Big Brother 11 Spoilers – All of the house guests are getting ready for the live show tonight …

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3:20pm Big Brother Time: The feeds come back from TRIVIA… Kevin is laying on the bed in the bathroom staring up at the ceiling, while Natalie takes a shower. Michelle is at the dinning room table eating a burger. Jeff is at the kitchen counter dealing out a game of solitaire. Jordan is in the kitchen watching Jeff deal out his cards.No one is talking…

3:30pm – 4:30pm Big Brother Time: Michelle is now in the bathroom brushing her teeth, Jordan goes into the bathroom. Then comes back out and joins Jeff at the kitchen counter. Jeff is dealing out another game of solitaire and eating chips and dip. Jordan sits down and watches him play…Michelle then heads to the pool room, lays in bed sitting up and stares off into the distance. Jeff is telling Jordan “Don’t listen to those fucking assholes. I should have finished them off when I had the chance. Stick with Michele. Natalie’s acting the same way she did with Jessie. Arrogant. She doesn’t have any respect. Jordan asked Jeff for a hug, they hug then Jordan mentions asking to write him a letter …and the feeds cut to FISH. Jordan: I hope you stay. Jeff: It’s not going to happen. She (Nat) is acting the same as she did when she was Jessie’s sidekick. Then said “We should have finished them off.” Jordan: Then Russell would be here. Jeff: and he’d do same thing they did? Pick your poison.. Jeff- i should have got those Fk assholes out when i had the chance. Jeff has scowl on his face and he is playing cards with vigor… Jordan is beside him holding her face in her hands. Jordan says It is going to be so weird. Jeff asks what? not having me here? ya its going to be weird for me too. Jordan says something about it being 2 more weeks. They talk about more prizes and stuff. Jeff says if you can use it to take someone out, take someone out. Michelle is laying in bed in the pool room. Jeff is back to shuffling his cards and Jordan is back to looking bored. No one is talking now … the cameras are just on Jeff playing solitaire and Michelle in the pool room. Michelle then gets out of bed goes into the red bedroom to the dresser …then heads out and to the bathroom…to straighten her hair and get ready …Kevin then comes into the bathroom. Everyone is getting ready for the live show… Jordan is in the bathroom doing Natalie’s hair…

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i will never watch this show again if jeff is out


me too…i cnt even watch todays show!

Nat da Rat

Dun with BB!!! I know a lot of people are gonna stop watching now since Jeff got the boot. Seriously, what a let down this season. I really don’t give a s_ _t what happens now. Why would I want to waste my time watching the bitchy, boring and butt-ugly people now? I’d rather have a chat with Chima while getting set on fire and eating a tub of slop instead!

Va JJ makes the world go round

Please big brother do the right thing and get that Natalie BITCH out of the house!!!


Just heard Big Brother was auditioning in Dallas next week for BB12 to be aired in February.
Can this be true?


i hope so. where did u see that?


WEll I will be reading your page tonight that I do not know already what would happen but I live in Jersey and the stupid Jets have an exhibition game! And of course it is big since it is against the Eagles and their “new” player Vick. So BB is preempted till 10pm (I hope not later!)
Anything cool happens please keep me posted!


damn i really want to watch the show at 8 pm est. damn football!!
is there anywhere to watch it online???



I adore you!


Natalie took a shower? Wow!



REALLY my name is Michele

i like jeff but OMG he needs to tone down that rude remarks. its getting so annoying. he talks about everyone with such hate. im tired of it. if he goes home tonight its his own damn fault. believe me id rather have nat or kevin go home first but i dont even feel sorry for jeff at this point. if he would just put on that cute smile of his and leave it there it would have made all the difference. but nooo….he’s a yo-yo too!…there is said it. but he’s still HOT!…..*smile*


He’s just mad that he is going home and mad at himself for trusting Nat and Kev. He admits he’s a sore loser it’s tough to get that far and go home. I might be just as unreasonable in that situation. who knows….

REALLY my name is Michele

hahaha! nat took a shower! not enough soap in the world can wash off her vile evil gross disgusting ways!!


damn BB


If Jeff goes home tonight, I’m done with BB….I can’t stand Natalie and Kevin, Natalie talks about the other side being evil and she’s so conceited I can stand her…if her or Kevin wins, BB might as well pack it up….


it’s really sad that things turned out this way. i was so looking for a f4 with jeff,jordan,michele, and russell with jeff and russ in the f2. jeff believed the lml which causes his alliance to be dismantled. yet, he stil believes the lml and he has not acknowledge the fact that nat and kev could have been lying to him about russell. now we have a f4 with people that have no integrity(nat seems to think that she mas morals), no conscience, immature and self serving and will stop at nothing to win. i just hope that michele and jordan can pull this off and hurry up and get rid of nat. no one stands a chance to win against her for jury votes. if nat goes to the final 2, this will be a sad day in bb history to me and jeff can only blame himself. but, maybe things are turning out the way that they were supposed to.


I know that nat is gross and all but i dont think she even compares to how gross adam was from season 9…still cant believe he won..but any GO MiCHELLE


What the heck is Nataliar wearing? That shirt looks like it came straight off of her sewing machine with material from the curtain section in the 80’s. Also, I read Kevin’s blog from the HOH and I have lost so much respect for him. I think that he has morphed into Natalie. Their meaness is not even gameplay, its just rotten. I hope Kevin’s boyf is ashamed of this “new” Kevin…unless of course this is the real thing and he just waited for Nasty Nat to join in with him. Either way, get of LA quick when this is over, Nat & Kev, you wouldn’t last a minute without the cameras and security!


