Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Let the Scheming begin, Kevin thinks Production Prevented him from Winning HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:35pm Red Room Natalie and Kevin. Kevin explaining to her how pissed he is at Production right now. He was so far ahead of the other players and they kept mentioning, “Kevin is ahead…Kevin is ahead” That made all the other players hustle more.. He goes on to tell her after Jeff got in the lead production stopped pointing out that he was in the lead.. Kevin really doesn?t think it fair. Kevin tells her he would of won but Russell “Shut me down” for one minute (the game allowed people to freeze their opponents for one minute Golden pop can) Kevin says Russell would of never picked me if production hadn?t made such a big deal about it.

Natalie tells him now is the time for them to make their move and offer Jordan and Jeff a final 2 agreement. She says they can us the argument that Michelle and Russell are not trustworthy. Kevin sys they should wait until after the nominations. Natalie thinks they should bring it up sooner. hey go over nominations they are certain Russell will be nominated but Jeff might put Kevin up as a pawn. Kevin tells her that next week will be endurance it always is after the double eviction. Kevin is certain that Jeff will want Russell out this week because he’s the only one that could be Russell in endurance but he can’t play because he’s this week?s HOH. Natalie looks at it the other way saying Jeff might be closer than we think to Russell and he might want Russell to stick around to ensure Russell win HOH for J/J/R. Natalie thinks they need to start working Jeff telling him how big of a liar Russell is. Natalie says she’s going to bring up all week that Kevin voted against her so the others think her and Kevin are not a team. She swears her allegiance to Kevin, listing off the houseguests that she has never betrayed.
Natalie thinks that beside one of them winning this is the best case scenario for them. She believes if Russell won he would of put us both up, if Michelle would of won she would of put Russell and Natalie up.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:40pm Splish splash brief shot of Michelle, Jordan and Russell. They are talking about out of the 3 alcohol drinker in the house 2 are have nots this week. Michelle “so guess who will be drinking all the alcohol… Jeff!” Jordan laughs says it?s about time. Michelle asks Jordan how well does she think she would of done in the comp… “it was wicked tricky” Jordan doesn’t know it looked really hard.

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Randy Wolfgang

I think Nat the skank and Kevin have the nominations wrong – I think they are both going up


Simon, when are you going to flip to Team Michelle? This is your official invitation, haha!


I’ll reserve a spot for you when it gets down to final 2, you deserve it because of all the blood sweat and tears you’ve put in just updating tonight! Thanks for the great fun here!

Dawn D

Resist the temptation Simon! Bemoaner is just a schemer LOL! I still love J/J, but for some reason I really like Kevin and Russell too. Either of those 4 would be okay. Michelle, would be disappointing but not a horrible outcome. I just don’t want Gnat to win. If Michelle wins, how will she ever manage interviews? She won;t be able to answer any questions because she won’t remember anything!


LOL! I bet she’ll remember how to deposit $500K in her bank account! And yhou say schemer like its a bad thing…


Jeff needs to make a deal with Kevin and Nasty. Then tell Jordan and Michelle that he wants Russell out. Then he has a deal with all 4 and he should be safe next week when he can’t play for HOH. Then it’s gloves off. He controls his fate from there on out. And I think it’s hilarious that Kevin is bitching about it being unfair. Can’t anybody be a gracious loser anymore?

Randy Wolfgang

‘Can?t anybody be a gracious loser anymore?’

Haven’t you read some of these postings????


boo hoo cry baby Kevin. He better stop listening to Natalie and go and tell Jeff that Natalie was lying and save his behind. Natalie already knows she is safe with Jeff and Jordan as they trust her.


I agree about the nominations. Jeff will nominate Kevin and Natalie. If he decides to turn on Russell or Michelle, it will be a back door. No need to tip his hand to his own “team” if he decides to break off the final 4


I love Jeff and like Jordan and I hate to say this but I’m not sure if Jeff can beat her in the end. He probably wouldn’t beat Natalie or Kevin either. I think the only 2 he has a chance of winning against if he makes it to the final 2 are Russell or Michelle. If he really wants to have a chance at winning he should make sure for sure that he keeps those two in the house.


