Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jesse has Big Dreams to Star in the WWE, “I got the physique and charisma”


5:00pm Bathroom Chima, Lydia, Michelle and Laura. Lydia is doing her hair, general chit chat about food. They’re complaining about running out of steak and eggs and wondering if they will get more once there gone. Laura complaining about being lazy enough as it is, why is everyone saying stuff about her getting fixed up all the time. At least it gives her something to do.
5:00pm Backyard Ronnie, Casey and Natalie. Ronnie is talking about his evenings with his wife and how important it is to marry your best friend. He says if your going to be with someone your entire life you better really enjoy being with them…… Natalie comments taht she doesn’t know how to do her makeup like the other girls, as a fighter she never got into it. She’ll go get her hair and make up done for a special event but thats about it.


5:10pm Patio Jeff, Jesse and Braden. Jeff is telling them about his parents and grandparents which both of which are dead. He tells them he has 4 brothers in the suburbs of Chicago and his parents are still happily married.
Just general chit chat…. Jesse tells them he use to dream about being a WWE Wrestler. Jeff tells him its a great idea and he should keep that dream alive, “Don’t stop working at it”. Jessie thinks he can appeal to the masses in the WWE, “My physique is easier to maintain because I’m shorter”. Jeff than brings up the fact that Jesse is all natural and thats a good role model for young guys. Jesse nodes his head yup…Braden asks him if he has a manager helping him out, Jesse says no.

5:30pm Kevin and Lydia. They are talking about the fight earlier on. Lydia brings up about how he tried to say that he had Mexican friends. Kevin scoffs, “BULLSHIT”. Lydia thinks all racist say that just to hide their hate. she says they think there alowed to say racial slurs if they have a minority friend. Kevin says that he did apologize to Jordan. Lydia says she did too but she is not going to apologize to Jeff



5:35pm Backyard Jeff and Casey. They are talking about how in the heat of the moment, everything you have told someone can come out. Casey tells Jeff you have to be really careful around here when you lose your temper cause everyone is watching. Casey says
trust is a commodity around there and its worth alot. Jeff agrees and think that people are playing to much into details, “I don’t feel the need to tell every little detail about everything” Casey says he does not want to know everything, that we he doesn’t have to lie when asked.

Casey tells Jeff he feels like he can tell him something without it being told in the heat of the moment. Jeff tells him that there are some real
fucking morons in the house that talk too much. Casey says yesterday he told Kevin and Lydia to shut up and don’t talk so much to people.
They both agree that Lydia is a time bomb and that they can’t trust her at all. Cassey says to Jeff that he was on jeffs side of the argument. Casey says that during the conversation Lydia kept saying “if it was Jordans you would have told her” Casey wanted to say “shut the fuck up, you are aren’t Jordan”. Jeff “I feel like i’m taking crazy pills in here with these people”. Casey says the BB house is kinda like his school, when I see a kid take a pencil out of someone’s desk and I question them about it. The student always denies taking the pencil, they think if they say it long enough that it is true.

Jordan enters

They start rehasing the fight earlier. She says she’s been crying all day. Ronnie storms through the backyard declaring that he is getting a proper mohawk done by Lydia, “legit Mohawk! like down to the skin!” Casey leaves. Jordan explains her argument with Lydia and Jeff tells her he is sorry she had to go through all this. Jordan starts rubbing his legs while they talk about todays fights. They believe that they still have Casey on their side but things are going to get tough now that Braden is most likely leaving. They are both agreeing that Lydia is jealous of Jordan. Lydia: ” none of the girls will talk to me when Lydia is nearby” Jordan wonders if they are going to survive.. Jeff says he’s talking to Jesse more so he thinks people are going to like them more. He also brings up that everyone knows they are together so there is no secrets there. Jordan agrees and brings up Diane and Drew in Season 5 making it to final 3. Jordon hopes its ronnie, jeff and her in the final three but she will kill Jeff if he picks her over Ronnie. Jeff: “oh shut up.. you are my only friend. why would I kick you out over someone else”


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