross he is!!! Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to see the biggest yo-yo of em all (Jeff) leave tonight…I’m afraid that the twist and Kevin’s responsibility isn’t over yet….Remember….Kevin asked the question of himself “what should I do?”….that was unresolved on Tuesday’s episode….before the show ended all the announcer said was is…”Who will be evicted..Jeff or Jordan?”….he didn’t mention the twist again…I guess we’ll have to wait until tonight to see what happens…My feeling is that Jeff never should’ve blindsided and backdoored Russell. He should’nt be talking shit behind people’s backs and then smiling in their faces neither. Some have Jeff on a pedastal as if to say his shit don’t stink….But let me tell you his behavior has not been any better than any of the other houseguests so please stop acting like he’s the Messiah or something! Personally, I’d be delighted if Russell were to come back into the house and for either Jeff or Jordan to leave…In my opinion the show has sucked ever since Russell left and NO Jeff leaving the show will NOT make the ratings go down!…I hope that Jeff leaves tonight. I hope Michelle then wins H.O.H. and then P.O.V. too!!!…Unlike any of the other remaining houseguests, she has it in her to do it. Michelle deserves to win the 500K because she has been playing the game harder than any of the other remaining H.G.’s and yes this includes that douchebag named Jeff!!!….The look on his and Jordan’s face will be priceless once he’s finally sent to the jury house. I can’t wait….Less than two hours now, and Jeff will be going bye bye…..Now what??? :) …And while I’m at it, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT VOTE JEFF AS AMERICA’S PLAYER!!…HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT!

    1. FormerBB11addict you and I are on the exact same page. I totally agree with everything you said. I sometimes think all these Jeff supporters are watching a totally different program than I am.

  13. Did I read back in the comments that one of you said the HGs look upset about something? Also, why did Natalie bring up the coup d let? I don’t have the live feed, that is why I rely on all of you. Also, I am on the west coast, a couple of hours behind you except on BBAD because I have the Showtime East. Are you guys sencing that the HGs have caught wind of something?

  14. BB is on at 1:30 a.m. Mountain Time. Can’t wait till then, will watch it at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime to find out what happened, or come to this page and read what people have reported.

  15. Jeff won’t have a rough time in the jury house. Both Russell and Jessie will point and laugh for ten minutes and they’ll get over it and hug it out like men do. Jessie and Russell both have said they did not have hard feelings.

    Russell voted to keep Jessie and Jessie said he’s vote for Jeff to win if he made it.

    I think once the pressure is off, they’ll all be buds.

    1. Oh Blank. Jeff is going home. I’ll hand you a tissue I stuff my bra with just so you can blow your nose. I really care what you think you Jeff lover.

      1. and it’s not what i “think” it’s a FACT jessie was very bitter when dan walked through the door, didn’t even congratulate him fr or playin a good game last year…… sorry if you can’t admit it

        1. Dan made fun of Jessie on tv. Why would Jessie have anything nice to say about Dan? That makes no sense. Jessie is awesome. He has respect for everyone who plays the game. Dan being the big spaz he is took pot shots at Jessie because he thought he was better.

          1. you just as delusional as chima, when she said jessie had nothing bad to say about anyone when in fact he DID.. i watched BB10 and BB 11 and nowhere did i see him show “respect” for anyone who was in the game….. so where are you gettin this from??

          2. in interviews he even showed how cocky and arrogant he is, no respect at all for anyone in the game, i think you like to make up bullshit to make yourself feel better, thats cool, delusional but cool

          3. thats not why jessie acted that way and you know it, he was still bitter and mad that he got voted out last year….. stop making up shit jessie just another one of the d-bags on bb who got exactly what they deserved

  16. I just can’t believe the Pandora’s box “Twist” was nothing but unlock Kevin so he can get $$ too. I think there is something more to it. Like maybe their votes are equal to the amount of money they gathered. If so, Jeff has a chance, and that isn’t rigged because they all got the amount of $$ they gathered. You have to leave me with some hope!!

  17. On, Julie says there was a hint of something revealed on Tuesday. Russell’s credits?? Picture in color again? Also, after his eviction in an interview, Russell refers to something with Pandora’s Box. He was gone before that. How did he know? I think there is something going to happen tonight. I hope it is exciting and not a let down like Tuesday. How about you?