I dunno, I think if Jeff and Jordan made it to final 2, Jeff would get more votes. He’s played more of a game. I don’t think Jordan is QUITE as stupid as people think, I mean, she picked the right guy, and she’s won a couple of comps now….but let’s face it, even when Jeff was pissing people off, he was trying to make peace too. They might not want to vote for him, but I don’t think anyone in the house feels like Jordan deserves a win.


I agree, which is why I think Michelle could take Jordan to final 2 and use the coat tails argument against her. Ditto for Jeff, except use the Coup D’Etat to remind the jury how much they hate Jeff. I think her chances against Russell are more difficult, but she could still win by listing all the comps she won, no strong alliances, fought all the way, etc.

jesse speaks

Jordan won ONE comp and Jeff gave her one. He would have easily won if he had wanted HOH. He had only a 78% shot to win and he is a golfer.


i think he will beat jordan because:
jesse-wont give it to a girl that he thinks hasnt done anything
russ-against all girls becuase he hates the girl power thing
michelle-crushin on jeff
natalie-jeff because she keeps getting closer and closer with him and also it will make jesse mad
kevin-crushin on jeff and respects that he earned it
lydia-jeff because she hates jordan

richard winters



i’m not sure calling michelle a “villian” scored big points with her…..if she ends up siding with russell i’ll be shocked

Mr. E

Michelle backstabbed Russell the same day she made this last deal…


Oh no, now we get to listen to Kevin whining and boohooing and more whispering by Nat!!!!!! LOL


kevin has every right to complain about what happened with the production staff… it was unfair… but still he is going to have to deal wih it so he needs to go up to jeff and jordan and say i never trusted natalie i was just there cuz i was with lydia and that russell needs to go next to save himself and maybe hopefully he can get in a triple alliance with jeff and jordan…


You could also say it was unfair to add Jessie back to the house…since the first HoH was an endurance comp, of COURSE the athletes will have the advantage. There’s lots of things you could call unfair.

jesse speaks

SOOOOO right. 8 million people unfairly gave Jeff new life. Jessie unfairly put Casey and Braden up with no chance to save themselves after unfairly being put in the game. Then he was unfairly put up w/o a chance to lie his way off. Sounds like a game based on onfairness and lies???? But what a game!!!

Great job tonight Simonia…quick and correct. Donation is coming…I have not forgot. How is your Mom?

jesse speaks

More Roman…Simonicus

Evel Russ

I agree. Honestly, seeing how much they have been involved lately, I think that production was backing Jessie from the start (which could have explained his seemingly irrational hatred of Laura), but when they saw how pissed people were and how the public liked Jeff they decided to drop Jessie for Jeff.
That said, it makes me wonder how much production has interfered in past seasons. Was Dr. Will all he was cracked up to be or did he have help? How about Mike Boogie or Dan? These people (and others) always seemed to be more intuitive than those around them about what was really going on. It’s curious.






DO YOU WANT MORE??????????????????????????????????????????????


I am looking forward to the day that we no longer have to look at Natalie’s smug face!!!!
Disappointed that she did not go home-Lydia was a ridiculous idiot, but Natalie is just plain ole unlikeable.


Can you imagine the jury house if Gnat goes next week with Jessie the dickhead and Lydia the pathatic excuse for a First question Gnat says is how many times have you had him?lol


I agree – I can’t stand Natalie – and can’t believe people think she is 18 — pleeeeeeze. No one has figured it out – c’mon she had booze and production didn’t say anything – that should have been a BIG RED FLAG. I hope she doesn’t make it to final four – ugh!!!! Go Team Jeff! That dude is soooooooo funny – love him! Can’t wait to see pictures of his family — and hear him read the letter from home!!!!

Evel Russ

I’ll be happy if I just don’t have to hear her speak anymore. That slightly nasally yet whiny voice is just grating.
Although, not having to see her anymore is a close second.

Love BB

Jeff shouldn’t make a deal with Kevin & Nat because that’s who Jessie & Lydia are going to vote for. Best bet is for him to get them out…WHY DIDN’T THEY GET RID OF KNAT????


whoever thinks he should make a deal with kevin and natalie haven’t watched closely , neither one of them are every goin to go to the other side at leats not truthfully jeff and jordan saving natalie this week was dumb dumb dumb but at least they still took out one of their side , not they need to finish the job


I am officially renaming Natalie ….Her new name is “Nuggett” that little turd left in the bowl that no matter how many times you flush it never goes away.


