Big Brother 11 Spoilers – More fighting… Lydia says Braden called her a

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1:15pm Big Brother Time: Braden tells Nat and Russ that he knew before POV that he was going up. They ask him if it was Ronnie. Braden isn’t answering…says it was ESP…4 or 5 people. They keep pushing him to say who. JordanFeeds change to Jeff confronting Lydia. Lydia mad that Jeff ate tuna instead of defending her. Tells him to not have Jordan fight his battles and defend him. Jeff saying he didn’t know she was going up. Kev jumps in and says he did. Back on the tuna thing. Jeff says he didn’t know he had a chance to defend Lydia. He swears that he didn’t know he was missing a chance. He’s trying to make Lydia understand she didn’t know she was going up. Lydia and Kev still yell at him that he knew she was going up and he didn’t tell. Jeff says names were mentioned. Jeff says 5 people were mentioned and he was only in the convo for only a few seconds. Lydia keeps saying Jeff didn’t make enough effort to defend her. Jeff swears to go on his mother that he didn’t know she was going up. Keep going back and forth. Lydia says he didn’t defend her…Jeff saying he didn’t know what going up. Kevin keeps jumping in.

Kevin and Braden continue to argue. Kevin says Jeff is chilling with a bigot. Jeff says he told Braden that that wasn’t cool. Lydia now yelling at Jeff about being cool with Braden. Jeff says he didn’t tell him that the comment was wrong and “what did you want me to do? drown him?” Lydia says Braden called her a skank, BLANKĀ and BLANK. Now all 3 yelling about the same stuff over and over. Lydia to Jeff: I’m not mad at you. I hate you. Kev and Big Brother 11 LydiaLydia yelling at Jeff for not showing them something with his actions. He says he did. Now Kev yelling that Jeff doesn’t talk to him. Jeff says he thought they were cool.

1:30pm Big Brother Time: Jeff yells at Lydia and tells her she sold everyone out to save herself. Kevin yells at Jeff that he’s going to go hang out with Braden. Jeff asks what he’s supposed to do..alienate Braden? Jeff says he just came in to defend Jordan and that he was on team Lydia and his actions showed that. “I don’t lay and hug people just because of a game. You know my actions are true.” Lydia says shes done with this and “Lydia is closed for the rest of the goddamn day” She goes into HOH. Jordan is in the bathroom with Chima, Ronnie and Laura. They tell her its OK. She is upset because she says when other people fight, her name gets dragged into it. She says she gets dragged in because she talks to people…that people are too scared of the group “up there” (Jessie’s group) to stand up for themselves.

1:45pm Big Brother Time: Braden comes into HOH and tries to apologize for the beaner comment. Kev and Lydia refuse to listen and walk out of HOH. (Lydia/Jordan FIGHT) Nat says she’s cool with him. Jessie too. Jordan goes downstairs and starts screaming at Jordan. Jordan is upset…says she hasn’t done anything. Lydia leaves, Jordan runs after her and screams at her not to say she doesn’t talk to her that she always talks to her. They are loudly screaming at each other. Jordan: I should not be thrown in the middle just because I talk to Jeff! I did not do one BLANKĀ thing to you! Lydia suddenly stops yelling and tells Jordan to stop “I’m talking, you’re yelling.” (very sarcastically said) Kevin trying to calm things down…Jordan still upset and tired of being blamed. Lydia apologizes. Kevin says if she goes and hangs out with Braden that it means she condones that type of action (the racist stuff). Braden is in HOH relating the fight from his point of view. He says he started trying to be calm with Lydia.

Big Brother 11 fightJordan fighting

1:55pm Big Brother Time:
Jordan is in the hammock alone, crying hard. Braden is still talking to Jessie and Nat in HOH. Jessie says Braden won them over (being nice) and that’s what scared them. Jessie telling him why he nominated him. Jordan is still crying in the hammock. Jeff and Casey are on the backyard couches. Casey suggest Jeff go listen to music in HOH. Jeff says it would backfire “Jeff’s listening to the headphones! He’s an asshole!” He laughs. Jeff calls Kev over. Kev apologized for blowing up on him. Now talking about how this sucks for Jordan and she didn’t do anything. Jeff says again that he didn’t now about the nomination. Kev says he believes him.

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Braden was justified for his actions, even though they may have been irrational. Lydia was on his team but was able to sell him out in a heartbeat to the other team. I would have described her as even worse than those names!


thank god that dumbass braden is gone. lets go team russ, jessie, chima, nat, ronnie , lydia, and kevin. Everyone else …pack your shit up


Are you frickin serious? That Natalie has a mouth that runs 24/7 and she acts even less mature than the 18 years she lied about. And I can’t even go there about moronic Ronnie- the stereotypical geek that drove everyone crazy in High School, Chima is not much more likable. Jessie, Kev and and Lydia DO have some redeeming qualities but they will self-destruct soon.