I lost respect for him when he teamed up with Natalie instead of joining with j/j/m….. and yeah, when I read his blog, I thought the same thing. He is totally different now that he was in the very beginning.

REALLY my name is Michele

hey!! for the people who cant watch bb cuz of football u can watch it here….

bboi doesnt show anything it is another chat room


hmmm its working for me I just tried it


Julie just said it, tonight the game WILL tear them apart. referring to Jeff and Jordan


I don’t understand how any of the houseguests can believe that Nat is only 18. BB lets her drink with the other HG’s which is illegal in the State of CA. There is no way CBS would risk their license just to let the creepy girl drink. Don’t any of the house guests have brains. Also a couple of weeks ago she said that the top score for the SAT was 1600 when she took it– the last HS class that was under the old SAT rules was the class of 2004. Doesn’t anyone do the math in the house, or are they all missing a few too many brain cells?


I can’t believe that no one picked up on Nat’s lie about her age! She mentioned about playing poker in Las Vegas and you have to be 21 to do that! How come no one picked up on that!?! Not very smart HG’s this season I guess.


I’ll still watch but I wont be entertained. There is no twist tonight Jeff is going home!!! I am very upset about that! I hope as he is walking out they do they lock down thing…Like with Ryan and his partner…LOL and that they showed Russell Nataliar’s LML and he gets an eviction vote and votes out Nataliar… This is my wish.but if they do bring him back for an eviction vote he’ll choose to vote Jeff out!


Did anyone notice Russell’s picture in the credits? Black and White or Color?


I just looked, his picture was black and white.
I don’t think anything “weird” is going to happen. So far Julie has not mentioned at all about a “twist”.


Thank you for the update. Keep me posted, please!!!!


It is such bull that Natalie and Kevin made it that far. They don’t disserve it, and I can tell that this shows going to lose alooooooot of ratings.


Jeff plays Russ and people think its great gameplay… Jeff gets played and people revolt, and the show loses ratings and will go under. Too funny… Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

ex jeff fan

getting out russ was horrible gameplay


Uh, the main reason people are pissed is because he is going home when he disserves the 500k



Up All Night

See ya Jeff, you’re out of here.


hahahahahaha…..u people make me laugh. I am not going to watch any more shows if Jeff is evicted. Boo Hoo Hoo!!! Yet it would be perfectly fine if somehow BB rigged it so he could stay? Hey I was upset that Russel got evicted but I am still watching. And by the way… if it wasn’t for the game play of Jeffy and Jordough, Nat would have been gone as well as Kevin and Lydia next. Remember the final four deal with Russ? Should have stuck to it. Hindsight is a bitch eh? And don’t forget the dumbass alliance decided to ally with Nat and Kevin because they bought into the lie and chose to believe them…even though it was an obvious desperate attempt…that worked! Yeah lets reward Jeff for being that stupid and feel sorry for him and cry a river when his ass is out the door. If you don’t want to watch any more that is truly devastating to the rest of us. Get over it J/J lovers and get therapy if you feel it would help…..


I’m through…. not listening to her mouth anymore. ugggghh, I just threw up in my mouth.


LMFAO, LMFAO, LMFAO. Jeff goes home and Natalie wins, HOH. Ya’ll got played suckers. I was counting on Natalie to win the HOH that matters, HAHAHA.


um…and by the way Drew what in the blue blazes makes you think he ” deserves” the 500k???? Exactly what did he do to deserve it in your opinion?? Maybe his flirting with Jordon all game appeals to you but that isn’t the reward for making it to the end. It is supposed to be about game play and as it turns out his game play sucked. He made ONE good play in the game ( with America’s help of course) and since than he turned into a foul mouthed arragant ass wipe. Yeah SURE he deserves the 500K in your opinion right? No…. he got got. He deserved to got got. Try and get over it ok??

deborah grimes

will thats the end of this season i cant stand that they let the cheater win ,pigpen knew the ansress to the cans because of the chess broad they are hiding ,so bb gave her the win i am done see ya next year MAYBE


Nice how only ‘floaters’ are left now – and none of them deserve the money – they didn’t do a thing to ‘earn’ the money!….what a waste of a summer watching this season! It was played backwards! Oh well!


we still have m/j. mich has played good, she has done it all on her own.


It’s official! I’m wearing Black tomorrow! 🙁


Natalie said she won HOH and it was for Chima! She might have well said “f u CBS!” I would rather the show be rigged than to hear what Smutalie has to say from here on out because that’s not entertainment. I DO hope she turns on Kevin now……… but I’m done with CBS now. And you know, she did do all of this by keeping her word…… yeah, right…….


cbs is reaching as far as they can go to keep people watching for that mistery door saying it will change the game it’s to lead us un to continue waching.


TFB: for CBS. I’m watching a repeat of Bones tonight. I can’t bear to see Natalie and Kevin’s disgusting faces!


the only way i will continue watching is if they bring back jeff….pandora’s box isn’t over…it has to be that!!


Can’t believe PP won the competition and she came up from the rear, almost like a set up. Still rooting for Michelle. Nat and Kevin are turning me off to the show, makes me want to stop watching but I hang in with high hopes.