Love the nickname, let us hope it catches

Evel Russ

Love the name, couldn’t agree more. Laura definitely gave us something to watch.


production seems to be getting involved a lot this year (i maybe wrong) but should it not be a game the house guest play and not cbs? What is wrong with letting Kevin win? At east we see another side. and we know production was tell j n j not to back door russ SO THEY NEED TO STOP


I was wondering about that too! I heard Jordan say that the DR was trying to convince her not to back door Russel. That is not right! I have watched every season….and if thats how this game is then I don’t know if I want to watch it. it isn’t reality, it’s made up…..wondering what’s real and what’s not?


How do you know?


i so agree. has cbs had this much input before or am i now just realizing that this has been going on on every season? who the heck is playing this game? i think we are having more fun on this blog then any of the contestants.




This site rocks thank you


Kevin would have been smart to claim he didn’t vote for Natalie to leave and that he voted for Lydia. J/J/M already suspect that Russell had something going with Gnasty If Kevin made it look like Russell once again lied about his vote then J/J/M would almost certainly believe that Russell is lying again and would get him out. I don’t want Russell out, nor do I want J/J/M to veer from their final 4 agreement, but I’m just surprised Kevin missed this opportunity to put some nails in Russell’s coffin.


Because production wants to get the unpopular characters out. BB isnt worth watching anymore. Its so staged at this point. They bend over backwards to get the fan favorites further in the game. I used to like the competition and how anything could happen. But events always seem rigged, diary room stuff is so coached and they try and trick people into doing things. Will be done after this season for sure.

Dustin Thawind

When does the HOH usually get their room? I’m tired but I want to see Jeff get his stuff and read his letter.


They need cameras in the jury house.


Okay Jeff time to get rid of Kevin. He almost won tonight but has been coasting along with his team and trying not to be a target. Boo Hoo Kevin life is not fair, get over it. Jeff needs to stay with Jordan, Russ, and Michelle to the final 4. After you get Kevin out go for Gnat, by the time gnat gets to the jury house Lydia will already be pregnant with Jessie junior. Lydia was a joke she was so mad at Jessie and he was in for hell when she gets to the jury She has probably already jumped his bones twice before she said hi and please treat me like shit some more.
Jeff stay with your team and don’t deviate. Kevin has played the loveable person and friend to all the girls and they will vote him to win. Kevin get a backbone and play the game.


russell is such a liar and thinks others are too stupid to see through him…..well maybe he s right. watching afterdark its like all that thumping and hitting the wall wasn t a stragic move ‘// just the way he runs. even pop s says sooo w l f


Why is everyone hating on natalie?


because she is a liar and we are tired of seeing her picking her nose, never bathing, waddling around, and being fake.


Who are the 2 people in that picture on the side of this site in the shower?. I can’t figure it out!.


Jeff is sooooo adorable and i’m so glad he won HOH… he definitely deserved it!!! Jeff & Jordan oughta be final 2… and the rest of them i don’t care when they get out. Nat should preferably go next, she’s becoming intolerable to watch!!! Go Jeff & Jordan 😀


Jeff is sooooo adorable and i?m so glad he won HOH? he definitely deserved it!!! Jeff & Jordan oughta be final 2? and the rest of them i don?t care when they get out. Nat should preferably go next, she?s becoming intolerable to watch!!! Go Jeff & Jordan 😀


It would be so nice if from now on-no more scheming, backstabbing and lying. Compete and win HOH and POV and then you will deserve the half mil.

I dislike Nat and Kevin, and I am beginning to like Russel more and more as the days go by.

I think t he learned a lot from Jeff and acted way better than I would have if Michelle had done to me what she has done to him twice now.

He was a gentleman. he needs to stay away from her from now on.

I would like to see both Russel and Jeff final two.
Jordan can go tell her big Texas stories and her poo stories to her girlfriends back home. I don’t think they are funny at all-certainly not something you tell on national TV.
But she already told Jeff that she will be pissed if he does not pick her for final two.
My only hope is that she gets voted out before. It’s just a game-so may the better man or woman win!!!!!


I just hope we don’t have to listen to another week of should we back door Russell or should we keep him. I wish Jeff and Jordan would wake up and see that Natalie and Kevin are lying to them. I would like to see those final four stick together and not listen to the other two. They also said Michelle is a nut case so I hope they don’t believe her trash talking.


