Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Nat asks Jessie what he’s gonna say when Julie asks him about getting beat up by an 18yr old girl?

Laura Big Brother 11Big Brother 11 Nat and Jessie

3:20pm Big Brother Time: Natalie telling Jordan that Braden blew it. Said he’s just givng up and there are still 3 days to go. Natalie would never give up. Jessie teasing Natalie about having her mic, picks her up like he’s going to throw her in the pool. Big Brother says: “Natalie, please put on your microphone! Nat asks Jessie what he’s gonna say when Julie asks him how he felt getting beat up by an 18-year-old girl. Casey says sarcastically that he was surprised to hear her apologize to Big Brother for not having her mike. Big Brother 11 Lydia
Jessie, Natalie, and Laura on the patio. Laura talks about the number of “sugar” in the yogurt again. “That yogurt has 43 sugars, and the one I have at home only has 5 sugars.” Casey joins the crew. Jesse turns to Natalie and tells her that he thought about making her his wrestling partner. Sorry that just can’t work out. Sorry I’m beat, he says. “At least you know,” Nat replies. Nat tells Jordan to stay in the pool, because they’re going to play keep away. Jordan wants to come out. Casey says he’s indebted to them (the Athletes) this week because he’s safe. Jessie/Nat flirting as Jessie eats….Nat suggests playing “Keep Away” in pool. Jesse does a flip into the pool bb responds with ‘jesse knock it off.” Laura offers to get drinks as Jessie/Braden eats outdoors. Nat still interested in playing games in pool…hounds them about playing MARCO POLO….says she’s a lifeguard by night, and Jesse responds, “but it’s day!” Natalie is working hard to get Jeff back in the fold. It seems to be working, as Jeff and Jessie tease each other, and are actually laughing.

3:50pm Big Brother Time:
Casey dancing with pink innertube on. Nat really is acting like she’s “18” in pool. Most HG’s either in pool/sunning. Jesse/Nat wishes they had a football, tennis ball, When Nat sings, BB tells her to stop & Russ says, “Thank you. Thank God!” China & Casey in the kitchen, teasing about ppl leaving things in jordanplaces where no one can find it. Casey says wife does it all the time. Michele in pool with Nat. Chima and Braden, in the bathroom. Braden says that the game started hard this year, everyone coming after on another. In the kitchen, Ronnie spills the beans about Natalie not really being 18. Jordan he wants her to win. Jordan says if I don’t win, I hope you win. Jesse called to DR. Nat still stirring up activity. Jordan/Ronnie inside whispering. They both say, “I love you….hope you win!” Both tired of laying out. Jordan worried about cellulite. Chima says Jordan darker than she is. Jorday says her Mom is part-indian. Jeff joined them. Jeff working out with Jordan, she wanting to work out 30 mins. They decide her machine isn’t working. She’s walked 30 secs. & says she’s already tired.
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Ronnie told Laura that Michele said that after the team splits, Michele wants Laura out, because she’s too nice. Laura says she wants to ask Michele about it to see if she really said it, or if Ronnie is lying. Kevin asks how she would do that and be discreet. Laura says she doesn’t know. Laura talking to Kevin about her boyfriend being an electrical engineer for Sisco….doing cable boxes. Sell systems to big cable companies. Laura thinks her dream job would be in business/marketing/real estate….but really doesn’t know. Commercial real estate, maybe, but wants to finish her degree. Get real estate license in Atlanta….but is up in the air. Kevin likes ad agency work…or creative dept….like a creative director. Laura says she does easy work that pays well, and wants to expand that. “You know, having my own girls,” not any agency…I want to be my own boss.?jessie-and-ronnie
4:30pm Big Brother Time: Ronnie and Jessie were just in the exercise room with the door shut. Ronnie was saying how She told him that no offense but the second were aren’t on the same team I am voting you out. (talking about Michelle ) Suddenly they break up the conversation and leave the room. Jordan was laying on the living room couch when Ronnie comes through. They go into the doom room and Ronnie tells Jordan what he was telling Jessie in the exercise room. He says Michele can’t do anything to me since they are on the same clique and he says Michele can’t beat him. They are whispering so it’s hard to hear. Then the conversation breaks up. Ronnie head to storage room. Jordon goes outside and sits by Casey. He tells her to walk off her stress. Somebody is playing pool in the distance. Laure and Kevin still talking over on the other side of they yard. In the bathroom, Lydia and Chima are talking. Lydia is telling Chima about her past relationship that didn’t go well and she is having a tough time getting over it. She thought she would spend her life with him.
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