  18. Stop all the Nat bashing………….he is a great guy……………”sure I know he puts on a dress once in a while” but all in all he is a good guy

    walks like man
    talks like a man

    and he was sure trying to get Jordan in bed ………..LOL

  19. spoiler alert !!! michelle (who has been sleeping off and on all day) wakes up and jeff, kevin and jordan are all standing around her. Michelle has a wet cold rag on here forehead. Michelle whispers “oh my I had a dream and you, you and you were there” (she points first to jeff then kev then jord). Jeff says well we had a nasty comp and one of the props hit you and knocked you out”. Michelle says “well while I was out I dream i won the BB prize. shes goes on to say “but first in my comatose like dream we all (pointing to all of them) had to go through this really hard comp. it involved you Jord trying to find the brain you were missing and you Jeff trying to find the heart you don’t have and you kev well being you are such a coward and always hiding behind one of the stronger and more ruthless females you needed to find some courage to win this game. Jeff looks at jord and says “go on” Michellle continues “well we had to be tormented by an evil witch who looked just like nat. she would torment us as we dangled from the monkey poles ( that was the comp, to hang upside down on a money poles for as long as possible). Michelle takes a deep breath and whispers ” well the witch nat kept saying ” i’m gonna win the 250,000 and take all your prizes my lil prettys”. Michelle says “finally jord got some brains, kev mustered up some courage and jeff you had a heart because all of yous got a bucket of water (which Nat is deathly afraid of) and some soap and threw it at the witch Nat. nat then screamed ” I’m getting clean, I’m getting clean, what a world what a world”. then Nat desolves into a bar of soap. Jeff, Jord and Kev all look at each other and say “oh thats too silly and unbelievable because Nat is not even here anymore. As we did the comp a freak accident happened and a house blew outta nowhere and fell on her”. Alison Grodon suddenly announces over the speaker in her males voice “HG’s Natalie is out of the game as she violated house rules by letting a house fall on her, therefore Jesse the all lpowerful wizard of BB will be coming back to take her place”. Mich, kev, jeff and jord look at each other and first jeff says “well at least I have the heart to fight him”. Kev says” and I have to courage to stand up to him” and Jord says “and I have to brains to out wit him” and Michelle says and as always I have the sweet innocence of well a school girl who happens to have a PHD to sweet talk him”. then the feed cuts to the empty red room.

      1. no effert at all as I am a writer, that is my profession. the monkey referral is the “monkey poles” they had to climb. thanks BBgrandma I read all your coments as well:)

  20. I can just feature how they are going to be laughing when they see Jeff walk into the JH. To think that he was stupid enough to believe K/N and their lies. Wait until he finds out how they played him. He will have a hard time voting for either K/N. He won’t end up with Jordon once this thing is over, because he doesn’t need someone who is even dumber then him. I would love to see BB throw a wrench into the thing tonight and Nat go out the door, but no such luck.

  21. How can Russell or anyone else come back- won’t that leave too many people in the house go get out before the finale Sept. 15?

    1. Maybe Russell will have the power to vote off the next person (Jordan or Jeff) and they do not allow Kevin to have the final say if the votes are split between Nat and Michelle. That would give Jeff and Jordan hope and have consequences for Kevin and Nat since Kevin opened the box and Nat has been running around lying to anyone that will listen to her!

  22. I’m not so sure Pigpen would beat Jordan in a final two – lets see
    Given – Jeff, Michele (who hates Pigpen) and americas Vote go to Jordan
    That means Pigpen would have to get the remaining four votes – tough sell.

  23. any news yet on what is going on? im getting impatient with the outcome. once jeff is gone, the show isnt going to be worth watching. pp and kevin absolutely disgust me with their immaturity!!!!

  24. Up until today I thought Kevin was putting up with these crazy girls out of necessity, but reading his blog today, I realized that he really is “one of the girls”. He talks smack about everyone except Nat and Chima, who he thinks are great people. He says the only thing bad he can say about Nat is that someone should give her a comb. This was his chance to tell us what he really thinks, and as it turns out, all those exasperated looks and rolling of eyes don’t mean he is fed up with PP. Now I want Michelle and Jordan in the final 2, with Michelle winning. To think I used to like Kevin, but this past week I have lost all respect for him.