LOL wouldn’t it be funny to find out that production was “guiding” the game because Chima threatned some form of action aganist the network if Russ wins, because she hated him so much.


“Yes your Honor, I do believe that I should recieve a portion of the prize money because Russ tormented me causing me anguish and undue stress. I alsow hold the network responsiable for stating I was Fired when in fact I quit, this too has created anxiety, stress, and anguish. Now that Russ has won I have been made a joke of by the network. I demand to be compensated.

“Ma’am I did watch the show and witnessed your behavior myself. You are intitled to no money. You on the other hand are required to pay the $4000 for the Mic pack you distroyed and any and all penilities, fines, and charges that are in your contract for non compliance and non fulfillment of your contract. You need serious therapy and a long list of medications.”


-The spawn of Lidia – baby Kevin- give him a bottle and be done with it-make sure u burp him tooo.


I couldn’t be happier to hear that Jeff won HOH tonight. If I were him, I’d try to backdoor Russell this next round. Kevin & the gnat are definitely going up & if R wins the POV, I think they’ll probably send Kevin home. K hasn’t made any enemies and is a good guy with a good sense of humor. I’m team J/J all the way. Just love those Chicago boys and how can you not like Jordan? I know I shouldn’t want her to win because she wants the money for all the right reasons and she needs it the most……but….she’s such a down to earth sweet girl & she has the biggest heart of anyone in that house. She did great in the POV tonight. I was surprised that Michele with her lame memory did as well as she did…hmmm 😉


I’m done I never get posted


If Jeff doesn’t get rid of Russell this week, he’s an idiot. Whoever gets him out is going to win this game.


exactly..if the next comp is endurance then russell would most likely win and take jeff out, but if michele wins theres a better chance that she will keep j/j


Oh please that is total BS. Kevin wouldn’t be complaining if he won. Some of the poor sportsmanship of Nat, Lydia, and Chima is just rubbing off on him.

Plus this is CBS game, they can do whatever they wanted. If they wanted to hand pick who was HoH each week, I’m sure there is nothing saying they can’t.


Ok Kevin has been hanging with Chima too long.

Big Brother cost millions of dollars to produce each year, the games are pre-determined.

Why was no one saying that production was favoring Jeff and his crew the first 4 weeks, when the laughing hyena, the muscle head, the sewer rat, the dancing clown and the whining freak were winning everything and picking the backyard alliance off 1 by 1.

You all should know, (Well if you actually watched any of Big Brother seasons), that every year there is a game altering twist. This year it was coup d’etat, and was not the first time coup d’etat was the twist.

If the coup d’etat landed in the other sides hands they would have thought it was fair and continued to laugh and pick the backyard alliance off.

However, in usual fashion, america votes to give gifts, the special powers and the jury prize money to people that either actually like, or the people that are the under dogs.

Jeff andf his alliance the first 4 weeks certainly met both of those qualifications.

Maybe America actually likes Jeff/Jordan because anyone with good people skills can see that they are good people outside of the house. It is just very apparent

Anyone saying that Jeff/Jordan have not won anything are watching a different show then me.

Jeff won POV and took himself off the block, he dealed the HOH to Russel, it was very apparent that Jeff would have outlasted Russel if he did not make a deal, because when they got off Russel could hardly walk, he kept his sweat shirt on for over 2 hours because he was shaking so bad. While Jeff waltz into the shower and came oiut looking ok with only a little complaining about a black and blue on the back of his leg.

He threw the next HOH to Jordan. And now he won this one.

The favorites and the nice people have not won many Big Brothers, so all your theories don’t hold water.

Jordan has now won her own POV, so she is not completely void of winning.

As for Ratalie and Lydiot, they still have not won a thing. And Kevin has still not been on the block, they should give him a taste of it this week.

I just hope next year if Big Brother Returns and I certainly hope so, I have been a loyal fan, I hope they pick the houseguests a little more carefully, they had a lot of dysfunctional people on here this year.

I can’t believe that Howdy Doody Ronnie would tell Casey he thinks that him being a teacher & being a DJ at night is a bad influence to kids, when Ronnie and his perverted wife have that aweful clip on youtube, (Oh just to let you know, they took it down lol), That clip was aimed at kids and actually named Listen to your parents kids, and his wife tongue kissed a puppet moneky and the language was horrible and discusting.

I doubt very much Ronnie is a teacher, but by comparison he is a pervert and I would never let my kid or any of my family near him or his nutjob wife.

Although I do love the Jeff/Jordan final 2, I am ok with anyone winning it since my favorite hardly ever wins lol, I just hope Natalie doesn’t win it, she can’t win anything and since Jesse left she has no one to carry her. Lydiot and Ratalie were the only 2, I would hate to see win it.

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of Big Brother 11 and keep your fingers crossed for your favorites , whoever it is. And stop being so paranoid lol



I agree with Vickie, I never watched the feeds or read the blogs before this season. When you do you can really see how production seems to actively shape the outcome each week.




Here is the difference between JJ and meathead crew: Good vs. Evil. JJ are good inside & out so just deal with it! From the vote it is great to see that there is more good than evil in America! So don’t watch! We will! Go JJ win this thing!

Uncle Cool

I am pissed that Jeff won.

I am sick of ‘the couple’.

Get rid of them as soon as possible.

I want anyone in the game to win besides Jeff or Jordan.


NATALIE WON THE FIRST HOH!!!!!!!! thats why jessie was even in the HOUSE!!!!!!

and here’s the competitions lydia has won:0!!!!!

She’s been SAVED:3 times, same with natalie.

jessie,ronnie, chima,russel,, controlled the first 5 weeks!!!!

JEFF threw 3 Comps.


Come on it is a game…that side of the house blames everyone but themselves for what’s going on….production or Julie always say hows in the lead…so why was it any different….if it was Jeff who was ahead and production kept saying Jeff was ahead and Kevin actually won…it would have been a different story….i do not like that side of the house….they blame everyone else for their problems in the house….when they should be blaming themselves


Ya,all,,, Jeff Jordan deserve all of it, they have never hurt anyone with there mouth from the get-go, I would love to see it come down to Jeff, Jordan & Kevin. Kevin would give you the cloths off his back. He of all people has sat back & watched everyone shoot themselves in the foot & tried his best to help them & then he watched each week ,,,,one-by-one go out that door-after he tried to warn them., & the sad look on his face till,s it all. So ya,all can say what you want to ,,, but (ME) I like respect., & Jeff, Jordan & Kevin, they have it. Great parents, this is what you get, when you bring your children up with just plain common sense & a lot of respect. Jeff , Jordan & Kevin. Good people. May one of the three of them win. God Bless ya,all.


Stop Watching then, you know you can’t stop, it’s too addicting. It’s not fixed read Dave’s post..

j/j lover

Jeff has really controlled all the nominations and evictions since Russell was HOH. Think about it. Jeff struck a deal with Russell on the hanging carousel endurance comp that pretty much sealed his fate till now and split the house. He wanted Ronnie out and him and Jordan safe and Russell did exactly that. Next week he had the Coup de tat and got Jesse out. Then Michelle asked Jeff in the backyard what nominations he would do and he said if it was me, I’d put up Natalie and Chima…that’s exactly what Michelle did. Of course, Chima got fired, but we all know that Chima was the target anyway. The next week Jordan was HOH and well, of course Jeff had a huge influence on that. This week Jeff is HOH. As long as he can continuing playing the game the way he has Jeff certainly deserves to win the big prize at the end.


my guess is that natalie, somehow, will win this game because she hasn’t won any compitions, playing a good game to keep herself safe and most of all, she seems like she is very LUCKY !!!!

Just SICK over J/J

That’s my BIGGEST complaint but NOT about BB but about…
Survivor…Jeff P CONSTANTLY doing that & it really pisses me off…IMO if others in a comp on that show OR BB or any other reality show can’t notice on their own what the others are doing too bloody bad…but what really pisses me off about JP is when he “knocks” ppl during comps when he’s never had to do them & his shit-stirring questions RIGHT BEFORE voting…

BTW, if some of the HGs on BB had to do the Survivor comps or even The Amazing Race (TAR) one’s they’d be TOAST…BB as far as reality show comps get off easy. One of the reasons that TAR is my fav reality show is that there is NO host meddling as where I think Survivor HAS THE MOST…YES even more than BB.