      1. I really started to like Kevin after the ronnie chest bump. I just can’t believe he puts up with nastalie and participates in her antics. Me no likely no more… Sorry Kev-o, you act as nasty as nastalie.

    1. Just because he doesn’t have the same feelings about someone as you, makes him bad? You’re pathetic!

      Just because you like someone, you think everybody needs to like them and the same vice versa. This is how wars are started, thinking someone has to agree with you, just because you think you?re right. You get a group of people who do agree with you, and you think you need to hammer in the ground, and send out hate messages and hate phone calls. You watch a freaking TV program, and all of a sudden your ass is filled with hate. You need to stand back a bit and look in the mirror. I?m sure your bad habits (without game play), would be enough for you to hate your own self. I can understand if you dislike the way a person portrays themselves, I disliked JR Ewing to an extent, but not the man that played the character. If BB is going to incite people to this much fury and hate, it would be better off if CBS just dropped the show for next season, this shit is ridiculous!

  25. i dont really care if jeff leaves, cause i am kinda rooting for michelle to win ever since jeff’s stupid play. But i think it will now be kinda boring to watch, i mostly enjoyed watching jeff and jordan, i hated watching kevin and natalie, i would prefer her to leave tonight, she really bugs me, but thats not gonna happen, and jeff pretty much put himself on the block ready to go home the minute he decided to trist kevin and nasty natalie.

  26. Btw…I went to bed early was extremely busy at work today and came home and immediately read the last 5 updates…..Is another one coming soon or are we waiting until eviction ceromony??

  27. So far what i see is that all the jeff haters on this site are Russell lovers. I don’t get it. So you say its ok to act the way russell has and that wasn’t worse then the way Jeff acted, your nuts. By far Jeff has more class. The only classy thing russell did was his exit. I did think jeff did the wrong mover and russell would have kept him to final 4. Yes it has caused him to be evicted tonite, thats the dam game, oh well. I’m tired of the people who say they hate jeff but like russell.

  28. I am shocked to see all the hating on Kevin. I can not waite to see Jeff’s exit. The show tried so hard to make Jeff look like the hero and its funny how when others exit Jeff said it was the game now that it is his turn he can not handle it. If you think you can get through this game without lying (we watched Michelle do it often) then you should not watch BB.

    1. when nat won she said revenge for u chima(i so cant wait for michele confuse ass to leaves)..nat got her 1st revenge by jeff going to jury house..jeff thot she would vote to keep him lol lmfao go nbk

  29. I can’t stand Natalie!!!!!!!!! And I’m so sick of her saying she kept her word. This is going to be one long week with her as HOH.

  30. only fairness is for Michele to win. Yes, her talking to herself , giggling and grimacing at nothing is maddening, but she’s had to be a loner and Kevin is a whimp. Letting himself be abused and bossed by that cheap, dirty, lying “teen” , he deserves to go home. HE should have made a deal w/ Jeff or Michele. Natalie has no objections to sending him home and will. Put her in the finals w/ anyone and she will lose. But even second place is too much for her to scam.
    Jesses’ vote isn’t secured, nor is anyone else’s at the House. So how’s she to win?
    Jeff blew it by stupidity. Allowing himself to even consider trusting Natalie ???? Mind blowing. Now we have to hear her chortle when she pulls her pranks and last nite.on and on over getting someone wet….she just would not shut up. ” I hope I get credit for that” in the Diary Room. Wanting to steal the Hawaii vacation and tv. She is so greedy. Surely she has no boy friend. Must be a distant relative………
    The illiterate waitress, her, Kevin the boy man who rolls his eyes and pouts and then shows how dumb he is by taking Natalie along so she can put him up!
    Only thing to make sense would be for Michele to be pitted against Natalie ( unless somehow it can be Jordon and anyone else?) and then the Jurists are so bummed over that teen lie, they refuse to give Natalie the first prize…..she should get zilch for the lie. but CBS approved it???? Go figure.

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