Yes, I know that was a little O/T so…

Now back on topic…
YES KEVEN HE WOULD HAVE B/C HE WANTS YOU OUT THE MOST & that can’t happen if you’re HoH, DUH!

And NO James…if Jeff doesn’t get Kev out then he’s the idiot…ANYBODY up against Kev F2 LOSES (except maybe w/ an outside shot Nat might).

BTW Dave, I you left out a HoH comp btwn the one of Russ’s & Jordan’s…you know the one that Ms. “I’m the Twin Towers” got. Plus Russ COULDN’T accidentally fall off in that comp b/c he was basically TIED to the board swing & I don’t think he would have given up…BUT there is NO WAY to be sure of that as opposed to the one Jeff OBVIOUSLY did throw to Jordan. I will still give Jeff credit where it’s due even though he isn’t one of my fav’s any more but I’m not going to when it isn’t deserved & IMO most of the HoH comps are just plain luck (ESP the one Ronnie Rat [the NON-teacher] got). I do give Jordan 100% credit for her POV win last night.

Yes, Kev AT LEAST needs to experience THE BLOCK just like everybody else…just like Russ needed to be on slop like everybody else has…ALTHOUGH I’m getting more than a little tired of the FOOD DENIAL (slop) b/c it’s BEYOND old to me now…I thought the have-not rm was at least new…they need to come up w/ something else next season & stop w/ the slop (& no I don’t mean back to PB&J either…stop w/ food twists period) b/c YAWN.

Judy, Judy, Judy, Jeff hasn’t “hurt” anybody w/ his mouth…come on…yes it is mostly behind ppls backs (BUT still public b/c of the cams/feeds) & many (not all though) were deserved (like “Ms. I’m the Twin Towers” & Ronnie Rat) but plz don’t exaggerate.

J/J Lover, Russ ACTUALLY ALREADY wanted Ronnie Rat out when he made that deal w/ Jeff, DUH. Also, Mich would have put up “Ms. I’m the Twin Towers” anyway but granted maybe not Nat if not for Jeff. AND HE MOST DEFIANTLY DID NOT control the nom’s by “Ms. I’m the Twin Towers” & if not for the CET (which I voted for him to have too) he wouldn’t have actually earned/schemed J/N to the block . So your he “controlled all” is a little weak given these facts.

LOLJustAThought, DEFINITELY LOL on the “b/c they said I was fired…” when the video of her entering DR that night CLEARLY SHOWS that someone (AG?) TOLD “Ms. I’m the Twin Towers” to not bother even sitting down in the DR & LED HER OUT THE BACK DR DOOR.

Technotronix, From this point on out there is technically NO SUCH THING AS “BACKDOORING” any more b/c EVERYBODY gets to play for POV. Anyway, so far as I can remember right now, only Jessie was really backdoored (well I can’t remember if Braden got to play in POV) b/c everybody else that went (well except you know “Ms. I’m the Twin Towers” b/c she got booted) actually played for POV the wk they were sent home…even Casey.

jesse speaks, Casey DID play in the POV comp the wk he got voted out even though he was & still is my actual fav he DID get a chance @ POV even though for some reason the last I heard he still thinks he blew it by taking the Marg. party when in point of fact if he even had had a 10 in place of that prize (which he DIDN’T even get to participate in b/c they actually got it AFTER he was voted out) he STILL would have lost BY ONE POINT to Michelle.

manard & the like, I hate to admit it but Nat DID win one comp…the 1st one but the HoH was GIVEN to Jessie when IMO the most Jessie should have gotten out of that was immunity from the block since HE DIDN’T EARN HoH…of course I disagree w/ him (or any previous BB player except for [searching memory for the name] the guy who had to leave wk one b/c of a death in the family) even being there in the 1st place when that should be reserved for “All Star” editions (NOT that Jessie is really a “star” by any stretch of the imagination).


lol. do you agree with me? natalie and russell both won week 1’s HOH, jessie pretty much rode on their backs b/c he didn’t compete


So who do you want to win?

Just SICK over J/J

I did want J/J but now NOT b/c of their STUPID & GROSS scheming w/ Nat.

Now I’d take either Russell or Kevin.

BUT I REALLY WANTED CASEY from the beginning but he got screwed.